Top Ten Worst Disney Sequels

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  • IceyNurgle  - First
  • SkitsAreStupid
    The absolute worst Disney sequel is Mermaid 3. On screen death of Ariel's mother, cringeworthy inclusion of popsongs instead of original Disney songs (Jump In The Line being Shake Senora with a few words changed) and awful writing all around.

    At least it gives some reason for Trident to be so in love with music at the start of Mermaid 1. =/
  • Ozzie Scribbler
    "Shake Shake Senora" song's actual title IS "Jump in the line", so the version in the movie is nothing more than a shameful cover :-/
  • minnie3434
    There's a Little Mermaid three?
  • JackitK
    There was a Little Mermaid 3? 0.o Oh wait... you mean the prequel?...*whimpers*
  • KouTheMad
    they made a Third Little Mermaid!?

    your kidding.
  • Omega3acidCF
    there was a mermaid 3?....I really don't want to know anything about it, but at the same time I am curious. It's the loop from hell
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - We're calling them "Midquels" now?
    If there's anything to applaud, in SOME of these Disney sequels, it's the voice cast.
    The Lion King 1 and 1/2 and Lion King 2 used the original cast, except for Zazu.
    Bambi 2, yes I've seen it, used Patrick Stewart as the Great Prince and Cree Summer as Nina. (For some odd reason I remember the name of that deer)
    Fox and the Hound 2 used Reba Macentire and while the character of Dixie was a bit lame, Reba voiced her character pretty well.
    In some cases, the actors put a lot of effort into their character. Patric Stewart as the Great Prince? Awesome. The voice actors for Todd and Copper in Fox and the Hound 2? Not that good.
    I'm just glad Universal didn't make a terrible sequel to one of my favorite animated movies Balt-
    (Flash of Balto 2: Wolf Quest)
    Well at least they didn't make another-
    (Flash of Balto 3: Everything Flies)
  • Hardin
    I loved Balto as a kid but I'm sure some 30-year-old somewhere has various compelling reasons why it's filth.
  • PurpleJanni
    I avoided the Beauty and the Beast sequels. Thankfully I knew the quality of most Disney sequels by the time I found out there were B&B ones.
  • m12345n
    Lady and the tramp 2 in my opinion was a horrible movie,and in my opinion it needed to be around 4th but everyone's entitled to there own opinion.

    Also to give credit to the Atlantis sequel, all three episodes were very entertaining.
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Odd choice in music...
    Crotch dumplings XD
    Enchanted Christmas? ON BLU-RAY?! FUUUUUUU-!

    Frankly, Lion King 1 1/2 should at least be in place of Return to Neverland...since that is a much larger waste of time...
  • michikodarkkitsune
    I think The Lion King 1 1/2 would have to be my number one-ugh! It was so unnecessary and unwanted (but to be fair, all of these sequels are). Lion King 2? I kinda liked it, a little. But the "1 1/2" movie stopped me from watching The Lion King for years I hated it that much!

    There are so many other movies I could make my own list out of...
  • Ryatta
    The Lion King 1.5 was just called the Lion King 3 in the UK, and I have to admit I actually like it, while the songs and animation are nothing special it does manage to poke fun at it's self to the point where its enjoyable.

    The Lion King 2 would be the only sequel i thought deserved a cinema release, its nothing on the original but its a half decent setup let down by cheap production standards, which is a shame.
  • The_Mastermind
    I am going to be the first to say, while The Little Mermaid 2 is basically the same film as it's original, I still find it as a guilty pleasure. Granted it's not the best, it's still enjoyable in it's own way depending on how some people view it.

    As for the Beauty and the Beast sequels, never did watch the 3 parter one, only the other sequel with the organ. More like fillers between the entire main film, and while it did answer what happened between the times, it was unnecessary to make.
  • Akai
    Not only is Disney lazy with these DTV sequels with the story, the animation is absolute garbage compared to the quality of the originals. A different composer is hired to do the music and have none of the familar themes.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    I think what really killed it for me about the Peter Pan sequel was the ending. They could have left it as ambiguous as the original by having the "oh was it real or was it all just a dream" idea BUT NO. They actually have Peter Pan and Tink show up to see Adult Wendy. GAH.

