Street Fighter #1

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Note: I have been informed about my mispronounciation of Ryu's name. As I said in the review, not a follower of the games and I've heard it pronounced both ways, so if I did it wrong, sorry.

Comments (193)
  • SpeedyEric
    I was actually hoping since the release of your live show that you would review one or a few of the Street Fighter comics, because hey, this is the show where bad comics are reviewed in a comedic fashion. Am I right, or am I right?

    I didn’t grew up to much video games, but I did play demos of them whenever I visit a Best Buy, or play them at the arcade, like the Star Wars Trilogy rail arcade.

    It’s okay that you mispronounced the names, Lewis. Hell, before the Watchmen movie came out, I didn’t know how to pronounce the name Ozymandias.

    I can’t help but laugh a bit with the Mortal Kombat advertisement on the back of the comic.

    5:24- Isn’t it always.

    9:01- You DO realize you're just flying with the help of a wire team, don't you?

    12:30- …People are given powers and abilities with either no good reason or no reason at all.

    13:28- Thank god I didn’t give 2 craps about the Street Fighter series when I grew up.

    14:48- At the start of this review, I was in the mood for some Dragon Punch, but at this point, …screw that, dude. I’m sticking with Pepsi.

    16:17- And he doesn‘t even shout to Balrog, “YOU CANNOT PASS!!!”

    If this comic was the pilot to a TV show, it would be canceled like "Rosie Live."

    God speed in October, Linkara.
  • ladydiskette
    OH F***K NO!

    "Time's up"

    I....I....*grabs a ready made suitcase and runs to the nearest aiport out of town* O.O' Oh god...its coming. There won't be nothing left but bones, blood and pain!

    I have to say Linkara is taking the creepy message in the book very well. If that was me and something wrote in a book I was reading that they could see me I would be screaming bloody murder and freaking out.

    I am looking forward to seeing how this concludes in October :D
  • Cory of PRIVATE Corp
    Uh, you do realize that people have been disappearing from all over the country, and possibly all over world right? There's no telling that if you do end up in the high risk areas targeted by the Entity, you'll be the next one to go missing. Do you want that to happen? DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN?!

    Look, I can't help you in stopping the Entity or getting kidnapped, but it's best that you find a location where you feel are legitimately safe and hopefully bunker out, watching out for any signs of the Entity's presences and, most importantly, have a computer near by to see if Linkara has beaten the Entity. May God bless his unfortunate soul for taking on a being such as the Entity. Now if you excuse me... *grabs some weapons* I got to get myself ready in case the Entity decides to go after me.
  • ladydiskette

    *disappeared leaving behind a discarded suitcase*
  • serebii  - I didn't think they were all that bad
    I really don't think they were that bad; I mean I've read them, and they really weren't that bad; at least compared to Countdown or JLA act of God parts 2 and 3 (Sorry Linkara, but part one really wasn't that bad; they only really f***ed it up in parts two and three). Still, excellent reveiw, Keep 'em coming!!!
  • serebii
    Oh, and the street fighter theme kicks ass!

    It always cracked me up that there was a Mortal Kombat Ad on the back of Street Fighter comic(I don't think it was on the back of issue 2 and 3, but I could be wrong).
  • Crossover Princess
    Hey... we're in the same boat when it comes to Street Fighter, I'm a kid who grew up with the Genesis as well... except when it came to Mortal Kombat, my parents let me play it...

    Either way, I can't wait wait for next month... it looks so awesome.
  • KingKaor555
    This October..... the final battle begins. Linkara VS The Entity!!!!

    p.s. Does anyone else think that he'll team up with Vyce to stop it? I have a feeling he will.
  • ARBITERMASTER95  - This was great!!!1
    this was an awesome review!!! I am so pumped for October soon!!!!!!!!
  • Flying_J87
    Despite it already being mentioned, I have to say I too chuckled at the Mortal Kombat ad there. Fitting.
  • DoNotGoGentle
    It is ON now!

    *puts on blue power ring*

    And all will be well
  • Scholar
    Impressive air violin, Linkara. You play it well.

    Anyway, I look forward to next month.
  • Cannibal  - It hurts...
    Maybe as a comic it isn't so bad, but that is the worst representation of Street Fighter I've ever seen. That's probably why the comics are so despised. I, for one, wept at the sight of my favorite character, Ryu, being portrayed as a sexist pig.
  • Yeahwhatever
    That's exactly it.

    These characters, every single one, are all portrayed as being so horribly out of character that it's infuriating.

    I think that's why this review falls completly flat, however.

    Linkara admits he's not a follower of these games or the characters, so he completly misses the point on why these are so soul-crushingly bad.

