Transformers #4-5

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  • Pye Like Eye
    Nice review. Apart from the art, though, I found the comic to simply be kinda bland. Maybe having never read it, and only getting my information on it from a review somehow prevented me from really going 'WTF'.
  • Transformers03
    I'm a big Transformers fan, but I never read any of the comics. Thanks for reading these though, and Great Review.
  • blazn123
    =D omg me to and is that tom servo frommystery science theater 3000 o_O
  • NCscritic
    wait, what was that Twilight joke? did......did you read ALL FOUR books!? holy hell, you did! that was in the fourth one! how are you still alive man?
    speaking of, what do you mean "reverse-imprint"? I'm pretty sure it was a normal imprint. Jake saw the kid and imprinted on her, (and gave the world proof that he is indeed a pedophile.) what's so "reverse" about it?

    but then again, this is Twilight we're talking about, so really, who the hell cares?
  • Nifar
    A real-life imprinting is when a baby animal identifies its mother. Maybe he was calling the Twilight imprint the reverse?

    Also, you really only have to have heard of Twilight to know about that bit. It's unfortunately popular enough that word gets around.
  • NCscritic
    oh..........okay then, that makes sense.

    and really? people already know what happens in the fourth book? man, I was hoping to get a kick out of all their reactions to Jake-the-pedo and the blood-birth.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    Don't worry, we'll probably get that reaction when the movie comes around. And we'll triumphantly say, "SEE?! I told you that book series was terrible!"
  • Runba
    You don't have to read the shit to know anything about it... idiot... just look up shit online.
  • NCscritic
    oh, so you're interested in Twilight enough to actually want to look up shit about it? Wow.....
  • Crimson Rogue
    [quote=NCscritic]wait, what was that Twilight joke? did......did you read ALL FOUR books!? holy hell, you did! that was in the fourth one! how are you still alive man?
    speaking of, what do you mean 'reverse-imprint'? I'm pretty sure it was a normal imprint. Jake saw the kid and imprinted on her, (and gave the world proof that he is indeed a pedophile.) what's so 'reverse' about it?

    but then again, this is Twilight we're talking about, so really, who the hell cares?[/quote]

    'Imprinting' in the wild is usually done by baby animals as a process to recognize their parents. Since Jacob, an adult, imprinted on Spawn Child, a baby, it could conceivably count as 'reverse imprinting'. Though again, imprinting in nature is never done with the intent of mating later on to my knowledge... So it would actually be 'horrendously screwed up reverse imprinting'. :sigh:
  • NeutronBill
    I appreciate the use of The Touch, but man... you really should have mentioned that Prime's truck mode was hideously and horrendously malformed. It hurts!
  • Jackass Mask
    Oh my god! The Canadian military is coming...Hahahahahaha.

    I know, cheap shot. Anyway, I love the transformers, hate those god awful movies, but love almost everything else.
    I didn't get the opportunity to see the original series right away, but I did see Beast Wars and Beast Machines as a kid.

    Dinobot was my hero!

    Never really got a chance to read the comics. I'm curious about the older ones and the series that crossed over into G.I. Joe, also hated that live action movie too.

    I had heard about all the shady dealing with Dreamwave before and the whole thing just makes me sick. How are these guys still working in the industry?

    Finally, awesome episode Linkara, and Praise be to the great Optimus Prime who died for all mankind many times over.
  • theChancellor
    Hey, ever since that "aboot" crack I've monitoring your AT4W comments just to make sure we've established the status quo.
    for every bad contribution Canada's made to modern media , America makes like 3 or 5 self -embellishing,overly profiteering, mundane, redundant, zero effort and intelligence insulting franchises!
    Oh and Beast wars was written, voice acted, produced, recorded, directed, encoded and designed all in Canada! hindsights a bitch ain't it?
  • Jackass Mask
    I'm sorry, most of my thoughts on the Canadian military might has been clouded by movies like Canadian Bacon and South Park. Canada has a good military history in it's own way. And Canada has done much better than the French military. BRING IT BENZAIE!

    And I actually am a fan of hockey and SCTV. Strange Brew is also one of my favorite movies.
  • Dragon_Nexus
    Except the French have been involved in and won more wars in Europe than England, Spain and Germany put together...
  • xXMaJoRxSnIpEzXx  - Well, DUH!
    Canada never lost a war in our history. France never WON a war in their history. Our military is fairly equivelant to America's, but admittedly, our technology is lesser.
    On a different note, I'm a little surprised that an American comic book actually SHOWED some Canadian Military action, seeing as how many of them think we don't have one. Please, don't think I'm coming off as bitter, just making a point is all.
  • Viperhawk
    Yes, Canada has a military. And it's actually very good. Canadian troops during WWI were able to capture Vimy Ridge - which the French had been helplessly throwing troops at for months - in four hours. The Canadian forces on D-Day in WWII were the only ones to accomplish all of their objectives. And even now, on a one-on-one basis, Canadian troops are better trained and equipped than American ones.

