AT4W - Southland Tales

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NOTE: This was recorded last January at MAGFest 2012

Comments (258)
  • Dakota The Mad
    This is the best crossover I've seen in a while. I'm amazed how much effort was but into this. All the cameos had perfect timing. Though I wished that the Nostalgia Chick did a little more in the videos. Either way, I would like to see another one of these happening in the future. Even if they are an hour long.
  • redjirachi
    Southland Tales is what caused the Ultimate Warrior to go mad in the first place
  • uncanny474
    I hate to be a negative nancy, but I couldn't enjoy this review. Not because of any of the characters, but because I had NO IDEA what the hell was going on.

    I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Ultimate Warrior comics made more sense than this movie. From what I can tell, those comics were half the UW's coma dreams, and half reality, where he's been injured and is in the hospital. And I think there was a third world, too, but I can't remember clearly.

    This? I have no clue what's going on. At ALL. I'm sorry, but this movie makes so little sense that the entire TGWTG crew can't make it funny.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - I need a European. I need a European. (Techno Beat
    Aw...portable Film Brain. I want one.
    (By the way; Is Benzaie ever going to review Orangina? Oh yeah, I went there.)

    My thoughts on this movie:
    "You've been trolled, you've been trolled, you have probably been told,
    don't replay to this guy
    he is just getting a rise,
    out of you yes it's true,
    you respond and that's his cue,
    to cause trouble on the double
    while he rubs his manly stubble.

    You've been trolled, you've been trolled,
    you should probably just fold,
    the only way to win is not to play.
    Yet you keep on trying, mindlessly replying you've been trolled, you've been trolled
    have a nice day.
    I can quite picture David Lynch sitting in front of his tv watching Southland Tales and thinking wow that is confusing as hell.
  • Shanetefilmmaker
    Add it up a notch and put Stanley Kubrick Filming David Lynch watching while the Watchowski brothers film Stanley while Christopher Nolan tries to do a flow chart.
  • Zero Falk  - Pure AWESOME! And I'm not even here.
    Seriously, yeah I'm a bit immature with crossovers, I mean, I will end up liking them, specially if I already know the reviewers and like them, so... Yeah. Also, Doctor Who references always get me, AND a DeLorean, oh God, that was pure awesome compressed into a video. And of course, the review was REALLY good! With lots of references to the own nonsensical style of this movie, some of them were thrown in the reviews way before the movie scenes that would make us get it, making a good payoff. As overused and out of context as this word is, I'll make an exception and use it here: This Crossover Review was EPIC. Laughed all the way through, and God, this movie is REALLY confuse. I actually find confuse movies amusing and I like to pay attention to everything and insert myself in the movie's world even if it doesn't make much sense, but this... It just kept throwing everything the author thought of since he was a kid and tried to cover it with a "sci-fi and clever religious symbolism". The result was... That. Fails as a movie, fails as music video, fails as a story, but completely succeeds as review material!
    Despite this complete mass, you made it through, with an awesomely entertaining video.
    Because you are reviewers.
    And, despite this movie's fair attempts, reviewers don't commit suicide.
  • SpeedyEric
    I was wondering since I first saw the extended theme song in the AT4W episode on Maximum Clonage if Linkara was gonna review Southland tales. Also, I haven't seen a movie being reviewed by many reviewers at the same time since "Dragonball: Evolution."
    Part 1:
    If I want a story about aliens, time travel, and the apocalypse, I'll stick with Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator, thank you very much.
    "Expisition, expisition, rush it out ASAP."
    With people like Cheri Oteri and Amy Poehler in this movie, What can't Southland Tales be a full on comedy instead?
    26:10- Spoilers at their finest.
    Part 2:
    3:23- I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
    13:00- Hey look, it's RockInTheShadows.
    17:21- ...And my brain has melted due to the stupidity of this movie.
    21:31- Shut up, Bai Ling! I've heard how bad you sing.
    I've seen the photo of Linkara with the DeLorian on his website, but I didn't think he would actually use it for a video. Great Review, guys. Thanks for showing me another movie to avoid at all cost, even with my somewhat weird taste in movies.
  • ladydiskette
    lol, I loved Nash and JO's parts in this. XD

    And is it just me or does it feel like you are having a staring contest with SadPanda?

