Animenia - Mewtwo Returns

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Title Card by Greg Sepelak. View his DA profile here!

Comments (128)
  • JCubbs
    yes, always love these. and a good movie two boot
  • DarknessFallz  - Yes
    I hate Pokemon but I love Suede's Animenia
  • AaronJer
    I'm going to take that to mean that Pokemon and Suede both suck, just to be contrary.
  • LikaLaruku
    X & Y are coming out, so you'll likely be encountering a lot of Pokemon stuff until mmmm.. Comes out around Halloween...lot'a people will get it for Xmas...New Years.

    I saw a video of Mewtwo transforming into it, I just don't know what it's called yet.

    Both voices are too goddamn deep.

    If I remember correctly Nidoking can breed with Nidorina & Nidoqueen can breed with Nidorino. Pedo-lol.

    I don't expect much intelligence from the characters. I mean look at Okido/Oak. In the game, he couldn't even remember his grandson's name. The one he lives with.

    If anyone wants to watch the movies or series in Japanese with english subtitles, try AnimeCrazy. I'm sure the DVD has that option, but I'm sure 4kids gave it a heavily edited inaccurate translation job too. Actually, you can probably watch them legally on the official Pokemon site too; just change the country to Japan.
  • Undertaker91
    Its still Mewtwo, just a new form for it. Wait, you use AnimeCrazy too? whats your username? I'm Undertaker
  • LikaLaruku
    You mean like Castform, Deoxys,& Burmy?

    Not registered, but I use the exact same username on every site.
  • Dracologist
    It's amazing, but you have immediately risen in the ranks of this website to be one of my top favorite reviewers. Thank you Suede.
  • Dude
    I'm guessing you are new to this site as I remember Suede when he was on the site before he left. He was awesome then and he is awesome now
  • Furrama
    God bless you for that Evangelion joke.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Yeah I was confused at first, but when I got it, I thought it was pretty funny. He even does the pose! (-:
  • LikaLaruku
    I loved the Wickerman joke.

    & this one...

    Mewtwo: "Ash, I haven't been entirely honest with you....We've met before."
    Ash: "Huh?"
    Mewtwo: "Yes, I even killed you."
    Ash: "Huh?!"
    Mewtwo. "It's okay...You got better."
    Ash: "Oh."
  • JMDarkly  - Anyone else catch this?
    That was a good joke and all. But am I the only one who thought Suede sounded a little...pedo with his Mewtwo impression?
  • ColeYote
    Wow, two in a one month period! Really picking up the pace here.

    I kid, I kid, I love these reviews and you can take as long as you want with them. I'd comment on the actual video, but Blip's decided it hates me again.
  • keniakittykat
    No kidding, it took me almost half an hour to load it properly (other sites and video formats work awesome, but blip is just a bitch sometimes...)

    And a by the way, straight to dvd? I had this on VHS. And by 'having it on vhs' I mean I used to rent this all the time from the videostore on vhs, buying it for a few euro's when they got rid of their vhs tapes a few years ago.
  • trlkly
    That doesn't mean it didn't come out on DVD and VHS at the same time. They used to do that, just like they do DVD and Blu-ray nowadays.

    While they were rare, there were even VHS/DVD combo packs!
  • ColeYote
    Blip's working again. Yay!

    Eh, the Nidoqueen/Ryhorn babbies are hardly the worst inconsistency the anime had with the games. No, that would be Ash and his Pikachu being Jesus.

    Why do the characters insist on not using their most useful pokemon in situations that require it? GIANT SNAKES ARE GOOD FOR BREAKING THINGS.
  • Nostalgiaoholic87652
    Great review Suede and your Christopher Walker impression was damn funny.
  • ladydiskette
    *stares at Suede at 3:10*

    Uhhh Suede, by the sound of the Heavenly Choir music, are you having a biblical epic "Jesus" moment here?

