Eminem and the Punisher #1

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Just to put the kibosh on more comments on the subject, I have been informed of the meaning behind "Bluehairs" and "Coney dogs." I have never heard either term used before now.

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  • Jackass Mask
    Well this just proves that no crossover is impossible...just silly.

    The Punisher is one of those characters I can't wrap my head around. He kills almost indiscriminately and usually has no real remorse about it. Sometimes he does depending on who's writing him at the time, but most of the time he gives no regard to collateral damages.

    SPOILERS AHEAD I can at least like him a little better in the Earth X series where he realizes he has become no better than the people he was punishing and blows his own brains out. Yes, suicide is never a solution, but it at least showed he was aware of the danger ha had become. END SPOILER
  • Mucca
    I think we established that there's no such thing as a crossover too silly to exist when Linkara reviewed the X-Men/Star Trek crossover.
  • Videogamer88  - Actually...
    The Punisher only kills murdering and dangerous criminals. For those criminals who have turned their lives around (especially if they were just petty thieves), the Punisher has been seen to let their past record slide as they try to make up for what they did. Case in point is the Thunderbolts, which consisted of various super-villains who were originally organized by Baron Zemo to pose as superheroes to get close and eliminate the Avengers; however, the members Zemo recruited liked being heroes and instead turned their lives around.

    The Punisher never pursued the Thunderbolts until recently when Norman Osborn had his own personal hit squad of Thunderbolts, but I digress. Punisher has no remorse for criminals because of what happened to his family. With his extensive training from the military, Punisher got his revenge on those who killed his family and vowed to make sure no one will ever have to suffer from the evil deeds of criminals. That is why he has no remorse for the criminals he kills.

    Now about the comic, Punisher and Barracuda were written and shown horribly. Punisher would never kill a security team just because they drew their weapons first. Police and other security guards have drawn guns on Punisher on many occasions, but he never shot them. I am damn sure that Punisher would have found some way to take them down without the use of firepower or at least make a hasty getaway so no innocents get hurt.

    Barracuda is a lot more crafty then this comic lets on, too. He's aggressive, yet deceptive. He wields an arsenal of weapons that can rival a small militia force and his speech is completely different from his mainstream self.

    If anyone wants to check out some good Punisher comics, I recommend the Punisher MAX series. At least in there, Punisher is more efficient in his vigilante activities and Barracuda is blatantly more effective.
    @Linkara about the cover: He could be drawing his weapons so don't assume he's holding it gangta style.

    In general:
    This was a fun one wasn't it kids! anyway this cross over wasn't as silly as you may think since it was basically in context with the Max Series and a similar situation happens except 10 times more awesome. Also that Dull Surprise was kinda unneeded as Eminem didn't notice the gun at the back of his head UNTIL the next panel.

    Misread Error @7:22 :Em did have his eyes open when looking back (if were more familiar with Ems face you'd recognize that)

    Baracuda went from being a Thug to a Soldier to a Pimp and Rapper to a Merc to an assassin....that's why he remains one of my favorites he just has done so much and is so damn Crude ("LOOK ITS A B***")

    @Concert Hall or something:Nope they were at a club which is usually a block or two away from residential areas

    When you consider that He was after Cuda not Em you can yell out 'i'm a celeberity'. *face palms at the lyrics of "Kill you" being forced into this punisher comic*

    You'd be surprised by the number of parent Pro-Chrstian groups relating to "ethical music" if you just look up "Parent Musical Consuil" on goggle. And someone probably knew him from Desert Storm....just saying

    Linkara Logic Lapse: Punisher mentioned that he wanted to save Shady! BEFORE Shady tried to kill him. Also you clearly never read the Max Series Punisher because it starts off with Frank killing a 100 year old man infront of his friends and family at his 100th birthday party
  • doctortanksano  - call of Eminem
    Also eminem's remix of Johnny Cash's "Won't Back Down" was used in both a commerical and an easter egg song for the Zombie Map "Five"
  • thorondragon
    actually i think he generally realizes this already. he never take any pleasures of life and does nothing train and prepare.
  • David2
    I was waiting for you to refer to the Punisher as Crazy Bill, brother to Crazy Steve (aka Miller's G-D Batman).
  • thorondragon
    actually punisher is acting more in chracter here. steve is a batman out of character to the nth degree.
  • SpeedyEric
    Thanks for the info, Rap Critic. Like Linkara here, I know little to absolute squat about rap.

    I also haven’t heard of the terms “Bluehairs” or “Coney dogs” before. Rapper slang is weird for my taste.

    9:18- Do internet celebrities count, too?

    Thanks for bringing back “DULL SURPRISE!!!”

