Suede Retrospective: FFVII Advent Children (Now with Commentary!)

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  • Cloudcutter
    Suede! ur back! tell us what wisdom you bring from the great beyond!
  • vecaapezha
    Final Fantasy sivn.
  • yourworstnightmare
    Suede, you have been missed!

    Nibelheim is actually a reference to Norse mythology. Nifelheim is the Realm of Cold in Norse mythology (which is close to the Hel's Realm, the Realm of Death). There are actually another Norse refrence in FFVII, Midgar is obviously a reference to Midgard, the Realm of Men.
  • Crudblud
    Nibelheim seems more like a Wagner reference to me, given that the name is a verbatim copy of Nibelheim, the home of the nibelungs in Der Ring des Nibelungen, as opposed to the Norse cold/mist realm of Niflheim.
  • Vageryn
    Great to see you back Suede! Great review and finally a critic that thinks Final Fantasy VIII wasn't that bad.

    I loved FF VII when I was younger and still enjoy it for nostalgic reasons, but my older self see's a lot wrong with it today. I don't think it's the best like so many fanboys/girls but it did set a benchmark for the industry console wise. PC games were using 3D graphics and cut scenes before VII. Also Super Mario RPG was pseudo 3D as well, in fact the in game graphics were better than FF VII. It was still Square though.

    I liked parts of this movie, but it was over all a disappointment. The ending is what really ruined it for me. I know they brought back Sephiroth for the fans, but it was bad move.

    Great AMV at the end. I'll never be able to look at this movie the same way again.
  • The Magical Screee
    I always thought it was "One-Winged Dove," too...
  • Maiyrhia
    Oh, man... I've never seen Suede before, and you were off to a rocky start to begin with, dissing one of my FAVOURITE movies. I, for one, could, given at least three hours and plenty of snacks, explain the entire plot of everything FFVII related. It does make sense. ... I'll grant you that the movie doesn't make sense. Nor, in fact, is the sense to be found in the games. Square REALLY could have explained it better.

    I loved the movie. I watched this review, wondering if it'd be any good. I wanted to give Suede a chance, insulting FFVII aside.

    ... I think I'm a fan. I'll definitely be checking out his later work. *nod*
  • dennett316
    "pfft pfft...stupid fringe!"

    For some reason, that line made me laugh a lot.
    First Suede review I've seen, and it was very good. Slightly shakey at the start as if you were forgetting your lines a little, but Brad did that in his earlier videos too so it doesn't bother me.
  • EvilAshTwin
    I think I must of joined this site either right before or right after Suede's departure. As such I never got a chance to watch his videos before now. Watching this video of Advent Children prompted me to watch a few of his other video's to see if they were just as funny and entertaining. I'm happy to say that I thought they were. As such Im very eagerly awaiting new content from Suede and am glad his hiatus is over.
  • Dark Crow I  - Good Commentary
    The version of the Film Advent Children Complete is a much more full story. I would love it if now that you are back you could watch the film and give a review on the far superior version of the film.
  • aca85
    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :) Suede is back! :D Good on you m8
  • mondluchs
    Nice review :)

    I for myself am a huge fan of Final Fantasy 7 (though I'm not good at being a fanboy). I even bought the movie - and it was okay for me, maybe because I wasn't expecting anything. I mean, I've read a 40 paper essay on the story, the characters, the symbols etc. in FF7 which had some nice ideas (for example: Jenova is a perfect illusionist who can by being set free create an image of Cloud's nemesis - though his reaction in the movie WAS too bland ;)).

    I for myself will always remember the scenes of the game: the bloody Shinra headquarter, the first time on the world map, the numbness (in me and in game!) after Aeris' death... THIS is Final Fantasy to me, will always be. :)
  • KurasuSoratobu
    The infamous Suede! :D Good to have you back. I'm deeply in respect of your work as a Missionary, and even *more* in respect of your being able to come back to that you love after two years (and more) away. I loved this review, for the record, and I was in total agreement with it. It was good eye candy, and I'd watch it again, but I didn't pay money to watch it and wouldn't do so.
  • Chuster  - Welcome back!
    I hope you stay a lot of time between us :D
  • lordsathien
    After the big fight between Cloud and Reborn Sephiroth, when he's falling and reverting to Kadaj I remembering saying out loud "Oh yeah, THAT guy;" I'd completely forgotten about Kadaj because of the big fight sequence.

    Glad to hear you're back.
  • WhitestShadow
    Great to have you back Suede cant wait to see your next video, bye the way I thought Vincent from FF7 reminds me a lot of Alucard from Hellsing.
  • Doresh
    Nice commentary! Boy, do I love this review ^^ !

