AT4W - Superman's Christmas Adventure

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NOTE: Many people have been quick to point out that historically, the use of "X" for Xmas has historical connotations and has been done for hundreds of years, so it's not like it's some vast conspiracy to take Christ out of Christmas, in particular that "X" is Greek for the first part of Christ, the Ch.

HOWEVER, I would argue that unless you're WRITING in Greek, the replacement of Christ with "X" has no real function in a modern-day capacity, seeing as (at least I am and the comic is) it's being written here IN MODERN ENGLISH. There's something to be said for using it for space-saving purposes, yet in the comic they flip-flop and use it both ways for no real reason. But whatever, I'm just pointing out that you can start making a gajillion comments about other things now, like how Clark's parents were dead in the Golden Age continuity.

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  • MuscleGeek003
    Well Santa is a saint after all. I guess mind boggling forgiveness just comes with the territory.
    Still though, does this mean he's repealed his old toys for good kids, coal for bad kids policy?
    Whatever, I can get around the Santa thing since he's supposed to be an icon of purity, joy, and such. What I can't get over is Superman's creepy behavior.
  • armagod679
    Actually, given the price of coal these days, giving it to bad kids may not be punishment. I could fund my college education with a lump of that stuff!
  • Jegsimmons
    or at least have a nice BBQ
  • Pthornton
    Well actually from what I've read that's actually kind of the point. Giving bad kids coal wasn't really a punishment, it just wasn't a treat. It meant at the very least Santa gave every kid something nice (coal for fire being something you'd want in the old days in the middle of winter) but if you were good you got an extra special treat.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    From what I've read the traditional story was to get coal if you were good because it was expensive to keep warm. The whole toys and treats thing came about later.
  • Lieju
    I guess the Finnish Santa is more strict, then. Instead of coal, he'd bring sticks and twigs, for whipping.

    My grandmother got twigs one Christmas, as a kid. Only after a whipping and crying they brought out the actual presents.
  • Korahn
    If he was such a saint, why do those poor kids have no toys at all? I mean, Santa exists in te DC universe , yet the kids have nothing because their parents have no money? Something seems off about that.
  • SpeedyEric  - Can't help but laugh at the comic's title
    Every Christmas, I would pop in all the christmas specials from the DC Animated Universe (Batman's "Christmas with the Joker" and "Holiday Knights," and Justice League's "Comfort and Joy").

    3:34- Don't forget Fox News.

    I first heard of the term "Xmas" from a VHS that my parents put Christmas specials on when I was 6. At first, I thought it was something related to X-Men.

    6:33- It's kinda unfair that St. Nicky only focuses on the more fortunate kids instead on the poor ones. I wonder why that is.

    7:45- Or a penthouse if they want to live in the city.

    I just looked up Avengers Arena on Wikipedia. When will Marvel stop writing miniseries about heroes fighting against each other?

    10:56- I'd like to see these guys team-up with the bad guys from Flash Comics #1.

    14:35- Actually, in the original Superman origin, The Kents died just before Clark became Superman.

    17:42- And I've just been reminded of the Power Rangers Christmas episode from Mighty Morphin' Season 3 when Lord Zedd tried to ruin Christmas by kidnapping Santa Clause.

    20:32- Wow. There's two-dimentional, and then there's ...THIS.

    Man, this comic is something, and some people have a problem with the Rakin/Bass Christmas specials, which I grew up with.
  • DWP102589  - DC Marvel
    Given your comment about Avenger's Arena, and Linkara's recent complaints about Marvel's crossover events having the heroes fight each other, while DC's are about fighting villains, I just have to grin. In 2013, DC big crossover event "Trinity War" will be all about the superheroes forming three factions behind each one of the trinity, and fighting each other; whereas Marvel's big crossover event "Age of Ultron" will be about the supervillian Ultron taking over the Earth and the superheroes teaming up to overthrow him.

    It's been completely flipped around!

