15 Things That Are Wrong With Identity Crisis

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Due to the length of the episode, it is also available in two parts.

Part 1: http://blip.tv/at4w/at4w-15-things-that-are-wrong-with-identity-crisis-split-part-1-5905427 

Part 2: http://blip.tv/at4w/at4w-15-things-that-are-wrong-with-identity-crisis-split-part-2-5905484

Comments (236)
  • SpeedyEric
    I’ve also heard that people like Identity Crisis. They even have some nice reviews shown on the cover of the trade paperback collection.

    1. She should have instead gone to a place for the MENTALLY insane, not CRIMINALY insane. (Use your thoughts, DC. Use your thoughts.)
    2. Even Lord Vyce wasn’t this lazy when he was in our universe. Also, the Green Lantern ring didn’t chose Deathstroke. (See the Green Lantern movie to know why.)
    3. I recently re-watched the X-Men: TAS episode where Rogue remembers stealing Ms. Marvel’s powers, and I agree that Dr. Light’s situation was in was nothing like that.
    4. You mentioned this back in your Top 15 Worst Heroes Becoming Villains list, and I still to this day agree with you. No one, and I mean NO ONE, mind-wipes The Dark Knight and gets away with it.
    5. Worst. Ex-wife. EVER!
    6. Great detective team, and they are completely wasted in this thing.
    7. I like Tim Drake’s backstory in the comics. He wants to be a great detective like Batman. I find it really nice that Tim has supporting characters outside the cape and cowl, and I’m against things like killing characters just to make them dark or more darker.
    8. What is it with writers and pointless character deaths just to add a new one? In speaking of Countdown, I just learned that DC made it into an audio book. (I really wish I was joking.)
    9. And this thing came out after “Batman: Hush,” which is my #1 favorite mystery comic of all time.
    10. Retcons are like the writers hopping into their literature time machines, and add or replace certain things about a character’s backstory.
    11. Watchmen did a better job with the rape thing that this mini-series.
    12. When I think of “a love letter for the Silver Age,” I immediately think of the TV series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.”
    13. I’ll stick with the kind of padding that keeps me warm during the Iowa winters, thank you very much.
    14. This is like when Joel Schumacher took Bane (a buffy criminal mastermind who was able to break Batman’s back in the comics) and turned him in to a mindless goon if the craptasterpiece known as “Batman & Robin.” It’s great to know that Christopher Nolan gave his b@ll$ back for “The Dark Knight Rises.”
    15. It’s a shame to make a story that adds “NOTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN G!” to the story that readers love.
    0. At least they gave Green Arrow a hood and a voice synthesizer in “Smallville.”

    Good luck with New Guardians next week, Lewis.
  • ladydiskette
    Linkara's thoughts on the whole rape storyline kinda reminds me why I never liked the Lifetime movies back in the nineties, granted Lifetime has gotten a bit better about it nowadays, but it was always those kind of "woman getting raped" movies back then that kinda made me steer clear of the whole network on in general.

    Also, next to the mindwipe thing how could they have not even Batman find any clues to the crime scene. Its pretty much a big insult if you ask me, considering he is greatest detective in the history of comic books.
  • CartoonFireworks
    Indeed. I've watched a few recent Lifetime movies, and to be honest, they've greatly improved. The only one I've seen involving rape didn't even have rape in it at all; it was about an insane high school student who was obsessed with her gym teacher, and accused him of assaulting her when he rejected her advances. The other few I've watched have been horror movies. Or about adultery and lesbianism.

    Lifetime is such a happy channel. ^-^

    Speaking of rape in storytelling, I agree with what Linkara said. It's so unfortunate, because I can only think of one piece of entertainment I've ever encountered that handled rape appropriately. It's a novel called Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. It focuses on a high school girl who was raped at a party and as a result decided that nothing she said mattered. It's not a sidestory or shock value, it's looking at her recovery and psychology after what happened to her. Hell, in the ten-year-anniversary edition, the author puts a compilation of some of the thousands of emails she received from rape victims, telling her how much her book helped them. I highly recommend it.