    Fans of Street Fighter DESPISE these because it destroys every single character from what we've come to know and love about them, since.

    It's a shame that Linkara took on this comic to review not having this viewpoint of the Street Fighter fandom (Then again, it's half his fanbase's fault too, because much like the Sonic comic requesters, they seem to assume that he IS a fan of everything they are a fan of as well), which kind of makes this episode rather.... disappointing, as a result.

    I can't blame Linkara for this though, and bless him, he tries with this review, because if he's not a fan, then just he's not a fan and simply doesn't know the preferred characteristics of the Street Fighter cast.

    And the comic is requested by many, so he feels indebted to review it...

    I just think that's why the whole end product feels like a disappointment. Those that requested this comic must feel especially disappointed, having assumed that he'd know these things about the series going in... such as Ryu being a loner and a world traveler who lives for the perfection of his art, has NO relationship with Chun-Li despise this stupid comic's insistance, and Shadaloo in this comic, being reduced to classic buffoonish cartoon lackeys, not to mention every other character and their relationship's with one another being mangled past the point of recognition.

    Short version: This comic sucks horribly because it's about as terrible and mis-characterized as the Street Fighter US cartoon, which was similarly horrifically bad.

    P.S: To Linkara... there is a story and plot to the Street Fighter franchise, it's just that the "story" is ratehr different and not-linear, and told in a unique way.

    The plot of SF is not told linearly, but pieced together through the interlocking backstories, and character endings of the characters themselves, that fill the storyline and plot structure in non-linearly like a giant puzzle.

    Therefore it's hard to figure out by a Wiki page, because you'd have to basically complete everyone's story in all the games, and piece them like a puzzle to know it. Which only obsessive fans really would do, anyway, to be honest.
  • misterEEK  - great job and thanks
    Great job as always linkara you never cease to smack it to the bad ones. also thank you for getting me back into comics id forgotten how much i enjoyed them. and you should use the RYNO 4 on the mysterious entity will kill it in seconds
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Your bowhold's looking a little floppy there, Lewis.
    Anyway, nice review. And as for the ending: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! !
  • BooRat
    Wow that comic didn't sound as bad as everyone made it out to be! The plot and setup so far sounds and looks alot like the anime/OVA of Street Fighter II they made in the mid-90s. There are differenices but not that much. Ok I know you called Ryu an Asshole a few dozen times in the comic but the Butthead for the artcard at the being made me think you were going to call him an Ass-Hat an old insult I've heard before(it's the same as calling some one a douchbag)!
    I wonder since this series only lasted 3 comics if they wrapped up a whole story in that time? But, judging by how slowly the story is going in this issue i'm thinking not!
    So you got a bunch of exstras on this one? would you sale them?
    Speaking of strangling Chun Li I'm surprised no one has referinced this watch? v=5WzInvIKsz8&feature=rel ated from Street Fighter II-V the anime series,again from the 90s. This show was bad but classically bad anime version of the Street Fighter mythos. You should watch it Linkara you'll get all sorts of matterial to use for clips in your reviews! Now it is slow moving like in Dragon Ball Z style lets drag out a fight for 3-4 epsidoes because we didn't have enough matterial to fill the 25-6 episode we need to maek a season.
    Also, in that series is it just me or does Bison in this series look like an evil Superman Nazi or General Zod from that one comic!? With the big cleft chin!?
    The best clip from this I can see you, linkara, using in your reviews is the part after Bison just came out of his rage and drops the "dead" Chun Li and goes, "Oh, did I go Bezerk again!?" it fits a lot of those old 90s angry emo super-"heroes" that'd just go nuts and slaughter a bunch of villain flunkies!
    Also, you could've referinced this series just on the fact they keep using Chun Li as possible attack/rape fodder!
    Thinking about It i'm just surprised you didn't use any clips from the 90s American Street Fighter Saturday morning cartoon that was "loosely" based on the Van Damme movie! WTH!?
    Ok, I'm done with my spill. Watch this series!
    PS: Nice ending setting up for the end of the Entity story arc!
    "I see you, Linkara... in the bathroom!"
  • RetroFan88
    Lol, I couldn't help but notice a Mortal Kombat advert on a Street Fighter II comic. XD

    Great review as always, you've become my favorite guy on the site.
  • psycher7
    Ugh, that artwork was horrendous. Which is especially irksome since I always thought Chun Li was cute despite having quads that could pulverize cement. Good ole Thunder Thighs...
  • Wolfram-And-Hart
    O_O (gulp) The Entity has taken billions of people, taken most of Linkara's friends and allies, and it's finally making its move which will apparently lead Linkara through the horrors of Silent Hill, the chaos of the Clone Saga and a final battle on the scariest night of the year.

