The Dark Knight Strikes Again Part 2

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  • Gregdawg
    And these Batman comics are a disgrace to the name. They make Batman seem like a bad guy/a-hole. Heck, they make it look like all the heroes seem bad.
    And the art made me want to gouge my eyes out.
  • Transformers03
    Great Review Linkara.
    IT'S MILLER TIME!!!!!!!!!!
  • Apathetic One
    [b]Wow..I had no idea this comic was that bad...ty for the heads up Link..[/b]
  • RuinerXXSinCity
    Yea but atleast it gave Linkara the opportunity to top any of his other catch phrases with " What do you want from me Jay Leno? Why are you staring at me?" In all honesty that line absolutely killed me!
  • dreapster  - ugh
    I couldn't agree more. I almost vomited :X . I nearly stopped half way through because I wasn't sure if I could even handle making it to the end. Linkara, I truly empathize with you. In my opinion, this is truly your worst comic yet. I mean this even blows Countdown out of the water. I've watched every single episode of Linkara's, but THIS is the one that just went TOO far. I mean, ugh. I'm actually not sure if it can get any worse then this. Just knowing it can get worse then this be be a comforting thought right now :X ....
  • ladydiskette
    Wow...I just laughed at the whole scene where Superman and Wonder Woman are having sex in the air. And I thought Superman 2 movie left me with questions after he and Lois coupled.

    At least thier banging didn't set of a series of natural disasters. I think as far as Frank Miller is concerned I will just stick to reading "Sin City" instead.
  • tgshchris
    You are far to nice my friend far to nice
  • ap48
    Dear Linkara,
    I just wanted to say thank you for all your reviews. It’s given me a new appreciation for the art that is comic books. You’re a complete goober and you make me laugh. Your show starts of my week right and I believe, in my humble opinion, you are one of the best contributors to ThatGuy (very, VERY close behind Doug). Thanks for everything and wonderful review as always, and kudos for sticking up for yourself. Winner=You.
    Batman MILLER TIME! Batman's a dick, but still awesome no matter what ( gallery/rtDaX):P
    By the way, what stupid comic this is. Frank Miller’s illustrations are simplistic and goofy. What a terrible artist and his ideas for plot and character development suck!
  • Harry426
    I'd say that, while the Nostalgia Critic, that guy and the Bum, Doug is slowly going downhill, while Likara just keep (slowly)rising up.
  • flash spidey fan
    someone correct me if i'm wrong but wasen't baman wonder woman's love? :cheer:
  • rowdycmoore
    I believe she and Superman had a thing in the comics and it was her and Batman in the Animated Universe.
  • Isaac232
    I could never get why people defend a comic when something as...well...the Superman logo on someone's ass, the awkward if not poorly drawn character portraits, and well...just about everything you've said in this video. To me it's like a really bad acid trip gone a wire. Plus wtf is with the sex scene with Superman and Wonderwoman? They really caused that much damage from doing it? Damn, no wonder natural disasters happen. I'm actually surprised you didn't use a Family Matters reference since there was an episode where Carl dreams that Laura and Steve got married, and everytime they kissed she instantly got pregnant. Kinda like with here, where they had sex and suddenly she's pregnant.

    I never expected Missingno to show up here. The greatest Pokemon glitch in the world and there it is, in a comic.

    I don't know how bad the next one is to make you go insane. Insane enough not to catch the fact that Pollo warned you about Dr. Linksano. I mean you make this one look bad, but if the second issue of Sultry Teen Foxes is even worse...god have mercy.
  • Deimos1984rd
    Thanks Linkara for Miller time....even if Miller is crushing all of my favorite childhood heroes.
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    Wow, [b]just[/b] wow. Why do [b]people[/b] defend this [b]agien?[/b]

    How can Batman be so [b]smart[/b] and stupid at the [b]same[/b] time? Because he's Batman.

    [b]I just love how[/b] 'bribe' [b]was the only word that wasn't emphisized.[/b]

    [b]Bewhere[/b] the distructive powers of [b]Missingno,[/b] it shall create the second [b]Crisis on Infinite Earths.[/b] http:// /art/Some-Things-Just- Should-Not-Be-157497842

    Alternate universe [b]Insano/Linkara[/b] with [b]finger-beams[/b] plotting to distroy [b]you,[/b] or [b]Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2.[/b] I [b]can't[/b] deside which is [b]worse.[/b]

    [b]Emphisizing[/b] random [b]words[/b] does look [b]weird.[/b] And [b]yes,[/b] I have [b]no[/b] life.
  • caitlike
    Long time lurker, first time poster!

