Amazons Attack Prologue

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  • SailorCardKnight
    I know i'm gonna get shot for this but.....

  • qmattp
    you got shot 6 times...
  • Squeejee
    Woah, now it's 77.
  • FAILincorporated
    Why would you even say first? Why not something constructive?
  • Sanosuke
    That's nice that you are first but wouldn't it also be nice to comment on the video also.
    I never really liked Wonder Woman. I really hated that old show.
  • clockwork2001
    awesome, cant wait for you to start this mini.

    dude, did i see dragon dager and Saba?
  • Linkara
    You did indeed.

    I had Saba as a little kid, but I broke it after a year or two. Never could get my hand on the dragon dagger.

    These additions to my props are thanks to my first Blip paycheck a few months ago. ^^
  • NowCompleteWith
    It's early. If you are up this early to call FIRTSIES. You are up this early to call FIRSTIES! That aside; VIVA LINKARA!
  • ChaosD1
    Even a video dedicated entirely to backstory is entertaining when you do it.


    (I feel sad recognizing the Green Ranger's flute-dagger. I was in High School when Power Rangers was popular. I have no excuse for this.)
  • Y Ruler of Time
    NIIIIIIIIICE Shortpacked reference. You win, sir.

    You have the Green Ranger's dagger AND White Ranger's talking sword? Dude! Man I wish I'd gotten that stuff when I was a kid...

    Wonder Woman is basically the third face of DC continuity, isn't she? They really made a series whose title ripped off "When Animals Attack"? Sheesh...
  • Linkara
    Yup. Wonder Woman makes up the third part of DC's "Trinity."

    And hey, at least "When Animals Attack" is entertaining.
  • pkisfubar  - good stuff
    i got to say i am loveing ATFW

    wow power ranger toys naver growing up rules
  • DanManX  - Holy God I love Linkara
    So as if your hat didn't make you look like Rocky enough already, you go and do this. :P Funny as crap though.

    Also, the fact that you have the Dragon Dagger AND Saba makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. It's awesome.

    And I for one always appreciate a little comics history, so this was awesome. I don't know much about Wonder Woman or Amazons Attack, so it was very nice of you to do this for us. Wouldn't want your fans being completely bewildered by what you're talking about.

    Plus, I know I've said it before, but I LOVE your attention to continuity. "Magic coin with no backstory." Sweetness.

    Oh, and I'm awaiting your use of "I AM A MAN!" this month. It just BEGS to be used against a comic about Wonder Woman and the Amazons, right? There are SO many good opportunities (probably...).

    Edit: DARN IT!!! Someone beat me to commenting on the Power Rangers toys. I am saddened now...
  • Keroshino  - re:
    [quote=SailorCardKnight]I know i'm gonna get shot for this but.....

    BANG...damn First-ers :evil:
  • Nightwing83
    This is appropriate since the animated WW film comes out tomorrow. Having seen it at Wonder-Con, I can give it a marginal recommendation. I hate the way Steve Trevor's written in it, though. Way too many one-liners. There's a few other things I can nit-pick and it is kinda formulaic, but it's entertaining enough.
  • anotherface
    You need to do more of these type of videos, because a little back story does help with some of the comics you review.

    Can't wait for the continuation of this one
  • Chosen Zelos
    Silly silly stupid silly Linkara. Don't shoot that punching bag. Save that energy for the shooting bag. Silly.


    [img]http:// resources/2007/10/ aug070262d.jpg[/img]

    You're recommending me a comic where Wonder Woman get's raped by gorillas!? My ... how progressive. :0 :D :0
  • Linkara
    You want progressive? The cover's quite misleading.

    She makes those gorillas work for HER.
  • Chosen Zelos
    Oh . . . well, I guess I'll [u]still[/u] give it a look.

    Sigh. [size=x-small]jk[/size]
  • JustSomeDude
    Man, you are getting so good at this Linkara.
    I am truly amazed by the level of entertainment, good stylish taste and knowledge in your comic reviews.

    I am looking anxiously forward to the main review of this Amazons Attack.
  • DrKimble  - I love this guy
    The writing is always witty, the anger looks (damn!) genuine and the comic book knowledge seems infinite. As always, great video and the quality is getting better and better. The good thing is you don't have to rely on more complex editing and props as your writing easily carries your videos. Don't get me wrong, it's still really neat to get all that extra stuff in your videos.
  • SomethingGerman
    in one word: awesome
    in more words: one of the best written, acted out, unexpected high quality intelligent hilarious videos on this site.