    *Done with shameless plug*
  • SpeedyEric
    Now that you guys brought it up, I've also seen a Lifetime movie from the 90s that have rape, and that movie stars Wonder Woman herself, Linda Carter.

    I just hope 90s Kid doesn't watch stuff like that (unless they involve guns and/or BloodGun).
  • Gamer_Ely
    I'm fairly sure deathstroke broke Rayner's hand/fingers thats why he couldn't use the ring, hard to keep your mind straight when your hand is being crushed.
  • RokuroCarisu
    That makes kinda sense. But then again, it makes too much sense for a "Dark Renaissance" comic. ^^'
  • BooRat
    Well, to start off with sorry for the late response... computer died on me having to use a family members to watch and post now!

    Well on the subject of the comic I still want a copy of this to read myself the story does still sound interesting even with all these flaws! It does sort of have Watchmen like elements to it to me! Especially with that good group photo on the cover and in the book!
    The only counter I got to a point you had here even though I haven't read the book myself is I read somewhere the reason Sue never did the whole dealing with the rape thing was she was mindwiped too and so was her husband so they forgot all about it happening... I don't know it that's a big moral thing and all but it sounds more humane if that was possible in that universe!
    Also, as a Batman fan and giving him a lot more credit than I really should but he's been showed before to have such high mental abilities shouldn't that mindwipe not have worked!? He's been showed to fight off mental attacks by psychic villains because he's so mentally disciplined! Ain't I right?!
    Can't wait to watch the other videos on back logue!
  • Sewblon  - Spoiler Warning!
    I have read Identity Crisis, and it never suggests that either Ralph or Sue Dibny were ever mindwiped. They left and went to a hospital before it even occurred to the other characters to mindwipe Dr. Light. Maybe it happened in a different book, but it didn't happen in Identity Crisis.
  • Vausch
    I gotta honestly argue with #2 there. Now I don't support Deathstroke overpowering Kyle's ring, that was stupid. However, if you have read Green Lantern: Rebirth, Green Arrow uses the ring against Sinestro and fires an arrow into him. It exhausted him, but he did use it. Now again, how Deathstroke did that was utterly stupid. The rings are well, rings! You put a ring on, the actual ring part is what channels the will and the symbol manifests it! There! As for using the movie as reference... meh, that's kinda a bad way to get people introduced to GL.

    Also, an audiobook of Countdown? Wow. Isn't that like listening to a Sherlock Holmes novel with the player set of "shuffle"?
  • Cheshire Kitten
    I'm not much of a comic reader, so I didn't know much about this series. Still, good video.
    New Guardians is next week? That should be fun...;)
  • TheAngst
    Hey Linkara. I've got a comic that I think could be reviewable. How do I donate it to you?
  • PopCultureOtaku
    I really hate the other firestorm. He was totally inferior as a character and just bore. He is bringing down the new series too. He is failure as a replacement and they keep him around. Just like fake Blue Beetle. I have said before I hate him too.
    I hate Identity Crisis for everything on this list and really mind wipes that retcon into other books after this series. They used it as excuse to screw up a bunch of reformed villains. To me sue and Ted Kord's deaths are the moment dc jump the shark. It look there were times they were going to turn around but they do things like reboot. Most of the dc is totally screwed up. Superboy, Fairchild, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc all messed up by this reboot. DC continues to fail it's readers and even economy was better fans won't come back to this crap because it's CRAP! Identity Crisis and Avengers Disambled will go down to what may kill the industry. Why? Cause fans that don't death/destruction for sake of it that started with it won't come back as long you keep messing up the characters people care about. Reboot is suppose to be something different and that didn't bring enough fans back. What would have worked is a reboot that went back to the way characters are like pre things like indentiy crisis. Back to the way fans like the characters but they keep moving away from it and makes me sad. By the way I am not sure if Identity Crisis is still in continuity. They can't make up there mind over at dc if it or not. Depends on who you ask.
    When it comes to love letter to silver age stuff I got a quote from nash for brad melterz: What The F Is Wrong With You?
    By the way fun watching some of AT4W now on my roku on blip.tv roku channel. :)
  • Dark Pascual
    I... don't know what to say about this one...

