Mighty Morphin' Season One

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  • RKOredux
    Arguably the COOLEST intro music ever...
  • Kurvos
    True... either this one, or Rock the Dragon.
  • TheMarkness
    Queen - Princes of the Universe
  • Yankeepunk3000  - Ummmmm Question...
    First off GREAT GREAT! Videos!

    these were so well made and Now i've learned so much about what I used to see when i was 10 or so. i remember being 12 by the lightspeed thing and still watching it, but this had sooooo much Nostalgic value, thanks Linkara for making it =D

    ok so my question, you keep saying from the Sentai footage? now is that actualy japaneese footage used in an american show? like "cut and paste" to say it frank? or is there more too it???

    was it like the japaneese made a show then American copied it and made their own by just pasting the fight scenes and puting other actors???

    if so why didnt they make their own show? was it to expensive? could they not offered their own martial artists???

    please i would really like to know

    thanks in advance

  • Semudara
    Apparently, the fight scenes involving giant monsters and giant robots were taken directly from the Japanese show, while the smaller-scale character parts were all-new for this version. At least, that's how I understand it.

    If you watch the intro to this "History of Power Rangers" series, Linkara talks a little about it.
  • PGrunty
    In the first season, all of the action scenes were from the Japanese series, robot or suit.
  • arsenal of megadeath
    I'm so glad that i was like 16 or something when this came out. i think i would killed myself had i attempted half the shit they did. mostly because i cant fly...

    additionally- wouldn't it look worse if Walter would've been the yellow ranger?

    hey LINKARA! "how bland are they?" i thought that joke was pretty good.
  • Darnis
    awesome cant wait for the next season :woohoo:
  • raphaelcordova
    You just had to do it. You had to bring the Power Rangers back in to my life. :woohoo: And I got say it feels great to see them again.
  • drakken22
    Great job Linky!
    God I loved this show as a kid. I might even go so far as to say I OBSESSED over it to the point of ridicule, but if I see something I like, I learn as much as I can about it.

    Speaking of "day of the dumpster", who else bought this episode off the scholastic book catalog at school?

    Wow, now that you mention it, WHY did they just stand there with the earth shaking to holy hell? oh, thats right, plotonium. no, not even that, it makes no sense.
  • snakestealth24
    Nice one Lewis I used to watch this show all the time as a kid
  • Kitsula
    Great review Linkara! - I look forward to seeing more of this series.
  • DboyYouWant
    she looks like ultimecia from FF8
  • mrskippy
    And she's about as effective.
    By the way, Linkara, can't wait for the next episode...although I hope that this doesn't impede on your comic reviews.
  • Deimos1984rd
    I love this series, it takes me back. Bulk and Skull were always my favorite characters and Skull's laugh was extremely fully and cool. i remember when I got really excited when I heard about the debut of the green Ranger.
  • MaF
    good review
  • FullmetalNinja25
    I was 9 years old when Power Rangers first came on the air, I used to be the biggest fan.
  • Mr. Sibs  - MORE!
    This is great.
    I grew up watching the original power rangers (the green ranger story being one of my favorites). It's really neat to see just how much effort went into this show (seriously, all new footage from the sentai crew? expensive doesn't begin to describe it)
    I can't wait to see more, especially when we get to the aquatar (whatever their called, the fish aliens) rangers, I always thought that was a cool story and I was really sad I never saw the end of it, nor the fact they were never brought back.

    Keep up the good work Linkara.
  • Anarchyfever
    I remember the first time I watched power rangers, I was looking for nature programs (I use to be a real nature buff) when I saw a desert background, then suddenly a gigantic explostion and 5 guys in costumes land down.

    The green ranger saga was what really got me hooked along with the fighting coordination.

    Great review
  • lafere
    I agree with your comments about Bulk and Skull...they appeared until Lost galaxy.
    One of my favorite moment of them was when they save the power ranges. It is one the kaledisocope monstre has taken the memories of the power rangers. Bulk and Skull (in their stage when they are trying to find the PR identities) save them in a typical Wil West shoot out
  • ChaosShadow
    If you go to Linkara's Blip channel itself, you'll see that he has the second season of Mighty Morphin' available, and he pointed this very moment near the end (as one that 'nobody else seems to remember', funnily enough). I'm saying this here because it's pretty cool to see other people recall that moment.

