Let's Bible!

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  • Roivas
    Jesus rides the short bus and the mariachi devil gets punked out by the giant squid that was left out of the Watchmen movie? Sounds like an entertaining twenty minute read.
    According to mythology, Satin did have kids, but I doubt the creators of this manga know of it. http:// www.thevesselofgod.com/ luciferschildren.html for some more info. :evil:
    Nazareth is a providential capitol in Isreal, and supposed place Jesus was raised as a kid.
    Jesus was 32 when he was hung out to dry.

    Nice review BTW, were the hay did you find this manga anyways?
  • TheBookGeek
    satin is a type of fabric...
  • TragicGuineaPig
    This guy tries to rape Lady Jesus? This is almost as bad as what the Ultimate Warrior did to Santa!

    Also Iesus is the way it's pronounced in Greek.
  • Lone Flame
    Huh, that explains the Last Crusade flashbacks I was having...
  • TheEvilYoshiKiller
    You got your facts wrong, Christianity was founded in the middle east.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    If you're referring to me, you've apparently misunderstood. I never made any remarks about Christianity's country of origin.

    However, the New Testament was written in Koine Greek, and Jesus' name in Greek is Iesus, pronounced the way Y-Ruler said it.

    But you are correct: Christianity began in Jerusalem.
  • mrskippy
    TheEvilYoshiKiller is responding to Y Ruler Of Time's assertion that Christianity was founded in Europe. And, as you both stated, it wasn't. By the way, the idea that Hamon is the name of a Judeo-Christian archangel is also inaccurate, since Hamon is far too similar to Haman, the genocidal maniac from the Esther story, who wants to kill all of the Jews. (he makes this assertion when talking about yugioh card names)
  • NostalgiaKid1
    Not really, 'cause Santa's a dude rather than a hot blonde chick, and Vulcan actually gives up before actually doing it (so much for the road to hell being vague).

    P.S. They took the Latin spelling of Jesus, which is Iesus (thank you Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), but it's still pronounced Jesus in English and Latin. I guess YROT didn't know that.
  • pharmmajor
    Another awesome review. Great to have you back, Nik.
  • Eric the Orange
    Nick is back, manga funniness for all.

    If you don't mind me asking, why has it been so long sense you posted a video?
  • Goombasa
    Wow, that's... the silliest bible-related thing I've ever seen... and yes, I've played Bible Adventures on the NES.

    While I am a thorough agnostic, I do have a basic knowledge of most mainstream religions, but this is honestly the first time I've been curious enough to actually want to read this for myself, XD.

    Great comedy right there, haha.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Now here would be an excellent team-up: Hot Chick Jesus and Stronger-Than-Chuck- Norris Noah! That would be awesome!
  • ParadoxBomb  - Yay for TVtropes!
    [url=http://tvtropes.org/ pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ HomePage]Link[/url], for those who are curious.

    As for the manga... I guess it's still a manga, I dunno...

    WHAT THE FLIPPING CRAP! :0 I don't... I just... GRAGH! WHAT!? There [i]is[/i] a limit to how much insanity even I can take in one sitting.
  • Zoness
    Nice to see you haven't given up on this. Loved Prayer as the opening song and yeah this looked pretty funny.
    Just to say though I assumed that Japan used Christian symbols and names the same way we use Greek and Norse gods in the states, nobody cares what it's really meant to represent it just looks or sounds cool.
  • astralman
    Okay. you admitted to being ignorant to religion so I'm going to cut you some slack, but Christianity was not started in Europe.
    It was started in Jerusalem and didn't reach Europe for long time after that.
  • Lotus Prince
    Let it be known that the descendant of Peter, the keeper of the Pearly Gates, is a violent attempted rapist.

    It's great to see you again, Y! We've missed you!
  • ralasinchains
    Your not 21 you look older then Paw!
  • No Limit
    I DO find blasphemy funny, and this was downright hilarious! Though, I probably wouldn't have caught on to the ramifications until I thought about it.
  • MPSai
    Eh, manga will often use mythology and such as a springboard for stories. Look at Ah! My Goddess, everything is very very VERY loosely lifted from Norse mythology.

    Hell Western media will do this too, didn't The Matrix have a bunch of meaningless religious naming?

    Picking some sort of theme or motif helps alot of writers focus. Manga artists do take it to bizarre extremes though. Literature itself though is full of tons of devices that draw Biblical parallels, you really can't escape it. But some devices do reflect other mythologies, so there you go.

    Anyway, more Read Right To Left, plz! :P
  • PublicEnemy
    hahah, WOW, who ever came up with this concept is both crazy and a genius. Woulda been awesome to see the story from the one shot continue, but oh well, still is hilarious :D
  • whatever42
    Nice to see another video from you. It feels like it has been a while since your last one. Not that I'm complaining.

    That manga was ...... random. Oh, you are not alone Y. I chuckled at a few of the same parts you did.

