Please Let the Ads Play

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  • VmKid  - Just a note...
    One of AdBlock's list providers, EasyList, recently added exceptions for the ads that play through Blip.

    If you're still getting the 90 second bump, manually update your filter lists.

    This has been a PSA.
  • LikaLaruku
    The Blip ads don't bug me, it's the ad on the top of the site, the long one on the side, & the one under the videos that drive me nuts.

    I'll whitelist TGWTG, but I wish Adblock could show the Blip ads without enabling all the other loud flashing clutter on the site.

    I do wish that Blip's ads were more relevant to the content of the videos they were sponsoring, or at least funny. But it's not like they're asking us to watch those pretentious 6 minute MacDonalds ads.

    ::Reads comments:: Wow, it's like Youtube in here. Verbal civil war.
  • Mulletmanalive
    technically, you can enable blip ads without arming the site itself.

    Don't whitelist TGWTG [not that i'm suggesting you do this, you could just blacklist the first part of the addresses from autoplaying ads], just go to Blip and whitelist that. Then anything embedded from there still plays ads.
  • LikaLaruku
    Mulletmanalive: Perfect. Thanks for the tip. :D
    ------------------------- ------------
    Linkara: Okay, I just let the same ad play over & over again 100 times on several of your videos (possibly more than 100) so you could make back some lost revenue.

    May Disney Hawaii bleed itself dry. (Why couldn't it have been something funny, like
  • OneMonthLater
    You shouldn't do that either. He'll probably get payed for only one viewing of the ad anyway in the best case. Worst case, they accuse him of using bots to falsely generate revenue.

    Ad Networks analyze the IPs triggering the ads. and if one IP triggers an ad several hundred times, it usually means something is amiss. This is an automatic process, which flags the content provider, freezes his assets until an investigation has cleared him (if at all). Best case, as said, he get's paid only once (per video) for that ad. Worst case: Accusation of fraud. Breach of contract. Lawsuit. (Lawsuits are not that common yet, but either way, he wouldn't get payed).
  • LikaLaruku  - No good deed goes unpunished.
    Rats....Good point. Next time I'll use an bunch of different proxies.

    Oh, but wait...Does that count if you used a different video each time or only when you're refreshing one over & over?
  • OneMonthLater
    Different videos are fine. He will get payed once per video and viewer (per day i belive).
  • LikaLaruku
    Then I'm in the clear :D
  • octo7
    Just right-click on the ad that's bothering you and you can block it, as long as adblock is installed.
  • Jegsimmons
    agreed, they take up so much memory to play they make the videos lag.

    if it was say...project wonderful, wouldn't have that problem.
  • Blacksky  - Hummm
    I have had addblock off on this site for ages but I still occasionally get that ninety second thing.
  • OneMonthLater
    Same for me. So far, no answer from blip on that matter.
  • ladydiskette
    Strangely enough, I was watching one of the reviewers on here and I did get one of those Blip 90 second messages. Which is weird, because I don't ever use or refuse to use adblock at all.

    I guess it only did it as a formality, since I never got that message again as I should, seeing how I take it, it only does it for those who have adblock.
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    I have NEVER used adblock and I got it on the latest ChaosD1 vid. I hope this isn't the start of a problem.
  • naomiwashburn
    It pops up when the player has trouble loading the ads, too. Just refresh the page and click on the video again and it should load the ad just fine.
  • OneMonthLater
    Nope. But then i seem to be in a region that gets no ads displayed. Guess what? We get the frigging message too.
  • octo7
    Thank you.
  • leikaitsndead
    i am on linkara side, both this is so funny men : watch?v=76M-EBF_HNs
  • Travoltron
    Ads haven't showed up for me until recently. I'll keep watching you, NC, and Cinema Snob. I know you guys and I know you do good work. But honestly, I probably won't be trying out the other peoples' shows from now on. Because I can't stand sitting through the same ad over and over again, and I'm not going through all that for something that might suck.
  • cvrpapc
    Yea. I noticed that also. Perhaps there's a reason but w/e.


    Perhaps Lewis hasn't spent any time in the workforce. But its rather unprofessional to come to your audience to plead for money, and then turn around and be a contemptible asshole about it. It really doesn't do your cause any favors Lewis. You might want to consider that. I understand your concerns as most do. But this kind of behavior doesn't really inspire people to WANT to help you. I will whitelist the site because I'm not looking to take food out of anyone's mouth. I really hope you take a step back and consider how the tone of this video you posted might cross that line between snarky and inappropriate.

    Additionally, you might want to look at other options to fund your site seeing as adblock is becoming a built in feature in many browsers. That or perhaps you might wanna consider a p/t job. lol.
  • Dacilriel
    I don't think he was pleading, and I don't think he was being contemptible either. He's doing a job to support himself. He stated very clearly and succinctly how adblocking cheats him of his revenue. If I were in his position I would do the same thing. I would be very annoyed if the people I work for found a loophole to prevent me from getting money I had earned. He's not asking for help; he's asking people to be fair.
  • TheTundraTerror  - "adblocking cheats him of his revenue"
    Meanwhile, Nintendo outright steals ad revenue out of people who do Let's Plays over Nintendo games. report/article/nintendo- takes-legal-action- against-its-own- community-claims-rights- over-yo
  • Sewblon
    How is that relevant to the video or the comment that you are replying to?
  • AlucardsQuest
    It's a murky issue, but technically Let's Plays aren't original content, and Nintendo has every right to do this. If you try to take action against it, despite a voice over and editing legally you may have no legs to stand on.
  • snoofulus
    "I don't think he was pleading, and I don't think he was being contemptible either"
    Not contemptible - contemptUOUS, and he was both just a bit.

    "I would be very annoyed if the people I work for found a loophole to prevent me from getting money I had earned."
    Then you'd be childish about it.
    Producing free content while being paid for the ads is a model that's entirely based on people's statistical willingness to put up with those ads; turning them off is a legal and legitimate option, and it's hard to call it a "loophole" giving how mainstream of a feature it is.

    Btw the audience isn't the people you're "working for". That'd rather be the companies responsible for the ads, finding loopholes to reduce his ad money or something.
  • Dacilriel
    Must not feed trolls... must not feed trolls... must not feed trolls...

    Oh screw it.

    "I would be very annoyed if the people I work for found a loophole to prevent me from getting money I had earned."
    Then you'd be childish about it.

    I commute to my job five days a week. I get a paycheck. I use that paycheck to pay my student loans, car insurance, et cetera. Are you seriously suggesting that it would be childish of me to protest if my employers didn't pay me for my work? Have you ever had to support yourself?
  • snoofulus
    Consider the CONTEXT.
    I was talking exclusively about the dude's hypothetical scenario in which he'd be "in Linkara's position" and then get angry if his "employers" found a "loophole" - but in that very case, the audience are NOT the employers, and getting angry at it would be childish.

    Are you working as a web comedian? Sponsored by ads? No? Then my post doesn't apply to you.
  • Thecrazyone1500
    Linkara does sometimes communicate things poorly , most people understand him but I notice some things he can can come off snarky or condecending, but seeing him talk freely and watching this , I think the video here is actually the perfect tone and he approached it well
  • Amykins
    ^ This. The whole video smacks of unprofessionalism, and makes me want to stare at that 90-second screen out of spite, to be perfectly honest. It's a dick move on Blip's part to do this. If they just opted into less invasive ads like the quick banners on youtube now does I'd whitelist 'em, but they insist on showing repetitive, long commercials that aren't relevant to me whatsoever.

    Anyhow, it'll be moot sooner or later because eventually, all media providers are going to pull a Nintendo and will legally have all ad revenue from their intellectual property re-routed to them. That's what you get for thinking you can build a career out of making videos showing other peoples' work and just talking over it, slapping some theme song on it and calling it your own.
  • ahak
    The amount of close-mindedness and stupid in this post are amazing. LPs, parodies, reviews, etc. do more to help the product than hurt it. You think games like Amnesia and Slender would've been half as successful as they are if it weren't for the hundreds of LPs on youtube? All Nintendo did was hurt the fans. The youtubers can easily switch to games from other companies who understands the benefits of having people showcase their game and supports those people.
  • 3DMaster
    Huh... I wonder why they never did this with any review show on tv...

    Is it just because large tv companies can afford lots of expensive lawyers, or is it because people, CEOs of companies included, used to be sane?
  • DamonLightbringer  - Gonna "fanboy" again...
    Amykins. Why the hell do you even come to this site? Simply TO troll. You hate on everything you see. You're probably just a self-entitled 20 something who thinks they deserve whatever they want whenever they want. Grow up. You should never get something for nothing in this world, because when it happens enough times you become a snarky, whiney, selfish primadonna. And go ahead and call me a fanboy, again, while throwing some pseudo intellectual retort at me. I've earned almost everything I've gained in this life and feel I am far better for it. 30 seconds is not a long commercial to sit through for FREE entertainment. Hell, it's one of the smallest "prices" I've ever "paid" for something I like. If you don't like it, going away, stop trying to ruin it for those of us who do enjoy the entertainment and don't come back. You, not only, don't add any value being here, you add negative value. I hope you feel like a big person with all your negativity and whatever retort you might throw back at me.
  • octo7
    I couldn't agree more, Amykins.
  • Bluesabus  - Have to agree with DamonLightbringer.
    I've only just registered today, but I've seen you several times at the top of the comments on about a dozen other videos from other producers, spewing a paragraph or two full of nonsense and bile. Then, when someone points it out, you act offended and surprised that someone would actually remind of how much you enjoy being a jackass in the comments, while in turn exaggerating the tone and points in their comment(s).

    I can't fathom why you even bother coming to this site, if all you look forward to is making invalid and irrelevant points, or expressing your meaningless opinion on otakus and fanboys. Go somewhere else if so many things on this site get to you this easily and this often. Your presence won't be missed, I can assure you.
  • snoofulus
    This is stupid; someone like MikeJ may just "talk over it"; way more craft and creative work, however, goes into something like a regular NC episode.

    If you think compiling bits from a movie in a specific way and editing it together to a comedic analysis can't be a big ball of worth, quality and talent, you simply don't know your stuff.

    I mean, let's start by looking at how complicated / creative WRITTEN CRITICISM CAN BE - and then go from there.
  • NaturallyBaked  - Life
    The path to making a living is always not so straight forward. If you have ever heard the saying, "get a job doing something you love, then you will never work a day in your life", you might understand why these people do this. What do you do that is so important that you can't tune out a 30 second ad or two while watching a 20 minute video?
  • Evamarie41
    and yet here you are, watching and commenting on these videos of "showing other peoples' work and just talking over it, slapping some theme song on it and calling it your own"
  • Linkara

    It's unprofessional of me to calmly explain how the ads work, especially after so many people have told me that they DIDN'T know that it was the ads that were how we get paid, and subsequently ask people to make exceptions and offer alternatives if they were unwilling?

    I didn't PLEAD for money. If you don't want to spend your money, you don't have to. The only thing lost by watching the ad is your time. And 30 seconds is a pretty tiny price to pay in my book.
  • trlkly
    Yes, you did. You're supposed to be a fucking capitalist and yet you keep asking for donations. You claim to not want charity yet you keep asking for it. Stop being a hypocrite.

    Blip is trying to bully us into playing ads. Bullying is wrong. Giving into bullies is wrong.

    Since you won't call Blip and tell them to stop said bullying, you are an enabler, and you don't get any money. I'm not going to pay Blip, and I'm not going to pay people like you who think it's okay to strongarm people.

    I've said 100 times that attempting to guilt people into anything means you don't get anything. That's what you are doing, and that's what Blip is doing, and that makes you a contemptible person.

    The thing that's even worse are these people who give in. You want to give him money? Fine. But not because someone is guilting you, and definitely not because someone begs for your money like a homeless person.

    If you can't make money without having to specifically ask people to give you money, then, under capitalism, you don't deserve to exist.

    Because you keep doing this shit, I hope your show goes off the air. And yet I get the privilege of still watching it anyways when I'm can handle my contempt at seeing someone as immoral as you.
  • Moreno X  - to trlkly
    Ok dude, you need to go eat a marshmallow and choke yourself. Hey, if my statement is harsh, let me assure you that it's not harsh in comparison to what you said to Linkara. Really? REALLY??

    You are saying sitting through a 30 second ad is a bully way for us? My goodness I can put up with countless seconds of ads and you don't hear me moan about them. Are you (and other morons) this stupid just so you want these hardworking Internet entertainers disappear? And don't you tell me I want the same thing! You don't know me and others for that matter. If you don't want to support these guys and help this site find better alternatives while providing these basic needs of revenue as of now, then my friend you can get the hell out of here and don't ever come back! That's not a threat, that's a option for your miserable well-being to go else where to watch videos that you're arrogant and selfish to be reasonable nor understanding the circumstances that Lewis and others are facing. What a prick you've reduce yourself into. Congratulations.
  • snoofulus
    Wow - trlkly's idiocy is obvious needs no response, but the offensive, guilt-tripping bullshit you just wrote in response just might.

    "If you don't want to support these guys and help this site find better alternatives while providing these basic needs of revenue as of now, then my friend you can get the hell out of here and don't ever come back!"
    You're getting way too enthusiastic there, buddy. Free content is free content - you go there, watch it with whatever browser options you've got, and don't pay an ounce. There's no obligation at all for everyone to automatically become an activist "supporting" those providers that, well, agreed to post their stuff for FREE and that they don't know personally on top of that.