    Eminem’s face in the comic looks like the artist traced or photocopied his face, because he’s not artistic enough to draw a real person’s face. The same thing could be said for the artist of the Lady Gaga comic.


    13:10- The Punisher is one of those Clint Eastwood style characters that shoots first and talks afterward.

    15:41- Stupidest. Murder plan. EVER.

    Idiohstuperific MUST be added on The Urban Dictionary.

    20:28- My thoughts exactly.
  • TheWrittenDemon

    Ah a reference to "My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic." As a fan of that show, that joke caught me by surprise and made my day, I can't stop laughing. :LOL: And to think I'm writing a comic-book based on the "My Little Avengers" parody that's floating about... I swear that I'll have Linkara review if it sees the light of day.
  • trlkly
    Blue hair: old ladies have deteriating eyesight, and to them their hair starts looking yellow, so they dye it blue. You've never heard the term blue haired old ladies?

    Coney dog: A longer chili dog with onions, popularized in Coney Island. Sonic sells a fast food version. The chili, as in all good chili dogs, is really a meat-only variety, and that variety is actually called Coney sauce.

    And, no, I'm not putting a Kibbosh on it, as none of the other explanations were complete.
  • Fearless Sudaman
    mostly on point. also a chainsaw to get in the ice? Not an ice fisherman but I hear they use an auger (corkscrew on a motor).
  • Moreno X
    Trust me SpeedyEric, knowing less about rap is my thing too. The only time I ever give a damn about liking rap was when Tupac and Biggie was around and I like their stuff respectively. But when they were shot dead, to me, that was the end of rap for me. That's all.

    I don't blame Linkara in that type of the situation either. Besides, the way rap music is today, it's rather sad and I'm grateful I've walked away 11 years ago.
  • Atwosheds  - re: SpeedyEric
    What's up bro. :)

    Blue hairs are old ladies. It's in reference to the odd dye jobs that old ladies get, and how it makes their hair look somewhat "blue."

    Coney dogs are hotdogs made in a certain style. The style originated in Coney Island NY.
    Check this link for a more detailed picture/description.

    :>http://www.todoroffs.com/ toci/About_Us/ about_us_index.htm

    Stay cool bro.

    (edit) I just noticed trikly already posted this. My bad. He was dead on though.
  • T-Puppy  - Blue Hair...
    Is an expression (perhaps only in the south?) for old people, owing to their habit in the 80s-90s of coloring their hair blue/purple/crazy. Perhaps it is just a southern thing?

    A Coney dog? Come on...Coney Island? Nathan's??
  • GLKnight
    Eminem: Yo, I capped the PUNISHER!

    (Slasher movie situp by Castle)
  • lx21
    From what i remembered when this comic came out. Eminem was approached by XXL with the concept of him in a comic. Eminem wanted to be paired up with his favorite character The Punisher.
  • TheObserver
    ... This is... but I... what!?

    No, seriously, what? Who the hell decided this was a good idea? The Punisher and... you know what, damn. That's too stupid, even for me.

    Not the review itself of course. Rap Critic was definitely funny in the intro, and of course the call back to the KISS Comic review (and the subsequent look on Linkara's face) was right on the money.

    And the amount of gun fail in this thing is truly spectacular. First, yes, don't hold a gun sideways. The sights notwithstanding, the kickback will send the gun in all sorts of weird directions, and at that angle the cartridge ejection has to send the shell casing UP (instead of to the left), which would very likely jam the gun after one shot.

    And no, guns don't actually knock people back, they don't have enough mass for that. They're designed to pierce, not push. Shotguns with deer slugs are another matter, but even a revolver of that size wouldn't do much of anything in terms of force. And of course, there's Newton's 3rd to think about: If the bullet fired has enough force to blast someone backwards, that would mean that the kickback from the firing of the bullet would have an equal amount of force.
  • FOD
    Now I don’t want to sound like a tool, but (ya, its the “but” that’s going to make me sound like a tool) here are a few points:

    1) Its not the holding the gun on its side that cause the recoil to do funny things to your aim (well other than turning the shooter around and taking gravity out of recoil control). Its when you move it out of line with your forearm. With only your wrist in line with the recoil there is no way you can control where the barrel is going to go.

    2) As most people are right handed, most guns eject to the right. This is so there is a smaller chance of that very hot shell landing on the shooter.

    Sorry. Again I didn't want to sound like a tool. So here is someone that shouldn't be aloud to use firearms as an apology.
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=0ABGIJwiGBc
  • TheObserver
    You're right on the ejection issue, I had a total brainfart there. One of my guns is left-ejecting (modified Coonan .357), I don't know why I defaulted to that. So yes, my mistake. Feel free to point and laugh.

