Top 15 Comics I'll Never Review

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  • Vegepen
    Awsome as always Linkara! :D
    Some of them I expected though :P
  • BIRA
    Well Likara the funny about you reviewing a MANGA would be the fact that you don't know a shit about Manga. So it's like going to be a comedian impressions on a weird "comic" that, you would probably hate and that would be very funny. Just think about it, you don't really need to know a thing, it would make it funnier.
  • Heymlich
    I think it´s a pity, that he don´t wanna do a Manga but,
    I can understand why he don´t want to review one.
    I mean I can see the point of it being funny i he does, but is that really what we want to see?
    I watch AT4W not only because Linkara makes fun of bad comics, but because he knows what he´s talking about and so can criticize them rightfully.
    He is not just moaning that something is bad, he can give a reason for it.

    If he would do a Manga this would´nt be given anymore. Things he can criticize in Western Comicbooks like inconsistency in style, deformed bodies and faces, lack of backgrounds et cetera, don´t work for a critic on Manga because many Mangas are just full of them and not because they are bad.
    It´s much more difficult because these things are used as artistic expression.
    It´s a diffrent understanding of "Comics".

    So without the knowledge he would offend people, regardless of doing it as a "comedian impression".

    And in my openion I can´t see an Episode of AT4W with Linkara only complain about a comic, without a cause why he is complaining.
    He is not a stand-up-comedian, he is a reviewer ( a very funny reviewer, but this does not make him a comedian).

    But it´s just my opinion of this.

    P.S.:I want to apologize for my bad englisch ^^;
  • Arike475
    :eyebrow: ur no1 not gonna do is reveiw a sonic comic
    yet ur gonan do it next week?
  • Mad Movie Gamer
    [color=red][/color] Ironic, Is it not? XD oh i'm evil now. :evil: i will destroy this website, bring it back and be in control!!! Then take over the world!!! :evil: [insert Street Fighter/NC reference here]-or-Of Course!
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - P A R T WHY? BECAUSE I GOTTA!!!
    I don't know if I should be asking this, but what about The Mask and Batman crossover comic? I never read The Mask comics, nor did I read the crossover. Does this comic qualify to be bad and is it worthy of a review?

    P.S The description of the comic I found online said the Joker steals the mask from Ipkiss and actually defeats Batman with it.
  • orwellianson  - !!!
    [size=medium][b] :eyebrow: I'm Autistic as well (I have Asperger Syndrome to be more precise.) but even I cannot stand this ChrisChan's Sonichu fanfixations, he is intellectually inept, delusional and completely untalented. I loved this countdown Linkara, hoping to read some of these pieces you have suggested as well. Maximum Carnage, Steam Detectives, Nextwave... your literary escapes are proving to be most delightful Linkara! Thank you for doing what you do! XD [/b][/size]
  • GameKeeper28
    Great review. Can't believe you caved in and actually gonna review a Sonic comic. Oh, well, looking forward to it. Oh, I know this is a little off topic, but if your looking for a good webcomic I suggest "Looking For Group". (Best fantasy webcomic ever)
  • Seraphem
    Seconded, it really is a great comic, although not the BEST, (depending on your definition of Fantasy Comic) That would have to be Order of the Stick
  • 0dd1
    As a Sonic fan, I'm pretty sure I know what comic it's going to be, but I won't spoil it. All I can say is that you don't need to know much about the series to read it and it involves something from the 90s that has given Linkara headaches before...

    I'm going to turn out to be wrong, aren't I?
  • cdcd6594
    I know it sounds generic but i have to say awesome video Linkara. I love your videos, and since i live in Venezuela, where it is extremely difficult to find comic books, I use the comics you review as examples of what not to buy online. Other than that, please excuse my english.
  • Eruvadhril
    Dear God and little fishes, that display pic is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen in my life.
  • realvampiresdontsparkle
    great review and i kind of like that display pic has kind of a tim burton feel to it.
  • dennett316
    Don't apologise my friend, your English is better than most of the people who post on here.
  • Parasite
    Heh, never heard of any of these comics :meow:
  • Quantum Wolf
    Same here, never read any of the comics mentioned in the countdown... except for Marvel Zombies. And he's right, it's REALLY disturbing. It's something if it's regular zombies, but the fact that it is superhero zombies that make the Left 4 Dead ones look like the Care Bears makes it even more nerve-wracking. Also glad you're not ripping to manga. Marvel Mangaverse however is a fun read.

