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  • SpeedyEric  - Somebody SAAAVE MEEE… from Marville.
    Yay, more on the comic series that has little to no reason to exist!

    It’s nice to finally see Pollo in a couple of bigger bodies, and it’s a sad thing that Linkara still hasn’t given you working arms.

    3:52- That’s alright. I just already knew the fact that it was you, Lewis Lovhaug, that wrote the review.

    The cover of Marville #4 looks like it belongs on a modern day comic adaptation of the 1966 film “One Million Years B.C.,” and Mickey is playing Raquel Welch’s character from said movie.

    13:52- When people say that Marville goes deeper down mountain after every issue, …they weren’t f**kin’ lying. Also, I don’t recall the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park films to speak perfect English (because that crap only happens in cartoons, Bill Jemas).

    16:41- Good lord. Even Mel Brooks would find this offensive.

    22:40- Thanks for the info, Linkara. I feel smarter that Bill Jemas already.

    Power Rangers has good action scenes and good story telling; in other words, it has the exact opposite of what Marville has.

    28:16- It’s right here that I realize that Marville is WORSE than “Bimbos in Time.”

    31:22- And people say “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is the worst thing to have Wolverine in it.

    I think Linkara blew a fuse, and I’d hate to see his reaction to the final 2 (kinda 3) issues. But hey, and least Teen Titan Retrospective month starts next week.
  • PlayMp1
    What the HELL happened with this comic? How did they get EVERY bit of science wrong? Not even the Emperor-forsaken Creation Museum in Kentucky fucks up this much! Talking hadrosaurs?! Stupid raptors?! PTEROSAURS IN THE WATER!?

    The mind, it boggles. I couldn't even laugh at this review, as well-made as it is. I was too busy watching agape with the stupidity of... everything contained therein.
  • Nikoxine  - Ugh...
    I'll probably be flagged for this but I'll say it anyway.

    Why hate on the Creation Museum?
    As you said yourself they have better fact checkers than Jamas.

    And, to be fair, they do bring up several good points.
    Dating fossils and rock layers. It is done by circular reasoning. "The fossil X is Z old because it is in Y rock layer and layer Y is Z old because it has fossil X." There is no getting around it. Yes we have radioactive decay dating now, but we didn't for years and we are still teach the other way to kids.
    Also, it's an understandable point to make that for each "missing link" you find, you create two that you didn't have before. If evolution worked the way it was supposed to we WOULD see a consistent line and we don't.

    They bring up flaws in the system, thats a good thing, listen to them first at least. I thought it was a critical part of the scientific process to assume your ideas are WRONG?

    But that just me.
  • 13secondstomidnight

    I am going to beg you to do something: read a biology textbook. Please don't just assume on your lay-person's knowledge. I did 4 years of Medicine at University and 2 years of biology. I can tell you that everything they said in that comic was wrong. And Linkara hasn't even gotten to why a lot of it was so fundamentally wrong because it would have taken far more time than his review had. So before you start talking with no base knowledge, please go and get the information first, because you have no idea how very very stupid you sound from my perspective knowing something about the subject matter.

    By the way, part of the scientific METHOD is to have a hypothesis, isolate the variables and test it. So please go and test the hypothesis of: go read a textbook first. If after that you think that your comment is still valid I encourage you to discuss it by all means. That would be a worthwhile informed perspective. At the moment, you're just talking out of your common knowledge... "Radioactive decay dating".... READ A FUCKING BOOK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:13secondstomidnight only a small correction
    In fact, carbon dating IS NOT the only method of measuring the age of rocks. I mentioned the other methods, in my response to a stupid comment from Nikoxine.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    Oh! Watch "Cosmos"! You can find it on youtube. Brilliant series, and it will give you the knowledge you would get after finishing high school biology.

  • Extreme-Madness  - re:Nikoxine *double facepalm!
    "Why hate on the Creation Museum?"
    Wait, are you serious?

    "Dating fossils and rock layers. It is done by circular reasoning. "The fossil X is Z old because it is in Y rock layer and layer Y is Z old because it has fossil X."

