AT4W - Marville #2

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  • zmh24
    What was your favorite Peter David Star Trek novel? Mine is Q-Squared.

    Also first.
  • Linkara
    I love the New Frontier novels. XD The opening four are just fantastic put togethre.
  • Shippou-Sensei
    I enjoyed the fact setting it in a collapsed empire gave it a feel of classic trek. As much as i like many of the political aspects of TNG it lost a certain amount of the adventure feel.

    i never got past book 6 though. i kinda dropped out of the habit of buying ST books
  • qazox
    I've read all of the NF novels and the last couple of them have been a bit unusual in terms of storyline. But overall a great addition to the non-canon Star Trek Universe.
  • 8xInfinity  - The math works.
    While I find it hilarious to think of getting either 6% annual interest on a savings account or such perfectly guaranteed weekly returns on an investment account, the math works for the numbers given. 6% APR = $230,769.23 each week if the initial balance is $200 million.

    The rest works, too: 300 $100-bills per day, 5 days per week, is $150,000, leaving a bit over $80,0000 by the weekend.
  • Ohsha
    How can y'all respect Linkara's opinion enough to keep watching when he rants about how she's holding the pizza box?

    Greg Horn's a good artist. Linkara just dislikes his sexy work b/c he'd rather get pegged than fuck a woman.
  • TheBookGeek
    You're new to watching this show, aren't you?
  • fanime1  - Resply to Ohsha
    You do know Linkara's a feminist, as am I? So I'm pretty offended by your statement.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Wow. You're a dick.

    Also, I guess he's not supposed to point out *everything* that's wrong with the cover? Just the highlights?

    I won't argue that the cover isn't well-drawn from a technical standpoint, but that doesn't stop it from being unrelated to the content, offensive, and stupid.

    Also, you really are a dick.
  • TheLaughingFish
    Wow. Can't tell if trolling, stupid, a dick, new to AT4W, or all four. Though judging by the fact that you used "Y'all", I can only suspect that you have to be from one of the Southern states, and I hear they aren't very open-minded down that way. So I guess I'm not very surprised.

    You don't like the show, don't watch it and don't comment on it. Just saying, bro, because you're annoying a lot of people.
  • Kelnak
    So much wrong with this. First off, the pont was it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMIC. Second, if you have any appreciation for pizza, you'd notice holding it in that pose would utterly ruin it. Third, he admitted the guy was good, just hthat his expertise was pin ups. Fourth, we respect it because he earns it, you have not. Do I need to go on?
  • Archane
    Actually sir I think your math is off as given by my equation here.

    200,000,000*.06= 120,000,000 /12=10,000,000 /4= 2,500,000

    With 200 Million with a yearly interest rate of .06. Divide it by 12 for the month and then 4 for weeks. So it turns out that he gets 2 Million a week with his interest. So ether he doesn't know math or is a hypocrite by hiding his money like that and only giving out that much money to make him look better. Which ever one you think is more appropriate.

    Also this does not account for taxes and what not on his funds, not to mention the fact that to get a 6% interest rate is pretty damn hard to do without any credit line or what not to get you into a bank but then if a cop just gives you 200 million then I don't think they'll object too much about it.

    Also on another note that is just mind boggling is that if you do the month of money and lets give the comic the benefit of the doubt and say they were all, all hundreds. Well a bill weighs a gram. So....

    200,000,000/100= 200,000

    So 200,000 Grams= 200 Kilograms

    and so for us Americans that is 200 Kilograms=440.925 pounds.

    So we can say at the minimum that cop and guy can hold a 440 pound bag up like that without any problems...Just thought I'd save you that work. Just so I can in somehow help in showing the idiocy of this comic.

    And why yes this comic SUCKS! By god does it suck.
  • SpeedyEric
    Thanks for torturing yourself again with Marville, and I think this week is perfect, with this being the week “The Avengers” opens in theatres and all.

    The cover looks like it more belongs on a Playboy magazine than a comic book.
    In speaking of exploitation, I was hoping you’d have a Brad Jones cameo. =D

    9:19- Not anymore, @$$hole comic.