    Go Canada!
  • LimeGreenSquid
    We Canadians make most of the weapons and helicopters anyway.
  • crystalking18  - crystalking18
    Yet another great job Linkara! =D
  • TheDued92
    Since we are on the topic of Transformers, why do the people that make the movie not just have the big robots fight and no teen romance or bad attempt's at humor. T2 had a lot of action, but it was to shadowed by everything ells that's bad in that movie. Also the last fight in that movie was a cop out if I ever seen one.
  • dennett316
    Transformers 2 had precisely one decent scene - the fight in the forest - and that was ruined by Michael Bay's bizarre insistence on focusing on Shia's character for much of the scene, ensuring that the action was confined to the background and framed in the worst possible way. That, and the fact that the robot personalities given the most screen time were the fucking shitty monkey-bot twins!! :grr: Fuck Michael Bay!!!
  • FullmetalNinja25

    Great review Linkara! =D
  • rockybalboa211  - Awesome review!
    I'm new to this site, yet just by this review... I can already tell that Linkara is my soulmate. (I'm a guy)
    Also Awesome Crow T. Robot there Linkara!! :D
  • Linkara
    Tom Servo, but hey, Crow IS in the episode and all. XD

    And always happy to get new fans!
  • rockybalboa211
    Thank you for replying to my comment Linkara! Yet because of your reply I am currently in a severe depression because I honestly cannot believe that I actually mistook Tom Servo as Crow!! Their personalities are so different... I mean that would be like me mistaking Joel Robinson for Mike Nelson! Overall, this was a great review and beast wars was awesome (I mean beast megatron was a robot dinosaur!! =D )
  • SanJ922  - I am not alone!
    Beast Wars was always my favorite as well. No annoying human characters, cool transformations (in my opinion animals are more badass than cars, but that's just a personal preference), and the fact that Megatron was not only voiced by TREIZE KHUSHRENADA (from Gundam Wing)but alos a T-Rex (this was right when I was going through my childhood Dinosaurs-are-the- coolest-thing-ever phase) made the series one of the few, along with Street Sharks and Rhonen Warriors, that are obscure to some yet loved by me as parts of my childhood. Also, GREAT review!!!
  • KingGramJohnson  - ???

    Canada has tanks?! Canada just became a bit cooler. Well done, Canada!
  • allenjacobs
    yes yes we do, and they are so cocky they can poke a giant robotic humanoid-car in the face and live to tell about it XD
  • xXMaJoRxSnIpEzXx  - Lol we've had tanks since WWI...
    But thanks anyway. Trust me, our military really does put work in!
  • animedude1287
    Great job. keep up the good work.
  • babyhenchy1  - Great Review
    Huh, so the Pentagon was trying to bring Commander Shepard back to life, who knew?

    I really enjoyed this review. I didn't really know that much about Image Comics or Pat Lee, who sounds like a complete dick. Keep them coming.

  • Mattr75
    Fantastic review, Linkara! I've heard that Pat Lee was infamous in the Transformers fanbase, but now that I've seen his work, it makes me wonder why he's still in the comic making business in the first place.
  • James Picard
    He probably bribed them after selling his Porsche.
  • Gold2094
    I Died For You Sins! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want: :want:
  • rockybalboa211
    Actually why would anyone even hire Pat Lee.. don't they know that his name is associated with douchebaggery? He should be banished!! :cool:
  • The Guy that Died in MM Zero 1
    Yeah he should be banished but not in the actual way, no, for him we'll use a 4kids "banishment"
    (you know the "he's actually killed, but we can't say that, so let's pretend he is banished" way)
  • rockybalboa211
    I agree with everything you said in your comment! =D
  • Umbra90
    we just have to put Paris Hilton in that category too
  • hannibalbrown
    This has nothing to do with your comment Umbra90, but your Avatar is just awesome, Richard FTW =D
  • ggbhtg
    Oh, we'll "Send him to the stars" all right.... :psychotic:
  • Lepton
    Yeah, I see what you mean about the artwork. The attempts at foreshortening make it look like the whole comic is seen through a fish-eye lens.
    And it's nice to see more backstory on the comic industry. That's one of the reasons I watch your show. Now I actually know who these famous/infamous people are and what their work looks like. So nice work.
  • RetroFan88
    "I died for your sins."
  • FenrirEX
    You bring up the crazy janitor but make no mention of Scrubs? Sad face.

