All-Star Comics #8 and The Fantastic Four #1

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All-Star Comics #8

The Fantastic Four #1

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Comments (206)
  • honestiago
    I have to say, I'm loving that second title card. Angry Linkara is going to eat you! Graaaaaargh!!!!
  • pharmmajor
    My favorite part of the second title card is 90s Thing.
  • Minion of Yahtzee
    My favorite part is Pollo. He looks like a pig from Invader Zim. At least I think he looks like it.
  • DarkBee
    Does that make Sue Iron Liz and Reed Harvey? Sure looks like it.
  • ladydiskette
    I think Iron Liz would make a better Wonder Woman, but that is just me, but Nineties Kid as The Thing-Spot on! :)

    Thanks for the double feature review Linkara, I espically enjoyed the Wonder Woman one because I never grew up reading alot of her comic books back then nor had any friends that were into reading her. So her origins and history always alluded me. I learned so much :)

    Though I did have a feeling some of her backstory of being created may have had something to do with early feminism and breaking the cookie-cutter stereotypes of women back in the forties and fifties.

    P.S. Awwww no RobotPlane!Pollo? :( I betcha he would be adorable! And very helpful too!
  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    Love the Simpsons jokes. But then, those were pretty much inevitable.
  • dennett316
    He missed the Monster Island gag...

    "He said, it was just a name!"
    "What he meant was that Monster Island is actually a peninsula."

    But loved the Moleman gags. Pity my favourite MOleman line wasn't in it, just after Mr Burns imagines he's drilling for his Lucky Charms..

    "Oh brains!"
  • SlyDante
    "Oh no. My brains."

    That would've been the perfect Moleman quote for trying to understand the science & logic on display in the FF comic. =P
  • SlyDante
    Also, I'm guessing the reason he didn't use the Monster Island gag is because the comic used Monster ISLE, not Monster Island.

    Though strangely enough, he does mention Candy Apple Island. Too bad this comic didn't feature any apes or apes that were not so big.

    Also, off topic a little, but did anyone notice he credited Futurama in the FF video? Because I don't remember any clips of it in the video. Eh, must've just slipped by with so many other credits being given in Secret Origins Month, no matter.
  • DarkAngryWolf
    Gotta say, I like where your next storyline is going. The original villian coming back in a new form with new powers, I love it.

    Great episodes. A little disappointed though, I looked All-Star Comics up, but screwed up because I miss-read that this was supposed to be the origins of the JSA. Oh well, maybe next year.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    I don't know why, but Human Torch!Pollo is strangely adorable.
    I knew Mechakara would be back! Can't wait to see where this goes.
    Oh, and good reviews.
  • ladydiskette
    OMG! D: No! Its...Its not true!

    IT CAN'T BE!!!!!


    I can't believe he has returned. I don't know whether to hide under my bed or squee in delight! WHAT WILL BECOME OF US!!?!?

    Now I can't wait for the next review
  • KingKaor555
    My gawd........
    Mechakara... I knew that it was inevitable, but.......... this isnt how I expected it.......

    Wait, does that mean that at the end of this storyline, he'll review another Power Rangers comic?
  • Dust
    "He won't fit in, so it's good we left him to die".

    Making that comment in front of Ben, so soon after you got him mutated? Wow.. Reed's a dick.
  • Skemono
    I know! I wanted to see Reed turn around and say "You hear that, Ben? There's [i]no place[/i] for people like him in civilized society. By the way, when are you going to quit whining about my rash, ill-conceived actions transforming you into a figure even uglier than the Mole Man?"
  • JetstreamGW
    Y'know, it might've been Reed's idea but Sue was the one who goaded him into it with the "Are you a coward" bit.
  • Dust
    True, but she had enough grace to not make "ugly freaks shouldn't have contact with us Norms" comments in front of the poor guy. She just enjoyed her life without guilt for cock-teasing Ben into his predicament.

