Read Right to Left - Top 5 Badass MANga Characters

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Title card credit: Eugenia Joyuen

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  • WarxePB
    Cross-demographic appeal? Oh noes! I don't want those icky girls in my manly comic books!

    But I kid. This list was in good fun, and you included Whitebeard in it, so it's all good. I haven't read any of the other manga in the list, but I might have to check out Vinland Saga, it sounds pretty interesting.
  • Moon Spirit
    Okay, you got me on Thorkell now. Now I gotta check out Vinland Saga.

    5. Never read this incredibly long manga, but now I see why.

    4. Of course, the name says it all after all.

    3. YES! Still to this day, he truly is a very manly pirate, and he was still rocking in his 70s. I wish I could look like that when I'm that old and decrepit.

    2. Man, I've been hearing a lot of good things about this manga, and I never knew how manly this character really is.

    No need to say anything about #1 since I've already said what needed to be said.
  • Wicked J
    I know you said to use recent and ongoing characters, but the entire review all I kept thinking was "Where's Dark Shneider?"

    Besides that, I liked it. And I knew Thorkell was gonna win it the entire time
  • tri-sapphire
    Dark Schneider definitely deserves an honorable mention at the very least.

    Pity he's a rather unknown character (outside of people who enjoy vs. topics), and most of the later volumes of Bastard!! are untranslated.

    Anyways, just wanted to point out that it's possible to be both a manly badass and a bishounen at the same time. The epitome of both categories being Vampire Hunter D (mainly the novel version).
  • Dorcas_Aurelia
    Yeah, Bastard!! may have started in the 80s, but it's still going, so he could technically qualify. And how can you not respect a man ripping his own heart out of his chest to save his adopted daughter's life?
  • Madzack
    Golgo 13

    There's none manlier...
  • doctortacos  - where the hell is Yujiro?
    seriously? no one from grappler baki? especially considering toriko ripped off that " punching someone in the face with the stump" trick from a grappler baki character. and not EVEN an honorable mention. that is total crap, dude. (otherwise, it was a pretty good review.)
  • the gangsta of love
    I remember when white beard took his final breath, I held the manga back and saluted the page. the world of one piece had a significant decrease of testosterone that day.
  • Matthew G
    Should have seen Thorkell coming. You undersold King Gao. If he gets near human civilasation, he will eat humanity to extinction Shingeki No Kyojin style.
    You forgot to mention that Whitebeard could still fight pretty much unaffected after half of his face got ripped off ...

    Anyway, I call complete bullshit on this list because you went for Toriko and not for Zebra (who should have been #1). Zebra is everything Toriko is, times a hundred. He's WAY stronger, he got imprisoned for single-handedly causing the extinction of 26 different dangerous species by animals (most of them because he ate them IIRC), the fact that he got out of prison put several countries in the world in a state of emergency, Coco and Sani refuse to deal with him when possible, he also doesn't care if half is face is ripped off, etc.
  • Falcovsleon20
    Whitebeard's face wasn't RIPPED off, it was BURNED off. With MAGMA! That alone makes him even more of a badass.
  • locuas
    it is impossible to emphasize guts' badassery enough. Believe me. he i sone of the most badasses characters ever concived. once you know his entire backstory. you then realize just how awesome this guy is.
    i will put it this way. Toriko can kill a monster panda. Guts can do it WITHOUT toriko's power.
  • Mortabius
    I really wouldof thought kenpachi would have been number 4 or 5. and yes the manga is still in its final story so no excuse for that. I mean the guy is the only captain to not have a bankai due to his sheer strength supressin his swords power! not to mention he enjoys fighting at a disadvangate to make it more fun in battle. The guy is a pure beast.
  • Eranak
    Vinland Saga is overbrimming with awesome characters.
  • Unclejulio
    You know, Bishounens can be manly too, it depends on how they are shown and represented, and while I respect manly characters for what they represent (hell, I grew up on 80s action schlock, I know what I am talking about), I feel like action oriented bishounen characters are a nice, refreshing change from the usual lugging, cro magnun stereotypes we usually see beating face and making epic proclamations.

