Ultimates 3 #5

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  • random_fan
    Awesome vid Linkara, now I can't wait for next week.
    7:40 ... there are plenty of non magnetic metals out there, such as aluminum or stainless steal ... Any ways, I love your reviews, keep them coming.
  • aibr
    Even if those are non magnetics metals, magnets still have effect on them (try drop magnet down in aluminum tube). As we all remember the Lenz's law, where "An induced electromotive force (emf) always gives rise to a current whose magnetic field opposes the original change in magnetic flux". So Magneto could create changing magnetic field to heat robot to melting point, unless the electric circuit fail before that.

    And there are plenty of non metallics material (other than plastic) to build robots like kevlar, different form of carbon, bulletproof glass and ... ok, I don't know any others, but I bet there are more.
  • Apathetic One  - So wrong
    [b]These are the greatest comics ever written. Hands down. No contest or debate.[/b]
  • Limecat
    Really? Better than Maus or Watchmen?
  • Sammich
    Lol, the people who watch these videos are obviously idiots - it was clear he was using sarcasm, yet he has 19 thumbs down and 2 up.

    Scratch that, maybe only the raters are idiots. Especially the ones who thumb down the first comments and then reply about how stupid it is to say "first", even though it's even stupider to reply.

    Anyways, good review, as always. Will you ever review a good comic?
  • Remake_Trap
    You know what would make for an ironic twist... if Doom was retconned to be a Doombot... not only is it par for the course for bad Doom stories (and even some good ones), it'd add another level of irony.)
  • The Hardcore Kid
    Ooh, I had a feeling there was something fishy about Linkara in this video.....since when was he so obsessive compulsive? Just wait - soon the whole world will be overrun by robots and all children will be forced to eat tapioca pudding!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  • ChaosD1
    Hey, damn it! I like tapioca pudding. I could never see why people were so FAULT: SYNTAX ERROR 505137-23A. SYSTEM REBOOT COMMENCING.... LOADING... READY.

    Hey, damn it! I like tapioca pudding!
  • Mort
    Ouch :pinch: Sounds like you hurt your hands pretty bad.

    Bah! Deception. Great episode!
  • Crazy56U
    Yeah the second I heard him say he burnt his hands from "an arguement with a hot plate" and needed to wear gloves, I knew it was Robo-Linkara. That and his bs-ing near the end about how "you will listen to everything I say and blah blah blah and I hate you and blah blah blah." ...I'm paraphrasing, but still.
  • Mckaysproductions
    Mort i don't think he did really. The robot version has a robot hand mabye thats the point of the gloves hmm?
  • TheNewGuy  - Awesome review!!!!!!!
    Hilarious! Can't wait for next review! Gotta say i saw the ending coming though. :unsure:

    NOT!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  • Zero_
    Another awesome vid Linkara!
  • curono
    hope your hands get better and you keep doing comic reviews.
  • 90s Kid  - @curono
    Umm... Did you... Did you even [i]WATCH[/i] the video? Seriously, he was a robot. Pay attention. Not paying attention is so [i]NOT tubular and bodacious![/i]
  • onewingedangel43
    Wow, I really didn't think it would get any more confusing and stupid, but they pulled it off
  • Fluffyman
    The comic, ultimate waste of time. It's comics like this that makes me want Marvel to change up it's management.

    Can't wait to see how the whole "Mecha-Linkara" story pads out. Next week smells of epic.
  • iceblade1545
    Why Venom? Why Wolverine? Why the flashbacks? Oh, silly Linkara. It was padding! Don't you know that all comics need padding? I mean, what else are they supposed to do? Tell good stories? Pah! Good stories are for wussies. Real comic books just need lots of violence and sex! Shock readers enough and they won't realize that they're reading absolute garbage!

    Translation: THIS COMIC SUCKS!
  • Spokavriel
    [color=#bd527b] Ouch on the hotplate situation. Burns on joints are never fun. Hope they heal faster than my past experiences.

    Beautiful use of Cylon footage. No way to avoid that connection with an eye like that!

    Panther = Cap? Just how much and of what were they SMOKING?

    They could have at least said they were made of Non Magnetic alloys why did they say they weren't metallic?

    Is your brain getting as burned as your hands over this one?

    Whats really sad is that the page you supplemented for Dr Doom looked higher quality than this whole comic collection. That's the only reason I didn't go along with it at all.

    I say all of the above including us. But well I didn't exactly buy anything from Marvel published in the last 15 years. That was more of a budget thing though so I'll still take blame too. And Linkara you (Including doppelgangers with credible likenesses) have allot more credibility than Marvel has had since 1975.

    So how are you going to continue this?[/color]
  • 0dd1
    (Though, in all honesty, who didn't see the twist ending of this vid coming when the gloves were mentioned? Still, that didn't make it any less epic. Indeed, Fluffyman is correct that 'Next week smells of epic'.)
  • Salen
    I had the same unanswered questions as well. The comic is so full of plotholes that you could drive Metal Gear Solid through them.