    Thanks for this review, I've been looking forward to it. :woohoo: By the way, my friends and I who watch this site all love you and your reviews, so keep up the good work!!
  • Dimbo_Sama
    Okay, I've never been the biggest fan of Frank Miller's artwork, but my GOD in heaven how did he get away with that?!?!

    'He made Batman: Year One, he made Sin City, we don't need to edit this comic!'

    It's so bad, it's so horrible, and what have they DONE to Wonder Woman?!?!

    Way to take the STRONGEST female super-hero in the fucking world and turning her into a sex-crazed cheerleader for Superman.

    and don't get me STARTED on Superman in this book.

    Love Atop the 4th Wall, Love Miller time, hate this book. can't wait for issue 3

    EDIT: I never thought I'd see a joke from 'Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood' be written as a SERIOUS PIECE OF DIALOUGE
  • xarathos  - awesome
    Another Linkara vid! Longtime lurker, first time poster. Glad to see you continue this arc - the first one made me laugh, it was so horrible. I can't imagine laughing half so hard if I were the one actually reading the thing, though. You have my deepest sympathies for your sacrifice. :)

    Still, at least it's not Countdown. :lol:
  • Rhysdux
    Brilliant review, Linkara! Dear God, that heinous monstrosity was not only atrocious but actually offensive! (Seriously, Superman not only threw Wonder Woman--the defender of freedom, ambassador of her people and one-time goddess of truth--on the ground, but then proceeded to "take her as his rightful prize"?! That sounds a lot like justification of rape to me, Frank Miller. And Wonder Woman wanting the guy who raped her to have sex with her again just smacks of Stockholm Syndrome.)

    I'm going to pretend that this whole thing is a dream of the Joker. He's dreaming that he's dead and that all the insanity in his head is now free and infecting his entire universe. And yes, that's crazy...but it still makes more sense than this story.
  • maximon  - art?
    what is wrong with the art in this comic? why does it look like a 5th grader drew this comic? was it really worth to buy it if the art inside is this bad? and again what the f@#$ is wrong with the art inside the comic?
  • Trencher
    I vastly prefer you talking about Frank Miller other famous comics rather than old and obscure comics.
    Great review once again.
  • TheGoose
    I thought this episode was better than your other ones. The jokes made me laugh and I liked the running commentary. Also, thanks for toning down the references. Though, I'm still confused as to why you're reviewing DK2 and then you review something else. Why not just review all DK2 in parts like Amazon's Attack?

    Ugh, I couldn't understand what was going on! All the bad art and terrible coloring makes this thing look like a good Frank Miller comic thrown into a washing machine and taken out to dry. I'm also getting bad vibes from seeing that Joker look-alike dress up in the old Legion of Superheroes costumes. Oh, I hope that the Legion doesn't get wrapped up in this nonsense.

    After watching this and seeing all the stupid stuff that goes on in this comic, it really makes me sad that Frank Miller has become a former shadow of himself. After marveling at his Daredevil issues, its painful to see what he's become.
  • rowdycmoore
    Why not just review all DK2 in parts like Amazon's Attack?

    Because he needs a break from them to keep his sanity intact. Remember what Amazons Attack did to him?
  • FullmetalNinja25
    I never thought I could hate Batman in a comic but Frank Miller succeeds in making me do so here. And forget Silent Hill Dying Inside this has gotta be the worst art I've seen in a comic you've reviewed.
  • Fluffyman
    It's just insane and half-assed at the same time. All of this seemingly only would make sense in the mind of Miller.
  • FallingStar  - Well
    Well...It must have been damn good sex?

    Also...I don't think that Diana would give up her Virginity to Super Man...Or even at all, isn't that an Amazon No No?
  • RaiderRich2001  - re: Well
    [quote=FallingStar] Well...It must have been damn good sex?

    Also...I don't think that Diana would give up her Virginity to Super Man...Or even at all, isn't that an Amazon No No? [/quote]

    No, it's Frank Miller not being able to write women characters any other way.
  • FallingStar
    Well I can agree with you there, every woman he writes tends to be a little bit of a slut.

    I feel almost offended as a woman that we are portrayed as weak sex symbols most of the time, and that the only way we can accomplish anything is through seduction.

    I mean disregard Carrie Kelly for the moment, but freaken Wonder Woman was riding a Pegasus and holding a thunderbolt and was easily beaten and thrown to earth.

    While her daughter (which really confused me) did end up kicking ass, and still brainack was trying to corrupt her.

    Getting back to Carrie I am actually surprised that she seems to be the only person capable of getting anything accomplished.

