AT4W - Day of AT4W LIVE!

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Comments (64)
  • shinigamiespada
    yes! crappy day ends with Linkara. day just got better
  • Wacky Wally  - DAMMIT!
    I almost got first damn you Shinigamiespada damn you straight to HELL.
  • Fidu21
    Awesome! i wonder what did Linkara review!
  • Archane
    In my viz translated Manga what Nega-Tristen actually said is that it will be a Live Show of Blood.

    Also when he said he was numb they have it as Yow! That made me Shiver...
  • vonPeterhof
    Yeah, in Japanese the phrase "live show" is nearly always abbreviated to just "live" (or "raibu"), so you'll often see that word used as a noun in lazy translations.
  • Owen McRupertson
    Whos the Guy who keept yelling out at the endof every line...
  • OA Skittles
    That guys was sooo annoying.
  • Salosandre
    Anyone else find the guy that keeps shouting out bad attempts at jokes incredibly annoying?seriously, take your ADD meds man..
  • PitchDarkEdge  - Oh yeah, that guy.
    I was there, and he sat in front of me the entire time, and he WOULD. NOT. SHUT. UP. Me and a few people around him tried to get him to stop, but, well, you heard how well that went.
  • Nykk
    Use more violence next time.
  • ahak
    Yup, people like him is why I am not a big fan of live shows/panels/etc.
  • mandros  - off topic question
    Seeing as i can't afford to go to any of your conventions. Could i mail you things, with money, to get autographed and mailed back.

    If so how much for you to sign a card and a comic?
  • Trapiac
    He convinced me disabled adblock too..
  • ladydiskette
    "All Night Solo "Love-" Live Shows" XD

    Best slip-up ever on live camera. XD
  • SpeedyEric
    1:09- Ah, it’s okay. At least I sang along with the con-goers, and I knew which part of the song was gonna come up next.

    Yay! Mo Yu-Gi-Oh! Wait, why am I cheering when I haven’t seen a single episode of the show?

    4:55- (Singing) The strangers on the bus go “Sit by me, sit by me, sit by me.” The strangers on the bus go “Sit by me.” Oh freakin’ god.

    8:54- Yeah, that won’t give you detention or anything.

    9:33- And suddenly, he looks like the kid from Jerry McGuire.

    11:47- I’m with Linky here. That’s a very good reason why we don’t have crap like that here in the U.S.

    16:29- “I’ll drive you crazy, and I’ll KILL YOU. I’m every nightmare you ever had. I’m am your worst dream come true!”

    17:35- Yuugi looks a bit cross-eyed, don’t you think?

    Man, these animes are weird.
  • itachi1989
    I thought that the Gunslinger's appearance was based upon Yuber from Suikoden III. Glad to hear that there are people who enjoy the game enough to based their character's looks off of them. Nice job with that costume btw.
  • Snugens  - That ONE guy
    We need someone to say beforehand notto add jokes to the show with old memes. Its disrespectful to Lewis and ruins the experience for everyone in the room and at home. Sad really, cause That Yu Gi Oh manga fansub is comedy gold.
  • StarWars Fanatic  - Star Wars and 5th anniversary
    First off Linkara I thought that this video as usual was very funny, Second do you have any plans to do a Star Wars comic sometime soon, if not I reccomend Dark Empire 1, and finally will you be doing a short or making an appearance for the fifth anniversary special? If you can't answer any of these questions I fully understand but if you could I would greatly appreciate it.
  • trepiechick
    What is that guy's problem? I wonder if those types of rude ass people are so sad that they add their own jokes to the non-live videos too.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    About the ads:

    I think the big boost comes from the fact that the Blip player now has that 90-second banner when it can't load the ads. It's quicker to just play the ads than to deal with the banner.

    I would disable my ad blocker on TGWTG completely except that Blip puts these obtrusive banner ads up DURING the videos now.

