Top 10 List of Animated Shows that Tell The Whole Story in their Theme Song

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  • DeathsHead419  - Wrong
    No, don't take it back. You are absolutly right; I was, in fact, a stupid kid.
  • benzaie
    Sonic UNDERGROUND...was garbage but its intro was worse beyond repair...

    He man intro had to make it first of course... I love this intro, he man carries this unforgetable charm...He man is the shit, there is plenty of reason to watch the show...that is to discover new toy lines :p
  • minato nimizake
    but the new he man series is way better
  • Cynda95
    To be fair,kids are pretty dumb.Great video MarzGurl. :)
  • Linkara
    Oh dear lord, MG, don't piss off the Sonic fans! THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM! :0
  • TheRetroFox  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]Oh dear lord, MG, don't piss off the Sonic fans! THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM! :0[/quote]

    Does this mean you wouldn't review some of the Sonic comics? XD
  • SpazzMaster

    No, but I scared myself a little when I found myself singing along to the Sailor Moon theme.
  • TheBigMystery
    Me too! I grew up on it of course...and of course now I know how bad it does show everything now. But I still love it for nostalgia non-the less. :3
  • Saiyafan
    I don't think they can be too pissed. The awesomeness of Sat AM Sonic was well covered by the NC, this is just balancing it out a little. :P
  • lonewolf23k
    Besides, like she pointed out, most Sonic fans *cough*likemyself*cough* think Sonic Underground best fits in the "WTF were they thinking" category.

    Oh, and Linkara, I'd love to see you do an ATTFW review of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic. But only one of the issues written by Ken Penders and drawn by Ron Lim. The current era's just fine.
  • zink 44
    I am a sonic fan and I want to see this show that ruined my childhood get bashed!!!!!!! Even though I would be most satisfied if NC killed it, but at least MARZ GURL had the balls to approach it. Thank you MARZ GURL.
  • Veridian Lupine
    Any new sonic is crap, NC laid it down straight when he did his TASTH Vs SatAM. only one good sonic show existed, it had its time, now its gone and past, let the shit die already! bash bash and bash it harder than Mati's self esteem.
  • Sonicrose
    It's okay Linkara, I don't bite. :3
  • zink 44
    sonic fans hate sonic underground, your not pissing them off

  • DanManX
    Nice concept for a list. Definitely plenty to pick from now that I think back on it. And I knew most of those songs too. That's the sad part.
  • freemonty
    This is a cool list, and very funny. Probably one of your better videos. I find that even with a good intro, you can only see it so many times before you start to glaze over and wish you could skip past it (or actually do that, if you have the choice). To be fair, it probably [i]is[/i] appropriate to narrate some of the backstory/plot in shows that are episodic or situational as this allows you to jump right in and enjoy it (Animaniacs jumps to mind immediately), but otherwise I think you hit it on the head how tedious the practice is.
  • MadScientistJC
    Haha, I own Sonic Underground. I wanted to see the whole series since I never got a chance to when it was on the air. Man the singing was lame.
  • Vincent
    Very nice list, too bad the frames with you in it are skipping. :pinch:

    By the way, the intro of Duckula reminds me of the intro of Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.
  • Shinigami
    Great list. Thanks MarzGurl.
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    Nice vid. I even remember watching some of these.

    btw, your video fotage is kinda jerky. don't know why, it might be a problem with your camera, you may want to look into it.
  • glu
    No ofense, but your justification for doing this was weak.

    These were done so people who have never seen the show could see an episode without having to be repeatedly stumped asking "who is that?!" and the such.

    Granted, that only worked once for each person, but still was a bit useful.

    Still, this video was funny, i bet you loved the intro to the recent he-man, in which as he was about to engage in the same monologue as here he suddenly gets attacked by a bunch of bad guys and that's it.
  • DeathsHead419  - Re:
    But this isn't a very good reason to hae them either. Same with the "previously on" phenomenon that has been choking many shows.

    If you have been with the franchise, you know what's going on and thus an intro like that is unneccesary. If you are like me, you can pick up what's going on farly quickly.

    If you can't do either of these, go get the erlier episodes on DVD or just leave. Let those whith intellegence enjoy our programming.
  • glu
    Oh I know it's not a very good reason, but i think it weights more than the reason to NOT have them.

    Then you say "if you are like me", the thing is, not every one is like you. Yeah, "producers think every kid is stupid" is one way to think of it, but, a general rule in creating any medium of entrainment is "Don't assume all users know everything you know", product success is all about accessibility.

    It's not that they think all kids are stupid, but if there is AT LEAST ONE kid with a slight chance of getting lost, executives will demand to make the show ACCESSIBLE to that one dumb kid.

    In other words, it's all about the executive meddling and reaching the target audience, they can't risk marketing value.

    Is it bothersome for the so called "smart ones"? maybe, myself, i understand why they do it so it doesn't bothers me, i understand that they're not actually insulting my intelligence, but someone else's.
  • Dinger
    DAMMIT, now I want to go grab my Transformers Box Sets from the shelf and watch them

    ROFL, loved the TMNT Watchmen comparison

    Ahh Sailor Moon, a series that totally got Dic'd over

    you should hear the He-Man theme in Spanish, they gave the underlying melody lyrics (unfortunately I dont know what it is saying)
  • odd32  - He-man lyrics in spanish
    The underlying melody lyrics go something like
    "El universo esta protegido, por el poder de He-man"

    Which translated means
    "The universe is protected by the power of He-man"
  • zedadex
    since when is poder = power?
  • odd32
    Hm...quite a while back actually
  • MartySue
    I don't get what's wrong with providing "some necessary exposition for people unfamiliar with the show" (thank you Wikipedia).

