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  • jeshnyx
    Man wanted to be there so much this year, but eh oh well always next year! And no I'm not saying it...
  • SpeedyEric
    About time you got to review a Marvel Transformers comic, and this is 2 week before you finally get to “Buster Witwicky and the Car Wash Of Doom.”

    4:22- This is like playing “Raiders of the Lost Ark” on the Atari 2600 or “Gyromite” for the NES, minus R.O.B.

    If Hasbro ever makes a Transformer figure called “Formulak the Compuzoid,” no one would buy it, and Michael Bay would never put him in his movies.

    11:15- In the movies, they do that WHILE fighting.

    13:38- Oh, so THIS is where High Moon Studios go the idea for the Multiplayer character design for the game “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.”

    18:18- Of course this isn’t Tron. This is “MegaTRON.”
    21:07- It’s “Autobot Matrix.”

    19:33- Hahaha. First, Megatron kicks Onslaught in the ass, and now he strangling Vortex. What’s next, he’s gonna knee Blast Off in the groin the same way the Ninja Megazord did to Ivan Ooze? …God, I’m a nerd.

    20:44- I had to Google “IDDQD” just to get that it’s the God mode code for the original “Doom.” You’re welcome. ;)

    22:40- Okay, this is starting to sound like Brad Jones’ film “Game Boys.” At least their not having a contest to see who can score 5,000 points on “Custer’s Revenge.”

    24:37- This is NO “Transformers: The Animated Movie” or The Return of Optimus Prime on the Generation 1 TV series universe. This comic is sucky all over the place. I need to go to my local GameStop and buy a copy of “Fall of Cybertron” ASAP to wash the memory of this comic out of my head.

    The next storyline sounds good, and I look forward to see it. Not to mention the crossovers you did at MAGFest.

    31:25- He sure did. That Canadian bastard (I don’t hate Canada, and I think Canadians are some of the greatest people on the planet Earth).
  • quebecprime
    love transformers and the reviews and juste a simple question what is the relation whit 90s kid and linkara ar they roomate ,friends is he a squatter a ex member of a elit squad quind like a Rob Liefeld team who loste memory? thank you in advence
    (ps sorry for the speligne error am not that good whit englis :)
  • Firestone x
    There is only one Q and A question I wish that was asked...

    When is the next History of Power Rangers coming out?

  • Rynjin
    I'd like to know this as well. This next one will be the first one I didn't even attempt watching, I'm curious to see what he thinks of it.
  • ladydiskette
    "The Tandy Computers Whiz Kids meet The Transformers"

    Are you kidding, that would be a hilarious comic book to review!

    I just wish someone was crazy enough to write it.
  • buckybone
    I never thought I'd want to say this, but...

    Kaylyn, please shut up.
  • Linkara
    ...What Kaylyn are you referring to, exactly? MarzGurl wasn't there during the live show, AFAIK.

    If you meant Dodger of Zion, she was my camerawoman so of course she was the closest to the camera and her voice would get picked up more easily and I have established before that I don't really care all THAT much if the audience members talk as long as they're having a good time.
  • Bloodrealm
    I don't usually mind, either, but it does become a bit of a bother when the person is as loud as or louder than you are, since it kind of takes the focus off of you and the screen (i.e. it's a little distracting).
  • ladydiskette
    To be fair, I actually thought that was Marzgurl that was handling the video camera at first until the credits showed us that it wasn't her, though you have to admit Linkara, thier voices do sound a tad similar.

    Which I think is kinda cool. :)
  • Really
    I stayed up too late watching this, worth watching though
  • kushtaka78
    I'd totally buy one of your plushie cybermats.
  • LevelUpLeo
    I just realized... 90's Kid is a mysterious character that showed up unexpectedly with an unknown back-story that we are going to figure out.

    He IS a 90's character! (Like Judas Traveller)
  • qazox
    It's like life imitating art, imitating life, imitating art!
  • Bobzeaux
    As dumb as it is for Optimus to commit suicide over this, at least it's more in character than the homicidal maniac we got in the movies.