    Poor Ben... how has he never flipped out and broken an arm or two?
  • darkness shade sonata
    loving the two in one this week, thanks linkara, you made my day... which has been otherwise shitty
  • locuas  - greek gods were assholes
    oh yeah! don't be surprised about aphrodites reaction, the greek gods were a bunch of vindictive assholes that you just don't want to mess with. the exent of dicks they were varied from myth to myth and god to god, but mostly you don't want to make them angry(Athena was pretty decent, tough).
    By the way, yes, Hercules is a valid translation of his name.
  • pinky75910
    Athena? Decent? There's a lovely young priestess named Medusa who begs to differ.

    Hercules is Roman, Heracles is the original Greek.
  • BooRat
    Yeah, Heracles was also ment to insult Hera with his name!
  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    Actually, the guy having "Hera" in his name was Zeus' idea of a peace offering. Not that it helped.
  • BGWG  - Athena
    Who had consensual sex in her temple(or raped depending on the version) with the god Poseidon. So imagine if someone had sex in your temple with your uncle while. Now the story of Archnea is damning.
  • Crossover Princess
    Those were very good episodes.

    I have to say I loved the Futurama joke in the first one... but nothing can beat the Moleman jokes (Especially "No one's gay for Moleman").

    But I will also like to point something out: This isn't the first time we've seen Pollo's new body: In that Star Trek review a few months ago, if you look in the background in the Mirror Universe, Pollo 2.0 can be seen in Tom's case... I always wondered why "Pollo" was like that in the case, now I know. It was supposed to be his new body.
  • SpeedyEric
    All-Star Comics #8:
    It’s great to have Secret Origins Month Back.
    Unlike the first appearances of Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, I have no idea what the first story about Wonder Woman was about, …until now. Also, I still yet to read “Trinity.”
    6:55- Good thing she became a leading member of the JLA since they first came around.
    10:00- I didn’t know Ancient Grease had glasses.
    14:37- Well said, Lewis.
    I’ll never get tired of that Patton clip.
    20:42- I’m really glad they updated this scenario in the 2009 animated DTV movie.
    I also agree that this is a good start for Wonder Woman, and it’s great to see that she continues as a strong, inspiring character, even in her ups and downs.
    YAY! MECHAKARA IS BACK! …Wait, why am I excited about the return of a really evil character?

    The Fantastic Four #1:
    I’m not a big fan of the Fantastic Four, but I do like them. I also like the movies with the exception of the unreleased 1994 film (Also, those films introduced their powers better than this comic).
    5:52- A crummy commercial? Son of a b!tch.
    8:33- I also love hearing Ben speaking in the Brooklyn accent.
    15:26- Until The Avengers came around, but that’s another story.
    15:50- Good thing that didn’t became Ultimate Mr. Fantastic, but it’s a shame that became Elongated Man in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again.”
    17:30- I guess some of the guys at Toho were big Marvel Comic fans, which may explain Godzilla’s appearance in The Avengers in the 70s.
    I love your use of the Hans Moleman clips.
    The Fantastic Four IS a fun superhero group.
    Looking forward to more on the new Mechakara storyline.
  • BooRat  - SE
    All-Star Comics #8
    Me either on Trinity!
    6:55-Cough, cough Dinmother, cough!
    10:00-I know I'm not one to talk but Greece not Grease!
    10:58-Is it me or was he effasizing serten words there!?
    20:42-What did they change? Because chicks with guns are awesome!
    I hope to see Linkara review one of the most notorious Wonder Woman comics one day! The one back in the 60s or 70s when they depowered her and she had to become a Ninja! "At the end of the 1960s, under the guidance of Mike Sekowsky, Wonder Woman surrendered her powers in order to remain in Man's World rather than accompany her fellow Amazons to another dimension. Becoming a mod boutique owner, the powerless Diana Prince acquired a Chinese mentor named I Ching. Under I Ching's guidance, Diana learned martial arts and weapons skills and engaged in adventures that encompassed a variety of genres, from espionage to mythology." Yes, that happened!