    But oh well, next week we have the ultimate fight! :woohoo:
  • Eleion121
    Wait. So he shot a bullet at Magneto? Don't bullets usually have metal on them? Magneto could, i don't know, use his power he has to easily stop it. Pietro is an idiot, if the bullet had metal on it.
  • Linkara
    While I'm pretty sure the shot was metal, it was actually a bolt, like an arrow or something. So, yeah, not a bullet, but still makes no sense.
  • JoeKerr  - what doesnt make sense to me
    Why the creator of the long halloween made this crap?
    Did frank miller gave him some of his magic weed bag?.
    Why Hawkeye is here anyways?! i think he would be a better character in dunno...WANTED! or Garth Ennis Hitman.
    Why a Corpse Cries?...bsides the fact that he might be STILL ALIVE AND NEEDS MEDICAL ATENTION?!
    what kind of sick bastard would fuck her own sister.
    and most important...Linkara honestly..how can you do your job? i mean after each review you drink more than tony stark? is it some kind of mental trick or something, do your roll for mental sanity?

    And last but not least...if there was a Twilight Comic Book, would you dare to review it and burn it infront of your audience?
  • jackl3nimble
    Better still would you burn it in front of a TWILIGHT audience? :evil:
  • FallingStar
    Oh that sounds fun please do!
  • MCMP17
    It would be awesome if we could gather as much Twilight fans as possible in one room, put a hidden video camera, and watch their reaction throughout the review.

    It would the happiest moment of my life...
  • KPShadow
    Well, they made a graphic novel biography of Stephanie Mayer (They have it at the library in the school that I go to :pinch:)
  • Roivas  - Cliffhanger
    I can never remember if that's one word or two. Anyhow, great video and hopefully next week we can see the showdown between you and Meckara.
  • FallingStar
    So that is what was up with the whole counting down thing!
    Also! I just wanted to say that I don't even read comics and I enjoy this show, I watch it every week with my boyfriend as well. So you do a really good job with back story for people like me who learn everything second hand about comics.

    I watched almost all of your videos over the course of 2 days...If you can believe that and it makes me want to find good comics to read, heck I even looked up information on some characters that I wanted to know about on the web one night.

    So really all I am trying to say is thanks for extending my geekyness!
  • MCMP17
    Same here. I was starting to get interested in comics by early November, but you and your reviews really made me want to read comics and learn more about the characters.

    I'm still learning, but I'm having fun with it. :)
  • Bogue2kw
    I should have known... Mecha-Linkara!
  • Zombifaction  - Yes!
    CALLED IT!!! :evil:

    alright I knew it, gloves my ass!

    Good episode man!
  • pharmmajor
    *Bum mode* Ohmigod this is the greatest Atop the Fourth Wall I've ever seen in my life... no wait, that'll be next week! I can't wait!
  • Deimos1984rd

    Got suprised there...All I gotta say about this comic is wow, Doom...robots? really, I've seen Doom do much worse than just robots.

    The title card tickles me for some reason.
  • shadowboss15
    That was a stupid comic. Why did Doom build those robots. He wasn't even involved in the story. Can't wait for next week's epidode. Good review.
  • Everwen
    Wow, Mekakara.
  • Not Shelley Duvall
    GAH, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE EPIC! next week better rock.
  • Van Ultimo
    You show more continuity in your own videos than Marvel and DC. Why are you not employed by them again?
  • Wade Wilson
    OH MY GLOVES. i knew form the start.

    PS: I call out i'm home even if i know no one there
  • deadpool merc
    If quicksilver and scarlet whitch were hookedup and dead during this "crisis". Didn't Magneto have a third child named polaris. Where was she during this whole thing?
  • rogers88
    That was awesome linkara. Though where did you get that music at the end there? It sounds awesome!
  • Valtries  - It's from Battlestar Galactica.
    It's from the end of season 3. It's called Heeding the Call.

    Good song.
  • rylasasin  - Right Franchise, Wrong Title[s]

    It's from Battlestar Galactica.

    It's from the end of season 3. It's called Heeding the Call.

    Good song.
    Well, you got half of it right. It is Battlestar Galactica.

    However, you got the title of the song wrong. It's actually called "Theme of the Final Five" or "Kara Remembers"

    Oh and it's from season 4, not season 3.
  • atypicaloracle
    An easy mistake to make, since "Heeding The Call" is pretty much a non-piano version of the same motif.
  • PhunkyPhazon
    And the sad thing is that Ultimatum makes Ultimates 3 look like a masterpiece by comparison. Ugh.
  • Kruns5th  - re:
    [quote=Linkara]While I'm pretty sure the shot was metal, it was actually a bolt, like an arrow or something. So, yeah, not a bullet, but still makes no sense.[/quote]

    Actually if you look carefully Hawkeye is using a piece of one of the NON-METALLIC android parts as his bolt.
  • deadpool merc
    Still, How would quicksilver of known it wasn't metalic without being close to.

    Beside it could of been nonmetalic and quicksilver was desperate or metalic and hawkeye was insane and stupid.

    Either way quicksivler was an idiot because he could catch up to a bullet but can't catch an arrow that travels slower unless it's suicide.
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