    EDIT: Also, I really freaking hated Mermaid 2's ending. Seriously? Going out on a song? Underneath a rainbow? DX

    The thing I hated most about the Hunchback and Fox and the Hound sequels was exactly what you said: it's like they completely forgot what the original one was about. All the serious issues and ideas that were brought up in the first movies were taken out and watered down.

    Though it had no reason to exist, I do agree that at least Bambi 2 made sense. However, I do hate hate HATE that they threw in a freaking cameo by that dick-deer from the original. Rocko, or whatever the crap his name was. GAH.
  • Patches  - Mulan II
    I hated Mulan II with a burning passion. The message was just way too effed up. "So, you've been given a great responsibility that will ensure the protection of your country, but it interferes with your personal plans? Go ahead and run away from it. Someone more responsible than you will inevitably show up to fill in for you. And even then, they'll be able to terrorize and manipulate people into doing what they want so they don't actually have to be responsible for anything. Also, go ahead and sabotage your friends' relationship for personal gain and try to get one of them killed. They'll still forgive you and give you what you want in the end."
  • TriforceForever
    never saw ANY sequel except the alladin one. and that one was rather "meh"

    doesnt seem like i missed out on anything
  • trlkly
    I still say the Aladdin sequels were good. Especially the first one. The stakes were high, and the story was is actually different. The animation was still a step down, but you didn't really notice it as much as you did with the later Disney sequels.

    It's so good that I always add a disclaimer when I say that Disney movies suck--except Return of Jafar. (And King of Thieves was still better than any of the sequels put out today.)
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "And I'm gettin' sick of guys named 'Todd'..."

    I see what you did there... (-:
  • MPSai
    What? No Cinderella 3 where the evil step mother discovers time travel?
  • ladydiskette
    Yeah, seriously, Disney should have really looked at that and go "The evil stepmother discovers time travel and what?!?!?.....okay that is it, we have hit the bottom of the barrel now." and stopped right there. Sadly they didn't.

    Also, the villian in Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 was the worst, he was no Claude Frollo. Seriously, you can't just beat a dark, solemn, creepy, sexually repressed, corrupted extreme overzealous religious man as the bad guy.

    I shudder to think what a sequel to Snow White would be like.
  • exposition ave.
    A sequel to Snow White would be this thing: wiki/Happily_Ever_After_% 281993_film%29
  • mrrubino
    From the previews I saw, it looked to me like the stepmother used magic to put her daughter in Cinderella's place using alternate dimension timey-wimey stuff rather than actually going into the past.
    That's weird. Did she replace the glass shoe while she was there or something?

    Semi-related: Kingdom Hearts just cut through the alternate continuity and burned them to death. Still a better fate than what the Grimms gave them.
  • Drake666
    What ?! He wasn't joking ?!
    Oh, damn, Disney... look at where the mighty have fallen...
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Give Cinderella 3 some credit that at least it made the characters more three-dimensional
  • Rockabore
    I agree, Cinderella 3 actually tried and came up with a unique and interesting story that gave the characters more personality. It had it's problems and wasn't really perfect, but I gotta admit I thought it was the best of the sequels and a pretty good film.
  • SailorCardKnight
    Personally...I kinda like Cinderella 3, among all the crap Disney sequels, it was actually one of the better ones.
  • Drake666
    Ok, no, I would pay a lot of money to see that movie. Add some dinosaur, a pre-historical fairy (godmother) and it's gold!!!
  • coolcatkim22
    I hadn't even heard of those last two till now. I'm just glad none of the sequels I actually enjoy made it on to the list.
  • LaCapitana

    It's appropriate. I'd agree with the list, I guess. And my parents have bought me a lot of those sequels. I know I have all 3 Aladdin movies, the Tarzan sequel, and rented the Hunchback one at some point or another. I don't think my parents watched a single one so they probably didn't even realize what a pile of shit they could be.

