AT4W - 200th Episode

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  • Imperator  - 200th Episode
    My first comment. I’ve been thinking about joining for a while but was too lazy. Made this account now because I wanted to comment on the 200th video.
    200th VIDEO!!!!!!!
  • Steve Potter
    OHMYGOOOOOOOOOOSH! This is the greatest review I've ever seen in my life!

    I'm exaggerating, but only slightly. This review was fantastic and beautiful!
  • NostalgiaCriticFan505104
    I need to just get this off my chest. Spiderman is a character has seen so many bad events and storys but I can never stop reading him. Spiderman got me into comics something I can never let go. Spiderman may make deals with the devil, he may get a sidekick, he may never grow up in the minds of readers, and he may never grow as a charcter but hes brought so many people into comics somehow i can let slide. Please Marvel start making him a real character again.

    PS one moment in time explains some plot holes in One More Day but still doesnt change the fact of their marriage being taken away.
  • Gborr  - One of the best AT4W episodes.
    Ooookay, I think I'll refrain from shouting stuff like "Best episode ewah!" and such, but I cannot deny the fact that this was one of, if not THE most well-made, thought-out and punctuated review Linkara ever did.

    The choice of comic was perfect. The one hundredth episode felt really lackluster to me since, just like Lewis, I was never really into Sonic in any form. One More Day, however, was a perfect choice. It has been looming over the show since the very beginning, one could even say it was an integral part of AT4W's running-joke repertoire, so it was about time to put it to rest.

    The review itself was one of the most well-made ones on the -site-, and we all have to admit that Lewis already had the bar pretty high with his consistent, quality work. This time around everything was perfect. The analysis was great, the jokes were funny, the rage was heartfelt, the cameos were well-punctuated and hilarious, and most of all, the pacing of the review was just great. The entire review was longer than an hour, and yet it never felt dragging. Impressive job indeed.

    Also, I liked that there was no real story-bits from your plot-line. Don't take me wrong, I usually like the stories and battles and such (even though they are often painfully campy), but I was glad to see that this time they didn't interfere with the review. It helped the consistency.

    So... My final word here is this: Thank you, Lewis. Thank you for making this show. It is not an exaggeration to say that AT4W has been part of my life in the past four years, week after week. Thank you for entertaining me through 200 episodes, and I wish you another 200 hundred. With you at the helm, I'm confident to say that you wouldn't wear your welcome thin even after 400 episodes. :)

    P.S.: Also, not having a Spoony cameo in your review felt really, really sad. Yes, I know that he is not with CA anymore, but he and his characters have been an integral part of the AT4W-verse, so him not being here felt somewhat unnatural, like a piece of the world was missing (see what I did here? :P).
  • Linkara
    There was an idea for Dr. Insano to offer Linkara a deal to undo One More Day, buuut I never really had a good spot to put it. Plus, Spoony was on vacation at the time I finished the script and was still very jat-laggy at ConBravo, so I doubt he would have been able to film it, anyway.
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    Well, to be completely fair, both the Warrior and Dr. Insano are in the montage at the end, all be it in stock footage.
  • Kiereth
    It's a nice thing that it was considered, though, what with Spoony's departure from the site and all.
  • PlayMp1
    From what I can tell on Twitter, Spoony is still friendly with Linkara, as well as Brad (I think).
  • Dragon_Nexus
    Doesn't Surprise me. Linkara and Brad come across as two very laid back kinda guys.

    Brad in particular strikes me as someone who doesn't give two shades of fudge about drama, taking sides, or any of that crap.
  • Spiritkitten
    I haven't read Spiderman comics or any comics really besides the X-men comics that my best friend in high school and I used to browse through at the mall store. ah good times...but as a writer of fiction (romance and drama) myself, I am throughly insulted by the storyline of "One More Day?" I agree with you, Linkara, the possibilities you mentioned would have made much better story plotlines, and they could have continued the series passed just one comic book!