    I live in a country where there is almost no comic culture and this was one of the first miniseries that got translated into Spanish, so I was thrilled as hell to find and read it...

    It was actually among the first series that I got complete (Along with Batman/Superman Public Enemies and Batman Hush) so I cannot really hate it as much as I should...
  • Linkara
    And again, if you like it, you are free to like it! These are just the reasons why *I* dislike it. ^_^
  • blackidna
    -patpats you on the head-
  • MechaDon1980
    Oh wow!! This one was a hell confusion weird twists and turns!! Geesh!!
  • silence_dais  - Identity Crisis
    I actually picked this up at Borders in 2007. I thought by the title that "oh cool, so what the heroes are fighting alternate universe versions of themselves that are trying to take their place? Or are there villains trying to pose themselves off as the new heroes by mind switching technology?" Both of those would have made much better stories for a title like this. Actually this whole story idea here actually would have been awesome...if it was done right.

    1. Mind Wiping people: So we have villains that are becoming too big of a threat so what should we do to them? Well we have the power to wipe their minds so we'll have to get in close enough to do it. Wait if their able to stop them anyways where is the threat?

    This kinda bugs me even more especially after I read Trinity series. Superman actually makes a pretty awesome argument of why he doesn't just kill off all his enemies: he wants the challenge they present. When his enemies grow smarter and stronger by preventing new obstacles to him, it makes him think outside the box and to grow as a hero as well. I actually am a huge advocate of this kind of thing.

    2. Rape: Okay so we need to have a character get forced into sexual interactions with another character that is clearly sadistic and evil. This will then set off a chain of events somehow that will make people think this...wait what?

    Look I am not a fan of rape, however I am of the mindset that believes anything can be made into a good character trait if it is handled right. The thing about storytelling and rape is that it's best to actually imply it than to out right show it. If you show the rape it loses more impact than you think on the characters as you'll for now on see only the whole "well they weren't strong enough to stop themselves from that happening to them so how can we take them seriously?" Instead implying that it happened without giving too much detail right off the bat is how it should be handled. It's still not a great topic in storytelling but if it is going to be used, then at least be subtle with it.


    I'm with you here Lewis on how I perceive the two companies. D.C. universe heroes are people you look up too, people you want to role model yourself after i.e. Superman and Wonder Woman. Marvel is stories of people you feel more you can relate to and just imagine what your life would be like in their shoes i.e. Spider-man and Hulk. There was no real need for D.C. to make themselves "edgy" and "dark". They just did it because they thought that was the key to Marvel's success.
    silence_dais wrote:
    [i]The thing about storytelling and rape is that it's best to actually imply it than to out right show it. If you show the rape it loses more impact than you think on the characters as you'll for now on see only the whole "well they weren't strong enough to stop themselves from that happening to them so how can we take them seriously?" Instead implying that it happened without giving too much detail right off the bat is how it should be handled. It's still not a great topic in storytelling but if it is going to be used, then at least be subtle with it.

    Wow, you really wrote that? Are you saying that if a character is shown to be raped in a story, we can't take them seriously? And if a character is raped, it should only be implied, so that we can imagine that they weren't raped, and that they really didn't mean "rape" when they claim they were raped. Is that what you are saying?

    Well, like all of the other brave souls on the comment boards of Linkara's site and here, I, too will go out on a limb and declare:

    I don't like rape...