    To tell everyone the truth, Rush Limbaugh in this comic acts just the way he does in real life, except in this, he’s lost some weight, he’s not balding, and I don’t know if he really farts like he just had a big lunch at Taco Bell.

    15:58- If I read this comic when it first came out, I would rip this thing to shreds, burn it with a magnifying glass under the hot sun, defecate on the remains, and flush it down to the sewer where it belongs.

    Rush Limbaugh a superhero? Only in his wet dreams.

    20:54- I just wondered, Why isn’t Hooker Lucy on the cover? …Did I just ask that question?

    21:57- "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the mindf**k!"

    24:04- And we have ourselves another case of “Not funny + Not funny = NOT F**KIN’ FUNNY!”

    It’s things like Marville that show why we don’t need most of these Movie Movies (Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, you get what I mean). Also, in the very beginning, Al mentioned the first appearance of Spider-Man. WHY IN THE HOLY HELL IS HE A CHARACTER IN THIS MESS???

    Have fun with PSA Hell Month, Lewis.
  • BooRat  - SE
    Yeah this felt like torture for use to just what little of the comic we seen! Avengers is going to be AWESOME!

    Looks more like a Heavy Metal mag cover! That reminds me did Linkara get to film his and Brad review of Might Morphin' Rump Rangers?

    I wouldn't know on that as I couldn't careless about political humor or politics in general! I just know last time I saw an image of the guy he was really fat, completely white haired and bald on top!

    15:58-I wouldn't whipe my ass with it myself!

    There is I think an overly right winged comic where he is one but the only reason I kno of that is Cracked had an article on propaganda comics that are so bad they're funny!

    20:54-Because who ever owns Vamperella would sue for copyright!

    21:57-And under name you drew a picture of a monkey fucking a coconut. / What is that? Is your name Monkey fucking a coconut sir? MFC? is that you? / MFC?

    Actually this comic makes those movies look great by comparison!

    I can't wait for PSA Hell Month to begin!! XD
  • SpeedyEric  - BooRat/ Rump Rangers
    Lewis said at MAGfest that he planned to review it with Brad, and we might see it exactly a year after we saw the Manimal comic and Bimbos B.C. reviews. Also, I wonder if we'll se Space Lancer Steve in the anniversary special.
  • BooRat
    So they did film it just they're holding off till the right time?
  • EpicFish
    "Looks more like a Heavy Metal mag cover!" ...Okay, I'm going to have to be that person, but that's a really stupid and offensive thing to say. Are you a metal head? Do you actually read metal magazines? If you were or if you did, then you'd know that a lot of those magazines don't have a scantily clad woman on the cover. Besides guitar magazines that would have the models posing with the instruments (and yes there is a difference between the two), metal magazines nowadays have bands, singers, or one to up to three band members on the cover NOT half or completely naked women. As a female metal head, it irritates me that someone could still think of the heavy metal community still that male dominated.

    Anyway, good video Linkara! I'm sorry you had to resort to pretend binge-drinking because of this POS comic. I've been down that road man! It doesn't end well. (Haha)
  • Tetsu Deinonychus  - Actually...
    He's talking about the comics magazine "Heavy Metal".

    It's a comic anthology magazine that features sci-fi/fantasy stories, often featuring lots of violence and sexual content. Some of the stories are quite good, others are laughably horrible. Many of these stories come from Europe, where comics are viewed very differently.

    It's currently run by Ninja Turtle co-creator Kevin Eastman, but it's been around since the 70s and inspired the 1981 animated cult film.

    Anyway, erotic artwork is also a staple of the magazine and the covers are often realistic paintings of scantily clad warrior women.
  • Vausch
    I admittedly snickered now and again at Marville #1, though honestly I can't tell if it was the comic or my expectation of your reaction to the jokes.