    If you're gonna guilt-trip people for "not supporting" your heroes, why stop there and not yell angrily at anyone not paying donations? Oh wait, you already did that by suggesting everyone has to work together with the site admins to find "better alternatives".

    Hey, FUCK you, you self-righteous, guilt-tripping, ass-licking prickhead. Your kind of attitude may be the prime reason why people get upset at the whole ad thing in the first place - and I can easily tell that without ever having had adblock myself.
    Pretentious short-sighted fanboys blaming everyone who doesn't join their little fandom club and join their cause - screw off, with all sincerity.
  • Linkara
    ...You don't know what any of those words mean, do you?

    You don't know what capitalism is, you don't know what BULLYING is, you don't know what GUILTING is, and you don't know what charity or donations are.

    I put out a video in a place more likely to be viewed by people and specifically in an area so there won't be an ad on it due to the issues relating TO the ads to explain how advertising affects me, stating I understand the reasoning that people have but respectfully disagree and offer alternatives to them and also lay to rest fears they may have about the lack of ads while also offering suggestions for how they can still support the show IF THEY SO CHOOSE and do not specifically insult people for how they choose to operate (with only one POSSIBLE exception in the whole video being that they may not respect me... which they may not, anyway).

    Blip hosts videos on their own damn servers which THEY pay for with THEIR money and then allow people to access them with the understanding that they will view the advertisement to help support the creator of the video and the people HOSTING the video and then people circumvent it... and the fact that they're RESPONDING to this practice somehow makes them bullies? Tell me, are ordinary stores bullies when they place security tags on clothing and electronics to help prevent items from being stolen? Because that's basically what the 90-second thing is, except people still can get away with it - they just have to WAIT a bit longer before they have it.

    And somehow me explaining the truth of how this all works is somehow making people GUILT them into watching the ads? I didn't ask for money. People said to me that they wanted to give me money so after FOUR YEARS of doing this WITHOUT that option, I have given in and offered them the opportunity to do so if they wish.

    But that's fine. Offering MORE choices for people and not obligating people to do anything but offering facts about this somehow makes me immoral.

    Seriously: WHAT. THE. HELL?
  • LunaBuna  - ^ ^ ^ THIS.
    Linkara, I don't mean to interrupt your argument, but your comment here...

    You just listed all the reasons I LOVED your approach and why I was so quick to whitelist you and the rest of this site's reviewers.

    You were nice about it. You didn't beg. You didn't do ANY of the shit trlkly said. You explained it calmly and were even considerate enough to do it via an ad-free source (YouTube). You answered every possible question I had and I stress: you were SO NICE ABOUT IT.

    This person's missing a brain cell or a few million. I was going to write my own comment, but you just summed it up with what you just said here, so I just wanted to say THIS. A MILLION TIMES THIS.
  • JCubbs  - ^This^(THAT)
    just agreeing with LunaBuna. Except I'm not a big Rose fan, respectfully so. I miss me some Amelia Pond
  • Fullmetal-Animator
    Lewis, there's always going to be somebody that will be loud and obnoxious enough to try and undermine what you're trying to do but it may be best not to rise to it more then you have.

    Anyway, I'd like to say that I always let the ads play on this site since I figured that that's how you guys get your bread and butter here. I don't mind them most of the time but even then I just check my email or other tabs as you suggested.
    ...And trikly is a troll anyway. This isn't begging for money at all. He is asking that he be paid for a service. The service is AT4W. The payment is letting an ad or two play. We all watch his videos every week, Linkara puts them out on schedule and explains when they are late. He has always be courteous, honest and curt with his audience. He has NEVER been insulting.

    The donation button is a last resort and he is not asking you to donate money. It was requested by fans, ad it is for those who want to pay for quality entertainment, not for the freeloaders.

    Hard work goes into these videos and letting a video play for 1 minute while you tidy up your desk go get a drink or take a leak isn't too much to ask.
  • Sheeyah  - Ads? Power Rangers!
    I always watch the ads, it's not a big deal.

    On a completely unrelated note, Lewis, I met Jason David Frank and Catherine Sutherland this weekend. I may use one of the pictures I took with Catherine to pretend we're married.

    Wait! I mean, um... Oh screw it, she's pretty. I'd have married her.
  • cearaivory  - Hugs
    I support you Linkara. Maybe I can't afford to send donations, but I would if I could, in a heartbeat. People like Trikly don't understand the work involved and dislike the idea of people like YouTube Partners getting money for free. Only it's not free money, you're working your tail off to give us these videos. In a good economy people are paid for the work they do. But then these haters are the same people who want me to pay for their birth control through Obamacare.
    cearaivroy: dumb comment. NO ONE asked for taxpayers to pay for birth control. Sandra Fluke testified before congress that a woman who PAYS for PRIVATE insurance should be covered for birth control under her plans. Birth control is needed for certain condition besides preventing birth. After all Horny old guys are covered for their viagra.

    The people who don't want YouTube Partners and Blip producers are the Teabaggers who think everyone who makes money as entertainer are "entitled" because they don't work 70 hours a week for an employee who doesn't pay them enough to live and doesn't respect them.

    Didn't mean to take this off the rails but that was a stupid comment.
  • Kensei
    Capitalims is doomed my friend!
  • CronoT
    I did as someone else here suggested and turned off the add blocking for blip videos only. The reason I hate ads is two-fold.

    First, the newer video and flash ads suck computer resources like a tick on a dog. I've had ads crash my browser before while trying to play a video. Also, by the way the ISP host designs the site, the ad gets priority over the video we want to watch.

    Second, I viscerally hate targeted ads. They're the reason I still have Netflix, but cancelled Hulu Plus after 5 days. I got it to watch Exo-Squad, because NBC-Comcast are assholes like that. The targeted ads on Hulu Plus showed me nothing but political ads for some local douchebag who sucks off Rick Perry's largesse, and condom ads. The condom ads were especially unappreciated while I was going through a really nasty break-up and blue balls phase.

    So, yes, I'll support you for the blip ads, but the rest can go off and suck somewhere else.
  • octo7
    He has a job. Thousands enjoy his work which is time consuming and tiring. It is not bullying to ask you kindly to pay your fair share for these videos by letting ads play.
  • smjaiteh
    You obviously don't understand what bullying is, and you obviously don't understand how the Internet works. It isn't bullying to make you wait less than two minutes to play your video if you're not willing to wait a measly thirty seconds to play an ad.

    You pay for a computer so you can do work and activities on it. And you pay for internet service in order for the service providers to pay for the people and the massive amounts of equipment necessary to host the server for you to connect on. The ads are there to pay the people who work on and for the website, so you can use it.

    Don't go insulting people who make the stuff you watch because they don't want people like you effectively ripping them off out of money, because they don't want to watch a 30-second ad. I understand if you don't want viruses and harm to your computer, but most people can safely say that Blip doesn't do that to them, and you didn't give any such reason before.

    If you still think that you are above Lewis and anyone else for doing something that he loves to do, and getting paid for it by being financially backed by corporations willing to pay for him, then I suggest you quit your "real" job, quit using the internet and effectively drop off the face of the Earth. Because you obviously don't agree with concepts such as "self-employment", "entertainment industry", "capitalism", "entrepreneurship", "economic interdependence", "maintenance costs", "demand", "money", "common courtesy", "logic", "morals", "opinion", "thought" or "gratitude".
  • NaturallyBaked
    Do you have a job? 10 hours a week at Wal-Mart does not count, neither does a paper route. Do you pay for your internet, or do you leach it of some old person that doesn't know how to set up a wi-fi, sit in a coffee house or fast food place and not buy anything? Also, that first sentence is a question and should end with the proper punctuation. On the other hand everyone loves "caps lock is cruise control for awesome" style of writing.
  • JCubbs
    oh I see you used caps. You must be serious then. I should listen to you now
  • octo7
    Oh you've given in? How admirable, you've finally 'given in' and allowed people to give you money for free. Listen to yourself.
    Again, they aren't giving him money. The are paying him for the service he provides by presenting these great videos. This is a job.

    If you think his work (or any producers work) is worthless, trying going 2 months withtout watching any of these independently produced Blip or TGWTG videos. You like it. You want it. Be considerate and let the ads play.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @ octo7 What?
    I have seen every video if his and this has to be the first time he has even mentioned donations or merchandise.
  • Linkara
    Well, not the first time I've mentioned merchandise. I've previously talked about Revolution of the Mask as well as the T-shirts. It's just this is the first time I've offered it as an alternative if people still wish to support me but aren't willing to sit through ads. I really don't mind the idea of doing a subscription-based service, but unfortunately that's not viable for me at the moment since I lack the knowledge or infrastructure to establish it.
  • Phoenix Blaze
    Seriously Linkara, don't get frazzled about what idiots like trlkly and octo7 are saying. They're just speaking in Bullshitese, the official language of the troll. The thing of it is, you provide free entertainment. It is in no way too much to ask that people turn off their ad blockers when visiting this site so that you can earn revenue from the work you do. It's no more unprofessional than movie screens asking people in the audience to turn off their smart phones before the feature presentation begins playing. It's just common courtesy. And people with empathy, intelligence, and respect for others would understand that. However, a ranting, raving troll would not.

    I, for one, don't even have ad blocker on my computer. I understand, some people actually have to have it in order to play some content for some reason, but since I'm one of the lucky few who don't, I don't touch it. It's sort of an unwritten agreement I have with people on TGWTG, youtube, and other sites that provide free entertainment like this. You guys continue to provide the entertainment that I like watching, and I'll sit through roughly three 30 second ads about iHop, Walt Disney World, or whatever the new flavor for commercials is for the month.

    It's also notable that many of the people taking you to task over your approach are likely people who don't do the kind of work you do, so it's easy for them to judge, seeing as how they're on the other side of the fence. I hear your message loud and clear, Lewis. And I've agreed with it before you even posted it. That's why I come either here or to the League of Super Critics youtube page on youtube to watch TGWTG content. I never go to other youtube pages where someone has copied your videos and posted them ad free or, even worse, claimed them so they earn revenue from YOUR work! (excuse my language but, fuck those guys) Anyway, just keep doing your thing, Lewis. I'll continue watching every minute of it, including the commercial breaks.
  • snoofulus
    "And somehow me explaining the truth of how this all works is somehow making people GUILT them into watching the ads?"
    Um, when you say stuff like "oh does that mean you don't respect me just because you don't like my videos? for trying my best to entertain you", that might actually be construed as guilt-tripping.

    And stuff like "ok, I get that you tried to help", or "here's my T-shirts; please buy my T-shirts to support my site" does come off as a bit of pleading, too.

    Just saying - I'm not using adblock and just passing by as far as this whole discussion goes, but let's call a thing a thing shall we.
  • Catbanshee
    holy shit! what is wrong with people? I've never had a problem letting a few ads play so that my favorite entertainers can make some dough. it litterally doesn't have to cost me anything. I don't even have to look at the ad, just let it play. I thought you were very clear, brief, and polite. all you ASKED for was for people to just let the ads play. Idk why people have to get so violent and pissy over such a simple request and explanation of why. as someone who DOES know what capitalism is I support you. there's nothing for me to loose by letting a few ads play.
  • LevelUpLeo
    "Attempting to guilt people"? What? He's just stating the facts. If you feel guilt over it, you might want to think about why that is.
  • Snarguff
    . . . you have remarkable amounts of hubris. You're referring to him as "immoral?" "Contemptible?" He isn't Hitler, he just cares about his job! Even if you disagree with him, I hope you realize how absurd it is to throw around insults of that magnitude under such little provocation.
  • Sewblon
    Most capitalist countries do have methods for organizations funded by donations to exist. Here in the U.S. the blanket legal term is "non-profit." They usually exist to further religious and/or humanitarian goals, such as disaster and poverty relief. wiki/Non- profit#Nature_and_goals

    I know that Linkara and his shows are not any of those things. But there are other non-incorporated entertainers like Linkara funded partially or wholly by donations, it does not make them anti-capitalists.
  • FenrirEX
    In fact, people in the situation you described are usually referred to as "sponsors", for the readers who don't know of that phenomenon.

    Moreover, isn't that basically the core tenant of capitalism? Throw money at things you like so they'll make more of it?
  • Sewblon
    Yes, that is one of the core tenants of capitalism.
    Also, lets remember that Linkara specifically stated that Paypal would handle the donations, and Paypal is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay inc., a publically traded for-profit corporation based out of the United States of America, one of the most capitalistic countries on the planet. So if anything, the addition of a Paypal donation button makes Linkara and his various shows more capitalistic.
  • NeroAngelo
    what DID you pay blip? I had no idea they started charging
  • FenrirEX
    Translation: "I don't like wasting time on commercials! How dare you make me feel bad for not giving up a little bit of my time to let you make money from my viewing! Entitlement entitlement entitlement blah."
  • octo7
    The entitlement here comes from Lewis and other reviewers who think making 15 minute videos about power rangers = a career choice. Get real.
  • DamonLightbringer
    octo7. LOL. I usually don't stoop this low but...idiot. Lewis provides a service. People enjoy this service, watch his reviews and wish them to continue. He gets paid for this service, so that they can continue. Maybe not a career but it is a job. There's no sense of entitlement for providing a desired service and getting paid for it. THAT IS CAPITALISM!
  • NaturallyBaked
    How much is 30 seconds of your time really worth? Not that much considering the amount of responses you make, and the time spent writing them.
  • snoofulus
    "I don't like wasting time on commercials! How dare you make me feel bad for not giving up a little bit of my time to let you make money from my viewing! Entitlement entitlement entitlement blah."
    Trkly's post was obnoxious and stupid, but your paraphrasing actually makes it halfway reasonable - yes, you are entitled to dislike wasting time and annoyance at the commercials, and people who have agreed to get their income from ad-supported free content aren't in the position to "make you feel bad" for taking a completely legitimate option.

