How I Lost 200 Pounds

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. Before embarking on any lifestyle change, please consult a professional in the field of nutrition or medicine for advice and guidance.

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  • CheeseoftheApocalypse
    Hey Masako, as someone who has gone through the same thing as you, I completely understand and appreciate you sharing this. I work out regularly, and I've managed to eat rather healthy for several years now. I lost a significant amount of weight as well. Thank you again for sharing this with everyone here.
  • GTO Neko
    3000 pounds?! Roughly $4500+ ?! Whoah!!!

    Definitely am glad that you've done what you can to get yourself better, especially now that you're able to be a part of Team Four Star and coming to the U.S. pretty often.

    Hope you continue to keep it up and know we're here to enjoy your works. :3
  • Grimfang
    wow i am inspired to lose some pounds(not the money) but the foods u cut is about 90% of my normal intake.(collage)
  • Valzahd
    Impressive stuff man. It's no small feat losing that kind of weight.

    I whole heartily agree with the soda stuff. I was a pepsi drinker for most of my life but a few months ago I noticed I was developing a bit of a belly. So I cut out soda completely and I was amazed to watch as I lost close to 20 pounds just from lack of soda alone. Granted I still had a bit of a belly but that was due to more of a less then healthy diet and lack of a proper work out, which I'm trying to fix.

    Anyway, grats on the weight lose and good show with making a little informational video about it.
  • Heavyset  - Hit a nerve
    This video kind of struck a note with me. As it stands I'm about 400 lbs, and I've been struggling with an eating disorder that started about 7 years ago when I let myself fall into a bad spot. SO, seeing someone actually be able to pull their life around the right way really, really speaks miles to me. It's just nice to know. SO, in a way, Masako has gotten me to take the idea of me losing weight seriously. Weird how an anime guy from England can emotionally affect some fat dude from West VIrginia.
  • Him
    Very inspiring story. Thankfully having a very health concerned mother, I've managed to always eat healthily.

    I'm a vegan by moral choice (and no, I have no objection to other people eating meat) but I'd just like to remind people two things.

    Going vegetarian is a pretty poor choice as to lose weight. Meat can be very healthy for you, just fix up other aspects of your diet. Instead of processed meat, a small piece of lean meat.

    Secondly, fruits and vegetables are definitely not expensive, and I've heard this a lot. Potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, the regular stuff is all pretty well priced.

    Oh, and just because it's good for you, doesn't mean you won't gain weight. Something like nuts, grains, wholemeal bread. They're all wonderful, and I recommend them, but don't rely on them too much.

    As for exercise, I do about one hour each day of slow paced walking because I'm not very good with short bursts of energy. If that seems like too much time to spare, try swimming or biking. I wouldn't recommend competitive team sports on their own, because chances are you'll only be playing once a week. I do tennis but I've noticed that it really doesn't do my body too much exercise due to the start-and-stop nature of it.

    Remember, 90-95% of the time, you can fix your weight by doing more regular exercise and eating more healthy. It's very rare to find someone who has a medical issue directly linked to obesity, and if that's the problem, then hopefully you're already working with a doctor.

    Good video, Masako.
  • Whaleman517
    Cutting out sugars like chocolates and especially sodas is huge, it's what I did to trim down on my ponch.
    I also have to give you mad props on the jerry rigging workouts with household items, classic move. Another cheap piece of useful workout equipment that can work wonders is a chin up bar you can put up in your doorway.
    Keep up the great work, I am more and more impressed with your awesomeness with every video.
  • Gamer_Ely
    oh wow, great going, thats a TON of weight, i bet your heart is happier, i lost like 80 pounds and it is mega awesome
  • fremenchips
    just a linguistics question even though the UK's on the metric system do you still use the English units of measurement in everyday conversation or is it for us in America?
  • Lockenlord
    Wow, never thought losing that much weight can be as simple as that. I'll definitely try this after the exams.
  • benzaie
    here's my advice:

    POOP A LOT !
  • The sad panda
    Well that you're good for...
  • fox-glove
    oh......benzaie when will u learn :D
  • Themonsean
    Good for you. I'm going about trying to lose some pounds myself. I already stopped drinking soda over a year ago and have been going to the gym since October. I haven't checked the scales very much mainly due to building up mussel and it being heavier. Also because I don't think my scale works too well seeing that it said I gained 40 pounds in a week which I think I would have noticed. I'm not looking to lose 200 pounds...cuz then (by the estimates of the last time I checked) I would then be 40 pounds...and that can't be good. :)

    There are more things I could do, and I noticed that was a Hershey syrup bottle you showed and I get into times were I just drink a ton of that stuff. Like a phase were I just crave Chocolate milk. Only like 2 glasses a day but I make sure there is a lot of syrup in there. So I need to cut on that. Other wise congrats again and I'm right there with ya.
  • willig
    well done to you im trying to lose weight but not with much luck nice to see that the whole lose all ur weight thing aint a fantasy made up by the gov
  • tecpaocelotl
    Damn. You look so different.

    I remember when I lost 120 pounds. Every time I meet someone I knew when I was fat, they always go, damn you look good. Even guys. LOL.
  • FingerBang
    ahhh, I miss jogging and going for walks... Canada isn't a great place for out door walks since it's Fk'in freezing! Wish I was back in asia...
  • Charles_Thoreson
    Hey, great job man! My suggestion though...maybe put on a little bit of look malnourished...
  • YotaruVegeta  - Not to sound mea, but
    Every time I watched your videos, I wondered why your head looked as big as it did in relation to your body. Sounds mean, I know.

    Well, I would have never guessed that you used to be fat.
  • LauraRiddle
    D'aaaaw, come here you bag of bones! *bear hug*

    Seriously, I never expected you to be 200 lbs heavier! I'm glad you're doing well now.

    Oh, but I find that sparkling water's a good substitute for soda.

    Also on the exercise, I think it's best to look around different activities to see which one you like best so you'll want to exercise. For me, it's karate, and at my school I'm going to try out surfing and belly dancing as well. Sometimes people need that group support to really get them to get out and exercise.
  • Bauzi
    I always thought you're the skinny type of nerd with the overactive metabolism. Doesn't look like that when you stand up. lol

    Nice video. I like those "start small" advices. In my work I started to ate a salad for 3 months as lunch. I magically lost 20 pounds during that time. That was weird for me. I never thought that this would have so much impact.
  • Germnoble
    I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but you really need to talk to Shaun and to a lesser extent Spoony.

    Help them out as much as you can man.
  • Mizu Takishima
    I've been drinking more water lately, and I'm trying to cut back on the soda.

    It's too cold for me to go out walking, and because of weird sleep schedule, I keep waking up when it's night time- so I can't really go out for walks.

    Maybe I'll play DDR before bed or something, or when I wake up- or both! (yeah I'm too ghetto to own any of the new gen-consoles XD;;; )

    I hope spring gets here soon though, I miss going out for walks ;-; Though I need to expand my route this time. It gets boring walking around the same area over and over~

    Anyway, thanks for the video. It almost makes me think that I can do it too
  • Alar
    Cutting back on soda and going on walks definitely helps. If you have a large house, you can walk around inside for a while listening to music or talking to someone on the phone.

    I personally only drink one or two sodas a week, so they're not completely out of my diet. I occasionally overindulge, but I make it a rule to do it very rarely. I also find that if you spend a lot of time on the computer playing games or watching videos, it's good to break up the action every so often with short bursts of exercise.

    One or two minutes of exercise every half an hour to an hour really helps prepare your muscles for regular exercise later on, and it gives you a burst of energy.

