Adventures of the Kool-Aid Man #1

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  • ladydiskette
    Title Card Linkara is just the most cutest drawing ever ^^
  • thelastlife0726
    Why does the Kool-Aid Man sound like Mr. T?
  • thelastlife0726
  • ThatGuyFromChile
    I lol'd so hard, when I read the title I was like:

    HAHAHA you have to be fucking kidding me... xD
  • Destroy
    You laughed out louded?
  • KingofKobolds
    I laugh my ass off'ed
    You know, as long as they have the rights, why not add the Kool aid man for comic relief later, or include him in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (I don't even play fighters but I'd pay money for that!)?
    By the way do flowers always go WILT! when they wilt?
  • rowdycmoore
    Actually, they don't hold the rights any more. Archie Comics picked it up after the first three issues and published the next six. No word on if there was ever an "Archie Meets the Kool-Ade Man" special.
  • RuinerXXSinCity
    I think some people who want to get first comment desperately think grammar, and spell check take too long.

    Did anyone else notice that the first picture in the panel at about the 11:35 to 11:48 time mark the umpire seems to be coping a feel on the female catcher? When you combine that, his sweating, and the strange expression on his face it makes for a disturbing appearance. She is going to need a shit load of therapy when she gets older.
  • RebelTaxi
    I to laugh my assed off just from the title. Just looking at the image of Kool-Aid man made me laugh. He stupid face and urge to rampage through walls.

    They need to make "I am a Man, Punch." I imagine the commercial would have a kid trying to go on a rollercoaster, while some carny saying "Sorry, boy, you can't ride this coaster." Then the boy saying "I'm not a boy, I AM A MAN!" Then suddenly ages 20 years.
  • ladydiskette
    Also "battling the thirsties", Can you be even more inaccurate?

    Kool-Aide actually makes you more thirsty than it does to quench it because of all the sugar it contains. In fact, on a hot steamy day like in the baseball story it would be dumb to drink any sugared drink in the heat because it would dehydrate you quicker. So, in summary, the Kool-Aide Man is more of a anti-hero than a super hero. lol
  • Kyman102  - Oh damnit...
    I swore I wouldn't use the line, but Destrucity beat me too it. Well, guess I gotta...

    OH YEAH! LINKARA! :woohoo:
  • killatia
    You know your selling out when you make a Kool-aid comic.
  • no_wang_involved
    fan freaking tastic, love the review too!
  • Divock
    I've been waiting for this review for a while ever since you put it on the list.

    And it made me rofl.

  • DeathsHead419  - WAIT!
    A comic book about the Kool-aid man!?! How does this exist?!
    Wow, I guess we both had the same reaction. This makes me wonder how anything, in any media, gets made when it is guaranteed to suck from the moment it is concieved. Like 2012 the movie, or any sonic game since the Dreamcast.
  • cyclopse606
    oh come on sonic heroes was a good game

    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  • crowaxe
    oh yeahhhhh!
  • CanadianOtakuGamer
    I kinda wish the "I am a Man Punch" drink mix existed. I'd buy it. :lol:
  • tarkenfire  - Well.
    If he made it, people would buy it, I'd reckon. Hell, it wouldn't even have to taste good, cause you can be a man if you drink I-Am-A-Man-Punch.
  • FernHat
    Awesome Review but'OH YEAH!' GTFO KOOL-AID-MAN!
  • Adam Blaster
    You know what, I would like to see a comic where the Kool-Aid Man battles against the Hulk. I'll save Marvel the trouble: Hulk would freakin' destroy him!
  • DanManX
    My brain may have just gone into crappiness overload. I don't know what to say. I saw this on your schedule for the month and knew it would be bad...but I mind couldn't conceive it.

    Also, "I-am-a-man Punch" may be the greatest pun of our time.
  • question08
    Where does Kool-aid Man fit into the Marvel Civil War? I bet Tony Stark would have been much less of a jerk if he had a cool, recovering alcoholic safe beverage always at the ready.

