Top 15 WTF Moments in Comics

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  • Rollo T
    I absolutely love Linkara. A yes all around from me. He makes a non comic book reader love comic books. Hope to see you around!
  • Daffy
    I give this guy the thumbs up. He's funny.
  • Bryguy87
    2nd best on this website, almost above nostalgia critic
    correction: ABOVE nostalgia critic
  • Beefy25
    for me, not quite above, however almost equal :evil:
  • Goat with a Beret
    Nice review!

    I´m not a comic book lover myself but i always found hilarious some bizarre parts that randomly appears in some comics.

    My Opinion: I think that this guy is doing something new here and would be a great addition.
  • AlexCastellanos  - You are not funny
    All this guy does is try to pull the AVGN, instead we get an awful Irate Gamer... saying it's all bad and posing hyperboles, you are not funny and your list is really stupid
  • DonnyKD
    Oh wow, AVGN fan nerd. News flash: AVGN didn't create hyperboles.
  • Mr. Vorhias
    Snowflame and Dr. Rockso, the Rock N' Roll Clown....Separated from birth?
  • Wendell
    Hey Hey NO MONOTOMY! (that is hard to do) this guy has more than potential. he has skill!
    Best one yet! Seriously, he is like 1 third sage, 1 third NC, and 1 third suaede, and all awsome... Seriously, he has the punchline after an exposition like sage, NC's anger issues, and suaede's random knowledge of stuff you though you where the expert on. :P :P

    BTW, Youngblood, I read that and i dosearch for every new issue, It is just soo corny :D that is what
    keeps it fun lol.
  • Linkara
    Well, sorry you feel that way, Alex. I admit I've only actually seen one Irate Gamer video (his ET vid), so I'm not sure why so much hate gets tossed his way.

    I'm not sure why you're saying that I said "it's all bad," when this video is addressing moments IN bad comics that are just really, really effing weird. The comics themselves were bad - these are just 15 moments that were "What is even the hell?!"
  • Xylon Lionheart
    This guy was not bad in terms of entertainment, and at least I feel as though he deserves to be added to the team moreso than the latest people tested. If I could offer some advice, however, I would say to work on the cinematography and the effects. A little more music during the video might help fill in what sometimes seems like deadspace, and a more gripping transition from number to number would also give your video a bit more zest.
  • Steveman
    That's really good. I like this guy. Keep him coming!
  • Maverick21
    dog poop = gold and cocain gives you super powers. OF COURSE!
  • Pupils Tuesday  - Holy shit!
    That's positively amazing! It's like he's a living advertisement for coke! What the hell? When was that made? Must have been before the 90's, judging by NC's Drug PSA video...

    Wow. We are amused.

    God, comics really are a goldmine for hilarity... Myself I love to laugh at the weird homosexual implications behind the dialogue Joker directs towards Batman...
  • cyclopsfan1
    This one is good. Add him.

    Also the one that called him an Irategamer, I don't understand,
    He isn't obviously ripping anyone off. The main problem I have with
    Irate is that he tends to steal ideas and jokes from AGVN.
  • Linkara
    Actually, Xylon, I DID originally plan on adding music for each different WTF for this one. However, the idea to add music came at the last minute, so the only ones I got down were various Batman themes for the different segments. By that point, I wanted to get the video done with so I decided to just skip it.

    And yeah, you're right about the cinematography, in particular the lighting. Each time I filmed the videos, I did it at night (getting home from work and/or school in the evening), and my futon is in a corner and the only lighting comes from the ceiling light, but I'm working on getting a lamp set up on the other side to aide with that.

    Also thought about doing some better transitions ala the Nostalgia Critic/Chick, but sadly I currently lack the video technology to overlay text on video (working on it). Future Top 15 lists should include it, though.
  • Curiosity Inc  - We have a winner.
    Lose the other two, this guy is [u]it![/u]

    He's got just the right sense of humor, his bullshit detector is impervious, his choice of topic is sorely lacking here and his delivery is funny as all hell. The only thing missing was a proper intro, but that's easily fixed, I'm sure.

    Forget Phelous and forget Press Start. This guy is perfect for the site.
  • rmlohner  - Hey, you took my advice!
    When Linkara posted this on the Agony Booth forums, I suggested he try to get on this site. Great to see he listened. Awesome stuff; keep it coming! Can't wait for your take on Civil War.
  • Linkara
    Oooh, Civil War's a hard nut to crack, rmlohner. It has JUST enough competence that it might be able to slip by...

