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  • Shinra_Banshou

    My favorite reviewer on this site!

    Love the intro. I laughed so hard. :) Actually, the entire review was hilarious and great. You're exceptionally good at critique.
  • Lotus Prince
    Oh man, I laughed out loud at your Nixon voice. Well done!
  • laughterandcandy
    I'm glad to see someone else express they don't like being scared. Being scared is not a pleasant emotion. I hear it's an adrenaline rush for the people who do like it. To each their own.

    You earned an awesome point for using one of my favorite songs as an opening.

    As for the manga itself, it's something I might have checked out. I thought it was a series I checked out, but didn't end up not reading due to laziness. There doesn't seem to be any connection with the characters or great story telling. The art seems good...aside from the funny facial expressions which I'm glad you commented on.

    Great timing in this vid and jokes. Loved your reaction to the reaper standing there. Eh happens everyday. I can't wait for your next installment.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    im wondering who else got the DnD reference made after "...the embodiment of evil"
  • gaaralee1234
    Seeing a new read left to right always makes me happy. I will proceed to watch it about hundred times before the next one arrives. it odd that my list is almost identical to y rulers? Just add on my monthly supply of new volumes of manga that I try to keep up with and our lists are the same. I even thought prince of tennis was a crap fest before him.
    Anyway actual comment time, wow Alive sounds stiff, it sounds like somebody trying to do a B movie on purpose, but didn't execute it properly. Not to mention some of the back stories and story itself is too simple. So simple that the author messes up in places (as you pointed out). Simple, stiff, not very well executed, not very entertaining. NEXT!

    Hehe, nice ending, laughed like always, stay nerdy Y ruler of time, stay nerdy.
  • ofer4  - hmm...
    I actually enjoy the feeling of fear and helplessness when I watch movies or read mangas.
    Those feelings can easly be found in mangas that are not horror.
    Like a manga in which the protagonist is being pushed back by a person or a group incredibly strong.
    About TAKAHASHI Tsutomu's work, I read quite a lot of his material a few years ago and to tell the truth. (from what I remember) I never got the impression he was attempting to cause fear in readers.
    P.S. Your dislike of fear does explain why something as soft core as Franken Furan and elfen lied shocked you.
    You are even a bigger coward then I am. ^__^
    Great review by the way.
  • angel85
    I always thought of criminals being inherently weak willed, that's why they give in to baser urges and commit crimes in the first place...
  • Athos

    Real horror manga is rare. It's usually not meant to scare people, but to leave an impression on them by taking liberties with the graphic violence.

    Anyways, great to see you back in action. I really don't know how it works... the way you narrate it-- makes anything sound interesting. It could be your voice, I dunno.
  • H2O
    I like how each of these episodes has a different theme song for that matches the theme of the book being reviewed.

    I'm not fond of horror either. I think that's why I like Phelous so much, because he gets me interested in and makes fun of a genre that I usually wouldn't have any interest in.

    And dude you live with teh devil???? O__o
  • Podoman
    The title confused me. I was expecting the other Alive manga, Alive: The Final Evolution, not this one
  • InformationGeek
    That's what I was thinking as well. At least I'm not the only one to make that mistake.

    Anyways, about the review itself. It was another well done episode and to be honest, I think your humor has improved quite a bit since you started the show. Lot of good jokes worked here. The subject was also good and shown how unscary this manga is. Also, good ending.
  • Mad_Man_Moony
    Geez, Linkara, Lanipator, Obscurus Lupa, now Y?!! I'm telling you Suede's making his move! No reviewer is safe from his deathly grasp! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!
  • Perzyn
    Despite not being American I liked Nixon reference. So point for Y here.

    Also - I'm next person to sign under not liking horror genre, being afraid is not a state I count as pleasent.

    As for manga itself... Well it seems not bad per se, but rather bland. And the whole Black thing it's so cliche. I mean really embodiment of Evil? Couldn' author do something better with and idea? There were some nice twists for characters being supposed hosts of evil, so why not here?
  • Larry
    The beginning of the manga reminds me of Nikita
  • NecoBram
    awesome review, really awesome intro, and cool ending :)
    But for some reason I instantly wanted it to be Slenderman in your appartment
  • Paper_Banjokami  - WAIT!!...
    Is... Is your name, Y Ruler of Time, a Zelda reference?!?!? Y Ruler, being Hyrule, minus the h and plus the r. And of Time, being OoT Link's title, The Hero of Time.
  • Shinra_Banshou
    I think it's a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference.
  • BookwormNerd
    I remember reading this quite a while ago. For my impression, I thought it was strange. I'm not much of a horror fan myself, so that might be part of it. That and I'm not really all that fond of story where (almost) everybody dies.

    Good job on the review. c:
  • Kazari
    Dokuro-chan reference, Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!