    Actually, that wasn't brave at all. It's what you should say, and no one should have to declare that. But,anyway , I don't want rape to ever happen, and I also don't want it in my fiction, but to insinuate that you can't take someone seriously after they have been raped... that is backwards, insulting, callous and may be the reason why stories like this have to be told (but from the rape survivor's point of view).
  • silence_dais
    Your right, I shouldn't have put it that way. So here I'll say it like this:

    Rape is just wrong regardless. It ruins characters when it's handled wrong and it doesn't make them better even if it's handled right. What I'm getting at is that rape shouldn't be looked down on as a story telling device, however I'm not saying it should be advocated as an important one. My point is that it's a delicate subject that needs to be handled better than what we've seen lately.

    What I'm trying to say is that if your going to write/draw/record anything that has to do with rape, you need to do it as tasteful as possible just like anything else. Everything can be used as a storytelling device, it just needs to be handled properly.
  • ultramanmattia
    ''There was no real need for D.C. to make themselves "edgy" and "dark". They just did it because they thought that was the key to Marvel's success.''

    So is like the 90's all over again?

    PS:I love the Silver Age.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    I did see your reply below where you say you phrased your thoughts poorly. Still, for anyone else who comes across this post and, very specifically, this line:

    you'll for now on see only the whole "well they weren't strong enough to stop themselves from that happening to them so how can we take them seriously?"

    I want to share an article they (and you) should check out:

    http:// fugitivus.wordpress.com/ 2009/06/26/another-post- about-rape-3/

    In short, it says that, look, if society as a whole and all our interactions within it teach a woman that the way to act is to not fight back, stand up for ourselves, or make a fuss, then of course we aren't going to react any differently during a rape until it's too late (if at all), because we've been taught our whole lives that keeping quiet and playing along is what will protect us from getting hurt.

    Fighting off a rapist isn't just a physical struggle against someone who, on average, will be physically stronger than us. It's also a struggle against ingrained reactions that tell us not to fight back, to not stand up for ourselves.

    You don't ever get to think less of someone because they didn't manage to fight off a rapist. You have NO idea of what it is like to be sexually assaulted and how much it impacts your life after. For ever.

    I agree absolutely that it shouldn't be made into a cheap plot device to be an excuse to make other characters angry and want vengeance, or whatever. Absolutely. I just also wanted to address your comment about thinking less of someone because they didn't manage to fight off a rapist.

    Don't do that.
  • snakes3425
    I found my copy by accident at a Half Price Books for 10 bucks, granted the only reason I bought it was because I'm trying to collect all of DC's Countdown, Crisis and Crisis Aftermath Series but the whole mind wiping thing bugged me more then anything, that's not being creative that's a "we're too lazy to think of a proper ending" move
  • Fanofyou
    Darth Revan is another villain that got his mind wiped. In Knights Of the Old Republic.
  • Shmooglavoue
    Yes and no. It was more like Revan got severe amnesia when he nearly died, and the Jedi then decided to manipulate his memories to give him a different identity. It's similar, but they didn't instigate the eradication of his previous memories.
  • Fanofyou
    maybe not a true mind "wipe" but they still modified a villains mind to turn him good. However you do make a valid point.
  • qazox  - Identity Crisis
    The only things about Identity Crisis I didn't like were:

    The reasoning behind Jean Loring doing what she did. There's almost an infinite number of ways to get your ex-back besides killing an innocent woman.

    Did they really think that mind-wiping Batman would work in the long run? Look what happened because of it: the OMACS (though DC immediately ret-conned it by saying it was SuperBoy Prime and Alex Luthor's doing in Infinite Crisis).

    Why did Tim Drake's dad have to die? Seriously, I know Batman had both his parents killed, as did Nightwing; but now Robin #3 has to lose his father as well? WTF DC?

    Other than those 3 things, I rather liked this series. It asks a great question: "Is it morally correct to do a wrong thing with the best of intentions?"

    Best part of the series: Deathstroke taking out 7 heroes in less than 5 seconds. PURE AWESOMENESS.
  • Skyscraper
    See, this is the part where I disagree- sometimes you can really like a character, and still see that they could not POSSIBLY do the things they do. While I'll admit that I'm not a fan of Deathstroke, I have read up on his history and nothing, NOTHING in it indicates he should have beaten them that much.