    Should I wait until you're done? o.O
  • cannedfury
    Suedeji:"Mewru, why?"
    Mewru:"Because it's my destiny to continue to guest star, even if it may result in the destruction of continuity. But I can also leave this world. Life and death get equal melodrama from me. Dying of arbitrary conflict. That is the one and only absolute freedom there is."
  • MachinusNye
    This was the first Pokemon movie I didn't watch all the way, I think.
    A friend had the DVD when I was a kid, and he played it, but I kept getting bored with it.
    By the time 4Ever had come out, I didn't even care anymore.

    That said, the trailer you showed with Mewtwo returning looked freaking awesome.
  • Autisticwriter
    Great episode Suede,

    I really enjoyed it. I felt very indifference when this movie came out. I didn’t like it nor did I hate it. Also, it was after the third movie I stopped watching the rest of the pokemon movies. Thus, I faded in and out of the series. Like I think my favorite pairing is Ash and Dawn. I originally liked Ash and Misty.

    I know people are going to call me a traitor but I think Ash and Dawn would make a great couple, in my mind. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the Ash and Misty pairing. I never actually liked May and Ash. I don’t know what that was or if there was any episodes that supported that pairing.

    *About Mewtwo’s weird conflict* I think Mewtwo was suffering from injuries due to his involvement of the Super Smash Bros. Melee. Don’t believe me, Super Smash Bros Melee was released one day before this pokemon movie. Look it up. Tell me I am not wrong. Also Mewtwo, Genesect was made artificially but you don’t hear it bitching and moaning. (I use it because legendary pokemon don’t seem to have a gender. Except for a few of them but I am not going to go down the list)

    Actually, I was hoping that Mew would show up in some part of the movie. I only say this because this was a sequel to the first movie and I wanted Mew to appear.

    Nice pokemon Suede. I got two rows of shinies; including a shiny genesect that I got from a random trade. Also, I assume they were trying to appeal to small children by introducing cuter pokemon and even that sounds ridiculous. The first appearance of those small pokemon was the only thing I cared for throughout the movie.

    Is it me or does the water remind me of the senzu beans from Dragon Ball Z.

    Ash, why do you solve all your problems by just tackling things. I never knew Tackle was an option pokemon trainers could use. The only pro besides the mini pokemon I like is that Ash doesn’t remember Mewtwo due to Mewtwo wiping his memories (Still think mind wipe is the second or third cop out to use in a movie. Right up there with the movie being a dream and a cliff hanger)

    30:18 well I think Red would like to have a talk with you in Cerulean Cave, Mewtwo. Don’t worry, you will fit nicely in the master ball where you belong.

    Yea, it wasn’t until years later that I saw that deleted scene. It actually answered that question in the beginning of the first film.
    Now then, let’s see who I can narrow it down to who is going to be the fourth person with Linkara, Suede, and Jewwario. Only time will tell when the fourth person will be revealed but I am assuming she must be JO; however there is a small .01 percent chance it could be another person.
  • webfox100
    YAY REBOOT! and you did have a lot of ads in this one.
  • Athos
    You know, if Mewtwo is your favorite pokemon, you really should consider reading the pokemon adventures manga.

    Just think about it. Red and Giovanni, Mewtwo and Deoxys, locked in epic combat on top of a burning plane on crashing course. They're not shouting orders-- they are telepathically connected to their pokemon. And like the rest of the pokemon adventures series, there are four rules that all trainers are to follow:

    4) Real men ride their pokemon for battle.
    3) Attacking the trainer is always fair game.
    2) Every single word in the pokedex has a practical application in combat.

    and most importantly,

    1) If you happen to be named after a primary color, you're a badass.
  • WhistleAndSnap
    Oh boy. I think I gotta read that manga now.
  • Soul NINJA Star  - I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!
    14:45 - 14:55

    BROOKE FRASER (or technically Brooke Ligertwood, because she got married) REFERENCE FOR THE WIN!!!



