AT4W - Archie Giant Series Magazine #452

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  • Imtolazytocomupwitaname
    Oh ghostie, I understand your pain.
    I am the only thirteen year old I know who files business reports and projects profits over Christmas :(
    (BTW, I taught my little sister your theme song. She's only two so she mispronounces almost everything, but it's so cute XD)
  • themanwhokilledhomes
    where can i find the song for the splendor of creation that was in to boldly flee?
  • DylanS
    Linkara, this episode was beyond awesome. You added some great characterization for Harvey Finevoice, the Nostalgia Critic cameo was terrific (God, I miss him), and the review itself was pretty good. Also good job taking a stab at your early days. This episode was quite nostalgic.
  • ladydiskette
    I like the idea of Nostalgia Critic being a ghost and "paying a visit" to his friends from time to time.

    I do hope its something they consider for at least specials and cameos. It would be a nice treat I think.

    Also, that ending with Harvey calling Linkara "Charlie" hit me in the feels. The fact that Harvey sees Linkara as his son makes the story about him being away so heart-wrenching and sad. Its a very good backstory for one of your characters. Good episode.
  • TheBechtloff
    We all miss the Nostalgia Critic. I for one think Demo Reel is a poor substitute for NC.
  • ladydiskette
    I like Demo Reel myself, but yeah, I missed Nostalgia Critic too.

    Lets all savor this moment........ ^^
  • OldAndNew
    let's all hold hands and say ''WE MISS YOU NOSTALGIA CRITIC!'' and then clap our hands three times!

    huh, i should narrate children's theatre.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    It's not really bad, I just can't get into it. The bit in the Thanksgiving special with the homicidal turkey was hilarious...but that's about all I can remember.
  • ladydiskette
    Hehehe, yeah that was awesome XD

    Would have made Thanksgiving at my stepsister's house even more interesting if that happened to me. That is for sure. lol
  • soliduz_znake
    Demo Reel is not a substitute to Nostalgia Critic it's just a different thing Doug wants to make something other than just being Nostalgia Critic.
  • armagod679
    I admit I like Archie comics, though I know that they're goofy. I love the throwback to your early days (I've been rewatching your old reviews and this one fits right in style-wise) and I'm glad we're getting a backstory for Harvey Finevoice, even though it did make me very sad. Can't wait to see the next part of the story!

    PS: The continuity didn't bother me, since your universe is inside a plot hole that affects things fourth dimensionally.
  • Eddie The Lightbringer
    YAY Nostalgia Critic cameo!

    The Up For Grabs story seemed pretty amusing from what you were showing, or at least had a good payoff at the end. The guy who plays a practical joke ends up getting some epic laser-guided karma shoved up his ass. I hate practical jokes....
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Huh
    An origin story for Harvey Finevoice. Got to admit I wasn't expecting that. Also yeah if you try to fit this in the AT4W cannon you may just end up hurting yourself. Since you didn't have Tittle cards or Vincent's intro when you did the Amazon's Attack preparation. I thought that this episode took place between Secret Defenders #10 and Silent Hill Dying inside. But whatever I think I may have made things worse. But at least I'm not a hypocrite. Keep up the good work.
  • VillainousBlogger  - Great episode!
    And after seeing the episode, I have a few things to say.

    1.) I am so happy the filming he did at Youmacon 2012 for Harvey Finevoice's performance made it into an episode! X3 Sweet!

    2.) I loved the callbacks for this episode considering that this took place in the past and was in Harvey's memories. It was pretty cool hearing the first version of the AT4W theme song again! Talk about nostalgia! And speaking of...;P

    3.) The Nostalgia Critic as the ghost of Christmas past. Brilliant choice! And even if he is a "ghost", it's cool hearing these two interact with each other since the Critic has interacted with 90s Kid before and with Mechakara during To Boldly Flee.