    ...Though I am planning a three-part recap of Amazons Attack. ;D

    D'awww, shucks, Curiosity! While I appreciate the sentiment, I wouldn't say we should throw out the others. Phelous is funny and Press Start is certainly a different sort of idea than simply the reviews for the site.
  • RaZzIel  - A more than decent application
    Sign him up. His delivery is great and I assume will only get better over time. Besides, someone has to corner the comics sphere on this site. I am sure he will do great. Excellent work, Linkara!
  • ToruKun1  - "I'LL KILL YOU DEAD!!!" XD XD XD
    Snowflame, crack-powered supervillain FTW. :D
    I wish I had an alchemy machine that turned dog-poop into gold, I'd be rich (I have three dogs)!!! :D
  • Linkara
    In fairness, Toru, they DO say that it cost them about $60,000 to do that test that changed it to gold (and yet according to them the power drain only dims the lights a little [they treat this like a big deal]), but a freaking alchemy machine that delivers on its promises like that has more applications beyond just golden dog turds and the fact that the government says it's "too theoretical," made my jaw drop even more.
  • Lexyyxel
    Um... The ass-kicking priest wasn't Irish, he was Aussie or from New Zealand, wasn't he?
  • Linkara
    [quote]Um... The ass-kicking priest wasn't Irish, he was Aussie or from New Zealand, wasn't he? [/quote]

    Well, admittedly the only scene of the film I've seen is the ass-kicking Priest and he sounded Irish to me, so I freely admit I may have gotten that wrong.
  • DanManX  - I say thee YAY!
    (No, I'm not a huge fan of Thor, it just seemed appropriate)

    Seriously, that was funny. I cast my vote for yes here. Admittedly I'm a little biased in favor of Linkara's medium of choice--I do love me some comics, although I'm nowhere near his level of knowledge on it. But it was well researched, funny as all get out, and darn if it didn't point out the glaring inadequacies of human beings. Not sure why I consider that a positive...

    Anyway, my only REAL problem was that in a list describing the biggest WTF moments in comics, you DIDN'T include Squirrel Girl defeating villains far out of her--and indeed her entire team's--league? WTF?!

    Don't know if you take requests, but do a list of the top reasons Aquaman sucks. I know, I know: "Aquaman sucks jokes are so mainstream and played out." Doesn't make them not true. Don't believe me? Read the Justice miniseries. The writers went out of their way to not just make it so they didn't have to use him much, him being a pansy was ACTUALLY PART OF THE STORY. It's golden.
  • ringlord
    I liked it. Would be good to see more of him.
  • Linkara
    [quote]Anyway, my only REAL problem was that in a list describing the biggest WTF moments in comics, you DIDN'T include Squirrel Girl defeating villains far out of her--and indeed her entire team's--league? WTF?! [/quote]
    Sadly the title is a little misleading - it's supposed to be the WTF Moments in BAD comics. And I
  • Linkara
    Somehow the rest of my comment got cut off. I was going to say and I (heart) Squirrel Girl.

    As for Aquaman, if put in the right hands, he's awesome personified. He's the King of Atlantis and by extension the ocean, meaning he rules the majority of the planet. Next, Atlantis lies at the bottom of the ocean, with pressure hundreds of times what it is on the surface, meaning he's got super strength. Same goes for vision, since the light of the sun doesn't go down that far and yet he can see just fine down there. Plus he had that cool hook for a while.

    Now, in Superfriends he's a laugh a minute, though. His powers there are fish-telepathy and his jetski.
  • brick mooncode
    Fish telepathy could very well be the best power of all. Fish are everywhere down there, like birds up here. Can you imagine trying to hide your suspicious activities from birds? This puts Aquaman in the rare position of being significantly better at something than Superman. And if I'm not mistaken, he controls marine life as well, which would include every shark, piranha, giant squid, etc. in the sea. Do you suppose he's got an army of deadly marine creatures organized somewhere, you know, just in case? I'd like to see that in a comic.
  • PageyD  - ur pritty good
    i'm not intrested in comics bt i enjoyeed this
    also i saw u in the ask tht guy audition
    *thumb up*
    but id say stick with wt u know
  • Filby
    Hey, are you the same Linkara who posts on scans_daily?

    This is good stuff. I hope you stick around on this site.
  • Linkara
    [quote]Hey, are you the same Linkara who posts on scans_daily? [/quote]
    Nah, that's the Linkara from Earth-2. I'm the Linkara from Earth-2a. It's exactly like Earth-2, except with more lasers.
  • Shinigami
    Freaking hilarious :D

  • Raistlinhawke  - 'Hawke Approved!
    I give a hearty thumbs up to Linkara for admission to the site. He brings a knowledge of an area not deeply covered in TG's usual lineup of games and movies, and I think its the kind of variety that could spice up the daily uploads to the website. His humor's a bit on the dry side, he could use a bit of a spicing up on the punchlines, but his script as a whole is sharp and witty in terms of vocabulary. His narration is strong but his enunciation slips a bit at a few points, so I'd watch for that.

    As a whole, Linkara works well, and would definitely complement what That Guy with the Glasses has already accepted into its archives.

    'Hawke Approved!
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