    Rufus' early reveal is REALLY stupid. All those fan theories for naught. They either added this scene much later to lenghen the movie, or they honestly thought we'll care about how disfigured he's become - as if that would ever happen in a JRPG...

    I honestly don't like Cloud's new sword very much. I don't really get why these weapons or single pieces of armor you see in modern games and movies just have to be made up of dozens of different parts (like Iron Man's armor, the helmet in Dead Space and Sulu's folding Katana in the new Star Trek - cause ALL Japanese apparently use Katana, even in the future). There's a good reason why nobody has ever done this: All those pieces mean lots and lots of weak points - something you DO NOT WANT in your weapon or helmet. Why the hell would you want a big sword with storage space for smaller swords, anyways? Wouldn't it make much more sense to have a single BIG sword made of a single piece of metal?

    And Kadaj's sword only makes sense if he would use it to catch his opponent's blade (ignoring the fact that katana blades are not durable for that kind of action). But he never tries to do it (even though the blades are so far apart that he could even catch Cloud's sword). Instead, he uses this backhand style that really only makes sense if you are a blind samurai.

    As for the cloth transformation: Maybe Kadaj and Sephiroth are naked, and the leather is part of their evil Genova DNA XD ?
  • jioan
    Never leave me again!
  • Kaiju-Z
    Ah, that was very, very wonderful, Suede. can't wait for your new review you mention on Twitter o u o
  • Mz Doom
    I bought the Japanese DVD while I was visiting Japan back in 2005. I'm ashamed that I got carried away with the hype. I fast forward through all the plot points now, just to see the cool fights.

    Loved the Rocky Horror at the end, it goes with the movie really well.

    BTW, I thought that there was some sort of healing materia in the water from Aeris that had somehow infused in the water and now was a cure-all for the virus.
  • Genesis375
    I loved this move, so much so, I paid £50 to import the complete version with supper 5 day shipping so I could have it months before it was released outside of Japan. Fandom aside I know it's not that grate of a movie (even though it is one of my all time favourite movies) for non fans especially since it doesn’t explain some of the key elements; like the magical healing water is not plain water but actually Aerith's Lv 4 limit break Great Gospel. This leads to me providing heavy exposition when showing this film to friends.

    That been said most of the issues were fixed in the complete version we get a more in-depth look at geostigma, you get more scenes not knowing who Rufus is (1 or 2), see more of the whole Turk team, shown more scenes with Zack (taken pretty much straight from Crisis core), A little more information about Clouds relationship with Denzel and a big improvement to the final battle. So I would recommend giving it a watch if you haven’t already.

    This is the first Suede review I’ve ever seen but like Spoony's reviews of the Final Fantasy games I really enjoyed it even though I’m a huge fan and am looking forward to more :D
  • link77
    First review I've seen from Suede!! I will openly admit that it was this movie (or the Cloud/Sephiroth fight) that got me into the FF series. I kinda liked the movie to, even though I was confused as hell.
  • UKAlex
    The film was below terrible, and anyone who said you were wrong should kill themselves... that is all.

    You SHOULD play III (VI), though...

    Best FF list:

    1. III (VI)
    2. VII
    3. I & II joint
    4. IX

    That's pretty much it...

    XIII was underrated; at least, the characters and plot were alright, even if the game-play was lacking... (honourable mention from me.)

    VIII was a VERY low honourable mention (and I can understand why people dismiss it altogether); only because, like all FF games, the core elements to the game-play were there.

    The very worst game was X-II. Dud.
  • TheGodEmperor
    Wrong, the best is, without a doubt, FFIX :P hell, even the creators of FF (Sakaguchi, Nobou, etc) admit it is their personal favorite of the series.

    XIII could have been a LOT better, but it wasn't god awful.

    VIII is terrible.. just terrible. The only thing good about it was the music and the world had a cool setting (story, characters, and gameplay sucked, though admittedly the gameplay was cool in theory, shitty in execution)

    X-2 had fun gameplay, that was it (the rest of it was "meh")

    XII imo was the god awful worst of the bunch. Everything about it was bad : well, running around the world exploring was kinda fun, but even then that's not enough.

    Ah well.
  • rockybalboa211
    Finally, a nice counterpart to Benzaie!
    I hope a Welshy/Sad Panda relationship is in the works here!

    For me it is like this:
    1. Final Fantasy 3,4,& 6 (tied)
    2. Final Fantasy 7
    3. Final Fantasy 1/2
    4. Final Fantasy 9
    5. Final Fantasy 8
    I don't care about any other Final Fantasy game. (I never played Chrono Trigger)
    Yet, I did love the graphics in Final Fantasy 13.
    There is a video game heaven?
    "Look there's a gay guy, with Mother issues" HAHAHA Hilarious!

