Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu

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Comments (375)
  • Cheshire Kitten
    It is kind of too bad that the series never really talks about how their technology or the Pokemon in general affect society in the Pokemon world.
    As for the storyline...wow. That was pretty awesome. And kind of depressing in a couple of places. Great job! 8)
  • ladydiskette
    I am probably the only one of my friends who liked the way Linkara defeated the Entity, but that is just them-not me.

    I like how he made the Entity kill himself, it reminded me of the game "Fallout" when you meet the end boss-The Master. And if your intelligence and speech are high enough you can convince him that his master plan is wrong and that there is scientific proof that it would backfire on him. If sucessful, it will make him kill himself and blow up the lair.

    That is what I think was behind Linkara's reasoning in mindtricking The Enity. Though, still, making a God kill themselves, what does that emotionally do to you?

    Also I enjoyed the scenes where all of Linkara's reviewer friends came back. But oh god, Suede, you foolish little otaku! Don't talk to the old man! Didn't you hear what Linkara said....wait. Nevermind.

    Great job Linkara. ;)
  • Mokuren

    Diplomacy boss kills are the best boss kills ever. That's why the first Deus Ex game was awesome: the only two mandatory boss fights (from which you couldn't just walk away) could be beaten with words. Really.

    And I should also rave about Planescape: Torment and how talking is the most awesome thing you can do in that game and it far surpasses any other RPG published before and after in that regard, but then I'd get fanboyish and boring.
  • Bisected8
    Actually Black and White do so extensively and most of the games after the second generation had quite a bit of hidden lore.
  • dmh3000
    Awesome, and I too would love to have control of the Pokemon. Personally I'd like something like the Kingdom hearts gameplay.

    Only problem with the review, is it me or does Julien's voice bug anyone else? I like him as a song writer and guitarist, but his vocals have just always killed his songs for me.
  • FullofQuestions
    I like his voice, but I can see how it would be an acquired taste.
  • singitjohnny
    You definitely aren't alone.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    *raises hand* Me. Yeah, Julien seems like a great guy and all, but his lyrics and vocals are... *cough* Let's just say he should stick to instrumentals.

    Say, while I'm rambling here anyway, was "I Am Error" a little reference to Zelda II?
  • Pixelated
    I'm sure Julien is a great guy and he's definitely musically talented. But I'm gonna have to agree that his singing leaves something to be desired. Sorry to say it, but I have to stop Phelous's end credits immediately due to the vocals. On another note, thanks for saving us all Linkara!!!!
  • Vismutti
    I really like his voice but... I guess I get why people don't like it. For me, the only thing that kinda bothers me is his bad English. x) But well, even that has its charm... And not like my English is perfect either so I shouldn't be talking.

    I get why people don't like his songs either, I know that the style is probably not for everybody (it is pretty damn melancholic and monotonous and all (Me, I'm a Finn so I love that kind of stuff. Hehe, stereotypes...))
  • Crossover Princess
    Two things:



    Second: As an otaku I know the publication history of manga in the US.

    Manga wasn't always published in digest sized manga. That was a rather recent thing. In the early days manga was sold in issues like normal comics. Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Inu-Yasha... all of them started as monthly comics then collected collections (it varied between the two big publishers at the time, big for Viz, tiny for Tokyopop). Around the time of Shonen Jump, they started to wane...

    I still have a massive pile of Ranma 1/2 comics (and a few other manga thrown in there) along with most of the graphic novels.

    Great episode by the way!
  • Draggonslayer26
    convinceigna god to kill himself is just bad ass, and second i would caled thsi cope out on any other show but with linkara i love i r beacuse he was right htere ws nothign he coudl physicalyt do with the magik gun didnt work he used a humanbeings most pwerrfull wepons its mind

