Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains

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  • DanManX
    I watched this on your site, Linkara, but I'll comment here.
    I liked the list, it was very interesting. A lot of stuff on there I didn't know about. And I agree a lot of it is a shame, too, since either the stories had the potential to be good, or it ruined otherwise good characters (like Cassandra Cain). Of course you couldn't resist bashing OMD a little, but I'm surprised you didn't put Hippolyta on there. Granted I don't know if she'd technically be classified as a hero normally, but I remember you mentioned MANY times how out of character her behavior in Amazons Attack! was.
  • Linkara
    I decided against Hippolyta since she turned back to good right at the end and every appearance since then has been positive.
  • M. Lion
    What about Alexander Luthor he was a good guy in Crisis on Infinite Earths but did a complete 180 in Infinite Crisis
  • danny-legend
    wow, super boy...
    I mean come on as if super man wasn't gay enough
  • UraRenge
    yeesh, that's a lot of screw-ups.

    So Linkara, we've heard plenty from you about One More Day, but out of curiosity, how do you feel about the Brand New Day storyline?

    There are things I like and don't like about BND, but all that goes out the window with Freak's awesome line, "I just wanted to get high, and you ruined my life!"
  • Linkara
    From what I've seen, none of these stories really NEEDED to be told with an unmarried Spider-Man. And frankly that Jackpot thing was a joke on us. And I'm not laughing.
  • UraRenge  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]From what I've seen, none of these stories really NEEDED to be told with an unmarried Spider-Man. And frankly that Jackpot thing was a joke on us. And I'm not laughing.[/quote]

    which part about Jackpot? Where it kept leading the reader to believe that she was Mary Jane, until SUPRISE, she's not?

    and while I agree that none of the stories really needed to be told with an unmarried Spider-Man, I do at least like the fact that he has his secret identity back, if only for the reason that he has way too many people that are after him, and he's not the kind of superhero that can be everywhere at once to protect his loved ones (like what happened to Aunt May).

    Does that excuse him making a deal with Mephisto, a demon that held captive the soul of Doctor Doom's mother for decades, and bound the demon Zarathos into Johnny Blaze? No, it doesn't. Why anyone would make a deal with the being that created Blackheart is beyond me.
  • jacktchance
    This vid brings back memories of countless facepalms. Prime, Jordan, Marvel, and Cain immediately came to mind when I saw the title. :X

    Also, am I the only person that misses the Giffen League?
  • Rokee
    "Ambiguously Gay Duo" - God, I missed that one :D
    I never got into the Green Lantern comics, but it sounds quite interessting, although you listed GL on Number 2.
    Great work, Linkara!
  • nikechure  - Song???
    What is the name of the song? It's awsome!
  • Linkara
    The ending music? It's the theme from Renegade.

    Otherwise the transition music is Eartha Kitt's "I want to be evil."
  • FernHat
    Of Course!
  • Eshbaal
    For a while, I feared Jericho from the 2003-run of Teen Titans showing up. I dunno why, since that was pretty awesome and you are picking the worst, but I kept fearing it would show up.

    As for Superboy-Prime... I did rather like him turning evil. True, he was indeed a whiny bitch, but I don't really think it was THAT bad. A lot of shit did come his way, really. As far as I gathered, the first kill when he knocked Pantha (that was her, right?)'s head off was unintentional - not that it justifies it - and then the flashes pushed him to another place in the timeline and he was imprisoned alone with his grief and rage. When he came back with the Anti-Monitor Armor, well... he was fucking maniacal. I don't think he was thinking straight at all. Ah well, it worked for me. I guess we're different that way, even if I can easily see your point and why he is on this list. At least he's fairly low.

    This was very entertaining. Surprised you didn't draw a parallel from Raven to Phoenix, who also keeps turning evil every other page.
  • Speedwagon33
    That picture of Hal is creepy.
  • ThatSwedeWithTheGloves  - Great list...
    I'm sadly not much of a comic-fan... but the original, un-screwed story of Cassandra Cain looks rather interesting!
  • Draxo
    Nice work, I read it and agree on every point.

    To be honest, this kind of thing is what I mull over in my head every time I think about superheroes / comics. I'm the kind of person who really wants to get into comics, but every time I do I feel I cannot begin. Everything is over complex. I tried once.. started collecting Robin, only to find that any plotlines finished in some -other- comic which I didn't collect and did not want to. Its like they don't want people to collect their comic series. Feels like disrespecting their fans to me.

