Animenia - Pokemon: The First Movie

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Original art by Andrew Dickman

Comments (248)
  • LikaLaruku  - Yaaay! Crossover review!
    Sweet, I love long reviews. Go get popcorn...

    Guess nop one told Suedesano that the dress code was "fancy gentlemen."

    Love the animated part with Boobwario there, lol.

    It's a very sciency haircut; he resembles Egon Spengler from Real Ghostbusters, who in turn resembles Daisuke Ido from Gunnm.

    "You have NO IDEA where Japanese kids shows can go." That's sounds like an idea for a special if I ever heard one.

    On "sensitive portrayal of Italians," that just screams "Funimation dubb of Axis Powers Hetalia."

    Pikachu, Mary Sue, Marty Stu, Pika Stu.

    Saw his movie a decade ago. it's more hypocritical & contrived than I remember it.
  • Spacedin
    lol... I guess even Funimation has it's sour apples. :)
  • Kirkeyressa  - Yeah, about Hetalia (and Funi's dub)...
    The dub isn't entirely the one to blame for the... unsensitive portrayal of Italians (or Italy itself, in this rather meta case.)

    Hell, just look at the title. "Hetalia" is a combination of "Hetare" (helpless) and "Italia". So yeah, the name of the series is "helpless Italy". Buuut, at the same time, all the other nations are stereotyped to hell and back, so it's not just Italy who gets picked on, it's everyone (including Japan). That, and none of the countries (or their anthropormorphic personnifications, whatever) are stereotyped hatefully, but rather comedically.

    Same thing goes for the dub. It stereotypes Italy even more (yes, EVEN MORE) but the other countries get the same treatment as well (including Japan. Again). Now, I really like the dub (slightly more than the original *hides in bunker*), since it takes itself even less (yes, EVEN LESS) seriously, but I'll admit it has a few faults (China's accent and Germany's err-- well, you know, it's during WWII and all that so, yeah. Cue the Nazi jokes. A LOT OF THEM. I never once think I'm scream "Oh my God, I get it, you're a Nazi!" at my laptop's screen, but there you go...).

    Wait a minute, good sir/madam/whatever who wrote the original comment... Your argument contains a plot hole (Influenced by Linkara much, Kirkeyressa?)! in the video, it was said that the Japanese were the ones who portrayed Italians stereotypically. But you went and criticized the AMERICAN dub who made the protagonist(did I just call fascist Italy a protagonist? Okay, VILLAIN protagonist, there, that's better. Now only half my soul will go to hell!) even more of a caricature? If anything, you should have criticized the original series to begin with (refer to my argument saying that all countries have their national stereotypes played up for laughs. (Japan Including. Seriously, he has a panic attack after getting hugged...)) or point out that the (American) dub is even more insensitive (though not mean spiritedly so. The series is a lighthearted comedy. Set in WWII. Focusing on the Axis Powers. With a lot of Ho Yay thrown in for good measure. ... Uh... Approach with an open mind?...)

    That doesn't mean I'm forcing you to like the dub (or even the original series). You have your opinion, I have mine, I respect that. The English dub was meant to be a gag dub anyway. And besides, it's not like we lose anything with it existing. Think of it as having two abridged series. Of history. Yeah, works for me...

    (Phew, that was long. And in defence of Axis Powers Hetalia and it's dub, of all things. Also, is it just me, or do I have a parenthesis fetish?)


    Canada? What aboot him, eh? *goes to play hockey on a polar bear while drinking maple syrup*
  • Spritle101
    Oh god....I just realized something...