    And about the Hunchback NOT getting the love of his dreams, I agree. Yeah, he's not a looker. Also...maybe it's important to be selfless and take risks for someone who might not want to bang you.
  • PhilthePenguin
    Two Beauty and the Beast sequels on this list and yet no The Lion King 1/2? That was surprising considering how Disney hyped it up and it ended up being one of the worst Disney sequel's I've yet to see. It basically repeated the Lion King (and I don't mean thematically repeated, I mean it repeated the actual scenes) except that Timon and Pumba were "there the whole time" and influencing the events. Talk about lazy.
  • Steve the Pocket
    See, I think people miss the point of that film. It's not trying to be any kind of serious sequel. (If the use of a fraction in the title didn't tip you off, the fact that it's all about Timon and Pumbaa should have.) It's really more like a lavishly-produced spoof or something. That alone makes it better than probably anything on this list. It's the kind of movie you can tell the people behind it had a lot of fun with.
  • CartoonFireworks
    Thank you, Mr. Pocket, for acknowledging this film to be far better than most make it out to be. I was starting to think my sanity was slipping when I found decency in a movie called "The Lion King 1 1/2", so I am quite glad I'm not the only one.
  • HanSK
    agree with that point
  • Morgoth Bauglir
    Yeah, it's basically the "Rosencratz and Guildenstern Are Dead" to the Lion King's "Hamlet".
  • EP.Pixels
    Not gonna lie. I'm 16 now. When the trailers for the Beauty and the Beast sequels first came out (on videos for better films like...anything) I was so confused. I couldn't figure out why or even how those sequels would work according the the first film simply because the Beast was a) still a beast and b) learning the same lesson over and over.
    GOD! All the sequels can burn in a fire
  • phnxprmnt021
    I gotta fess up, I really like Lion King 2. Sure, it's Romeo and Juliet with lions, and yeah, the plot is pretty much Lion-King-in-reverse,!

    Okay, no really, I will forgive pretty much everything if I like the songs. And I liked the songs.
  • TheRandomestOne
    I always liked that too. Except I remember there being one song that really bugged me, but at least the villain song was pretty darn good.
  • Kirinet
    I liked Lion King 2, too. But I think I liked the main protagonists because their love story was a little more believable than in the first one.
    I barely remember anything about what'sherface that Simba ended up with, other than the fact that she was his childhood friend.
    The story itself was pretty stupid and the songs were very dumb.
  • PlayMp1
    Lion King 1 was just Hamlet with lions, so it's not so terrible for a sequel to recycle another plot.
  • minor_fifth

    (Yeah I kind of adore the soundtrack of this one. It's way above sequel-grade.)
  • CajunKhan
    So is Nostalgia Chick partly Asian? She has a hint of epicanthic folds on her eyes and her mouth is pouty for a white chick....