    Thank you however, for the entertaining videos and the interesting plots that you, yourself, provide. I look forward to each of your videos, and can't wait to see what comes from your ventures while you are "traveling the world"

    PS. that is your dad isn't it? That is awesome your dad would cameo for you! Maybe it's just me but you kind of look like your dad. I guess that's why he's playing your "future" self.

    P.P.S: Keep up the Great Work!
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Molestia is watching
    Thatguywiththeglasses is back.
  • Mysterbyg  - 200
    Man, SO happy to be a fan of this show! Just throwin' that out there. NOW, I watch the video. Let's hear it for 100 more, eh?
  • ladydiskette
    The only good thing I ever got out of this comic was basically learning about Dr. Strange's origin. He always fascinated me and I always wanted to know what his origin was so when I heard him telling about how he got his ability to Spiderman I wasn't annoyed so much as enlightened.
  • Morgil
    Was it just me, or did the rich Peter's speech about trading everything for one more chance at love sound awfully similar to Stan Lee's love speech in the movie Mallrats?

    Also, awesome episode. Couldn't have been better. Bravo.
  • Sewblon
    It sounds even more similar when you consider that, in the cannon of Mallrats, that speech is a lie crafted to make Brody get his act together.
  • LiamA
    You're right it does sound like the Stan Lee speech.
  • PopCultureOtaku  - Congratulations on 200 episodes
    Holy crap I was right. I said that back when 200th episode was first teased that I guessed it would be One More Day. I didn't think it would be true. This is one of the worst comics ever and I didn't finish it. Civil War was just boring book. Mark Millar took 7 issues to write a story that could have been done 3 or 4. Half of the mini nothing happen. As a matter of fact tie ins had more in it then the regular book did. The ending was sadly predictable to Civil War and what worse they didn't even really solve it like they could have with Secret Invasion. You know you think skrulls had been behind the super hero registration. That would have perfect but Marvel rather due dark reign which was really stupid. Yeah put a murderous, mentally unstable criminal who was in jail at one time in charge. Marvel makes my head hurts. People wonder why I hate marvel or dc these days. It's crap like civil war, OMD, Secret Invasion, and other crap. Holy responsibility thing is probably not helped by lazy writers who don't want to change spidey that way. I totally agree with Linkara on it. Is the whole escpism thing is about attacking us as linkara said. I even agree with it. What you expect when you creators treat you their fans like they are idiots. Like DC Reboot. We would all be to confused in a digital age or to stupid look on wikipedia or buy back issues. WTF? And Spider-Man comic strip I love you Stan Lee for that. :) I never read a spider-man regular MU spidey comic since OMD. Maybe I will buy one if they undo it one but I don't know. This comic pissed me off really badly. Last issue I would have ripped into pieces if I actually bought the last issue. It wasn't worth paying the 4 dollars just to rip it apart in store. Obama issue was worth 50 cents now and you can't give copies away. Congratulations on 200 episodes.
    After rewatching the episodes I realized that Super Hero reg act was much Obama Care. To long and to complicated. They both sucked for country.
    A couple of things I forget to mention again. I'm an idiot. I get confused that one line as Linkara's dad and I watched every episode of the show at least twice now. What is that line? Trust me your not the smartest? Crusty? Rusty? Linkara corrected me over on his it's Brodsky but strangely doesn't like it when hearing the theme song. Also on the next 200, the simpsons? Hm. I wonder which one. I sort of stopped reading simpsons comics as become not fun anymore. Frankstein? Is that the comic or you going to review bennett or someone the anime? I wonder what Star Wars comic. Looking forward to finding out no matter what.