    Pokemon: The first movie....Hunter x Hunter.
    Cell/Freiza -> Mewtwo -> Meruem.
    Cloned Pokemon -> Chimera Ants.
  • gentleEvan  - Sweet
    Well done brother.
    Oh no another Insano (sweet).
    Oh that animation of you guys is awesome.
    Take a bow boys.
    More crossovers!
    I hate to say it but I did see Pokemon The First Movie on the big screen and yet I enjoyed it. Mostly because I went in with a no expectation thought. I was just wanting to relax. Don't ask me how my mind works .................. because I might tell you. :P
  • Enshidia
    The fact that Suede is such a big fan of my most beloved childhood love is awesome. JewWario's story also makes me love him more.
    Well done guys. I think you'll be going on these for a while, becaue...well...there's a lot of movies.
  • DMaster
    I don't know the exact season count at this point, but there's one movie for each season, and then there were three in between: Mewtwo Returns, which came out during season 4; Raikou: the Legend of Thunder, which was split up in the American dub for the first three episodes of Pokemon Chronicles; and the 10th Anniversary movie, which I dislike so much I refuse to acknowledge it outside of saying it exists. So...yeah, bottom line: n_movie = n_season + 3
  • Undertaker91
    15 if you count #14 being split into 2 movies
  • Furrama
    Ah, so this is what Linkara referred to on Jesuotaku's FMA review when he said, "reviewer dibs". About time!

    Good luck guys trying to "review em all guys", there's a lot of em.
  • rockybalboa211
    JewWaria is sexier than Spoona! :D
    Linkara - Brock
    Suede - Ash
    JewWario - Misty
  • LikaLaruku
    Would you still say that if he hadn't been animated?
  • glaurungthegold
    Majik tears dues ex mackina # 504

    please pardon any spelling errors.
  • ladydiskette
    Evil!Suede is so handsome!
  • McKn33  - Great Video!
    Great Video.
    I was a huge Pokemon fan back during the GBA era. I remember when I was little and my cousin let me play Pokemon Blue on his GameBoy. Loved the show and movies then and today are a guilty pleasure from time to time.
    Good luck with Pokemon 2000.
  • Dr Forrester
    That was really awesome you guys! Really looking forward to hearing about the other movies as I stopped watching after the third one. And don't the Blastoises look suspiciously during the crying scene at the end?
  • TheEpicStickMan
    I am looking forward to the next installment. Very well done.
  • Moon Spirit
    Now this a take of the movie I loved to see. And it's 3 of my favorite reviewers that I couldn't ask for more!

    And yes, this movie is so bad yet I can't turn my nostalgia-meter off for this. It's a guilty pleasure. Can't wait for the 2nd movie review. >w
  • The Straightener
    Over a decade later and I still can't avoid sniffling during poor little Pikachu's resuscitation attempt. But I hope these come out on a sturdy, dependable basis. I haven't seen very many of the movies (or all that much of the anime beyond the requisite childhood amount, for that matter), since I've mostly stuck to the games, so this'll be a magical journey through undiscovered childhood. Can't wait for the next one.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Gentlemen... you have NO IDEA what an AWESOME job you have done...

  • FullmetalNinja25
    I know I'm gonna get some flak for saying this but this was a better review than the Nostalgia Critic's.

    Also.... *ChaosD1 Impression* TEARS DON'T WORK THAT WAY!!!!
  • Moreno X  - FullmetalNinja25
    They don't?

    P.S.: This was a fun review and I'll always like NC's review too.
  • EpicFish
  • SuperNerd137
    YES! The review I have been waiting my whole life for! You guys are awesome. This review made me laugh out loud several times, and satisfied my Super Nerd cravings. Can't wait to see what's in store!
  • Gundam4ever
    This is ironic. I'm actually Test the English of 3DS MMO Pokemon game. It's called Pokemon Grey. It all 3D graphics like in the console games(stadium, Colosseum).
    There is also a new optional battle system that allows you to control the Pokemon directly instead of just calling out orders.trolling.
    The game is due out in Oct 20013
  • Gundam4ever
    The Japanese version of MewTwo's back story with the child made me cry. Also young MewTwo is so cute.
  • gold120k
    I caught the suburban knights reference
  • Eye Carumba
    Me too! Poor J-Dub! All he wants is to define the word "hypocrite" to people!
  • Keiji
    Ok, so, I have known this for a while now, BUT...

    Pokemon are weak as hell. Even the so called "legendary" ones.

    Now, for space I'll only use one extra reference outside this.

    Two of the strongest Pokemon in the world hit ash at the same time with a super powerful attack, he gets healed by tears.

    Now, in a later movie, I think it was somewhere around six, Ash gets hit straight on by a HYPER BEAM.

