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Is 'Eyes Wide Shut' Just Artsy? Doug on Eyes Wide Shut Orgies...sort of
Top 11 Best Avatars (with Dante Basco) Doug Talks Top 11 WORST Avatars
Top 11 WORST Avatar Episodes See NC Editorials Early on Maker
Ghost Rider 2 Cons, Gameshows, Site Issues and More
Does American Beauty Still Hold Up? Autographed Room DVD Winners!

Bum Reviews:


Michael Bay's TMNT Doug Reviews: The Boxtrolls
Guardians of the Galaxy Shut Up and Talk: Lewis Lovhaug
How to Train Your Dragon 2 Making of NC: Ghost Rider 2
Maleficent Adventure Time Vlogs: Joshua & Margaret
X-Men Days of Future Past Adventure Time Vlogs: Nemesis


Brad Jones:

LOTD: The Twilight Zone #1-4 Boyhood
AQLA: Top 15 Night Gallery Segments The Boxtroll & The Equalizer
Cosmic Slam #1 Brad Tries Lay's Do Us a Flavor
Star Trek: First Contact Shock Treatment
Sonic Super Special #7 A Walk Among the Tombstones & The Maze Runner

Team NChick:


Maven: Count Von Count Dirty Dancing 2
Starscream Doggie Doo
BYOA: Scalzi Angel Dog 2
BYOA: Lindsay Ribar & The Fourth Wish EZ Comb
BYOA: S2E8: The Outline X Files 2

Todd In The Shadows:

Angry Joe:

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor Destiny Review
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift The Last of Us PS4 Review
Cinemadonna: Who's That Girl Godzilla Review
Cinemadonna: A Certain Sacrifice Amazing Spiderman 2 Angry Review
Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede AJ Plays M&M: Duel of Champions


Film Brain:

Gunsmith Cats The Boxtrolls
Sol Bianca The Legacy Pride (2014)
Space Adventure Cobra The Guest
Lily C.A.T. Before I Go To Sleep
Dark Cat The Longest Week



iDiot BZ - Teenage Mutant Ninja Tubtles
Super-Size Embalming With Fries BZ - Galaxy Warriors Beasts
A Link to the Crash The Grudge
O Bajingo, Where Art Thou? Bootleg Zones: Galaxy Warriors
Come On Baby, "Like" My Fire MKC: The Serpent and the Ice


Obscurus Lupa:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Baywatching: Shark Derby
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 9-10 Baywatching: Eclipse
Music Movies Outtakes! Episode 5-8 Allison & Phelan Try Durian and Toxic Waste
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 7-8 Baywatching: Snake Eyes
Music Movies Outtakes! Episode 1-4 Baywatching: Muddy Waters

Blockbuster Buster:

Flash Gordon with Linkara A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 23
Top 10 Star Trek Nemesis Nitpicks Shit People Who Comment on Hagan Reviews Say
Tarzan 3D The Zero Theorem
Wickerman A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 22
Evil Dead 2013: Pros n' Cons A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 21

Rap Critic:


Goin' Off with RC and Mues #3 Accursed Farms: Freeman's Mind: Episode 60
Whatta Man by Salt N Pepa Oancitizen: Beauty and the Beast (Part 3)
Goin' Off with RC and Mues #2 Leon Thomas: Mulholland Drive (Parts 1 & 2)
Anaconda by Nicki Minaj Accursed Farms: Freeman's Mind: Episode 59
Podcast: Goin' Off with RC and Mues #1 Oancitizen: Beauty and the Beast (Part 2)

Inked Reality:

Blistered Thumbs:

Last Angry Geek: You Know Who - Time Heist Lotus: Neverending Nightmares 1-2
Vangelus: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style Shaun K: Xbox 360 Retrospective
Vangelus: V-Build - Construct-bots Dino Riders AWD: E-Heroes - The Manhole
MasakoX: BFT - Predator vs Digimon ChaosD1: MMO Grinder: Onigiri
LAG: You Know Who - Listen Guru Larry: WATCH_DOGS: Bad Blood Review

New Guys:


iRawss: The Simpsons Guy - Comedism Lesbian Talk: Episode 72: Found Footage Lesbian
iRawss: GH: Bruce Almighty (with Namio) Word Funk: Dead Holograms
Beth E: Shark Jumping - New Fall Shows Part 1 Nerd to the Third: Ep. 129: Weapon Brown
Sursum Ursa: Stuff You Like: Labyrinth - 2nd Look Lesbian Talk: Episode 71: Puntable Turkeys
Rantasmo: Death Becomes Her Needs More Gay Word Funk: Bambino

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