    And yeah, I watched Who Wants to Be a Superhero as well. Only reality show I ever enjoyed. And Marvel VS DC needs to be made into a videogame NAO.

    Atop the 4th Wall: where bad comics burn, and where boners, porn, haunted vaginas, barbarian presidents and videogame hybrids take on a whole new meaning. Looking forward to the Sonic comic and episode 100!
  • BenjaminBupkus
    Marvel VS DC would make for a ripe kickass game, indeed, but Marvel VS Capcom 3 will just have to do for now.
  • KPShadow
    Yeah, there should be a Marvel Vs. DC/DC Vs. Marvel video game. Maybe a LEGO Marvel Vs. DC (since LEGO has made both Marvel and DC themed sets) or LEGO DC vs. Mega Bloks Marvel (since LEGO makes batman sets, and Mega Bloks makes movie liscensed sets for the marvel comics-based movies) game.
  • LDSocrates
    Neither have I... but am I the only one who, when Tarot came up, immediatley thought "Bayonetta"? :whisper:

    Oh, and glad to see Linkara is also a disciple of Roosevelt, the most badass president ever. =D
  • alsciaukat  - Noooooooooooooo
    Andrew Jackson is better. He fought money and freaking won. You don't get more badass than that.

    [url=http:// Andrew_Jackson#Opposition _to_the_National_Bank] Andrew Jackson: Opposition to the National Bank[/url]
  • 0dd1
    Yeah, but it also caused a nationwide economic panic...
  • Radelta
    Must not read many comic books if you've never heard of maximum carnage, or play many snes/genesis games.

    You are either very young or not a comic book fan. Either way you shouldnt be on this web page pal.

    Yikes. Even more people saying they've "never heard of" any of these comics. What are you guys doing watching Linkara?
  • Archedgar
    I saw a few of those coming, but [b][color=red] [size=large]Maximum Carnage? bad?![/size][/color][/b] that was a complete shock, who requested it? people from Mars?

    Please reconsider reviewing all of One More Day!
    Oh wait... well, I suppose that will do.

    [b]THE X INTERNET IS SATISFIED[/b]... for now.
    [size=x-small](Also please review One Moment in Time)[/size]
  • CrazyChris576
    If you wish to appease us, you must review.....SONICHU!!!!

    [b][size=x-large]NO!!!![/ size][/b]

    XD That has me laughing incredibly hard right now. Just the way Linkara says "no" is perfect. I'm easily amused, I know.

    Also, agreed on Maximum Carnage. That sounds cool enough that I might just make that be my first comic ever.
  • Nyithra
    Tee hee. Boner.
  • Seraphem
    WOW, if you ever did cave in and review One More Day, I think the only evidence would be a smoking crater where your house used to be, I can't remember ever seeing you THAT completely pissed.

    And overall, well it's your show review what you want, but just want to add the one reason you gave for not reviewing something that I really think needs to be emphasized is the one about web-comics. There is a huge difference between being critical of something your expected to pay money for, and something which your given completely free. Yes criticism can be help full, but it's just unfair to hold someone who's just doing this in his off time for enjoyment to the same standards as someone who's sole job is doing it.

    And on the bugging you for what I feel I'm entitled to for no good reason other then I spent time watching your show front =D One thing I'd think would really be great to see is a top 15 favorite comics (single issue, series, events whatever.) Yes I know the show is about burning down the bad, but sometimes one of the most effective ways of showing just how bad something is, is to show how it could be done right. just my $.02

    hehehehehehehehehehehe you said "boner" :snicker:
  • Remake_Trap
    I'm just watching this on your blog now, I have to disagree with your critique of Barak The Barbarian. While I've only read the one shot "Fall of Red Sarah" I think it's a great book... It's a mix of a story played straight with and undercurrent of satire... the monsters are silly (right wing Senataurs, old centaurs who only have one Eagle Wing, The Big Cee who is a giant Enemy Crab helping prop up the privatized Health Care system of this decaying town)... It's really classic Larry Hama writing and I think it's great. But I hav ea lot of respect for Larry Hama.