    4.) I like the depth given to Harvey Finevoice in this episode. He obviously cares about Linkara since he saved him from probably freezing to death and has had to deal with losing a son.
    This was an awesome video! I love the idea of it taking place in the memories of Harvey, Great job with the Nostalgia Critic, and don't you DARE remove that kickass theme song of yours, the title cards are a nice touch, but that intro, I have the whole thing stuck in my head ever since Episode 200.
  • JBrodah  - nice video
    best gross over yet
  • That Anime Chick
    Well, that was different, in a good way, I mean. Loved the Nostalgia Critic's cameo (heh, "Nostalgia Plot Hole of Muppets Past", and I liked how you showed some of Harvey's backstory... even if it is really sad...
  • Zihon
    actually i have a doubt why show now the beginning of harvey so near to secret origins months, but i love it! so deep and explain why harvey is harvey and make a retcom that turn all that he has done even more cool, great chapter and keep the great work.

    P.D: i want to know 90's kid origins!! :D
  • pinky75910
    Hell to the yes! The secret origins of 90's kid!
  • SpeedyEric
    It’s about time you got to review another Archie comic. Shame this one doesn’t have the TMNT.

    I love it when guys like Linkara and The Cinema Snob make fun of their earlier videos.

    9:49- Well, it will be in the 12 Days of Christmas, which start on Christmas Eve and end on January 4th.

    10:23- Hey dude, Al Borland called, and he wants his earmuffs back.

    I wonder if the Aunt May look-alike is related to Solomon Grundy.

    17:33- Is he trying to pull off his Gollum cough?

    19:50- It’s no wonder why I never read an Archie comic in my life, and got into the superhero ones instead.

    20:30- Agreed. I prefer either the Redneck 12 Days of Christmas or the 12 Things of Christmas.

    23:30- I was actually thinking “Ernest Saves Christmas,” but this one’s close, …and still funny as hell.

    Wow. Harvey’s back-story is really… DEEP.
  • GreenGoblinsOckVenom86  - Why'd you use the old them this episode?
    I wondered why you decided to use the old theme this episode?
    On another note I myself have never read Archie. These stories didn't seem all that funny to me really.
  • richtv
    didn't get it, did you?
  • dennett316
    It was supposed to be one of his older episodes to fit in with the origin of Harvey. Harvey tells the Critic the story of when he and Linkara met.
    Did you not notice the gag about the lighting, and the fact that the video wasn't in widescreen?
  • CrimsonFox36  - w00t
    i love how you made this episode, but you screwed up at 6:10. you said "Mistletoe" when that's actually Holly.

    Mistletoe has white berries, and round leaves. Holly is red with spiked leaves. Archie was nailing a Holly branch to the threshold.
  • dennett316
    I think it's supposed to be mistletoe due to the character stealing a kiss from the girl under it and saying "Thanks pal", so that error is really on the comic.
  • Psxpert2011
    Cool, weird but cool and semi-christmas-like! ;P
  • dark blade  - woah
    man these comics have no connection to Christmas except for some small indications like the party being on Christmas, and characters getting gifts for people.

    also man Harvey's backstory is deep, hope we get to see more.
  • Project_Mars
    How did you forget about the 74 stop motion christmas classic "The Year Without a Santa Claus"?

    It had Miss Claus and a couple of elves had to go to the Heat Miser to convince him to let it snow there so Santa would be reminded there was goodwill in the hearts of people to have Christmas. It had green grass around Christmas then.
  • Rydel
    BTW, Jughead's hat isn't a Burger King Crown, it's called a Jag Hat (kids who wore them were called Jag Heads, hence Jughead's name).

    It's basically a Fedora, turned inside out with the rim cut off and the inner headband like part cut into spikes. They were popular around the time the comic started, but this long later, few people recognize them.

    It's kind of like how the TARDIS from Doctor Who looking like a Police Box made sense as a disguise in the 60s but stands out like a sore thumb now.
  • Guild Navigator
    Has Lewis reviewed any of the Spire Christian Comics from the 1970s? Because -Holy shit!- some of those comics were veritable acid trips. Some of them had stories portraying Satan as some kind of space opera overlord. This comics line also had its own Archie Comics with its own continuity in which Archie & friends are constantly tempted by the Devil. No,really...
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    I see your Devil and raise you a scene in "Archie's Sonshine" (1974) where a hippie version of Jesus arrives on Riverdale Beach in a love van and feeds everybody with only three Cokes and two sandwiches. Then He makes Liberace appear out of nowhere.