    But all your base is still greater :side:
  • Decemius
    I want to make a joke about Spider Jerusalem being the spirit of truth, but I'm pretty sure I'd catch to much flack for it.

    Great vid. Learned quite a bit from it and was very entertaining.
  • Animikean
    Linkara, you didn't mention that he's also the father of the lie detector? Thought that was common knowledge (says the endangered species known as the girl comic book geek)
  • Linkara

    If you look closely, you'll see the rare and endangered comic book geek... the FEMALE of the species, anyway! It's very rare to see them out in the wild! Don't make any sudden movements and don't mention a refrigerator within earshot!

    Yeah, I've heard about that, but I didn't want to bog down the video with all the various bits of information about him.
  • Welshy
    Great vid, but the true genius for me is that during the whole training sequence you never once took your hat off.
  • Xatike
    Actually, you aren't stealing the quote:

    "You know, for kids!"

    ...from the Nostalgia Critic, you're merely quoting the Hudsucker Proxy. An amazingly hilarious, yet border-line bad movie.

    Also, the Rocky Montage is so overdone that I don't really laugh at them anymore, (and the point being brought up will probably be: 'but BECAUSE it is so over done, that is what makes it funny!') but when you went up those two steps, that got a good laugh from me.

    Thank you for reviewing this, I have always been curious about Wonder Woman's storyline. Brief overviews are better than nothing.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Linkara  - re:
    [quote=Welshy]Great vid, but the true genius for me is that during the whole training sequence you never once took your hat off.[/quote]
    ...What hat?
  • sanjithecook
    For long time now i've always ignored the Wonderwomen character as i just saw her as a character created for some fan-service. I always hated the fact that we seem to never seem to get any good female superheroes who are at least fully clothed without half their boobs hanging out. However, i think i will give your recommendation on wonder women a look.
  • SailorCardKnight  - re: re:
    [quote=Keroshino] [quote=SailorCardKnight]I know i'm gonna get shot for this but.....

    BANG...damn First-ers :evil:[/quote]

    Yes, evil aren't I? :evil: (or at least it was the first time I caught a video just posted with no comments yet, so why not?)

    Now to say what I didn't get to say because I was so itchin' to get the I really posted I really posted first comment but this phrase is a censored phrase made to make my post really long cause the admin was bored did you know it is snowing outside? It is kinda cold in Chicago right now. Also hopefully this year is the Year for the Cubs. I really should not post this comment again....

    This was awsome as always Linkara! You never fail to make me laugh with these videos of yours! For a while now, these videos of yours managed to spark my interest in American comics. So perhaps i'll try that Wonder Woman comic you suggested, what did you say the writer's name was again?
  • Linkara
    Gail Simone, AKA the purveyor and distributor of Awesomesauce.

    She was the long-time writer of the comic Birds of Prey, the current writer of the delightfully twisted Secret Six, and frankly just one of the best in the industry.
  • Bonkers  - The female comic book geek
    normally known as the "Mangreader" as that the greatest part of female comic book readers are interested in ti.

    Amazon Attack... oh dear I heard storys about that. wasn`t this the event in which all amazons wanted to kill "man"kind?
    I mean... I don`t have anything against feminism, but as I heard about the story and read they are killing all children with a dingaling (you know, based on family guy, you can`t say penis thanks to the fucking FCC) I just thought:
    Great, exactly what we need. Infinite Crisis just finished, Antimonitor attacking with the sinestro Corps and Superemo, Black Adam going on a rampage and now women in the critic time of the month.
    And as far as I heard... well stupid.
    Okay, if it weren`t stuid, you wouldn`t review it.

    Just as a question:
    Based on Wonder Womans success, what happened with "Wonder Girl" after infinity crisis?
    I have to admit, I was a great fan of Young Justice and I would know what happened with her after almost all main members of the group are now dead.
  • yuetheguardian  - regarding "Wonder Girl 2"
    Wonder Girl is now a part of the teen titans volume 3 or 4 (whichever)but it fetaures most of the rememaining members of young young justice, they "graduated". but long story short 1/2 of them are now dead in coninuity, but look up the back trades and enjoy.
  • Linkara
    In fairness, really the only ones who died were Superboy and Impulse, but both of them look like they're coming back to life (Bart confirmed, Superboy hinted).
  • Bonkers
    thanks for answering the question. You see, I am from germany and we... let just say, the publisher of Young Justice screwed all up during the last years. In 2000, only two years after the storys were published here, they had to cancel the series because of bancruptcy.
    after "Sin`s of the youth" we didn`t get anything else from them. I read about the Young Justice members in other medfia and knew that for exampe Bart was or a short time the Flash but died etc. but.. I didn`t know anything about Wonder Girl.
    Ah yes...somehow I miss the days with them. okay they all had to grew up but... oh well.