    That said, Bulk and Skull are easily the most memorable of the character outside of Tommy Oliver (because the Green/White Ranger was truly epic), and my best memories of the show are basically down to how awesome the Green (/White) Ranger was, and how fantastic Bulk and Skull were.

    Linkara: This is fantastic, and pretty informative, and a real trip down memory lane, and you're doing a fantastic job so far. Keep it up, good sir!
  • Trencher
    Awesome review! Cant wait for the next ones since this is the only seson I seen anything of.
  • FunkyM
    And so, the History of Power Rangers Begins.

    Constructively, I'm thinking a touch of background music/ambience wouldn't go amiss. Not too much or too loud, mind you.
  • MCBigman  - memories
    Is this going on all week? If so, I got my week booked.

    This is gonna be pimp. Lord Zedd is both awesome and scary as hell. He looks like he belongs in"Hellraiser"
  • executor
    Nice new series, though I didn't really get, if this first season contains now the mentioned 60 Episodes or not. But that's my only complaint, everything else is great entertainment.

    I hope to see more!
  • Linkara
    The first season was indeed 60 episodes. At the time, Power Rangers had new episodes every weekday, thus they wouldn't necessarily go a full year before the season ended.
  • Rusted Ramblings
    I want to point out, Lewis, that several after school series were doing five-part sagas prior during that era. As early as Ducktales (and the other Disney Toons of that genre), that gimmick was cementing cookie munching elementary schoolers to their television all week. Remember the introduction of Gizmo Duck? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a [i]major[/i] influence on why we got MMPR to begin with, also took part in these "TBC epics." Or did you perhaps mean that no other "live action" series was doing that? In which case, I cannot even really think of any other live action, after school shows at all... Hmmm...

    Although I was only 11 or 12ish when the series was released, I still felt like I was a little too old for it. It felt...lame to me at that age (you know, the age when you start trying to be "too cool" for everything). The irony of course is that it [i]was[/i] lame--intentionally. And that campy charm is was gave the show its originality. I actually look back on it these days and wish I was able to enjoy the show for what it was. Gotta say...I [i]always[/i] jammed to that song, though. Even "too cool" adolescents couldn't turn that tune down.

    Great job, sir. Your professionalism is always at a premium.
  • kawaylon
    did you adress the 2nd red ranger ie criminal charges?
  • rageofkyubii
    This will always be one of my top favorite Power Ranger series. I'm actually suprised to learn that they talked with the original craetor to get more fight footage for the show, so thanks for that interesting bit of trivia.

    And Billy was always my favorite character. To me, he was kind of someone who represented the nerdy in class that's mostly unpopular. Seeing a character like that kicking all kinds of ass was pretty inspiring, in my opinion. I just wish he had had a better sendoff, but from what I hear he actually left the show before they could give him a proper sendoff, so they had to use stock footage in his last couple of episodes. Don't know how true that is though.

    And Bulk and Skull were always awesome.
  • JackofAntics
    Yeah, MMPR has its cheesy factors, but they managed to do an excellent job with it. I'm kind of tempted to hunt down old episodes to watch now.

    Actually, something just came to me while I was rewatching this video. One of my favorite minions was actually Scorpina. A shame she didn't get much air time though.

    Trini was my favorite ranger because one, sabertooth tigers kick ass, and two, she was Asian so it was was nice to see her kick ass. (And no, I don't mean that as a racist remark. But really, there weren't many heroes of Asian descent to look up to at the time.)
  • Doresh
    Too bad I only watched a handful of season 1 episodes. I'm more of a season 2+ guy :dry:

    And who didn'T like Bulk, Skull and Billy? They represented us nerds and misfits better than anyone else :D !