    Anyway yeah the sequals are frikken painful. Couldn't even finish Pocahontas II. Just painful.
  • ThatPersonintheSweater
    That's irrelevant and borderline racist. However, I'd say not all of the sequels were bad. Aladdin II and III were good, as was The Lion King II. The Lion King 1 1/2 wasn't meant to be taken seriously, it was just light fun
  • Shellzabellz
    I only ever liked the Aladdin sequels, the Lion King ones, and the Mulan sequel. But...those might be 75% nostalgia, and 25% 'these are the least irritating to have my little sisters rewatch into infinity' like they tended to when they were younger.
  • SpeedyEric
    10. I’ve seen little of “Lady and the Tramp,” but I can tell this shouldn’t have a DTV sequel/prequel trampling over it. (Ha, TRAMPle) Also, people call Shia Lebouf annoying.
    9. I like the first Tarzan, but since the 2nd film is a midquel, it didn’t interest me. At least George Carlin’s character doesn’t make an Aristocrats joke.
    8. This film actually DID spark my interest, but I thankfully never saw it. Mostly because I call “Hook” my Peter Pan sequel. (Seriously, an OCTOPUS!?)
    7. Cinderella was the very first Disney film I ever remember seeing, and I fail to see why audiences what to see what happened after “happily ever after.”
    6. My sister got this one on the Christmas it came out. I’ve only seen chunks of it, but thank god I avoided the rest of it like I will with “Skyline 2.”
    5. I’ve seen little of “Fox and the Hound” when I was like in 2nd grade. BTW, Disney, If you can’t think of anything original and/or brilliant, DON’T GREENLIGHT A GENERIC PIECE OF FORGETABLE GARBAGE!
    4. Yet another unnecessary sequel in the unnecessary sequel library.
    3. Last Christmas, because of your “Enchanted Christmas” review, I got the 2-disc DVD of the first film as a gift to myself, rewatched it, and found that it still holds up after 20 years. This film however, well, Disney took the original classic and the Christmas holiday, and made a sandwich out of it. I also shouted “bull$h!t” after learning of its Blu-ray release.
    2. Need I say more about what’s unnecessary in this world? BTW, I had an interest in the first film and never saw it, but I DID see MarzGurl’s review on it, and I can tell it’s a mixed bag.
    1. Honestly, Disney, what’s with all the f**kin’ laziness!?
  • BooRat  - SE
    I'll start off by saying that I haven't saw any of these on the list but one! And that was because of school! By the time this rolled around I was long out of the Disney watching age!
    10. I liked the original and I think I had some of the Disney books where the puppies had there own stories!
    9. What George Carlin was Mr. Conductor on Thomas the Tank-engine for years this was just a pay check! I miss that old dirt fart! :'(
    8. This is the only one of these I saw on this list and that was only thanks to school! I recall trying my damnedest to fall a sleep! And yes it was a terrible clone of the 1st!
    7. Never saw and I'm sooo damn glad! I do recall the trailers for the 3rd one which the plot s basically the same as the Santa Clause 3 and Shrek 4! What is with the change the past plotlines!?
    5. WTF?!
    4. I'm still curious why isn't the Hunchback deaf!? And yeah, I'd still find it a screw you to ugly people that the Hunchback didn't get the Gypsy girl!
    3. I knew this sounded familiar! You reviewed it in the past! Wasn't that mirror Tim Curry!?
    2. Hey, Josh Weddon started out as a TV writer and look at him now! Didn't see the 1st movie and have no interest in this failed pilot movie!
    1. Wow that animation looked worse than the Christmas one! It looked like one of those DVD movies that come free with a kid'c toy bad! Like it was animated in Flash!
  • mrrubino
    I had thought the same thing about George Carlin. Clearly Miss Chick has never seen his tour-de-force performance on Shining Time Station.
    Are you on Team George or Team Ringo? (The correct answer is not to answer and to punch me in the fingers for saying such a thing.)
  • BooRat
    I'd loved to have seen him on the set of that show!
  • minor_fifth
    The hunchback is deaf in the book. Also maybe a little mentally disabled. I think they wanted to make him as relatable as possible, so they left him with the one disability of being deformed (as unrealistic as it is to have giant ringing bells next to your head day and night and never lose your hearing).
  • BooRat
    Yeah but Disney is all about cashing in on anything that'd get them praise and attention so being the 1st movie to feature a character that is handicapped would be right up there alley, but then it'd make it hard to be a musical since the lead can't hear! Yeah I read a complete plot outline of the book online and he's Deaf, Hunchbacked, Half Blind as one eye nearly held shut by a large wart, and because he's never been fully allowed to learn anything he's got the intelligence you'd expect of a guy that only rings the bells in a church. Frollo's taking care of him consisted of giving him food and water and cloths!
  • BGWG
    Joss has only one actual film under his belt as a movie was an hour and half finale to his short lived TV that I laughed at when he killed Wash(because it was funny)

    Also he's been pretty hit and miss with his writting of movies (THIS,Toy story and Titan AE stand out greatly and if you notice most are written for childern or "family audiences")
  • BooRat
    He's directing The Avengers!

    I like Titan AE!
  • Driftwood  - GEORGE CARLIN?!

    I'm glad I never watched any of those sequels..
  • BGWG  - you'd probably cry
    George Calrin fucking do this is horrid
  • ShMike
    What about Lion King 2? Where the coupling are COUSINS!

    Remember Scar was Simba's Uncle!