    This one is... baffling. I've read comics that were bad or confusing, but this one honestly serves as either a guide of how not to write or just has no right to exist. That's a rarity in any genre.
  • MechaDon1980
    Ugh!! Pass me the booze place XP
  • PopCultureOtaku
    Love the cinema snob cameo. LOL. No mention of Jaws being out of place too? I'm just saying MSTK3000 is out of place so is Jaws! I mean a classic movie. Peter David is still a favorite fan of mine including X-Factor, Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel and some other great runs I can't think of at the moment. Oh hell my favorite novel is Incredible Hulk one he wrote. What has Bill ever done or lately? Spike Lee is the kingpin? I don't think I made it issue 2! WTF? Man Rush Limbaugh stuff ugh? Is there anyone they didn't try to offend with this or make them want to sue marvel? By the way I am sorry about not knowing what Bill Jimez has written other then then this. Horrible with names and what they do. Not just comics. If you tell what he did I would get it.
  • pinky75910
    Need to ease up on the Marville, Linkara, I'm not sure your liver can handle it. This really is a male "Bimbos in Time".
    I'm not quite sure.. again, the purpose of this insulting comic - is it a spoof on DC AND Marvel at the same time? What is the bet, and what will determine who wins it? "Can I make a shitty comic sell by putting naked women on the cover?"

    24:55 -Yeah, okay Linkara, I think you're gonna need to save a drink for me.
    25:14 - That brief interlude was the highlight of this review. Unfortunately, you had to return to the comic.
    I think from 17:57 onwards I was watching this review like :-0
    Marville 1 was neutrally bad, it just felt like a complete waste of time and incredibly stupid. This has become insultingly bad and I feel dirty for having been a part of it. If this series gets progessively worse, not only will 6 be assuredly burn-worthy, it may destroy the universe as we know it.

    Why Spike Lee of all people? He wasn't even fore-shadowed in the exciting 'Insider Info' portion.

    Okay, so this comic wants to re-distribute the wealth of the richest people in the world by giving out money to random people. I am in favor of equal and fair taxation and the Buffet rule, (even though the rich will just continue to find loopholes so they don't have to pay it anyway.) But don't characters like those displayed, the wealthy superheroes illustrate the better use of wealth in community service and projects? AND Bruce Wayne is CONSTANTLY giving money out to public works (that he is often responsible for destroying) AND hosting enormously popular charity fundraisers? Often supporting the environmental charities of villains such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy? (I am ignorant of Iron Man and Black Panther outside of the Avengers and do not know of their charitable activities or lack thereof. But yeah, one owns an enormous job-creating company, and the other a wealthy and technologically superior country.) If you really wanted to make a point on something like that, you could point out the real-world weaknesses of having a finite amount of cash and that each of these charitable donations (or superhero expense) comes with an opportunity cost and something somewhere will have to be sacrificed for it. Even the fact that characters *can* be superheroes, save the world, AND carry on the double life that happens to be running multi-million dollar companies.

    Ooh, PSA Hell Month - should be fun. It'll be a nice change of pace from comics that appear to be deliberately bad to those that are accidently bad and awkward.

    The bit with the flatulence I believe is a reference that Rush's so-called "talk" radio produces the same bile that most people would find coming out their rears, while his are for some twilight-zone reason applauded for it. Okay, I'll go with that - But by comic's end, and going with the generously ter...
  • timotaka
    The bet mentioned was between Peter David and Bill Jemas about which one of them could write a better-selling comic cook. Guess who won?
  • Leon Real
    Wait a second. I thought "Marville" was supposed to be a parody of DC comic characters. This issue is making a parody out of everything! Politics, police, education, the justice system, etc. Hell, it's even making a satire out of Marvel characters. And as you said, quite badly.

    Parody and satire should have a point and raise awareness. Especially if it's about some important subject.

    This isn't satire, this is a writer making himself an idiot by calling his competitor a doody-head
  • RokuroCarisu
    That is a problem I see with most of the popular American satire, sadly. The humor is so low, most of the people who find it funny won't get the message behind it.
    Satire is supposed to make people think about real life issues, while nobrainer comey doesn't require people thinking at all, so they can't possibly mix well.
  • Fantastic Chick
    I believe the cover is supposed to be the stereotypical "dream girl" who plays video games, eats pizza, drinks beer, will watch sports and porn with you, and still looks like a Victoria's Secret model. Gag me.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    I've been waiting for Linkara to review that cover ever since he started, since it's basically the Anti-Linkara....designed for every brushstroke to offend him in every way.