    Whining about having to pay for DVDs? Not having everything on free, legal streaming sites? THAT is entitlement.
    Defending your choice to modify your browser while watching free content? NOT entitlement. Learn to distinguish. Quit being a self-righteous, guilt-tripping fanboy.
  • Neo_Genesis
    Please throw yourself under a bus. Natural selection has deemed you too stupid for human society.

    Let me break down the obvious for you. All the money people like to spend has to come from somewhere. When you work, this money comes from your employer, which in turn comes from their clients IN EXCHANGE FOR GOODS OR SERVICES.

    Lewis provides a service which you clearly enjoy, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Instead of monetary exchange, the only thing you pay out here is a few seconds of time. This time it's the advertisers who are paying for your service. Guess what else? This is how the majority of it works on TV channels too! There's a reason a 30 minute show often packs in 10 minutes of advertising. They're getting paid to put them there.

    Now you're free to live in your bubble if you like and pretend that Lewis is doing anything different, but the reality is that this is how he makes his living and as a viewer, I fully respect that. In fact, I respect it enough that I've also removed Youtube from my adblock so that the channels I subscribe to can also benefit from revenue.

    Why do I do this? Because it's a small price to pay for the entertainment these people provide.

    As a side note, Linkara, don't let guys like this bring you down. I think a lot of us better understand the reasons you posted this video, and have nothing but respect for the work you put into making them. A few bad apples don't speak for the majority, so keep your chin up.
  • octo7
    Shut up you condescending asshole. Some of us find corporate advertising amoral and a detriment to society, and that's more important than a fucking review of a bad comic.
    Then don't watch the bad comic book reviews, octo. btw, the reviews are sort of an ad for comic books, movies, etc. If you were so righteous about ads being amoral, you really wouldn't be on the internet at all. Of course your "ads are amoral" excuse is a bunch of crap to justify you watching these videos and not being fair by letting as an ad. Notice, I didn't say "watch the ad" I wrote "Let the ad play".
  • snoofulus
    Reviews aren't ads... it's incredibly how much stupidity there is on BOTh sides of this sorry "argument".
    Just as you think someone's finally giving a justified beating to that indignated anti-bullying / self-righteous fanclub boi, they'll go on to say something incredbly idiotic (mostly stuff that'll put them into the opposite camp) themselves.

    Truly depressing.
  • THOOM  - snoofulus
    Calling someone stupid doesn't make it so. Damn sure doesn't make you smart.

    I read these comments and several people have written to Linkara that they started reading comics because of this show. Linkara sells the comics, whether inadvertently or not..

    snoofulus You are just another person who wants to believe they are avoiding a big commercial culture by picking and choosing what the commercial they want to see.

    You remind me of the type of people who say G.I.Joe, Star Wars, TMNT, Michael Bay's Transformers movies etc are sell outs to the "original vision" which were big dumb commercials to begin with. Most of the entertainment on TV and the internet is a big commercial.
  • snoofulus
    "Calling someone stupid doesn't make it so."
    No, being stupid makes others call you so. Nice "defense mechanism", though ;)

    "Linkara sells the comics, whether inadvertently or not.."
    It's a well known thing that reviews motivate people to look up their subjects; professional reviews are often there for that primary reason, others are known to draw people as well.
    Of course, at other times they'll serve to warn viewers off ;)

    Then, you've got the kind of "reviews" that you may find in cinema magazines - they'll usually praise whatever comes out; people will then say that those reviews are more like ads, or ads in disguise of reviews. Catching the drift by now?

    Let's try a different approach now - supermarkets and houses are both buildings; does that mean my house is a mall of sorts?

    I don't know what kind of kindergarten logic you're operating under there, if you really think saying reviews are basically ads cause they make people watch the reviewed movies is anything but retarded.
    Ads are creations that are specifically there to praise, promote and sell a given product. Sometimes they'll do it bluntly, sometimes they'll be ironic and self-aware, and often even entertaining in their own right - but ultimately they're defined by selling a product.
    A REVIEW is someone EVALUATING that product on their own - giving it positive, or negative assessments, and MAYBE getting the listeners interested in the thing itself... provided said assessment ends up being appealing.

    So, what now, are people talking about a movie on a forum also "advertisers of sorts" now? What about your friends at dinner parties? Or random bloggers? All of them are ads, as well? Hey, by that logic, is anything NOT an add?? As long as it gets you interested in something, it must be one, right?
    For goodness' sake STOP THIS MADNESS.

    When idiots like octo7 complain about the sleaziness or "detriment" of ads, they're specifically talking about people using whatever tactics it takes to sell a product to you, and then shoving it down your throat at every opportunity, or at least where you didn't specifically come to see them.
    NONE of that applies to these web reviews; there's NO way you could take his comments and make them apply to Linkara's reviews cause "they make people read comics, too". It's ludicrous beyond belief.
  • snoofulus
    "You are just another person who wants to believe they are avoiding a big commercial culture by picking and choosing what the commercial they want to see."
    So you wanna keep talking and completely remove any residual doubt that you are, indeed, a complete lunatic? Fine.

    What the FUCK was this horseshit you just wrote???

    "are sell outs to the "original vision" which were big dumb commercials to begin with."
    Ah, I get where you're going - you're trying to justify your loose use of language and definitions by pointing out that there's a commercial side to mainstream entertainment; and in order to tell me that, I obviously must be someone who's unaware of that so you'll just invent something about me "picking and choosing" something, right?

    First of all you're making the same mistake here that you did above - concluding that just because A has a similarity to B, like a common effect or partial intention, it must be B.
    Um, no, +F - you fail logic class in every possible way.

    A blogger talking about a movie is NOT an advertiser - he and an advertiser have the common trait of sometimes making people interesting in the stuff they're talking about, but then he's got a bunch of other traits that DON'T match with an advertiser, such as giving their own, commercially unbiased view and not bound by having to make it tasty to the viewer.

    And similar to that, a movie is NOT a "commercial", just because it tries to sell you something on the side, via product placement, or engages in advertising in some other way. That would then be ONE of its aspects - one could say the movie is PARTIALLY a commercial.
    But... an actual commercial is this to 100%, and that's its PRIMARY GOAL. NOT telling a story, entertaining the audience, showing off special effects and then maybe having some robot that will boost toy sells - BEING THERE SPECIFICALLY TO SELL THE PRODUCT.

    So no, they're not commercials, and you still fail semantics.
    The Transformers movies AND animated series were BASED ON TOYS. THAT WAS THEIR ORIGINAL VISION. And, coincidence, people keep calling Bay's movies giant sell-outs because THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE. I think they don't say it to the same extent about the cartoons cause they had more story to them or something.

    By contrast, the original SW films were NOT commercials, they were first and foremost story/effects-based MOVIES - throwbacks to old sci-fi serials, certain other classic movies and general heroic archetypes.
    Sure, they were supposed to make money - but that wasn't their primary purpose, and even if it was, the movies were the PRODUCT, not the AD... for itself.
    Episode 6 is were things arguably started getting more commercial with the Ewoks partially there to promote toy sells - still not commercials, just "infected" by it.
  • snoofulus
    And then of course you've got the prequels, that were, *gasp*, full of stuff the purpose of which was, probably to 50%, to sell the toys... while the other 50% of course being showing all that cool stuff on screen.
    Yea, turns out the prequels weren't commercials either - an ASPECT of them was to make commercials for related products, another was to BE a product sold to large audiences, and beneath all that there was probably some genuine attempt to make good movies, or at least spectacles.

    Even if you deny them that - all that'd do would be confirming your strawman about them being "sell outs to the orginal vision", as they both failed to live up to the originals artistically, AND reeked of obnoxious forced commercialism as well, in a way that the originals didn't.

    So yea, I am that type of people, and we're all right, while you're a pseudo-intellectual buffoon who should've really followed my advice not to post any more comments when you had the chance - because now you've completely sealed the deal and made a laughingstock out of yourself, permanently.
    Good job. Are you advertising mental asylums with your posts? Please, tell me more about how the world is a big, giant commercial, man, and all the opinions and views that I'm supposed to have, but you don't have a shred of evidence for as I've never voiced them.
  • grimfang999
    Funnilly enough I allow the ads to play because I am an anticorporatist. If you dont liike capitalism, the most logical thing is to let the ads play. For every ad played it costs much larger companies a lot of cash. A small amount of lost time means more money is transfered away from large companies into the hands of smaller companies or independant creators, therefore weakening monopoles or oligoplies who are unsuccessfully throwing money to try to make you buy their products.

    Just because you hide from advertising wont make it go away, it will only make them force it upon you in more manipulative ways.
  • snoofulus
    "Some of us find corporate advertising amoral and a detriment to society"
    Um, you're confusing something there, pal - this isn't about society and corporate advertising; this ia about your little precious feelings of annoyance and impatience when watching those ads before, in midsts and after every blip video.

    Advertising is only "immoral" when it's disingenuous, and only (potentially) detrimental to the extent that people actually listen to it; just letting them run on your computer isn't detrimental to society, it's to your enjoyment of that comic review; if you find it unimportant, DON'T WATCH IT; that way you'll both make a rebellious statement against corporate ads AND avoid the unimportant comic book review.
    Forget adblock, discover abstinence!
  • NaturallyBaked  - @octo7
    I get it now, your a freshman at a party university and you just finished you first semester. You've been hanging around a lot of unwashed hippies talking about sticking it to the man. Well guess what. Those corporations, and pay close attention because this is important, actually have to pay their amorally earned dollars to people when their advertising is shown. Do you think I watch the Disney add? Hell no! I scroll around the Huffington Post or pet my dog. When you block those adds, your not sticking it to some "evil" corporation, your saving them money, and screwing the little guy. So the next time your hipster ass is buying name brand clothing at a Goodwill for the sole purpose of reselling it on ebay, think of what a piece of shit you are.
  • snoofulus
    Yea, but then you're screwing the company by not buying their products... uh.. which you wouldn't have bought anyway... k, ok :D
  • smjaiteh
    I think you mean "immoral," and blocking ads on your computer doesn't stop corporations. It just hurts the business of everyone who is backed by them. The corporations couldn't care less if you block them, they'll recover 10 times that loss within a second. It's average people like Lewis who can't recover that easily.
  • Linkara
    Yes, corporate advertising is amoral and detrimental to our society.

    Which is why advertising in one form or another has existed for thousands of years.
  • TragicGuineaPig

    You think having to watch an ad is "bullying"? Is it "bullying" when a restaurant demands that you pay for food? Is it "bullying" when a traffic light signals for you to stop your car? Is it "bullying" when a movie theater actually expects you to purchase a ticket and present it when you go to see your movie?

    Frankly, you sound more like a bully than Linkara does, in fact, more than Blip does.

    And it's not capitalism if someone provides you with a service with the expectation that you will repay that service in exchange, and you don't do your part in the exchange. You see, free video content is a service, and the ads are the exchange. By not watching the ads, you are essentially depriving Linkara of income. It's called "stiffing", or more bluntly, "stealing." So, basically, Trlkly, you're a stiff and a thief.

    What's more, you come across as a whiny, sanctimonious prick with an entitlement complex. Get over yourself. People like you don't deserve to even have access to electronic devices, much less the ability to post such drivel on the internet.
  • octo7
    Being forced to wait 90 seconds through a black screen for choosing to use a program is bullying, if you can't see that you're a fucking moron.
  • James Picard
    Yes, choosing to use a program that cheats other people out of their hard earned money is a good thing. If you think the system with advertisements for TV is evil, that's fine. But it's how the system works. If you don't like the way our economy works, move to another country. But until then, quit whining and acting like everything is about you. Every week for the past several years, Lewis has strove to give us a video on time, for free. Is it really that hard to sit through 30 seconds of advertising? No, it isn't. It may be annoying, but you know what? These people put just as much work into their shows as professional TV crews, and with a smaller budget. And all they ask in return is that you watch a 30 second ad, when TV ads last for 8-16 minutes, depending on the length of the program. All this blustering you're doing is really only making you look meaner and dumber than you actually are. You don't need to do this.
  • snoofulus
    "Yes, choosing to use a program that cheats other people out of their hard earned money is a good thing."

    No - the money isn't "hard-earned", because it isn't put up for sale. And it's not "cheating" because when you agree to put up free content and make your income depend on the ads, rather than being paid for it directly, the fact that someone people will use the option to turn off the ads comes with the territory.
    Everyone's playing by the established rules here.

    Oh, what, TV uses ads, too? Well those can't be turned off now can they? It's real-time broadcasting and that simply isn't an option there; it is on the internets, however.

    "Every week for the past several years, Lewis has strove to give us a video on time, for free."
    That is a true statement.

    "These people put just as much work into their shows as professional TV crews"
    Yea, and some people on youtube etc. that put up regular content for free and WITHOUT ads, put their work into it, too.
    Thing is, they haven't entered a system in which they get paid for it; and these people on TGWTG haven't entered one where they get paid for it directly. Former group gets no money for their hard work; second group only gets as much money as people are willing to let the ads play.
    Unfair? That's how it works - you said it yourself. And everyone's agreed to the rules.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @snoofulus I don't get where you're comming from.
    Ok, so I put in a fair amount of hours a week into my lawn. I'm out of town 3-4 days a week and work 5-8 hours the day I am at home. Are you saying the quality of my lawn and landscaping isn't "hard-earned" because I'm not selling my lawn? Should I sell tickets to see my rose bush or when people drive by set up an EZ-Pass to make sure my hours of work can be monetized just so everyone know I worked hard on it?
  • snoofulus
    "Are you saying the quality of my lawn and landscaping isn't "hard-earned" because I'm not selling my lawn?"