    Wow I went off there sorry.
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    YAY! miller time!
    your use of 'la resistance' makes me so deliriously happy...SO much love for you right now.
    you are fully justified in attacking this comic with that superhero chic idiocy.
    i completely agree with you on the bob commercials. i hate those.
    this artwork is just...painful to look at.
    this crap followed up by sultry teenage super foxes? oh, need a hug. 'hug.'
  • SpecterM91
    This comic makes me sad. I love Dark Knight Returns, but this just bastardizes it... And what the HELL is up with the art? The stylized look of the original was great - it hasn't aged well to some people but it's still aesthetically pleasing - but this garbage? It's degraded to ugly stick figures at this point. And really, you question Diana's pregnancy there? Their fucking caused natural disasters, that's super baby batter going there, it likely also impregnated half the women on the freaking planet. :P


    Oh, and I second the scariness of the Smiling Bob ads. That guy stares into your soul.
  • LChorrorreviews
    Linkaras fans need to under stand that This Is Comedy also all because Frank Miller has dune 3 good innovative comics doesn't mean everthing he has dune is grade A That Like Saying All Because Roger Corman made house of ushers 1960 witch is a grate film that Bloddy Mama 1970 is a masterpiece
  • LChorrorreviews
    also what was this drawn by a 6 year old
  • shadowboss15
    i recently read this comic. I agree that the art is terrible. The dialage is questinalable. this relly was a bad comic. Good review.
  • Scott
    It's Missingno. Just Missingno
  • Linkara
    I felt silly saying "No" instead of "Number."
  • hyman  - A question
    Hey I have question about Superman for anyone to answer really. Was the whole Superman/Wonder Woman romance made up for this story or is that from another comic (I'm not a huge comic reader)? Also great video Linkara.
  • ShadowsofYesterday
    No. is short for number. The glitch's full name is, in fact, pronounced as Missingnumber.
  • MichaelDj54
    First of all, I'd like to thank you for getting "La Resistance" stuck in my head.

    Second, it was an awesome review, I can't imagine how pinful it must be to read Miller's stuff, when we're only subjected to Footnotes. I know he does some stuff that's good, but it's a dime a dozen with this guy, more bad than the good it seems. And the art...oh god, is it possile for art to physically hurt you just by looking at it?

    And Sultry Teenage Super Foxes?! NOOOOOOOO! *Echo*
    Hey Linkara-you can do it! You can review that terrible comic-You're invincible! Mechakara couldn't defeat you! You'll prevail! You'll TRIUMPH! YOooooo'll Teenage sultry super foxes 2?!?!?!?!? RUN Linkara! RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!!!! :woohoo: Seriously, Awesome review, my friend. Peace.
  • xfirefly
    Another successful Miller Time!
    Thanks for the Pokemon reference. That made my night. :-)
  • iRaptor
    The art in this POS is so bad I couldn't even stand to read the comic. Some of it looks like Ren and Stimpy. I remember reading the original DK and thinking it was kick ass, then getting to this and wondering what the hell happened. I think he drew the whole thing in 15 minutes, laughing and showing us the type of shit he could get paid for.
  • Floweramon
    Really? There were people who were offended by your first Dark Knight Strikes Back review? Maybe it's because I'm not as big a comic book fan as others, but in my opinion, even if Frank Miller has made a big difference to the comic book industry, that doesn't excuse him from being called out when he makes crap.

    The second issue of Sultry Teenage Super Foxes? Dear lord, from one nightmare to another.

    And yay, more Dr. Linksano! Can't wait to see how his arc unfolds.
  • eviljim
    I loved your review and I'm one the people who enjoyed DK2. Yeah, it's got brain dead Miller(post Sin City), opposed to somewhat competent Miller(pre Sin City) writing it and everyone is wrongly developed, sexist and everyone has too much monologue, but if you look under all the bad at least the art style is vibrant and bold. To the people who complain about the review, like taste and temperature it's all subjective.

    On a side note to Miller. "Leave Will Eisner alone, respect the dead and don't adapt good comics to the Sin city formula. God help him if he makes a movie of [b]A Contract With God[/b] or [b]The Escapist[/b]."
  • TheThreadWeaver  - The Explanation is here!!
    Oh my god. I figured it out. I know what has happened to Frank Miller, and it is so simple.

    Frank Miller has gone totally insane, but there is a [i]reason[/i] for it.

    Here is my understanding; Someone went back, and PUT A MISSINGNO. IN FRANK MILLER'S BRAIN.

    It explains everything!! The progressing deterioration of style and structure, the aborted artwork, the pixelization, the almost viral condition of character incompetence, EVERYTHING!! This is the reason! Someone saved the game after stuffing a Pokeball with MISSINGNO into Frank Millers grey matter! It's the only way this could make sense!
  • Colme  - Nice.
    I'd gush about how I like Atop the Fourth Wall, but it'd only seem redundant now I suppose. ;)
  • makani
    Same here. :)
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