    It feels like you have to have been reading for years to really be able to read comics these days. Gone are the simple days of simple plots, and gone is my favorite superhero setting. (Marvel, which killed their setting with M-day and Civil war. Its like they dropped the ball and forgot that one big aspect of comics for many readers is escapism.)
  • Jaws900
    Brill. Now i admit that i don't read many comics but i try to keep up to date with the main ones and half the people i didn't here about but some like Green Lanturn i had and they really where stupid. Thanks fro a brill vid again Linkara
  • Maragol
    Id' love to see some deadpool on top of the 4th wall. Otherwise this is accually one of the highpoints of the week for me. :silly:
  • Lt.Havoc
    Hmm.....yup, that was interesting for sure. I agree that Superboy Prime should be killed off already and wiped out of exsitance.

    AS you said, the proble is when you give Editors the task to write about heroes they do not have a clue about. I think it has pretty much to do how those companies are set up, they grew to big for thier own good and the structures are pretty much to hard and unflexible to actually give writers and artist the freedom needed to do good work.

    I mean, there is a stiff hierarchy in those companies and its always "We do it this way or no way!" and that creates stuff like that. There is a bunch of coperate people sitting in the high posts thinking how they can max thier cash-flows not deciding stupid things and that we should buy.

    No wonder a lot of artists and writers left Marvel and DC to start thier won publishing companies, they where simply fed up with the treatment there.

    All these things can be eaisly be fixed if you have writer/artist cricels/teams that only work with heroes they are familiar with. Add a review board of editors to it and have a healthy communication among the teams and you can eliminate a lot of errors being made.

    That worked for Heavy Metal, Pilote and other comic publishers in the past.

    As for the female villains wearing slutty outfits: well, that is a stereotype that is existing since the dawn of time. Vad Girls do wear black, because black is the color of the night, during the night, sinful acts are comitted, thus black = Evil.

    Showing skin is also sinful, sinful is the devil and thus showing skin is evil. Lots of Bad Girls use thier female attributes to lure the hero in a trap, to seduce them, turn the over etc.

    Thats why female villain, as long as they are sexy, dress like sluts. Of course, that there are lots of women out there who simply like showing that they are women and that it has nothing to do with sex, is always forgotten.

    Another point why female heroes and villain wear very revaling outfits: freedom of movment. Every wore a body armor? These things weight around 6 to 8kgs depending on the protection class, they are heavy and cumbersome. While they offer protection, movement is hinder greatly by it.

    Aks every Soldier, SWAT meber or Police officer.

    So, a skin tight outfit is really in need if you have to be quick and all, speically during a fight.

    Just my thoughts to that.
  • GodDiva
    One thing I don't understand about Magneto being Xorn is that that character was said to have healing abilities. Magneto as far as I know has no such abilities. How did they explain that? Now if Xorn was never actually shown healing anyone then it could be explained away.
  • Linkara
    From what I saw, he tried to avoid using it whenever he could, but otherwise he had control of nanites that were actually responsible (like how he healed Professor Xavier's legs).
  • GodOfPlague
    Oh No the writers are going to turn Linkara evil by attacking the characters he loves. Then they force him to make a deal with Dr. Insano thus retconing the universe of comics, but also turning Linkara evil forcing him to battle the very hereos he sacrificed his sanity to save.

    It's perfect MWA HA HA HA
    Hah. I don't read (or like) superhero comics, but this was entertaining as hell.

    I'm not a huge fan of "universe-spanning" continuity or the fanbase at all, but i do recognise the importance of characterization consistency.

    And what was wrong with Grant Morrisons take on Animal Man?
  • Linkara
    Nothing was wrong with it - I loved his run on the series, it's just at the end Animal Man actually meets Grant Morrison in a bit of metafiction conversation. ^_~
  • damocles  - A question
    Now that i think of it...There was any good istance of a hero becoming a villain?
  • Shinigami
    Well there is certainly always something new to be learned for us non-geeks.
  • Torn0023
    Man too bad that that is not going to be your catchphrase.
  • tops  - What about Iron Man?
    How come Irom Man isn't up there? I mean, the Avengers were forced to recruit a teenage version of him and the real one dies! :?:
  • Linkara
    I considered it, decided against it. It was just too convoluted and I had been under the impression that it had been erased from continuity.
  • BlueGoldBizarros  - WOW
    I really had no clue that Magneto's transformations to good guy to villain was so confusing.

    I currently big on most of DC's characters, but after seeing this, :unsure: It's just sad that DC keeps on messing around and apparently NEVER learn their lesson.