    P.S. Linkara, I agree with a previous commenter that you should do TAIS's for "Marvel NOW!" I've been reading the new "Marvel NOW!" titles and so far their pretty awesome. At the very least, you gotta admit that Marvel's handling the whole relaunch idea far better than DC's New 52 relaunch *cough-reboot-cough*
  • SpeedyEric
    Thanks for the reply. I've learned a lot today. =D
  • 991807
    While admittedly the heroes are fighting each other, I don't see where you got your information about them forming factions around the trinity, the only hint to the story is the Free Comic Book Day comic that shows the heroes fighting over the skull in Pandora's box. Furthermore it's hinted that the story will also focus on the Trinity of Sin introduced in the New 52. Until more details surface it would be inaccurate to compare it to the Civil War or Avengers vs. X-men which were the equivalent of "Hero 1: Hey guy I've known for decades and have tended to be on good terms with, would you mind compromising with me on this issue for the greater good? Hero 2: Hell no. I'd rather we beat each other to a pulp endangering the lives of civilians and destroying world infrastructure. Hero 1: You're on!"
  • DWP102589
    I was only referring to the general idea of heroes vs. heroes, context didn't really matter. I've haven't read any of the comics you've mentioned, but the most recent issue of Justice League Dark has the Phantom Stranger revealing that all of the heroes will have to choose between three sides in the war, and that the trinity of Supes, Bats, and Wondy will definitely factor in.
  • HanSK
    Meh, the whole Marvel Now thing seems kinda half-assed to me

    so far the only good thing to come out of it is Deadpool fighting undead US presidents
  • XSpectreGreyX  - Avengers Arena
    Avengers Arena is hated because it basically cements the idea that teenage superheroes are B-list at best and they're willing to kill two of them just to get the readers who like the characters to read Avengers Arena.
    I'm not a big fan of any crossover, but I utterly loathe the entire concept of Avengers Arena.
  • pinky75910
    Actually in the original Superman origin, which Linkara reviewed, the Kents don't exist.
  • Vausch
    Ah, golden age Christmas stories. Either horrible implications for the villains, or they get off completely scot-free. Though I've seen middlegrounds like in the Felix Saves Christmas special. Sent to jail for causing a worldwide snowstorm, but got a present.

    Come to think of it, you'd think over time someone in their 80s would think "Maybe if I gave a gift first on a birthday or something I'd get one for Christmas". Or rather, Meaney and Grouch seemed to be friends so why didn't they get each other anything? Ugh, all I know is these people could take a lesson from Larfleeze. Sure, he was still his usual greedy self by the end but he did only really want one thing when all was said and done and you could very easily sympathise with him when you weren't dealing with the sudden whiplash from that ending (Seriously Geoff Johns, what the hell?!).

    Also, there are some rather lavish apartments rich people can and do live in. Though usually they're on top floors so that could raise a few questions there.

    Happy Christmas season to all!
  • ladydiskette
    OMG, even for a Golden Age comic its so over-the-top that it's funny. I mean, even the devil would tell Dr. Grouch and Mr. Meany that they need to tone it down.

    There is a difference between being bitterly resentful towards Christmas and then there is being a complete and utter psychopath. And I think those two old guys may have crossed over into the latter.
  • 9ansean  - Tell me about it!
    Actually, Satna Claus versus the devil (or at least a lessed a demon known only as Pitch) was basiclly the plot of the MST3K movie featured in this review. Yet, all Pitch was supposed to do was encourage children to make trouble or lose faith in the spirit of Christmas. Oh sure, he tryed to upgrand his evil plan for more dramatic climax by trying Santa in tree where adults will find him, but even that wasn't as extreme as the villians here.
    Honestly, I was willing to forgive all the rest of the stupidity in this comic untill this utterly forced and unconvincing ending. I'd expect any golden age comic to be a bit goofy. I'd expect a Christmas special of any series, especially one geared for kids of any era to be even goofier. Heck sometimes this time of year, I even welcome it.
    But coooommme oooooon! At least in He-Man and She-Ra's Christmas Special, Skeletor didn't just give up his constant efforts to capture Castle Greyskull because someone handed him a gift! He didn't even want to be good. He just caught the Christmas spirit like it was some 24 hour virus! Which is still stupid, but it did at least lead to him DOING someone good that earned a temparary pass and than didn't involve He-Man and She-Ra just fogetting all the other terrible thing he'd done and resolve to never fight him again! brain!
  • ladydiskette
    lol, I remember that MST3K movie! I used to watch it every Christmas after unwinding from visiting with family. That and MST3K Santa Clause Conquers The Martians.