    I guess what I want to ask is... is it really worth sacrificing logic, past continuity and good storytelling JUST to glorify Deathstroke?
  • Fangheart
    aw, come on Linkara! all those times you were talking about Deathstroke and Dr. Light and not one single joke involving a clip from the animated Teen Titans tv show? I loved that show....

    was that Scrubs clip from the new season that BARELY has any of the original characters in it? cause I stopped watching that show when the focus turned to....hell I don't even know but i do know it didn't take place at Sacred Heart anymore. and the original all left. so I decided to join them.
  • Linkara
    Season 9 took place at the REMODELED Sacred Heart and there were plenty of returning characters, it's just the focus wasn't on JD exclusively anymore, who was only in about half the episodes of the season.

    I actually rather enjoyed Season 9 and Dr. Cox was still on fire during it, and yep - that clip of Cox going "NOTHIIIIIIING" was from the second episode of the season.
  • Aural Aurum
    THAT'S why I didn't recognize that clip! I've only seen those episodes once. I've got the rest of the series pretty much memorized, and it was driving me nuts that I didn't remember Dr. Cox doing that.
  • SpeedyEric
    I've seen a chunk of the season 9 episodes before it got canned.
  • KingKaor555
    Speaking of hospitals, Arkham Asylum is modeled after Danvers State Hospital in in, well, Danvers, Massachusetts. The name comes from the asylum in Arkham, Mass., from the H.P. Lovecraft stories. Sooo, therefore, Gotham City is in Massachusetts.

  • Fangheart
    .....Gotham City is in Massachusetts!?!?! man, my home state just keeps on giving me more and more reasons to LOVE IT!
  • Crossover Princess
    Thank you for saying my thoughts on rape when used in fiction, in my review show I have dealt with two stories that dealt with rape, and they were nothing more than plot devices to get the victims together with another character. In one case I know it was written by a man (the other I need to double check about). As a woman (what kind of guy would go by Crossover Princess) I'm shocked that it's used this way.

    Sure it's sometimes fun to use as a form of black comedy, but using it for pointless drama is where I draw the line.
  • Jezzy54
    From what I've read of Brad Meltzer's stuff, he's really not very good. Admittedly, I sort of liked Identity Crisis when I was about 17, but then I had terrible taste when I was 17.
  • DarkfireTaimatsu
    I like identity Crisis, but I do appreciate the perspective on why other people might not. I also appreciate the wording of "15 things that are wrong with" rather than something like "15 reasons why it sucks". It's much more optimistic, and implies that perhaps these things could be fixed.
    ...Aaaaaaaand then I watched the review. Maybe not~

    And for my money, nothing could ever be cooler than Deathstroke defeating the Atom with a laser pointer. It is the truest of badassery.
  • EpicJason1999  - Extremely Exciting Message To ALL Members Of TGWTG
    awesome video linkara. nicely done.

    I hope to see more videos to come.

    on a much different and off topic note , I have posted a video this evening that I made of my now completely finished artwork of my ultimate epic amerime project of my designed characters. everyone that has commented as loved the artwork and wishes me the best to one day make this dream into a reality with my future plans to turn this into a movie.

    a few hours later , after I sent a few emails , one email that I have just recieved was from actor Vic Mignogna. the man who I ONLY see playing the role of my main hero Haku.

    this....was his response : "hi Jason, Your project sounds very exciting! I'm honored that you'd like me to be a part of it! When you get to the point where you have some financial backing and are looking to start casting, I hope you'll let me know. I'd love to be part of it! Best of success! vic".

    this is exactly why my dream has now a fledge mission. keep the dream alive , support the amerime project , and I will forever be greatful.

    thank you all so very much for your continued support and your extremely kind praise. lets all hope that this will become a reality , and lets give your humble communtuy member the best of luck.

    from your online friend and fan of TGWTG and Channel Awesome,
    Jason Lee Schwab aka EpicJason - Maryland USA
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Sweet! Congratulations and good luck! :D
  • rockybalboa211
    So you killed someone during the making of "kickassia" and buried their body in the desert?
    Wow! :D
  • Aural Aurum
    It was 8 Bit Mickey. He's been a ghost ever since. That explains so much!