    Here's what I do: I disable the ad blocker when I load a video, and then reactivate it once the ad is done loading. It eliminates the obtrusive banners, but still generates revenue for the producer.
  • Pseudowolf  - That Yelling Guy
    These attention-starved people are just the worst. Look, I'm glad you love the show, but please just shut up. Noone is there to hear your comments, you aren't funny and Lewis does not need your help. All you are doing is ruining the show for those around you like PitchDark above. If you just MUST share your comedic genius with the world, get a camera and make your own damn webshow.
    I just wish Lewis could find a way to tell these people to sit down and shut the hell up. (There's a similar issue with Spoony's SGC videos. The audio's already bad. The yelling makes it worse)
  • Vallraffs  - Disney Comics
    A question that has recently sprung to my mind is "why hasn't Linkara reviewed any Disney comics?" Specifically Donald Duck/Mickey Mouse comics and the likes. Of course, there might be a simple answer, such as maybe Linkara has some rule against those kinds of comics, or maybe he has no interest in them, or maybe he doesn't own any bad ones, or maybe the thought just hasn't occurred to him or it just hasn't taken priority, or maybe he has reviewed such comics and I just haven't found them. Regardless of what the cause may be I would really like a response, as such a review would certainly entertain me. While I would gladly donate a comic of my own for such a review, none of my Disney comics are in English.
  • SailorCardKnight
    If he needs something Disney to destroy, I know I'd like to see him tear into the Darkwing/Ducktales crossover comic. Never before I had read something I wanted to torch so badly. My childhood felt violated by that thing! The story made no sense, characters acted OOC, and all of the continuity errors. And Negaduck *shakes head*...they RUINED my favorite villain from Darkwing.
    The writer claimed he watched the original series for Darkwing, but he sure as hell didn't GET it, same with Ducktales. The only saving grace of that mess was the amazing artwork.

    I doubt Linkara will review it though, as he mentioned enjoying it, he also mentioned not having watched Darkwing in ages so that might be why he had no issues with it. Maybe its it's because hes so used to reading FAR worse comics, and i'm more of a manga reader?
  • Wethewax  - Can't stand the heckler.
    I really tried to ignore the guy in the crowd who wants to "help" Linkara, but it just became too much.

    So thanks idiot! You totally destroyed my ability to enjoy Linkara's performance!
  • ArtticWitchica
    Yeah the heckler guys at panels can be annoying. I have met quite a few myself at the conventions I go to... and there is always that one asshole that almost makes the panel unbearable >
  • stika  - Regarding the adds
    While I did disable the add blocker after watching your video, I couldn't help but feel that there was something bothering me about it.

    I know this may sound completely unrelated but I couldn't help but think of that Episode where you were literally screaming at us/the camera saying "Rob Leidfeld should not work in this industry!"

    Now, I'm not a fan of Rob Leidfeld, though I was back when in my teen years during the 90's

    but I find it's somewhat hypocritical to ask or beg us to turn off our add blockers because this is your job, while at the same time shouting that an artist or writer you don't like shouldn't have a job in the industry he loves.
  • Tactlesscat
    Welcome to reason number 5 I don't turn the ad block off. Reason number 1 is the ads that aren't commercials.

    Honestly if Linkara wants to give shit to bad artists and writers about the job they enjoy, even if they're bad at it, that's fine but he should recognize that he's doing the same thing. Being bad at aspects and having people criticize him about this shit.

    You know there's a REASON some of the other producers have irregular schedules- because they have real jobs in case reviewing doesn't work out.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Once again, I fail to see the connection the two of you are trying to make. The ads are his source of income; for him to point that out has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is critiquing other people's work.

    The thing is, neither one of you are actually critiquing real aspects of Lewis' work; you're griping about ads.

    And perhaps the reason that Lewis can concentrate his efforts on making videos, rather than getting a "real job" is because his videos are popular enough and therefore generating enough income.

    It just amazes me how people basically complain about getting something for free.
  • stika
    I wasn't aware that something "free" couldn't be criticized.