    Thanks for the video, Masako! I've only been slowly losing weight, but this gives me greater hope for the future me.
  • NowCompleteWith  - Seriously...
    that's as good advice as you would get from a trainer because basically, that's what they would recommend. Losing that amount of weight and knowing that you need to replace the fat with muscle, is just stuff a lot of people do not think about with weight loss. The fact that you figured this out on your own and it's such a concise and effective plan, is simply amazing. Huzzah to you, sir.
  • dragonfly_dust
    I currently on a diet. (lost 30lbs so far!) I'm trying to get rid of apartame drinks as the next step of my diet. Limiting myself slowly to just water IS SO HARD!!
  • welovemario
    now that i think of it, im surprised im not fat, i drink about 4 bottles of soda a week, and only eat stuff like pizza and tacos (and alot of candy). but luckily the thing keeping me in shape is my job, overnight stocker for a wholesale club
  • vsaari
    Here is a little tip for losing weight. Cardio exercise is not as effective as weight training when you want to lose weight. Best thing is to do both with 2:1 ratio with two parts weights. And women/girls, you too. You are not going to get big bulky muscles, you lack the testosterone to do that.

    The thing about cardio workout is that it will take a lot of energy out of you. A good jog will easily eat 100-200 kcal. The downside is that cardio exercise slows your metabolism slightly, so you will not gain the full benefit of that.

    Muscle workout does not use as much energy at the time of the workout, but the burn will remain for a long time. A good heavy training session (apprx. 1 hour with heavy weights) will cause your body to use more energy for the next 8 to 12 hours as your body is recovering and repairing the muscles. Also note, that just having larger and stronger muscles uses more energy in your daily life. Muscles need energy for their upkeep and this will increase the amount of calories you need per day and thus will increase the speed in which you will lose weight.
    i might take some of the advice for my own benefit
    i can't really use the advice about cutting out soda though(mostly because i don't drink it[which is why i have a decent dental record])

    though i could just start with a lighter diet and less snacking

    personally i find taking health advice from someone you're more familiar with/of to be a little easier to take in(especially if they were once more than twice their current weight[no offense in any way])
  • Topska
  • Sensei42
    I’m in the middle of my own weight loss journey so I gotta say that knowing that you went through the same thing is not only a comfort but quite inspirational. I’m also glad to learn that you’re taking the same route as me by doing it the old fashioned way with plain ole healthy eating and exercise.

    I’m not knocking people who go on weight loss programs like weight watchers or slimming world, but the amount of money they spend on those programs is scary(forking out £10 a week for the meeting, you even have to pay for the weeks you can’t go) but I understand that a lot of people like and need the support to shift the weight so I would never dissuade people from going if they feel they need it. But not everyone can afford that.

    Anyway I picked up some brilliant tips! Thanks a lot and take care.

    It's a shame we never see you at any British events, you'd be more than welcome.
  • MasakoX
    Thank you. :) Well, I'll be at a convention in London on the 5-6th February as a guest - London Anime Con.
  • Sensei42
    ah, such a shame it's too soon in the year for me to attend. Ah well, it's still good to know you stick close to home. Have a good time.
  • Guru Larry
    Congrats dude, How are you doing keeping a level though?

    Must admit I'm still on my diet, will be on it for at least another 6 months too if I don't cheat. But this is what I looked like after losing 200lbs: 6hzufqg
  • MasakoX
    It's tough - maintenance isn't easy, but once you get a fair grasp of nutrition, you tend to find an intuition about what's good and what's not so good. It's satisfying, but you do have fluctuations of weight from time to time. S'only natural.

    Good luck with the last leg!
  • Guru Larry
    Ah sweet, thanks! and thanks for the info :D

    I got to ask though surely you treat yourself to the odd burger or pizza once in a while? It's okay to have a treat once in a while isn't it?
  • Victuz
    Congrats Larry. If I might just say, YOUR FEET ARE HUGE! O_o

    What number are you wearing?
  • Guru Larry
    In UK Measurements i'm a size 15-16 which is pretty large yes.

    I went to a shoe shop once, and the clerk had so much trouble finding shoes that fit he said "if these don't fit, I can go home in the boxes!!!" :D
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