AT4W - Tales of Suspense #39

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  • Jezzy54
    If you watched the video, you should know what's next.
  • WesleyFoxx
    spoiler for the lazy:

    Its Teen Titans.
  • DoomPL
    Good review
  • ladydiskette
    I loved your review Linkara

    And it was nice to see you bring back the "Tony Stark drunk voice" again. That always makes me laugh.

    Out of all the superhero alter-egos, Tony Stark definitely was the one I could understand with you saying about him "being the guy everyone loves to hate" in real life, I would probably loathe the rich, smug, playboy side of him. But yet, as a comic book character he had interesting and fun stories and had a way of interacting with the other superhero characters that I found enjoyable to read, espically the conversations he would have with them. You never knew what to expect.
  • nelsinki  - Ironman Shoes
    For some reason, I always associated Ironman with Ned Kelly.

    Like a curiosity, some people native from the jungle don't wear shoes, the dangers of the jungle don't exactly means that you have to use it if you are acusstomed. However, the joke is correct in context.
  • BooRat
    This was gold! I knew this was going to have some interesting... stuff from the 60s!

    I love the drunk Tony Stark voice and it fits him here! I would love to see a review of the "Demon in a Bottle" story. I've always been meaning to read it someday in trades!

    "an eyetooth is another name for the canine tooth or the fang"
    Do you know why? It is claimed you can feel it all the way up into your eyes when they're pulled. That is why the saying exist to imply some one is willing to go through hat kind of pain to gain something.

    I do love how they've updated the origins by changing it from the Vietnam War to the Gulf to Iraq/Afghanistan Wars and yet all the key characters involved still have the same names even though they've had complete cultural shifts.

    I'd like that Power Rangers Redux music but I'd actually want a physical CD... never been much for paying for something and not getting something that exist on a physical plan to hold with it! XD

    I'm not a huge Iron Man fan but when did the Arc-Reactor come into continuity? I didn't quit catch it here did they do the whole super magnet in his chest plat keeping the shrapnel out of his heart thing? I've never liked that idea I much more preferred the idea that the shrapnel was removed but it caused so much damage to his heart he needs a pacemaker and he's just using the Arc-Reactor that powers his suit to power it! And, that's why every time his reactor shuts down or is damaged he goes into cardiac arrest.

    I know that the song has nothing to do with the comics... but I'd love to see a "What if..." or some indie comic adapt of the song's story it is weirdly interesting! A man turned into a giant metal monster and killing everyone!?

    Yay Teen Titans... oh wait it's the original ones... so, Dick Grayson kid Robin, Aqua Lad, Wonder Girl, and Speedy...
  • SpeedyEric
    I also ment to reed "Demon in a Bottle," even for the release of Iron Man 2 for obvious reasons.

    I'm also the type of guy who gets CDs and not something downloaded. Hell, I can also use YouTube.

    According to Wikipedia, the arc reactor was introduced in the first movie.
  • BooRat  - SE
    I've been wanting to get the trade of it but it cost too much as most copies are hardback Special editions!

    I'll do the watch a movie or series on Youtube but that is free... I know they got some pay and watch stuff but I'll find it for free.

    It was I always thought there was some gimmick to his chest thing? besides the fact it keeps him alive?
  • armagod679
    I admit, I've never been a huge fan of Iron Man (which is weird, since Batman's my favorite hero and they are very similar characters), but I will say this about Tony Stark's history: Stan Lee is an evil genius for coming up with a character that was the complete opposite of his readers. That said, this origin is pure silver-age goofiness, and I think that, more than anything, is what gives the character his energetic, fun-loving, establishment worshiping feel. As insensitive as the sixties were, I do have to appreciate the campy, silly mood of this comic, especially since I have made a lengthy study of the darker, more serious counter-culture movements of the sixties.

    Wow, I can ramble about nothing for a long time.
  • Niru-kun
    I'm actually eighteen so I'm one of your younger viewers.