    Now onto oen thign i would changed about the storyline i would live disper frist after u rigurd otu it was the entity thatwhy maybe in his zest for revenge linkara messey casue more dmage thengood before its all over geting hsi other friends capicherd
  • ladydiskette
    Holy crap, The Entity's high pitched laugh and eyes are freaking creepy as hell o.o'
  • Supermutant2099
    Yeah manga was once published in regular comic form. Mostly in american way and sometimes in the way you usually see manga in. Meaning the whole right/eft thing. Blade Of The Immortal was the last one of these from Dark Horse. I too have bunch of these including a old gundam one I found recently. Not to be confused with US origina; stories based off of manga/anime. Like the upcoming Speed Racer comic. I recently found a whole bunch of robotech.
    To the video I got to say I enjoyed the storyline I enjoyed the music (sad panda doing theme after the review?) I love expressions on Linkara when he realizes he got nothing left to do but face his fate. He doesn't say anything but the facials. I am still upset I didn't realize it what the entity was. I am a pokemon fan that beat the games but I think linkara I got another pokemon.
  • MechaDon1980
    Great take on the Pokemon. Unique way to destroy the villain. But what about Pollo?
  • Semudara
    You're right, Linkara should address that in the credits as well.
  • Blitzkrieg1701
    Wow, the first manga I ever owned. THIS really took me back.

    Too back the world wasn't ending long enough for you to discuss some of the later issues. Toshihiro Ono's Pokemon manga really start to get surreal the farther they get from the source material (and the farther Ono gets from any sense of continuity)
  • leodamascus
    Do humans become ghost Pokemon? As of Pokemon Black/White, yes. They become Yamask, the spirit of a person wandering through caves carrying his severed face.
  • RokuroCarisu
    Actually, Yanmasks are carrying stone masks, representing an equivalten of Egyptian death masks.
    And the other Ghost type Pokémon, save for Spiritomb, aren't even stated to be really undead. For example, Gastly is now said to be "born from gases", Haunter is an extradimensional creature (don't ask me how they can be related then) and Banette is a plush toy that has magically come to life.
  • Greenjackspeaks
    that's because people started asking questions. they're all undead, gastly is a ghost possessing GladOS' neurotoxin, haunter is a ghost that was twisted and corrupted into a demon, and gengar is just the continuation of that.
  • Draggonslayer26
    I 2 loved the end the facial expersions she made when he realzied he had to die but i think sad panda doing the singing wasa mastake his voice doesnt exactley scream drama i would have chosen marzgurl
  • DarkfireTaimatsu
    "What happens to regular people? Do they become Ghost Pokémon?" To answer your query: yes, they do. Look up Yamask from the GenV (Black/White) games. It's the spirit of a person, that carries a mask of what its human face used to look like. And sometimes it looks at the mask and cries.

    Pokémon is sometimes a little messed up. And that's why I love it.
  • Chronikelor  - Ash is "Kind of" a moron?
    Silly Linkara, Ash is the deity of all that is stupidity and dumb luck (with recently a side of spoiled brat). I miss when the anime used to be good but that died after the Orange Island episodes ended IMO. What do you think of the anime, Linkara? Have you ever considered reading Pokemon Adventures, a manga series more faithful the games (not to mention has more badass feel to it than the anime)?

    Nice trick you played on MissingNo. Very clever.
  • Gohan-RulezGX
    Linkara is good at reviving manga.
  • Tenkage  - That Entity
    Ok Linkara, why is it for a comic book reviewer you can create a story line that not only is deep, but completly nightmare fuel inducing. Seriously you should work in video games, you can help make the best Horror game that would make Yahtzee leave Silent hill 2...seriously the entity....his voice...everything....nig htmares, more so with the Skelton Kabutops....because that happened to me before too *shiver*
  • Lotus Prince
    If you liked the Entity's voice and manner, then definitely look up SHODAN from System Shock 2. :)
  • Greenjackspeaks
    that whole area (cinnabar island and surrounding waters) was nightmare fuel. there was some weird ghost in the machine sort of thing that had an alternate scyther sprite in yellow. (I only got it to work once) instead of the "leaping forward with scythes poised to strike" pose it had its arms held to the sides in a creepy serial killer type pose. that thing still haunts my nightmares. I threw 99 ultra balls at it, it was paralyzed, and it was in the red yet it still refused to be caught!
  • Buri288  - What about PMD?
    There is actually a Pokemon game series where you play as a Pokemon. It's not exactly like the way it's done in Smash Bros., but it's a good alternative.

    The Mystery Dungeon games.