    Also forget about cameos. Love them and funny bit with SF debris. :)
  • BooRat  - part1
    I gotta say it now but this was the BEST episode EVER!!!
    Now for the fun stuff!
    Wow that opening montage is like a weight lose advertisement being rewound. I'm only kidding!
    I've been waiting for this review as I've not read any thing Spider-Man post OMD either thanks to this because to me it's just a matter of time before some one gets in the right position to try and either undo(I highly doubt that) or trying to fix it! It'll still be Canon but the effects would be about the same as the 90s Clone Saga on over all effects on the story... in that it'll just be all a bad memory that'll be rarely referenced outside a few characters that were either spawned or directly linked to it.
    I've even came up with a few alternate takes on this or What if...? for this. My favorite one and one that could've made for a good year or 2 long arc where Spider-Man is possessed by a demon or spirit a lot like the Ghost Rider! Basically play the whole werewolf angle of during the day he's both Spider-Man and Peter Parker and at night he turns into something else like a 3rd personality. So he's gotta deal with being a villain at night and trying to stop it. And as the extra traditional deal with the devil back stab of Aunt May still dies somehow! Hell, have Peter be the one to kill her in demon form!
    I do like the idea of the whole they know what happened and they can't be together or Aunt May may just up and fall dead as they undo the deal thing or the Mary Jane herself is shot and all.
    You gotta love it in a comic book universe where a character can be more than half dead and might be no more than a few ponds of bone, blood, and organs can be turned into a bad ass cyborg but Aunt May gets a shot that from what little I can see might've struck her lung, diaphragm(muscle), or stomach is so bad that not even the characters who make life from scratch can save her. Maybe if it was a head shot I'd believe it as then they got the old fashion Wolverine excuses of they can heal her but memories and brain damage can't be undone! Also I love how from that image of the comic where she was shot it doesn't look like she's been shot but like some one spilled hot sauce on her good Sunday dress. (For short there's not bullet hole! And from the type of shot she seem to have taken you's see daylight or smoke smoldering out of her!)
  • BooRat  - part2
    Also, the image of Maphisto being a bad ass devil allegory for Marvel is kind of ruined for me once you read books like Infinity Gauntlet where he's basically Thanos(who's more of a true devil to me)'s lacky/court jester/adviser/bitch! And, there is actually a Satan character that isn't Maphisto somewhere in Marvel and the 2 are rival devils.
    Also, considering all of Doctor Strange's contacts and powers I'm surprised in that like montage page of Spidey asking for help he did actually go strait to DEATH herself and ask for more time!
    On the whole alternate realities thing that's something I've always had with comics using them is there are infinite dimensions and then they say there is no such one where X happens when Z happens at the same time! That's not how that would works to me! There should be another infinite amount of them were things all worked out just fine!
    Is it just me or does video gamer Peter Parker look and act a lot like Milton from Office Space!?
    You know it's also hard to believe millionaire Peter Parker is hard to believe since you know he's in the same universe with the likes of Tony Stark! And if he's suppose to be like his level smart and rich I find it hard to believe he never found a girlfriend or became a hero of some sort!
    If it wasn't for that little bit at the end of the story I'd figured the woman in red was just suppose to be Maphisto showing what their daughter would look like as an adult!
    Wow that part about Spidey's girlfriend having the same name as the writer's daughter is really creepy! Like Freudian levels!!!