    Runner Up: "Aladdin IV: Jafar May Need Glasses"
  • sutakaiba
    Scar wasn't Kovu's father. They changed it when they realized that it would have been incesty.
  • Hinatachan360  - Lion King Incest
    No one ever talks about how Simba and Nala are half siblings and end up a mated pair. But they are lions, so it's really not a big deal. Happens in nature all the time.
  • TorachiKatashi
    Scar was Simba's uncle, but Scar was NOT Kovu's father, so no, they were not cousins.

    I think that's one of the only sequels that most people actually enjoy. I would have been really shocked if it had shown up on this list. The art was great, the songs were great, the story - maybe not very original, but neither was the original Lion King. If nothing else, it stuck to the theme of basing Lion King movies on Shakespearean plays.

    If all sequels were handled the way that one was, there wouldn't be nearly as much hate for them.
  • thedarkwolfzearoth
    Kovu isn't Scar's son. He is just Zira's bastard son. Vitani and Nuka on the other hand are Scar's.
  • yourworstnightmare
    Yes, but Kuvu wasn't Scar's son. Apparently Scar's wife had been sleeping around.
  • Leonca
    Oh man, I remember as a kid I liked that Christmas Beauty and the Beast mid-quel. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the original, I should probably watch it again XD
  • MovieRager  - Sequel Rage - One that will (not) be missed
    The one that gives me the most rage (because I never saw most of these) is Mulan II. Granted, it was an actual sequel, instead of trying to squeeze itself within the story, like all of the B&B sequels, apparently (we never see a sequel where the beast was actually HUMAN). Yet it is nothing more than Twilight's predecessor - following barely anything related to the original, it is just an elongated love-drama that teaches kids "Hey, this is the ups and downs to being in a relationship!" Not just between Mulan and Shang, but also between the minor characters, who get FREAKING PRINCESSES as their love interests. This is a movie that also makes me rage.

    Thank you Nostalgia Chick, you did a stellar job, and now I know what to avoid in terms of Disney sequels (then again, I knew never to dwell on those subjects).
  • Gigakoops  - Great list
    Disney Films: The epitome of unnecessariness. Great list, though I would have put Cinderella 3 on this list somewhere.
  • ddrkreature
    It took me a while to realize that Disney sequels are usually garbage. Luckily, I had parents who kept a lot of that junk out of our house. After watching Emperors New Groove 2, I was slapped with that realization after forgetting about the ones I did watch. The ones I do remember though were Aladdin and the King of thieves and The Lion King 2(yes I saw Lion King 1 1/2 but instantly hated the crap out of it). Lucky for me, I remember both of them being quite entertaining and being able to almost recite LK2 in it's entirety (photographic memory for video, It's a curse), I kinda want to watch it again.

    It's a shame you left out Mulan 2, Brother Bear 2, Emperors new groove 2, Cinderella 3, oh dear the list is just too long.
  • GabbyGirl27
    Return of Jafar, King of Thieves and Simba's Pride kick ass. All those actually have high stakes, lots of intense scenes, fun songs, and great character development. All the other sequels are either meh or completely awful.

    What about The Jungle Book 2? That one got a theatrical release as well, and it was so boring I fell asleep during it.

    I think you nailed the problem with these sequels; they're written too much in a TV show style. Some of the "meh" ones would almost be good if they were TV show episodes, but they're movies, so it's like....yeah, can ya up the epicness a little bit?
  • blushapple
    Simba's Pride doesn't have high stakes. King of Thieves I'll give ya, I like King of Thieves. Simba's Pride, the setup doesn't even make sense. Scar's followers were hyenas, not lions. Leaving us to believe that Simba is a horrible dictator who kicked out lions who didn't support him and those lions then realized Scar wasn't that bad a leader, just a victim of poor circumstance and then go about trying to destory the supreme overlord of the pride land. In other words, either Simba is a jerk or the movie doesn't make any sense. Also, the songs in that movie give me a migraine. You've heard the lyrics recently right?

    "If there's so much I must be
    Can I still just be me
    The way I am?

    Can I trust in my own heart
    Or am I just one part
    Of some big plan?"

