Les Miserables The Musical

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  • atheora  - ^_^
    That ending is made of all sorts of win.
  • Taufiq91
    the ending sure was good.

    You know, i really love Les Miserables and i love I Dreamed a Dream. But man, i can't believe how old women can be famous by singing it in front of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan.

    But it's a really good musical to be honest.
    Les Miserables is also the name of a gang from Battletanx - Global Assault for the N64!
  • CrazyChris576
    That ending tops the "TGWTG sings Linkara's theme" in terms of singing montages. SO AWESOME!!!!!
  • ladydiskette
    Squeeeeee! Lindsay is back!

    I haven't seen a video from you since the Dune Apology video so I was so worried! I missed Nostaglia Chick, and forgive me for sounding like a crazy "maybe I should call the cops about her" fan but I missed your reviews! *anime happy face*

    And I loved the ending! ^^
  • smurfykat

    I melted a little inside when Linkara started singing.

    And Benzaie was hilarious.
  • Moundfreek  - Les Miz Geek
    Oh. My. God. You are such a Les Miz geek. Extremist. I think when you know about the Original French Concept album(kudos on finding footage) the fanaticism has reached its pinnacle. And yet it’s still impossible to stop obsessing.

    I like y...our sum up of Marius. SPOILER: How amusing it is that the leads of the dullest subplot are Les Miz’s sole survivors in the end (save for the Thenandiers). Tragic indeed! And yet the poignant conclusion shines through oh so epically. Consequently I pity (and envy) the director whom will take on the film adaptation challenge in the near future.

    But I will say this. If the contrapuntal-collage of this review’s conclusion in any way emulates your talents as a film maker, then I whole heartedly vote Lindsey Ellis as the silver screen version’s director. It is the future that you’ll bring when tomorrow comes! (
  • Wolfram-And-Hart
    The whole TGWTG gang singing One Day More. DEAR GOD, YES! Just when I think these guys can't get more awesome, they pull something like this.
  • ladydiskette
    Awwwww poor little Paw's voice is just cowering before Nostalgia Critic's epic tenor vocals. Everyone was just fantastic! :D
  • TheDued92
    This was amazing.
  • TheAlmightyDrewsus  - Great homage to a great musical
    Les Mis is a great musical, and it is alright that a bunch of people die...the name kind of tips the hand. Can't really expect butterfly kisses and wholesome family fun lol.

    Also, any review that includes Doug singing is a great review
  • badgersprite
    This was all kinds of amazing! Best crossover/cameos ever, without a doubt! And the review itself was fantastic, as per usual.
  • bebepopjr  - sigh
    i had a chance to see this with my school in the 8th grade but because i had some projects missing i couldn't go, now i am sad about this.
  • Tardischick88
    I love the musical... and the book. Especially the book.

    I wasn't very impressed with the recent rendition that they released of this. I always preferred the 10th Anniversary version recorded in the royal St. Albert hall, but I digress.

    The ending of this with the TGWTG team singing "One Day More" was EPIC!!! Doug's singing was awesome!!
  • epfangirl01
    Great review! Plus, I dig the Mr. Plinkett references that are starting to pop up in your videos.
  • gargoylegrl  - les whoot
    absolute awesomeness nostalgia chick ;3 I was laughing so hard I cried with the cameos
  • Hawkx1
    I remember in choir signing "At the end of the day" and the landlord song was a fav or mine. Unfortunately this was at a time where I didn't get much sleep and with the lights off and the fact that it was a video well I slept through most of it something I am regretting now seeing how it is.
  • Fandubsinger  - This musical...
    I hate this musical for the sheer fact that I was in it in high school and ate slept and breathed it. I played a beggar and sang in the "Master of the House" song. Although gotta say our Jean ValJean OWNED.

    Now I'll have the songs stuck in my head all day... thank you Lindsey. How I missed this being put up when I have been watching your vids all night I'll never know. Read the book as well.