    Now, now, there, there - just because you made a somewhat stupid statement the previous time doesn't mean you have to devolve into complete idiocy now, does it? Take it easy.. try climbing up rather than down, if possible.


    If you remember we were talking about hard-earned MONEY. Your lawn isn't MONEY. And for some reason you're talking about your LAWN rather than the MONEY you're not getting for it. No, your money for your lawn isn't well-earned - you're not selling it to anyone.

    I don't know if your brain is even capable of drawing such an impossible parallel - but in your lawn analogy, you're talking about the QUALITY OF LINKARA'S VIDEOS. That quality he "earns" by "working hard on it". NOT the MONEY he gets from the ADS!

    Jesus FUCK what is it with people here.
  • Bloodrealm
    Getting viewers and a fanbase is also a natural consequence of working on a show.
    Also, you agree that he works hard on his video's, but the money he gets from producing isn't earned?
    I'm sorry, but were you drunk or something when you wrote all of your insane, backwards rambling on this page?
  • snoofulus
    "Getting viewers and a fanbase is also a natural consequence of working on a show."

    Um, no, if you want to use actual equivalents and not just wordplay, then the "natural consequence" (which I should've rather called "direct physical consequence" but whatever) would be the finished video and its quality.

    That it attracts viewers is, well, true, but I don't see what it has to do with what I said.

    "Also, you agree that he works hard on his video's, but the money he gets from producing isn't earned?"
    Read my comments again and you'll understand - all of this explained black on white.

    "I'm sorry, but were you drunk or something when you wrote all of your insane, backwards rambling on this page?"
    Look who's the joke on now :D
  • snoofulus
    Oops - on me I guess, as I've misplaced the 's... damn that was painful.
  • Makutateridax200  - too snoofulus
    you good sir are a few brain cells short aren't you?
  • TragicGuineaPig
    No, it's not. If anything, you're the f-- moron for claiming that it is.

    The choice is still yours: (1) sit through the 90 seconds of silence, (2) sit through the 30-second ad, or (3) not watch the freaking video at all.

    The next thing you'll be telling me is that McDonald's is bullying you for making you pay for your hamburger, or the traffic signal was bullying you for turning red and making you stop.

    But to refuse to watch the ads is effectively stealing - if nothing else, it's stealing income from Linkara. So don't try to get on your moral high horse with me.

    And just so you know, calling someone a moron for not agreeing with you - especially when you haven't demonstrated a single thing using anything remotely resembling a fact - is not a good argument. You fail both logic and ethics. Go crawl back under your bridge; I think there are some goats or maybe some burrahobbits trying to cross it.
  • snoofulus
    "The next thing you'll be telling me is that McDonald's is bullying you for making you pay for your hamburger, or the traffic signal was bullying you for turning red and making you stop."

    You are correct there - if there's a limited set of options with a provider, like either 90 seconds of nothing or 30 seconds of avertisement, and no third option, then that's what you have to put up with.
    Because they're doing their thing, you're not paying for it, and you've basically just have come along to see what they've got and they have no obligations to you.

    "But to refuse to watch the ads is effectively stealing - if nothing else, it's stealing income from Linkara. So don't try to get on your moral high horse with me."
    And now you've gone off the rails. Seriously, what is it with you people? Can't stay reasonable for 2 sentences.

    No, it's not stealing - Linkara has agreed to the rules, which are that ads can be turned off legally and that's how much money he's gonna get.
    Remember, as a general rule of thumb - if it's not illegal, it ain't stealing.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @ snoofulus
    You last sentence is why the stock market and the housing marker crashed.
  • snoofulus
    Nice try - calling things their names hasn't crashed anything.
    What you're saying is basically that theft was NOT responsible fot the stock market ;)

    Also congratulations on making this idiotic political/economic analogy in the first place, in addition to screwing it up as well - yea, the people that don't throw in a dollar when leaving a concert are responsible for the financial crisis. Blame those guys, they're totally at fault.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Generally speaking, I hold that if you benefit from depriving another of something that is rightfully theirs, or which they have earned with their work or service to you, then it is pretty much stealing. It might not be legally defined as such, but that makes it a matter of semantics.

    My point is that Linkara is providing viewers with a service, these videos that he puts a great deal of effort and work into. Yet, there are some, like Octo7, who would claim that for Linkara to say, "This deprives me of my income for my work," is unprofessional, and for Blip to expect its viewers to watch advertising in order to enjoy their free service is bullying. Someone who makes such outlandish claims has no moral high ground upon which to criticize.

    At least I would have more respect for the guy who quietly blocked the ads than some guy who raises a huge stink about how the video sight is a bunch of bullies, and the artist is unprofessional for supporting them.

    Whether we apply the specific term "stealing" or not, to do anything deliberately to deprive an artist of income which they have earned is at the very least unethical.
  • snoofulus
    "Generally speaking, I hold that if you benefit from depriving another of something that is rightfully theirs, or which they have earned with their work or service to you, then it is pretty much stealing."
    It's cool that you said "generally speaking", because none of that applies to this situation.

    "It might not be legally defined as such, but that makes it a matter of semantics."
    Actually it's a matter of law.
    When you have someone pulling disingenuous scams while not committing any felonies, it's an IMPORTANT DISTINCTION; that means it has to be fought in a different way than just going to court and suing their ass.
    Maybe introducing new laws or something.

    "My point is that Linkara is providing viewers with a service, these videos that he puts a great deal of effort and work into."
    It's not really a "service" if you don't sell it, though.

    "these videos that he puts a great deal of effort and work into."
    That has nothing to do with how much of a "service" it is.

    "Yet, there are some, like Octo7"
    He's an idiot.
    If anything's "unprofessional" here, it's the bits where Linkara gets defensive / engages in guilt-tripping, even if each in a light form - but then again, since it's not a real job (in relation to the viewers that is, not to the site or the sponsors), there's no need in being "professional" in the first place, so...

    "to deprive an artist of income which they have earned is at the very least unethical."
    Watching free streaming movies, while not a grand moral offense or anything, is probably somewhat unethical, yes. Turning off the ads, not so much.
  • Bloodrealm
    He said EFFECTIVELY stealing, not technically or legally.
  • cearaivory  - Reply
    Then I guess you don't watch regular television then since about 80% of the time is devoted to ads. Why is it wrong for him to want to be paid for his hard work? I'm guessing you don't tip your waitresses either.
  • snoofulus
    "I'm guessing you don't tip your waitresses either."
    Tipping waitresses? Do you tip the guys at McDonald's? ;)

    The thing with tips is, you're there personally interacting with them, and mostly surrounded by people/friends that you interact with personally; tipping is somewhat of a social tradition which equates to being "nice", in essence - you're being "nice" to the waiter/waitress by giving them extra, and they smile and say "thanks", and everyone feels warm and fuzzy and it's all sunshine and rainbows.
    Someone who DOESN'T do it - may be expected to be aware of this custom, and looked at in funny ways for stepping away from it; what, is he making a statement? Trying to be bold about it? Is he being unfriendly?

    So that's just how social dynamics go - something is considered nice, and if you don't do it it might look like you're going out of your way not to be nice, and that may cause tensions.
    It's NOT a moral obligation to tip your waiters but not the McDonald's guys, unless you're aware that they're all in difficult financial situations and this is the "people's" way of compensating for that.

    Here, on the internet... all that is GONE. VANISHED. You're sitting there, you're watching a free video by someone who's put it up for free, you dislike ads, you turn them off. Simple as that, end of story - no social dynamics involved, no "being nice" customs here; and even in the restaurant, those easily stop being what they are once the waiters start guilt-tripping you for not paying them extra, or your friends go out of their way to throw glances at you.

    Yea, that's right - social cohesion goes both ways; you don't be the snotty contrarian demonstratively going against customs; and you crowd don't be the fickle bunch pointing fingers just because someone dances out of the norm without actually doing anything immoral or hostile; and that's what you are right now.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @snoofulus tipping
    To start with, tipping is mostly an American thing. In America servers are paid around $2 an hour from the restaurant they work for. The idea being is that service and food quality are equal in importance to a customer, So when your 300lb mom demands another side of ranch and a 6th refill on her Diet Coke the server doesn't call her names but responds with, "I'll get that right out for you". At McDonald's every employee there makes at least minimum wage, so your example is completely invalid. Work a food service job for a month, I dare you... I mean once your old enough to leave the house after dark or stop getting allowance every week.
  • snoofulus
    "To start with, tipping is mostly an American thing."
    Really? Then what are you people doing here.
    It's quite a thing in Germany as well, although around here, as far as I know, it's an additional thing to the already received minimum wage.
    It's a thing you can refrain from doing, but it might be looked at as a possible attempt to be unfriendly or contrarian or something like that.

    But even in the American model, the analogy still doesn't work - with tipping, it's an established system in which the employers don't pay the waiters the minimum wage cause they expect the customers to pay the rest. It's a job people go to get some money, and so you're being a decent citizen and pay them.
    These people... put up free videos and get money on the premise that the ads will be watched. When you're a casual viewer, you can't know which of the free entertainers earn additionally and which pay their bills with it, and you tend to surf around a whole bunch of sites with ads at different places while customizing your browser to your general preferences; and you're NOT in a social environment in which actions are visible and hence can be interpreted as communicating malevolence.
    So all the reasons that make tipping an "ought" essentially fall away. You surf the web the way you prefer it, and someone eomewhere relying on ads get less money as a result. No one's withholding money from their "minimum wage" because the decent customers use to pay for it - they just pay in accordance to how much their ads are viewed, just as customers pay as much as... they buy the products. Ultimately money will flow in according to the viewer's preferences, and that's how the game is played in this case.

    "so your example is completely invalid"
    It wasn't an example, it was a Tarantino reference.

    "So when your 300lb mom demands another side of ranch and a 6th refill on her Diet Coke the server doesn't call her names but responds with,"
    Great, so basically you get tipped for not being a dickhead? Awesome. Since most of the waiters aren't, basically what I said applies right? So what was the point of your response to begin with?

    And what Linkara said, ironically, doesn't - or what was that about "you don't like my videos, but that's no reason to disrespect me" again?
  • snoofulus
    No it's not - with entertainment, there's a very clear "we giveth, and we taketh away" policy; bullying is intruding into your life and making it WORSE - offering you a product that you wouldn't have otherwise, and don't need, and then presenting it in a way that doesn't you, does NOT fit that criterion.
    At the end of the day, you can just go away as you can in any other case.

    And this goes for both scenarios - if blip and the creator are "working together" in a way by discouraging you from using adblock, then that's what the creators do and how they offer their stuff; you're welcome not to watch it, as you wouldn't if they weren't producing it in the first place.
    Or, blip does it independently while the creators upload their stuff on it and have no influence - in which case you should be ranting against BLIP and not the unimportant comic reviews, on this forum.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @otco7
    You just won't quit will you. Were you even alive before DVR was invented?
  • THOOM  - octo7
    octo7 wrote:

    "Being forced to wait 90 seconds through a black screen for choosing to use a program is bullying, if you can't see that you're a fucking moron."

    Brilliant retort: "If you don't agree with me, you are a moron!" Actually it is the argument a four year old would make.

    "Bullying" is the act of someone trying to intimidate you into doing something you don't want to do. No one is forcing to watch 90 seconds of blank screen or the commercials. You don't have to watch the video at all, and guess what? No one will hurt you. So where is the bullying in this situation?

    And if "bullying" means that you have to do something small, that you don't want to do, in order to get something you want (like letting 90 seconds of black screen or a minute of commercials play in order to see a video) then there are a few other things that go under the title of "bully" by your definition: 1) working a job
    2) some kid obeying their parents in order not to be punished
    3) an athlete having to go to practice so he can remain on the team.
    4)A movie theater making people pay money to see the latest blockbuster.

    These are all things we are "forced" to do if we want something good in our lives.

    What is that you say? No one is forcing you to play on the team or buy movie tickets? Welp Linkara isn't forcing you to watch his videos either.
  • JCubbs  - RE: octo7
    I am a fucking moron
  • snoofulus
    "You think having to watch an ad is "bullying"? Is it "bullying" when a restaurant demands that you pay for food? Is it "bullying" when a traffic light signals for you to stop your car? Is it "bullying" when a movie theater actually expects you to purchase a ticket and present it when you go to see your movie?"

    It wouldn't qualify as "bullying" by any stretch, but certainly, maybe, definitely as "guilt-tripping" if they were offering you FREE food but still used accusing, head-shaking looks and phrases to try to make you donate.

    Remember - when your analogy has more plot holes than a Christopher Nolan movie, you've failed; should come up with another one.

    "By not watching the ads, you are essentially depriving Linkara of income. It's called "stiffing", or more bluntly, "stealing.""

    Wow - and there you've gone off the rails.
    Yea... stealing. And then you're calling someone else a whiny, sacntimonious prick?? (Well, they are; but then you're choosing to be one, too, aren't you.)
    It's even questionable if WATCHING STREAMING MOVIES qualifies as "stealing" - after all, you're not depriving anyone of a product like you would do with shoplifting; and whether you'd have given them the money had you not watched it for free, isn't a given at all.

