To Boldly Flee Cast Commentary

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Comments (33)
  • Henshin
    Woohoo for Commentaries ^_^
  • punksweets
    I know it sounds nerdy but I hope to hear commentaries from every one who was in the movie
  • mister sloth
    Nerdy or not, i would like that too! (but not everyone in the same commentary, of course)

    By the way there are a few commentaries on Spoony's site as well.
  • RestlessVagabond
    Sure would be nice if you'd just say what the easter eggs are instead of hinting and teasing about it. Not all of us can pick these things out or have the time to rewatch a scene over and over with our faces two inches from the computer screen to try and figure it out amongst several quick shots.
  • Vismutti
    I'm pretty sure somebody's found them and put them on TV Tropes by now...
  • Kaiju-Z
    So loved listening to you guys talk about this movie.

    If you guys ever do a special again, I'd totally watch it. Because you're all fantastic.

    Maybe a detective type story would work well? : O
  • Lightice
    This commentary from Part 3 onwards is really hard to listen with my headphones; most of the voices come from the left speaker, and I feel like I'm half-deaf. I'm sorry, but I can't finish this commentary like this.
  • Neradoc
    And the orginal soundtrack is too loud I think. I had to concentrate hard to hear the commentary. :(
  • Rexaura888  - @Lightice
    Quoting Linkara from AT4W's To Boldly Flee Commentary comments:

    "What's happening is that JewWario recorded the audio for all of us. However, his recording software records everyone else on one audio channel and himself on the other. Now I have the capability of combining them for mine, but not everyone does. Chances are your headphones are only picking up the left or right channel, so you're only getting Justin's part of the commentary."
  • Syraa
    It was only like that for parts 3 and 4, I think it's because they used what I can only assume is springboard and not blip for those two.
  • atarian2049
    The font of the TGWTG URL? Arial. ;-)
  • wardentux
    Wow, nice one Oancitizen. My chorus is currently doing Homeland so hearing you break into that made my day.
  • Fantasgasmic
    Part 5: Holly "He shaved his whole body for that scene." Justin "That's dedication, folks" ... yeah and then he got fired. …AWKWARD
  • Linkara
    He was not fired. Check Spoony's commentary on his site.
  • roy  - hey linkara
    what is you opinion of the power rangers super samurai finale
  • Noek
    this was nice and like the above comments commentary from others, but ya we all want anouther aniversery don't think it will be as big but we all know you bring great stories, i did have an idea for the next if you do that the top 4 people one the site doing videos our fighting to take NC place as the leader, and the rest will chose to help one of the 4, just an idea.
  • Mara999
    Nice commentary. I've also watched Spoony's commentary, as far as he's gotten with it. It's interesting to get greater insight in to how you made the whole anniversary special, who was involved with what and so on.

    I also noted Lewis's comment about people who complain without explaining why they think something is bad. I agree that it is annoying, because it's not helpful. If I either don't like something or if I enjoy the hell out of it, I always want to be able to explain why I have such an opinion.

    I'd say that you guys have a good reason to be proud of this project. It's not perfect, but much of it is actually better than it really needs to be. It's incredible how far you've gotten, compared to Suburban Knights from just one year earlier: The effects, the acting and the editing are for the most part surprisingly good. It's all very impressive for a bunch who gather together because of a shared passion, rather than being a Hollywood-style film-crew. From what I've heard in this commentary and previous ones, the work process sounds in a way similar to what we Finns refer to as "talkoot" (roughly comparable to a community having a collective barn raising).

    Thank you. Keep up the good work. :)
  • Mewizkuit
    It was cool to hear what you guys had to say about the movie, but there's something that's been bugging me. You guy's brought up copyright issues a lot in this commentary. It seems to me that, even with the things you avoided putting in, there are still a lot of things in the movie that would have copyright issues around them, such as JewWario's hat or Mickey's shirt. I suppose I'm not an expert on what is and isn't allowed in a movie that is being sold commercially, but aren't those just as copyright-infringing as other things you specifically didn't put in because of their copyright?
  • Linkara
    It really comes down to what companies care about. Using their copyrighted clips? That's a no-no. Seeing a Superman logo or a My Little Pony t-shirt? It's not worth the cost, especially since they aren't misrepresenting their product or anything - it's just them wearing a shirt or a hat.
  • jnywest
    Linkara, you reviewed a "Lamp" in the Amityville Horror 4 Films... REMEMBER...
  • Dalek_Explain!  - Soundtrack Question
    Kyle mentioned they used Wagner during his speech in Part 7, anyone know the particular piece? Also in case there was any other music in that part that someone could identify I would appreciate your help.

    Thank you to everyone at for all your hard work put into this special.
  • The Other Guy  - Wagner pieces...
    It's actually three separate pieces which I spliced together to score the scene.

    Before the black/white film finale, it's a spliced compilation of Wagner's Rheingold intro, the finale to Die Walkure, and the finale to Gotterdamerung. The closing piece with the full choir is from the finale to Tannhauser.

    If you like classical music, they're all really good pieces.

    Other pieces included: Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter from THE PLANETS by Gustav Holst. There was also some Mahler at the end (Symphony #2, Ressurection Finale). The Star Wars-esque "Force" theme was actually Siegfried's theme from Wagner's Siegfried. Most of the rest was pro-scores or other public domain bits.


