50 Shades of Green, Ep 11 - Naked Came the Cthulhu

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  • mr.keys
    Fantastic, interesting results. Splendid triumph.

    How did you write a book, even a silly book, so fast?

    Here's an idea, have you considered actually contacting Harvard Lampoon (responsible for The Hunger Pains parody and others) and telling them about your idea? I don't know if they only do their own stuff but you guys might be on to something and a partnership might be possible.

    BTW, you read mine and I'll read yours :)
  • Bloodrealm
    "How did you write a book, even a silly book, so fast?"
    They had 5 ghost writers along with them writing. They talked about that previously.
  • Elphaba645  - Titles and the blurb
    Some dumb titles (trying to keep to the dream thing):
    "Sweet Nightmares"
    "Reality Unraveling"
    "Abstract Dreams"
    "Coma of Dark Romance"
    "From Clear to Acid Rain"
    "Follow Your Nightmares"

    And now for a blurb:
    Follow your dreams, they said.

    But her dreams are dark and twisted, where the fabric of time and space has unraveled. All logic and sense is lost. Unseen horrors lurk in the abundant shadows. The only thing that is certain is that this is a cruel, terrifying, dangerous place. You should not be here. You do not belong here.

    And a dark figure is always there, watching, like a predator watches its prey. It fascinates her. Exhilarates her. Attracts her.

    Follow your dreams, they said.
    Follow your nightmares, she says.
  • Dacilriel
    Harvard Lampoon has done a parody book of Twilight. It's called Nightlight and it's really funny.
  • nugo
  • homelessjoe  - ha first
    first time commenting and first to comment
  • homelessjoe  - Damn
    never mind :(
  • nugo
    the back of the book summery is called the blurb
  • nugo
    i know third comment sorry, but i have a title for you "A TITANS DREAMS"
  • Bisness87  - some names for the book
    Hey ladies I cant wait to see how it turns out.
    here are some(bad but in a good way) ideas for the title of the book.

    "Call of the Heart"
    "Dreams of Passion"
    "The Realm of Desire"
    "Destiny Calling"
    "Heart of The Immortal"
    "A Love, an Echo"
    "Obsession:The Dreaming"

    I don't know, it just needs to be something that bad. haha
  • SchrodingersCat  - A terrible Hook, For a Terrible Book
    How about..."Would you give up your virginity for one night with an alien monster foretold to destroy the world?".

    'Can't get much worse than that.
  • Oblivion Mara  - Exactly that.


    *starts a round of applause*
  • Kumi
    I feel like the drinking thing is supposed to be a joke that I'm not getting. Is it meant to be funny? Why is the wine made so prominent in these videos?
  • Bloodrealm
    Yeah, I've been kind of feeling that, too.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    It's simple. They just want to get paid to be drunk and sit there.

    And they almost got away with it, if it weren't for me and my meddling ad-blocker.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    They say its a tribute to 50 shades of grey since Anastasia drinks all the time.
  • Erroneous
    If you had to read all the shlock that they've had to read through, you would want to drink too.
  • stoffhimel
    For a title, how about Aethereal Dreams, or Darkness of the Heart?

    before anyone asks, Aethereal is an actual word.
  • Bloodrealm
    Your title should be something that relates to the Lovecraft source, like "The Call of a Dreamer" for example, being rather like "The Call of Cthulu."
  • painocus
    It is vaguely suggestive of the theme without actually telling you anything about the book and fits in well with the million other one-word ParaRom YA titles, while still being a word that is atypical and archaic enough to cause interest.
    Alternatively: "Eldritch Dreams".
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Writer's Tears is a real brand? That's such a depressing concept. "Been rejected for the ten thousandth time? Feel like you'll always be insignificant and alone in your dumpy apartment? Wash away your pain temporarily with a big bottle of Writer's Tears. Approved by Good Housekeeping!"
  • leviadragon99
    Mm, well I stay off Facebook and Twitter so I won't be one of the "actors"

    The social media aspect of the grand game does intrigue me though, and I hope you guys can maintain that without trolls going out of their way to spoil the secret on the "writer's" pages.
  • MrDarkboy2010
    I've remained silent up til now, but I have to throw this title out there:

    "Perchance to Dream"
    It's pretentious, unoriginal, and references something much better!
  • MrDarkboy2010
    as for a blurb, how's this

    (Kthulu) is mysterious, Handsome, and Intimidating. He is also going to bring about the end of the world. That is, If (Lego Brick) Can't stop it. However,If she's going to save the world from him, she must first save him from himself.
  • Klebkatt
    The Dreamweaver, The Dream Catcher?