    This does not measure the age of rocks. This method is used to determine the geological periods. For example in the end of the Permian rocks are noticeably seen as a sudden lack of fossils of trilobites, and end of the Cretaceous period as the sudden disappearance of ammonite fossils (and of course the dinosaurs).

    Age of rocks is measured entirely different method, that is radiometric dating. Here are a few examples of modern dating methods: Uranium-lead dating method, Samarium-neodymium dating method, Potassium-argon dating method, Rubidium-strontium dating method, Uranium-thorium dating method, Radiocarbon dating method, Fission track dating method, Chlorine-36 dating method, Luminescence dating methods, and so on.
    (And yes, obviously carbon dating IS NOT the only method of measuring the age of rocks).

    It is obvious your ignorance about the geology and the methods used to measure the age of rocks (and evolution and genetics, of course). You are more ignorant than the author of this comic. Congratulations on that.

    "Also, it's an understandable point to make that for each "missing link" you find, you create two that you didn't have before. If evolution worked the way it was supposed to we WOULD see a consistent line and we don't."

    And of course the creationists and the stupid argument with "missing links" (So, no matter how many scientists have found a multitude of fossils, that for the creationists just mean more missing links, pure madness).

    We do not see a consistent line? Seriously? The line is very noticeable in the evolution of horses, elephants, whales, birds and, of course, also in the evolution of man (of course not to forget the genetics which further substantiates the evidence).
    Or do you expect to have to find fossils of every generation of every animal that has ever lived on Earth.Because even that such mass fossilization really happened, creationists would still not admit evolution, but would continue searching for transitional forms between parents and children.

    Also, you do not know shit about the scientific method. Read real scientific articles before you start writing nonsense.
  • Fomorian
    "I feel smarter that Bill Jemas already."

    That's not much of an accomplishment, though. There are bacteria smarter than Bill Jemas.
  • LikaLaruku
    I finally realized what Marville's covers remind me of....those misleading ads for that EVONY game.
  • Vausch  - I... I don't...
    I feel like this was one of those things Thunderf00t should be refuting on his "Why do People Laugh at Creationists?" series.

    This hurts. Like everything in my mind, it hurts. I draw comics for a living, I study engineering and mechanical science, this just hurts both of my major passions at once.

    I'll fill in for ChaosD1 here: EVOLUTION! DOESN'T! WORK THAT WAY!

    The ability to make a sound does not lend itself to the ability to comprehend a language, mister Jamas.

    You know why we don't use all our brains at once, Jack? WE'D HAVE SEIZURES! A brain going 100% at one time IS A SEIZURE. We do use 100% of our brain, but not all at once. God I hate that myth.

    This comic is an insult. If you want to see what makes humans homicidal, well I think we have a good reason: Marville exists.
  • ladydiskette
    I had a feeling that Dr. Linksano would be offended by this comic book.

    Are we sure that Bill Jemas isn't a atheist, and he is just making God/Jack say all this inaccurate stuff as a joke or parody of some sort?

    Also, didn't some dinosaurs evolve into certain species of birds that we have and know today?

    If so, what is Jack being all pissy about?
  • Crossover Princess
    Am I the only one who thinks that a Jewish Family of Dinosaurs sounds like something from Adult Swim?

    Also when the monkeys were brought up I thought of that Simpsons scene... I should have known you would use the clip...
  • KuroHime
    There is actually a distinct possibillity that this series is worse than Twilight. I'M 13 YEARS OLD AND I KNOW EVOLUTION DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!! THIS MAN IS AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SCIENCE AND HE IS WOUNDING MY SOUL!!!!!!!!!
  • JMDarkly  - Meat eater.
    You know, if, and this is a BIG if, if evolution did in fact work that way, those idiots could have brought the water containing a meat eating Dino with them. Just imagine a T-Rex suddenly evolving from the water and eating them all alive. What a wonderful thought.
  • Fangheart
    "There is actually a distinct possibility that this series is worse than Twilight."

    ......nnnnnope. {walks away}
  • Shadohime  - What is this I don't even...
    Bill Jemas is killing my soul. I prize intelligence, and he clearly has none. Linkara, please tell me that once you're done with the whole series, you'll put it all to the torch. Preferably via throwing the whole lot into a safe, and having Neutro launch it into the sun.