  • Filby
    Wow, the Brad/Phelous Troll 4 review makes so much more sense now...
  • Eye Carumba
    That may be one of MastertheCreater's best title cards to date.
  • Gregdawg
    Rock and Roll?

  • azarath17  - Sue Dibny - The problem with picking her as the vi
    Fantastic cover art, just to start off.
    Linkara, I applaud you for bringing up a concept of this comic that I never noticed beforehand. Yes, I realized they have rape in this story; it's referenced - never explored - in several other comics. Yes, it's never explained, explored, or has anything to do with how two of the most lovable people in the DC Universe (aside from Lian and Roy, seriously, what does DC have against families?) and how it affected their marriage nor the scares that may have come from it (STDs, possible pregnancy, internal bleeding, etc.) Yes, it's glanced over and is used as a stepping stone to the mind wipe thing. But you brought to light something important: NONE OF THE NARRATORS ARE WOMEN! I mean in a rape story that happened to another woman, you'd think the intelligence of the writers.. oh, who am I kidding, these people weren't even smart enough to either A) explore the concet of Sue Dibny as a rape victim or B) NOT PUT IN RAPE AT ALL!
    However, there is one huge thing you over-looked: SUE DIBNY WAS PREGNANT. PREGNANT! Shouldn't that have some bearing on the narrative? Shouldn't that be some concern as a reason for/against Jean's committal to Arkham, I mean, she shrunk down and hemorrhaged A PREGNANT WOMAN. It was HEINOUS for the writers to kill off a pregnant woman. I mean, you got into a rage over Lian Harper. Wasn't Sue a bigger character? AND SHE WAS CARRYING AN UNBORN CHILD! I was waiting for one of your well-deserved outrages or at least some sort of memorial or a sickening face, something! You glanced over it as if it had no bearing to the characters (which in this case, it might as well not have) when I know you know it SHOULD. Yes, deaths happen in a comic. But don't they usually draw a line? And why did it have to be Sue? Yes, she's prolific, but couldn't they have picked someone else? Lois Lane, Jack Drake, Alfred, Barbara Gordon, THE KENTS, any of the Green Lanterns' family members? They aren't important or pregnant enough to be crucial to a story? Oh, wait, no they're too important to kill off so we'll kill of the pregnant woman instead! I am sorry, but this crosses a line. First, Sue gets raped. Traumatic. Then she and Ralph recover and eventually they are going to have a baby. They are HAPPY! THEN THEY SAY "Hmm, Ralph's too happy, bye-bye wifey and baby!" NO! It's borderline abortion as well as murder! Jean HAD to have known Sue was pregnant! It's double manslaughter! DC can kill people, we know that. But this? This doesn't cross the line, it jump ropes with the line then uses it to hang itself! This has gone too far.
    Dc, there are things you don't do. Killing off a pregnant woman when you aren't even going to focus on either A) her past tragedy or B) the fact that she was pregnant and now she and the baby are dead is one of those things.
    P.S., in following comics like Blackest Night and 52, why is it never mentioned or shown that she was pregnant when she died? Would tha...
  • PopCultureOtaku
    Wow. I totally agree with you rage about the rape and pregnancy. Linkara mentioned elsewhere pregnancy didn't bother him that much. I forget about it really bothered me and still this day why I hate this series. Sue's death was pointless anyway and so was the fact that she was pregnant. As you said pretty much ignored. Of course people at dc probably don't believe life begins at conception. That is probably why it's ignored.
  • azarath17
    Where did he mention the pregnancy being an issue? I know he pointed out that she was pregnant in the plot summary but I never heard him mention it again.
  • ZeroGundam011  - a complete accident
    quite honestly, im more of a DC fan by accident when it comes to comics. I didn't really start reading them until the New 52 with DC because most of them pretty started from square 1 (from the ones Ive read). id like to get into some Marvel comics but im not sure at all where to start in terms of a story; either square one or an important story arc. if anyone could have an idea where to start in some Marvel issues, id really appreciate it.
  • Basque
    You definitely lucked out by starting with 52, that is an excellent story! I purchase trades and not individual issues of comics so while I can't speak to the quality of the comics themselves it's been my experience that DC does trades much better than Marvel. It might just be because of the time I came into purchasing trades, but the recent Marvel ones like Spiderman-The Other, Spiderman-Back in Black, X-Men-Other M, most of Civil War and even the Death of Captain America were all very underwhelming (although I've heard the latter is a good storyline but the trade doesn't cover much of it, it's really tied into Civil War and ends abruptly so if you just buy that trade you're really left hanging). If you do buy Marvel trades I'd recommend avoid those.