    Also, I would officially like it entered into the awesome weapon records: oar made of pure diamond. I can't wait till the next time someone starts talking about fantasy weapons. :lol:
  • MST3Kbot
    The title makes no sense! Bible just translate to book, so the title is Let Us Book?
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Maybe they meant, "Let's Book!" as in, "Let's get out of here really fast before the lightning bolts start flying!"
  • 715
    Or "let's rape rule 63 Jesus"
  • StevieLasVegas
    I don't know what you're "complaining" about the short bus. The Magic School Bus was a short bus and was mega-epic.
  • Kimarous
    Speaking as a Christian... "Whaaaaaa...?"

    BTW, I agree how insultingly impotent Jesus is portrayed as. True, he came across as even-tempered and passive a lot, but when push came to shove, he did some VERY badass things, including teleportation, mass demon expulsion, and stopping a storm by more or less saying "Shut up!"
  • The Battousai
    Don't forget attacking people, destroying property, and disobeying his earthly parents ;)
  • mrskippy
    You're lumping "disobedience" in with the purging of the temple? interesting. By the way, just to make it clear, Mary and Joseph were probably never under the impression that they could tell Jesus what to do, considering the whole "virgin birth announced by angels" thing. And, really, if anything the purging of the temple was more of a "Gran Torino" kind of thing, with Jesus telling the land sharks (basically what they were) to get off of his property.
    At least, according to the Christian belief system.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    I think he's referring to the time Jesus was in the temple teaching when the rest of the family was half-way back to Nazareth. But in all fairness, he didn't really disobey them - they just left him behind, like that kid in Home Alone.

    Jesus considered the temple to be his Father's house, and he didn't really like people setting up their smelly, noisy marketplace right in the middle of his living room. Imagine how you'd react if you came home one day and found some jerk had opened a pet store right in the middle of your living room.
  • 715
    don't forget the time were he found a market set up in a temple, which was pretty much the only time Jesus was truely mad at something

  • Zersk  - Great as always!
    Great review! Looks like an interesting read, though odd.

    Though I do wonder about the sheer amount of Christian and Kabbalistic References in Anime and Manga. I think that Hiromu Arakawa did do some on the Seven Deadly Sins, as the Homonculi do follow them. She seems to be good on research, considering she did do pretty well with the Musli--, I'm sorry Ainu for the Ishvalans.

    (Though I do find it odd how people equate the Ishvalan religion with Islam, considering that the Ishvalan religion is Matriarchal, while us Muslims follow a Patriarchal religion.)

    And yay TVTropes!!! It's a great website, and is useful for whiling away the empty millenia. :P
  • SpotTheShingo
    A character named Sancho, and no Orgazmo ref?

    Oh well. (Making out with a sea turtle. That's Turtle Power!) :lol:
  • cartoonguywalky
    Is there an online store where one could purchase this one-shot? I'm interested in reading it for myself.
  • Tellmemyname
    wow i'm surprise to see this since I actually read lets bible like four days ago
  • JackofAntics
    I got to admit that an oar made of pure diamond is epic. Crazy concept of a story though. But really, in Japan, Christianity is still rather misunderstood, and sometimes not enough research is done. It's really more or less trying to make itself look cool.

    Still, I'd stick to my Saint Young Men/Saint Onii-san. After all, it's Jesus and Buddha living together in modern day Tokyo in an apartment together. (Points to anyone who actually knows this series, btw.)
  • The Battousai  - Pointless sacrifice?
    At least the writer retained [i]something [/i]from the source material :lol:
  • Lotus Prince  - re: Pointless sacrifice?
    [quote=The Battousai]At least the writer retained [i]something [/i]from the source material :lol: [/quote]

    I was going to say something like that, myself, but I thought I'd be flamed left and right. :P
  • Lucia32
    "At least the writer retained [i]something [/i]from the source material :lol: "

    Oh yeah...because trying to help others even to the point of death is something to laugh at and not at all the pinnacle of compassion and altruism./sarcasm
  • Nintony58  - Correction
    In Latin Jesus is spelled Iesus. That means that the girl is 100% Jesus.
  • conchshellthegeek7
    "But, in the Latin alphabet, Jehovah begins with an I...Oh, dear."

    HE TRIED TO RAPE JESUS. I cannot laugh at that. I swear, I was going to Hell already, but come ON!
  • Colme  - Yes
    Awesome, a new RRTL I've missed these.

    And you fail to let us down once again Y, I hate to rag on you man but it's just torturous of you making us wait this long for these awesome reviews. Keep up the good work!

    And man your a Troper too, that made my day!
  • Williams
    Oh crap I have to read this
    *Stops video*
    You've lost viewers already D=!
  • Eniac
    Whoa! That is an insanely awesome manga! Just... damn RANDOM, loved it :D
  • PLA
    Holy crap, this is awesome!
  • Tom Smith
    Chrisitianity was not founded in Europe, it was founded in the Middle East in Jerusalem.
    Note that this makes Jesus asian as the Middle East is part of Asia. Azarath was the name of the town/city/whatever where Jesus came from. Like FDR of New York.
    Thank you for showing us this "interesting" korean anime.
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