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  • NemoX  - Finally!
    I have been waiting for a review of this for ages!

    I think one of the aspects of this show that stuck with me the most was that under the sarcasm, the snarkiness, the subtle and sometimes not so subtle humor, it was one of those rare shows that actually challenged you to think a bit. Specially at the time, growing up with it, it felt like you were growing and learning with it. To accept yourself, your flaws, and specially the differences in attitudes that makes us all human. Stereotypes or not, there was always something in each character that we could see in ourselves.

    I remember always watching this with my mother actually, an eternal kid at heart, and actually sparking some very interesting conversations about how those situations would actually develop in real life, and helped me bond with her a lot more. Maybe its nostalgia goggles, maybe its a guilty pleasure, or distorted memories, but I am glad I grew up with it, one way or another, it influenced how I saw the world.

    Long live Daria :)

  • ThatLong-HairedCreepyGuy
    It is, I think, what people most remember about the Daria series: that it was MTV's most intelligent show ever.

    Sadly, this has someone become even LESS flattering in the last decade.

    Maybe MTV should have quit while they were... something.
  • trlkly
    I could kiss you. Or, actually, I'd rather kiss Daria. Huge crush on her as a kid.
  • illpropaganda
    Daria and NChick!

    This nerds wet dream!

  • ladydiskette
    One of the things I kinda liked about how they broke Daria's goals of "non-interaction with the other classmates" was how it showed the situation and thier attempt to justify it.

    Like the clip they showed of her trying to help Brittney the cheerleader. Brittney was never seen as the stereotypical stuck up cheerleader, just the ditzy blond kind who still had her heart in the right place. Daria although possibly would never enjoy having a intellectual conversation with her as she would Jane, at least saw some goodness in Brittney and has helped her on more than one occasion despite the fact that Brittney was one of the popular kids.

    Daria still used her smarts to help some of the kids when they asked her, but she still kept some discretion, those that were well-intentioned and decent she thought were not as bad as the jerky asshole "better than you" kids. So it helped her while standing on her own, not make herself unlikeable and giving some people a chance once they showed her they not only deserved her gratitude but were appreciative of it. In these interaction I feel they made Daria still someone able to be the misanthropic youth but at the same time not to the point of being rude or unrelateable.

    Long story short, yeah she can be kinda a anti-social bitch when she wants to be but its not like she uses it for evil.

    Good review NChick :)
  • NoelVeiga
    Heh. That's one of the things the review glosses over.

    Daria was... quite the sex symbol, actually. If you were a nineties kid, especially a geeky or nerdy one, the notion that there could be what you perceived as a female version of you was a bombshell.

    And then the realization that, Daria be damned, nerdy girls happen to like men that, you know, look good, tended to shatter your insecure psyche. Not... that I would know anything about that, of course.
  • Furrama
    Back when I was a monotone child (with a bad Arkansas/Texan hybrid accent) I was called Daria by a bunch of kids at a Christian summer camp. I guess it didn't help that I had straight brown hair and glasses.

    I didn't know who Daria was at the time.

    Now that I know I'm not as offended as I think they meant me to be. Honored is a good word.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    That was an excellent review; one of your best. I couldn't have summarized the show better. But there's one nagging thing regarding all this site's reviewers right now that I feel I just have to get off my chest....



  • Furrama
    But I like their silly scripted commercials.

  • MissAshley
    Not everybody watches every producer's work, thus separate Magfest announcements for each producer makes sense.

    However, if you were trying to be funny, I can only say you weren't.
  • Watcher Prime  - Here, here!
    We don't need to know endlessly that you all are attending a convention. That is what the site update page is for, yes?

    Now, for the review itself.

    I remember Daria well enough before being banned from watching it, at the time my parents didn't know the difference between that and B&Bhead.

    I enjoyed it and it did impact me, but it gave me hope that there was someone out there for me.

    Guess that was a bust, eh? :P
  • Furrama
    Pffft, how many of us actually check the site updates? I know I don't.

    A lot of us only watch one reviewer regularly, not all of us stalk the entire website.
  • ChaosD1
    Maybe there's another reason for it one might not be considering. Actually there is.
  • Superchat
    La la lalala

    This is my stop
    Got to get off
    I may go but

    Excuse me, Excuse me!

    I've got to be direct
    If I'm not, please correct

    You're standing on my neck
    You're standing on my neck

    You're standing on my neck

    La la lalala
    La la lalala

    Ah, Damnit, it's stuck in my head, but oh well, great song for a great show, recently watched all of it...high school all over again, luckly, i wasn't the student.

