AT4W - Marville #3

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  • BooRat  - 1st
    What the Holy Hell!?
    I think i can answer "How does a hologram get drunk?" I've read enough fiction with artificial character that are programmed or made to fake being a real living being and they have the ability to fake being alive so well they can convince themselves to the point they develop addictions and become sick!
    The page lay out is annoying! The only "good" thing I can say about it is the did figure out that white text with a black outline is at least readable on any background!
    I'm one of those people that REALLY hates being preached at and this book is really waving a finger at me.
    It also kind of angers me that a guy like this can get and write his own comicbook for a major company like MARVEL when people like us never will! And, I like to think we have generally good ideas!
    I do have to wonder about that thing most fictions do where God or the Devil shows up and they appear like whatever the protagonist perceives them as. What if they're an Atheous or like me likes to think of pantheons of gods?
    Hahaha, shrinkage! Nice Linkara Trollface (TrollKare!?)! I hope some one takes a screen shot of that and makes an icon of it! XP
    Wow, I never thought I'd see the day we get a character seriously concerned for microbes killing each other!
    Ok, I've read very little on these Marville comics before hand and all else I know about this book is at some point i'm guessing the next issue it's reveal in this screwed up comic that Wolverine is the 1st Human/Mutant/intelligent life form or some BS like that!?
  • BooRat  - 2nd
    So, their master plan is to shoot HoloKara a lot!? Sounds good enough to me!!
    Don't worry 90s Kid, Rob Liefeld is still doing some indie works! I'm entered into a contest on DeviantArt to get one of my OCs published by Argo Comics and he did a cover for them recently! http:// /art/Argo-5-Issue-6-NOW- AVAILABLE-323945449 99368210503&type=3& theater On FaceBook and like or share and/or comment on PackRat for me, please... PLEASE!!! You might also like the Argo Comics's FaceBook page they're really cool people!

    I like the Gunslinger more now his style and layout so far he looks like Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist and acts like a mix of movie and Civil War era Tony Stark/Iron Man! He's even got the JARVIS style AI computer butler!
    So, our reality is toxic to him?
    I like the Magic Gun collection he's got! I really like what looks to be a repainted Nerf gun that I think fired ping-pong balls!
  • Gborr  - Storyline-opinions.
    All right, it's good to finally see our new antagonist again, though I'm a little torn on him. He's just not... well... threatening. At all. After Vyce and the Entity, he just looks kind of silly with the blond anime wig and the laidback voice... though him being quite nonchalant about the resident multiversal conqueror (Intermission: SPAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaace!!! ) means that he is at least somewhat badass.

    On another note, I would find it soooo funny if it turned out that he was sort of a misunderstood good guy, like a champion from another dimension who plans on "rescuing" all the magic guns from the evil/crazy Linkaras from other continuities to fight the Entity, which he thinks is still around the same way Vyce didn't believe that Linkara defeated it. Seriously, it would be about time Linkara got an ally who is not played by Lewis as well... -.-

    Things that support this theory:
    -Non-villainous appearance. Yeah, not exactly an objective claim, but note that the AT4W-verse mostly works on Power Rangers logic, meaning that the bad guys always have to LOOK and SOUND the part. He doesn't.
    -Him having a magic gun + nice hat combo on could point at him being something of an alternate-universe champion like Linkara.
    -Him having an AI sidekick. He especially reminds me to a male Nimue.

    Things that go against it:
    -His appearance also puts him into question, as he might as well be a "dark counterpart" for Linkara.
    -He still has a collection of magic guns, which begs the question whether or not he got them from the good guys or the bad guys and what he intends to do with them.
  • Lone Wolf
    "I think i can answer "How does a hologram get drunk?" I've read enough fiction with artificial character that are programmed or made to fake being a real living being and they have the ability to fake being alive so well they can convince themselves to the point they develop addictions and become sick!"
    Or it's holographic booze.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - How do Holograms get drunk?
    The same way the Hirogen race in Voyager created holograms to simulate the feeling of pain, right?
  • BooRat
    Why? Why was I programmed to feel pain!?
  • BooRat
    Matrix booze programs?
  • Kaiju-Z
    I think this is the Plot Hole causing this!
  • LikaLaruku
    Yeah, this series took a turn for the WTF.
  • Sewblon  - About the appearance of God in Marville.
    I think that the idea is that God appeared to them as whatever sentient being they wanted to see the most was at the time, whether that being was God or not. But God really has no reason to do that when he was just going to appear as Jack the wise black guy for the rest of the series, so it is still kind of confused.
  • Tatsunin
    Ted turner is alive 3000 years in the future not 5000, but an honest mistake.