    Yeah I'm not very creative at the moment. I will totally promote the hell out of this though. :D
  • Ebb n Flow Man  - My contribution:
    "Elysian Trance"

    "Have you ever felt like there was something watching you in your dreams?"
  • PontyMython
    If you wanted a title with 'dream' in it then perhaps you could do something with the quote "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” Call it Waits Dreaming maybe
  • MatGreenfield  - Parody
    Wouldn't querying for the book as an admitted parody make it an easier sell?
  • ecyor0
    Let's see, back-of-book blurbs....

    "She thought that the day would give solace from the dreams... but the dreams were no longer content to remain in the night."

    "He was ancient beyond reckoning... powerful beyond measuring... terrible beyond comprehending... death and madness to all who beheld him...

    ...except her."

    "He ruled a realm of impossible geometries... he knew ancient knowledge that would drive mortals mad. He had seen the turn of the universe with his own eyes...

    ...and still, she was an enigma."
  • palomio3000
    Title: Abysmal Dreams
    Blurb: "The shadow hid his features. She would later tell herself her sleep-deprived mind was playing tricks on her but for a terrible moment the boy was the faceless figure from her dream revealed. She would tell herself she could not see his eyes but in that moment they radiated that same unearthly hatred, that same implacable coldness that seemed to drink her in."
  • ladydiskette  - re: palomio3000
    That is a good one :)
  • palomio3000  - re: ladydiskette
    Thank you. The blurb sounded better in my head though.
  • KingWumpus
    I'm just really hoping that the name Serra Elinsen isn't going to be used on any of the queries. Agents and editors are just like every other employer in that they run names through Google and it's already obvious through these early results to find the truth. I'm actually interested in seeing if something this deliberately bad would be scooped up unironically and it would be a shame if all you get are form rejections because nobody wants to admit their specialty is total pablum.
  • Aescefyr
    Pseudonyms are not uncommon. Literary Agencies and Publishers are entirely aware of pseudonyms, and even expect them because they have existed as long as the novel, but Serra Elinsen should at least keep little to no secrets between her and her prospective business partners.
  • jaffacakequeen
    Sounds brilliant fun, what about,

    'Dreaming on the edge'.

    It's so vague it doesn't make sense.

    Though I have liked the page, I am worried that any publishers may find out its a parody from facebook.
  • Erroneous
    Blurb: "I saw his arrival in my dreams. An abomination in the form of a man, destined to destroy the world. Only I could see "the truth," see the, apathetic, tiny world for what it was, see "Him" for what he truly was, which put me right in the midst of all of it. And the worst thing? I was falling completely in love with him.

    And that... is the key to mankind's salvation..."

    Title: Nihilistic Dreams.
  • MSueSlayer
    Dream possession...the visions of Andromeda...Andromeda's Dreamscape...you should totally use a quote from the book: "Why do you invade my dreams?" He hissed. "But--" I stammer, "You're in mine!"
  • Sapphirewave
    Chaotic Tentacle Dreams.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    I eagerly await to read this book. I sincerely hope this book gets 'accidentally' popular so that you guys can do fake interviews in character.

    Also, if you want to do facebook fights, I suggest you look up Amy's Baking Company. She's got some of the best twitter meltdowns I've ever seen. She once told a man to die of AIDS fire when he suggested she name her kid Gordon.
  • ladydiskette  - re: Mr. Anderssson
    OH oh oh even better!

    You can have like a children's picture book adaptation of it (just add in the puppy dog sweetheart romance and leave out the sex scenes) and have it come as a gift set with the adult book and the child's own plushy Cthulhu. XD

    That would be one heck of a publicity stunt to promote the book you guys.
  • CharlesTheTea
    Title: The malachite grimoire
    ------------------------- ----------------------

    That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even great old ones may fall in love.

    The young Lego Brick has found the love of her life. The problem is, the would-be-boyfriend isn't like all the other boys. He's an alien god from another dimension!
    ------------------------- ----------------------
    I know, I know. It's a bit cheesy but isn't that the whole point of this thing?
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