Mighty Morphin' Season Three

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  • CaptainArsenic
    I was never really interested that much in Power Rangers when I was a kid, but I have too say this is a pretty nice commentary over the third season of the series. Good job yet again, Linkara.
  • arsenal of megadeath  - zordon's stuff
    well,i guess it's true-floating heads really are cool when stuff don't get broke.
  • otakudan
    i dont know if i'm the only one of thought of this but when i was young, I always wonder how come the power ranger never got into their zords and just simply step on the enemy monsters while it was normal sized.
  • Linkara
    One of Zordon's rules - don't escalate a fight unless the enemy does so first.
  • Countdown  - Continuity Alarm
    Hey Linkara I have a question. In the shows the power rangers had to go to Ninjor or whoever toget thier ninja powers right? But what about the movie? In the movie they went right from the origonal zords to the ninja zords. Is there an explination for that? Or did the creators just decide to ingore the movie? Thanks in advance!
  • Batboyexe
    Yes there is an explanation: the movie is NOT canon. it was just making up stuff because they couldn't get the Ninjor suit. :/
  • arsenal of megadeath  - movie
    Batboyexe, has it 3/4 right.
    its not canon, but also because of the fact its a movie- its able to just have more special effects, and to sell more stuff. considering that Ivan ooze isn't ever mentioned ever again, its more an alternate version of the series three-parter.
  • ThatALotOfFish19  - Power Rangers
    Yep. ^_^ Linkara, you rule man. P.S:I am a girl
    My favorite Power Rangers episode is Shell-Shocked from Power Rangers In Space. It's a guilty pleasure.
  • KojinMacJorn
    Despite the fact that right from the beginning of the battle... the fight has already escalated to the greatest danger possible? And in more ways than one?

    1) The Monster, and it's master, intends to MURDER the Power Rangers. Seriously? How much escalation do you need?

    2) They intend to take over the world! How much more escalation do you need? The friggen Universe?!

    Really Zordon? Do not escalate the battle unless the enemy does so first? I think it's already reached maximum escalation. :S
  • dmfighter
    1: Zordon's rule, to not do something so unjustly to the villains

    2. Small villains can run away easy, trying to stomp them will just cause unnecessary damage.

    Here's Japan trying to accomplish that.
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=mPjB9sdgPN4& feature=related

    3: Waste of power to bring out the big guns for ants unless said ants were super powerful (Green ranger's debut)

  • Quantum Wolf
    To prove another point:

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_UIFFlfTgYY
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    Rule number 2 of the mighty morphin power rangers: never escalate a battle unless forced to. it also applies to excessive force meaning if you can kick their ass normal sized, do it don't waste 5 seconds of time and energy on machines to do the work for you.
  • LBcrimson
    Zordon said there not suposed to escalate a fight.
  • KingKaor555
    Has anyone ever noticed that Tommy's White Ninja Power makes him look like a KKK Klansman?
  • Bladerunner317
    Ah man,thank you for doing these,the power rangers meant a lot to me as a kid :)
  • iconshero
    This season is where I lost interest in the show(I had completely forgotten about Kimberly leaving for Florida) So the rest of the episodes are gonna be all new info for me....SWEET! :lol:
  • hyperstrike
    ditto. Season 3 had a massive decline in ratings, so they boot the most attractive female? This then ended the story for many, like a lot more than I even knew watched the show and began a new chapter for a new generation. Looking forward to the rest.
  • Firefly567
    Season 3 wasn't as good as season 1 or 2 for me, but than again I don't really remember them. Mostly what I remember is season 1 and 2 and even then it was so long ago it all kind of blurs together.

    Thanks for making these. They're a great trip down memory lane.
  • link77
    I'm enjoying this little side series Linkara, nice change from all the comic reviews. Keep up the awesome work man.
  • JewWario
    This is the series that I also stopped watching at. Thanks for the insight on what I missed. :)
  • Quantum Wolf
    Linkara's vid on Season 3 made me realize how much I forgot, or perhaps didn't appreciate, about the season. As a kid naturally I just drooled at fight scenes and zord footage and didn't give a rats ass about everything else. Kimberly switching over to Kat didn't make much of an impression on me either back then since I didn't care about the characters outside the suits.