    This is gonna be the longest, darkest October since the creation of Halloween. I AM SO DAMN HYPED! I CAN'T WAIT!
  • LikaLaruku
    Ryu is a single syllable name. Then again, that looks absolutely noting like him, so Raiyuu it is.

    Imagine the plot to a comic based on a reality show.

    Sure doesn't look like Chun-Li, hell she doesn't even look a quarter asian. I'm'a call her June Lee.

    Who wrote the script to this comic? The editor's 14 year old son?

    Aren't Ryu & Ken usually depicted as heterosexual lifemates? Brothers, tighter than tight, maybe too tight, some girls would say.

    Watch out Ken, Balrog almost took Gandalf out once.

    I dig the hairy asshat on the title card.
  • Yora
    Americans trying to pronounce Japanese is always funny.
    Not complaining here, they all do it. ^^
  • Gigacrusher
    I don't understand where people got the idea of Ryu's name being said as if it was spelled Reu. It's a Y therefore you say it like a y.

    That's like if you pronounced the word WHY with a e instead of a y. Idk whatever everyone is going to say I'm wrong.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    The answer is simple: the name is the Japanese word for "Burninator." And the word in Japanese is pronounced "Ree-you," not "Rye-you."
  • mcmenamy  - Ah, the joys of nihongo (Japanese)
    Most English speakers mess up Ryu's name pretty badly when they say it. The word Ryu means dragon and is commonly used in ordained Buddhist names (My 101 Japanese instructors name had Ryu in it). It's a single syllable pronunciation, as if it was only two letters. The best way I can think to describe it is that it's as if you said the English word "you" with an R sound attached to the front, and even that's not a very good description.

    On an unrelated side note, does anyone know why they changed M. Bison to Balrog and vice-versa for the English release of Street Fighter back in the day? Just curious and too lazy to look it up :)
  • WiiStation360
    They changed around Balrog, Vega & M.Bison's names around because M Bison sounded too close to Mike Tyson and wanted to avoid lawsuits, while some people thought 'Vega' wasn't a good enough name for the main villain.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Got to love that there is a Mortal Kombat ad on the back of a Street Fighter comic.
  • Joeybsmooth
    I hate that they got their movies wrong .
  • slashmaster28
    I recommend the UDON comics. Those follow the games well, give us good reasons for what's going on, are well thought-out and all that. The only thing I'm kinda mixed about is that the artist changes constantly, and some of them have awkward drawing styles.
  • rathemighty
    I ALSO see you, Linkara!
  • TheDogSannin
    Oh God. Oh God. Oh God Oh God oh GodohGodohGodohGodohGodoh God...

    The Entity's seen you in the shower Linkara! It's seen your business! IT'S! SEEN! YOUR! BUSINESS!
  • ladydiskette
    [Q]The Entity's seen you in the shower Linkara! Its seen your business! ITS SEEN! YOUR! BUSINESS![/q]

    Don't feed the fangirls might give them....ideas. ;)
  • Botarel
    "I am the strongest warrior in the world but I have never been so alone" - Ryu.
    Yes, you tell yourself what you have to, Tex.
    But I saw you get beaten up by a woman just two pages ago!
    "She has lost the way of the warrior" - Ryu.
    Yeah, whatever.
    You just got beaten by a girl. Man up, macho.
  • Akrid
    I've never read these comics before, but having watched this review it's easy to see why people hate them so much. Ryu is the icon of the SF series and he is supposed to be an honorable warrior - here he's just a douchebag.
  • Amesang
    Sagat's actually seven feet tall (if not a tad over), so at least the comic got that part right. Dude was just massive looking in his artwork for Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams.
  • Knight of Sol
    That's not M. Bison, that's Captain Falcon!
  • Nieroshai
    And the advert potential rises!

    FALCOWN PAWWNCH!!! Now in electric strawberry-grape flavor!
  • sage7
    so does this mean no chillin with the villain segment with LV?
  • lonewolf23k
    So, does Linkara know about the Mortal Kombat comics?
  • RiderFan
    I severely disliked this version of Chun-li. Chun-li works for INTERPOL, shame on you Malibu comics!
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - It's time
    IT'S ON NOW A-HOLE. Now to face the entity in the one place that you can face it. In the otherworld of Scott Ciencin's crappy Silent Hill comics! GET READY!!! To reach the entity you must cross the road that is painted black, walk among the damned, and face your evil self known as The Grinning Man. Even after those trials you must survive the Planet of the Symbiotes. Good luck Linkara, you'll need it.
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