    Its just the way he sits there and looked at the camera silently its so strange, I almost had to look away and focus on the other people in the back a couple of times.
  • DMaster  - Since DB:E?
    Seems like you should check Y Ruler of Time's "Specials" section. There's a certain one I totally called that came out at MAGFest 10 you might have overlooked.
  • BooRat  - Pimps don't Commit Suicide!
    I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier!

    I'm strangely interested in seeing this film now for some reason... must be the levels of crazy in it is the same as my own. That or i liked Donny Darko and am willing to see what the hell the same guy can do!?
    I saw the images too of the DeLorian. Funny how you can see some one ran off the real looking soldier standing in the frame in that shot!
    17:21-hey, that makes it easier for the aliens to slurp it up now! They don't complain on how ya'll eat!
    End of Part: 2

    Funny thing a lot of comedy actors love to ruin their careers with crappy dramas and thrillers...
    I still say you need to read Alien Vs. Predator Vs. the Terminator!
    I really wanta read that draft of Holes script!!
    End of Part: 1

    When did they review Dragonball: Evolution?

    I actually kind of like shows that take advantage of the not telling you hot things work thing... hell I think that's part of the joke in like Hitchhiker's Guild, MiB, Doctor Who, ect... Like in the new MiB movie chocolate milk eases headaches caused by timeline changes, or in Hitchhiker's Guild with the meaning of life being the number 42, or anything dealing with time travel and paradoxes the easiest cop-out is that time=lines are constantly splitting off so all you're doing is making an infinite more universes!
  • SpeedyEric  - @BooRat
    For the Dragonball: Evolution review, go to the videos section, go to Team TGWTG, find Paw's name, click on Paw Specials, and you'll find "Dragonball Evolution: The Epic Review" dated in January 22, 2010.
  • Floweramon
    There's another Magfest crossover review for the live action Avatar The Last Airbender movie.
  • Big_Wheel  - A man's reach should only exceed his grasp...
    And BOY is this beyond that. I still remember when this came out, and they tried to do all that cross-media stuff with the comics "explaining" more of the back-story...Only to find themselves with markdown stickers the minute this movie whizzed down the leg of the box office.

    Both this and the Agony Booth's review of this thing are each quite effective in their own way about dissecting the myriad flaws and style choices. Well done as always, all.
  • Mucca
    Two Linkara videos in as many days? This week's starting out well.
  • Fangheart
    avatar're gonna have to insert subtitles whenever Sad Panda is talking. Can't make out a word......I still can't believe NC actually let him sing his theme song. "'ALLO, 'ALLO, IEM DA NAW-STALJIA CREETIC!!
    DO 'OOO 'AVE SUM CHAAAANGE!!!", good god...
  • Haon
    Dude, I have absolutely no problem understanding Julian and putting subtitles is just being flat out insulting. So, get the fuck over yourself and enjoy the review.
  • SpeedyEric  - @Haon
    Fangheart can be like this. He thinks I'm being stupid making the comments I right for videos on this site when the only thing I'm doing is expressing my thoughts. I mean that's what comments are for, right (with the exception of embarassing yourself of course).

    Also, not only is that insulting, it's also racist.
  • trlkly
    Is this from the movie? Because your explanation for his post makes no sense.
  • Mucca
    French is not a race, it's not racist, it's xenophobic.
  • mr_rubino
    It'd probably be more efficient to subtitle Phelous. His attempts to out-funny-voice Lupa were riding the same sine-wave of word-clarity. Bereft of the use of his hands and eyebrows to emote, he found a new outlet.
    Man, the gimmicks really smash headlong into one another in these cross-over reviews, piling up like the former metaphor in regards to the latter one.
  • The sad panda
    Dear Fangheart.
    Yes I do believe you might have problem understanding me.
    What I will recommend is getting your hearing aid checked and also pay attention in English class.