    The Fantastic Four #1
    I liked the 90s Coreman film it's cheesy crappy B-movies goodness! And it got Doom right or at least a lot better than the 2000s movies!
    5:52-ah, I love that movie!
    8:33-Me too.
    15:00-And that's where the Ultimate Fantastic Four really lost me!
    15:26-Well, actually when the Invaders began! Namor was going to be in the Captain America movie but because Marvel hasn't gotten the Sub-Mariner movie rights back yet from whatever company they sold them too.
    15:50-Actually that's an old comicbook joke that's been around for years! In one of my favorite lesser known series Marshal Law there's a character named Devil's Tool/Rubber Johnney that's whole joke is he's like Trojan Maaaan!!!
    17:30-You should really read Warren Ellis' Planetary he pays homage to both in the 1st 1-2 issues! Also, is it me or does the monster look like a mix of King Ghidorah and Fin Fang Foom?! It might just be because Kurby designed it!
    "The old grey mare she ain't what she use to be, ain't what she use to be!"
    Superhero Family! They're more a family than a group.. concidering 3/4th are inlaws!
  • KingKaor555
    Dude, the return of Mechakara was inevitable since the Power Rangers Zeo #1 review. Seriously, remember? At the end of the credits, Mechakara's severed hand started glowing and twitching and stuff
  • The Great Space Hobo
    yay! I'm a moron for complany about not being an oragins mouth last vid. Sorry Linkara. ^^"

    Funny as alwasy, and HEY I'm learning... Still cant find your post listing of what you'll do next but I'll keep my fingers crossed for Dr.Strange soon, you sayed you would get to him! XD
  • The Great Space Hobo
    oh! One more thing, the Wonder Woman comic kinda screwed up as they mixed both Greek AND Roman myths togather. Tho they did steal some of the names from the Greeks they are infact diffrent gods. I would say more but I'm sure many more ppl will tell you how "wrong you are." So I'm keeping this short.^^
  • mlsterben
    Oh god, Dilbert infected the hand which infected Pollo!
  • dmh3000
    This was awesome. Wonder which writers still use the 'Marvel method'?

    And yay, return of Mechakara.
  • BooRat
    Maybe that's how I should try writing a comic?
  • EpicJason1999
    wow. 2 episodes in one night. well done linkara.

    now I know I am not the only one working on multiple videos to be posted in one night. before I watch your reviews , I myself have 4 videos waiting to be posted this evening.

    1 - Mortal Kombat Cyrax Tribute
    ( Mechanize - Fear Factory )
    2 - Mortal Kombat Sektor Tribute
    ( Hurt Conveyor - Fear Factory )
    3 - Mortal Kombat Cyborg Smoke Tribute
    ( Terminate - Fear Factory)
    and finally
    4 - Jason Lee Schwab's Eternal Conflict Coverage Video #1

    I will be getting a camcorder for the holidays , so you will be seeing more of me.

    and , one of the types of projects I plan to do is reviewing movies and tv shows. the first full reviews by EpicJason1999 in 2012 : Mortal Kombat Defenders Of The Realm Epsiodes 1-13. I plan to review them per episode. why? because if I am going to suffer that much , then the audience will suffer with me. XD

    wrap your head around this folks : MK DOTR is a saturday morning kids cartoon tv show.....based on the m-rated video game series. is it bad? yeah. is there any redeemable episodes? some. was it ever released on dvd in america? no. do I have the series? yes. how? I have it on the computer and I burned the entire tv show to dvd with a 17 second menu intro.

    nice to see your reviews linkara.
    and you all will see me on screen in 2012 with The Battle Ends At Midnight and EpicJason1999's first full review on Mortal Kombat Defenders Of The Realm Episodes 1-13.
  • OrionX2  - Sort of back to normal.
    Can't wait to see how the new storyline is going to progress linkara. The Entity storyline honestly scared me a few times and actually why do i have a feeling that Mechakara coming back with traces like the Entity's is not just some coincidence?
  • megadeath
    just wow after you finish one storyline you instantly go straight into the next one after you just finished the other
  • BooRat
    Great reviews! I'll leave the Greco-Roman mythology aloane as per your request and I know nothing about WW2 era plains!