    What I think could also be reviewed in my opinion is the entire "Black Adam" Story and the later development of Mary Marvel. In my opinion, Black Adam is just a mass murderer and his entire war... I can understand why he went berserk, but that he went berserk in this way?
    and by the way, the story was called "World war three" or?
    ... didn`t the story of Grant Morrison with Mageddon once own this title?
  • Linkara
    It's been explained that the world refers to Black Adam's actions as "World War III," but don't refer to the Mageddon instance as it. In either case, the name doesn't really make that much sense.

    Black Adam's development has been fantastic more or less. Mary Marvel's... well, we'll get to my Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains. ^_~
  • Bonkers
    Oh, so therefore.
    I thought DC would try to give it`s "Crisis" some specific names.
    I mean, mageddon... in my opinion, it was a good event. But somehow I seem to have missed the moment, when Superman got captured.

    Black Adams development... I have to admit, I thought it wasn`t as bad before and AFTER his rampage. But... let`s just say even if I am a villain fan, I would send him to the schafot, after THIS thing.

    Worst Heroes becoming villains?
    Oh god, I think to know which names will come up in this thing.
    I bet Jason Tood and Superboy Prime (or whatever his name is now)are there for sure. Oh and let`s not forget Hal... wait, in fact that was "good" somehow.
  • Bonkers
    thanks for answering. Sorry, the comment was for you not Linkara. the page did screw it up.
    *gomen nasai, as the japanesse says it*
  • Talden
    Well, that was an interesting insight on Wonder Woman. As I am unlucky to the point of being born in Europe :P we don't have much informations on her. Except her role in Superpals and Justice League... Yeah...

    Naw that I know the background, I can't wait to see the review! :)

    See ya. 8)
  • Shinigami  - okey
    So this video was truly prologue for the next. Its defenetly good thing as all of us are not geeks so its good for us to know those things before actual preview.
  • Mattm4  - Agreed with Talden
    I also live in Europe, and as Talden posted in his comment abit further up we dont have much info about Wonder Woman, but this really helps understanding her univers alot better. I've always been interested in Movies, and Games, but never comicbooks until i saw your reveiws Linkara. its very exciting and ofcause you are one hilarous person. Keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the next incomming materiale B)
  • Singingbush  - Awesome
    "I'm Batman...and I can breathe in space."

    Never thought I'd see that reference...but kudos for the choice.

    I enjoyed this video very much. Wonder Woman really doesn't get a lot of good press with the male audience...mostly because people can't write for her. Good analysis.
  • CMWaters  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]Gail Simone, AKA the purveyor and distributor of Awesomesauce.

    She was the
    long-time writer of the comic Birds of Prey, the current writer of the
    delightfully twisted Secret Six, and frankly just one of the best in the
    Just making sure, didn't she also write the recent Atom comics where The Atom briefly dated Giganta? Or was that someone else?
  • Linkara
    Yup! That's her!
  • TommyOJustice  - The creator of WW was polyamourous?
    I guess you learn something new every day.

    Guess I'm not the only freaky geek :p.

    BTW Linkara, there is such a thing as being over-armed. You're a few weapons short of being Superman from At World's End.
  • Linkara
    Hence why one guy with a gun took me out. ^_~
  • Relick
    Awesome as always, Linkara! It's great to see a guy with a real appreciation for Wonder Woman and what she stands for, who her character is, and doesn't see her as just a bondage bunny. Seriously, she's the only comicbook woman that's a hero in her own right, and not just a cheap knockoff of a male counterpart.

    And so I salute you, Great Guru of Geeks, and wish you luck and plenty of ibuprofen in your Amazons Attack review. ^_^
  • Linkara
    Weeell, there are others who aren't knockoffs, and there are plenty of knockoffs who are still great characters in their own right.

    Still, thanks so much! ^_^
  • therandomgamerguy
    [color=red][/color]you should do the megaman comix!!! they have to be bad!!
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