    I know you were probably just kidding with the whole intro thing in order to get this thing moving, but just saying, Bishounens can be epic badasses as well, and in some cases, also manly (trust me, its doable).
  • BrainBlow
    hahahahaha no.
    When a bishounen is "badass" it tends to just be the author applying ridiculous power onto a tiny fragile-looking body.
  • Furious George
    Awesome list.

    I was about to rage over Toriko but I have to admit that your reasoning was pretty sound.

    Haven't read Vinland Saga but I'll get on that soon.
  • Uyejiman42  - this was good!
    But i thought the tital was top 5 bad ass chapters. You should do that. or at least top five most important or emotional chapters in manga! That would be awesome. Good top five though.
  • kurokotetsu
    YRoT you must be at the very start of Berserk if you say that about Guts. Have you even reached the Eclipse? Because his badassery goes up every arc. He simply doesn't stop. He kills monsters so strong that they kill humans by the thousands his ease. And wel *SPOILER ABOUT HIS QUEST* he is confronting a near God as his ulitmate enemy and even if the pain almost kills him he attacks him non the less */SPOILER* Man he is the manliest of them all.

    Also, I think Zoro deserves a mention, if not necessarily a spot. Everything about Whitebeard? Zoro does it in a smaller scale, before him. Magnificent.
  • Matthew G
    "He kills monsters so strong that they kill humans by the thousands his ease."

    Both Toriko and Zebra are currently fighting monsters that were able to take on the combined military forces of the planet and defeated them without even getting a scratch. Monsters that would cause the extinction of humanity if they would get near civilisation.
    That trumps pretty much everything.
  • cannedfury
    And Goku is a trillion times more badass than Spike Spiegel because omg power levels and Superman is infinitely badasser than Batman because he can save galaxies in his sleep, and magical god bishounen are more badass than anybody on this list because they can kill even more things by striking graceful poses. Or this is a really terrible measure of what makes things badass.

    Seriously, this style of argument needs to die with the Berserk spoilers.
  • kurokotetsu
    Hmm, spoiler is a way of saying it. What I say happens in the third volume (so twenty or so chapter) of a twenty year old series that spans over 300 hundred. If that is too spoilerific, then I guess there is nothing to say about the series besides "It stars a guy named Guts that kills monsters".

    And bout "power levels", it is after all one of the criteria in the list. So it is valid argument: Is that the only measure of a badass? No, but so what. Badass is for me a more or less stupid label, as cool, as that doesn't make a good character, but well if we talk about them, then I will go with the flow.

    Also, Guts has never been established in the series as anything more than human,as opposed to Toriko. Also those monsters I talk about are the usual prey for Guts, not the "OMG so powerful" monsters that appear in the series.
  • Matthew G
    "Or this is a really terrible measure of what makes things badass."

    No, power is definitely an important factor. You could not convince me that someone who is weak is badass. It's just not happening.
  • Parasite  - But I enjoy my bishie eyecandy :C
    I see your top 5 manly badasses, and raise you a top 8 effeminate badasses. needsmoregay/top-8- effeminate-badasses- 5301152
  • Vismutti
    Thanks for the link! :D Looks promising.
  • Falconfly
    Honestly, I find those more appealing than the retards presented here.

    Except Guts.
  • Lotus Prince
    You only just started reading Berserk? Dude, you haven't seen SHIT. Just you wait. :-D
  • Blizz3112
    Guts is the image of badassitude... And concerning Toriko's stump punch? Guts has the similar situation during the eclipse and the special item he later receives in the series...
  • Damonashu
    So here's a question. Considering their often fabulous poses, would JJBA characters lose manly points?
  • tri-sapphire  - Damn it!
    Can't believe I forgot about JJBA. It's still running as well I think.