    But hey - they're products put up for SALE, and you're finding illegal ways to circumvent that; whatever, call that theft.
    But... applying this term to someone who makes the PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE CHOICE to modify their browser is moronic beyond belief; you're not committing theft for watching free content for free, and neither are you for turning off ads when watching videos by creators who HAVE AGREED TO ENTER A BUSINESS MODEL WHICH MAKES THEM DEPEND ON WHETHER PEOPLE DECIDE TO WATCH THE ADS.

    Wow, what an eye-opener, isn't it? Linkara has agreed to this model, as it appears; he said "heck yea, I'm gonna put up free videos; money's gonna come from the ads" - well, ads can be turned off.
    Just as products you put up for sale can NOT BE BOUGHT. You're entering a system where certain parties have certain options, hoping to succeed on that premise - don't get indignated about people using those options as they please.
  • snoofulus
    Some things don't need further reinforcement...
  • PsychopathUltimate
    Stealing is wrong too but hey, you'll say anything to justify getting something for free won't you?

    Gotta love the hypocrisy.
  • Bouncing Boy
    Lewis provides us with a service, he produces a show that entertains us. In return for that service he deserves payment, either through ad revenue, selling DVDs and shirts, or through donations. If I could afford to buy a DVD or to donate to him, I would, but I've been unemployed for 4 years now and my wife and I are struggling to get by on just her income. So I pay Lewis through the only way I can afford, to watch the ads that play with his videos.

    You call him "immoral" for asking us to not use an ad-blocker and suggesting other ways to pay for watching his videos, but using ad-blockers is what's immoral. People using ad-blockers are receiving his services without paying for them. That's what's immoral, anti-capitalist and everything else you were accusing Lewis of being.

    Oh and to the people who were suggesting that trkly should die by choking on a marshmallow or stepping in front of a bus, you are not just stooping down to his level, you are stooping below his level. He shouldn't die, because of the stupid, privileged things he says. He just needs to grow the hell up, and I think you should do the same.
  • Moreno X  - to Bouncing Boy
    You're right. Just, reading trlkly's idiotic comments at first glance really got me to blur out my rationale. I was wrong to say about choking on a marshmallow; I guess I stoop myself below his level. And he's not the only one here in this comment section so far.

    It's just, this is ridiculous. Everyone has made it clear here that Lewis address this matter and guys like trlkly are making the situation impossible to find a better solution to encourage the people of Channel Awesome to feel confidant and important that the majority of us here aren't in relation to ad-block their videos. We want Lewis and CA gain revenue. The ads aren't bullying us or demanding from us out of anything. But trlkly's accuses are saying that it is. Seriously, it's really disappointing that people these days don't have patience or that they're used to sitting through longer-running ads. It's really sad.

    So again, I'm sorry. I'll try to mature my thinking and writing.
  • snoofulus
    "Lewis provides us with a service, he produces a show that entertains us. In return for that service he deserves payment, either through ad revenue, selling DVDs and shirts, or through donations."

    It's funny - considering that many people do the same but AREN'T getting paid for it, and you wouldn't say they deserved to get paid, either, apparently... the sole criterion of how much you "deserve" to get paid is whether you've entered a contract with an employer or sponsor that establishes a set of rules for when you get paid and when you don't; and you "deserve" it everytime one of those rules applies.
    In this case, the rule is: "we'll pay you proportional to the ads that are being viewed on your videos"; as long as they're doing just that, he gets the money he "deserves", no?

    Oh, we've just established that "deserving" comes with the contract and not how much work you put in, right? You know, for those with bad short-term memory.

    "and suggesting other ways to pay for watching his videos, but using ad-blockers is what's immoral"
    Actually, neither are immoral; but while using adblockers is perfectly fine, being guilt-tripping and accusing while "suggesting other ways to pay (or asking to use this one)" can be slightly... cheesy.

    "People using ad-blockers are receiving his services without paying for them."
    Yea, that's what free content is about, you dumbass.
    Capitalism is about people being paid for what they put on for SALE - not posting a music video and then everyone throwing money at you out of guilt for watching it.

    Quit the guilt-tripping, people, and drop the stupid analogies and fallacious reasoning - it's seriously obnoxious, and you're not winning any enthusiastic humanitarians with this behavior.
  • THOOM  - snoofulus
    So what, other producers do shit for free, no ads? If they do they are not very smart.

    A wise rich man said "You gt paid what you are worth."

    Linkara knows his worth.
  • snoofulus
    "If they do they are not very smart."
    Nice try. There's nothing "stupid" about doing things for free, especially if you're already secured through other means - doing so, for instance, ensures that you do it for its own sake rather than payment. It makes you independent of contracts and pressure.
    There are all kinds of valid reasons why one would want to be creative withou getting paid - once you let go of your infantile "everyone should go out there and get the maximum advantage for themselves, skills and creativity are only as good/intelligent as the money they get you" philosophy.

    "A wise rich man said "You gt paid what you are worth.""
    An incredibly naive statement once you look at actual reality.

    "Linkara knows his worth."
    Which, apparently, consists of relying on people being nice enough to turn off the ads. Is what you're saying that if he were "worth more" he'd have an actual job doing this? Talk about backfiring, eh :)

    He ain't worth less than paid professionals or worth more that ad-less providers - this is just the system he managed to snatch on to, and probably the best / most easily available at the time.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    Wait a sec, wait a sec...

    So you are actually ''condemning'' Linkara for saying "yes you have a choice not to watch ads, but I would like you to do so because at the moment I rely on them for my income"?

    Yes, he is asking people to CHOOSE to watch the ads. In other words he's not forcing people to pay, but asking them to support his work and that bad?

    You are saying Linkara should be doing his work for free because other people choose to do their work for free?... Why? Isn't what everyone trying to do is somehow get an income for something they love doing? And he is morally corrupt for trying to do so? Or is it that you resent him trying to support himself with this work instead of forcing himself to do a 9-5? Because people HAVE to do a 9-5 or they are irresponsible for not fitting in to a society of people who are only doing their jobs because they can't do the things they like??

    I am honestly asking you these questions because I can make no sense of your inane and cryptic comments. Please do explain your position clearly. Please?
  • snoofulus
    "So you are actually ''condemning'' Linkara for saying "yes you have a choice not to watch ads, but I would like you to do so because at the moment I rely on them for my income"?"

    Um, no?

    "Yes, he is asking people to CHOOSE to watch the ads. In other words he's not forcing people to pay, but asking them to support his work and that bad?"
    He's neither forcing them, neither asking them - he's GUILT-TRIPPING them - which, yes, is bad.

    "You are saying Linkara should be doing his work for free because other people choose to do their work for free?... Why?"
    No, what I'm saying is that the amount of work he does is irrelevant to how much of a "job" this is or how much he "deserves" to be paid, since otherwise you'd have to say the same for those who *do* do it for free. Learn to read.

    What Linkara does is a sort of transitional fossil between doing it for free and getting paid for it, and no one should pretend like it were the latter instead.

    "Isn't what everyone trying to do is somehow get an income for something they love doing?"
    Not everyone, not always, no.

    "Because people HAVE to do a 9-5 or they are irresponsible for not fitting in to a society of people who are only doing their jobs because they can't do the things they like??"

    "I am honestly asking you these questions because I can make no sense of your inane and cryptic comments. Please do explain your position clearly. Please?"
    I've written a whole bunch of comments on here (the first and last few pages mainly) where do just that, and didn't feel like reiterating it all in the posts you're replying to - and still don't.
    These ones were about making specific points about what "deserving payment" means and how the principles of "transaction" don't exactly apply to free content - if you found them cryptic because I said nothing about 9-5 jobs, I don't know what's the point in explaining anything else to you.
  • NaturallyBaked  - get a job
    I am a firm believer that everyone should get a job in the food service industry and I'm guessing the closest you've came to this type of job is putting a plate in the sink for your mommy to wash. After your parents stop funding your entire existence you will realize why you sound like a complete piece of shit.
    He has a job.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    ... Are you trying to be sarcastic and ironic or are you being serious?

    If you are being serious I am going to say this: I am currently doing my degree in astrophysics in preparation for work in my pHD (I'm trying to not do my masters) so I can work in a job that I love. What does that make me?
  • Evamarie41
    Thanks to this post, I will now donate twice as much as I originally planned to Linkara once the paypal button goes up.
  • Linkara
    The button IS up, in fact, on my blog and tumblr. ^_^

    That being said, don't feel obligated to donate anything at all.
  • MacLeod  - so your point is
    by you trying ot .'strong arm' linkara into giving in and telling blip to stop so he can't make his day job.. we shouldn't listen to you? Fair enough. Go light a baby on fire or what ever it is you do in your spare time..
  • 13secondstomidnight  - trkly
    I've seen you around a lot, and I've read a lot of your comments.

    As someone who has actually been in the real world, who understands abuse and bullying, and who understands the word "capitalism" and "hypocrisy" I have to say...

    ... You remind me of someone I knew back in highschool when I was 15. They had no understanding of reality but persisted in hyperbole as if a strawman argument actually meant something.

    There's so many things wrong in what you've said here that I think you must have been watching the wrong video.

    What I have noticed is that anytime anyone politely addresses an issue you complain of being pressured. If you see an ironic comment that applies to you, you spin out in anger.

    You are no different than a thousand - notice 'exaggeration' there? - youtube idiots I have tried and failed to reason with. So I am not going to. Linkara already did so before me in a much better way anyhow.

    Child, I am blocking you because you waste my time and patience with being an obnoxious idiot. You are someone who rails at injustice that doesn't exist while igoring the real injustice and hpocrisy of your arguments just because someone is asking you to do something that you are too lazy and spiteful to consider. When you go to school tommorrow, please do ask your english teacher to explain the meaning of this message.
  • Redninetailfox
    Two things she wrong and right. It would be nicer if we could skip the add after five seconds if you seen it before or dose not relate to you. Especially when you use to be like me and watched a lot of videos during the day and you see the same five ads over and over and over again. It could be more officiant is what I am saying. But at the same time yeah she wrong because you weren't demonizing and you are not in control of what blip dose.

    She is being unfair because you are a fairly entertaining person. 30 seconds isn't that much to ask, I do it every day for every producer I watch. But not only that you asked many people to make you a theme song not just the one you chose. You never once made it out like you wrote the song and you give credit to every sound clip you use on the show. Honestly from what it sounds like she is crying about how you can and have made a profit and a career out of this and it is all built on the love and support of your fans and she hasn't.

    So maybe what I am getting at is maybe she may be a minute bit right, but I think it doesn't justify itself or her ideals because it is coming from a place of envy. So maybe even when all the nastiness is said and done, you will always be somewhere that she wishes she could be. Loved and supported by thousands who want to see you and your show have success.
  • FenrirEX
    Lewis, it's just the spoiled world we live in. People want what they want now, damn everyone else. The internet makes things in life fast and convenient, and now that people are use to that speed, they get annoyed when they can't have their thing "now".

    I realize I'm oversimplifying, but it's very tiring to see people do good things online as a way of making means, then someone else comes along and takes it and uses it without any sort of payment (which isn't even always money!).

    The orginal poster of the comment in question really burns me up, because it's such bullshit. The insinuation that your work is less valuable than someone who works in the 9-5 system is the thinking of either an asshole or a tool.

    Ugh. Keep up the good work, and don't get too down on people with thin skin. The internet is good for drawing those people to the foreground... >.>
  • DamonLightbringer
    FenrirEX, I think I'm in love with you. I don't know how old you are, but those of us who have witnessed the advent of the internet have seen more and more of this self-entitlement BS. And it's not over-simplifying. Do you know what you had to go through to get that underground song/show/movie you wanted before the internet? And while this isn't "underground," people should learn to shut up and deal with the minor "inconveniences" (and I want to shout those quotes, because in the real world, kids, a 30 second ad isn't even really an inconvenience) they have to deal with for the stuff they want/like.
  • cearaivory  - Reply
    That's the problem. People stuck in the 9 to 5 system are jealous of those who have decided to break the mold and do something they love as a career. Guess what, that's how it used to be. People chose a career because they loved it half the time. A man chose to be a doctor because he honestly wanted to help people feel better, not for the money. Lewis has done something I admire. I acknowledge that he had broken the mold and gone against the norm to make this his career. If you're mad about being stuck in the 9 to 5 role that society has deemed to be normal, don't get mad at those like Lewis. Take his example to heart and know that you can do it too. You just need to do it.
  • TheNPC
    I did not find your video unprofessional or condescending, and trust me I know condescending tones.

    30 seconds may not SEEM like a lot, but remember that they do have to see them twice in one video, at the beginning and middle, and if they decide to hang around for a comment writing, at the end. Also remember that they see these over and over, as some are wont to do as I do and sometimes archive binge or check up on the site after a long time, meaning they see a dozen videos in a sitting.

    I think the real trouble is the repetitive commercials. You end up seeing maybe 4 or 5 different commercials total and thus see the same one dozens of times. But that is hardly your fault so I wouldn't dream of blocking money from you over it.

    Keep up the good videos, with a lot of my favorites either leaving this site or slipping in their schedules or in one case doing a project I have no interest in, yours is one of a select few on the site I see regular content I enjoy from.
  • octo7
    It's unprofessional of you to not condemn blip for forcing your viewers to wait 90 seconds to watch a video because they CHOOSE to use adblock. Instead, you do the opposite and tell us to watch ads on blip, LIKE THE 90 SECOND POP UP DIDN'T SUGGEST THAT ALREADY.
  • Dust
    So your idea of 'professionalism' would be for him to start demanding Blip hand him money without getting anything in return?