    It's also funny that you mention Lost Girls... I just launched my own feminist comic blog, inspired by you and Gail Simone (I know I've mentioned it before but I finally got my first post up yesterday), and Lost Girls was one of the things I touched on on my Alan Moore profile.

    I will agree that Maximum Carnage and Mavel vs DC were great... I wish Access would get a new series, he was a fun character.

    But Barack the Barbarian is an awesome comic, but you shouldn't review it because it's actually good. It's very pro-Obama but it manages to be hilarious while playing itself straight at the same time.

    Go Larry Hama!
  • Remake_Trap
    also apparently I can't spell Barack.
  • Remake_Trap
    Hmm since people are voting me down I just want to say I'm not trying to be rude. Linkara is definitely entitled to his opinion, I just wonder if he's getting the joke or not cause the fact that it's played straight is the joke! The comic is hilarious, and I'm not an American so it's not about supporting one side or another for me.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.
  • Lucia32
    The problem isn't that he doesn't get the jokes. The problem is that the comic's jokes fall flat. It's such an obnoxious propaganda comic that it becomes painful to watch.

    (and being Liberal myself, I'm saying this as the intended audience!)
  • GLKnight
    Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash.

    That is all.
  • Laverinth
    We just love you, Linkara. We want you to review EVERYTHING. XB

    (Oh right. The best thing about the Marvel vs. DC comics was Gambit and Wolverine stealing the Batmobile. That right there is worth the comic alone, IMO.)
  • shrimppuff423
    it's funny, but in saying you don't want to review these comics, you kind of do review them in the explanation of why you don't want to review them
  • Semudara
    Which is also kind of the idea!

    Brilliant, isn't it?
  • MichaelDj54
    Funny, I was just questioning what you thought of Marvel Zombies. Ironically, since I got into Comics (Thanks to YOU!), it was my first.

    The mental scars shall never go away.
  • Zion Prowler Kraze
    God, I remember seeing Feedback in Mega Snake and that movie is shit!

    And when I first saw him, I thought he was some Motocross Racer, cause he looks the part, but then I found out he was a Super Hero after the movie... I wished he was a Motocross Racer cause he doesn't use any of his Super Powers!
  • Dark Crow I  - Great List
    [b][color=red][size=x- large]Just like the Nostalgia Critic, Linkara always seems to deliver a good list[/size][/color][/b] =D
  • iamnotincompliance
    Oh, crap, he mentioned Sonic. HIT THE DECK!

    While I wait under this table for what we all know will follow any mention of the blue hedgehog, I will say I liked this video: the irony of giving basically 15 mini-reviews about why you aren't doing full reviews.

    I mean, One More Day sounded stupid just from what I'd already gleaned here, but after that more in-depth explanation... .

    Consider my interest in next week's episode thoroughly piqued.
  • Squeejee
    Actually, it won't be that bad - I've only read up to about the hundredth issue (moved around, didn't renew sub to new address, you know how it is) but unless the writing took a serious left turn from there the Sonic comics weren't that bad. They were campy and fun in an age when comics were dominated by second-rate Watchmen knockoffs and huge musculature (and a lot of them still fall under the former), and the story arc around #50 was simply [i]awesome[/i].

    Looking forward to seeing what you pick and how you react to it, being not-so-well-versed in the expanded STH lore as you say you are.
  • Chipelin
    Linkara, I just want to say that you are awesome.
    P.S. I hope there are not much mistakes in this message, but as we all know "poor literacy is kewl" (c) =D

    P.P.S From Russia with love^^
  • Massagraf
    I have no idea how you should review the Sonic comics. The first issues are childish, forgetable and hated by fans so nobody will care for a review of them and you'll be completely lost and confused with the later issues. I'm looking forward to it because Sonic comics are my personal guilty pleasure. Stupid at times, but fun.

    Happy 100th episode.
  • blazingskies
    Wow, a lot of the requests seem... really juvenile. I'm kinda glad you're rising above that. I don't understand why people find words for body parts funny.

    Motion comics? Never heard of them before. What a weird idea.

    As for One More Day... I agree. I'm aware that I'm the minority in that I really enjoyed most of JMS' (yeah, even the totem stuff) run right up until Mephisto appeared. I gave up after that.