    However now I can appreciate how much thought they put into the writing. Season 3 I feel was the most "story-driven" out of all of MMPR. Unlike Season 2, all the multi-parters of S3 contributed to the story. When I look back at PR seasons myself one thing I analyze now is story so I can safely say, storywise, MMPRS3 pulled it off with aplomb.

    Personal points in the video:
    - Never saw the Saban Masked Rider crossover episode, or in fact the show itself. Just didn't interest me.

    -Watching the zords getting shredded apart and falling to bits was...pretty traumatizing. Later seasons will have zords getting destroyed as well, but this one really sticks out in my mind since part of it that made it click was the groups almost genuine emotional sadness of the loss of their beloved 'bots. The Command Center getting blown to bits broke some hearts as well. Billy actually running to the console and protecting it was quite a subtle touch; after all he's the last of the original five, so his scream and despair in the aftermath was a good addition.

    -The ninja costumes looked rather awkward to me, I never really did like them. I too would have liked at least an aesthetic difference to the suits since they didn't use the dinos anymore.

    -The Macguffin crystal running joke was pretty funny, as usually past items were just macguffins of the day where as this one would be a running plot device.

    -The supposed "mini-series" discussion is one that's indeed talked about often. I seem to remember debating with some fans on a fan forum on whether "Rangers in Reverse" or "Hogsday Afternoon Pt2" was considered the real final episode of MMPR.

    All in all, great vid. I eagerly await to see your opinion on Power Rangers Macguffin, er, Zeo.
  • Everwen
    Awesome as usual Linkara, kudos.
  • nyarlathotepsama
    This might sound completely stupid and make me seem like a terribly geeky nerd *looks around for a moment* but I like the Power Rangers almost as much now as I did when I was a kid. There is something about somewhat badly written drama/comedy/sci-fi/ action/monster kids TV plots that can't help but bring a grin to my face. Add clips for random Sentai series and the grin becomes a smile.

    Well explained Linkara, I like the more serious side of this review series. This was the last season I watched as a kid so everything after here is kind of new territory for me so I'm looking forward to it.
  • dmfighter
    Compared to the comics Linkara has reviewed, liking PR isn't that different from liking other materials (Manga/anime, sci-fi). It still amazes me that PR is still seen so low and supposedly a shock to be into it. Compared to what other people do get into, their reaction to PR is comedy.
  • Shadow of Intent  - Power rangers are actually pretty cool.
    I actually thought the power rangers were all right,they had a cool name,and giant robots,and cool costumes.
  • Jakser Blue Bane  - Dose This Apply?
    So I take it you're still into Digimon aswell as I am?
  • WillHigh
    i loves my digimon as well im glad im not the only one i was begining to think i was lol. :lol:
  • Deimos1984rd
    I'd certainly call Season 3 very deep, I was in shock when I saw the Commend Center explode.
  • That Guy With The Brain
    Great review Linkara. I'm thirteen and it's hard for me to watch all the episodes of the old series although God knows I try. This really helps me to know basics of Power Rangers from the old days so I can understand the references in the new series. I love your commentary on this, it's funny and you just make me laugh. Keep on doing your thing and I can't wait for Zeo!
  • DanMan
    Oh my god, you were right Linkara. This series has CHANGED in season 3.

    Bulk and Skull (cannot remember their names right) change their ways?! WOOOOWWWW! :shock: I wonder if they'll be back in the new series.

    For the most part, since four of the six of the power rangers left, I think you were right at worse character development, but a better script too.