    HEY!! Chester would take considerable offense to being called this movie!
  • Tactlesscat
    Um...question on the Rufus thing...WHO THE HELL ELSE DID YOU THINK THE TURKS WOULD BE WORKING FOR EXACTLY!? They aren't freelance! Not to mention the reveal was less that it was Rufus and more that Rufus wasn't as horribly disfigured as being caught in an exploding collapsing building would have made him.

    And yes, they're supposed to be irredeemably evil and whiny, they're SEPHIROTH'S REMNANTS. Sephiroth is not a good dude. Oh yeah he started out as SOLDIER hero herp a derp but he was a demon angel alien anti-christ by the end of the original game, crazy and batshit and darkside beyond redeemability, coocoo for Jenova Puffs! And these three were basically made from him pissing in the Lifestream. I ain't giving them my sympathy even if they did have a "well they ain't so bad" scene slapped on.

    They go to Nibelheim to advance the plot. That isn't "no reason". There was a pretense for them going there I am pretty damn sure. Probably something about the Reactor and Sephiroth.

    Also: Cloud Emo- YES! YEEEEES! THIS SO MUCH! And although the bit you actually referenced with the Sailor Berret thing was actually Cloud when he thought he was Zack, yeah Cloud does have a sense of humor. Cloud was never emo even after Zack's "spirit" left him, he was just introverted and stern, if anything, during the latter part of the game after Aerith's death!
    Yet Nomura, in his infinite fucking wisdom because they keep letting a shitty character designer help write, decided "oh let's make him more bluh bluh huge wimp" because apparently that makes him MORE RELATEABLE. Except fuck that, I don't want a character that's relateable, I'm playing a video game, I want a character who's a role model for something I can never accomplish!

    And no, Rufus was always Blonde, just in the game his hair is like Crayon Yellow Blonde, where as in AC it's Platinum Bleach Blonde because the faded "realistic" coloring on AC beat everyone in the face with their palette.


    Sephiroth's clothes changed because MAGNETS :|
  • TheGodEmperor
    Tseng never explicitly died in FFVII. He was wounded at the top of the pyramid thing and could easily have gotten out... hell...

    "Many fans took Tseng's appearance in the Temple of the Ancients to be his death due to a mistranslation. Elena later accuses Cloud of "doin' in her boss", implying Tseng died from his injuries. However, this is a mistranslation, and the PC version of the game has Elena saying Cloud "messed my boss up", which is a more accurate translation."
  • dirk123
    Now for Suede to review the extra scenes in Advent Children Complete :P
  • UKAlex  - Er..?
    '...the reveal was less that it was Rufus, and more that Rufus wasn't as horribly disfigured as being caught in an exploding collapsing building would have made him.'

    Well, that's still fucking lame..! @.@ You'd have to be, like, 2 to find that inkredibles!

    'Now for Suede to review the extra scenes in Advent Children Complete.'

  • C.O.C.O.
    I have 3 problems with Advent Children.

    1.) It makes NO sense if you haven't played the game.

    2.)Why did Square-Enix or whoever made this movie feel like they didn't need to sync the mouth movements in a major production? It's always bothered me! This is CG not live-action! Change it, dammit! You did it for Kingdom Hearts!

    3.) Why is everyone so pretty? More of a personal gripe but everyone is so bishi.
  • Animeking1108
    Did you ever see Advent Children Complete? Of course, if that question was answered in the commentary, I'm going to feel like an idiot for not sitting through it.
  • Williams  - argdfdjfhjhfghfsd fasdajhsfjksd
    I've hated this movie for fucking years. I'm glad someone finally gave it cold and hard Justice.
    But I must admit, when this movie came out, I was only a little kid. I watched my older brothers play the game from time to time, and I called myself a fan because I enjoyed watching it, but I was so tiny I could barely read at the time. When this movie came out, I was just like, "Hey, Final Fantasy!" and picked it up immediately. I barely remembered anything about the game's storyline and I was confused as bleeding hell.
    But I was a little kid. Because of this stupid movie, I called myself Yuffie for a year or two without even knowing her origins. I just saw her for two minutes in this fucking movie and immediately claimed that title. At the time, I also loved Final Fantasy X-2. Paine was my favorite. Ah, geez.. Painfully embarrassing pasts of stupid children.
  • ldelany
    It is so awesome to see your commentary XD ! It is good to have you back on the site!
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