    Yes, sometimes these exposition themes becomes reluctant to listen to. But then again, even the perfect X-Men The Animated Series theme song got boring to listen to for the 76th time.

    Anyway, the americanized Sailor Moon intro is bad even without the exposition angle.

    And the Saturday Morning Watchmen reference killed me. :lol:
  • Sabuto
    Hmm, I don't really get the problem you have with these theme songs. What is wrong with introducing the series in the theme songs? I think it makes it easier to jump onboard a series. Well that's just my oppinion. Although good work so far MarzGurl! ;)
  • TrangleC
    Thanks, nice video.

    If somebody makes a new intro for a Japanese cartoon, here is how it's done right: watch?v=kq-QBPATey0
  • RavenStromdans  - Hmmm...
    There were a few of these I didn't watch (Bonkers, EarthWorm Jim, Sailor Moon, Freekazoid), but I have to admit for the ones I did watch, it never occured to me how pounded into my brain the story lines for each show were. I mean, damn, people...did you think our memories were just as short as our attention spans?

    Good list, Marzgurl. Oh, and nice cameo in Doug's Gargoyles review. ~grin~

    Good Journey,
    Raven Stromdans
  • DaMalteseGuy
    That EarthWorm Jim intro reminded me of the "Songs That Don't Need Lyrics But I Added Them Anyway" series by Doug.
  • Noll_UK
    No hong kong fuee? noooo I guess it was a number 11, or didnt you get it in America?
  • CasualVideoGamer
    We got it, but I'm not how many people were actually fans of the show. I enjoyed it, myself.
    no kidding! Noll UK, Almost all the Hanna Barberra cartoons had a catchy theme song that explained the whole show. I think the difference is that those songs were over quicker and were actually pretty good songs. ie. Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby Doo, etc. Peace
  • nemesis274  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]Oh dear lord, MG, don't piss off the Sonic fans! THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THEM! :0[/quote]

    You are absolutely right Linkara. I am one of them. I never thought Sonic Underground was that bad. I mean, it was kinda inferior to the original series.

    But regardless, nice list. You should have added She-Ra along with He-Man as well. After all, she did the exact same thing as He-Man.
  • Elrong
    Nice list. The only theme song I would add to the list is the english opening from Rave Master. watch?v=E9WlUc8N7z0& feature=related
  • Zion Prowler Kraze  - Conut Duckula?
    MarzGurl bad mouthing an awesome show?

    I love that show! It awesome, and the only kids show you'll see that has a pentagram with it.
  • GLKnight
    I, sadly, watched all of these when I was growing up. I understand you're pain.

    Linkara, the Super-Sonic's (my term for the uber-reactive Sonic fans that are gonzo for it, even for hardcore fans) are too busy fappping to Bunny/Sally pr0n to notice.

    Noll, we did get it in the US. It was created back in the Seventies, whereas Marzgurl was talking from a generational viewpoint. In my estimation, there's a twenty year stint between major cartoon periods. She was talking about 1980 through 2000, correct?

    So, considering that was the generation she and most viewers on this sight got their foundations (and probably fetishes, must investigate further), it made sense for her to focus on those shows.
  • TheRetroFox
    Great video! I think a lot of the TV shows we grew up with and enjoyed had this plot-in-the-theme issue now that I think back on it. :3
  • ForFun808  - hahah
    Freakazoid was one of the most clever intros. Its like they knew everyone over did it with the intros, so they parodied the intro themselves!
  • The_Imp_of_the_Perverse
    Ha, I enjoyed that.

    Redundant intros maybe...but catchy nonetheless in most cases.

    Also as a Brit I feel the need to somewhat defend Count Duckula, check out the ending theme it is much better. watch?v=OoK4BiCbDBI& feature=related
  • Zion Prowler Kraze
    As another Brit, I agree. Well, if MarzGirl showed the Tomato Sauce bit, it might of helped her watch it.
  • Daikun
    I would've put The Powerpuff Girls somewhere on that list.
  • doomgirlmeg
    Oh man, the Sailor Moon theme song... the song that haunts my preteen memories. Back before I knew about dubbing, and editing... a simpler time indeed.
  • Joke
    "He-man And the raiders of centucky fried chicken!"

    or how it is spelled ^^
  • rcivit
    haha I remember in spain they had the decency to leave sailormoon's opening theme video unmodified, and they just changed the song with its instrumental version (like in a karaoke); so, no cheesy lyrics here
  • mwong04
    did He man just say he was faaaabulous???
  • Dragon_Nexus
    The man in pink clutches his sword and declares his powers are fabulous, and people question the supposed homosexual undertones of the show.
  • CrimsonDusk  - Great Top 10
    Great and Original top 10. I think I saw 9 out of 10 of those shows ( Bonkers never aired or was to old) and yeah it shows what "creative" minds were behind, especially when writing the theme song and that I think it was and is one of the big weaknesses of cartoons: they treat kids like they are dumb. Even Teen Titans or Avatar have this flaw in the theme song. I think when I first saw shows like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or Evangelion 6 years ago I started to hate cartoons because they were childish ( exception X-men, Batman, Gargoyles and a few) and only in animes you could find somthing that would make you brain gears twist. There are some animes that presented for 4-5 episodes some kind of backstory like Gintama or Gundam Seed or Macross 7 but if you didn't follow each episode every week you were screwed.
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