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Does American Beauty Still Hold Up? See NC Editorials Early on Maker
Princess Diaries 2 Cons, Gameshows, Site Issues and More
WYNKA - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Autographed Room DVD Winners!
Small Soldiers A Farewell to Justin Carmical (JewWario)
Top 11 Trailers Signed Disaster Artist Winner

Bum Reviews:


Michael Bay's TMNT Shut Up and Talk: Kyle Hebert
Guardians of the Galaxy Korra Vlogs: Season 3 Finale
How to Train Your Dragon 2 Making of NC: Small Soldiers
Maleficent Doug Reviews Sin City 2
X-Men Days of Future Past Nostalgia Critic Does Ice Bucket Challenge


Brad Jones:

SCI-Spy #6 November Man & As Above, So Below
HOPR: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Sin City 2 & Dr Who
Marvel Super Special #17: Xanadu Brad Tries Chatterbox Beer
RIFF: Graffiti - Fun or Dumb? Sharknado 2: The Second One
LPPO: Episodes 23 and 24 Brad Tries The State Fair 2014

Team NChick:


BYOA: Scalzi A Week on the Baby Food Diet Day 7
BYOA: Lindsay Ribar & The Fourth Wish A Week on the Baby Food Diet Day 6
BYOA: S2E8: The Outline A Week on the Baby Food Diet Day 5
BYOA: S2E7: Shades of Rage A Week on the Baby Food Diet Day 4
Game of Thrones S4E10 A Week on the Baby Food Diet Day 3

Todd In The Shadows:

Angry Joe:

Cinemadonna: Who's That Girl The Last of Us PS4 Review
Cinemadonna: A Certain Sacrifice Godzilla Review
Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede Amazing Spiderman 2 Angry Review
Cinemadonna: Shanghai Surprise AJ Plays M&M: Duel of Champions
Cinemadonna: Desperately Seeking Susan Elder Scrolls Online Review


Film Brain:

Lily C.A.T. Hector and the Search for Happiness
Dark Cat The Inbetweeners 2
Tokyo Revelation What If (AKA The F Word)
Sage is Going to Mythicon 2014 Step Up - All In
Fatal Fury: Double Impact Drive Hard



Come On Baby, "Like" My Fire Lion and the King Part 2
The Dark Side of LEGO Lion and the King Part 1
Fish Plays Pokemon TMNT 2014 Rant
I Need That Lady's Leg MMZ: Hercules Figures
Mr. Derp Goes to Washington Beauty and the Beast Part 2


Obscurus Lupa:

Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 7-8 Baywatching: Snake Eyes
Music Movies Outtakes! Episode 1-4 Baywatching: Muddy Waters
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 5-6 Moon of the Wolf
Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness Parts 3-4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
Dick Tracy Lupa Q&A

Blockbuster Buster:

Evil Dead 2013: Pros n' Cons A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 20
Top Voice-Over Actors Vol. 3: The Revenge A Quick Guide to Classic Who Season 19
Tim Burton's Planet of The Apes Dark Dungeons
Totally Tubular Turtle Tribute Guardians of the Galaxy
Robocop 2014: Pros n' Cons The Purge: Anarchy

Rap Critic:


Podcast: Goin' Off with RC and Mues #1 Leon Thomas: Inception (Parts 1 & 2)
Top 5 Worst Lyrics - Aug 2014 Accursed Farms: Freeman's Mind: Episode 58
Studio by Schoolboy Q ft. BJ the Chicago Kid Leon Thomas: Monsters and Sex
Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio feat. L.V. Leon Thomas: A Clockwork Orange (Parts 3 & 4)
Ridin by Chamillionaire CR: Becky (Tailspin)

Inked Reality:

Blistered Thumbs:

Suede: Fire and Ice Smarty: DAH - The Derp Crew (2/2)
LAG: You Know Who - Deep Breath Lotus Prince: Galerians: Ash 4-6
MasakoX: Moe-tan Shaun K: Fall of the Tomb Raider?
LAG: Sinestro # 1- 3 Lotus Prince: Galerians: Ash 1-3
Suede: God Out Of The Machine Guru Larry: Tetris: The Board Game

New Guys:


Rantasmo: The Wizard of Oz Needs More Gay Weekly Manga Recap: Mayuri OP
SGIK: Some Fitness I Know Word Funk: Word Funk: Justice Warriors
Chris Stuckmann: Steel - Hilariocity Review Lesbian Talk: Episode 68: Defending the New Doctor
iRawss: Good Hook: Boys of Valor Nerd to the Third: Ep. 125: The End of Studio Ghibli?
Sursum Ursa: Stuff You Like 101: Clueless Word Funk: Johnny's Cheese Party

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