    I wrote music like that. When I was ten. And had the originality of such. Upendi would be tolerable if they hadn't made Rafiki so annoying.

    Also, how did Scar have children?
  • brick mooncode
    There are times when all the world's asleep
    The questions run too deep
    For such a simple man
    Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
    I know it sounds absurd
    But please tell me who I am...
  • Pookiemookie  - To blushapple
    Personally, I liked the Lion King 2 as a kid and still like it. To answer your question, it is implied that Scar never had any kids.

    I never saw Simba as any kind of 'supreme overlord'. I always assumed that the lions that supported Scar ran out once he was killed (that they were already his followers before Simba came back), but I may be wrong. I remember that Zira (the alpha female) said something about being banished by Simba himself. In that case you're completely right: Simba is a huge dick.

    However, that's kind of the point of the movie. The plot focuses around a king trying to do the best for his pride and offspring, like his father, but ending up coming up short. I think that the movie is pretty okay, and should definitely not be on this kind of list. The Nostalgia Chick got it right with these choices in my book.
  • thedarkwolfzearoth
    Actually Vitani and Nuka are supposed to be Scar and Zira's cubs. On the other hand yeah Kovu isn't related to scar and is Zira's bastard son.
  • Buri288
    Actually no, they aren't.
    According to the Head Storyboard Director, none of Zira's children were fathered by Scar.

    And another interesting tidbit: Kovu was described as an 'Orphan' by the director of Simba's Pride (Darrell Rooney), possibly implying that Zira wasn't his birth mother.
  • ArtticWitchica
    What bothers me more is scar's son falls in love with Simba's daughter >>

    That's basically incest since Scar's son would be Simba's cousin which makes their relationship cousin on Second cousin.
  • Morgoth Bauglir
    No it's not incest. Nuka explicitly states early in the film that Scar wasn't Kovu's real father.
  • Nekoshema
    it's not his son
    "Scar isn't even his father, he just took him in." Nuka

    i love The Lion King universe, the movies, meh, not so much. see before Simba's Pride, there were 6 books that expanded the universe, Simba had a son [Kopa] and Zera wasn't around. when Disney okayed TLK2, the Disney big wigs said all the books and everything people who worked on the original said was non-cannon. anyway about half way through the production of TLK2, someone pointed out this fact, so Disney quickly said 'Adopted son.'
  • Zoidzilla
    I loved The Lion King and was super excited for Simba's Pride when it first came out, but I'll admit that the plot has tons of holes in it. Where did all those lionesses come from, for example? They almost certainly weren't around during the first movie, since we never see any lionesses who look like Scar then. When did Simba get so big and buff? What happened to the cub we saw at the end of the first movie? Why are Nala's eyes blue instead of green? How come aside from Zira's cubs and Kiara, none of the characters ever age?

    Also, the size of both prides doubles during the final battle. You see way more lionesses on each side than were ever visible during any of the other group scenes.

    That said, I still think it's an okay movie. I could have lived without it having been released, and it doesn't hold a candle to the original, but it doesn't strike me as an unholy abomination spawned by Satan himself.

    That honor goes to the Timon & Pumbaa TV series.
  • Robert the Kid
    At least Lion King 1 1/2 manage to do one thing that the previous movies failed to do. Make Timon and Pumba actually likable.
  • Karutomaru
    You said at best they're okay. Most of the time, that's true, but Aladdin and the King of Thieves continues to be one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. One the level of their theatre productions, even.
  • LindseyRap  - Response
    I actually like Lady and Tramp 2, Little Mermaid 2, Lion King 2, Brother Bear 2, Return To Neverland, and Fox and The Hound 2. As for the other sequels done by that company Nostalgia Chick mentioned, I haven't seen those.
  • Baranguirus
    I saw Return to Neverland in the theatres TWICE! First with dad, and then with a friend. Now I ralise how much it sucks...
  • sutakaiba
    I like Lady and the Tramp too. Though the Human thing was kind of noticeable and weird. And Scamp was annoying. But I honestly liked the songs a lot. I've not seen most of these sequels but they look butt-awful, I'll take your word for it.
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