    This may be heresy, but this series is arguably WORSE than Warrior! WARRIOR! At least that comic had an excuse for why it was so bad: it was conceived and written by an insane pro wrestler! This?!

    Oh, and for the record, there were a BUNCH of sea-dwelling reptiles, and NONE of them are techincally considered dinosaurs! Mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, the prehistoric turtle whose name I forget... They AREN'T DINOSAURS, YOU IGNORAMOUS!!!
  • DMaster
    I believe you're referring to Archelon, and in any case, there isn't a "technical" issue: they aren't dinosaurs.
  • ohe
    That's not really what technicalities are about. Shadohime is right to call those reptiles, that are commonly associated with dinosaurs, not dinosaurs but only in th technical sense. If I have a group of friends that I collectively call 'guys' and somebody points out that any females among them technically aren't guys I'm not going to take it as anything more than a technicality.
  • natboof  - what the...
    my brain literally exploded with stupid when i was hearing about this comic
  • White Raven  - AAARGH!!
    That is not how dinosaurs work!! Also, I agree that the English language is sorely lacking in words to describe how awful this comic is.
  • White Raven
    forgot to mention: I love the title card!
  • AutoAxpert  - Dinosaurs!!!
    Oh man, I love dinosaurs!! Time to get super nerdy and annoying!

    Adrosaurus did have teeth, like primitive birds such as the Archaeopteryx. And they had a brain of the size of a walnut. So yeah, that "smart dinosaurs" later makes me grin.
    The Raptors from Jurassic Park aren't Velociraptors (which were just 30 cm tall and lived mostly in what became Asia) nor Deinonychus (which were more or less as tall as a twelve year old child) but on Utahraptors, which were almost two metres tall and lived 125 million years ago (well after this trainwreck of a comic is supposed to be set, anyway).
    Most dinosaurs were endotherms (and that bit on the spines is one of the most stupid thing I've ever heard).
    Did they really mixed up Pterosaurs and Plesiosaurs?

    Thanks Linkara, you mad my day better. Oh, and yay, otters. We evolved from otters. Riiiiiight.
  • teacaffiend
    Cover automatically loses points for use of the Photoshop leaf brush. Draw leaves or use this brush better. You drew all the other leaves, why did Velocint Raptorington III there have to be vomiting forth a small cloud of PS presets? Their inclusion HURTS the composition.
  • Furrama
    Uh, as a big Photoshop user: I see no use of the leaf brush. I see a photo with maybe a couple of filters on it.
  • FFKonoko
    He's talking about the cover of the comic, not the title card for the review. Though it was a little obfuscated by his use of "Velocint Raptorington III", since that brings the classy title card dinosaur to mind instead of the clubbed in the head one.
    Check around the 6:20 mark, quite a bit of photoshop leaf use on display.
  • hadomaru
    The amusing thing, to me, is that Deinonychus was in fact,FAR more intelligent than any hadrosaur. Predators as a rule are more intelligent than herbivores as they have to be. Movies (like Land Before Time 6) trying to say that they were dumb brutes are way off base.
  • Falconfly
    Indeed, though dromaeosaur (the type of dinosaur Deinonychus and Velociraptor were) intelligence was still more or less on the same level as an ostrich's
  • nugo
    hearing all the stupid in this comic made me cry. i feel bad for you linkara you have my sympathies
  • Niru-kun
    FINALLY! I love your Marville videos!
  • Jezzy54
    How the hell did the "biological clock" creature survive without food for a week, let alone millions of years?
  • James Picard
    Pollo's going to hate the battle mode. Poor bot. Well, we're okay with it at least. After all, you've been sick. Thankfully, you sound and look like you're feeling a lot better. Although I hope the older Pollo body doesn't completely dissapear though. I really liked it. And good lord, does this comic stink. As bad as the first two are, I 'd trade this in a heartbeat for them. At least they're just unfunny parodies.
  • Fantasgasmic
    That new body could use some primer under the paint. It's all uneven. It's weird seeing Pollo that large.
  • qazox
    Linkara, as an internet doctor, i have to tell you to stop reviwing Marville issues. We're running out replacement livers for internet personalities.
  • Dacilriel
    Early horses did not look like that. Eohippus lacked a long mane and tail, had paws instead of hooves, and had a completely different body shape than the modern horse.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that the asteroid hit in what is currently the Gulf of Mexico, so unless Al lives in a houseboat the bit about staying in the same place makes even less sense than it did before.
  • PlayMp1
    Yep, the impact crater is the Chicxulub site in the Yucatan and Gulf of Mexico, so given that it appeared Al lived in a large US metropolis (I'm guessing NY, since it's supposed to be a Marvel parody), I guess Al's house moved several thousand miles, across water, to facilitate being near the impact site.