    Well again Best episode hope to see 200 more!
  • SpeedyEric  - BR
    I was also thinking about the weight thing in the opening, even the fact that lastyear in his S.C.I. Spy #2 review, Linkara freely admitted that he gained 20-30 pounds since November 2008 when he did his S.C.I. Spy #1 review.
  • Sephiroth1204  - Awesome
    That was a great review! I was really surprised to see you doing One More Day, but it was awesome!
    The jokes were great, the Planes, Trains and Automobiles reference was very well placed and the whole thing in general was very well written. I like when you started yelling about the video game maker Peter's idea of video games.
    Also, I played your drinking game. You owe me a new liver, sir.
  • ladydiskette
    You know, with all that talk of that one Spider-Man alt preaching how comic books are nothing but escapism and villifying that type of escapism really made me think about how people complain about kids reading comic books as escapism from reality. But yet books are encouraged, yet people don't realize they too work the same as comic books. They are used as a mode of escapism as well.

    Particularly fantasy, horror, romantic, and mystery books that take the kid away from thier boring mundane life.

    Just something I thought of I guess while watching that part in the review.

    P.S. Also no Tony Stark drunk slur impression? *pouts* Just for that I am going to request that Iron Man comic where his armor comes to life and turns into a abusive stalkerish boyfriend to Tony Stark.

    Yeah, have fun reading that comic book Linkara, you are never going to look at Iron Man 3 the same way again.
  • Linkara
    Decided that drunk Iron Man is only going to be the Ultimate Universe version, since the one in the 616 universe had severe alcoholism problems and it felt like it'd be kind of inappropriate.

    Whereas Ultimate Iron Man is swirling a martini in almost every panel.
  • exile31094
    Hello Linkara im a long time fan , i was wondering what comic runs would you recomend a fellow comic reader? , or could do a episode about it ?
  • ladydiskette
    Those are good points Linkara. :3

    I guess I never seen or read the 616 universe so I didn't really realize how severe they made his alcoholism, and that was nice how in the interest of taste you decided against it since IRL it is a serious problem. Whereas being its the Ultimate universe they seem like the only issue he would have drinking matinis is having hot drunk sex with sexy Russian assassins.

    Apples to oranges and all that....

    But still, have you ever heard of that comic book issue of Iron Man?

    Its messed up.
  • SpeedyEric  - Here I am with yet another lengthy comment =P
    Happy 200, Linkara. I wonder in 2 years from now, you 300th episode of AT4W will be Spartan themed.

    Part 1:
    0:36- Wow. Really? After clearly stating back in your Top 15 Comics You’ll Never Review list, you’re gonna do it anyway? …Well, I guess it makes sense, since this is an hundredth numbered episode and all, and thank god I never heard of One More Day until I watched this show.
    3:30- Nice montage, Lewis. One More Day is to you what the movie Skyline is to ME.
    I haven’t read the Civil War story line, but I’ve played the video game “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2,” and I pretty much enjoyed playing it. I’ve played both the pro-registration and anti-registration sides, and I found both endings pretty good, because I’m a big fan of happy endings.
    8:55- “HEY, you got your crappy poem on my crappy comic!” “HEY, you got your crappy comic on my crappy poem!”
    Nice job on analyzing Spider-Man.
    26:39- And that’s one of the reasons why the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” was made.
    26:07- Why did this story make bullet wounds incurable? In the DTV movie “Justice League: Doom,” Metallo shot Superman with a kryptonite bullet, and Batman and Cyborg took in out of his chest with a kryptonite scalpel.
    29:36- Hey, CA. We’ve been wondering what the funkin’ wagnal happened to you.
    31:33- :O …Freaky.

    Part 2:
    1:08- Who was Little Girl Mephisto trying to be? Charlie Chaplin’s great-great- granddaughter?
    2:04- And in an alternate universe, MJ dies from Spidy’s radioactive bodily fluids. …No, I will NOT forget that mentioning Linkara did back in his review of Spider-Man Manga-verse.
    6:14- Thanks for insulting people like me, comic. You have really made my day (a living hell that is).
    10:40- Ha. I was also thinking of The Matrix. Is this the part where we see Spidy fight a Mephisto version of Smith?
    13:02- Any in Iteration #215,476, you’re part of a superheroic version of Sesame Street (it‘s an actual part of the Marvel Multiverse).
    Oh, Lupa, you’re so cute and nutty as a nut bar.
    Mephisto was in the first Ghost Rider movie in the form of Peter Fonda, and he was, without a doubt, THE DEVIL. It clearly said so in the movie, and director Mark Steven Johnson clearly stated that in the DVD special features.
    I actually fully agree about that it should have been MJ that should have been shot instead of May. THAT would have been a better story for Spider-Man, but NOOOO. Mr. Quesada doesn’t want Peter Parker to grow up the same way Dick Grayson grew up from being Robin, to Nightwing, to Batman.
    Brad did an awesome job in his cameo.
    28:18- POINTLESS!!
    One More Day is like the movie “North.” It was all a dream, and everything was pointless. I can’t believe Quesada and company went lazy with this.
    Nice ending, Lewis. Like I said, I’m a fan of happy endings, which is one thing One More Day completely lacks.
  • Masque
    FINALLY! You plug SFDebris so much its about time he popped up here. Now it is time for a full crossover.
  • SerenityMoonstone
    200! WHOO!