    Also the spoony D&D shout out lol ^^ Viktor
  • QuetzaDrake
    Yyyyeah... calling the evil virus thing that came from a monkey in Africa 'Black' was a pretty dumb brainfart there... on that exact same note, though, a virus that came from a monkey in Africa?... so... it's HIV? Black is HIV? Was the author trying to say something horrible here or something? Because maybe he accomplished it or something, but the manga seems so incredibly boring that who cares.
  • Nia_Teppelin
    The whole origin of Black thing was ... yeah, pretty awful.
    I never heard of this series and it doesn't seem very entertaining to me, judging from this review.
    It's a nice idea I guess, but not very original in the first place.

    Nixon was awesome though.

    I get why some people don't "enjoy" being scared. No one really does.
    Yet I can't stay away from it.
    So if you wanna see something really scary/unsettling that will keep you awake at night, try searching for "Marble Hornets" on YouTube at night and watch it alone in the dark.
    Have fun~
  • Shinigami
    Premise actually sounded more intresting than it really was.
  • Parasite
    I made the mistake of buying this manga without any previous knowledge about it...I love horror, I love being freaked out and scared, but Alive was just dumb & boring -_-
    I'll stick with stuff like Gyo & Homunculus, thank you very much.

    And LOL at the D&D reference, would have been even better with Viktor's voice XD
  • tofutiles
    I always thought Lucas just had nintey-seven NES games and he had beaten all nintey-seven of them.

    I was first introduced to Alive via the live action movie of it. That movie was BOOOOOOOORING.

    Then I read the manga on OneManga (may it rest in peace) and it was the start of the day and I'm prescribed adderall; which makes me uber focused but not willing to be bored. I read it all; it was decent but not the best thing in the world.

    Also I'm a horror hound and I can tell you there are very few horrors that actually scare me. (mostly just urban legends like: Humans can lick too, and The Doll on the stairs) I mainly like the atmosphere horror sets.

    Now if you want a good story about a death row inmate that escapes death check out Franken Fran chapter 28: A Very Lucky Man
  • BoomDowg  - Pussy!
    ^What it says^ ;P
  • Bisected8
    I'm averse to being scared as well, but strangly enouch I enjoy it (if that makes sense). It's made me utterly incapable of playing the Penumbra series Amnesia: The Dark Decent. I can just about manage Resident Evil if I stay focused on the voice actng....
  • Poki3
    It's the word of Morgana! Burn the book!

    ....actually, wait, a simple padlock on it will take care of everything. Here, Thief, you can hold it.
  • JunkWatcher
    You know, when you think about it, covering two pages of manga per minute doesn't sound too bad, actually.
    I mean, he said a lot of pages had no dialog. That means they only have to spent like a second or two showing those scenes and if they cut a few unnecessary scenes, they can spend a little more time on exposition and you can get yourself a decent adaptation.
    I'm not saying that the movie IS good, I'm just saying that I think it is POSSIBLE to take a manga of 260 pages and turn it into a 2 hour movie.

    btw, to be honest, this manga doesn't sound too bad, actually. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you haven't really given much reasons of why it's not good.
    Too bad you spoiled the ending, I was planning to check it out. Now I'm not sure.
  • Bedinsis
    I assume that you used low lights to get us in the right mood for the time of year, but seriously, you're a bit hard to make out in the dark. And please try to speak a little clearer, I only heard one of the things you said you wanted(the NES).

    I liked your voice acting of the characters.
  • Tactlesscat
    You know YROT, you are the last person I expected I'd have to tell this to.

    Japan does not give a rat's left testicle about racism or racist connotations, especially with black people, because Japan, unlike America and England, never did that whole TREAT EVERYONE WHO HAS A DARKER SKIN TONE THAN YOU LIKE SHIT thing.

    So... yeah let's never mention racism in relation to manga ever again kthx bai.
  • Shinra_Banshou
    That doesn't make it not racist.
  • Tropical  - LOL
    Man, this just made my day.

    Japan doesn't have a history in racism? Doesn't give give a damn about racist connections?

    Japan, as a country, has as many cases of racism as any other country in the world. It's not better or worse, and it certainly has had it's fair share of racist manga (not this one necessarily, as has been pointed out by lancettuaun on the second page, there could be a translation error)

    How about you google about the Rape of Nanking? or about the treatment of the Ainu? Or hell, let's look at something more recent, like the recent case of a 12 year old girl committing suicide because of bulling due to her foreign mother? The Japanese did, and still in places do, treat other races like shit. It's not all of them, but it's there.

    Japan doesn't have racism, please ... your just as worse as the people who go on and demonize the country with this sort of sweeping statement.

    So yeah, keep your broad generalizations to stuff you're knowledgeable about, before going on and suggesting anything. kthxbai
  • jjflash

    Right...they just did it to Filipinos and the Chinese. A fact which still paints their relations with other Asian cultures. Read a history for once in your life.

    BTW: Racism against Black people in Japan is a HUGE issue in modern Japan. Even those who are second and third generation Japanese but have skin darker than the norm are treated like shit. I even have first hand experience of it myself.

    So yeah, racism in manga is a very real problem and it sure as hell needs to be addressed.
  • Shinra_Banshou
    Great Jon Stewart reference by the way.

    I also agree with your opinion on the horror genre completely.
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