TMNT Meets Archie

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NOTE: We are aware of the syncing issue with the beginning. There's nothing we can do about it.

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  • The Coen Brothers lost brother
    Turtles were and still are great. The Archie Line was to be more in tune with the cartoons which were softer and fluffier then the old Mirage ones. Eh.

    Great video Linkara. Thank you.
  • MindOfCrazyPerson222  - Well,
    There's a serious lack of Archie in this comic. I demand more Archie!
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Maybe you can get the Mutant Turtles to eat those evil pizzas from the Power Rangers Turbo videos.

    Hold on... they got Josie and the Pussycats, too? What next? Scooby Doo?

    MAN! Good recitation of the Divine Comedy!
  • SailorCardKnight
    Josie and the Pussycats originated from the Archie comics to begin with...
  • *STAR*  - PIZZA POWER!!!
    Why? O_o
  • ladydiskette  - Abandon Hope Ye Who Enter Here....
    Bravo Linkara

    I applaud you managing to say Virgil's verse when they enter Hell from Dante's Inferno, espically off the top of your head. That is a difficult paragraph to rehearse from memory.
  • iconshero
    How is this a Comic! Not in a million years would I have thought Archie and Ninja Turtles would be in the same comic. But I never saw the X-men/ Star Trek crossover coming so......thank you for pointing out these things I never knew existed. Great Vid as always Linkara :)
    I liked the art in the Pirates of the Caribbean--uh, I mean the pirate story and the PSA. It reminded me of some of the art of the 60's "underground" like Zap Comix and Kitchen Sink Press: Robert Crumb does TMNT.

    Once in awhile, Archie Comics would take chances with the art for their TMNT stuff. Like when they chose Bob Fingerman of 'Mimimum Wage' to do the April O'Neill mini series. I commend 'em for taking chances like that, and I enjoyed seeing Archie's TMNT through the goggles of fringe artists.

    I am shocked that you dismissed the Archie character as so much inexplicably popular fluff. Archie is an iconic illustrated character, like Popeye, Captain America, Scooby Doo, Krazy Kat,Betty Boop, Superman, Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny, Mickey and the Simpsons.

    I'd thought you, Link, of all people, might appreciate the fact that the Riverdale Gang made it through the turn of the century, squeaky clean and wholesome, for the most part...And are still selling like hotcakes.
  • Linkara
    Well, I don't DISLIKE it, I just don't care for Archie.
  • Erinaceus
    One of the secrets behind Archie's enduring success you stated right there in your review: It's one of the few comics still sold at grocery stores.

    Archie Comics are also typically cheaper than most, $2-3, where most of the more "serious" publications average $3 or more. These two factors probably lead to a lot of "impulse buys" from non-comics fans, just looking for cheap clean reading material for them or their kids.

    Another thing Archie has going for it that other comics don't: A good percentage of its readership is female.

    That's the three big reasons why Sonic comics are still in print, too, despite the precedent for licensed comics working against it, and despite Sega doing the character few favors lately.
  • SpanishScion
    Good points, and I agree, although I think the furry fandom is a fourth reason for the Sonic series' endurance too.
  • nashrex  - THE PUNISHER
    Hy duds,I'm new to this but I love that TMNT meets Archie video but I got a better one,have you ever seen Archie meets the Punisher it is so weird but funny check it out.
  • TheClassicCritic
    So you're syaing "This comic sucks...well sort of." Right?
  • OiXerxes
    I really have to question... why?
  • 0dd1
    I contend that this was at least better than the Sonic/Sabrina crossover (yes, one exists) and the Sonic/Image Comics crossover (a catastrophe of Liefeldian proportions if there ever was one).
  • Frog
    If there were two words and an acronym that I didn't expect to go together, it would be these.
  • Not Shelley Duvall  - divine comedy canto is divine...
    As an English major, the appearance of a canto from "The Divine Comedy" is much appreciated. And also very well-recited, good sir. Well done.