    As in, one of the strongest attacks in the game. What does he do? Shrugs it off like "hey that's kinda annoying" and tells the guy hey watch where you aim your pokemanz lazor bredt lol, except with actual grammar.

    So, basically, the reason this was barbaric is because Pokemon special abilities do no real harm to each other or people, and only do enough to tire each other out, hence why they don't die. Actual punches actually hurt.
  • Doresh
    You seem to forget that Ash is the Chosen One. Mere Hyper Beams can't scratch him, and he only turned to stone in this movie because that was his plan all along XD
  • Bloodrealm
    The anime isn't the best judge of the destructive force of pokemon. It kind of makes it so they can destroy plenty, except when there is a human in the immediate area.
    I think the reason the pokemon are show in pain is because, in the games, if a pokemon can't use any of its moves, it uses Struggle, which also hurts itself, so Mewtwo made them all use struggle, I guess. It is kind of silly when applied here, however. The Black and White games' plots really handle this a lot better.
  • pinky75910
    Wow, good observation.
  • UchaNekome
    Actually the show, including the movies, are kinda crappy and have plotholes GALORE! However the games are wonderfull and there's not a sign of ash ANYWHERE! You can play as a girl and you can see a significant difference in each pokemon's straigth and weaknesses. The show is not a good representaion of pokemon...
  • php101  - EEEE~
    Every five seconds, you guys, 'fangirl squeal'.
    AWESOME crossover of my FAVOURITE THING!
    I'm so glad you're doing more of these!

    But in the beginning, Suede, dude, there are a hundred-fifty-ONE pokemon. You just reviewed a movie with Mew in it, and you forget to count him? C'mon, man, way to be insensitive! (I'm just kidding. Really.
  • DMaster
    Though to be fair, Mew itself is plenty insensitive, as can be seen here.
  • ST
    I read a transcript for the Japanese version and it seemed like Team Rocket's memories weren't erased, since Mewtwo didn't know they were there and you don't see them floating in the psychic aura with the others.

    That also explains why Ash and the others wake up back at the port, but Team Rocket are still on the island.
  • Shadow64  - thats true, but...
    If they didn't really get their minds wiped at the end, then how come they don't recognize mewtwo or the meowth clone in Mewtwo Returns? Or how come they never told their boss they saw him?
  • ST
    They must have recognised them in the Japanese version or they just forgot on their own.
  • The_Octopus
    This movie looks enjoyably stupid to look back at as an adult. :D Which makes me very sad... why? Because I can not find it for sale on DVD anywhere in Sweden. T~T Looked everywhere - all sold out, and they won't seemingly publish new DVDs with it.
    So why don't I try to find it on eBay or overall outside of Sweden, you ask? I want the swedish dub, plain and simple. Why can't I just download it, you ask? I want it on a original DVD. Why? First of all, it makes me feel I am 100% sure I will always have it. Second, I am a huge DVD collector, and it goes against my own princips to download things.

    Bottomline is - all I want is a copy of this Pokemon movie on DVD with the swedish dub... but appearantly, that is too much to ask for. v_v
    Oh well.... c├ęst la vie. But it's still sad. Especially since I grew up with this movie. It's one of my big childhood memories, back in the days I loved Pokemon. And it just isn't the same if it isn't the swedish dub. God, I'm so sad now...
  • Vismutti
    I have to ask... how did they do the Swedish accents for the viking!TeamRocket in the Swedish dub? :D
  • shadowspider9
    lol. I always thought Mewtwo reminded me of Shadow the hedgehog with the whole created by scientists as a weapon, and then wanting to destroy the world. But know that i know about the scene with the little girl, who looks like a young Maria, I am even more convinced.
  • Damonashu
    Man, I knew about Mewtwo's backstory, but I did not know that Mew was such a troll. I don't know what I approve of more, Mew's trolling, or 4kids' edit. Considering I hate 4kids though, and that moment was hilarious, I think I'll say the former.

    I look forward to the next one.