    I love Spire Archie.
  • SlyDante
    He hasn't reviewed any of them, but hells yes, I agree that he needs to review some of them. It's too bad we can't post links here, because the online story behind their creation would be worth a Linkara review alone, & ComicsAlliance's ten craziest moments from those comics just helps highlight the insanity even further. And let's not forget the Spire Archie story where they travel back to the 1890s.
  • richtv
    This episode was just awesome! I loved the nostalgic callbacks, very well done! I guess I'll ask the obvious question, what did this thing have to do with Christmas? I was wondering, when was Hervey's real first appearance? Can't wait for next week.
  • PlayMp1
    His comment on how the comics didn't show any sort of wintry weather bugged me. If he's ever been to certain parts of the world during the winter, he might know that it doesn't snow during the winter, and that the coldest days are in fact the sunny ones.

    Around here (Washington state), it snows very little, so all the grass is a deep green during the winter thanks to being freshly hydrated from the constant rain. Since the trees are all evergreens, those are all green (obviously) too. The only difference between a sunny winter day and a sunny summer day here in terms of appearance is the presence of leaves on the ground from the few deciduous trees and the color of the grass (brown in the summer).
  • armagod679
    I believe Harvey first appeared in the "Previously On" segment for Countdown Part Two.

    I have no life.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    "After Christmas"

    Got news for you, Link: Christmas lasts from December 25 - January 6.
  • PopCultureOtaku  - Christmas!
    Love the cameo from critic. Love the way done as old episode never aired something. I do wonder if the old green screened in instead of moving the foton back and forth between the old place. From what linkara said on his blog his parents changed room anyway. It's even nice that you use older version of the opening. Yeah continuity. Well nothing is perfect. But hey making fun of your old lighting and sound is fun.
    Archie sort of got old for me but I do still read christmas stuff every year and other stuff every once in a while. It's fun most of the time. Digests are nice but mix christmas and non christmas stories. This one isn't a good one.
    12 days of christmas being hated? My least favorite? Dogs barking Jingle Bells.
    That reminds me of Knight Rider christmas episode I saw last night on netflix. Only mentions of christmas and some directions. Doesn't feel like christmas most of the episode.
    Next week Teen Titans have to wonder but Batman Noel on christmas is pretty good.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Ah, that weird Archie logic. I remember the partridge story from a digest; it didn't make sense to me as a kid either. "A bird in a tree? What a lousy present..."

    Unfortunately, his ignorance was showing in this one. Lewis knows next to nothing about Archie if he doesn't even recognize Moose. And his Jughead voice was way off; every time Jug's been animated they give him a high nasal voice.

    And the real reason Jughead wears that stupid hat is because it has the power to send him through timespace. Really, look that up.
  • EH
    I get that the stories are pretty stupid, but I really can't help admiring the artwork in these comics. Just look at that composition! Quite good when compared to most of today's comics.
  • Ryuutakeshi
    So that first comic in the bunch? My brothers love Archie comics and have a huge collection at home. I was reading through one a couple weeks ago and they ran an updated version of the same comic. It was just redrawn and made more modern (I think the CB radio became an iPod or something). So I think part of why they keep going is because every decade or so they just start recycling stories.
  • ColeYote
    No, no, no, the correct answer for why the Nostalgia Critic is also the ghost of Christmas past is HE IS A LIVING PLOT HOLE.
  • RokuroCarisu
    Oh, I think he's just there because he is the NOSTALGIA Critic. ;D
  • Maria Mystery  - I picked it up! Yay!
    You're kinda right. I picked up a little while back what Lewis did here. For the ghost of Christmas past, Lewis picked the Nostalgia Critic b/c the critic reviewed Nostalgic Stuff, AKA stuff from the PAST. He (spoiler alert) picked Future Linkara (played by his dad) as the ghost of Christmas future b/c, well, FUTURE Linkara, you can put 2 and 2 together. Why he (again, spoiler alert) picked his brother, Graeme, to play the ghost of Christmas Present, I still don't have a hold on. Then again, Graeme did play the wizard, Aplos, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  • trepiechick
    It's very common for Caucasians' hair to start graying in their 20's, especially if early graying is in the genes. My mom's hair was all gray when I was a teen. Hell, I got my first one when I was 13.
  • Leon Real
    I'll never understand why the nest singer in Channel Awesome didn't get a larger part in the "Moulin Rouge" review.