    There's Something In The Water!
    Something In The Water!
  • NeoScyther
    Given Mewtwo's voice actor, anytime that Mewtwo gives a speech, am I the only one who expects him to start talking about the heart of the cards or something? :D
  • lilbird
    I half expect that these days, despite knowing what he's talking about is on the other spectrum of the heart of the cards. Dan Green's voice is pretty distracting since he appears to only have a small range of voices (even though I know better than to think that), but it doesn't make it any less epic. Philip Bartlett may be better (English dub), but Dan Green did a good job with Mewtwo here, and I am saddened he is retired from voice acting. The next voice for Mewtwo has big shoes to fill, in my opinion.
  • venkarl
    Oh I do love those Evangelion jokes.
  • Seikjo  - There are only a few things I remember...
    Of this movie, that was the deleted scene, and a few of the more tense moments and the baby clone pokemon. While I think it is a good nitpick that they should be the same as others, what if... mewtwo used his own dna to create them? Its not that much of a stretch and he did want to make superior clones. Plus you can make the argument that since they are clones, they lack the... I guess knowledge of their less evolved forms.

    They were made AS the fully evolved pokemon, so it only lightly stems to reason any children they might have would be the same.
    But onto the deleted scene, I'm not skilled or bored enough to debate fully.

    The scene that was cut from the movie well... it kinda moved me in such a way that made me fall in love with Mewtwo. I remember seeing that and just wanting to go in and hug the big guy. Heck as an adult looking back at that scene I am moved about how one man just wanted his daughter back so much he basically lost his entire life. He realized that he had to let her go, since human cloning is well... maybe it is not time for that. ((but pokemon cloning, yay!...))

    I think it was a little bit of an tip of the hate to Astro Boy, how a man wanted his son back, but realized that whatever he made wouldn't really be totally THAT child he wanted. Their death is still a real thing that happened and even if you make them without the knowledge of dying, and give them all their memories... it just won't really be them. It would be a well a clone.

    So you can understand how Mewtwo acts when he thinks he is not the same as other pokemon and the other pokemon may become hostile towards them. Since they are the same, yet they are still radically DIFFERENT, on a fundamental aspect of their lives. This is never shown, but I think that is the makers fault for that.
  • alex251960
    So...spicy pizza pancakes are a thing. I've been to restaurants that offer it.
  • gotenks6
    There is a small yet significant reference to this special in The Mystery of Mirage Pokemon (the 10th anniversary special coupled with Lucario and the Mystery of Mew)
  • shenlow558
    bar none my second favorite pokemon film with the first being the first.
  • Mothmouth
    I've never seen this one, but I did hear about it. I wonder what the plot to this one is, if Mewtwo really did reform in the first movie?
  • tomrule123  - Ah yes... this movie
    ... that I sadly was disappointed after seeing the film from the DVD (still have the DVD! ... strangely.) Just letting you know to those that haven't seen it: rent or skip it.
    The only thing best about the DVD itself was the 10-minute prologue of the first film (the same prologue that was shown in the Japanese version of the first film.)
    14:45 ... oh yeah, I remember this joke! The only good part of this film1 Should've seen Misty and Brock's reaction's to it, then see Ash! Somehow, I got a kick out of that. Pretty funny.
  • ShadowAlex
    I just realized Giovanni is the same voice as Bakura. "watch out Mewtwo, Florence is back!"
  • walrusclown  - WHAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Jessie, James, and Meowth see that they're "boss" is so cruel and heartless that he's 1 note under being a demon, retain they're memories of the event afterwards, yet are DON'T quite TR afterwards????? this special realley will be the death of us all!!!
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    MP3s? Compressed garbage, that's what they are.

    Also, Ash is a unique human. One of a kind. He never grows up.
  • trlkly
    Not so much because they are compressed, but because (1) everyone always uses such a low bit rate and (2) MP3 compression has been surpassed by a lot.

    However, if you say you can tell the difference between a 320 kbps MP3 and CD quality, you just have fallen for the audiophile hype. It's been scientifically proven that humans can't tell the difference.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    It has also been scientifically proven that you are a poopie face :D

    Replying to this post will scientifically prove that once more.
  • Theozilla01
    Those baby Nidoqueen's annoyed me even as a kid when I saw the movie.
  • Sewblon
    "Where did Mew go?" Suede, you, the Pokemon animated series, and all the questions it raises that will never be answered outside of fanfiction really will be the death of us all.
  • Fiang  - Was that a Neon Genesis Evangelion Reference?

    Yes it was.

    I love you.