    That part with the new footage is crazy. Now I really have to wonder why they didn't make their own stuff, with the copied sets and costumes and all. But then again, the Japanese know a lot more about kaiju battles...
  • Royta  - About the Green Ranger Shield
    From what I know, the original shield was broken and or damaged in the original sentai series, which is why they couldn't use it anymore.
    The reason they didn't make a high quality new one, well, they didn't care or didn't have enough cash.

    Great review also. I liked the way you actually said the things I thought when I was young. Such as:
    - The individual zords rarely fighting.
    - Me hoping to see tommy every episode. It kept me watching.

    Good style of review too. Keep it up!
  • PLA
    Hey! I saw the TV 3 logo and swedish subtitles in there.
  • Greyjeth  - Nicely done :)
    So far this is really interesting stuff Linkara :) I hope to see more of this type of show and the rest of the rangers history.

    Although I gotta say I watched this show when I was about maybe 3 or 4, and I'll be damned if I remember any of it.

    However I'm not saying this show sucked just it's all kinda deja vu-ish.
  • Redrally
    This is interesting and informative. I also think you portrayed the show way more concisely and proper than I think I could have.
  • Fluffyman
    A lot of things that I look back as a child as a little absurd, this being one of them. I mean why teenagers? Wouldn't adults with more experience be a bit more logical? But it's better not to question every single thing to enjoy it, as it was obviously meant for appealing to teens.
  • Shinigami
    Ah yes, first season of the MMPR. Its classic PR in its best. Sure orginal japanese series is much better and lot more complex but still first and second season of the MMPR has that nostalgic value that seasons after that dosen't have.
  • Quantum Wolf
    For all intents and purposes, MMPR S1's targeting at the younger boys with martial arts, dinosaurs, giant robots and Tommy (And Kimberly *cough*) succeeded spectacularly.

    But I'm not going to lie, MMPR does have its faults, and that's the writing. Now TBH I didn't even really get into PR until late S2-early S3, so I was only able to give my appreciation to Jason, Trini and Zack until I was older and caught reruns. But onto another point, as an adult I really found all of the "life lesson" episodes just...blech. Everyone knows that we don't give two craps about the lessons Captain Planet taught us so PR doing the same thing didn't help matters; believe in yourself, trust your babysitter, don't go with strangers, the early episodes just go on and on... at least

    But Green with Evil is when it really picks up. If there is a reason to catch MMPR S1 again, starting with Green with Evil and continuing off from there is recommended.
  • Largo
    Wow, at the end you went reviewer-overdrive with the magic-tech thing! :0

    Great show, and interesting to take a look back then. I remember having a action-figure but never watching the show when i was a kid XD

    GO GO, Linkara and dont let your brain melt! :lol:
  • Salen
    Season 1 of Power Rangers for me started just as I was starting college, so I missed most of the earlier episodes, although I do remember always thinking that King Sphinx was pretty cool, even if I don't really know why. I think it was just the fact he was called King Sphinx.

    But on a sillier note, since Linkara is an Internet Reviewer Power Ranger, I sort of imagine the floating head of Nostalgia Critic as Zordon. Or maybe That Guy With The Glasses.
  • Ostman
    Great review Linkara. Really in depth and informative. I think I was abut 9-10 when this show came on first, and I was pretty much glued to the telly before school every morning.
    One thing you might look at for the next segment is what the hell were those sparks every time they got hit?! While I'm fairly sure the answer is "because kids pay more attention to explosions and shiny things", confirmation would be appreciated. Anyway, more of the same please.

    One thing though. I don't think someone can be "horribly racist" if they don't intend it.
  • shamrocknroll
    Man does this series set me back. Only watched up to In Space which I found to be the best IMO. Granted I never bothered to watch the remaining series mainly due to the fact Power Rangers have always been fairly a 90s thing in my eyes but hey maybe I will go back and watch some of the ones I missed.

    Good to see my fascist sister saying the Power Rangers were evil racist assholes was also garbage too. Yes it was racist but at the same time if it was an honest mistake, can't really fault them that much.
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