    I'm surprised you didn't do any Capt. America jokes during the Wonder Woman story you gotta admit if Marvel or DC bought the other out in the 40s-60s they could've easily mixed Capt's origions into Wondie's. Insted of him crashing a plain into ice and being frozen til more modern times he could've landed on Paradice Island and lived it up with a bunch of half-naked Amazons... (start's porn music)
    I wonder which kind of AMazons these were suppose to be in this comics? I know of 2 different kinds. 1st kind are the kind most think of the ones that can reproduce with out a male partener they just become pregnaunt and give birth to only female children and the 2nd kind are kind of a mixture of Centaur and Syrin mythologies. In that they kidnap men from raids or "rescue" them from ship-wrecks and "use" them for breeding stock and when as many of them are pregnant they kill the men and when birthing time comes they kill the non-female children. I like the later they make for bettter story ideas! don't ya'll!?
    I'm also surprised there was no Lady Gaga jokes about the weird weird outfits of the Amazons. A tutu, an excersize bra, tracelets, and knee-high sandles!
    I'd love to see a parody of this old Wonder Woman origion where her mother gives her her super suit and it is just a thong bakini!
    I have always wanted to read some of those old Golden Age comics I love cheesy dialogue and goofy artwork where all women look like Betty Page.
    You gotta love it that all fouren spies in those old comics look like the most negative steroe-types of the country they're suppose to be from. like that toothbrush mustach and monical! How could no one tell he was a German spy!? He needed the jackboots and SS uniform to be more ovbious!?


    On, to Fantastic Four! I'm actually shocked the Ultimate Fantastic Four #1-2 or 3 was this exsact same story just done a lot better.
    I do recall hearing Stan Lee on something talking about how he wanted the Thing to basically be the FF's Beast a smart well read man in the body of something you'd see in a drive-in-theater horror movie! I profer the acsent he's got it's more fitting. I also like for some weird reason he was the 1st Jewish superhero. And with the last name Grimm I'm guessing he's of German decent possibly from the Fairy Tale writers!
    I bet the Human Torch's insurince will probally cover that... I'm sure in comicbooks worlds like MArvel there is such a thing as superpower related "acsodents"!
    Mr.Fantastic: "I'm sure Ben is OK with me turning him into a monster by now."
    The Thing: "I can no longer have conventional sex with anoth...
  • BooRat  - part 2
    On, to Fantastic Four! I'm actually shocked the Ultimate Fantastic Four #1-2 or 3 was this exsact same story just done a lot better.
    I do recall hearing Stan Lee on something talking about how he wanted the Thing to basically be the FF's Beast a smart well read man in the body of something you'd see in a drive-in-theater horror movie! I profer the acsent he's got it's more fitting. I also like for some weird reason he was the 1st Jewish superhero. And with the last name Grimm I'm guessing he's of German decent possibly from the Fairy Tale writers!
    I bet the Human Torch's insurince will probally cover that... I'm sure in comicbooks worlds like MArvel there is such a thing as superpower related "acsodents"!
    Mr.Fantastic: "I'm sure Ben is OK with me turning him into a monster by now."
    The Thing: "I can no longer have conventional sex with another human being with out gutting them alive! Sure I'm 'OK' with it now!"
    So, I'm not that physically atractive at all so should I go live underground is that what you're telling me!?
    This FF comic also really does remind me Linkara that you really should read Planetary! They referince the HELL out of this early Fantatic Four comic in it! Monster Island and every thing and they come across the dead bodies of the monsters in this issue with more referinces to Godzilla and his bunch too! It is awesomer now that I knoticed this here!
    Mr. Fantastic is soooo wrong so many times he should've turned in his genious card long ago! he's even wrong here Mole Man returns I don't think less than 5 years lator!
    "That Old Grey Mare She ain't what she use to be!"
  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    These Amazons actually didn't reproduce. That's part of what made Diana special.
  • CavernofRecollection  - DAMMIT!
    With the speed of HERMES and the strength of HERACLES
  • ThatGeekWithTheTemper
    That photo of the destroyed Eastern European nuclear plant looks eerily like Chernobyl. Seriously, look: wp-content/uploads/2010/ 05/z-chernobyl- meltdown.jpg
  • Dr Forrester
    Woohoo! Secret Origins Month is back! And anytime that a Godzilla joke is made in a review its awesomeness is raised three-fold!