    I've actually learned a lot from you.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Same here, provided a lot of insight and influence
  • Mousy Voice
    I don't know what's funnier: the bad English from Wong Chu or Tony's drunken dialogue. Admittedly, it is an impressive origin story despite its weird ideas. I seriously doubt that shrapnel can just migrate into the heart all by itself. However, it certainly sows the seeds for future incarnations for the character. Ever since you've started this Secret Origins month, I've developed a good appreciation to just how well the movies were able to integrate these origin stories into the movies. If it weren't for this cheesy little story, the Iron Man movie wouldn't have had the compelling, dramatic, and poignant beginning it has now.
  • XSpectreGreyX
    I laughed every time he did the drunk Tony voice. My favourite was "Oh no! The suit is as drunk as I am!"
  • richtv
    Since I have never known the origin of Iron Man, or background for his creation, this was an interesting episode. However, I gotta be honest it was not the funniest. And the drunk voice got annoying, mostly because it was not appropriate to the situation. It is one thing to do the voice when Tony is clearly drinking, but how could he have been drunk during the majority of events in this issue? Ah well, maybe that's nitpicking. Looking forward to next week. Oh, and when did the Comics code authority stop being used?
  • archonambroseus
    A good Sandman shoutout will always make me a happy camper. :)
  • James Picard
    Hilarious! Although I do have to ask, wasn't the reason you said you weren't using the drunk voice because that was more Ultimate Tony's character than Regular Tony. If I'm mistaken, please feel free to call me out everyone. Also, great use of the Teen Titans theme. That was a fun show. Can't wait till next week!
  • Linkara
    The more in-depth reason is pretty much what I said above, but yeah - ultimate Tony Stark always has some booze in his hand. I think I recall that the reason was that ultimate Tony Stark has some bizarre made-up medical thing where his brain is kind of distributed throughout his body and thus his senses are over-stimulated and the alcohol helps numb it or something like that.
  • BooRat
    Yeah basically Ultimate Tony Stark's whole nervous system works like one giant brain... this gives him his super genius mind but also causes him to be very sensitive to pain so he drinks to help fight it. Also this means he grows brains tumors more easily and he is subject to die at any second. Which considering the Ultimate universe for killing off character for no other reason than they can I'm surprised they haven't just done that yet!? Him in the middle of a battle or arguing with some one and just drop dead!
  • ladydiskette
    Doesn't he also have that instrument in his body that acts as a overglorified pacemaker or something. Last I checked, I think that people with pacemakers of any kind were encouraged not to drink alot of alchohol.

    Unless I am mistaken, but then again it is a superhero universe.
  • Wario_man
    Hmmm, Tony drinks a lot Captain America can't get drunk. Why don't these two party/have drinking contests more often?
  • ladydiskette
    lol, actually, that I would love to see. XD
  • thorondragon
    at least captain america makes more sense than mister, literal, brain body there. captain america is just enhanced neough that his digestive system can metabolize alcohol.
  • thorondragon
    ...........what a stupid reason to make a guy a constant drunk........ i mean really stupid..... my god, it makes Cry for Justice make sense compared to it. it makes the likes of mystique and the hulk seem like scientific possiblities even.
  • Zihon
    awesome as always, you are great linkara!!
  • sunnyl
    Nice review.

    Your Eye-teeth are your incisors (canines), and its a very common expression.

    The drunk voice really makes no sense after he has been captured as he would not have had access to alcohol while a prisoner. It was mildly funny in a couple of places, but really it was just misused. Hangover voice and the shakes might have worked.

    It is a demonstrated fact that humans rarely bother to loom above their own eye height, but given that he was looking around for weapons, he probably should have looked up.

    The racism yeah, was the 60s and it was probably as much propaganda as genuine racism, though the ignorance based racism would have been a major part of it. Regardless, its painful.

    So how does he go to the bathroom in that suit?
    And I presume he can remove the helmet without compromising his heart, or else how does he eat?
  • Linkara
    Pretty much. The only part of the suit that he HAD to have on was the chestplate.

    And I have honestly never heard the eye-teeth expression before.

    As for him not having access to the alcohol, I just assume that Tony's blood-alcohol level is so high that it takes several days for him to fully sober up.
  • Jaso44
    Thumbs up for being an outlier!!! Woot!!
  • Johnny User
    Drunk Tony Stark kinda sounds like Bill Cosby.
  • Bradman1978
    For some reason I was thinking linkara was going to pull back a bottle of booze after " I AM AN IRON MAN.
  • GreenGoblinsOckVenom86  - Good review Linkara.
    I was never a huge Iron Man fan but I have seen the movies and thought they were good. I have a feeling Batgirl is the next Hero you're doing. And I'll go head and tell you I'm kind of young but not really. I'm 26. I sound old when talking about my childhood. Like, when I was a boy we watched movies on a vcr. The kids would be like, "What's a vcr?"
  • tomatomac
    yes teen titans i cant wait
  • Eddie The Lightbringer
    Yes I'm aware that the song Iron Man by Black Sabbath has nothing to do with the character. Legend has it the lyrics were made into a vengeful villain in order to avoid copyright hassles even though Ozzy was a fan. Is this true? No idea! But it makes a good story.
  • Vausch  - The Iron Man song is actually about...
    a man that travels to the future for a brief amount of time and sees an apocalyptic scenario, then when travelling back his body becomes living iron. He tries to warn people about the future but he's been struck mute and everyone shuns him, making him so angry and insane he attacks everybody and causes the apocalyptic future he saw.