    And, the main contenders from that series would be Joseph Joestar and Jotaro Kujo of course. Much more so Joseph IMO.
  • Javo
    not saying he should have been the top spot but not even an honorable mention for squad 11 captain Kenpachi Zaraki? I fully expected him to be number 5. at least on the list.
  • Vismutti
    Dude, he had an honorable mention. Watch the video again.
  • Dr Forrester
    Get all caught up with Berserk and I guarantee you will reconsider Guts' right to the number 1 spot. Especially after he returns to the witch of the Spirit Tree in volume 26

    Regardless of my fanboyism however, this was a pretty sweet list. Gonna have to start some new series now
  • Fenrir Moridin
    Honestly, I was surprised Guts was even on this list, since I didn't know you had even started reading Berserk. What makes him so badass is more the fact that you really get a sense he is outmatched by the things he fights and can only beat him through sheer willpower, which is something I've never really felt from the other characters on this list that I've seen (although I can't speak for Thorkell, I haven't actually read Vinland Saga yet).

    It's nice to see you're reading Berserk, though, and I hope you do a video when you finally catch up. It would be interesting to see your opinion on how the story shifts in tone, especially after the tone lightens up a bit and the story becomes more high fantasy instead of low fantasy.

    I thought the honorable mentions were nice too, and I would have put Senji from Deadman Wonderland on my list (if I were to make one).
  • Quube  - WB
    whitebeard is in that top 5

    that means he is the 3rd badass MANga char IN THE WORLD

    thumbs up for the VOD nicely done liked it ^^
  • memnarch
    I'd be hardpressed to pick a One Piece character that ISN'T badass! Seriously! EVERYONE does something badass in that series! I mean, even the white little dog guarding its dead owner's pet shop STOOD UP TO A FREAKING LION! THAT IS AWESOME!

    Also, I have to ask, which series is the guy holding the car from?
  • Flaggermus
    When clicking on this video, all I could think was: Guts BETTER be on this list. I was not disappointed. :)

    I've never heard about anyone of the other characters, but they sound interesting. Maybe I'll take a look at their series.
  • ghazzterThaOG
    My head started bangin, when you played Amon Amarth at the end m/
  • Karutomaru
    If Toriko's on the list, wouldn't that qualify Hunter X Hunter's Gourmet Hunters?

    And why was Miu's grandfather only an honorable mention? He could annihilate Takamura. Takamura killed a bear with his bare hands. Okay. Hayato, as you showed, punches sharks. Two, if I'm not mistaken. He's stronger than another guy in the series who killed a bear with his bare hands too. The only reason you could have to not have him in the number 5 slot is that he doesn't get a whole lot of action in the series, since he's so invincible, but when he does...
  • VDX
    Guts = He isn't "THE MAN" he IS Man!

    I've read all of the Berserk Manga. And I have no doubts.
    For being a human that has NO SPECIAL powers, he's the very peak of humanity's man ideal.
  • GlaciusX2
    Toriko might be a badass... But Guts in Berserker Armor woud rip him a new one xD
    Also Guts didnt cut off his own arm just to throw a gun on it >:/ And no i wont spoil how it happened
  • Athos
    JJBA characters aren't really that manly so much as charismatic and clever. Rather than sheer badassery, the series is designed to emphasize their resolve when confronted time and again against seemingly hopeless situations through ingenious-- PUAHAHAHA AHAHA

    AH... ah... sorry, but there's no reason to leave Jotaro out, except for not having read the manga. Which is understandable, I mean, 60+ volumes? Screw that.

    ...which is why it confuses me how Guts got special treatment, but I'll forgive it on the grounds that most of his truly manly moments are from the first half of the series anyways.

    I haven't read Ippo, but although killing bears is not exactly new, I have to admit that PUNCHING THEM IN TH FACE is definitely the manliest way to go about doing it. No complaints on the rest of the list, specially Thorkell. Fuggin' love that guy.
  • Shinigami
    That was one awesome top5 list.
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