    That also makes me wonder: Where and who will they get their powers from now? (Since of course... :( )


  • The Battousai  - Seriously...
    How has no one made the comparison of Vile to the characters from the Katamari series? :D
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Yeah he sorta does look like the King of Cosmos doesn't he?
  • Jakser Blue Bane  - Please don't Flame me for this
    Or BlackDoom.
  • KaosMachina
    I enjoyed this. I did stop watching around here, and didn't really get back until around Lightspeed Rescue.
    I HAVE gone back and watched some of this, though, and REALLY enjoyed it.
  • Linkara  - re: Seriously...
    [quote=The Battousai]How has no one made the comparison of Vile to the characters from the Katamari series? :D [/quote]
    Huh! I never thought about that before! XD
  • SlyDeathsHead
    I stopped watching Power Rangers somewhere around Season 2, so it's really interesting seeing what happened after that point. Great vids.
  • jewbagel
    I was waiting for this one! Pretty sure I stopped watching Power Rangers around this time, should be interesting to see where it went without me.
  • raphaelcordova
    I like all the season of Power Rangers.From season 1 to season 3. But as a kid I remembered getting mad at the fact they kept changing all the Power Rangers. And im still mad about it. :D But great video Linkara.
  • gfresh
    Linkara have this series if you would like to do. In my opinion I'd love to see you review if possible other saban produced shows that aired in the U.S. Like if you can find VR Troopers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, Mystic Knights, and I think that's it.

    Like I said before I'd love to see those after Power Rangers. And to add damn you for doing this which makes me more angry with disney having the rights to Power Rangers and not releasing the original shows on dvd.
  • Seraphem
    LOVE this series Linkara, keep up the great work, used to love the series, and season 3 was always the one I remember liking the most, not sure why, really looking forward to the new ones, cause Zeo was the last season I watched a good chunk of, after that I just kind of caught an episode here and there for the next three or so, once they stopped even trying to tie the seasons together I lost interest..so really looking forward to learning about what I missed.
  • The Coen Brothers lost brother
    That guy they show with the Gold Head at 1:50 reminds me of Destro from GI Joe when he had his own army, the Iron Grenadiers.
  • Narrim  - LongTime Viewer, First Time Commentor
    I absolutely love this series. My 23rd birthday was two days ago and watching the Season 2 video absolutely made my day, especially the focus on the Kaleidoscope monster episode. Bulk and Skull at their finest. Also, with regards to the past episode's comment section, I've never seen a more mature and well-written response than Basque's. It's great how civil everyone is and how reminiscing over this great franchise brings people together.

    I'm amazed by how much I've forgotten about the third season. Ninjor, the Ninjazord, Kim's leave, Cat's entrance, the time rewind, an everything after to the finale, but I'm just stunned by all the multi-parters and advances in storyline. I could've sworn Bulk and Skull didn't try out for the police force until Zeo. I don't remember Master Vile at all though I thought Hydro Hog was around for longer than just two parts. Nothing with Ninjor after his first few episodes nor any of the badass Lord Zedd scenes (Command Center, Tommy fight) I could recall until this episode. Thank you for the memories.

    Only two minor complaints so far in this brilliant series I am very thankful and happy to bear witness to, and both come from this episode. The first is about the music. You mentioned Ron Wasserman's work, but we never get to hear examples of it. There's some minor instrumental of "Watch the Tengas" when you hearken the 'ninja zombie Power Rangers' (cracked me up) and "Go Green Ranger Go" in Tommy's Goldar fight last week. I don't request anything or for more music to be acknowledged, I just thought it an odd choice to mention his work for maybe a good minute without actually sampling any of his scores.

    The other thing that actually deals with the season is I don't think we ever actually saw the Alien Ranger costumes in this (though we saw plenty of glitter! =P). As a kid, the Alien Rangers were the first time we had completely new Ranger outfits that weren't one new suit (White Ranger), horrible cloth-masked doppelgangers (Zedd's evil power rangers), or cowboy tassels. It was so strange and exciting to see a whole new crew of Rangers. Sure, dehydration as a weakness was overused, the voice filter was aggravating, and the real focus was on the kid rangers finding the Zeo Crystals (another thing: I had no recollection of the Zeo Crystal appearing before they had to find it! Thank you again!), but for three seasons of the white diamonds and dinosaur masks, full-colored suits with different helmets was astonishing. Even though every new season since has replaced the costumes, it shouldn't be glanced over how monumental that was for us kids.