    Some trades I've like include Kingdom Come (definitely one of my favorites), Trinity, 52 of course, Killing Joke, Long Halloween, Superman Red Son, and the Death of Superman/Rise of the Supermen. I've heard the entire Black Lantern saga was very good but haven't got around to buying it.

    One thing that might explain some of that is there's a comic technique called writing for trade-it's when writers create a story intended to be collected into a tradeback instead of focusing on the individual issues. If DC does this more frequently than Marvel that might be why I've liked their trades better.

    Finally the Marvel Masterworks series collects many individual volumes into one book instead of just collecting one arc or storyline. They might be worth checking out if you want to get into the Marvel characters.
  • narmolania  - I think I just wet my self a little....
    *playing spider while watching the video* ...... *glanses at the video* HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, WHAT HAPPENED TO GREEN ARROWS EYES!!?!??!?!?!?!?!! You can at least see them at 22:14 MY GOD!!!!! and some other times too! peoples eyes are HUMANGOUS and SCARY!!! Gesus!
  • AtlasRedux
    Revolution of the Mask SUCKS.
    How dare you making commerials of it in your videos when your comics aren't any better than the trash you're riffing on?
    You do a great job as a reviewer, a VERY great job, but, man, you can't do comics yourself for shit.
    This was a waste of money and utterly CRAP.
    So your comment about "buy Revolution of the Mask, it doesn't suck!" is a lie.
    Yes it sucks.
    There's a VERY large difference between reviewing others work and making some of your own.
    You are an awesome observer, but a horrible, HORRIBLE writer.
    EDIT : I did however enjoy the artwork. But that can't save such a HORRIBLE script.
    EDIT 2 : and that deal about cocaine making you slow ... dude, don't you know anything about drugs? Cocaine makes you energetic -.- Just watch any movie that contains plot about cocaine and you should know that.
  • Linkara
    Well, okay, a few things.

    1. Okay, you don't like it. Whatever.

    2. What does that have to do with this video? I don't mention ROTM at all in this list.

    3. Cocaine making you slow? What are you referring to? Something in the video or in ROTM, because I don't recall mentioning cocaine in there.
  • SolidGoldCEO
    I find the fact he seems almost defensive about cocaine to be quite telling.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    I know he confused the heck out of me with it. "Revolution of the Mask"? What?
  • Yeahwhatever
    Obvious troll is obvious.
  • mehja  - Miller Time
    I always thought you got the watch when you mugged Frank Miller at a past Comic-Con.
    Reality is disillusioning :(
  • Aural Aurum
    [Lewis approaches Miller.]

    Lewis: Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?

    Miller: What?

    Lewis: Do you know what time it is?

    [Confused, Miller pulls out his watch.]

    Miller: Uh, it's--

    Lewis: I AM A MA-YUN!!!