    There is no way Marville can get any worse, I mean concern over molecules that's just dumb. Also can't believe you didn't use the scene from futurama where they say "point is you shouldn't eat things that feel pain" "Ok so we won't eat you."

    Also the Magic Gunslinger is back. I was wondering more on him.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - OH DEAR GOD
    Hey just what was more stupid this or Southland tales? I think Marville is more stupid due to the fact that it will only go further down the canyon from here. Good Luck with this thing and I'm looking forward to what is on the Halloween chopping block now that there are no more Silent Hill comics.
  • Gborr
    I can't wait to see Linkara's reaction to the talking dinosaurs and Wolverine. >:)
  • The Giant Angry Badger  - Original Joke
    This comic is Retodded!

    My originals. They are so many
  • CaztheGamer  - Lettuce - It's Good For Jokes
    That was one of the funniest and most unexpected reactions to a comment from a character I have ever seen. Also, how the heck does Ted Turner live all this time? Well, he wasn't in this comic, so maybe...
  • ladydiskette
    I love the song that plays when Holokara is standing looking out into the parking lot. I found myself singing along to it.

    Anyway, I am eager to see how Linksano, Harvey, 90s Kid, and the rest are going to take down Holokara and if they will succeed, I can't wait for the next review.
  • JohnReaper22  - City Of Heros
    Hey Linkara, Long time fan. New Poster, I would like to comment this is the greatest web series i've watched over and over again. My personal Favorite series is marville... Seriously a God Named Jack. wow and Macrocide? da Heck?

    So. As A comic book fan yourself what do you think of the game CITY OF HEROS? its a great game for comic book fans and mmo fans.

    Any way the reason I bring this up is its going to be shut down. and the reason I bring it to you is because its like your biggest pet pev with comics, Character deaths with out a proper go out/ Unnecessary.

    I'm not sure how you feel about this post and If I've stepped over the line with this. I'm sorry.
  • StaticFactory
    Yay, I remember commenting on... uhh, one of your videos somewhere--that I was hoping for another Marville review soon. Lo and behold, here it is! Your humor has made my day, good sir :D

    Holy text wall, Batman. I'm not the biggest comic-reader, but as someone who's made it through upper-level graphic design classes (and someone who has eyes), that whole no-text-bubble thing REALLY made me cringe. I can't even really imagine the conversation that happened at the drawing board: "Hey! Hey guys, I have this awesome idea! Let's make the art better... and then cover it up with giant walls of pretentious, overreaching or otherwise pointless text!"

    That image on the cover really says it all: "Oh, you poor, poor sap. Put this book down now. NOW. While you still can." I love how the comic is screwing its own continuity and hahaha oops, I just suggested that the word "continuity" exists in this universe. My bad.

    And you know, I get the feeling that even if I wasn't an atheist, I'd be put off by the quote-unquote "religious debates" going on here. You know what this is reminding me of? Sonichu. Yep, this is the Sonichu that someone actually got PAID to write. I'm convinced. (I haven't actually READ Sonichu, but from what I've heard/read about it, this is close enough.)

    Now let us have a moment of silence for the thousands upon millions upon googols of nervous-system-lacking molecules that have been broken down into their base components for--*pfft* okay, moment of silence over. (*sigh* Just couldn't get through that with a straight face!)

    Great review as always, Linkara ;) The food joke was worth it--I absolutely cracked up at that XD
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Great trashing of an awful comic.
  • Gborr
    Ah, the Lettuce-massacre... It was one of the most awesomely hilarious scenes Lewis has ever done. :D
  • Charred Newt
    Don't worry, it was already dead. Being imbusted will do that to most things.
  • knight676
    Hey its that guy who plays snowflame
  • Cercan  - How
    How did you possibly make me remember that crappy yu-gi-oh cartoon from 4(?) years back?!?!?
  • Linkara
    Bah, GX is my favorite series. =P
  • DR2334
    I agree! It was ok but after a certain point that series got too over the top for me.
  • glaurungthegold
    So when you said that you read comics that expiremented with otherways of convaying diolog. It made me think of the "comics" on which has one of my favorite all time web comics homestuck.
    Which i recomend to anyone how reads this post... But it is rather long... And can be hard to get cought up in for some people who don't retain infromation all that well.
  • Sigma0283
    Got a favorite card from the game?
  • Blizz3112
    Japanese version of GX was fantastic... Just look at the original, it all (due to not being censored) makes much more sense...
  • armagod679
    It amazes me that comics like this get put into the mainstream. I suppose if we think of it as a short story with pictures, that makes up for the text thing... no, nothing will work on it.