    Do you support the Registration Act?
    OH YEAH!
  • ThisIsFiveEighteen
    having watched the first 3 seconds, I must agree.
  • Instrument
    I couldn't stop laughing. I'm just... wow. I'm surprised you made it through this review. If it were me, all my comments would be, "It's a comic about the Kool-Aid man!" in different tones going from rage to utter depression as if I'm going though K├╝bler-Ross model of dealing with grief and death.

    This is easily one of my favorite reviews. I couldn't stop laughing at the part of the Kool-Aid cave and when you mentioned that this is an insult to god.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    If you sold "I Am A Man Punch" I'd buy it. :cheer:
  • Fluffyman
    Whenever I see the Kool-Aid man go through a wall, I always think of this one bit that a comedian did wondering how if the debris would get into the Kool-Aid and how kids would drink it.

    If I'm not exactly sure but I think the NesQuik bunny also had a comic book.
  • Goatman2000
    wait maybe he can teleport by yelling oh yeah! hell, maybe koolaid is just a different universes captain marvel who yells oh yeah to get his powers...
  • kayla
    I'm going to weigh in on the I'd buy the "I
    Am A Man Punch" idea as the actual comic has left me more than a little bit dumbfounded.
  • Heisanevilgenius
    Wow, you've found a blood diamond of stupidity here.
  • mobo85
    Now that we've got Roman Polanski, can we arrest the Kool-Aid Man next? He's obviously a much bigger threat to children. At least Roman Polanski didn't destroy public property on a regular basis.
  • Shithead
    Well, Cap'n Crunch has the Soggies and the Chex Warrior has the Flemoids (on a Doom-copy called Chex Quest), so this doesn't surprise me.

    Where can I buy I-Am-A-Man Punch, if I may ask?

    And dear God, Kool-Aid man is a pedo? Who wrote this comic, Jacob Black from Twilight?
  • crisisangel64
    [size=medium] [color=black]WTF THE KOOL AID MAN??? :0
    Oh Yeah :P :D [/color][/size]
  • TheGirlWithTheFedora
    I can't think of the Kool-Aid Man without thinking of Dane Cook's sketch... [i]"Don't touch me, you giant beverage! I will kick you and you will go down, you're very top glass bitch!"[/i]

    In all seriousness, the Kool-Aid Man is just creepy. Awesome review!
  • Rubix
    Awesome review of a god-awful comic. Bizarrely enough, about halfway through the review I managed to stop shaking my head incredulously and just went with the premise.

    "Does the kool-aid man even sleep?" Well of course not. He's juice. Liquid obviously doesn't need to sleep.

    And would juice freeze or boil in space? I seem to think it's boil, due to the lack of pressure.

    I'm pretty sure that the cover of the comic was in the split-second before everything in the interior of the ship was sucked into the vacuum of space, the kool-aid man boiled and died, and the kids exploded. I'm not sure what would happen to the thirsties...I think they would actually be okay. So...awesome, the antagonists win before the first page.
  • smb1916
    for the love of god the horror the horror O YEAH
  • MatthewMk2
    Not the greatest, Im kinda getting sick of reviews of the tie in comics. Yes we know they suck, be it comics, tv shows, video games or movies, if its licensed it will suck. Please go back to doing real comics, i would love to see an episode doing a modern day batman. Im so sick of how batman can do no wrong these days.
  • Linkara
    Didn't see Batman: Fortunate Son, did you? XD
  • CMWaters
    Interestingly enough, this is the SECOND time I've been made aware of this comic.

    The first was via X-Entertainment.

    http://www.x- articles/0861/

    Bringing the question: Why couldn't Scorch be in the first issue insted of the Thirsties?
  • Stack  - Dude
    The only way to make Kool-Aid Man awesome is to have Kain drink the Kool-Aid from three feet away.
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