    I actually like them even more than the 'regular' Pokemon games, there's a bit more substance to them since every character in the game is a Pokemon (no humans, minus the player who was supposedly a human that turned into a Pokemon) and they all have their own personalities.
  • zipperintheback  - Within the void, just before the defeat...
    *A battle-weary zipperintheback blocks an attack from a skeletal Kabutops avatar of the Entity before slashing it in half*
    You…have to…get tired…eventually…
    *A black ghost avatar appears* "YOU FIGHT FIGMENTS, MY..." *A skeletal Aerodactyl avatar appears* "...ENTERTAINING TOY;" *Another skeletal Kabutops appears* "THE TRUE SELF..." *An L-shaped block of static appears* "...REMAINS UNHARMED."
    …No…have to…
    *Suddenly, all the avatars freeze in place, then speak in unison*
    …Find out wha-? *All the avatars explode in a blinding light that engulfs the entire void dimension*
    *At the same moment that all people return to the Earth, zipperintheback reappears as well in his room, bruised, battered and kneeling on the floor*
    ...He did it…thank you, Linkara…thank- *zipperintheback suddenly coughs up blood, clutching his side* -urk,therewentsomethingim portant-! *zipperintheback passes out*
  • Semudara
    Great story!

    When I returned to Earth after Linkara's victory, my coffee had gotten cold. Your tale is a little more exciting... :P
  • zipperintheback
    Thanks, although I wouldn't call it a story so much as an experiment in audience participation. The story's Lewis', I'm only a commenter getting creative and silly. I just figured if he was going to involve everybody on Earth anyway, why not make the most of it? I just hope he doesn't mind, wouldn't want to step on any toes... >.>;;;;
  • TheEpicStickMan
    Suede's cameo was genius

    Also, poor JesuOtaku D:
  • moltenamber85
    Ah, the MissingNo. glitch... I remember that. Kinda jealous that you got the fossil sprite, though, since it's of my favorite Pokemon, Kabutops. Unless you got the Aerodactyl one and just used Kabutops footage... The thing about the forms of MissingNo. is that it's based on what you name yourself in the game. Certain letters in certain spots make it possible for MissingNo. to be the Ghost sprite, the Aerodactyl fossil, the Kabutops fossil or that block, which is most common.

    I loved how you talked the Entity into committing suicide like that, and how we can see you come up with that idea. It was like the 'heavy' moment from last week's episode. Now inquiring minds want to know: What item of yours was duplicated?

    Finally... Suede you fool! Don't release another one on the Multiverse!
  • moltenamber85
    So, I just re-watched this episode and have some new thoughts on the added bits.

    1. Cool effect with what's essentially you walking around yourself. Phelous did a superb job on that.
    2. Love the new part of the stinger. So many tricorders... At least if one breaks you have a spare!
    3. Still love you talking MissingNo. into killing itself, very Doctor Who. Also how we can see you come up with the idea and when.

    All in all, still love this review, especially after watching videos from other contributors of the site.
  • The Great Space Hobo
    wow Linkara! Taking that tinny glich of pix boxs and turning into... well THAT is freaking MIND BLOWING!!! I love it, very creative and just all around win.

    I was kinda into pokemon as a kid ( a.k.a I was a total geek and had books and books of cards, most of the games, and I think I had that comic... maybe, I dont remeber) so I really loved this reviw. ^^ great job as all ways.
  • The Great Space Hobo
    yesyes I know I all ready left a reveiw but... god I just came across a comic that I would love for you to look at Linkara. Its part of Dr. Strange's story arc of " Into the Dark Dimension" while flawed it was a really enjoyable "book". Decent art, loved Dr. Strange in it, and had a kickass story... its the LAST comic in the arc ( I think) #74 " And Now.. The Beyonder" that it all gose to hell the coloring is bad, the drawing looks like it was done by a 7 yr old, and.... good god what the did to Clea...O.O its just... my god the art is so unbearibly bad.... though in fairness it could seen just sooooo bad for me cuz I was reading along enjoying the story and them BAM that thing slaps me in the face.... but I digress, it would be really sweet if you took a look at it. Just google the cover and you'll see what I mean.
  • SpeedyEric
    I guess MissingNo. is a devil spawn of the Game Graphic Glitch Gremlin.

    I’m looking forward to your review of Marville next year.

    I haven’t been big with Pokemon when it first arrived un the U.S. until “The First Movie” was coming to theatres. When I heard this, I was interested in watching the TV show, and I kept watching the show until I started high school, which is also when more Pokemon started to appear, and the show seemed to never reach an end.

    Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, PUSSIES. There is only GARY.

    Man, I haven’t thought about the whole ghost in the Poke-Universe thing until this very moment.

    21:46- It right here that I realized that I was lucky to grow out of Pokemon.

    I love your Birdemic jokes.

    To tell everyone reading this the truth, I also enjoyed the comic review, regardless of the ridiculous parts like evolution, education, and the like.

    Nice rendition of the theme song, SadPanda.

    Awesome (and smart) ending to The Entity Sage, Linkara. Good luck with Secret Origins Month 2011.
  • BooRat
    I'm curious of this Marville comic now! I've heard of it before but since it's going to be reviewed at some point I'd like to read it now! I'm hoping he reviews the Thing comic as I do own and have read it!

    I was a Digemon kid myslelf so all that Pokemon stuff I never go into! I do gotta admit I did watch the Pokemon 1st Movie once on TV and it was better than the Digemon movie!

    I like the Evolution, Education stuff as I like learning something new!

    I can't wait either because those older comics from back in my grandpa's days are freaking nuts!
  • SpeedyEric
    I've watched little of Digimon, because I felt it was Fox's rip-off of Pokemon. I haven't seen the Digimon movie, but I DID hear it sucks more than most of the Pokemon films.
  • BooRat
    Technically it wasn't Fox's ripoff... it was some other Japanese company's ripoff that Fox bought the American distrubution rights to!
    The big differince in between to 2 shows was that each of the kids only got one monster but after they gain... whatever their monsters could "evolve" into a bigger stronger and sometimes scarier looking monster.
    My only problem with it was only the 1st 2 seasons fallow a single group of characters after that each season intorduced new leads. basically they were doing what the American Power Rangers did!
  • ThatNerdGuy
    actually, that was a mistake on english translation, idk about the the USA, but if it was like here, where it had digimon season 1, season 2, season 3.... then forget about it, in Japan only the first two which like you said, had the same characters, were sequences- digimon adventures 1 and 2, the 3rd season, was not digimon adventures, was digimon tamers, a completely new anime on the same world. likewise, the other two were completely different anime, the only thing in common were the world, and occasional cameo.
  • SpeedyEric
    Okay, I just rewatched this episode, and I noticed the new ending scene. BTW, you have a lot of tricorders, Lewis.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    I LOVED THIS MANGA AS A KID~! And the storyarc wrapped up nicely.
  • Fangheart
    now the only question is how the hell is Linkara gonna top THAT villain. I mean, how could it possible get more epicly badass than that?

    and I'm sorry, but I just cannot stand Sadpanda's out-of-tune singing.
  • Turcano
    So this story arc that's been going on for, like, half a year ended with the monster getting killed with a Captain Kirk-style logic bomb. I'm not sure what to think of that.
  • rowdycmoore
    I'm gonna say this while trying to avoid sounding fanboyish: Anyone who can take a video game glitch and create a story comparing it to a Lovecraftian monster well enough for people to consider it to be one or the other is amazing enough. But don't think I didn't catch what you also did: Sandwiching most of the Entity's clues in between your October Silent Hill reviews, where you accuse those books of being more like Lovecraft than Silent Hill, was an absolute genius ringer to get people to guess one option for the reveal when it was actually the other. Mr. Lovhaug, I salute you.
  • pandamonium
    There are a lot of missed potential in Pokemon. I for one would love to have a game where you could be a Pokemon breeder like Brock always wanted to be. Let's just hope it won't be a Farmville ripoff...

    ...Wow, way to philosophy a god to death XD
  • murmur
    I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the TV show for about 10 years, but this video was pretty nostalgic.
    Also, as someone who doesn't care much for storyline stuff, that conclusion was pretty cool.
  • Annie-Mae
    This is one of my favorite comic series of Pokemon. I like the creative liberties the artist took. This comic is also notorious for being censored and redrawn to make it 'less sexy'. Misty, Jessy, May, and other ladies were known to have some very revealing outfits and the American prints were censored, with girls often having all black jump suits. There is even a scene that was cut out in later issues where Ash and Misty are in the bath together, apparently nude. This comic is also famous for having Jessie and James having a baby (though that was a totally separate image that was not printed in the comics, as far as I remember)
  • Sir Shockwave
    I'm all to likely wrong on this, but I have to ask - the way The Entity was beaten, was I the only one watching Ghost Light (a seventh doctor and ace serial) over the Halloween period? While the Dialog's differant (as are the circumstances), can't help but make the comparison (though in all likelyhood it's probably me overanalysing things as usual).