    Anyway, it's no surprise a CEO wrote this. This is exactly the kind of thing I suspect most CEOs would write if handed a pen and given blank script pages. The ego and self-back-patting is off the charts, the philosophizing is completely nonsensical yet presented as gospel, and the cover is Exhibit A for canned formulas and looking down on your "primitive, instinct-driven" readers. The best and only good thing about it is that I have proof when I say business execs are incapable of understanding what a good story is.

    And yes....the next issue is even worse.
  • darkness shade sonata
    man the cinema snob seems to be everywhere nowadays, how does he do it?
  • pinky75910
    The bit with the flatulence I believe is a reference that Rush's so-called "talk" radio produces the same bile that most people would find coming out their rears, while his are for some twilight-zone reason applauded for it. Okay, I'll go with that - But by comic's end, and going with the generously termed "theme" of this comic, is Rush the hero or villain here? Are we supposed to be on his side?

    The bit in the Insider Info I would think would suggest actually being complimentary - suggesting that Rush produces well, "farts" and is undeservedly congratulated for it, while Peter David produces the antithesis of that, "good quality hard-worked comic books(?)" and is undeservedly not applauded for it. Which is again undercut when he is mocked later in the comic so wha-? Why are they comparing these two individuals in the first place? Do they bear any thing in common at all? You could pick any two people at random and make a similar comparison.

    Is the dialogue with the cops making a statement about *Comic Book* cops who often appear ineffectual hence the need for comic book super-heroes? Nah, I think I'm giving this too much credit.

    And despite all that, bad social satire still isn't funny. Particularly given the times we live in.
  • BooRat
    Oh my Cthulhu that was terrible! I was willing to give this comic the benefit of the doubt and was actually thinking of getting the whole mini-series off eBay but after this no way in HELL!
    I know what some of the references were to but I still didn't get the jokes they were trying to make!
    This makes all those parody movies like Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie look like poetry by comparison!
    So why did Marvel even allow this threw if it demeans its own properties like Iron Man and Black Panther? 2 characters that are some the most liked and well written for the company!
    I think the only reason the 1st issue sold so well was that Smallville was really REALLY popular at the time and the cover being as misleading as they are lead some to think this book was actually like Marvel's own teen drama about a superhero but in comic form not a half-assed Zuckerberg knockoff!
    Please tell me no one tried make this out to be set in the real mainstream universe like having Spider-Man or Punisher reference meeting Spike Lee or Iron Man and Black Panther reference Rush!
    Wow prison rape jokes... that's more disturbing than funny...
    Well, great review as always Link, but this comic was so confusing and WTFish I think it'll effect people's enjoyment of it... think the Cinema Snob's Nukie review! That movie was so screwed up it actually made it hard to watch the review of it!
    So the Snob movie was going to be called SMUT! I like it!

    PS: you misspelled "you" in your credits! On the 1st paragraph you wrote at some point you put "uou" instead of "you"! Just thought I'd mention that! XD
  • Cyrian
    SO, tell me again, what is this supposed to parody? Marvel, DC, certain writers, certain companies? Completely confused...
  • dvd
    Linkara, why dont you do some bad Star Wars comics? I know, I can recomend some.
  • VengefulRonin  - That guy who got his head pounded in
    While at first I'm inclined to agree with your sentiment of it being some weird Loony Tunes thing, I can't actually think of any cartoons where this sort of thing happens. Sure, all the time you see heads smashed down between the shoulders, but they always pop back up eventually. You never see the heads suddenly emerge from the torso.

    That leads me to believe that this might actually be trying to make a reference to Kuato from Total Recall (what with the vague message of the poor and downtrodden going on in this issue)...but that makes even less sense.

    This issue is really confusing.
  • Dark Paladin
    Critic. Snob. Todd. Spoony. Probably others.

    The opening bit looked like Linkara would be joining the list of reviewers who did a drunk/hungover review.
  • ladydiskette
    I just got a kick out of Brad's scene and a lovely "backstory" of how The Cinema Snob movie came to be.