    Oooh, a Sonic comic? I'm assuming it's the Archie series we're talking about, which is kind of a shame, since seeing you do a Fleetway 'Sonic the Comic' issue would be hilarious, since some of the Fleetway stuff was messed up (and I'm a fan of this weirdness, gods alone know what a non-fan would make of it)

    Great episode! I'm looking forward to next week.
  • connla
    If he does fleetway then he can take a swing at mark miller who actually did a few of the fleetway stories :D
  • KPShadow
    Greg Farshtey and several artists who work for LEGO Made a couple of Bionicle motion comics.
  • Blitzkrieg1701
    Thank you VERY much for putting the fundamental differences between manga, webcomics and comic books so perfectly. Simultaneously eloquent and succinct, well done!

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I must obey your command and seek out Nextwave. I hear and obey...
  • Wookiee
    I beg that you be gentle with Sonic.

    I friggin love the comics and SatAM.
  • NCscritic  - agreed.
    yeah, I'm with Wookiee! Archie Sonic is like the only comic book I buy on a regular basis, it's more often than not the only reason I go into a comic book store. please, please, PLEASE don't make fun of it too much! and the art's not bad it's really cool looking, well, any of the art by Tracy Yardley is any way. I guess, yeah, before he came onto the comic, that art style was a little.......weird looking. review a really, really old one, please! the current comics (like #190, witch you showed) are really good!
  • BenjaminBupkus
    Well, the writing became horrible thanks to Ken Penders getting out of control; Tracey Yardley can't draw mouths or proportions correctly (And don't give me none of that "But It's a Styyyle" nonsense, it never helped Rob Liefeld and it's not going to help Yardley); Patrick Spaziante hardly ever draws for the comics these days (He was my favorite artist for the series); current comics only have "okay" writing thanks to Ian Flynn trying to put up with the bullshit Ken Penders wrote before; the comics focus more on the fan-characters from the shitty SatAM cartoon (Unlike Linkara who doesn't care, I saw a few episodes as a kid and hated it) than they do on actual, OFFICIAL Sonic characters; continuity is all in pieces (Again, thank you very much, Ken Penders, for making Ian Flynn's job even harder than it ever needed to be); and the list goes on.
    Oh, and their Image crossover is HORRENDOUS. There is quite a bit of material to work with here. I hope he doesn't hold back.
  • WesFox13
    Heheh, That was a really good list, Linkara. This maybe be a little off topic but there is a webcomic that I frequently read that instead started out as a print comic then transfered over to webcomic form. It's the webcomic Girl Genius, made by Phil and Kaja Foglio (Who BTW are local Seattle talent.) and it's quite above average. The Foglios still make print versions of their comic though that they sell at their online store. If you catch it while surfing or something, at least check it out. I don't want you to review it, I just want ya to at least take a look at it and see if you like it.
    [url]http:// comic.php[/url]
  • Jezzy54  - Joker's Boner
    I'm kinda disappointed you're not reviewing the "Boner" comic (also featuring the phrase "made of wood"). It's just about the only Silver Age DC Comic I'd be interested in seeing a review of, since I generally find them obnoxiously, insultingly stupid and bland. Really, Marvel's stuff was friggin' ingenious compared to the shlock DC was shoveling up at the time.

    Also, at the risk of looking like an idiot, I have to say that I read the first issue of Tom Strong and didn't really like it. I've got nothing against it (except maybe that Turbo kid), it just wasn't for me.
  • brick mooncode
    Excellent mini-review of One More Day. A premeditated review would have only dignified it, it deserves no better than a brutal surprise punch to the boner.
    Although I don't get the aversion to Sonic comics; aside from the artwork, they aren't so different from the comics we read here on Earth.
  • Dragon_Nexus
    I think it's simply a case of the universe behind it.

    Give him a super hero comic and he can tell you the back story of that hero, their triumphs and glories as well as their failures. The reasons why the comic is accurate or completely off the wall.

    For Sonic you need to have understood and watched the SatAM show, to an extent. You'll need to have read the Archie comics for a long time to get the full back story, same for Fleetway. If he's never read any of them, handing him, say, issue 182 and saying "Look at that character! How could they screw it up so badly!?" and all you'd get is a blank look. "...that's bad? How are they normally? Is this not normal?"
  • BenjaminBupkus
    Except that the Sonic comics are based on a video game series that the comics no longer pretend to have anything to do with anymore. It's like comparing an apple to an orange just because someone painted them both blue.
  • Uberpig
    Linkara: "I'll never review a Sonic comic! Never! Never! Oh, go on then."
    Happy 100th episode for next time - sure you've got something interesting in store.
    Oh, and if you want to forget One More Day that badly, you could always do a deal with the Devil.
  • Remake_Trap
    The deal with making a deal with the devil to undo One More Day, is a pretty old joke.