    Not an awful play... Not awful music... but come on the premise is just absurd!
  • Jenx
    Of course it's absurd - it's a goddamn musical!
  • wco41621
    I love it when you guys do crossovers and this was one of the best.
  • thesingingchick616
    I have been a long time fan of this site and it was this amazingly epic video that finally got me to create an account so that I can comment on it's epicness. Words can't describe how awesomely epic this thing was! Thank you so much for posting this.
  • Toshie534
    I don't think this could be described as anything other than EPIC!
  • e33laf
    This was awesome on pretty much every single level, and, hearing One Day More sung by TGWTG.com members pretty much made my day (this has really got my hopes up that this year's special is a musical.)

    P.S. I've got to say many of the TGWTG's crew can really belt it out with the best of them (I'm looking at you Todd, Doug and Kyle).

    P.S.S. After this, you have got to do more nostagic musical reviews. This was just too cool to be a one time thing.
  • AlucardsQuest
    ... Yeah that sucks.

    So when is the Dune review coming back again?! Do you have a specific date for it's return?

    Btw I don't hate musicals, just bad ones like this. French play should stay French.
  • AniMerrill
    OMG. I can't be the only one thinking: 4th Anniversary TGWTG Musical, anyone?

    Although, I'm still very confused why you were at JewWario's place...

    And Benzaie is such a douche, but you gotta love 'im XD
  • Vismutti
    You are DEFINITELY not the only one. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Channel Awesome The Musical!
  • Rennod Shinjuku  - ............
    I... just ....



    that was ....


    that was a freaking Crowning Moment of the Internet right there.

    I'm blown away.
  • NintendoFanboy
    I spy a Giratina in the beginning of the video...awesome.

    I've heard of this musical, played a few songs in high-school band, but was never really interested in it. Oh well, still an entertaining review.

    Oh, Phelous. I loe you so much. :3
  • ShadyJay
    Well well, now we know what the NEXT anniversary will be... Kickassia - The Musical
  • Drakmeire  - Todd?
    I don't think Todd will be happy about this,the profile of his face near at the end is pretty clear.
  • MissManiacs  - FREAKIN JOYGASMIC!!!!
    WOW!!! I know I mentioned this on your facebook page already but shiiiiit this was epic! I figgin LOVE musicals and this is my all time favourite show. And daaaaamn Doug can sing XD!

    poor Benzaie... sad face. He can never catch a break.

    Anyway freakin amazing as usual Lindsey :)
    Please keep up with the musical reviews. PLEASE!!!
  • sonicchica
    Ah, that was an awesome ending in this vid. Poor JewWario.

    Plus is it me or is it the most you can see of TOdd in the Shadow's face?
  • Jael
    Oh dude, busted! I can totally see Todd's face partially shadowed in one of the shots of him singing.

    Also, is Nella wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf? If so, then she is instantly the coolest TGWTG personality (sorry Benzaie).
  • SpaceGirlSpiff

    Yeah... I'm a bit of a fan! Seriously, I was grinning like an idiot through this whole review. Nostalgia Enjolras is now my favorite thing ever. (As well as Jean Val-Chick, Javertio, Eponine in the Shadows, and... well, dang that finale was epic!)
  • Thatpirate
  • DarkPhoenixMishima
    Why was I half-expecting Spoony to start singing in Insano garb?
  • rockybalboa211
    Todd's singing made me cry tears of joy and sadness. Oh, who knew the magnificent beauty that lied within his heart! :D

    Also, I wanted Harvey Finevoice to sing but Linkara is just as good! I would also assume that Cinema Snob is just to grumpy to sing this marvelous song! Darn his grumpiness! Poor Douchy Benzaie, and nonexistent Sad Panda!

    P.S. - You can sort of see Todd's face. Yet, I'm guessing it will be revealed in the third anniversary special, so they aren't as secretive with it anymore. Unless, they are then we will probably be hunted down and killed because of it. I SAW NOTHING YOU HOODIED ROUGHIAN!!!
  • mrskippy
    It wasn't enough to recognize him in day-to-day life, so I'm pretty sure he's safe.

    BTW, anyone else find it interesting that Todd is the de facto ninja of Channel Awesome?
  • Divide By Zero
    Ninja-style dancer is the defacto ninja of Channel Awesome... if he survives :O
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