    Robert Walker, Channel Awesome
  • Sombra  - Commentary on the Commentary
    One of the reasons I love commentaries on this site is that I find a lot of the times, the cast and crew have a lot of the same thoughts, questions, and concerns that the audience does. It helps me feel more of a connection and appreciation to the end product than I think I would have otherwise. Also, for the record, I thought the acting in To Boldly Flee was exceptional for, as they said, this *type* of performance.
  • Tal
    Many Bothans died in the viewing of this commentary. So did my buttocks. I need a better chair. I still can't think of any plot holes when that big scene comes up. Typical useless trivia, not even good for helping to save the universe by destroying it.
  • TiniNormi
    "Linkara of the nine fingers..."
    I lol'd
  • zoltair  - Credits Correction
    Since Holly mentioned fixing things for the DVD, I want to point out that Nash's credit is reversed from everybody else's. Everybody else has their real name (Doug Walker, Mathew Buck, etc.) on the first line and their character name(s) on the following indented line(s). But, for Nash, he's effectively listed as "Nash" playing "Nash Bozard" when it should be the other way around.

    Also, since I haven't said this elsewhere, I absolutely adored Nash's cameo in this. As soon as I saw JO show up, I was waiting for Nash to join the crew as well. And when he did (finally) show up, it was a perfect use of his character and I loved every minute of it.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Oh it was fun watching you guys work.
    & it was also interesting hearing about everyone's chemistry as you all work together.
  • TiniNormi
    Return of the King is horrible schlock. Ruined a perfectly good film trilogy IMO.
  • musiclover9293
    Hey Linkara,
    I know this is a bit late, but I think you started the whole "lamps" thing. If I remember correctly in one of your videos (I think one of your lists) you made an example of you becoming a horror critic, learning the ins and outs of horror movies, getting every single nuance of that particular genre and then somebody asking you to review a lamp. This was to illustrate someone asking you to review something other than a comic book(I think it was a manga). I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure it was you.

    That aside, I love listening to the commentaries. I like learning about the behind the scenes stuff and having a laugh. Great job guys.
  • BigMac90
    To Boldly Flee was awesome! As was this commentary.

    I think the only thing I didn't like about TBF was that at the end, nobody's wondering where the NC is. I mean, apart from Film Brain and Sage, it's like they don't even care that he's gone...
    Other than that though, I loved every minute of it, and I think it really shows how far all you guys have come!

    Kickassia was really just silly, fun entertainment, and the story was really just a means of setting up the situation. Of course, it was a lot of fun.
    Suburban Knights showed that you guys could do something that had a more-or-less coherent story, while still being a lot of fun.
    Now here, with To Boldly Flee, you've proven that you can make a many-layered product that has much more to it than pure entertainment.

    I showed my mom Suburban Knights last year (she's never watched anything on the site) and she loved it! (Of course, I had to explain a couple things to her beforehand, like who Ma-Ti was). She understood that it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously, and just enjoyed it for what it was.
    After TBF comes out on DVD, I'm hoping to watch all 3 films with her - I think she'll love seeing your evolution over the three films, even if she hasn't watched any of your videos.

    Anyway, once again, great work, everyone! This was a very interesting commentary. I too hope you can do another big project sometime in the future.

    Wow, sorry for the long comment...
  • Ericho  - Now this was a long one!
    Some of the video didn't sync, so I just did other stuff while I was listening. Okay, that was also because I didn't want to just watch the whole thing over. I'm surprised you guys didn't comment on the tragic loss of Spoony. Wait, so James Rolfe wasn't the Angry Video Game Nerd in this? Well, you kind of implied he was the AVGN as Gort. It's amazing so many people got together in this.

    I live in Panama City, and it makes me sad that I live so far away from you guys. You are all so awesome I wish I could join you. There's little hope for me moving to Chicago. I don't even know of many comic cons here. When the Executor was eating popcorn, I was doing the same thing in real life while watching that! It was the longest part so I just thought I'd do it.

    It's great that everyone learned to grow with the Nostalgia Critic so much. I felt even I'VE grown with him. You guys definitley did a great finale for his character, and while not intentionally, for Spoony as well. I'm glad I now know this is the last real appearance of the Nostalgia Critic. This is easily the longest commentary I've ever heard, although I didn't watch (or listen) to it all at once. This is my longest comment on the entire website and it suits the material!
  • Arkle
    Finally got around to this commentary.

    Can I just say FTR that I am glad they decided not to go with the Gilmore Girls joke in Part 3? ;-)

    ^ GG is poster's 2nd most favorite show ever, only behind Babylon 5.
  • djiinni
    To be completely honest, OanCitizen's part where he's talking about how bad art is a distraction whereas good art changes people actually made me tear up. It's genuinely a beautiful scene.

    Yeaaaah, that whole "do not grieve, Critic" being undermined by Ma-Ti later just reminds me of my aunt; she says "oh, I don't want anything special or a party or anything for my birthday," but God help you if you follow those instructions.

    I'd love to see more anniversary movies, but I don't think this one could really be topped. It's brilliant, in my opinion, so any further things would just be pure fun. All of the arcs and the overall story seems to be wrapped up so well at the end.
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