    Otherwise though, fun review...shame the material itself wasn't. >.
  • DarkPyrate
    First five seconds and David Willis is mentioned? I may just have to masturbate my fandom to you, him, and Transformers throughout the entire thing
  • G0069
    Actually, that WAS an Aerialbot Devastator was holding. Silverbolt, if I'm not mistaken.
  • Linkara
    But... HE WAS SO TINY!
  • SpeedyEric
    Indead, Lewis. As I stated in my comment, Devastater should be around 125 feet tall. Also, Silverbolt should be about 30 feet tall.

    Pat Lee, aka, Pat the Hack.
  • Dragon_Nexus
    I thought the same thing.
    Going by size, Silverbolt should have been about as big as one of Devestator's arms.

    I was constantly thinking of the vehicles that made up Devestator, and in essence they were saying a cement mixer is bigger than the ship he crashed into in the bay.
  • JimmydelaKopin  - Nice try.
    Actually, that Aerialbot has a minijet on its back, something Silverbolt--the Aerialbot leader and central mass of Superion--doesn't have.
    Since there one white-colored Aerialbot with a black minijet on its back, that makes the Aerialbot Devastator's holding Air Raid.

    (I actually own the Transformers toy guide series by Antarctic, the collector's guides for both the American and Japanese toys, and Marvel's Official Handbooks of the Transformers. I am such a geek for these toys!)
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]One shall stand, one shall fall....In this case these comics both fall, loving the Mst3k references =) [/color]
  • Gregdawg
    Next time someone blows up my face, I'm going to make a DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSH sound too! =D
  • Moomoof
    this feels like a manga...really the transformer are drawn like gundams with the big legs ...only badly XD
    i liked beast wars too ! XD
  • Stevie
    yes, a Transformers review! thank you Linkara, this review was awesome!

    now for those two, i....i don't even know where to begin. you pretty much said it all; the artwork is terrible, the human characters are stupid, the story makes no sense, the dialogue is god awful, and yes, pat lee is a dick. the only part in these comics that was any good (and it was AWESOME) is when Optimus Prime took out Devastator. (NICE use of The Touch btw.) now i've never read a transformer comic, but i just can't believe that these two are this bad. i'm sorry, the transformers deserve much, MUCH better than this.

    also, NICE impressions of Optimus Prime and Megatron. very close to the original.
  • SpeedyEric
    0:39- I will crush these comics with my bare hands. :evil:

    At first, Lewis, I thought you WERE gonna review some of the Marvel Transformers comics, but I had to quickly think of your "DC, independent, Marvel, independent" dealy.

    I was introduced to Transformers in 1994 with the remastered version known as "Transformers: Generation 2" on syndication. Later on, I saw the movie based on the series, the Beast Wars era, "Robots in Disguise," and the Unicron Trilogy.
    Reguardless to what anyone else thinks, I find the Michael Bay films as one of my favorite film series of all time. These movies are pure cinematic fun with great story, great characters, and they bring back the nostalgic memories from the original TV series. :cool: Yes, there are some goofy points, but that's beside the point.
    Also, I have some Transformers comics; they being the animated movie adaptation, the Avengers crossover, and the live-action prequel/sequels.

    Rodimus Prime- This is the end of the road, Pat Lee.

    In speaking of bad art, a Transformers fan like myself know for a fack that combiners like Devastator and Superion stand somewhere between 100 and 125 feet tall, :flame: NOT BETWEEN 200 FEET TO 1 FRACKIN' MILE!!!

    I think The Irate Gamer also reacts in dull surprise in his "reviews."

    24:14 to 24:42- This is a reason why Optimus Prime is my favorite Autobot, people.

    25:31- :eyebrow: Wow. I was unaware that Canada actually had a military. No affence, Pheolus. =)

    28:07- The Kool-Aid Man is red?

    Great Star Wars joke, Lewis. Makes perfect sence.
  • Lucia32
    Good stuff! I had no idea that Dreamwave was such a slimy enterprise.
  • Evad: Lord of Fail
    Ah, the Janitors in comics always seem to know everything, don't they?

    DULL SURPRISE. Seriously, why were they all looking up.

    Glad you took a look at another not-so-great comic adaption Linkara.
  • Dansdaughter
    My God that art work make me want to cry =_= How could they mess Transformers up?
    Also it looks lie you were hiding something up your sleve at the end. Linkara are you hiding something? Is it a spreading scar that you picked up from that weird dimension? Or am I seeing things? =(
  • TheSonicGod
    I was expecting a scene from Hunt for Red October, but I'm not sure what you'd think of that. lol
  • edjr1980
    I never did think this series was that good. It had some good points but it was boring for the most part.
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