    lol, that was my personal Christmas traditon. :)
  • Crossover Princess
    Love the lights, they're so pretty! If I was up for decorating, I'd love to have lights like yours...

    Also, I now want see a Christmas Special about a legion of doom type group trying to take over or destroy Christmas, because that would be awesome!
  • Dakota The Mad
    Woah. Does anyone else think that the title card can be... taken out of context? You know. With Linkara and Superman hiding behind a couch with Santa on the other side. And that Linkara and Superman are smiling like that? Its just seems like that's fuel for fan fiction.
  • zepolmas  - Re; title card
  • Spiritkitten
    Mr. Grouch huh? what, no reference to Oscar the Grouch?!?

    mmm...that was my favorite character on Sesame Street...

    I love obscure references!
  • Amesang
    Is the Ultimate Warrior's Christmas Special about to rear its destrucitific head again?
  • Kossmeister
    Grouch being used as a surname can be found on websites such as facebook or myspace, although it is a pretty rare one. I wouldn't ask if they were related to Oscar, though.
  • James Picard
    You know, I always suspected that there was something wrong with Superman for wearing that costume, but now I know why. He's a creep. Thanks for the clarification.
  • thorondragon
    lols, awesome review.

    actually i think that the old guys in this story were suffering from C.O.B.P. disorder. it is a horrid disease i discovered recently that affects hundreds of fictional character. the acronym is for competence only by plot.

    basicaly cobp is when a charater who, before hand, has shown no amount of competence or at least ability to defeat a hero or cause substantial harm period, suddenly are able to whatever the hell they want. incompetent villains end up murdering a super hero, and foolish good character beat the fuck out of powerful villains.

    the condition can even affect more serious and effective villains and or heroes. the plots of either become so contrived that it is obvious the only reason any of this is happening is solely because the writers will it. which is not acceptable. true, the writers are in the end the gods of these things, but they should not make it that their will is os damn obvious, as it should be obscured by the actions of the characters and the events around them.

    i first noticed its existence when i watched your Cry for Justice reviews. the sheer amount of contrivance, character acting out of theri character, sudden shifts of competence and incompetence. these are all symptoms of cobf.
    prometheus basically suffered from it, as all his plots became reality and he managed to escape, somehow knowing a villain would aid them even. green arrow himself also caught it from prometheus, as he somehow ended up in prometheus home base despite its security.

    another who seems to be suffering these symptoms is Arcade from marvel. the upcoming comic has his plans succeeding in causing the deaths of teenagers, despite the fact that he obviously lacked the ability to really kill anyone in any of his previous incarnations and comics he premierd in, and now he can suddenly succeed. cobp, man, cobp.

    to a comedic effect, Squirrel girl is a carrier of cobp.

    basically it is the writer not hiding himself behind the characters and plots and just blatantly making thigns happen without rhyme or reason. and like a disease, it kills the story.

    what do you think of C.O.B.P?
  • Thatpirate
    I think I want to know what the initials stand for. Note that I didn't say acronym because an acronym spells out something that can be pronounced like DARE, MOO, or SCUBA, where as COBP probably isn't pronounced as a word.