    [Punches Miller in the gut and snatches the watch.]
  • SpeedyEric
    You should turn this into a TGWTG fan-fic.
  • Aural Aurum
    I thought I just did.
  • mehja
    @Aural Aurum

    You made me happy again :)
  • MindOfCreativity
    LOL @Dr. Light, related to Mega Man by any change?
  • JadedJada
    Am I the only one who was kinda expecting Linkara to make reference to his Magic Gun somehow during that retcon bit? Not that it's really an example of a "bad retcon", but it IS one of the bigger impacting storylines he's ever done...

    I dunno. I just thought it might've been funny. :P

    The review was awesome, as always, and YAY FOR KYLE CAMEO!!! God, I'm just loving that guy more and more. Though I'm not sure I get the whole "Sherlock Holmes" thing with him. I'll perhaps need to look through his reviews again...

    ...unless you just made it up here, in which case never mind.
  • Linkara
    Just made it up here, since he recently acquired a Sherlock Holmes costume as a gift and he talks about it in a MAGFest Vlog.

    As for the magic gun thing, it's not a retcon - it's just information that nobody knew until I revealed it. I'm the creator here and know all the ins and outs of these things.
  • Wheats
    Linkara, in the title card whose next to Linksano & Harvey
  • Linkara
    Ninja-Style Dancer.
  • BoylandtheLiberator  - I agreee on the rape storyline asnd DR Light
    I think rape is soemthing that some people handle differently,however they handle iot not ignore it. I think Sue Dibny who from what I remmeber is one of the kindest loving human beings in the DC Universe and I could see her nhandling the rape well. I know you may disagree with that Linkara biuut take what we know about the human being from before this comic, shes caring, loving campassionate and most of all she carried about Ralph and his place in the Justice League. I think she would have put on a brave face for Ralph's sake.

    However i think Dr Light is a good villian its like what you said about the riddler. I am ariddler fan by theway. Its no the villian is lame, bad or even moronic its dependant on someone whoi knows how to right the character. Dr Light was writen by good writers yes he would be defeated but he would sstill be a threat. Here he is written like hes a buffonist sexual assault idiot, which nis bullcrap considering what we know about him., Dr Light is not a rapist
  • FunkyM
    Great vid, Linkara.

    Is it wrong that I think *you* should write DC comics? Hell, if you know where to find a good artist, I have a book pitch I figure you might like...
  • stcerberusengel  - The Identity in Crisis
    Your post script got me thinking about why they'd title this the way they did. Believe it or not I think I may have an answer:

    The title Identity Crisis may be referring to the search for a killer's identity and the crisis surrounding a murder.

    Just a thought that kind of makes sense.
  • DangerousLoki
    I believe Identity Crisis in this instance is meant to be an inference to the Identity Crisis of Dr. Light with the psychological manipulation and the subsequent factor it plays. Coping with their "secret identies" being in trouble, finding the "identity" of the killer, coming to terms with the altering of the identity of Batman and Dr. Light even if Batman's was less drastic and only led to a rift between him and the other superheroes.

    I can't say Identity Crisis was an inappropiate title, just one that seems odd as most of the reasons it fit actually wound up having nothing to do with the actual plot line.

    I also remember a story that I read in which Boomerang's death is addessed. The villains hold this big service for him, his son is there, he becomes the new Boomerang. But in that comic they seem to make it appear that the superheroes were responsible for his death and it seemed to build up to this thing with the villains seeming to be plotting taking out the superheroes. I don't know what comic it was, but I'm pretty sure it was a Justice League volume. I don't remember if it happend in the same issue Batman remembers what happend and about their mindwipe of Dr. Light, but I also read that issue of Identity Crisis.

    I actually liked that issue with the villains memorial service for boomerang a lot
  • locuas
    I think you fotgot to mention the other series that started with firestorm death. Manhunter. Sadly, it is about a superhero who kills people, but it has a very cool idea of bringing superheroes tothe judge to testify against firestorm's killer. Not good enough to justify his death, tough.
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