    The storyline is coming along nicely. The Gunslinger seems like an interesting villain and I can't wait to see what his full story is. And why do I get the sense that real-Linkara is going to come home to his crew beating up a drunk hologram? That'll be a fun one for Harvey to explain...
  • VillainousBlogger
    I was half expecting the Combine Harvester song to appear near the end of this one. But I bet it's being saved for the last Marville issue. ;)

    Loved the reference to Yugioh GX! It's one of my favorite of the series!

    I wondered what happened to that Gunslinger fellow. He must've been really hurt after his last encounter with you. But if he has all those other Magic Guns...this may be a pretty big challenge for you Linkara buddy.

    As for this comic? Oy...the incompetence of it just astounds me...
  • alex!!  - Man
    If it bugs you that much, don't read any Cereus past high society or Jimmy corrigan.
  • AaronJer
    Linkara, there was placeholder text on your title card. It's not going to pass review cert for a retail submission.
  • Decius Nero
    Though I kinda share the 'plants are alive' reasoning (no, I don't feel sad for eating 'em), your rebuttal with the lettuce was horribly amusing x3
  • mehja  - Life is life
    Yeah, the lettuce rebuttal was fun.

    But I have to really disagree with the "plants are living things only in the broadest sense".
    Plant are alive - in every sense as much as animals, archea, fungi or bacteria. Life is life. Sure, they differ more from us than we do from other animals.

    But as a life-form they are superior to us:
    We depend to 100% on breaking down their chemical energy while they can build their organic compounds from inorganic source with sunlight.
    Show some respect! :)
  • Charred Newt
    This is why we must subjugate them! EAT THEM BEFORE THEY EAT US! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!
  • Linkara
    "But as a life-form they are superior to us:
    We depend to 100% on breaking down their chemical energy while they can build their organic compounds from inorganic source with sunlight.

    Show some respect! :)"

    Hmmm... No, no I won't. XD

    We invented sonnets and buildings and computers and, you know, THINK. Simply being really damn good at chemical reactions does not make them a superior life form. XD
  • mehja
    Well, as a biochemist I look at the cells - and at that level plants beat us hands down and are the superior kingdom of the multicellular life-forms.
    (Bacteria, of course, are the absolute ultimate champions when it comes to chemical diversity)

    But we are sure better at LIVING.
    The fact that we can contemplate our existence, have discussions on it and explore the world around us is f***ing AWESOME!

    And knowing that everything I eat is a more or less distant cousin of mine does not stop me from enjoying my food :)
  • Extreme-Madness  - re:
    Yes, we are superior in intelligence to other living beings, but it is only one category for superiority.
    By physical activities almost every other species of equal or greater size than men, are far superior to us.
    Although of course, we compensate physical defects, with our intelligence, it still does not mean we can do whatever we want without any consequences.

    As for the plants, they are the most important link in the food chain, without them could not survive any other complex organism (including humans of course). And it was proved that they respond to external stimuli (if herbivore attack, many species begin to secrete poison, and of course carnivorous plants) They maintain the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they transfer solar energy through the food chain that used by other organisms, and plants are often referred to behavior in animals to breed or upload seed at great distances.
  • Vismutti
    We couldn't have done any of that without plants, though! Or, to an extend, herbivore animals as humans depended on the extra efficiency of eating meat in the early stages of our evolution into a separate species from other apes. (The fact that we're now able to sustain ourselves without meat is due to inventions like agriculture which where possible thanks to the increased brain power enabled by partially meat-based diet. That allows us to produce big enough quantities of easily digestible non-meat foods since we can't digest most parts of plants like herbivores.)

    That doesn't mean that they're sentient or sapient, though. Besides, many plants rely on us eating them to sustain their species.

    The way I see it is that we -should- respect them because whether it's intentional or not, their existence is required for us to be here, but that doesn't mean we should stop eating them.