    I don't know where you're from but it's a really popular language and takes no time to learn to eventually engage a conversation with an hostile person that only post in incomprehensible caps lock letter.

    Enjoy your day.
  • Mucca
    Wasn't expecting actual Sad Panda to respond to that...
  • The sad panda
    Fake Panda wasn't available.
  • mr_rubino
    This was his brother Rage Panda using his account.
  • Dynamax
    Actually that won't help him Panda. Even without my hearing aids I can understand you perfectly and I am pretty hearing impaired as it is. Dunno what is stopping Fangheart from understanding you.

    This hurts so bad to try and make sense of. I have an easier time trying to name Decepticons in a Michael Bay movie fight scene that make sense of this mess. What were half of these actor's thinking making this flick?

    The only good this about this flick was this review and kudos to all involved. It was entertaining and funny.
  • TheLaughingFish
    Sad Panda, can you please explain why every single francophone I have ever met is incredibly, incredibly awesome? Is it something in the water in your country, or were you just born that way?
  • The sad panda
    When you said francophone I assume you also mean french Canadian people.
    So it's definitely not the water.
  • SpeedyEric
    Wow. Fangheart got Panda'd.
  • Lotus Prince
    "'re gonna have to insert subtitles whenever Sad Panda is talking. Can't make out a word......I still can't believe NC actually let him sing his theme song. "'ALLO, 'ALLO, IEM DA NAW-STALJIA CREETIC!!
    DO 'OOO 'AVE SUM CHAAAANGE!!!", good god..."

  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    The hell? That map of the US at the beginning that explodes into individual states is missing the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and had to relocate Wisconsin to compensate.
  • Punisher143
    What the hell is going on? I've only finished the first video and I'm completely lost. Killer 7 made more sense than this, at least there you can understand what's going on at a given time and the confusion only sets in when you try to put it all together, but here? I don't know why anyone is doing anything or why they would want to do so.
    Loved the SWAT 4 joke though, that definitely helped.
  • ladydiskette
    lol, Film Brain is so cute when he is confused and bewildered XD
  • jabraille
    FINALLY!!! All that random standing in the room watching you film 2 or 3 lines paid off! ...yeah, no context for that. Laptop Girl is out. Peace!
  • Big_Wheel
    Waitaminute, "Jericho Caine?" Isn't that Schwarzenegger's character from "End of Daysssssssss--oh, c'mon, for real?
  • richtv
    If I ever want to see a movie which makes no sense with all kinds of oddly casted stars, now I know what to choose! You can really see all the work put into this, nice job.
  • mr_rubino
    I love it the further I get from it.
    It reminds me of a somewhat darker modern version of those ridiculous 60s ensemble comedies. It even ends similarly to Casino Royale, cept y'know... bigger.
  • sage7  - someone has too
    om my god. they killed kenny. you bastards.
  • TeddyBeer
    Oh God, I almost died at the army of annoying SWATs
  • Zezlemet
    Oh and the asian lady is Bai Ling. That's not an insult to The Chick or Linkara for not know it's more of a insult for me being to able to recognize c list celebrities from the early 2000 but not some of my own cousins
  • MER
    I've seen her in a lot of movies/tv, she isn't too hard to forget XD.
  • Darkmind  - 0_0?????????????
    I love this review this is one of the best cross overs I've seen and the movie (sigh) the movie honest made my brain boil in it's own juices. I thought for along while that Hollywood never reed the scripts that cross their collective tables and this is a clear example that they don't and that anyone can do the hollywood exces job.

    I love how everyone was used to maximize their time with the review . This made my hour fun. Keep it people job well done.
  • Meiriona
    That monkey line... you know.... I buy it. I think that's exactly what we would do.