    Actually, I would assume that "you have no idea what I'm feeling" is because he blames himself because if he HAD kept his secret identity, he would a) not need to skip town, and b) they would not know who he was to track him down and accidentally shoot Aunt May because they were trying to kill Peter, which would be reason c of why it's his fault.

    I'm confused, I thought he was going to ask for Tony's help. Being friends and Tony Stark NOT being a COMPLETE asshole, would probably help. Cause you know, walking in an asking for help is the simple and polite thing to do.

    Oooooor not...apparently that would just be to god damned easy wouldn't it Marvel? ....Sage? Sage, where are you? If he's not going to make a deal to erase this thing form history, maybe one of us will?

    What has he done that would have him get arrested btw? Since i don't know and he could simply have gotten arrested for revealing his face, I would guess it would be more self-sacrificing for the life of someone he cares about before taking responsibility, RATHER THEN DRAG MJ INTO THIS!! Which, btw, she was apparently against being part of the deal anyway! So you've effectively done a huge evil to her taking away her choice!

    Well, lets reference the movies, what is more important on a grand scale, stopping people who are breaking the law and possibly could hurt someone? Or keeping his job as a pizza delivery boy...Ooooooh Fry....!

    Or being up the job thing, maybe he never could afford life insurance or there was something more pressing. Me and my fiance don't have insurance either, but we're both minimum wage jockeys who are trying to get into a livable space and not one infested with mold and bugs.

    But the thing is, without him being Spiderman, he wouldn't be doing his part to try and help people from getting hurt or suffer in anyway. If someone, lets say, took my purse, I wouldn't be able to buy groceries or gas I need for my job, to drop my fiance off at work, for my future mother in law to use for doctors and lawyers appointments. And I'd have to rely on my fiance a lot more which sends us deeper into the position we find ourselves stuck in with the afor mentioned mold and bugs.

    Especially where it was in the chest, it didn't look like it hit anything fatal like an organ or a major artery.

    More over, he's acting like Aunt May's death will have a purpose. Again, it really seems like Marvel is just looking for the easy way out. I have an idea Marvel, instead of artificially creating reasons why obvious answers wont do anything, why don't you have it so they tried and failed!

    And you know, it would have been more interesting to go with the Uncle Ben angle where he said he wasn't going to let it happen yet again!

    Again, rather then do this, maybe have them try and fail! There is that option you know Marvel! Maybe the proced...
  • nunouno001  - The Day has come
    I never thought Linkara would ever do One More Day, ever since Day 1 he been unknowlingly building up to this day. But the question remains can Spiderman be redeemed? Can One More Day be undone?
  • Anti-Nostalgia Guy  - Spider-Man has been punished
    Sadly, with Doc Ock having hijacked Peter Parker's body while leaving Peter to die in his own, along with destroying Ghost Peter (all that remained of Peter Parker), I don't think Spider-Man will ever be redeemed. However, I simply don't care. I'm sorry.
  • Dullahan
    Wow. First, I've seen all 200 episodes by now, so I'm a big fan.

    But this... was just awesome. A perfect review. Good work Linkara. And may you have another 200 more.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Actually....MJ's concern made sense; if you have children it's the moral thing to do to officially commit and provide them a stable home (unless you hate each other; but then why did you have sex in the first place?) What doesn't make sense and flies in the face of all continuity up to that point is her thinking marriage is meaningless WITHOUT children....if she was willing to marry period, this was clearly a thought Joe implanted into her head.