    I'd also like to say that I got the image wrong in my head. I thought he was holding it to his right (in martial arts terms, opening instead of closing). But he isn't, he's holding it across his body. And hey look, with the ejection port to the right, that means the ejection port is facing up. Thus, even though I made a bunch of mistakes, my original point still holds. And apparently two wrongs do make a right? Eh... yeah, I'm stupid, feel free to point and laugh.

    Though I will say on point 1 that we really did say the same thing, you just codified it far more eloquently than I did. Either way, gun sideways + recoil = bullets have terrible angles.

    And that video? HELL YES. Epic gun fail. Thank you!
  • BooRat
    I already comment on this on Linkara's home site but after researching the character of Barracuda futher I found this story is a ripoff of a munch better Punisher and Barracuda story!
    Here, as written on his wiki page: "During his fight with the Punisher, Barracuda loses an eye and the fingers on his right hand. Although Barracuda wins the fight and could easily kill his opponent then and there, he takes the Punisher out to sea so he can watch him be killed by sharks. When the Punisher informs him that he has lost the chance to have his fingers reattached (by putting them on ice without using a plastic bag, since direct ice contact kills the nerve endings), Barracuda simply laughs at his own carelessness. He tosses the Punisher overboard, along with a local gangster that had wronged him. Barracuda thinks a great white had eaten them both. The Punisher survives and escapes by hanging onto the boat."

    That's about what would've happened here if Eminem wasn't invalved!
  • BooRat  - what I said earlier!
    BooRat has left a new comment on the post "Eminem/The Punisher #1":

    Good Review! I actually read this comic for free on youtube some one took it and made a slideshow video set to Eminem's music and put it on youtube! It is a pretty bad comic!
    Well I don't know if you were joking or you really didn't know these but I'll exsplain the stuff you messed up on:
    1st a Coney Dog the best of my knolege is a Chili Dog! the name comes from Coney Island where I believe they origionated from.
    2nd the reason Baracuda was sing Mocking Bird is because it's actually part of one of Eminem's songs of the same name but more rapper like!
    3rd a Baracuda is alot like Jaws from James Bonde with the metal teeth and inpossibly stong jaw bone! that's where he get's his name sake from a Baracuda is a large carniverious fish like a shark but it's fresh water!
    and 4th a Blue Hair is an old slang term for an elderly person some one old enough to have greying but not white hair! It might be more of a Southern thing as it's a common term here in Texas!
    Well, hopefully I'm not the 100th person to say this because I don't mean to nitpick. Hope this was helpful!! :D
  • honestiago
    Dude, he said he looked up "bluehairs" and "Coney dogs" in the note under the review, so we don't need to explain it to him...

    "Putting the kibosh" FAIL.

    Kibosh... heh.
  • BooRat
    Yes, I know!
  • LordKaizer
    a crossover between a rapper and a criminal killer? i never thought i'd find crossover more idiotic than xmen and star trek (and that saying something)
  • JasonGodOfNostalgia  - Loved The Review & Message Sent
    hello linkara. very well done. I thought it was very funny and well made. always enjoyed your reviews.

    I also highly appreciated your kind response last week from the killer instinct request. and on my part I also made a beginning intro , title card , and sent those videos to you plus the link to find the 3 issue comic of killer instinct. I am also loving the channel awesome project you guys are in.

    I am also working currently on my 71st , 72nd , and 73rd music video being loaded to vimeo & TGWTG tonight with the 3rd being a terminator tribute.

    if you need any further assistance with the comic request , I am always ready to answer the call. if you need the link to buy the comic again I can easily send them to you via message on this site , since the comic is only available on one website from my research and is not easy to find by any means. it was an acclaim 3 issue comic of the fighting game killer instinct released back in 1994 at the same time as when the game came out.

    I am also preparing to get the footage from online as my next step of help and I can offer you any of my music from BOTH killer cuts and the actual arcade tracks. but so far , I was able to make the intro video of AtopThe4thWall , the title card , and find the links to purchase the comic , all in one night. as well as extract and rescue an old music video I made months ago from a dvd I burned , and post it online.

    if you eventually do plan to review the comic , which I am pretty sure it isnt anytime soon as I have come to expect that and I am just looking at a later time frame which could sound more realistic , I will be fully prepared to lend you as much help as I can give based on what I have offerd thus far and what I can offer to do more for this review.