    HAVE MY CHILDREN! Just kidding.

    Your Christopher Walken impersonation is both hilarious and spot on, might I add.

    I think I saw another review of this a while back. Yeeeaaah. It wasn't nearly as funny, but it did make me cringe at how badly put together the film was. You reminded me. I don't think I can see this movie all the way through. I'd like to see his origin story, but that's about all the enjoyment I think I can get from it. Also, about the Nidorina thing. The game states she can't breed, but I always thought the game and the anime were two different universes entirely anyway, so does it matter?
  • shoyle  - sandler would be proud
    dat's sum high quality H2O!
  • lilbird
    The title card makes me squee.


    Despite the obvious flaws in the special, I really like it--whether I genuinely like it or it's a guilty pleasure, either way, I enjoy it. The special was what cemented Mewtwo as who he is, and why he's my favorite character in Pokémon. True, he pretty much was whining, and it got annoying at times. "Oh, we are not of this world, we cannot exist. Why am I here? Why are we here? Fellow clones, you are free to speak out if you need to--oh, woe is me for not getting over my cloning blues!"

    I'm sure that if he wasn't always dwelling on it, and instead focused on his clones and their own free will, it would have been a fantastic short. The last few months, I've actually come to the realization that he had this father-like aura about him when it came to the clones. He was never far off from any of them except in a couple of occasions where I'm sure he wanted to be alone for a bit. But otherwise, it was obvious he cared for them, and him over-looking the lake where some of them were swimming by and questioning to himself if he should let them go or not is one of my favorite moments from the special.

    Come to think of it, there was a bit of a thing on parenting in a way during the special. At least when it comes to Rhyhorn and Nidoqueen *coughtotallyshipitcough* , they got very protective when Domino approached their offspring. And the fact the presence of these babies came full circle at the end with Meowth's epic monologue (another favorite scene) helps make a link to this parent-offspring connection. Because it takes a man to be a dad--I mean, I can't think of anything.

    And I'm starting to wonder if the brief religious subtext you were alluding to, Suede, weren't done on accident. Technically, talks of God and Mewtwo's creation of being God's or man's was present from the very beginning of his existence, in the Japanese original anyway. So it coming back around in a more allusion to a Messiah figure kinda makes sense, since his questions of "Who am I? Why am I here?" are common questions everyone has asked at some point--religious or non-religious. And thus I think that's another reason why I enjoy Mewtwo's story so much. Whether it's just me or not, it's very spiritual, and I haven't exactly seen that in the rest of the series since then, even though religious context was briefly mentioned around Diamond and Pearl--game-verse anyway. It may have also been mentioned in the 12th movie as it dealt with Arceus, but I haven't seen that movie yet, so I can't say for sure.

    So... yeah. Long story short: I love Mewtwo and his story, and thus he's my favorite in the entire series. And I am worried about the 16th movie screwing it all up. But that's something else entirely.
  • Pikatwo
    But, but I'm Pikatwo. ;-;
    I really enjoy this review, and all your other Pokemon Reviews, too. I actually enjoyed this movie(It's way better then the first). Mewtwo origins on it was nice, too.

    So is Pikachu & Pichu up next?
  • TheTundraTerror  - Playing the Devil's Advocate
    So, one might wonder why Mewtwo says the Pokémon are outcasts. I think it could have been that the Pokémon didn't grow in the wild, so really couldn't have lived in the wild. When wild animals are domesticated, they tend not to have all the social cues developed. If released into the wild without they traits developed from early childhood, they wouldn't die rather quick.

    Oooooof course, that's not exactly what Mewtwo was getting at but that's how it could have easily been done right.
  • thorondragon
    pigs in the real world adapt extremely quickly from domestication to the wild. insanely rapidly, developing the features of its ancestors, course hair and tusks, in months.

    besides, these clones were supposed to be ehnahcned too. it would mean their greater power would allow them a distinct edge in survival.

    that or mewtwo discovered the Pokerus and that is what he used to enhanced the clones.
  • Bloodrealm
    Peope raise Pokemon in domestication from hatching all the time. They even have a specific designation for those who do. Pokemon Breeders.
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