    Moreover, you never addressed the point we made.

    that he's asking us to turn off our pop-up blockers because "it's his job" while he himself claims "rob Leidfeld should never work in comics"

    That's hypocrisy
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I fail to understand exactly what you're calling hypocrisy. All he did in that video was point out that the ads were the source of income from making these videos. Leibfeld gets paid by whatever comic company hires him, so for him to criticize Leibfeld's work has no connection whatsoever. It's not as though Lewis is depriving Leibfeld of income by critiquing his work.
  • BloodThirstyGretzky88
    Hey Bro, is there anyway you can re edit this to remove the hackler to make the review more enjoyable? Thank you
  • Captain Speedbump
    The audience makes or breaks the live shows:

    The best live shows are the ones where the audience has spontaneous reactions: laughing, ooohhing and awwwing. The best example I can think of is that live episode where a Japanese comic had a person get run over by a car, and Linakra showed an illustration of the person with their whole body lodged under the wheel-well at bizarre angles, and the audience reaction had laughs, "ooohhhs", and a whole gamut of reactions for several seconds.

    The worst live shows are the ones where the audience feel the need to constantly MST3K Linkara's every line. A couple of times is OK, but sometimes it really gets out of hand.

    On another note, I'm glad people are now watching the ads and helping Linkara out. It shows that the majority of Linkara's fans are genuinely nice people who want him to continue to do what he's doing. There are always a few trolls, but they are the vast minority.
  • Shockwave_the_Dragon  - That Little Brat
    As I said in the forum page, the brat was a mile past annoying. It was ok for maybe the first line, but after that he keep pushing and pushing and pushing. I know my friend tried it at Metacon and I told him to cut it out after the second one and he listened, but this guy was someone different and it was annoying as hell.

    As I said before too, I HOPE I sit next to him next year. Let's just say if he tries that, we'll see something a little more...effective.
  • Malidictus
    After messing with it for a long time, I found a way to OK ThatGuyWithTheGlasses in AdBlock. Turns out it still doesn't play any commercials. I turned it off entirely, still no commercials. Oh, well.
  • CC*  - shockwave
    i don't think getting physical is gonna make the live shows more enjoyable
  • Shockwave_the_Dragon  - CC*
    What do you mean physical? I'm a lot more subtle.
  • Aardvark
    I know what it's like at a con, and everyone has to be tolerant, but I would love it if Linkara would tell that disruptive guy to come up and do the show while Linkara goes in the audience and takes his seat.
  • mattwo  - Crossovers with former TGWTG members.
    You know I had been wondering the same about Spoony. I'm not even sure if there has been a crossover with you two since he left.
  • Tactlesscat
    You know what's super fucking obnoxious? Having your video preview image be a comment about the ads.

    Fucking drop it already.
    We get it already.

    You know what you could do is host your shit on youtube as a partner, and use their ads, which are not nearly as disruptive as blip ones.

    You know.

  • armagod679
    It's a legitimate question from the audience that just happened to be the screenshot that was picked. It's not always easy to control those.

    Also, from what I understand, Blip pays better.
  • trlkly
    Totally wrong. Ask Fraser on Video Games Awesome: Google Adsense makes more money than Blip. And, unlike on YouTube, you do get to pick whatever image you want as a screenshot on Blip.

    And this had to be the first video I'd considered watching since the whole adblock video. I was finally getting to the point where I might be able to see this guys face without being so furious at him for being so insensitive.

    I mean, he can't even argue it's about money anymore. Even if YouTube would make him less money than Blip, he'd make more money doing both, and there's no downside. So it's not even about money anymore. It's about thumbing his nose at those of us who got mad at him.

    And, seriously, use Google instead of asking someone you suspect can't even talk about it. I can't even fathom a reason to ask Linkara this question other than to try and rile people up.
  • Archane
    Ugh this again. To anyone still complaining about the ads thing, go somewhere else.

    No one is forcing you to watch his stuff, why don't you go watch TV instead where their are plenty of AD's that you can skip by recording the program.

    At least they already get their money. Geez, perhaps he likes Blip more then Youtube. Honestly what does it matter. I don't think it's too much to ask to watch 2 minutes of commercial's for 20-30 minutes of entertainment.

    Get off your high horse.
  • stika
    "get off your high horse"

    you got a to a website that is famous for people creating videos where mindlessly bash---I'm sorry CRITIQUE someone else's work and you're telling the viewers to get off their high horses?

    Oh the irony
  • Enya Kithael
    That heckler is awesome.
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