    Huh, it orginally was a film called "Smut" who knew? XD

    Although I will say Linkara, you did take alot of time just focusing on the failed comic book cover, but that is probably to be expected when the comic book itself doesn't have much to go on for a full-rounded review.

    Other than Marvel's attempt at digging themselves into a hole they can't pull out of. Also I am just excited to see a full month of PSA Hell comics! Those are my favorite episodes next to Miller Time where I feel your comedy just shines through. :D
  • Tom Smith
    9:08 I like how "Smut" is not a good name for a film, but "Filth" is a good name for a comic book (# 78 on the list)

    I can see them not teaching Shakespeare in the future. Back in the day he was not well respected and his work was perceived as garbage and really his stories are not that good (thanks for killing Lady Macbeth off screen). The only reason people think he is good is because everyone is explicitly told he is good. It seems realistic to presume that Stan Lee with be viewed as super artistic and deep in the far far future, especially given that his franchises will live on long after he does.

    My boring rant aside: damn this comic is bad.
  • TheGamerAmongstUs  - Not necessarily...
    I'm not entirely sure where you get your information from. While there is an element of truth that Shakespeare was not remarkably popular in his lifetime, but in the 17th century not far after his death many of his plays were endlessly used and reused as the basis for almost every other significant English theatrical performance at the time.

    In addition, while I can agree that, perhaps, his stories are somewhat overblown, he was still a remarkably artistic individual, and if absolutely nothing else has had the single greatest impact on the English language and all of its proverbs, sayings and turns of phrase than any other singular person (unless you include conquerers or kings that blended cultures and, therefore, languages together).

    I'm not sure you have read (and definetely not analysed) much Shakespeare, but I can at the least understand where you're coming from in your statements.

    And besides, we certainly agree on one thing...

    DAMN this comic! I'm surprised you didn't burn it, Linkara, or are you saving up for after you've completed the series for the bonfire?
  • Bobzeaux
    My nName's LinKAra, I read comic BOoks while the MAster is away... O_o (Manos music ftw!!!)

    What a world we live in... We spend several decades trying to prevent the spread of communism, but if Rush Limbaugh does the same thing, he's poorly reconstituted into a bad fart joke. Huzzah.
  • Rulke55
    In the process of stopping the spread of Communism, you destroyed Hollywood Golden Age, kicked people out for no discernible reason. Here's the joke Bob, you simply fell for another boogyman, also defending a sexist scumbag, how classy Bob.

    Linkara this was an awesome, but damn did this comic suck, it seemed to have some ideas, but had idea how to execute them. Also it's completed dated now.
  • Bobzeaux
    "In the process of stopping the spread of Communism, you destroyed Hollywood Golden Age, kicked people out for no discernible reason."
    I personally never tried stopping communism, kicked anyone out of anywhere, and Hollywood's Golden Age died long before I was even born. If you're going to try to insult someone or put them in their place, it might help if you got your facts straight.
  • TheGamerAmongstUs  - Reply to "Bob"
    Oh damn. I was hopeful that the era of McCarthyism was, for the most part, over in America. Well, my hope for your nation (presumably you are American) has dropped another few steps, thank you.

    I'm certain you don't know what you're talking about. I could spend many thousands of words describing what Communism (which you seem to see as a synonym for "Evil") actually is. While I am not a communist myself, I agree with certain socialist idealogies, that it makes a great deal of sense for the wealth of a nation to be put towards insuring that all people are fed and have jobs. That all people can give to society and benefit from society. To remove unemployment and uplift the lower classes.

    It is an ideal that has been twisted so many times, and one that may never truly work in the extremes that Communism seeks...

    But the fact still remains that it is not an evil idea in concept. It is a humanitarian idea, and one that certain figures in American history have spent lifetimes insinuating lies about and twisting the face of communism for the benefit of America, to the detriment of the nations dragged into war. Look at the Vietnam war. America decided to essentially massacre a country because it thought that, if it didn't, "Communism would take over the world".

    Well here's a heads up. America lost that war, Vietnam is a communist nation...

    And I don't see it taking over the world any time soon, in any way.

