Top 11 American Anime

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  • Jackass Mask

    I agree with most of this list. Two items are ones I cannot go with.

    The first is Calamity Jane, though this is only because I have not seen it. I will endeavor to familiarize myself with this interesting looking series. And I will probably end up hating how few episodes there are to enjoy.

    The second is Ben much hate. I'll admit that it's a cartoon for youngsters, but I actually enjoyed the first series. Then came Ben 10: Alien Force. I could go into ALL the reasons I hate this series, but then I wouldn't leave any room on the comments page for others.

    Anyway, once again, welcome back. I look forward to more excellent videos in the future.

    P.S. Nice split screen.
  • Fangheart
    Alien Force wasn't THAT bad. first series was better, much better, mostly because it was lighthearted and not trying to be all "mature and serious" like A.F. but the new aliens were cool.......well, most of them. haven't watched a single episode of Ultimate Alien, but the premise sounds quite interesting, although the way their going about it does not seem interesting, it seems like more of the same.

    When I saw the title for this vid I was actually worried that you weren't gonna do A.T.L.A. and if you didn't then I would have to hunt you down, take the Samurai sword and shove it.......well, you DID include Avatar, so there's no real point in ending this sentence.....
  • Vampire_Space_NinjaThe3rd
    I didn't like Af or UA because they kind of just screwed the entire concepts of the plumbers and the forever knights and made them both bland and useless. Spoiler. Like with the forever knights, in AF, it turns out that they don't want the technology for their own purposes to maybe try and take over the world, of course, but actually want the tech to kill an alien dragon. Yeah, let's go ahead and kill what we don't know about and are afraid o learn about. And after that episode, the dragon thing never comes up again. Ever. And as for the plumbers, they changed that from being an earth society to keep alien influence away from earth to space cops. I kind of preferred the complexity with earth protectors rather than space cops myself. There is more to rant on, but I will save that for a review.
  • Jackass Mask
    Indeed sir. And don't get me started on Kevin.
  • Fangheart
    you mean how they turned him into Twitard Chow? I actually just noticed that, but yeah, Kevin is pretty much the same person as Superboy from Young Justice, I and I already knew that show (and especially that character) was aimed at that dumbass demographic who have so much brain damage that they think "eternal agonizing misery and pain" is sexy.

    and I don't care what anybody says about the other parts of the show, I STILL think all the new aliens are cool. even their ultimate forms......even though "Ultimate form" doesn't really make a lot of sense from a biological point of view, but they're still cool damn it!
  • Arike475
    avatar: the last airbender was #1?
    my god, who would have guessed it ~sarcasm~
    ben 10 was awesome(original series only)
    Teen Titans Was awesome
    Batman beyond Was Fucking Epic
    megas xlr was a great show but i didnt think it would be on this list

    although at the end i was wondering, Where was Xiaolin Showdown?
    im guessing you didnt watch it because it was practically an anime
    (and was awesome, dont forget that)

    great to have you back suede!
    im glad anime just has one more voice for it on this site
  • ladydiskette
    Oh my god.....A Transformer comic with Spider-man in it!?!?!?

  • Falcovsleon20
    Alien Force was trying to be mature and serious? Could've fooled me.
  • BIRA
    Very good review Suede. Altrought I would like to know what does exactly make an animation an anime? Is it the big eyes and the visual style? Or is it with the story and etc?
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Okay, as both a cartoonist and a die-hard cartoon fanatic, I'll fill you in on terrible, dark secret that fans of either genre would do anything to keep it from being openly known. Are you ready?

    They're the same thing.

    Yeah, I'm not kidding. They're the same thing. They're both forms of entertainment using animated inanimate objects as their medium. Amazing, ain't it? All this fuss and hoohah over who has the better shows and they're the same thing deep down.

    Of course, I kid. Though it is true that the word "anime" is actually a French word (Yes, French. The Japanese took it from them) for animation. In Japan, they call our cartoons "anime" just as they call their own. However, outside of the Land of the Rising Nosebleeds, the term has come to be exclusively used to refer to their animation.

    This is where it gets complicated with peoples' definitions. It seems all of the "cool" people want to try and define the shows and comics they like as anime and manga respectively in order to feel more grown-up about their tastes and interests. Personally, I think it's silly and, as a pet peeve I picked up from a Japanese friend of mine, I generally refer to cartoons and comics by those terms no matter what country they come from. However, the general consensus seems to be that an "anime" is a cartoon of Japanese origin that is primarily targeted toward an older audience than small children or a cartoon from a different country that tries to be a cartoon of Japanese origin that is primarily targeted toward an older audience than small children.