    I give props to Jack Kirby or Stan Lee for the three headed dragon on Monster Isle since this comic predates Ghidorah's actual creation by three years
  • animedude1287
    This was great. Keep up the good work.
  • Fangheart
    just a thought; since it is a competition/tournament of sorts, those green skirts and black bras with the numbers on them could be some kind of uniform for the tournament, couldn't they?
  • Linkara
    You would think so, but if you look at her before the tournament, she and another Amazon are wearing them the whole time.
  • Kavalden
    How many SonicScrew do you own Linkara? And which one is used my the 7th Doctor I am dressing up as the 7th in a couple of months and I just want to be sure?
  • Fuzzy Necromancer
    It's a bit of a Reed Richards stretch, but I could see skimpy and silly-looking outfits as Aphrodite being a jerk again. That's one goddess with a passion for fashion.
  • HeartBurnKid
    Actually, there's a reason for the prose in that book; old-timey comic books often integrated a few pages of prose so they could take advantage of cheaper postage rates that were meant for print periodicals. Usually, it was a backup story that was done in prose form, but I'm not surprised to see that they attempted to integrate the prose into a comic story at least once.
  • rockybalboa211  - Poor Moleman..
    We should all be gay for moleman
  • TheDogSannin
    Yes, all will be gay for Moleman!

    ... Ewwwww.
  • pinky75910
    Ah good ol Secret Origins month. So often documentaries seem to reference images from these comics, but I always wonder how these things really started, what were their original incarnations to average Joe Schmo picking up a comic for the first time. Is nice to read these with you Linkara. Feels like we've reached the next level of nerd-dom together.

    9:22 - Okay, perhaps you're a bit too delicate to comment on this Linkara, so I will. Holy pants, Hippolyta - What's up with your boobs?!

    11:16 - I've often wondered that myself. What does a man appear to be to someone who's never seen one before? I suppose one would recognize a familiar humanoid shape, the term "alien" wouldn't be a bad description. You fight a man differently than you do a woman. In the animated movie, she kicks him in a tender spot - did she even know what she was kicking?

    14:00 - Yeah, all good points, that's bothered me too. For that matter, you live on a island, What do you need a plane for? Where you goin'?

    15:34 - Wow, fighting Nazis in your very first issue. You go girl.

    17:41 - So.. what, this would lead us to believe that Paradise Island is somewhere near Nazi Germany?

    20:21 - There is a finite amount of humans on this island. Can't ya just take a census to find out the identity of the only mook wearing a mask?

    That's the other thing that always bothered me : Immortal Life + An eternity imprisoned on an island? That's a bloody curse, not a blessing!!! What is it they do for fun for THOUSANDS OF YEARS?!

    5:09 - I had long listed Invisible Woman near the bottom of most pathetic supers ever, any time you ask her to do something, she starts whining "I cannot hold the shield!" Woman, we ask you to do ONE THING while we're all stretching, flying, and clobberin', JUST HOLD THE DAMN SHIELD FOR FIVE MINUTES AND QUIT YO BITCHIN'! I never realized becoming invisible at a speedy rate would ever be a problem. Always reckoned it was somewhat instaneous, and yeah. He kinda already knows where you are, visible or not. (And yes, before Sue Storm and her followers come for me, I'm aware she has a few other tricks she may dare to use, but it rarely comes up.)