    He'll need a lot of party balloons.
  • Larry  - Continental Drift
    I think that time travel plots should avoid mentioning that they stayed in the same place. Because the earth changes over time with continental drift. Maybe his house was in a desert in the Jurassic period or in flooded.

    Another problem is that of course the universe is expanding, the earth is moving around the sun and the solar system is orbiting The Milky Ways center.

    The science of this comic is awful. There are now, today, one fish that has legs witch it walks along the ocean floor with (Handfish)and one that is an amphibious fish and that has proto-legs and spends a considerable time on land. If the fish species they tried to depict had "legs" way before the species adapted to land, they must have had a use for them in the ocean or maybe along shores, rivers and lakes.

    The moralizing was also repugnant. Chimps go to war with each other and let's not forget the common practice among animals to kill the young of the parents. I remember (from TV) crocodiles killing the young of females in order to free up the mother for mating. Lions kill the young of the male they defeat over dominance in the flock.

    The writing is horrid. If you are presenting your philosophy and reasoning in dialogue form. I think that the best things to do is not to write both sides. The likelihoods of misrepresentation of a position is very likely. The author seems to be on the side of god directing evolution towards us. And he seems to be knowledgeable about his position enough. But the other position he is fairly ignorant of. If he is purposefully misrepresented majority scientific opinion, then he is highly dishonest and lying to his audience.
  • Falconfly
    Early fish with legs are thought to have evolved them to swim on densely vegetated swampy waters.
  • Sewblon
    To be fair, everyone seems to have let Plato get away with presenting his philosophy in dialogue form and writing all the positions involved himself.
  • psycher7
    That's because Plato wasn't an idiot who chugged varnish by the gallon.
  • redjirachi
    With your time travel comment, remember that space and time are intimately connected. One immediately affects the other-if you go back or forwards in time, you'll be travelling through space. Presumably at the same speed compared to Earth/Sun/Universe, so it shouldn't be an issue

    "Evil", for lack of the better word, exists in the majority of life-forms with some level of sentience. In fact, I think we're one of the few(if not the ONLY) species that has a proper ethics system. Human beings are not the most evil of creatures, they're simply the most skilled at killing-and it's a VERY good thing we aren't as dickish as, say, ants.

    Originially, I thought that Bill Jemas was an emotionless robot editor created by Marvel, from the year 5002(because the huge population makes it so that they need super-advanced robots to edit/market media). But now I realise that Bill Jemas as the original prototype that they threw in the trash half-complete since it failed miserably. Somehow Bill Jemas wandered into a PS1-filled antique time machine with the Jurassic Park 300(regarded as the dumbest of the sequels) on display, fell back into the Cretaceous Period and for reasons that confound me used a Hadrosaur as a wetware CPU.
  • Fangheart
    could not stop laughing at the Pterosaurs thing, that was great...

    I dunno Pollo, if were in your situation, I think the top of my "Upgrade wishlist" would be to have a more natural sounding voice that was less "Stephen Hawking-y"
  • Kitnighty
    a square peg for your round hole
  • DeepFryedLogic
    Someone hand me 2 bottles of tequila, and a wrench I'm going to get the stupid out even if i cause permanent brain damage in the process... oh god I'm not making any sense! Its already infested and laid its eggs inside my mind! DAMN YOU MARVILLE!
  • Keiji
    ....Basically, the monkey thing was originally a proverb about probability.

    Give a million monkeys a million typewriters and wait a million years, and, through the probability of them randomly smashing their keyboards, one of them would eventually write hamlet.