    Thanks for all of this Linkara. I cannot wait until next episode. Not only because there's so much to touch upon (the magic vs. technology theme now that the Machine Empire's in charge, a whole slew of new zords, the Gold Ranger mystery), but because maybe I'll finally learn who those villains that brought Tommy in...
  • dmfighter  - re:
  • oliver262
    lol awesome information, i remember i started to miss a lot of episodes around this point of the series so this history of the series is awesome because i get Nostalgia of what i did watch, and information on what i missed.

    Also pointless info/point around 7:10 you mentioned the Cliff where Kirk fought the lizard, but even better, Bill and Ted were thrown off it (this info is so pointless because the bill and ted movie goes out of its way to point out it's the same cliff).

    But that is one famous cliff though.
  • EvilAshTwin
    I remember back when Rito destroyed the Zords and my jaw just dropped. Along with Kimberly's cry of anguish while the other rangers hold her back was just heartbreaking. You couldnt help but feel a sense of loss, especially if you had been a fan since the beginning. In my opinion it was an even bigger sense of loss than the destruction of the original Megazord. You dont feel this again for another three seasons. Which since this is a kid's show, I guess thats a good thing. But still...the series doesnt inflict these kinds of emotions again until the end of Power Rangers in Space. Dont worry I wont spoil it, but all Im gonna say right now is, that truly was the end of an era.

    I have more I want to say, but I feel it would be better suited for Linkara's Zeo vid.
  • goldman  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]One of Zordon's rules - don't escalate a fight unless the enemy does so first.[/quote]
    woah, maybe that was left of on the Spanish translation...
    or maybe i don't remember shit, it could be both =P

    anyway, i actually enjoyed this season more than all others, for what i can remember. I really loved the ninja powers(though i hated the ninja zords!)
    i think i followed power rangers religiously until kinda half of Zeo...(the last thing i remember[KINDA SPOILERS] is something about Tommy searching for his brother and trying to control some weird zord and Jason being the "golden" ranger, even though his suit was anything but gold[/KINDA SPOILERS])
    and then just watched(i mean, i would just watch it if i had nothing else to see) from "on space" onward, until mystic force or something...
    at that time i heard the intro music, which SUCKS, and just said, "a power rangers series with crappy intro music? that's it, life is just not worth living anymore!" :P
  • The Coen Brothers lost brother
    OhmyGod, you just referenced Gundam's Chobham armor from 0080 War in the Pocket, I love that series.

    The glitter wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't think of Twilight. The chromy reflective stuff looks alright. Maybe if it was more chrome like a car or motercycle.

    That Juice Bar Party looks, goofy.

  • quizzabella
    I love the fact that the little kid versions of the Power Rangers have the exact same haircuts as the grown ups :cheer:
    Loved this review series Linkara - seeing that crazy skull shaped spaceship alone made this worth watching.
  • Kaiju-Z
    Deep man, very deep. Can't wait for more D:
  • superkyle2001
    I was surprised that despite saying you wouldn't be talking about the film you completely neglected to mention that the Ninja Costumes where lifted directly from the movie leeding one to wonder why, when it came time for the matalic armor that the movie ranger outfits wheren't used. Those movie outfits where badass and I remember being so dissappointed that those costumes were passed on in favor of glitter.
  • Mattevansc3
    They had severe issues with the movie costumes. I'm trying to remember which actor/actress it was but one of them could barely wear it because it give them a sense of claustrophobia and they had panic attacks in that costume.

    The costume would also be very bulky and hot, also you'll notice that they don't actually fight much in those costumes. The majority of the action scenes are done in the ninja outfits and as soon as they get their ranger costumes back they are in their zords.
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