    You have a great description though.
  • thorondragon
    Competent Only by Plot. inspird to do this with that new marvel comic, avengers arena, or as it should be called avengers battle royal/hunger games ripoff. basically the premise of that, as i see it, is the writer basically making an incompetent, if still somewhat dangerous, villain totally and completely and flawlessly competent. expect the symptons of cobp to appear at rampant in there.
    how do i know it is contrived? this guy somehow convinces young heroes, each and everyone of them having already experienced danger and have abilities to help them survive, to kill each other. apparrently some of them are so strong that it is simply Impossible for him to make them do a single thing. some even have powers that would make leaving or destroying whatever traps the guy set up simple to deactivate.
    hunger games and such work because the characters in them are not trained to fight and survive and do not have special abilities nor experience. you can't create the same effect by using character who already possess these powers to begin with.

    cobp man, cobp.
  • pinky75910
    Sounds like a well described analysis.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - Oh dear
    A golden age Christmas Story with Superman. I see nothing but disaster and frequent punches to the stomach while declaring ones manhood at the top of your lungs. But still another comic another year. Speaking of Sups will you cover another issue of JMS' run on Superman?
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Well, Santa did punch Arius in the face a the Council of Nicea.
  • DrussTheL
    Although I don’t know if it was ever used this way in Xmas, X (chi) is the first letter in the Greek spelling of Christ, so writing Xmas can still actually be invoking the Christ part of Christmas (see also the labarum “XP” symbol for Christ). Awesome review though.
  • DrussTheL
    Yeah, I probably should have figured that other people would point this out. I apologize for the comment.
  • Dreadjaws
    "I just looked up Avengers Arena on Wikipedia. When will Marvel stop writing miniseries about heroes fighting against each other?"

    It wouldn't be really Marvel if they didn't do that.

    Anyway, great review, Linkara. I wonder if the new 52 will bring back Grouch and Meaney. Who knows? That might actually get me to read it.

    Dammit, I miss the old DC universe. Stupid reboot.
  • zepolmas  - A tad harsh?
    Linkara, bear in mind, this story is a promotional device from a time when the comic market put all it's focus on small children. It was meant to be quick and simple. Expecting this to be as... "sophisticated" as later stories is well... self defeating.
  • thorondragon
    the one where batman saves an alien with super plants from bank robbers makes more sense than this.
  • armagod679
    Silly as it is and weak as the villains are, I somehow can't get upset with this comic. Maybe it's my weakness for Gold and Silver Age stories, but I think it's actually kind of cute.

    Or maybe that's just Christmas specials in general. Anyway, good review, it had me laughing most of the way through.
  • ladydiskette
    Wait, I know that the poor improvished child is kinda a staple in these Christmas specials, but what Clark Kent is describing sounds more like what they do in the "Toys for Tots" charity drives.

    Do they not have those in the superhero universe?
  • 9ansean
    It was 1940 when this comic came out, so I don't know if they had "Toys for Tots" around than or not.
    Speaking of which, seeing as how few people actually had a television back than and few channel you could actual pick up with one, it wouldn't suprise me if many people believe it could be used as an all seeing device for evil geniuses.
  • jagarcia0705
    Poyo: Your plan worked.
    Linkara: Yep. Now that Ninja Style Dancer is distracted watching the American Ninja movie-athon, I can now order his present.
    Poyo: What did you get him?
    Linkara: A replica of the sword, that lady uses in the 3rd season of The Walking Dead. I also got Bofo, autograph Bozo the Clown shoes. I got 90's kid limited addition Pitt & Spawn action figures. I even decided to get Linksano an actual working freeze ray. As for Harvey don't what to get him.
    Poyo: Maybe something Frank Sinatra related?
    Linkara: That will work.
    Poyo: So Harvey will be return for Christmas?
    Linkara: Yep. I can only hope he forgives himself by then.
  • Maria Mystery  - Lawl!
    Oh, man! That's hilarious! Since it's almost December, you should turn that into a full-length Christmas themed comedy fanfic! I bet'd be awesome!
  • Lone Wolf
    Santa doesn't actually have supper powers. I proved that when I shot him with a shot gun, beat him in the face with wit the but of the shotgun then hammered a screw driver into his head and twisted it around until Santa's brain was liquid... ... ... Hay he broke into my house! He was probably going to rob me! I had the right to defend myself!
  • ClockworkMonster
    apparently people were never aware of the fact that christmas is about the birth of jesus not about toys
  • Lone Wolf
    Jesus was never actually part of Christmas. The bible doesn't actually say when Jesus was born. I thing biblical schoolers thing we would have been born in the spring.
    Christmas actual originates as a Pagan solstice holiday and was adopted by Christians in order to convince more Pagans to convert so they wouldn't loose their holidays and traditions.
    You're right, in the sense that the time of year Christmas takes place, as well as some of the trappings and traditions associated with it, have their origins in certain versions of pagan solstice celebrations. However, CHRISTMAS (note the name--not Winter Solstice, not Mithraic New Year, CHRISTMAS) is a celebration of the birth of Christ. The date is pretty inconsequential. There aren't legions of deluded Christians going around swearing that Jesus was born on December 25th, so please stop insisting on bringing that up