    I don't really know who Rush Limbaugh is, but from the two sentences you said he appears to be an irrational and likely stupid right-wing extremist. Good job at upholding his image, whoever he may be.
  • Nieroshai
    Ah, here's where I do a little fact check. When McCarthy is mentioned, why is it never spoken of whether or not the people he accused were spies? Why do we only hear about witch hunts and alcoholism? Maybe it's because if his actual record was talked about, the publicc would know he did actually uproot countless confirmed spies? Or does that not bother people?
  • TheGamerAmongstUs  - Not what I was using his name for, I apologize.
    My apologies. I refer to McCarthy for his ideas (or the ideas spread by his image) that portrays anything under the label "Communist" as being something to be ostracized by American society. And, while there is the element of many being wrongfully accused, I was speficially talking about "McCarthyism" (Perhaps inaccurately) in the sense of paranoia about what is simply a way of running a nation in the pursuit of equality, in its basic Marxist roots.
  • Bobzeaux
    "I could spend many thousands of words describing what Communism (which you seem to see as a synonym for "Evil") actually is."
    Likewise, I could write quite a bit explaining how Rush's only crime is having an opinion that differs from yours, but it's obvious that that's not going to do a bit of good. You by your own admission don't even know who Rush IS, but just by my not joining the Rush Is Evil/Idiotic bandwagon, you've decided to vilify me just as badly as communism has been. Bravo. -_-
  • TheGamerAmongstUs
    By my own admission, I DON'T know of who Rush is, correct. By the way I interpreted your statement, I developed a picture of him.

    I know that picture is not truth (or I doubt it is), I was simply stating that your choice of words will cause some to get an idea that you may or may not have intended them to.

    I have nothing against him. Like you said, I don't know the first thing about him. However, your statement appeared to vilify Communism as if it were a thing to be feared, particarly with your wording of 'preventing the spread' of Communism, which is a ridiculous statement and evokes images of a Fox News presenter in levels of paranoia, or the attempt to create paranoia to sell media.

    While I felt offended at your terms, I see I reacted poorly and said things I either did not mean or should have put differently (or not said at all). And for that, I apologize, both to you and Rush.
  • LikaLaruku
    I know it was Marville, but t almost sounded like "yeah, we're talking about MarzGurl again."

    It's so awful that I can't help but wonder what happens next.

    Oreos had a cereal? Do want!

    PSA Hell? Squee!
  • fanime1  - Oreos is actually my favorite cereal!
    Yeah! They totally had Oreo cereal when I was a kid. It tasted great...until they added the marshmallows. Now they only sell them in Korea. :'(
  • Carteeg_Struve
    I'm not into Star Trek novels that much, and even I knew who Peter David was. Good lord. This was bad.

    New drinking game: Anytime you have to read Marville, drink a full bottle of whatever spirits you've got.
  • That Fox Guy  - My head hurts...
    I'm a glutton for punishment, I am aware... But I was so mentally screwed, I am currently in the fetal position from the lack of sense this comic book has and wanting to turn to drinking. And I hate alcohol, I had tastes of them, becoming legal age next month to drink (where I live), and just the thought that this piece of fan-fic-crap was actually put into stores... It's painful... And if the next ones are THAT worse, I'll need a strong drink. [NOTE: This is all just my reaction, I won't do these things for real... except that fetal position part]

    Great review as ever Linkara! PSA Hell for the month of my 21st Birthday is what I've been looking forward too. I'm only mentioning my b-day not for shout-outs or anything like that. Just saying.
  • Shinigami
    Linkara's comments about this comic book were lot funnier than comic book itself.
  • Keinushi  - Is that Gin?
    Is that gin on the couch next to you? cause if so, I think we might drink the same brand... both the bottle shape and logo shape look the same.
  • Linkara
    Aldebran Whiskey. ^_~ You can see it more clearly in the Batman/Spawn review.
  • SickBritKid
    Whiskey is the best medicine for horrible fiction.

    Whenever I read badfic, I'm never very far from a bottle of Jack and a bottle of coke.
  • Blaze Spark
    Hey Linkara, do you ever find it ironic that while you never review manga, your title card is drawn in that style?
  • Blizz3112
    Linkara should write a comic about stupid comics and satiring them in awesome ways... XD...