    But, that is even stupider in context. randomness effects probabilities, it isnt probability itself.
  • Squish
    The rampant pseudointellectualism hurts so much.
    That said, hooray! Dr. Linksano is back!
  • grkpektis
    Someone please tell me if the writer of this POS comic (bill jemas) is an atheist moron that thinks this is how evolution works or a religious moron that is making fun of evolution? Based on the last 3 shitty comics either one is a possibility.
  • Extreme-Madness
    That frustrates me, how many people do not understand how evolution works.
    And I noticed that the comic does not mention natural selection.
  • Furrama
    Didn't Einstein cheat on his wife(s) a whole bunch of times? He was not not an a-hole.

    They drew the hadrosaurs and raptors really... weird.

    I grew up homeschooled in a strict creationism christian household and I know more about evolution than this comic. (But I'm a nerd and love those animated natgeo specials.)
  • Falconfly
    Indeed. The anatomy on the hadrosaurs and "raptors" is very off. For starters, neither of those had the duck feet depicted in the comic.
  • Semysane
    I feel dumber for having experienced this comic, even in this format. I think I have forgotten math.
  • Raptor Rex  - I think I've become Linkara.
    I wanted to laugh watching this Review, but since this involves evolution and how nature works, I was completely angered at soooo much stupid put into this from the inaccuracy of the age of dinosaurs, to the very inaccuracy of the age of dinosaurs and paleontology as a whole.

    Thou Linkara did get some things about the relation between hadrosaurs and dromaeosaurs (Raptors) wrong and forgot to mention that dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals, I still applaud him for doing his research on while the people behind the book (Especially the writer) were just writing a dear John letter to the land before time.

    Everything about this comic was offensive to me not only because of my compassion for animals and from what I've learned so far about paleontology and evolution, and not only as a dinosaur as my fursona anyway but as a human being with a better understanding of life.

    You have no Idea how antsy this latest issue got me.
    PS. See my art at "TroyandFriends.Deviantar t" My dino drawings are much better than this in comparison. D
  • DMaster
    Dinosaurs are a tad more complicated than just falling under warm/cold-blooded; in the very least, it wouldn't have been as exact as what most of the casually biologically inclined would call ecto- or endothermic, and certainly not be the same across the entire superorder. Sauropods, for example, could not be endothermic in the same manner as mammals, considering a full-grown adult would need to strip away a forest a week away to fuel itself, not to mention live on a colder planet than the Jurassic/Lower Cretaceous would've proffered to not boil in their own blood.
  • Falconfly
    Actually, the idea that endothermic sauropods = stripping entire forests is now bogus, especially when plants like horsetails were more nutrient rich than modern angiosperms.

    All dinosaurs are thought to have evolved from an endothermic anncestor, though some might had become secondarily ectothermic (like sloths within the mammals)
  • KainGerc
    with this comic's strive for authenticity i kept expecting 'Denver the last dinosaur' to show up.
  • JMDarkly  - HOW?
    How is it possible that soo much science could be used, and yet all of it was wrong?! Did Jemas just randomly throw darts at cards to put this together?!
  • Darking
    Cru·di·tés, it's platter of cut raw vegetables served with dip and usually eaten as an appetizer. If you've ever been to a party where there was a plate with carrots, celery sticks, and broccoli with french onion dip, that's pretty much the most common form of the Crudites Platter. And they all told me my passion for cooking was a would never get me anywhere. Now I'm answering question anonymously on the internet awwwwww yeeeeahhhh.
  • wolfwing
    One small thing :> There is some evidence that grass might have been around during dinosaurs, something about recent fossils having what looks like grass in their stomachs or something..heh hard to tell :> Least I heard something about it.
  • Falconfly
    Yes, indian titanosaur coprolites show that grass was around 70 million years ago.
  • Archane
    True, but you missed the point of him pointing it out was that grass was around in Marville number 3 the fresh green grass when life was only begining to form in that issue, not that no form of grass existed with Dinosaurs was more his point.
  • Scorpodael
    So... Basically, what you're saying is, these comics are not only physically and mentally painful, but they're also hurting your soul? ... Are you sure we can't turn Bill Jemas over to a war crimes tribunal for his flagrant disregard of the Geneva Convention?
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