    I never would've guessed that from the lyrics, to be honest.
  • candycaines  - file cabinet
    Why does he have a file cabinet full of rocks? Well if you know a better way to keep rocks organized I'd like to here it.
  • azarath17  - Titans
    Teen Titans next week!!!!!!! I think I am going to hyperventilate with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am already annoying my brother with all of my squealing.) YES! FINALLY THE TITANS!!!!!! (Titans #1 and that PSA barely count.)
  • JayDogV45
    Raise your hand if you hope Linkara will review the Duke Nukem comic from the intro.
  • jagarcia0705
    At a nightclub in Houston Harvey is just done singing "Fly me to the moon", now he's relaxing in his dressing room. He was about to give Linkara a call when-
    Harvey's Manager: Harvey I just got a call from a friend & he wants to make a tribute to The Rat Pack. He heard how good you were & he want's you to be the lead singer.
    Harvey: Tell him I accept.
    Harvey's Manager: I'll him right away.
    Harvey: (talking to himself) What was I about to do? I'll remember it later.
  • TheSparkyChick

    Linkara, you sir, are the king of awesomeness for doing this. You just gained ALL mah respect.
  • PopCultureOtaku
    It seemed weird to do drunken voice the whole but other then that it was fine. Weird looking sometimes at older comics and their racial stereotypes. Yeah that power rangers thing was pretty cool. Might pick it up as it's cheap.
    Funny thing at the end with Iron Man being a good WWE wrestler I use to as a kid use Secret Wars Iron Man (Also spidey, cap, doom, magneto from the line) toy in wrestling against GI Joe, Star Wars, and other figures. Funny thing is some of that led me to create my story lines and characters over the years.
  • SpeedyEric
    I’m a year older than Linkara, and I share most of the same merits stated. And if it probably weren’t for me growing up in the 90s, I might not have been introduced to Iron Man by watching the Animated Series.

    6:34- Poor Todd. =(

    8:01- If he’s so invincible, why does his armor get damaged during every major battle he takes part in?

    9:49- Maybe next time, you would try to pull off a Robert Downey, Jr. impression.

    Oh, Id love to see The Ultimate Warrior get his face smashed against the ground by everyone’s favorite Armored Avenger.

    I am SO getting that new Power Rangers CD for Christmas!

    19:13- Self-lubrication? …I’m glad you’re not touching that one.

    Nice job on the clip from “To Boldly Flee.”

    I also have that Iron Man helmet. Why? Because I love collecting those kind of role play toys to stylize my home.

    I also like this origin story, and I love how well they did it for modern times in the 2008 movie.

    Have fun next week with the origin of the Teen Titans.

    I know the Black Sabbath song has nothing to do with the comics, but damn it, it matches him perfectly.
  • BooRat
    Me too my only experience with Iron man before the movies was the 90s cartoon!

    9:49 -I don't think he'd survive that much coke!

    19:13 - *Herbert voice* Mmmmhmmmm!

    A Black Sabbath song but ACDC is played more in the movie and adds!
  • MechaDon1980
    I'll adimt; couldn't stop laughing every time you narrated as drunken Tony lol
  • psycher7
    Wong Chu. Yeah, there's a Vietnamese name for ya! Sounds like an appetizer at PF Chang's. Obviously the 60s weren't big on racial/cultural sensitivity, but that's just sad. Real Vietnamese has a bunch of weird squiggly accent marks and a very casual relationship between letter and pronunciation ('s really just Polish?). What I didn't know was that even in 1963, people were already looking at Southeast Asia as the next global flashpoint or that the counterculture was anything other than a few beatniks. Learn something every day.

    Yay for drunk Tony!
  • Fangheart
    YEAH! Teen Titans!! fricken LOVED that show when I was a kid, it was the first thing that really introduced me to the innards of the DC universe besides just Batman and Superman. I know the comics are very different from the TV show, so it'll be interesting how the comic that inspired one of my favorite TV shows got it's beginnings. (I am of course assuming it's quite different from the Teen Titans episode "Go!" where it showed how they all met) Can't wait for next week!
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