    Oh yes, that's how the real world works... if you've the spare time to keep posting the same complaint several times, you've the spare time to go get a glass of water while the ad plays. (Fun fact - you don't actually have to WATCH the ad for it to count as a view.)
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Octo wouldn't know professionalism if it bit him on the kiester.
  • Michin
    i think it is. please add a video response through blip, ill wait the 90 seconds
  • leikaitsndead
    i am on linkara side, both this is so funny men : watch?v=76M-EBF_HNs
  • muiesteaua  - listen up
    you money hungry prick, post your videos on youtube ok? making videos is NOT a job. FAGGOT!
  • Linkara
    One: No.

    Two: Making videos isn't a job? Hmmm, the IRS seems to disagree with you, since I still have to pay taxes on the income I receive. And frankly, I'm going to go with their opinion on it rather than the guy who uses derogatory language.
  • Makutateridax200  - Not cool guys not cool just stop the fighting are
    what madness has it come too when people fight over something as simple as ads?

    this is why the internet becomes boring for me i see this crap all the time it... sickens me too see all the fighting why can't we just get along?

    BUT NOOOOOOO people have too have a hissy-fit over Ads ads and Nintendo Thats all i hear every minute of every day

    not trying too be mean but this is.... childish fighting for adults
  • Makutateridax200  - BTW i deactivated the Adblocker for ya
    i feel safer doing that then using a debitcredit card online (yeah i am a.... security nut)
  • hairyfeet  - The problem with your argument is thus.
    A good 70% of virus infections come from ads, flash ads (which this site is covered in if you don't use ABP) are the biggest offenders.

    Now do you have ANY control over what Blip plays? Do you have ANY way of insuring that your users don't end up getting a nice bill at best for a virus removal, or at worst the nightmare that is having your identity stolen, no?

    NOW you see the problem. I fix PCs for a living and I can tell you that by simply blocking ads i can drop the rate of infection nearly to nothing INSTANTLY, with no other actions, just blocking ads.

    If you want people to support you? Then you should show you care and meet them halfway, NO third party ad servers, NO flash ads, ALL ads should come from the parent domain PERIOD. Yes its more work but who said life was easy? All first party ads play perfectly fine with ABP on, but until the day comes that you can show me a third party ad server with a spotless record (good luck on that) you might as well be asking them to click on porn topsites, in fact a recent study showed that porn topsites are less infected than the third party ad servers, yes its THAT bad.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    You do realize he works on a site he doesn't own or have any technical decisions over, right?
  • markedward
    He didn't come across as 'unprofessional' or 'pleading' or 'snarky and inappropriate', let alone as 'a contemptible asshole'. (In contrast to you outright mocking him about getting another job 'lol'.)

    Let's compare this to an indie video game developer: he spends his time making a game, posting it online for people to purchase, with the goal being the money he receives will go on to pay for his livelihood and making new video games. People like the game, some people love the game... but instead of paying for it, most people pirate it. They love the game enough to play it, but not to actually pay for it. Great way to show your support to the game's creators by stealing it from him!

    Would it be 'unprofessional' for that developer to calmly and rationally explain to the people playing his game that pirating it (while certainly flattering on the one hand) harms him financially?

    The analogy isn't perfect, since adblocking isn't illegal (pirating is), but the point remains the same: if you enjoy the videos enough to watch them, then sit through the ads to support the videos' creators so they can make more.
  • snoofulus
    "They love the game enough to play it, but not to actually pay for it. Great way to show your support to the game's creators by stealing it from him!"
    Great comparison, dumbass - that game developer puts up his stuff for sale; these ones post if for free. Big difference.

    "The analogy isn't perfect, since adblocking isn't illegal (pirating is)"
    Except it's not just about what's legal, but also about "knowing the rules when you enter the business", and in the case of ad-dependent free content providers the rules are that, ah fuck it I've said it like 10 times by now.

    Btw, the logical issues with calling taking pirated material "stealing" aside - loving the product and having the willingness to "support the creators" isn't the same thing by FAR; demonstrated perfectly at the examples of:
    1) free content providers WITHOUT ads - are you throwing donations at every youtuber you like?
    2) rich entertainers who don't need the "support" in the first place.

    And no, pirating isn't a "way to show support for the creators" and isn't aspiring to be - what it is is a way to get the thing for free.

    It should be said that piracy SOMETIMES does end up helping the product (it's a balance thing - creators lose money from the people who would've otherwise paid but now haven't, but may gain from the increasing popularity and people's desire to "own" it or get "more").

    "then sit through the ads to support the videos' creators so they can make more."
    Or what if you just watch them cause they're there, and are willing to accept it once they stop for whatever reason cause "that's life"?
    Some people here seem to have difficulties glancing outside of their fandom bubble - but not everyone watching these videos is a "fan" who's "in the club", and is friends with the creators and wants to "contribute to the cause".

    And guilt-tripping the general crowd into watching the ads heavily reeks of being angry at not being part of your fanclub.

    This is a balance thing, too - recruit a portion through guilt and appealing to their altruistic desires; scare off the other portion who aren't gonna put up with that, and would rather not support creators that sort of talk down for them for playing by the rules. Which one's gonna win? This is kind of exciting now that I think about it...
  • Kinnikufan  - snoofulus - a question about your position...
    I would like to start by saying that I have read many of your comments here and I have found a few of them very interesting. I have also started to get a better idea of where you stand in all of this (I think), but I did want to know one thing for sure: Are you a Linkara fan that watches the ads to help support Linkara financially or are you a casual watcher that chooses to watch the ad to avoid sitting through the 90 second message? I only ask because I found a comment that seemed to state that you do not block ads and another that seemed to imply you don't really consider yourself a fan. If you find this to be getting personal, I apologise, I'm just quite curious at this point. Also, I didn't mean to load the question by offering only two choices, they just seemed the most likely, so if it is a third reason, feel free to share.

  • snoofulus
    "Are you a Linkara fan that watches the ads to help support Linkara financially or are you a casual watcher that chooses to watch the ad to avoid sitting through the 90 second message?"

    I don't really watch Linkara that much, I just posted here cause it was about a topic that kind of applies to many other internet critics as well.
    He was funny in the NC crossovers, though :)

    Generally, for those shows I do watch, I just don't turn off the ads because they don't bother me too much, and I don't feel like installing an adblocker.
    It's nice knowing that I kinda "support" those people, but I wouldn't have a problem turning them off if they started to really annoy me at some point.
  • ecyor0

    I'm sorry, what? How is this video snarky or inappropriate? This is a major issue - if people use adblock, it denies him revenue. It cuts his income and makes it harder for him to support himself, directly putting the future of the show in jeopardy. He's addressing the common excuses people give in a civil manner, and informing people who genuinely can't view the ads of alternative methods they can try (and they are excuses a lot of the time - if someone tells me that sitting through two 30-second ads is too great a sacrifice to make, I'm going to have a hard time seeing them as anything else but over-entitled - watching the ads means you are literally giving him a salary without losing a cent of your own money - unless you count the bandwith cost of downloading a 30-second ad, and if you count that as a significant loss, what are you doing watching videos online at all? To say that watching a minute of ads is asking too much is pretty pathetic)
  • Vausch
    Lewis has said that he used to work in stores several times in his previous videos and he had to balance AT4W and his other job in the early days. He's not begging if this is his main source of in come and the ads that play are what allow him to continue living his life while providing us with free entertainment.
  • FenrirEX  - Really? REALLY?
    Dude, if anyone takes this as Lewis begging, then they clearly don't get it. Video editing and production is time consuming. Video editing, production, writing and filming is a VERY time consuming process. This is the reason whole COMPANIES do this for mainstream media.

    Have you ever tried to write something for an actual audience? It's hard. You have to come up with something the majority of your audience will like while not marginalizing any one subgroup.

    Then the stuff actually has to be rehearsed and filmed. Practiced. It's not like Lewis just sets up a camera and improv's this shit. Improv has a very different feel to it, and Lewis' show is clearly scripted.

    I've never done producing and editing for video, but it's pretty well-known that both are very time consuming processes.

    Look, I really don't get where you're coming from with this "contemptable asshole" business. Lewis is asking for viewers that enjoy his show to just take a minute of their day in total (presuming the ads aren't glitching, but that's not his fault if they do) in order to support his show. That's much better than, say, television, which easily has 8 minutes of commercials per half-hour. That's part of why love what Channel Awesome and other self-published individuals do with the internet, it's less commercials to more show.

    Frankly, your whole argument basically comes off as being overly sensitive to his exact choices of wording rather than the message he's sending. That or you're being jealous and petty that Lewis here doesn't have to work a regular 9-5, which is...petty.

    Perhaps you may not have worked in show business before, but it comes off as rather uneducated to come in posting a comment in which you seem to want to continue watching his show and then proceed to backhand the request that you just let the ads run instead of skipping them.

    Then again, given the era we live in...? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.
  • LikaLaruku
    Don't forget about how much the cameras cost...Not that that matters now that Blip has done away with HD & forces everyone to upload muddy low-res videos.
  • octo7
    Making videos in your parents house about action figures and cartoons does not equal show business.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    If you have such contempt for his line of work, then why are you posting on this site at all? You would think that, if his business is as invalid as you claim, then you would have better things to do with your time than watch his videos or comment on them. You've pretty much proven that you have no credibility here, Octo. Just put yourself out of our misery already.
  • NaturallyBaked  - @ octo7
    I suppose you would know a lot about living in your parents house, but anyone that has their own apartment will recognize the same off-white that every complex paints their walls. That means he does things like pays rent, pays bills, and has expenses for things like food, insurance, and the show's production value. If he can scratch out a living by doing something he has some passion for and enjoys than he is luckier than me who has a well paying job, but finds little satisfaction in it.
  • Fullmetal-Animator
    I really can't see how it's unprofessional of him to explain to us why the ads are there in order for him to get paid and further explain why he NEEDS to get paid for these videos.
  • octo7
    Naw, he NEEDS to get a real job.
  • Bluesabus  - octo7, Bad troll is bad.
    Just hurry up and make racist slurs so you can get banned already. I don't think I can take much more of your stupidity and trolling.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Octo has a real job. Here's his job discription:

    - Live under bridge.
    - Try to eat goats.
    - Capture burrahobbits.
    - Turn into statue when sun comes up.
  • TheNPC
    Nothing about this video is snarky or condescending. It is extremely calm and thorough in its explanation.

    I worked tech support so I know the tone he is using. It is a tone that is "Make no assumptions."

    He is saying a lot of things that some people may already be aware of, but he also knows that not everyone will know, and as such is explaining it to them in a direct manner. This is not condescension, this is accessibility.

    It is the appropriate tone when speaking to a large audience. You explain everything clearly. Not slowly, but thoroughly.

    If you hear it as condescending, I suspect it is because of one of two possibilities. You may be used to hearing Lewis speaking snarkily since that is what most of his videos are. Him snarking. It is also possible that you hear it as being condescending because you already knew most of what he explained before you watched the video. You have to keep in mind that not everybody does.

    Having made a few videos along the lines of this, I can attest to the time and money involved in creating them. I stopped mainly because of the time needed for each video. This is work. Maybe not the hardest job, and I am sure it is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work, and takes time. I respect that enough to sit through the ads.
  • confusiongrows
    He isn't being contemptible, he isn't pleading, he isn't being snarky and he isn't being inappropriate. He's explaining quite simply why he needs the ad revenue. And he did say why he can't do AT4W AND have a job.

    Try paying closer attention next time.
  • Chaotix
    Snarky and inappropriate? The hell? Were you playing some other video over top this one? He was being very understanding and nice about it.
  • 13secondstomidnight  - Wait just a sec...
    Wait, what...? I'm sorry, but I'm really not seeing what you're talking about.

    Lewis basically came on and said: this is what is happening with the ads (obviously answering questions that he's been asked multiple times); this is why I would like you to watch them; these are the ways you can support the show without watching the ads if you still don't want to; and if at the end you don't want to watch the ads or support the show that is your choice but I would really appreciate it if you would; and if you can't get the ads, thankyou for trying to support the show.

    I see none of that coming across as whining. Watching the ads is a CHOICE we have, and I really respect Lewis for sitting down and saying "this is why I need you guys to watch the ads, so please do it", despite the backlash he might get from people not liking being asked to do something like that. I think that's pretty brave actually, and you could see that he was trying pretty hard to be completely neutral and non-judgemental (he didn't completely succeed in places, but he was trying pretty hard).

    He was also answering questions about supporting the site and funding it (which you obviously were not listening to considering your comments about him looking for other ways to fund the show), and he also said that having a part-time job would significantly decrease what he would be able to do for the show (he said it would be impossible for him to do with a 9-5) and that he would keep trying to do this as a day job for as long as he could.

    Yes, he was pleading with people to watch the ads. He wasn't pleading with people for 'money' - i.e. to donate, or asking them to give up anything other than 30-secs per ad. Again, I think that is pretty brave. It was also acknowledging that people have a CHOICE in watching the ads, and that he wasn't going to force people to do it even though it was something he really wanted them to do.

    Look, I will be the first to criticize a video like this, but I really didn't find anything in it that you seemed to. That you thought there was any snark in his video at all confused me as well. I have to assume at this point that I just see things very differently from you, but at least one thing I am saying is that this video can be interpreted in very different ways.
  • Gborr
    I haven't seen a Blip advertisement in ages, but the thing is that there are no ads for me even after I disable AdBlock since Blip does not advertise in my region, but I still get the 90 second warning when I turn AdBlock back on...
    Oh well, I suppose I can try to keep it disabled around here, though again, it doesn't make any difference.
    "going through all that?" You mean letting a 30 second play while you do something else until it is done? And if you've watched several of a producer's videos before, you ought to give him the benefit of the doubt that it won't suck.
  • Soufriere  - Indeed.
    Independently of Linkara's video plea here, I decided to whitelist TGWTG again a week ago.