    Also, Hope, that cameo was perfection.
  • knight676
    And I've gone cross eyed
  • PopCultureOtaku
    No wonder it took almost 5 months. It's an hour long review. It was really good. Loved little JO, Sci-Fi, Diamanda Hagaan, Derek The Berad, Iron Liz cameos. Was liz reading Dungeon and Dragons comic tpb? I keep hearing how bad this movie I'm think it can't be right? Oh my god. I think i'm going to un que this on netflix. We get to see Linkara and back to the future car on video. There is photo of him in cosplay doing Marty McFly outside the car looking at watch pose out there since like after magfest.
  • Dullahan
    The crossover...awesome.

    The movie....dear lord where do I start?

    Writers, the BASIC PREMISE of a movie is to tell a coherent story. If you can't do even that, don't bother.

    I don't mind confusing, but this isn't confusing. This is so badly written, there is literally no way to put it together in any kind of sense. And even with the Revelation still doesn't work!
  • sage7  - uhmm...
    hi ending scene with brief appearance by iron liz.
  • ladydiskette
    From what I can gather Southland Tales is a allegory that reflects many of the Political, Economic, and Social issues that are being currently talked about today.

    And,that is it apparently.

    Other than that I still have no idea what the whole of this movie is about.
  • mr_rubino
    A dude and... time and... liquids.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    That was...strange. Still very entertaining though. Good job to everyone involved!
  • kaykeyser
    The ending was worth my reloading 3 to 4 times when the video kept crashing and lagging because I was the one who suggested to Linkara he should get a delorian. I forget ware I suggested it and he never responded to my request but I DID make the suggestion. So I feel as if he did A thing I told him to do and my suggestion was some how influential. If that's not the case, maybe we'll hear the full story in the commentary.
  • Poopie Kitty
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it was my fiance's suggestion and DeLorean that Linkara used. He contacted Linkara when he was in DC asking if he'd like to see the DeLorean. Linkara had no previous plans to use a DeLorean, but my fiance made the offer to him and anyone on the site to use the car as they'd like.
  • Poopie Kitty
    Ooh, and I gotta mention he is standing in the group shot(wearing a blue shirt)!! :D
  • Darkcloud1111
    This just proves that The Killers can solve all kinds of time travel paradoxes...I think
  • ChiyoYaiden
    This crossover was massive! It must have been tricky to manage!
  • SnakeoilSage
    Linkara, you look stylin' in that Dr. Who outfit. And then you go and drive off in a Delorean and now you're just a god. YOU ARE NERD JESUS!
  • rowdycmoore  - So apparently, here's what happened tho result in
    LInkara had wanted to review the Southland Tales graphic novel for some time, which turned out to be a PREQUEL rather than a straight adaptation. And that book was so confusing as hell that he couldn't make enough sense of it do a review and had to resort to reviewing the movie with a bunch of his fellow TGWTG films.

    Let me reiterate that - the graphic novel not only made LESS SENSE than the movie, it was too confusing to be reviewed by the guy who COULD review Countdown, Cry For Justice and all the Scott Ciencin Silent Hill comics.

    Just the thought of what was in the graphic novel scares me to death.
  • Punisher143
    Oh my god, you're right. Linkara has shown to be able to put up with a lot of crap and that graphic novel was what broke him.
    That is a really scary thought that something could break him.
  • Bloodrealm
    Not just too confusing to be REVIEWED by him... too confusing to even be READ by him!
  • executor
    It is not "a prequel". Richard Kelly intended the graphic novel to be "part 1 - 3" of the story, while "part 4 - 6" would have been the movie.

    AFTER the shooting the studio got cold feet, recuttet the movie and THAT is the version that is out, although in some countrys like germany an extended cut was released for the pay-tv-channels. Sadly, the german dub was so bad, that without the original audio you just COULD NOT understand the movie, cause the dub-team seemed more irritated than the audience and made up severall lines, because of not gettin the point of the story.

    (And the story itself is raher easy to understand IF you read the comic and movie in order.)
  • Mr Fist  - I must confess...
    I consider Southland Tales to be one of my all time favourite films.

    And yes, most of the reason is because it's a pretentious mess.
    Lol, I can see that if only because it's so bad it's entertaining as hell. XD
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