    "Give me your face"? "We will kill them all"? Ugh...
  • Bloodrealm
    Wait, Optimus counts as being in the movies? I thought it just counted as extended cameos! :P
  • Guild Navigator
    The guy in the comic cover was clearly using the Steel Batallion controller...
  • angel85
    dude, "Mists of the Robot Apocalypse" would be a GREAT name for a WOW expansion! Hell of a lot better than Kung Fu Panda that's for damn sure.
  • Cyrian
    You know, it really shows that you wrote your skript for a live show.
    I cant really put my fingers down but there are quite some jokes that I feel would only work out with a live audience.
    Nice work!
    Anyway, do we havve any chance to see what happens to the floppy mind later on?
  • The Devil You Know
    Those "gum drop people" in the comic look like really badly drawn versions of the Doozer's from Fraggle Rock.
  • trlkly
    Yeah, does '90s kid live with you? What about the rest?
  • PopCultureOtaku
    I was there and asked Jaws/Marvelle question at the end. It was fun and thanks for doing these as always. What was funny and said this autograph session after I worse Optimus Prime t-shirt that day. Didn't know what you be reviewing but everyone like TMNT t-shirt from the day before.
    To the comic. I was groaning the moment I saw the cover. I knew what was coming. Being a G1 fan I can tell you this wasn't a favorite issue of mine or the fact that lead to grimlock being leader. This was one of my least favorite G1 comics.
    Had a lot of fun last weekend at magfest despite my cold.
  • AlucardsQuest
    People at Magfest really need to shut the hell up during live shows (especially those closest to the camera whom think that they're funnier than Linkara). This isn't Rocky Horror.
  • stika
    I've said it before that I don't really like how your fans usually act in these shows and now I think I know why: they just won't shut up

    seriously that girl who's constantly shouting remarks became so annoying so fast
  • armagod679
    Really, this audience was a lot quieter than some others have been, and that's part of a live show. The difference between these and the regular AT4Ws is that there is that interaction, and if you don't want that, don't watch the live shows. Personally, I think that the audience participation can be fun, as it gives more of an illusion of being at the con and makes me feel closer to the performer than just a girl sitting on the other side of a screen.
  • Link2005
    I think Optimus Prime watched Angel Beats one time too often when he thinks that NPCs shall be protected that strictly.
  • VashStarwind  - Here comes a bad pun.
    I imagine that, when they brought Optimus back using the disc, he didn't have much MEMORY of his life prior.

    Eh? Eeeeeeh?

    ... I'm sorry. -SHAME-
  • kitlerc
    To those that read the comments, just want to give a little context: This was a 10am panel, which the morning of the fire alarm went off in the hotel a little before 7am, so there are many sleepless people in the audience.
  • That Anime Chick
    Ow... the stupidity in this comic... it huuurrrtttsss... Optimus deserved better, damnit!
  • Aotrs Commander
    VashStarwind - actually, he kinda *didn't*...

    But that is, as Likara alluded to, another story entirely! (Well, a couple of arcs, actually!)

    I *love* the Marvel Transformers series - I read the UK run (which was the US comic plus extras (this arc was in UK issue 105-106 - and yes, I was only one issue out off the top of my head when I double-checked!)

    That was the first comic series I ever got, and I followed it from about issue 35 all the way through to the end at 332. For me, it is the *definitive* TF continuity (helped on the letters page when both Grimlock and Soundwave kept espousing the comic was "right" and the cartoon series was made-up...!)

    I still have all those issues, and I even read through it all again last year, in time for Regeneration One.

    Much as I dearly love the series - which could by at times hilarious but also really violent and dark* - it is however, sometimes *gloriously* stupid, even to the eyes of a seven-year old, and I always thought Prime was daft even then, in this arc particularly. (In my recent re-reading I was *killing* myself over Prime being stored on a 3.5 floppy...)