    dont want to hold you up , going to watch suburban knights part 2 , and finish my next 3 music videos of endgame and bite the hand by megadeth , and the terminator homage tribute with the song bodyhammer by fear factory. I am also planning to release my first coverage of my own character drawings I will scan probably tomorrow and make a video of them in the next few days.

    thank you so very much mr linkara. always enjoy the new reviews. and I hope I can help you more sometime soon with my killer instinct comic request.
    from a fan and fellow character artist,
  • zombieturds
    Oh my
    This is the one of the strangest and most idiotic crossovers I have ever seen. Even the title of this sounds ridiculous at a glance xD
  • Mr.Griff
    Why does this exist. Why... Great as always Linkara!
  • honestiago
    I must say, your vocabulary skills are inspiring, especially your use of the word "kibosh." Though, if you want a truly biting version of the word "stupid," I'd just stick with "asinine." It's Zen-like in its simplicity and clearly derived from "ass." It roles so well off the tongue: it's the intellectual, adjectival version of "stupid fucking dumb-ass."

    I love "asinine" (though not as much as I love brouhaha; I could never love anything as much as I love brouhaha).
  • KingKaor555
    I loved the review, and the parody of Dr. Cox's voice from Scrubs when you came up with the new word.(if that was incoincidental, then never mind this.)
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Great video Lewis and great cameo by the Rap Critic, the comic itself on the other hand KILL IT WITH FIRE! D:
  • Wes964  - Coneys and rap alter egos
    You never heard of a coney before? It's a hot dog with chili, onions and mustard. Sometimes cheese, too, depending on where you get it. If there's a Sonic Drive-In anywhere near you, you can get one there.

    I'm not a huge Eminem fan, but I know enough about his music to say that the violent, amoral attitude is typical of the "Slim Shady" character he adopts as one of his rap alter-egos (it's pretty common for rappers to have alter-egos).

    Anyways, that doesn't excuse the existence of yet another god awful crossover aimed solely at promoting some egotistical nitwit and selling more merchandise. Shame on you, Marvel, for continually allowing this crap to get published.
  • EvilAshTwin
    Oh damn, that sounds really tasty.
  • Wilwarin  - 3
    @11:39: You win the Internet forever, good sir.
  • edjr1980
    What's a blue hair?
  • Majin47
    Pretty sure it implies prudish silver hared old women. The faint blue tinge some sport for some reason.

    Overuse of hair-dye? Ancient wigs not made from human hair? Who knows.
  • MikeOShay
    Was NOT expecting a pony reference to ever show up on a Linkara video. Badass, the show continues to spread. Awesome review as always, by the way.
  • Spamcannon
    Can't throw digital comics? Easily solved, friend: throw the computer!
  • Dreammirror
    Maybe its just southern slang, but here in Texas, a "Blue Hair" is another way of mentioning an Old Person in a derogatory way.
  • cyxceven
    Hehe, my little pony...
  • Majin47
    And strangely enough, all I can ask is when is someone from channel Awesome going to tackle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Someone needs to put those fillies down before they do any more meme damage!
  • maalbe987
    No, that wouldn't work. See, most Channel Awesome people cover BAD stuff.
  • Animegirl1230  - A coney dog
    a coney dog or coney island dog is a hot dog with coney sauce, (essentailly beanless chili.)onion and mustard.It is popular in Michigan where eminem is from.
  • Round Cat
    yay, even eminem is a brony.
  • Zydrate
    Yikes! Tipper Gore better watch out. Great review.
  • CheeseoftheApocalypse
    First of all I’d like to say that Linkara is my favorite reviewer on this site. With that said I do have a few things to say to him. .

    1. A Coney dog is simple a chili dog or a chili cheese dog (you know a hot dog with chili on top) and isn’t rapper slang at all. Its just a term for the food that originated from Coney Island, New York. I live in Michigan and have never been there, but I always thought this was common knowledge.
    2. The dead hippo is most likely just graffiti. He is probably in Detroit and I have seen images there like that before. (Still funny)
    3. How did you not make a Rob Liefeld joke?
    4. I’m not an expert, but bluehair is a term for older people whose grey hair appears blue. (I actually looked it up, but it was a funny joke)
  • Foxzet
    Linkara, a... Are you a brony?
    Awesome :DD I must say, I really wasn't expecting that MLP joke, well done :)
  • Foxzet
    And strangely enough, all I can ask is when is someone from channel Awesome going to tackle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Someone needs to put those fillies down before they do any more meme damage!"

    You know that we're going to love and tolerate the sh*t out of you for that, right?
  • Greenjackspeaks
    check out CR's episode reviews. last I checked he's done two of them so far
  • TonySki
    At first I thought it was funny. then I heard My little Pony and then I was like :DDDDDD

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