    Also, I loved Invader Zim, wished it wasn't cancelled.
  • Captain Siberia
    Hey, Nostalgia Chick, do you, like, get periods?

    Lindsay Ellis 4 Live Action Daria!
  • Jersey Cobra  - awesome
    Great review NChick! To be honest, I've always thought of you to be a sort of live-aciton Daria.

    This show oozes nostalgia for me as it was one of my all time favorite cartoons to watch as a teenager. It provided a certain pseudo-guide to high school and life in general. The show was funny, quick witted, and always kept you laughing and learning. It also gave me hopes that there might be a girl as sharp as Daria (high school fantasies!)

    All in all this show is great and each time I watch it I feel like I'm going back to high school... without having to actually go to high school because, honestly, who wants to go through that shit again?
  • Amaretta
    Yay!) I'm a big fan of Daria) Was nice watching this review)
  • Clinton
    Hmm, so far, 3 prominent fans of Daria on this site: Doug, Lindsay and Todd. Guess that makes sense since both the show and the general theme of TGWTG share some things in common.
  • LikaLaruku
    I watched the hell out of Daria. When they stopped showing reruns, there wasn't any reason to watch MTV anymore. Oh, I remember the days of B&B, Liquid Television, Cartoon Sushi, the Maxx, Aeon Flux, etc. But Daria was MTV's last hurrah.
  • TerminalSanity  - Not to nitpick...
    but I think Clone high was MTV's last hurrah.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    I consider Clone High not only the best cartoon that ever aired on MTV but one of the best ever made. It's just THAT funny.
  • BooRat
    That was a good one but it didn't last longer than one season! Good Vibes is funny though!
  • MissAshley
    Hey, you forgot such classics such as The Head and The Brothers Grunt!

    . . .Nah, you didn't miss anything. XD
  • franzfan66  - love daria
    loved daria! I even have a t-shirt of her. As a girl, I could totally relate or was influenced by daria, one episode that hit pretty close to the chest was when daria was made to wear contacts and she saw the difference in the way people treated her when wearing contacts or glasses and I was being forced to wear contacts by my mom, but in the end, I decided they just weren't for me and I hate touching my eyes! and I love that daria chose glasses too.
  • Mizu Takishima
    lol you actually look like me a little bit in this video XD (Except you're 20 pounds lighter and you have a cuter nose than me~)

    I couldn't get into this show back then, but honestly it was probably because I was too young. When I was a kid in the 90's, I was watching Tiny Toons, Sailor Moon & Pokemon. The monotone and mature situations in Daria was such a turn off for me back then @_@

    In hind-sight I kind of wish I watched it more often. I'm a lot like Daria, the only problem was that I wasn't nearly as intelligent nor anywhere near as confident as she was when I was in high school. (I'm still not! Though I like to think I'm getting smarter?)

    I was seclusive, depressed and frightened of everyone around me throughout most of my high school years, and the only time I ever got to come out of my shell was when I was being praised for my weeaboo antics. That's actually pretty dang sad, even if being President of an anime club was probably my best high school memories apart from Choir performances and Art Class.

    But yeah sorry for rambling @_@ Great vid, love how much detail you dived into.
  • trlkly
    Nah. NChick was still to emotional for her.
  • Jetwash  - Hmm,
    this reminds me of Braceface. Ooo, Nchick should definitely do a review of Braceface...and 6teen.
  • pharmmajor
    And Invader Zim. She mentioned it, she must review it!
  • VengefulRonin
    This is one of my all time favorite shows. I've always been able to relate to this show on so many levels, and even today it still holds up. The writing is great, the characters are great, and my mentality is still stuck in the 90s so it's the perfect show for me.
  • penpaninu
    God I loved Daria. MTV was still cool in the 90s thanks to animation like Beavis and Butthead and Daria. She was so cool, my mother would watch her with me. How often did we not relate to her,not being a cheerleader or "popular" but an artist or a writer? Good job on analyzing her, Lindsay, and I have to admit....the whole Tom plot really made me scratch my head. "Hi, you stole my boyfriend, but go out with him now?"
  • JenM
    Been waiting for this one. I have the entire series on dvd plus the two movies, this series is one of my favorites. Growing up I was a Daria girl, although deep down inside I wished I was Quinn, especially since I moved around alot and never became immediatley popular like she did. Would've helped. Thankfully I had a best friend who I can say was much cooler than me and helped bring me out of my shell, just like Jane did for Daria.
  • Poipoi
    I loved this show when it was on. Just I had trouble catching it. It didn't help I didn't often go to Mtv for anything.