    Yeah, it's foolish of the travel agent to not question Archie's parentage; but Jughead. With that nose and those ears, there's very little doubt as to who belongs in that family.

    To answer your post-credits question, I don't know if there's a special of Archie going to college, but I do know about the "Archie Marries.." series. Two parallel titles; one in which he marries Betty, the other Veronica. I haven't read them but, based on the synopsis, they seem less centered in comedy and more towards serious issues like facing adulthood and responsibility.
  • Floweramon
    And I don't know if this was a classmate or just someone they knew, but there was an entire issue where the their first homosexual (and army) character got married. It's actually kind of awesome, because despite the call for a boycott, it sold out very quickly. This was one of the creator's quotes:

    "We're sorry the American Family Association/ feels so negatively about our product, but they have every right to their opinion, just like we have the right to stand by ours. Kevin Keller will forever be a part of Riverdale, and he will live a happy, long life free of prejudice, hate and narrow-minded people."
  • Simon Callahan
    Just thought I'd mention that the first story was recently reprinted in one of the newest Christmas issues of Jughead Double Digest.

    For clarification, there is a magazine for each character, usually each one revolves around the title character and is aimed at a particular audience. Archie and Jughead magazines are intended for a male audience, and one called "Betty & Veronica" is intended for a female audience (that's right, Archie and Jughead get separate magazines, but Betty and Veronica share a single magazine). I believe there are even ones for Reggie and Moose (Moose is the guy who punched Reggie in the Grab Bag story).

    Anyway, in the story that was mentioned, the bit at the start where Archie is talking about the "big gift" was re-written to be about iPods and game consoles (they name dropped an Apple product, but not a specific game console). In addition, I believe Archie's mother was recolored in the reprint, because I don't recall her having grey hair, and I believe her bathing suit in the final scene was a different color.

    It should also be noted that one of the covers to "Archie's Christmas Stocking" that you showcased at the beginning (the one with Jughead's hands full of Christmas gifts) was also reprinted for the Jughead Double Digest magazine I mentioned earlier.

    Also, having seen two different copies a Christmas edition of Archie Double Digest (specifically the Archie one and the Jughead one, though I believe the Betty & Veronica one is the same way), I can tell you that the comic you reviewed is a lot more Christmas-like than the Double Digests, which abruptly forget the Christmas theme about halfway through the book and tackle other subjects.

    I still like the Archie series. It's fun and harmless, though seeing that some of the stories are sometime reprinted gives me some insight into certain things (like one story where Archie randomly yells "Phat!" when he's given some good news).

    Keep up the good work, and I kind of hope to see more Archie stuff from you. Your reactions to this stuff was gold, and it's probably the reason I love Archie comics so much. The stories and jokes themselves aren't really funny, it's the jokes you make yourself that make the series funny. Kind of like MST3K making fun of old movies.
  • Sephiroth1204
    I like the theme song and title card, to add my 2 cents in.
    Also, points for the Shining and Silent Night, Deadly Night p2 references!
    I enjoyed this episode for the review and also hearing a person not well-versed in Archie to rag on it (your past Archie comic review were great as well :P)
  • SlyDante
    This episode was great, but I was almost laughing inside over seeing Linkara - who can go on for lengthy discussions about the continuities & impacts of the Marvel & DC universes - struggle to recognize Betty & Reggie, two main characters in one of the most iconic & long-lasting comics created. I understand why, mind you, but it's still at least chuckle-worthy. =P

    But like I said, great ep, loved the Critic cameo & Harvey's story so far.
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