    But yeah, I'm pretty sure Quesada wrote that part about people who read escapist fiction being losers, because a lot of high-ups at Marvel seem to have a very small opinion of their audience. If you doubt me, well, look up Stephen Wacker. Plenty of evidence there.
  • Fangheart
    you don't HAVE to be married to some one to officially commit to them and provide a stable home for a child. it's just a matter of maturity and responsibility, and being a good, caring guardian.
  • ladydiskette
    Maturity and responsiblity Spider-Man apparently does not have.

    Awww, I think it was time that we finally saw Aunt May getting involved someone again since her husband died. I am sure many of the fans always hoped the best for Aunty May because in a way she kinded reminded us of our own relative like a grandmother or a aunt. Someone who supported/cared for us even when others turned thier back on us. So after all the crap she went through worrying about her nephew and being without her husband, it was finally nice to see her experience love again.

    Except now we can't because of her dumbass nephew. THANKS SPIDER-MAN/PETER "FUCKING" PARKER! *pouts*
  • kingxana0
    Great video, great music, great show. I don't know how you do it but keep doing it Linkara. You helped get me and a lot of friends back into comic books just to discover more bad stuff for you to rip on. Can't wait to see how the Gunslinger story line comes out. Here is to another 200 video's and your continued health.
  • Mucca
    Woo! Finally reviewing One More Day!
    (I was ready to post that before even starting the review, I was so sure you were doing it)
  • TempestSatori  - Love it man
    Joe Quesada, what a untalented hateful prick. I hope unpleasant things happen to him repeatedly.

    Great review of a shitty comic though Linkara. To 200 more kick ass episodes and beyond!
  • DMaster
    Indeed. After this, I realized that outside of rapists, pedophiles, war criminals and the like, I have never detested and wished more pain upon someone than Joe Quesada. Michael Bay, Seltzerberg, Soulja Boy, Julie Bindel, Glenn Beck, Sarah far as everyday life goes, I'd wish pain upon him more so than anyone else that hasn't personally committed a horrible crime. true scum.
  • Lonewolf1925
    Congrats on your 200th episode Linkara!
  • Pigquet
    I squealed over this episode tonight far more than any young person should squeal about anything on the internet. Oops?

    Well, either way, your review was kickass amazing, as well as the opening & ending montages and new song! Here's to the next 200!
  • SilverDreamer
    …Yeah, my jaw dropped in the first two minutes. One More Day. I mean, I honestly thought that this was never going to get a full review, but if it did, it certainly deserved being torn apart for episode 200!

    And, yeah, I really get now why it is that Lewis hates this so much. *I* felt insulted by it (especially the third issue), and I’m not even a comic book fan! It was just that stupid and pointless! *drinks*

    There were just so many crowning moments of awesome and funny in this review, starting with “I am SO lost!” Then there was the continuity alarm’s triumphant return, every joke was great, and a callback to Lewis’ first video hosted by TGWTG, ThatGuyWithTheHat! I mean, I just about died of laughter there! And the cameos were fantastic, I loved every one of them! And the credits, I can’t wait for more Marville, and more old villains, and more Neutro! The next 200 episodes are going to be great, and I can’t wait to see every one of them.

    Oh, also, Vincent E.L. is freaking awesome, period. And I just loved the editing on the closing, tying together three different versions of the opening sequence.

    So, say it with me everyone: Joe Quesada, YOU ARE A HACK!!!!
  • rowdycmoore  - Be careful what you wish for
    With Linkara and so many other comic fan's cries to undo One More Day, I keep thinking that Quesada might find a way to screw them even further.


    By giving in to the demands and retconning the whole thing, restoring Peter and MJ's marriage - and then turning Spider-Man into the comic equivalent of a family sitcom, giving them kids and turning the whole book into Peter having goofy antics with said family, barely fighting any villains as SPidey at all. And then he'll defend it by claiming that's the EXACTLY WHAT THE READERS WANTED by demanding Peter be married. Imagine what the reaction to THAT would be.

    I said it on your own site, and I'll say it again: Congratulations on 200, Mr. Lovhaug.
  • DMaster may have been watching too many crappy sitcoms there, Rowdy (and yes, I watch your show often, I know what you do).