    Also, obligatory Pokemon Special/Adventure mention because, well, it's awesome.
  • SamusVigilAran  - Oh the Irony
    This might be an accidental double post. not Spam. i had to retype it though

    Huh... how Ironic... I got into Pokemon the same way as J-W... i was introduced to the cards when i was 8 by my Brother In-Law when he gave me a Suitcase full of old cards... 7 years later, i still love it! my first game was Diamond and pearl and my current favorite Pokemon is Zoroark... but nothing NOTHING will ever match my love for the Jhoto Region and Typhlosion~

    Im such a big fan im even writing my own Black and White Fan Fiction (I know im sad) that's very loosely based on the game.

    Anyway great review and i have to say i love that three huge fans were the ones to do it... i liked this movie when i was younger but just like the current show... i hate it~ anyway guys great job... cant wait for the other 15... *Evil Laugh*
  • DMaster
    "nothing NOTHING will ever match my love for the Jhoto Region and Typhlosion"

    Agreed. While I don't know if Typhlosion is my favorite, it is up there, it was my first fully evolved starter from after Generation 1, and I. f***ing. LOVE Johto. Despite all the hate for it in the anime considering it was the first region to drag out for three seasons...I just love it, games, cards, anime, not manga only because I haven't read it yet. Hey, it had the BEST filler, at least give it that!
  • sho_sho_maru
    So in the parallel universe, if Suede is Dr Insuedo, does that mean that Spoony does all the anime reviews? Because THAT would take surrealism to a whole new level :D
  • Athos
    Was that... the dot hack soundtrack over there at the beginning...?
  • Jessica Dufresne
    You bet! Fear from .hack SIGN. (I feel so happy someone noticed! ^^) *High five*
  • Athos
    I dunno, I was kind of like "...did I leave the media player running or something...?"-- A bit of a Kajiura Yuki fan here.

    It was an interesting review. I guess I should've known 4kids would change some stuff around. Very informative.

    Also, Jesse's japanese voice sounds... uncomfortably attractive
  • DMaster
    Further making you wonder why Brock of all people hasn't noticed her...
  • redjirachi
    That always baffled me.

    If you think Mewtwo is dark, wait until you learn about N's life. You know, for kids!

    Mewtwo can't read Giovanni's mind because Giovanni is a Dark type. This is also how he survived, besides being, well, Team Rocket.

    Suede, Electric IS effective against Rock.
  • Bloodrealm  - Never thought about Mewtwo and N...
    I know, right? Not just N, but Black and White as a whole are so much more mature than the plots of the other games, not to mention there's more plot as a whole in them. I really think someone could make a masterpiece adapting it into a T-rated manga or anime... with the actual game characters, not Ash. Black and White really seem to be acknowledging all the passionate fans they have who have enjoyed Pokemon through several generations of the games (My first, of course, was the classic Red version! :3).
  • TheRolesWePlay
    You might wanna check out the Pokemon Adventures manga then. It's significantly darker than any of the other media, and has an interesting story.
    (Warning: It has a set continuity so some of the later arcs can get confusing, though they do reset with Protagonists at the start of each new generation.)
  • Noek
    Oh my God it is so much better remember how they reverse the effect of them becoming stone in that
  • yamao
    I'm looking forward to the less talked about movies mainly 3 & 4, 3 because it was the last one in theaters in the west and the only pokemon movie I owned which left me with some loathing of it, despite finding it visually interesting. And 4 because it's probably my favorite and the last one I saw when it got a dvd release and not just happened to see while flipping through the tv channels 15 minutes in. But very great and I love that it is primarily analysis.
  • DMaster
    3 and 4 were both very good. 3 is probably my favorite of the bunch and it's likely on my list of top 100 favorite movies (haven't formally tabulated, just an estimate). The only good movie from the current dub actors (that I've seen) was #9, I'm interested to see that well as the absolutely dull #7. Please guys, recommend to skip that one, it is POINTLESS.
  • Shadow64
    which one was 7 again?
  • TheRolesWePlay
    #7 is Destiny Deoxys. Which while it has an awesome fight between the fan favorite Rayquaza and Deoxys it suffers from horrible pacing.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    4 and 5 got limited theatrical releases, actually.
  • Teraunce  - 4 got a theatrical release
    I remember that much. parents took my little sister and i to see it on her birthday. And I live in the middle of nowhere. 5 Is interesting to say the least, and there are some interesting fanfics out there from that movie.
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