    [size=large]Though Marvel is curtainly FAR from innocent after seeing Sue Storm turned into... THAT :X :X [/size]
  • question08
    This may not be entirely accurate since I haven't been reading Marvel for a while, but I heard the X-man Pixie turned evil for a while. Wasn't her power unfathomable cuteness? How do you make that evil?
  • jakerose20
    like damocles asked who was the best Hero becoming a Villain ?
  • steelabjur  - Pixie
    I'm not super up to date either, but Pixie's abilities were her wings and a "Pixie Dust" that causes hallucinations in those coming into contact with it. Bet it has something to do with the dagger she got from Magik that was formed from part of Pixie's soul that Magik replaced with black magic.
  • TommyOJustice  - Catchphrases
    "I'm Linkara, and I remember it until Department H implants the memories that I don't."

    "From Atop the Fourth Wall I'll continue to pour molten death onto bad comics."

    "Dr. Insano, I'm gonna getchu sucka!"

    "I'm the goddamn Linkara!"

    "Until next time, I remain Jim McLauchlin." *bonus points for anyone w/ the geek insight to know that reference.*
  • EspanolBot  - Thanks for the Shout Out! ^^
    Hey Lewis,
    Thanks for the shout-out for Casstoons. :) Great video, as always, and I look forward to the next one.

    And I think that the reason why Captain Atom went evil was along the lines of: after going to the Wildstorm Universe and seeing a world were humans were scared of superheroes, he was teleported by to the DCU, only to appear in the crater of Bludhaven (former home of Cass Cain).

    This was kind of traumatic for him, and it was immediately followed by the Monitors of the Multiverse wanting to use him to police people moving back and forth between universes.

    He rebelled against this idea, and decided instead to wage war upon the Monitors instead. This lead to the Countdow: Arena mini, where characters from much cooler series, like JSA: Liberty Files, Red Son and Gotham by Gaslight were made to kill each other to see who would be in his army of superheroes.

    This lead to him destroy a so called "perfect universe" when the Monitors vs. Monarch fight broke out, and it eventually ended when Superboy/man Prime (he changed his name when he was aged up following his part in the Sinestro War thingy) torn up Monarch, causing him to explode the entire universe.

    What happens to this (mostly radioactive and dead) universe is wrapped up at the end of Final Crisis.
  • Linkara
    Still, it's not very clear and in Ion: Guardian of the Universe he seems like he's actually still a good guy.
  • steelabjur  - re:
    [quote=jakerose20]like damocles asked who was the best Hero becoming a Villain ?[/quote]

    Not the best I'm sure, but Captain America's old WWII sidekick Bucky (James Barnes) becoming the Russian assassin and terrorist Winter Soldier was pretty good. Then they turned him good again :pinch: (at least he's gone up a few notches on the Badass-O-Meter).
  • jakerose20  - re: re:
    [quote=steelabjur] [quote=jakerose20]like damocles asked who was the best Hero becoming a Villain ?[/quote]

    Not the best I'm sure, but Captain America's old WWII sidekick Bucky (James Barnes) becoming the Russian assassin and terrorist Winter Soldier was pretty good. Then they turned him good again :pinch: (at least he's gone up a few notches on the Badass-O-Meter).[/quote]

    Wait so the best one is a Hero that turned good again ?
  • JimmydelaKopin
    Ah, Linkara, pal, thanks for giving me even more reason to treasure my [u]Femforce[/u] comics.
    (By the way, AC did give Ms. Victory a heel-turn that was pretty decent, explaining that it was from the new formula for the drug that keeps her young and gives her powers.)
    Knuckles also did a very good heel-turn briefly in [u]Sonic[/u] (which was born of a blind devotion to the echidna ideal, itself born of a deep-rooted disagreement with his father over his role as guardian of the Floating Isle).

    There can be good heelturns for heroic characters in comics--but they need good writers and better editors to keep an eye on the characters involved.
    Most of the crap you revealed reeks of Fanfic Syndrome.
    Seriously, if DC saw Hal as boring, focus on other characters in the GL continuity--over 4,000 GLs to choose from!
    And making Max Lord into a Gyrich clone is unforgiveable. Gyrich was always a miserable character in Marvel to begin with; for a DC writer to want to bring such dreck into the DC Universe...horrible, simply horrible.
    Go read some [u]Femforce[/u] and clean this mess from your brain. You deserve a good series for suffering this much! :)
  • howtoread  - Great vid as always
    For anyone wondering about whats happened to mary marvel... well let's just say she's not evil anymore.
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