    But a good one. =D
  • Valzahd
    Wow, I hope the people requesting One More Day will zip it after seeing you get that steamed.

    Though you made a rather brilliant move with this list. You make it clear you won't be devoting entire episodes to these comics but at the same time do mini-reviews that still highlight your opinion on them. So in turn everybody wins. You tricky guy!
  • Ko-tan
    I love Petshop of Horrors too! XB I'm actually kinda glad you've decided not to review manga. Not that I think you would do a bad job reviewing them, (in fact I would like to hear more of your opinions on good or bad manga) but like you said there's Y Ruler of Time and it's not really your domain. Western comic books and Japanese manga are very different in so many aspects of story telling, subject matter, cultural references, and art styles. You really need to be well informed in and specialized in that particular medium to do a good review, which you do very well with comics. =D I'm an avid manga reader, I haven't read too many comics though. That's why I enjoy your reviews so much, they're informative and funny. If ever feel like picking up some comics I'll know what to avoid. :blush: Sometimes watching your reviews and other reviewers make me want to use my knowledge of manga and anime to do reviews myself... But then again I'm way too lazy... :shy:
    Oh man Sonichu.... :sick: Linkara, nobody deserves to be informed of Chris-chan T_T Good thing you don't have to review it. (For anyone who wants to see Sonichu made fun of just go watch the Sonichu Audiobook Series, it's hilarious if you've got a lot of time to waste.) Can't wait for that 100th episode Linkara! :want:
  • mwong04
    Louis Lovhaug you have a great rage in your heart
  • Bonkers
    welcome to the Red Lantern Corps
  • FallenXGod  - Great review as usual
    Well that was a great review Linkara as usual eriously sorry that you have to review a sonic comic...I still cannot rap my head around the obsession about Sonic from either the fan base or the ones who hate it. To me sonic died a long time ago when it had quality. Anyway glad you read manga now and then as well you mentioned a few I haven't checked out and I think I will thanks and take care dude
  • the_call_up
    Great special, Linkara! I'm with you on a DC vs Marvel, I actually read that whole series when I was a kid, including all the Amalgam comics, and I always thought fondly of them, the were fun and interesting, especially some of the more unique combo's (The Ray and Cyclops, and Nick Fury and Bruce Wayne). I freely admit I have not read these comics in years, but I can't imagine anyone thinking they were bad enough to 'burn'!
    By the way, I hope you're joking about the sonic comic! :snooty: =D
  • SSV3201  - SPOILERS AHEAD for EP. 100
    I am suddenly imagining a conversation between you and Junichi Kanemaru (Sonic's Japanese voice actor), where Kanemaru is telling your character, in his character, about where the Sonic game series has been going recently (thankfully, Kanemaru speaks English).

    TO ANY SONIC FANS OUT THERE: I chose to go with the ORIGINAL original Sonic voice actor from the games (and yes, that was intentional; like Linkara, to me any other continuity is moot, null, void, etc.), because Kanemaru has more of a history with Sonic than Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith, or Roger Craig Smith (all three Sonic English voice actors).

    I think Linkara needs to know these things, since I don't think he's actually played any games after Sonic Adventure, et cetera (please tell me if I'm wrong on this, Linkara).

    Also, please, no flaming or unnecessarily asserting your opinions.

    It doesn't help.

    At all.

  • FredTHAreD
    Honestly, if you're this invested in the continuity of Sonic...

  • BenjaminBupkus
    I know. Only the games really matter to me, anyway. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors look really promising right now, actually.

    Too bad I can't say the same thing about the terrible comics.
  • kungfujones
    SONIC FAG ALERT! quick! someone alert Black Buster Critic!!
  • 0dd1
    Wow. Even I don't go this far with my Beatles obsession. And I ordered the mono box set. Seriously. Repeat to yourself, "It's just entertainment, I should really just relax."
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