    Yeah it was mostly because of Blip's pulling a Hulu, but it's also because I know a lot of the CA crew derive most of their income from schlubs like me watching the ads. I know if I was in Lewis's position I'd be right cheesed off.

    I had the site whitelisted last year for awhile, but blocked it again when some ads (mostly the in-vid pop-ups, IIRC) caused videos to skip or crash.

    Currently the entire site is whitelisted. As long as the banner ads don't play sound or have viruses (which I doubt would be the case for a legit site like TGWTG) it'll stay that way.

    EDIT: I've never minded the pre-vid ads or even the middle-of-vid & end-of-vid ads. My issue has always been with the ones that pop up during play. There have been several occasions they've blocked text that was clearly meant to be read. And some of those pop-ups are difficult to find the "close" button for (I recall some actually could not be closed, so they just hung around on the screen for 5 minutes blocking a chunk of the video).

    EDIT 2: I have supported the site in the past by buying DVD's and other merch.
  • Fan_the_Flames
    To anyone who could possibly complain about the ads, I'm going to assume you never watch any other form of media, such as TV, movies, etc.

    Why? Because if you're complaining about AT MOST a minute of commercials for 20-40 minutes of new, original content a week, than you must flip a table every time you try to watch your average show, which averages 10-12 minutes of commercials for maybe 15 minutes of actual show. Movies? You get about 15 minutes of previews before your movie, which these companies pay the movie theater to show. Hell, even Video Games in time are going to have that, with sponsors and commercials (some are already getting there)

    I'm sorry, but I can not take people who complain about the ads on online shows seriously. This is a lot of people's main source of income. They don't HAVE to do any of this. They do it because they enjoy it, and because they enjoy entertaining you. To complain about any sort of ad makes you sound like a self entitled-brat who thinks only about yourself and can't stand any sort of inconvenience.

    Luckily it seems most people understand this.
  • TheGDBatman
    Ok. I'll stick with my Netflix account. $8 a month, but no ads and I can watch all of what they offer whenever I wish.

    Movies in the theater cost upwards of $10 a pop, and still stuck with trailers.
  • Fan_the_Flames
    At least you're paying for that. Movies may not have been the best example, but any show you see on television? Any sitcom or drama you always like? You don't pay a cent out of your own pocket to see those.

    That's what I don't get. These people all say "I love your show, but I won't watch the ads due to blah blah blah". Do they realize that without ads/commercials, there would be almost no form of entertainment at all?
  • raven111
    "but any show you see on television? Any sitcom or drama you always like? You don't pay a cent out of your own pocket to see those."

    That's also something that varies from country to country; over here in the UK we have to pay to legally receive TV programs. That's how the BBC is funded, although every other channel is advert-funded.
  • Fan_the_Flames
    Do you have no standard television? That's an interesting idea. The BBC sounds like the UK version of the Public Broadcasting system here. That is run advertisement free but works on donations, you just have to pay it seems. In the US you can get a few channels for free, such as ABC, CBS, etc, but that's for cable, not for the actual program.
  • raven111
    It's a bit more complicated than that. The TV License fee is a legal requirement of being able to receive broadcast television, and you can be taken to court and fined for trying to circumvent it. For that, you get around fifty channels. To get more than that you have purchase a satellite or cable subscription.

    To go a bit more in-depth on some of that: aboutthebbc/insidethebbc/ whoweare/licencefee/
  • 13secondstomidnight
    If you're ok with donating money but don't want to watch the ads, then spend $5 in donations a month here. Or buy a CD or something twice a year.

    If ads are really just something you can't stand, but you're okay with paying a few dollars a month, then that's fine too.

    There's a way to use adblock on this site so you don't get the 90-sec message. However, I would still encourage you to watch the ads unless you absolutely can't tolerate them.
  • MNNM15  - Thank you
    I just wanted to say thank you. I have whitelisted this site (mainly because of the god-awful 90 seconds that seem like a lifetime), and honestly, the ads aren't that bad. You sit through about 15 minutes of ads for an hour long show, so what's the big deal for a 30 second ad on a 15-20 minute show?

    Thank you for making this video which reaches out to those who don't understand the necessity that advertisements are or that are just... too ignorant to say "I'll wait 30 seconds for ya!"
  • Nowwer
    Alright, fine. I remember a few video ago you talked about how people with adblock effectively steal revenue from you guys, and while that's a slight exaggeration, I felt guilty, and disabled it on this site.
  • Bilateralrope
    If you're blocking adds because the ads are annoying, adblock might not be the best option for you. I don't run adblock. Instead I run flashblock, which deals with most of the annoying adds*, while leaving the non-annoying adds behind (text/picture adds). It also stops video sites from playing video automatically, instead the video does not start until I tell flashblock to load that flash element, which is just a click on the placeholder that replaces the flash.

    Ads on youtube and blip still get through, probably because the flash element contains the video and the ad. Well, they get through when an ad exists for New Zealand viewers.

    *Adds with sound or that requiring a lot of processing on my end.

    If you're blocking ads because of privacy reasons, flashblock won't help you. I've decided that the advantages tracking gives to me (more ads for things I'm interested in) are worth the loss of privacy. If you disagree, that's your choice and you should probably run adblock.
  • fragmentedfear
    See, I feel the opposite. The video ads don't bother me, but the text/picture ones DO because they pop up DURING the video. I'd rather wait 30-60 seconds for ads to play then constantly have to close out of picture ads during the video.

    Is there any adblock alternative that would get rid of the picture ads but keep the video ones?
  • 13secondstomidnight
    Yes there is.

    Instead of whitelisting TGWTG you whitelist BLIP instead. That way the ads still play here, but all the pop-up crap doesn't.

    Adblock plus does have a stop-pop-up thing as well that I use effectively.
  • ColeYote
    I don't even have an ad blocker (that works on in-video ones, anyway) and I haven't gotten one in months. So... not sure what I can do about that. Getting geo-blocked or something? I'm Canadian.
  • fragmentedfear
    The video ads aren't so bad, but what's really annoying are the smaller ads that pop up on the bottom or top of the screen during the video itself that you have to exit out of. Those ads alone make the viewing experience extremely unpleasant. I can't enjoy watching a 20 minute video when literally every 1-2 minutes something pops up in front of the screen I have to close out of.

    If you guys could remove those somehow (and maybe place a second ad at the start of the video to compensate if it's a big loss), then I imagine many people would have no problems whitelisting or turning adblock off altogether. There needs to be a balance though, I'm sure many people would love to support you guys by watching the ads but if the ads ruin the video to the point of not wanting to watch it then it's a lose/lose either way.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I was watching a video recently that also had an ad at the end of the video. Of course, by then, who's going to do anything besides exit the page?
  • Toucanbird
    I get a laugh out of people that use ad blockers. Yeah, I know commercials are kinda repetitive and stupid, but you seriously can't go 30 seconds to a minute without using an ad blocker?

    Usually I just check Facebook or something while waiting for the ads to end. I'd like to support a lot of the producers for TGWTG if I can. If that means sitting through a minute or two of ads, I'll do it.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I started using an adblocker because, before I upgraded my system, I kept having problem with Blip videos not playing properly. If I ever needed to reload a video (and I used to have to do it all the time) I would have to rewatch the ads. Now, if the video would have actually played properly, I wouldn't have minded the ads. But as it was, I felt I was being forced to watch the same ad over and over again, and not being allowed to watch the video in return. Suddenly, when I started using the adblocker, the videos started loading properly.

    I'm not sure what the problem was - possibly lack of memory for Plugin-Container to use (although my current system has the same amount of memory). Now, I just mute the ads.
  • Rynjin
    Same here. It was only fairly recently I whitelisted the site again because the reason I installed adblock in the first place was because certain ads would freeze the video or just not go away (thus obscuring half the screen).

    That seems to be fixed now. Looks like it was a problem on Blip's end.
  • LunaBuna
    Yours is the reason I kept mine on for so long. I had too many incidents where the ad would play and the video would bug out. Adblock seemed to fix that problem.

    Since I whitelisted the site now, I haven't had that problem, thankfully. I just want to watch the videos, and honestly, muting the video ad for 15 seconds and checking Facebook during it isn't that much of a hassle. :)
  • Soufriere  - It's not just impatience, if even that
    There are a number of less-reputable but still popular sites whose ads basically amount to spyware and/or contain viruses. The ad-blocker and script-blocker I use keep them from being so much of an issue.

    Plus, youtube and facebook ads are REALLY annoying, so I'm more than happy to zap those. I'm not sorry.

    EDIT: Also, everything TragicGuineaPig said. That was one of the big reasons I zapped blip in the first place. Hopefully that problem has been mitigated somewhat by now.
  • Trogdor  - What Soufriere said.
    I don't care about the ads themselves, it's the risk of malware transmission through ad networks that's the problem.

    Someone ought to make a version of Adblock that tricks the servers into thinking the ad was delivered.

    I didn't watch this video because I didn't want to hear Lewis ranting, even if it's justified. So Lewis, can you explain here, politely, how exactly the ads on this site earn you revenue?
    Do you get money only from the ads in your videos, or do you get a share of the collective revenue that everyone on the site brings in?
    What about the ads on the main TGWTG site, and the ads on this page that are below the video player?
    Do you get more money when an ad is clicked on rather than just viewed?
    I've been periodically visiting the site on my ipod, just to view and click on some ads, since it's less likely to be infected with malware. Do you consider that an acceptable tradeoff?
    I know you do midroll ads, but when I load a video on my ipod, the ad appears at the beginning (or at least they used to). Do you get the same money from this that you'd get otherwise?
  • SilverDreamer
    Well, I'm not Lewis, but I can tell you as he as others that ads on the main TGWTG site go to upkeep of the site itself. Only ad revenue from his videos goes to him.
  • Emerl1000
    I never really skip the ads on videos, losing thirty seconds of time isn't too much of a deal. I do have to agree though that the ads that pop up at the bottom of the videos are annoying to deal with.
  • Darklord Cyrus the bloody  - hope this don't sound rude
    i removed add block 2 months but there is one thing i half to ask why not put a poster up of one of the ads i really hope this doesn't sound rude
  • Zombifaction
    Well I'm happy I just got a new job so I can buy some of your fine merch.
  • Dr, Jakob T. Ripper  - Option 1
    its actually what i do, i start every blip video muted and let the ads play out and just take a drink or poke some smot and let it play out.
    i am glad to know that i HAVE been helping and thats cool.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    You know what someone should come up with? A script that will mute Blip.TV for exactly 29 seconds after it loads. That way, it will mute the ads for you, but allow them to play.
    Or you could just turn the sound down on your speakers.
  • Cyram11590  - Thanks
    Thank you for posting this, Linkara! Usually what I like to do is open all the videos I want to watch the night and start playing them all at once to get that first bit of ad out of the way. I also like to use your videos on a low volume to help me fall asleep. Of course, they'll keep playing until the video player crashes. I hope playing the videos like that helps with your revenue, as well.

  • Sky_Render  - Some thoughts on the issue...
    While I do want to see be successful and its contributors succeed as well, I have this nagging suspicion that in-video ads are not going to help very much... Bringing attention to them ultimately has done more damage than helped, I suspect, although to their credit it was not the TGWTG staff that initiated this recent campaign against ad blocking (Blip is responsible for that).

    I think a more active revenue method is necessary for this site. One thing I have noticed consistently about every single contributor is that their store section is anemic at best, entirely absent at worst, and often not priced competitively. That latter problem can be overcome with exclusive merchandise that people want, but the former two are not about to just go away. There needs to be a more active push to both merchandise the site's assets and bring the viewing public into greater awareness of its presence, without being overly intrusive about it at the same time.

    As many of the site's contributors have noted, the merchandise angle hasn't been especially profitable for TGWTG overall. I believe much of that has to do with the fact that these stores are so understated, understocked, and just plain hidden away for the most part. There's real potential to turn that merchandise into a profitable enterprise, but it's going to require a proper effort be put into appealing to the customer who currently does not even visit (let alone buy from) these stores.

    Those are my thoughts on this issue. I hope that's staff will seriously begin considering alternative revenue sources to video ads, as I know from experience that asking your users to do something they don't want to do is not a good idea in any industry.
  • cvrpapc
    Next gen browsers will have ad block automatically installed. Its already happening. So I feel bad but then again, can't fight progress.
  • Goobian fixed the problem by putting up the 90 second image. And if you don't understand that people on this site, and some people on Youtube make money from making videos then you shouldn't be on the internet. And if you understand that but just don't care you really shouldn't be on the internet.
  • snoofulus
    "you really shouldn't be on the internet."
    Ironically, if they weren't on the internet those youtubers still wouldn't get their ad money - so might away watch it with adblocker ;)
  • BlazingOwnager
    And that is why sites like BLIP have changed their policy.

    The fact some totally entitled douche bags are crying that that is somehow "bullying" blows my mind. Jesus Christ, people suck.
  • php101  - Well
    Okay. I can watch a 30 second ad or two per video...
  • The Pope
    Lewis, I'll be honest; I used to not use Adblock. What made me use it was the mid-review ads. Not yours, specifically, but Doug's as well.