    It was nice to see this series get a good. balanced review.
  • AuspexAO
    First of all: The look works with you. Very "pre-madness Janeane Garofalo."

    Secondly, I had just graduated high school when Daria's run began and it was easily the most bittersweet show I've ever watched. By then I had come to terms with being a misfit and watching Daria's struggles was kind of like reliving my own but with the added bonus of knowing she would turn out alright.

    I can still watch the show today and enjoy how rich every single one of the characters are (ok, maybe not Tom and Mack, ha ha). Even the hated Quinn is human underneath all her bullshit and you really can't hate any of the teachers because they really do seem invested enough in their kids to do all sorts of crazy stuff with them. (paintball? In high school?)

    Ok. Mission Successful. You've made me nostalgic. Time to pop in some Daria :P
  • TheGreatEscapist
    Woo-Hoo! I love this show! XD

    Heh, heh. Sorry, got a little over-excited there.

    Seriously though, I wish I could have known just how good a show "Daria" was when I was in high school. It could have given me a better outlet during such a frustrating time in my life. (But then again I don't think the DVDs were released yet so I guess I couldn't have watched it anyway.)
    I saw a few episodes when I was only ten, and being the Pokemon-obsessed tyke that I was I had no idea what the characters were all talking about.
    But my mother told me she loved the show because, in her words, "I love Daria because she was snarky before 'snark' even became a word."
    So being so lucky as to have a great mom I guess it's no wonder the show fit my tastes like a glove even at college age.

    Only recently I watched the series (though I haven't gotten around to watching the finale episodes yet...), and now I've gotten my sister hooked on it.
    We like to joke about how some of the characters honest-to-God remind us of people we knew in school. Mr. DiMartino reminds me of a caucasian version of my 9th grade algebra teacher, and Mr. O'Neill reminds me of my insufferable counselor in 5th and 6th.
  • brick mooncode
    Wherever Daria is discussed on the internet, every once in a while I'll read something like "I identify with Daria so much, she's exactly like me," which is funny to me because Daria would never say that.
    A funny thing about Daria is that any given character's intelligence is directly proportional to that character's degree of association with Daria, as if we're seeing the world from her misanthropic perspective. A good example of this is Quinn, who starts out as a complete dullard but becomes slightly more intelligent as she and Daria grow slightly closer.
  • leviadragon99
    Mm-hmm, personally I identified with Daria and her life quite a bit, heck, I still do.
  • Shinigami
    Now this was long expected review. NChick and Daria, perfect combination.
  • argella1300
    clicked on this solely because daria is my sister's name
  • Jackalsblood
    There is a reason this is Doug's favorite show, It really is THAT good! I own it myself on DVD and it still holds up even to this day anyone who has been in highschool knows this cast in some way or another.

    Also Nostalgia Chick = Daria of TGWTG

    Tell me I'm wrong!
  • violinisthamel
    I'm telling you you're wrong xP

    In fairness though, Lindsay doesn't come off as cynical and monotonish. I don't know her personally but watching her reviews and cameos, she's tomboyish but still girly, her sense of humor doesn't seem really all that dry and while she seems like a nerd she doesn't come off (at least to me) the type of nerd that Daria is. Of course this is my opinion, I could be wrong, I've been so before.
  • michikodarkkitsune
    When Daria came out in the 90's I was too young to get it and thought it was boring. Then again, I was 7 at the time and wanted super hyper sugary cartoons.
    ...and everyone's saying how much of an awesome show this is. is there anywhere i can watch the episodes so that I can satisfy my own curiosity about it? Or at least make up my own mind about it =P
  • mlsterben
    Gotta love Cake. :D
  • Catey
    I love you Nostalgia Chick. Not just because of this review (Daria??? Fucking awesome :D), but because of all your reviews. You approach them seriously, critically, yet still with a funny and entertaining quality that makes you one my favourite (if not the) reviewers on the site.
  • FunkyM
    Due to reasons which DO NOT NEED EXPLAINING, this is a return to NChick Territory for me. And I liked it. :)
  • Nekoshema
    Daria is my favourite show ever. I watched it all the time as a kid, when i finally got the box set last year, i was stunned i turned out like my favourite Jane [and i was more Daria like around guys i like] even so far as to be dating a guy named Tom who, i sear to you, looked like him, same hair, same skin tone, same fact that he left me for a friend of mine... the jerk. it wasn't my best friend mind you, but whatever, that's in the past. my point is Daria really shaped me, Arts N' Crass is my personal favourite.
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