    But in the end? They're both the same.
  • BIRA
    Very informative, thank you.
  • fanis01  - anime
    anime is the style of animation it is usually the closest thing to human an animated character can be some notable forms of anime being slowly introduced to younglings was jessica rabbit in the film 'who framed roger rabbit' despite the fact that the body can not exist and then there is a few other forms of disney where although it is their form of animation it does have a distinct anime style to it. sorry for the lecture
  • MyAssIsJack  - First and third. good stuff.
    3rd series is a LOT better then the second, with the return to the light hearted humor, and Kevin not being an asshat.
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet
    I sort of agree with Jackass Mask on this though, Ben 10 is... mediocre at best. Even with the revitalization, which was a significant improvement, it still made me "meh". It definitely isn't the worst thing on Cartoon Network (Adventure Time, come on down!) but it certainly doesn't deserve such huge praise.

    Now this is bugging me, Suede, where exactly is there hate for Teen Titans? That's a shame really, if what you said is true. Teen Titans was literally the first thing my sister and I watched when my family got cable installed. I've loved that show for ages, for multiple reasons. Not the least of which was my awkward preteen boy crush on Starfire. Aside from that, which I'm sure is not exclusive to me, I liked it because pretty much every character is awesome. Especially Robin. He changed from "No problem-o Batman," to a slightly angsty but incredibly badass ninja. The humor was genuinely funny, the fights were epic, what was scary was actually scary (Puppet King still creeps me right the f*** out), and heartwarming moments felt, well, heartwarming. All this to say, it should have been a bit higher on the list. I'd go so far as to say it was better than Samurai Jack, and since the rating system is gone, I'm going to: It was better than Samurai Jack. :P

    Otherwise, I pretty much agree with the picks. Granted, it's your opinion, so me questioning the picks amounts to nil really.

    The video is excellent - the split screen thing was especially well done - and most importantly, welcome back!
  • Dark Crow I  - Batman Beyond
    I just want to point out one thing Suede and it is kind of a nitpick. In the episode Epilogue of Justice League Unlimited it makes it very clear why Terry McGinnis looks nothing like his father. Seriously if you just watch that one episode you get an awesome conclusion to the Batman Beyond series as well.
  • Undertaker91
    thank you, ive never heard about that so i looked it up. all i got to say is wow, its a big twist but it explains so much
  • ladydiskette
    Welcome back Suede, I never used to watch your videos in the beginning but I just had to check at least one of them out since you returned.

    Loved the goatee by the way. Dare I say it, very sexy. :)

    So, is the suit and tie your new review appareal in place of the suede jacket I take it, or did you feel like dressing up for the occasion?
  • Smarty  - YES!
    The inner fanboy has awoken!

    *watches patiently as video loads when should be editing*
  • knightsofthecircle
    Does it seem appropriate that I was listening to the Chariots of Fire theme while stumbling upon this?

    Yes, yes it does.
  • FullmetalNinja25
    2 years and 6 Months was a long time but it was damned well worth it, welcome back Suede. :)

    I personally would've ranked Teen Titans above Megas XLR but that's just me.
  • axlryder
    welcome back
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    I've never seen any of your videos before, but I will be sure to remedy that now. You are just freaking hilarious.

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who remembers Calamity Jane, since I'm sure I was one of the only kids who watched what few episodes we got in the states.

    The pronunciation of Ra's Al Ghul's name in Batman Begins irked me too. Worse so when you try to explain to your brothers and sisters just why it irks you so.

    Gargoyles. Nuff said.

    I dismissed Avatar when I first heard about it too, and since I didn't have cable back when it was on, I never had the opportunity to give it a chance anyway. I borrowed the complete series from my nephew a few months back and well...I was just as shocked as you were. Especially when I was worried for most of the second season about Appa.


    Great job, I expect more of the same in the future!
  • fanis01
    it really sucks seeing as how people would be as unsatisfied in general because there were only thirteen episodes in total. but yes, the legend of calamity jane is a good show. I actually have a charcoal/pastel drawing from art class on my wall of the title character
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    Uh, why would it be lazy of you to make a Top 11 List? Aren't those sometimes the hardest to make espiecally if you aren't just going with intros but actually using the real shows themselves for clips?

    Good list though. I have heard of most of these series (Calamity Jane only kind of but I'm familar with the rest of them, even in Rusty And The Boy Robot's case only through more of it's commericals on Fox Kids and magazines then actually seeing it) and think most of the picks are justified. Admittedley part of me thinks it's a stretch that Gargoyles and Batman Beyond are on the list but you made valid points for their stay. And I have to admitt I didn't think Megas XLR is as good as a lot of people say it is. It had a lot of weak writing actually and a lot more cliches that people seem to forget sometimes when talking about the show.