    Then again, Quesada is among the lowest of the low in the industry, and I would put nothing past him.
  • rowdycmoore
    First, to DMaster: Always glad to hear from a TV Trash fan on this site. And you're probably right about the "too many crappy sitcoms" thing.

    Now, a couple of follow-ups to Mr. Linkara: As a North Texas native, loved the Dallas reference and how you pointed out that flaw in the comic writing. A Simpsons comic in the future? I've been waiting for one of those. There's actually one issue I've thought you could review for some time; I'll wait and see if it turns out to be that one.
  • Dukeofmeh
    Seeing this live at ConBravo was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. The reaction in the room when we found out the review was of One More Day . . . that was unforgettable, plain and simple. Here's to 200 more episodes!
  • Mides
    20:39 - I have to say, that John de Lancie impression wasn't half bad.
  • Mysterbyg  - ... I mean YEOWZA. I had a feeling all this was bad but... Shit. Oh, the whole damn review was entertaining as all hell, but WOW, the stupidity is THICK in this one. I mean, all this just to maintain this illusion of Spider-Man being this-as you said-MAN CHILD, I'm pretty damn sure the one's who refuse to grow up are Quesada and the higher-ups who OK'd this!!! I know this is gonna make me sound insensitive, but Aunt May wasn't just old: SHE TOLD PETER DON'T DO IT!!!

    And Dr. Doom not being able to help Aunt May? Stark can build something to keep shrapnel outta HIS heart, but not ONE BULLET OUT OF AN OLD LADY?!? I MEAN MY GOD!!! THIS! IS! STUPID!!! And patronizing!!! That anti-escapism aside, this really expects to believe, and be OK with, the fact that THIS is what is relate-able to the readers! That WE, are man-children who cannot accept ANY kind of real CHANGE AT ALL!!!

    GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Linkara, you are a stronger man than I to be able to do what you do every week, and I'm gonna tune in to AT4W every week to see what bad comic you roast next. Good on ya man.
  • Shadowcrone  - awesome
    gratz on 200 episodes and cant wait to see what the next 200 episodes brings
  • Matthew G
    Part of me wanted to skip the entire thing if there was a story segment at the beginning (HATRED), so I was really glad to see there wasn't one, but I also saw it as kind of a missed opportunity, especially given such a long episode, but I guess you are going to sell your sul at the end. Who knows.

    It's been a while since I've heard the gunslinger theme in full.

    Also, are we going to see the rest of the comics you will "never" review on this show as time goes on?
  • Moon Spirit
    I'm never a huge comic book fan, but Linkara, congrats on your 200th episode, and for showing me how faulty comic books can be just as at fault like movies and video games.

    I especially like the ending part about not wishing you don't want to remember this comic. We don't wish to unsee what we've have seen because we grow from it, and that's what I respect you for.

    Here's to another 100 or so comics afterwards. Can't wait til' you finally grow into a Clint Eastwood character. ;)
  • Another0  - Opening
    My favorite part was actually the opening. Was wild to think I've been watching this show for that long. Also the thing I found the most impressive is that you are in the exact same spot on 90% of those clips, did you align them or do you just sit perfectly every time?
  • Blas10
    Great job Lewis! Here's to 200,000 more!
  • Daniel2112  - Best Episode EVER... and yet, I feel denied.
    I feel denied, as this was a horrendously bad comic, and this is Atop The Fourth Wall, and the comic did not burn.

    Also, there's a Caligula comic? WTF?
  • ladydiskette
    "Also, there's a Caligula comic? WTF?"

    I KNOW! That was my first reaction when hearing Snob say it too.

    I seriously hope he was joking. o.o'
  • rowdycmoore
    Well, it's POSSIBLE a Caligula comic might not be based on the actual Caligula movie, like the Manimal comic wasn't the same as the TV show. I doubt that about the Galactica 1980 comic, though; yes, that does exist, and I'm still hoping to see it on this show.
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