    This is not an exit.
    (Hopefully someone understands this reference. ^_^)
  • adrasl300
    "The Divine Comedy" sucked! It wasnt the least bit funny!! :( !!!!111!!1!
  • Fluffyman
    What is it with these sort of cross-overs and how underwhelming it seems to be for the people involved. You are talking to TURTLES at least act excited!
  • AuricTrinity_XL
    You officially win for reciting the Inferno. The classic literature snob in me has been sated.
  • MissNK
    ... Okay. The giant floating cow head will haunt my sleep. 8'C
  • rowdycmoore
    Okay, to help you out:

    Cudley is actually in a few issues in the TMNT series, transporting them between different dimensions.

    Don't worry about the mammoth - he came back in TMNT #41.

    This is actually one of the few issues in this TMNT series I don't own, so I'm actually glad you reviewed it.
  • giniku
    Okay, I kind of squealed a little when you recited from the Divine Comedy.

    But that cow thing disturbs my soul.
  • rowdycmoore
    My video of the top rants and bits of AT4W is complete, but I'm having trouble posting the video on a blog. Can anyone help me on how to post or embed a video on a blog, especially on whether or not it needs to be in a specific format?
  • Kimarous
    Story #2 was the most disappointing (Zombie) Pirate versus Ninja (Turtle) battle that I have EVER seen!!!
  • The Man in Black
    Archie has a wide variety of individuals in his small town. Bloodthirsty vigilantes, anamorphic turtles and hedgehogs, and that's the normal stuff.

    The art was just bad in the second story, why did you let it off so light Linkara? I mean at least Act of God TRIED to have a point and more than a cash in.

  • nerdsman567
    In the TMNT meet Archie story, I think the Turtles can't go back through the cow or else they'll end up going through . . . "The Basement"(if you catch my drift). :X
  • MPSai
    Is it bad that I was most nostalgic about the Pinky and the Brain clip? :lol:
  • The Hardcore Kid
    My goodness, how was this even considered a "crossover"? Archie appeared in 1 story and the rest were lame, filler garbage ending on a horrible downer with that monster dying.

    Really? They're really let them go through with that?
  • danethefurry
    Nah, Archie has meet aliens, zombies, vampires, werewolves, and axe murderers. I doubt talking turtles would do much.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Let us pray, my friend, that those bampires do not sparkle.
  • snakestealth24
    Archie meets TMNT. Weird doesn't even begin to describe it.
  • Kannebas
    My reaction to something like this can only be summed up with the words of Chester A. Bum... "I'm [i]really[/i] high".
  • ganondorf49
    ... I agree with the guy 2 spaces above me Just... Weird
  • DudeL
    Was I the only one expecting this when Linkara said more power?

    [url]http:// v=GiCznGaex2c[/url]
  • mrskippy
    Actally, I was expecting POWERTHIRST to pop up...oh, well, Dr. Who works too!
  • SailorCardKnight
    I never got into TMNT or Archie comics, but i can tell this is one odd comic, and at least its better than the hell you went though these past few weeks Linkara.

    Now for some misc. statements that are related to the vid...

    -There is also an older cartoon for Josie and the Pussycats from the 70s. (Which I've seen.) So you don't have to limit yourself to the live action version Linkara. (Which i've also seen, which was decent...and i'm not even a fan of the series.) So you could have just used the opening from the cartoon. ;)

    -That dimensional traveling cow head reminds me of Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle. Who is a small, white rabbit puffball thing that sprouts wings and transports 4 people to different worlds, through its mouth. And in a different series, the same, yet different puffball created several worlds...(like god so to speak.) So that strange cow head doesn't seem so strange in comparison. =P

    -*shields eyes* DEAR GOD that art is awful!!! WTH is up with the artist?!

    -Then that last comic really is depressing. What a lousy way to end a comic...

    -And on topic of bizarre, Archie-related comics, [url=http:// otherpeople/archie.html] here's an article I found[/url] i'd thought i'd share.
  • ptolemy1989
    was his reference at 14:05 from classic Dr.Who?
  • EarthboundXE
    To be honest, I enjoy Archie Comics myself, but I'm not sure why, there's just something about them.
  • Deimos1984rd
    Linkara, you had me on the floor from your reaction to the ugly artwork from the 2nd TMNT story, but seriously...they looked, weird.
  • Remake_Trap
    Big fan of Archie comics... (Mostly Betty and Veronica actually)... but yeah this was bad. Veronica is not that stupid, inept or messed up.

    And Yeah that pirate art was atrocious.

    Actually the Cave Mammoth story would have been cool if developed properly.
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