    As Linkara said, by the way, this was the *first* time Prime had actually died in the continuity (though there was a near-scare over the 98-100-ish issue story arc, though I think that was UK only), but it was not the last...!

    (Aside - the clunky introductions by which everyone referred to everyone else by their names is a very signiture Furmanism (i.e. something used by Simon Furman, the major writer of the UK - and eventually US as well - comics.)

    So this was a delightful review for me in particular, not only being one of the very few comics on AT4W I've actually read, but from my favourite series. If, as someone said earlier, there is Carwash of Doom coming up, I will *very much* look forward to that.

    (It also amuses me that Simon Furman's works that Linkara has reviewed on the show (the other one was that one with the cyber animals) have been very silly and often cheesey, they have been in such a way they don't actually completely suck. Which I think is something of a complement to him, since even of his silly days, he doesn't put out something without some merit!)

    *A few issues later, Megatron goes bonkers because he doesn' beleive Prime is dead because he didn't kill him with his own hands, and does the strangling thing again to one of the other Combaticons - Brawl for those keeping track! - and basically crushed his face...! And you will note that as this issue shows, the Decepticons sometimes *DID* win. (Soundwave in particular has a better track record for this than Megatron, Shockwave, Scorponok, Straxus and Galvatron combined...)
  • Toucanbird
    Okay, wow...that is some epic stupidity by Optimus Prime. Here's a good question...if OP is really this stupid, why is it this hard for Megatron to beat him?

    In regards to the panel, I really wish I could go to one of the Live AT4W events. I ALMOST made it to the Animinneapolis event last year when you reviewed Yu-Gi-Oh, but unfortunately I found out about a friend's wedding the same weekend and missed out on that opportunity. They do seem like fun to be at and unlike a lot of posters, I don't mind the banter for these events. If you think about it, this is one of the rare times you'll get to interact and share your thoughts/jokes with one of your favorite online reviewers. Some of the comments were pretty damn funny too. Sure, a lot of them were pretty stupid but you had some pretty good gems mixed in there.
  • Mousy Voice
    Oh wow, I knew that the G1 Transformers was goofy, but this really does take the cake. I do kind of see what the writers might have been going for. After all, Optimus is a very honorable robot, so perhaps the writers were either trying to glorify or pervert his honorable intentions. Either way, the story is laughably ridiculous and you and the audience did a good job ripping it to shreds.

    In your Next Top 15 Screw-Up of Atop the Fourth Wall, you implied there wasn't going to be one this year, but I assumed we might see another next year, so learning that we'll never see one at all is honestly sad. Still, I can see why. It would be really tough to top To Boldly Flee. Also, considering the technical and financial complications of making these anniversary movies as well as the competitiveness on the part of the producers, I can understand why there's no more anniversary movies. Still, it makes me sad.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    20:00 - "YOU... SHALL NOT... PAAASSSSSS!!"
  • ClockworkMonster
    am i the only one who thinks that it would be nice to hear stuff that linkara says instead of the people in the audience?
  • Amesang
    Spectramax 1000 — It's Got That Arcade Feel!
  • CC*
    Dodger sounds like MarzGurl
  • TheChronoDragon
    This is something I've wanted to say for quite some time, and I created an account to say it.

    I'd like say that your actually one of my reasons for even being on the site in the first place. You, Spoony, Brad, and Doug were the reasons why I started watching reviews, and have influenced my humor style a fair bit since I started watching them.

    Not to say I have anything against the other reviews on th site, just to say that you and the others I mentioned are/were my favorites or the ones I saw first.

    I have to say that all of the work and time you put into the reviews really shows. I rarely go an episode without laughing, and if I'm not its due to the seriousness of the episode.

    You actually write well enough to feel and sympatize with the characters, and to give true build up and force to the villians in the show.

    .... And that was really long winded. And if that text was too long or rambling (very possible) I'd like to say I really enjoy your reviews, and I look forward to your show every week. Thank you for all the laughs and the work you put into your reviews!
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