    With one ad, I could basically click on a video, go do something else for the 30 seconds that an ad is playing, then come back. With a multi-video episode, like your 200th episode, I could click both and do the same thing; go do something else for 30 seconds and ignore the ad, then come back and start watching.

    But with the mid-review ads, I've already gotten into watching the video; I've made it fullscreen, sat back and relaxed, maybe gotten something to snack on, and then suddenly, wham: ad.

    It doesn't help that the way that you guys segue into the ads is incredibly tacky and annoying. I mean, with Brad, at least he just cuts to the ad, or at the most puts up a quick 1 second screen saying "We'll talk about the trailers in a minute" or something. But when Doug started trying to write jokes into his Star Trek reviews to try to make the ads "funny", it failed. Miserably. Forcing us to watch ads isn't funny. Instead of drawing attention to it, you should be making it as unapparent as possible.

    So what am I getting at? Well, for starters, that frustration factor cuts massively into rewatchability. I can watch Doug's review of, say, Battlefield Earth, knowing I won't get interrupted, but my memory of, say, the Cat in the Hat review will come back saying "Yeah, there were 30 seconds there where I was forced to watch a phone commercial, I don't feel like watching it again". It may not seem like a big deal, but because I'd much rather watch that first video, I'll watch it multiple times, whereas I only watched the Cat in the Hat review once. So the first video gets, say, 8 views from me, each one having 1 ad, for a total of 8 ads. You put up a video that has two ads, I decide I don't want to watch it again because I'll have to sit through an ad again, and so you only get 2 ads.

    But let's say it's a really long video. You could always go the 200th episode route of breaking it in half; that way I can watch all the ads at once (i.e. not watch them) so I can get it all out of the way.

    Or is there the option to, say, put one long 60 second ad at the beginning? That would be more acceptable. Could you possibly put an ad during, or after, the credits? We could just quit the video as soon as the ad starts, and you still get the revenue. Adblockers can't be the only ones who play the system; you have to too.

    The point I'm trying to get at is that mid-show ads suck. There's a reason why people love DVR-boxes so much; it's to fastforward through all that crap. But yeah, I know you need to make a living, but as an entertainer, you have to know how to KEEP your audience entertained, and subjecting them to obnoxious ads does not entertain. Watching Poyo go "We'll be back, maybe, I don't know" is no...
  • Linkara
    See, now that's just making me tilt my head, since most people tell me they PREFER having the commercial bumper as opposed to having nothing.
  • Sky_Render
    I think that may be a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Something you have to realize is that the people who weigh in are not even a meaningful fraction of your entire userbase, and often not representative of the overall userbase's opinions either.
  • armagod679
    In response, as tacky as the midroll bumpers are, they are better than cutting off in the middle of a sentence or word, and they do keep the glitches to a minimum. Cheesy? Yes, but like the ads, necessary.
  • Rynjin
    Yar. They're preferable to just not paying attention to them at all.

    Like Lupa. The videos of hers I've watched (maybe 5 or 6 I think?) she just gets cut off in the middle of sentences and it's annoying.

    But what I think he was trying to say was that compensating for ads by simply coming to a natural stopping point in your script and going silent for a second before the ad plays would be preferable to the mid-roll bumpers.

    I'm not saying I agree, but that's my interpretation of where he's coming from.
  • Hawkflight  - BUMPAHS
    Honestly? I like the ad bumpers ... when they're done properly. My personal opinion is that your ad bumpers are just a little too sudden and jarring. Sure, they ease the transition into the ads, but the transition from the show to the bumper is almost as jarring as the transition from the regular show to the ads.

    Just my two cents.
  • MacLeod  - got a question
    So I'm fricken sick of that damn Disney resort ad, so i f5 that thing when it pops up and it ends up playing a different add.. what does THAT do for you?
  • BlazingOwnager
    People love DVRs because ads on major networks have gotten out of control. Like 6-7 minutes or 30% of a show.

    BLIP has 2 30-60 second ads. 30 I guess is the hard limit now.

    Get the hell over yourself. If you can't deal with a 30 second interruption, well...

    So far BLIP has not done ANY of the out of control volume boosting ads that made me enable AdBlocker on, say, Comedy Central's site for a while. If you can't deal with less than a minute of interruptions for free entertainment, you might need to get checked for ADD.
  • Volare3  - He covered that
    You still get the bumper, but he already suggested in the video that you use the progress bar at the bottom of the vid to jump to the midroll ad and then, after that ad is done, you go back to the beginning of the video and can then watch it w/o the ad in the middle.
    Then again, I watch mythbusters on Netflix and like watching the bumpers. Enjoy the little creativity that goes into producing them, they can be fun.
  • Daemian Lucifer
    Interesting thing that Ive noticed somewhere around the start of this year is that both google and youtube had ads specific to my country.However,blip still has none,and majority of the people I like to watch use blip and not youtube.

    If you were to upload your videos both on youtube and blip,Id migrate there just for the support.Though I know why that would be a problem,and probably not gonna happen(youtube sucks).
  • Airanuva
    I whitelisted the site about the same time that blip 90 second thing came about... I had originally installed it to avoid a certain cheerios commercial, because it kept playing on every video. Now it is the same with a video about putting on one's seatbelt... But, you are right, muting it works fine.

    Personally, I like the idea of purchasing products to support a webseries I like more than watching ads. I find no use for ads, but I can for a shirt, or a DVD.
    I definitely plan to purchase your DVD when it comes out. :)
  • Nanani72
    I don't use adblock and I haven't seen an ad here in years until these "please turn off adblock" ones came on - the reason is that I live in a region that apparently HAS no ads from Blip.

    This is very annoying since I have to sit through a 90 second guilt trip that I can't actually respond to.

    Seconding the suggestion to use another provider that does have ads I can watch. It's not the ads, it's the fact that you (well, Blip) aren't serving them.
  • Goobian
    It sounds like you have Adblock and don't know it. Other people are saying they aren't seeing the 90 second block and they aren't seeing an ad because their region isn't playing one.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    If you honestly are in a region that doesn't have ads, I can tell you that there is a way around that 90-sec thing, so don't give up hope.
  • dragonsanzo
    Its funny really because here are a lot of people in Malaysia (where I am) that use both blip and there are almost no ads being shown towards this county while youtube has a ton.

    I used to find it weird and now i know there are basiclly almost no ads to be shown. I still support Linkara but when the ads don't show I'm kinda confused now on how to help the guy out.

    But maybe that's just me.
  • LevelUpLeo
    I really wish I could watch the adds for your videos. I live in Canada, and despite not having add-block or anything, they don't show up for me. Likewise, my current financial situation makes it so that buying a T-shirt or DVD collection is not really an option (especially if I would do it for every show I wish to support). Watching the adds is a great way that I could help finance and support the show with no extra cost to myself. I often argue FOR advertisements when it comes up for these reasons.
  • Ashoten2021
    Thank you for addressing this issue in a mature and respectful way linkara. I am one of those who will tell you that the advertising model as is is defiantly broken. However this really is not your concern as much as it is the company's and marketers.

    However however I would encourage you to find a local sponsor or sponsors. I know it will be almost impossible at first but if you do your own product placement in the shows introduction or just wear a shirt with a logo on it you can get ad money and not have it intrude on the show.

    I know people will complain about that too but some times you just gotta pick your battles.

    ps. Ok I will white list blip just for you Linkara. I do not hate ads I just want to control the stream of stuff that comes through my computer screen. Do not worry when google glasses become the next thing we will all have comercials streaming into our brains 24/7 :P
  • JCubbs
    I just wanted to say thank you Linkara for posting this video and addressing us directly, and stating the obvious rationale in a respectful concise manner.

    I do ask all the TGWTG producers to try not to produce much under 5 minutes, because while the content can be great, the commercial time for such 'shorts' makes it unpleasant. And you are all capable of more
  • Linkara
    And that's one of the reasons why I don't do 5-Panel Comics anymore.

    Trailers are really the only shorter vids I do nowadays, but they're infrequent, maybe once or twice a year.
  • SchrodingersCat  - About those ads...
    Why does this site keep popping up an ad to "Meet Japanese singles"?
    And why is the woman in the ad, dressed like a little girl?
    (seriously, that's creepy)
  • Blue22
    Maybe I'm wrong but I heard the adds you get are based on the things you look up on google. soooo.....yeah
  • snoofulus
    Same with me and I don't look up Japenese singles on google. So, no.
  • JCubbs
    well, thank you
  • Me Wise Magic
    Thanks for the PSA. I'll make sure to let the ads play.
  • FreakishAkir0
    Yeah I run add block because I hate the adds down at the bottom of some sites that had their own audio and would restart every time I clicked another video. Since I white listed this site I haven't seen any so I'll keep it. Just please no more adds for house wives... or anything of the E network
  • LordlyJeremy
    But I can still just not buy the stuff in the ads, right?
  • TheNPC
    Doesn't affect his revenue, so have at the not getting whatever.
  • Xyshurondor  - I signed up to say this.
    I love your show. I've watched every episode, most of them more than once. So I feel like it's important that you understand why I will not watch the ads. I will absolutely donate money the second your Paypal button is up, and if you'd like to suggest an appropriate amount, I will pay it.

    First: I'm here because your show is fun to watch. Watching an ad over and over again is not fun. That 30 seconds becomes a maddening 10 minutes of repetition when I watch multiple videos on the site (as I often do, and as many others do). See how many videos are on the New Stuff slider on the front page? Now imagine watching the same ad on every single one.

    Second: It IS an unsustainable business model. You know that ad for Old Spice body wash, the one everyone knows about and everyone has seen? It's because that ad is hilarious. When advertising is done that well, it sells a product all by itself. People will save it and pass it around without it having to be stuck onto something else. Until companies can be bothered to make advertising that's worth watching, that is visual art in itself, screw them. We're a capitalist system. Advertising is not a desirable product or service. Make it one, or drop it.

    As customers we will do everything we can to get around it, we will sit through that 90 seconds to avoid it, or we will forgo the content attached to it. I'm sorry that you're in this system, but I'm not going to uphold the system for your sake, Linkara. Not even you.

    Charge me. I'll pay. I'm not watching the ads.
  • Goobian
    Companies pay for exposure for the ad. The more exposure it has, the more money the company will make. That is how advertising works.
  • ohe
    That just means they've monetized us as an audience. We've become an object of transaction between the content producer and the advertiser. Surely it's not neccessarily unsustainable, but it's understandable that some of us won't be condoning to that. The way I see it, it's not anybody's responsibility to prove that the show has the value that advertisers rely on for it to have. Linkara is asking nicely, though, and that's a completely different thing.

    In response to that, just like I'm going out of my way and leaning wholly on the grapevine to even know Channel Awesome exists, I'll rely on those advertisers to look this comment up and listen how I'm asking as nicely as I can: please, advertisers. Show Linkara some trust on your part and give him some of that free money of yours. Just straight up, in his hand. Cash. I even won't be angry if you'll have to print his face onto that exquisitely refined label sticker on your product with a text that says how two cents or so of the retail price is going to support At4W.
  • THOOM  - ohe

    That's stupid. just let the ad play.
  • ohe
    You're stupid.

    And I do let the ad play. Are you saying that Linkara now owes me an apology and the issue has been resolved?
  • HunterRose
    This person knows what they are talking about. Listen to them as I will.
  • NintendoGal55
    I've made it pretty much my priority to watch the ads in CA videos and such. Sometimes they don't play, though I don't have an adblock active. I think it might be the region-coding thing, considering that I live in Canada. Sometimes I'm lucky and they do play ads. Either way, I do try.

    The ads can be annoying sometimes, but that's of course where the mute and volume control options are available. You're not telling us to watch the ads, just to play them. I don't think that's unreasonable in the slightest.

    So really, I hope it all still works out for you, Lewis. :) I'll do my best to support you however I can! Good luck!
  • Hawkflight  - ADULT-ONLY ADS
    So, my posts aren't showing up unless I reply to a comment. If they're just in the buffer, and you got this post twice or thrice, then my apologies.



    So, I want to repeat this, as it's a very big issue that I feel needs to be addressed. And that is the CONTENT of the ads.

    I get it. I get how it works, and that ad revenue is the way you (Lewis, aka Linkara) pay your bills so you can have a roof over your head.

    HOWEVER ... some of these ads are downright squicky, some even being for ADULT-ONLY games. And, as much as I want to support you, I am not willing to subject myself to the risk of getting such ads to do so. There are children in my household, and I'm just not going to risk them seeing that kind of stuff. It's just not happening.

    So yeah, I'll be getting the DVD as soon as it comes out, and I have the money to do so. But until the issue of these ADULT-ONLY ads is resolved, I can not whitelist this site, or in general.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • smjaiteh
    I completely agree with you. I'm a 19 year old male college student (seriously), and I think some of these ads are too risque! I think you should check with Channel Awesome, but unfortunately, I'm not sure if its in any of their control. And if it's not, a large section of the website's visitors are in my age group, and the ad company would considered that to be a foolish investment.
  • NaturallyBaked  - Rated AO
    Those adds are a marketing ploy to get young teenage men to try their casual pay to win free browser game. The ESRB had not rated them and there is no adult content beyond scantely clad drawings and violence much tamer than any FPS game your get probably already play. tells-browser-game-to- quit-bragging-that-it- was-ra-504523307
  • smjaiteh
    It's not the game that bothers me, and I'm pretty sure most of those games suck, anyway. It's the fact that I pull up this site when I'm at work to listen to videos, and some of the banners are embarrassing. Also, kids younger than me probably pull up this site at home.
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