    In regards to the actual review itself...Can't help but think over in my head the first episode of the Anime. I never owned any of the games until long after the craze had passed (they were Gold, Silver and Crystal FYI, and I haven't played any since), but I vividly remember the first couple of Episodes. With some parts (like the Fearow) asides, it was note for note the first episode.

    Also, who here would go and watch The Amityville Horror if Pikachu was involved?
  • darkness shade sonata
    okay... NO! as a kid I liked this series... it wasn't like the cartoon and actually played to kids and that is what made it thrive... it does NOT deserve to burn
  • Semudara
    Hey, watch the video. He actually liked it.
  • pinky75910
    Was wondering when you'd get around to Pokemon comics but wasn't sure if it broke your No-Manga rule. I'm an anime geek who minors in Marvel/DC Comic Book Supers. I figure you're a comic book geek who minors in anime.

    Nice outfit Linkara.

    18:00 Okay, Gary was doing a bee-dah, or Bronx cheer, and smacking the butt implies that he's kicking Ash's butt, or that Ash can try to catch up to him but that Gary'll just knock him down again.

    I too have wondered about Pokemon ghosts and always wanted to write a fanfic about killing Pikachu but never got round to it. As for what happens to humans, there are ghost humans in the anime, or See Yamask.

    Technically creatures that can interbreed are considered the same species. As for the genderless pokes, you could just say they're unnatural creations like the hinny or mule.

    I think the power of Missingno has terrified all of us at one point in our lives. Ah yes, infinite items lures you, the secret path, but at what sacrafice? Dare you lose your game data for a few extra Master balls? And what item DID Linkara have in his 6th slot?

    I love Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. It's the game that should have always been.

    I suppose you could've always wished for him not to grant your wish. What did the Spider-man comic have to do with anything? Actually the way you set it up, it actually sounded like the Entity just wanted to "catch 'em all".

    Bob the evil goldfish: I shall destroy the world!
    Jim: Even the good parts?

    Woah I'm front page!
  • BooRat
    BooRat has left a new comment on the post "Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1":

    Awesome, ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! I've been waiting all day for this! (Kidding I was waiting all day, but I understand you're buissy)

    Oh my God you have the Thing comic! That was the one I've got and was going to offer you! Actually I got 2 copies of the trade that collects the 1st 2 miniseries!
    Was that a Smallville comic!? and can some one tell what the others were!? Besides the Raisens one!

    I never was a Pokemon fan, mostly because I never saw the cartoon as it didn't air on any channels I had on my TV. I watched Digemon and was more a fan of it than Pokemon! I've had people try to get me into the games both card and video but it's never apealed to me as I profer my monsters to be threatening!
    I knew it was going to be hard to review a manga as just ingeneral Japanese comic art is just plain weird and insane to begin with so you can't complain about the art changing since that is the norm there!
    The 2 main differinces in the manga for Pokemon from the anime is the violince is more graphic with some creatures actually dismembering each other and there is more adult humor and some character's ages are changed.

    So, you basically killed MissingNo./The Enitiy by presenting it with a paradox!?

    What happens when an outer god dies!? Well if it's anything like most old gods it'll probaly create a new universe with new lifeforms! Ala Norse Mythology and the 1st Frost Giant!

    YAY BUFFO'S BACK!!! :D Oh, and all the others too!
    It'd been funnier if when pepl reapeared they were doing the exsact samething as they were when they left so when lets say Liz reapeared she was firing off her gun/laser/whatever! "Hit the deck!"
    Also, if they'd let you use their footage you should've added in that ending stinger from College Humor's Zordon is a Racist! "I'm from Wysconsin, you asshole!"

    Hey, what's wrong with the Witchblade anime!? I liked that one! And, it was one of those things that started the American comicbook animes!

    I really loved the nods to all the contenuity complaints you got about Spooney and the others for their reviews and comments after being "taken"!
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