    7:43 - Invisible Woman! THe awesome ability to bum free taxi rides to random locations - oh wait, you also have to pay for them. Huh. Once again, kindof a lame power. She really needs an invisible jet.

    9:18 - You're right Linkara. Brooklyn accent plus high-falutin vocab equals win. Joey Wheeler should give it a try.

    11:28 - Holy crap! Not to mention, hey, I don't know that much about missiles, I'm not sure I could tell a nuke warhead from a regular missile either. But yeah, there'd more danger from the nuke than anything Johnny could do.

    13:07 - It's a ridiculously dangerous and expensive voyage of which we ...
  • BooRat  - p
    9:22-he did make a Madonia joke!

    11:16-I think the statues of the male gods would've filled her in on basic annatomy... could be wrong!

    14:00-shhh... ya'll are asking the kinds of questions that led to Amazons Attacks! Remember the "ones" behind the whole invashion were rouge Amazons that did leave the island!

    15:34-What Nazis are great villains no ones ever going to argue on thier behalf and we never have to apologize for using them as such... So though to Indians, Asains, and most European nations for the past 60-70 years though!

    17:41-that or just a few seconds flight off the American East Coast!

    20:21-There is logic in what (s)he saids!

    Paradice Island! It isn't the Island of Dr. Moreau!

    5:09-Actually by most of todays standards he is the most powerful member in the group as her powers are the only ones to contenue to evolve and get stronger. She actually can kill people by making a tiny near miroscopic force field inside a person's head and exspand it causing either something a suttle as a stroke or explode their heads ala Scanners! She also was once or twice or more turned into a villianess called Malice... which is basically her dressed as dominatrix!

    7:43-You know thinkng about it Linkara should've used a clip from a Robot Chicken joke where she got hit by a car and drug under it because she turned invisible and ran out into on coming traffic!

    9:18-I do say, it's cobberin' time!

    11:28-hey, it was the 60s I think they were still testing those things in American deserts at that time and giving radioactive toys to kids! article_19481_the-8-most- wildly-irresponsible- vintage-toys.html

    13:07-I think you got cut off!?
  • LikaLaruku
    Guh, I f**king HATE that song. Now it's going to be stuck in my head all week.

    Ah Spoony. When was the last time he uploaded something to this site?

    I think you still have room for more stuff in those pockets.

    Molemen make me think of Johnny Bravo & Sam & Max.

    Thanks for the fun double feature Lewis, it's always more fun when the comic is packed with logic fail.
  • Sir Shockwave
    Poyo the Cardboard Robot...on fire.

    That can't be healthy for him.
  • karebare89  - Yay!
    I love a double feature. :D

    I briefly saw you at Youmacon on Sunday. I was the weird girl that just randomly shook your hand as I was walking by saying I was very happy you could come to Youmacon. I was in a rush so I couldn't stop. But It was nice seeing you and I loved your AT4W panel. :)
  • Fate Witch
    Odd in the past I read that it was actually Artemis who created the Amazons, both in actual Greek legends and in the history on But then over time they moved to worshiping the other goddesses more and more. Which makes more sense being Artemis the way she is.
  • Moon Spirit
    Loved Spoony's cameo as Hulk. But nothing tops the Hans Moleman jokes, though I was hoping for the "Hans Moleman presents Man Getting Hit by Football."

    Oh but Mechakara, should have known he would return in time when Pollo gets a new body.
  • TinHershey
    "It's best that way! There was no place for a terrible freak such as he in our world! Perhaps he has found peace in his stony grave, away from the people that shunned and hated him."

    "What? Stop looking at me like that, Ben."
  • ZeldaTheSwordsman
    And that would be an early showing of some of the writing tendencies that eventually resulted in crap like Civil War and Silver Age-throwback Squirrel Girl eventually becoming the only worthwhile being left in universe 616.

    The 90s Marvel cartoons ultimately end up being the best versions of the stories.
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