    Similarly I don't think eating animals is evil either (though I realize that's a more controversial issue), in an ideal situation, that is. 1) Hunting is a very natural part of the animal kingdom. While it is sad and often cruel, it's a fact of life. 2) Animal husbandry is in fact, in its ideal form, beneficial to both the human and the animal because livestock lead healthier and more stress-free lives than their wild counterparts.
    The problems come when 3) farms become factories, inhumane in their treatment of the animals (which ALSO leads to possible health risks for humans, even if you don't care about the welfare of the animals), and 4) when the human population consumes more meat than it can sustainably produce. Sadly, both of the latter are common facts nowadays in industrialized countries.

    ... Sorry about that rant. (Not sorry enough not to post it still.) It's just kind of a pet issue of mine. I hate it when these issues are discussed on emotional basis alone. Not that emotion isn't a big part of it, it's just not all it is.

    Also on the respect thing... I kind of make a big deal out of it, not for any rational reason but because it reminds me of social issues and the whole bullshit idea that manual workers are somehow less important than brain workers even though the latter wouldn't even exist without the former... But I'll spare you that rant this time. (Unless someone provokes me. Please don't.) I know it's kind of stupid since this is about plants and not sentient and sapient beings like humans who are actually capable of appreciating such respect but that's metaphorical thinking for you...
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - (Gives a standing ovation)
    Your speech was excellent!
  • Lord Igos263  - .............Lewis is right.
    I mean some compounds in the organic branch have been found to be the source of energy for inorganic sources. I'll be off point & topic but Pluto was once a planet in the eyes of the world & now it's been found to be false............but was that always the case for pluto? Some believe it was a living planet at one point in the past but the compounds that make up Pluto must have been too little for it to sustain life & when that enegry source near the end...................... ...well it was reduced to a corpse of a planet. The reactions that occured in a dieing planet & heck a dieing star make it possible for that idea to be a possible fact.............but that won't be confirmed for years. Life is beyound us in truth.............but it's a fact that one can see the wonders & horrors it can bring forth.
  • redjirachi
    Basically, humanity look at creation and say "No, you don't get to boss us around anymore. You may be The World, but I AM MANKIND! *punch*"
  • fanime1  - FINALLY!
    I was waiting for your review for this one. I already knew what to expect because of the blog you mentioned in the 1st Marville episode. But it was great to hear your POV. Don't worry. You're almost done...but it does get even worse from what I remember. I'm liking how the story (the one after the credits, not the comics themselves) is going. It's getting even more interesting. Also, last week's ending was so adorable!
  • WarxePB
    See, I'm still getting the feeling that this is trying to be a parody. At the very least, the whole "eating is bad" thing seems like a very mean-spirited jab at someone or something... but then again, we do have Poe's law to consider.

    I kinda understand what the writer was going for, too. God takes the form of "Jack", and shows how he may not be directly responsible for creating life, to show that he doesn't necessarily want to be worshipped. He gave humens free will to decide their own path, not to slavishy dedicate themselves to a higher power and become stagnant. That's what I'm getting from it, at least (note how I'm not saying that I agree with it - I don't).

    But no matter how you slice it, this comic is terrible. It's not compelling, the art is poor (and I get the impression that they Greg Land'd at least a few of the panels), and filibustering about beliefs is one of many indicators that a work's jumped the shark. This should have never reached print.
  • Dimentio  - My Favorite Review Yet!
    Did they hire union workers to make this comic This is so lazy--just print the script over the (actually quite good) artwork like that?

    I'd have to say that if the artwork was as poor as the quality of everything else, this would have to be the worst comic of all time.

    Pulling out that bag of romaine was perhaps one of the most ingenious and funny things I've seen on the show. Not just the act itself, but the expression and gestures, too. Even though it did get all over the place, we could just stick my rabbit in that room and she'd clean up for you, free of charge!

    The time machine rant was also smiled upon.

    Also what's weird is that the black-guy-as-God thing was used the following year with Morgan Freeman playing God in Bruce Almighty.

    African fertility god... oh... God. Just imagine all the starving children in Africa that could have been fed with this comic's budget. Granted that budget seems to have been very small, the smallest of things can make the biggest of impacts. Like a bowl of rice to a starved child... or a terrible, terrible comic to one's sanity.