    Of course Jesus is part of Christmas. Christmas could really be celebrated any time of the year, but it's become the tradition to celebrate it on December 25th, which was, of course, an easy day to remember for certain converts to the religion back in the day for the reasons you already said.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Actually, there are early writings of the Church Fathers that not only indicate a very early practice of celebrating Christmas around December 25, but also give reasonable non-pagan reasons for doing so. The "Christmas was originally pagan" thing is a mere myth.
  • Aural Aurum
    TGP, do you have any sources for that that you could link me too? I'd love to use that information in the future :-)
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:TragicGuineaPig
    I had been taught in the Catholic catechism, that the first Christians celebrated Easter as the most important of all Christian holidays.

    Since the date of Christ's birthday was never determined, the first Christians did not specify the exact date, as well as his celebration.

    And as Lone Wolf already said, pagans in late December had their holidays, mostly related to the winter solstice.

    I would not call it a coincidence or mere myth that Christmas began to be celebrated at the 25th December, especially as at that time, the Christian faith has already begun to spread throughout the Roman Empire (what exactly reasonable non-pagan reasons for choosing that date? Tell me more).
  • Extreme-Madness  - re: TragicGuineaPig P.S.
    Unless you think of St. Stephen (the first Christian martyr) on December 26.
    But it is still too coincides with the pagan celebrations.
  • Falconfly
    You mean the argument that Xmas is not pagan inspired by arguing that Sol Invictus' birthday parter came latter?

    Most archaeologists call bull on that. Christmas' date on December 25 was clearly to cash in on Sun God celebrations.
  • Lone Wolf
    I don't understand the Christians obsession with Christmas being the birthday of Jesus. The only connections to Jesus Christmas has is nativity scenes, nativity plays and going to church, everything else has no connection to Jesus and most of the rest has no connection to Christianity. You can still celebrate Christmas and keep the Christians trappings, you're not going to go to hell for it. Okay maybe for the Christmas Tree (Jeremiah 10) but the rest you wont go to hell for.
  • Thatpirate
    I thought it was either mid-spring or mid-autumn.

    Modern Christmas is actually taken from many traditions. The lights, mistletoe, and trees come from the northern European tradition of Yule, a month long celebration to ward off the darkness. The gift giving, imbibing of spirits, and combination of prayer and song comes from the Roman holiday Saturnalia. Santa, while loosely based off of Saint Nicholas (patron saint of children, pawn-brokers, and thieves), the character has more in common with Sinterklaas, which is a somewhat Christianised version of Odin. Most of the other traditions were created in the 19th and 20th century (Christmas cards, TV specials, etc.)
  • pinky75910
    Hooray for historical fact-checking!
  • Guild Navigator
    Sweet mother of Jehosaphat,that image of Supes carrying Santa isn't the most awesome cover ever.