    Nice review, btw...
  • GreyhoundBoy  - Pretentious comment
    I noticed that in the comic, she mentioned that "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely" as Shakespeare. That was Lord Acton. I'm sorry, I get annoyed when the Bard is misquoted.
  • Zeraph
    The best part about that whole U-decide thing is that Peter David won by a landslide and his Captain Marvel title went for three years after this.

    This stupid pile of ass just... hurts.
  • Behellmorph
    My god, calm down Linkrara, you're gonna explode with rage at this rate.

    Jesus what a terible comic but how on earth can it get wrose? It's already at it's worst.
  • fanime1  - Just wait...
    You seriously need to read the blog he mentioned in the first issue's review to see how bad it truly gets...
  • TryMe  - Sadly to inform you but ...
    Sadly for the Cinema Snob, and Linkara in that regard, there already exists a Movie from 1999 titled "Smut".

    Just putting that info out there.
  • thegamingmascot
    So, the main character and some red headed girl are at a some park. He then looks for poor people? And then a three horned Batman beats up some dude, then Iron Man appears, then Black Panther appears and they bash together some woman and man? Then there are bad jokes? Then the main character is having a leash and walks to prison? - Excuse my language, but what the fuck am I watching? - And then Spider-man appears and takes them to a bowling alley? Then Punisher teleports in (what?) and starts shooting everyone? All and all: A hillarious review (how did I come to that conclusion?).
  • RokuroCarisu  - I just feel like explaining the jokes from the cov
    The cover itself is obviously a "parody" on nerd culture, showing everything a sterotypical nerd wishes for.
    Yeah, what a joke. *rolleyes* Eh... But how how does the football fit in?

    The Big Belly Beer is a parody on Big Belly Burger, a chain of fastfood restaurants in the DC Universe, owned by Lex Luthor. Kinda clever, but doesn't make it much funnier though.

    Also, the "super violent anime" is likely a parody on Dragon Ball Z (which I see pretty much as the Japanese eqivalent of a Liefeld-style comic, so no wonder it got pobular in the US around the same time).
  • Bloodrealm
    Super Violent Gory Anime? DBZ is not only not even close to gory by anime/manga standards, but Akira Toriyama is also a much better artist than Liefeld. It probably is supposed to be a DragonBall Z parody, but I'm guessing nobody involved with this cover (or you, possibly) has ever seen any anime with more than the trickle of blood DBZ occasionally has, let alone something "super gory".
  • Dacquois
    Oh Linkara... The sacrifices you make for your viewers. You are the bravest man I ever knew... ; ^ ;
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Word Funk: Worst Episode Ever

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Brad: John Wick & Ouija

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Korra Vlogs: The Calling

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Shaun: Monstrous October 22-24

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LOTD: The Thing That Came From

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SJwaC: The Country Bears

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CJ: Top 13 Gooder Movies

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Rerez: Most Obscure Console

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Rap Critic: Top 6 Eminem

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Korra Vlogs: Alone & Coronation

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Brad Tries Colon Blow & Black Coc

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Shaun K: Shantae & TPC

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LOTD: Invaders #31

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Mud2MMO: Skinner Box

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Todd: Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

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Leon Thomas: Snowpiercer

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Ursa: Galaxy Quest

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iRawss: Crisela - Comedism

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TNhick: Pumpkoberfest 7

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Lucky 6: Jenga The Movie

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LOTD: Eerie #5

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MikeJ: Hellraiser 3

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Shark Jumping: HIMYM Ending

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Phelous: HW - Toys & Extras

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TNChick: Pump 6 - Poison Apples

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Larry: Bayonetta 2

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Rerez: Frogger Mini Arcade

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Brad: Snobcast - Stalker

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Shaun: Monstrous October 19-21

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LOTD: Batman Castle of the Bat

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NC: Monster Squad

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TTD: My Little Pony FiM

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Sci-Fi: Southern Screamers

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Sage: Top 10 Anime Abandon

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Rantasmo: Fight Club

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