    That grin from the shrinking joke will haunt me in my nightmares tonight, though...

    And wow, someone making a case about how it's horrible that we're eating Carbon Dioxide? Is this like PETA to the extreme?

    That was all really just horrible. I applaud you for plowing through this abomination, but if you're right, and the next issue is even worse... I think I might even need some alcohol, too.

    Still, this is probably my favorite review yet. Last week was great, but this week is amazing. You manage to take a horribly written piece of literature and make it into brilliantly written comedic cynicism.

    (I now want to get Diet Coke in a flask. Well, maybe not DIET Coke, diet soda is disgusting to me.)
  • SpeedyEric
    How DOES a hologram get drunk? Well, the answer to THAT is: SHUT UP!

    3:38- And I’m sorry for you, too, Sweety.

    7:16- Was this comic coming to a deadline, and they didn’t have time to make the speech bubbles? If so, that would make perfect, and lazy, sense.

    10:44- I take it that Al Bore-lan never saw the Back to the Future trilogy.

    This comic has the worst, and stupidest, depiction of God EVER. The only thing that would make this comic a bit better if he was God from either Star Trek V or Bruce Almighty. BTW, I have an official name for God in this comic: Jack All-Mighty.

    18:47- I don’t blame you. When I first saw Battlefield Earth, I tried to like it.

    I also love the series finale of Star Trek: TNG. Thanks again, Lewis, for mentioning something better for us to watch except reading this comic.

    I am so happy that I loved going to school so I won’t be as dumb as 99.9% of the population of the Marville universe.

    25:18- My hand is raised. I would also watch Doug and Phelous’s reviews of the movies.

    I still can’t believe that this comic series was even published and released in this century.

    Liefeld’s not doing comic’s anymore. …YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
  • Fangheart
    feeling bad for killing microscopic molecules......even Peta would think that was stupid.
  • blackwing14  - the big mistake
    The thing is with most comedy stories is that they keep them comedies. if you try to turn a parody well anything into something serious can back fire on you. granted that is not always the case like Ouran Host Club but with this comic it being bad from the get go is going to suck even more.
  • richtv
    This comic is...amazing. I honestly have no idea what to make of it. As for the storyline, it's going in a new direction which is nice to see.
  • ColeYote
    Oh my god. It doesn't just go downhill. The series just did a cliff dive all the way to the bottom of challenger deep.
  • crouchingtigress
    Great review, but I think munching a carrot would have been better than bag lettuce. In my mind, as a carrot is still whole and could convey a better impression of you eating another "being" rather than a bag of lettuce which has been chopped and processed (and less of mess)… but this is a stupid comic so it doesn’t matter regardless.
  • elrick43
    this comic has made me more stupider.
  • Dacilriel
    I've been wondering what happened to the gunslinger. Does he have some connection to Vyce? Linkara's universe was toxic to both of them, could they be connected? Are the other guns connected to Margaret? Does the gunslinger know about the Entity? is that why he's after the gun? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!

    Side note: Curse you, Blip TV, do you know how many times I had to refresh in order to watch the video!?
  • Sewblon
    12:40 I want God to tell me "Welcome To Fight Club."
  • PowerToole
    Bizarro Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the comic.
  • Gborr
    This is how all the text in this comic is presented. We're serious. Just like this. No word baloons. Why would you need those, when you can just dump all the text on top of the page like this? Perfectly readable, huh? Flows well with the images, right? No? Well, screw you, it's an artistic choice so it's fine. It's totally not lazy looking at all. Definately not. Are you still reading this? You know this is just padding, right? to fill out the rest of the space to satirize this comic's text layout? Wow, that's dedication my friend. Someone ought to give you a medal or something cuz not many people can sit through all this drivvle and live to tell the tale. Ok, there is being brave and being stupid, stop reading before your head caves in from are the moronicisms found in these paragraphs! See? I just used the word 'moronicisms'! I'm pretty sure that doesn't exist! My god, all (...) Quickly everyone! Run to your anti (...) The end times are here! The end of the intelligent world is over! Won't someone think of the children!?
  • Malvolio21
    Am I the only one who REALLY wanted to see what was written behind the "Marville No. 3" in the foreground?
  • TheSparkyChick
    Linkara, you need to review a resident evil comic!
  • DR2334
    Are they very bad too? Even worse than Marville?
  • zepolmas
    I'm pretty sure he has.
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