    Y'know,that part of the rich 1% kid whinning about his Xmas toys kinda reminds me of a 1930s Mickey Mouse short called Mickey's Good Deed. Although Supes acting as modern Spirit of Xmas Present is kinda a creepy kinda way.

    Wait,did that Professor guy (who is probably the same mad scientist from City of Lost Children) stole Flash Gordon's ship? Uh,and what's up with those wino elves? And why does Santa looks literally straight out of a Norman Rockwell Coca Cola ad? And another thing,how come that Professor has a TV with such a large screen? TV sets in the 1940s had screens smaller than an ipad...

    "Calling Superman"? I'm guessing Santa is using ultrasound like Gene Hackman did to lure Superman in the 1978 movie. Way to go,Santa!
  • Babcake14  - B-but muh War on Christmas
    Really Linkara? Bill O'Reilly talking points?

  • pinky75910
    Seriously Linkara. Read up on how Christmas was celebrated prior to 'A Christmas Carol.' http:// m/7188.html
  • richtv
    My father hated that XMAS thing and I was raised to not appreciate it either, so that's cool. This story just reeked of the golden age, no wonder I never really liked those stories. I used to have a bunch of Christmas comics but don't anymore. One of my favorite was the DC Comics Presents team up between Superman and Santa Claus which was a much better story than the one we had here.
  • trlkly
    Love that clip at the end. It's nice to (not) see Santa moving at superspeed, like he'd have to do his job!
  • VashStarwind
    I would imagine that the crying kid never got any presents.

    And the Polaroid commercial at the end? Santa is such a troll...
  • BlazingOwnager
    Just curious if you own The Walking Dead adventure game? They really nailed the feel of it being an interactive comic book. I'm sure it's going on sale again for Christmas on Steam, too.

    It's really good and would be an interesting change of pace, or crossover.
  • Leon Real
    I understand the ideal of Christmas being a time for forgiveness, but seriously; how about some lumps of coal for Grouch and Meanie?
    Or how about sending them to that Devil guy who used to hang around with Santa, Krampus? Those two could really use a good spanking.
  • GreenGoblinsOckVenom86  - I agree this comic sucks!
    The way the bad guys get away with nearly killing a bunch of people is just mind boggling! They tried blowing up Lois Lane for crying out loud!
  • webmonkey44  - dissonace...
    they were alot less pedophile paranoid back then...otherwise i dont want to think about
  • circa81
    TV existed in 1940?
  • Linkara
    TV existed since the 1920s, it's just like a lot of new technology it was expensive and not really anything worth having when it first came out. It took time for the technology to develop, get cheaper, and more people see the advantages to it that it became more popular.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Computers started in the 1930s, we had cars as far back as the 1880s, and those tablets people like today were around in the 1980s. Most 'new' tech just takes time to find its niche and people to use it.
  • soulalcatraz
    In all fairness, you'd probably grow up bitter and angry too if you had to live with a last name like "Grouch" or "Meaney." Not sure why you'd take it out on Christmas though...
  • 3DMaster
    I would grow up bitter and angry too, if I knew there as an actually Santa and he's giving gifts to assholes and bullies, but for 65 years he didn't bother to sent you any presents no matter how good you were.

    Seriously, if I would get presents after trying to end Christmas, I wouldn't be nice, it would just be confirmation it was time to take off the kid gloves and nuke the north pole from the face of the Earth.
  • Vermillion  - Wow, Superman...
    You know, I really hate it when people say they hate Superman because he is boring or self-righteous or too goody-goody. They don't know how good they have it with the post-Crisis Supes. Golden Age Superman was a stone-cold DICK.

    Then again, maybe people would like that version.

    Also, there is no time like anytime for a NewsRadio joke.
  • qazox
    GA Supes was the best.
  • Semysane
    And then Billy Connelly changed the spelling of his last name and grew up to become an actor. And Scottish.
  • Jezzy54
    I'm glad someone around here thought to make a Billy Connolly joke.
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