    Still you had a lot of really good points. I also agree that while conterverisal the Teen Titans opening knew what it was doing and wasn't just ending the series because they had to end it (which a lot of video reviewers don't seem to get) Samurai Jack had great style and yeah Avatar is defintley the best and was written with an end in mind (to be fair there were some things they came up with while doing the story but more details then the overall plot). And dont' worry about Shamalyamama ruining Avatar: Unlike other series it gets a chance to redeem itself since we have the sequal series The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra coming out next year.

    So yeah glad to see you're finally back making vids and hope to see you continue making them whenever you have the time.
  • Annie-Mae
    Great review. I love how you really do bring notice to just how terrible M Nights movie is. So many people dismiss the TV show because of the movie.

    Great list though I wish Ben 10 wasn't on it so you could give more proper love to Samurai Jack. Also people need to respect Megas XLR, a totally great show with good parodies...
  • The Hardcore Kid
    Ugh...totally despised the last episode of Teen Titans. Left so many questions unanswered. What did happen to Slade after The End anyway and how did Terra get out of her stone prison?

    Titans Together should have been the finale.
  • slashmaster28
    Don't worry, Trouble in Tokyo more or less made up for that travesty.
  • Animikean
    Hardcore Kid, that's because it wasn't MEANT to be the last episode. They had expected to have a longer season but were told it was curtailed too late to do anything about it.

    Slade was going to come back,

    Terra it is highly theorized (and supported by the Teen Titans Go comic) came back to life when everyone else recovered from being statues.

    hope that helps :)
  • JetstreamGW
    Like hell. Terra's ROLE is to die. She ALWAYS dies. She's died like four times so far in the comics.

    She's probably dead.
  • Garlend
    Welcome back Suede. Loved the list.
  • Mad_Man_Moony
    Wow...Suede got suave. DIG the list man, and I'm tickled pink to see you back in action. I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing you tear Kappa Mikey a superflous new behind as it were. Oh, if you wanna' another great US animated show that takes it's cues from anime, check out Gendy's SymBionic Titan. The best way to describe it is if John Hughes made a show involving a mech and giant monsters. Well, take care and I can't wait for your next vid! Oh, and thanks for pluralizing series like I do, it made me smile :) Also you don't suck :)
  • TheGoofyKid
    Good to see you return Suede! :3
    I agree with damn near everything on your list, but the one thing that surprised me was, no Young Justice? I thought it was going to make on the list somewhere, oh well, it's Suede so I won't argue! x3
  • bubblemax
    Not even a mention of Legend of Korra? I'm kinda interested in your thoughts about the upcoming releasse. (and Y ruler of time's) Oh well!

    Great top 11, suede!
  • Dawn_Heart  - Well
    You now have a new fan. :) Very good video!
  • I Am a Man
    Ok. So this is the first of your videos that I've seen. I'll admit going into this doubting I'd enjoy you at all.

    I am pleased to say that I was wrong. This list was great, I laughed at all the jokes, and just found you to be fun to watch. So you've made a fan of me.

  • PalaceOfWisdom  - Sigh
    Anyone know the title of the anime referenced by TT mentioned at 11:55???? Please??????????? It isnt mentioned in the credits, i hate when this happens...and it happens far to often on this site!
  • ToothedBomb
    Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, or His and Her Circumstances.
  • bahamut66  - I am surprised
    Welcome back Suede. For the record, I am glad you're back. But wow, this surprised me.

    Not sure what surprised me more though. The fact that someone besides me watched AND liked Big guy and Rusty(The Legion ex Machina kicked ass) or that there was a series on here I had never heard of...I need to check that Calamity Jane lady out.

    Yeah we all saw Avatar coming, but GARGOYLES! Easily one of my favorite shows ever.

    Saddest thing about this list though? Reminds me that Megas XLR and Samurai Jack NEVER GOT A DAMN ENDING! Why do crap shows like Adventure time get screen time but an overweight gamer nuking the DMV in Jersey gets cut?! WHY?! WHY WHY WHY?!

    Anyway, good job. Looking forward to more.
  • mrskippy
    Adventure Time is actually one of the better shows on Cartoon Network. It's got imaginative design, fun characters, and genuinely funny moments.

    But that doesn't mean I'm any less pissed off than you are that Megas and Jack never really got a decent ending.
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3
    well i like it.
    confession though i really um don't care for might be that the really hardcore fans and them doing Shakespere and the bible as manga really really really PISSED ME OFF....sorry but hmm i'm going to have to give avatar one more try, hopefully third times the charm..seriously i never get past episode one...still mad that samurai jack never got finished, but i'm going to go watch Gargoyles and Batman beyond return of the joker again...
  • parohnny
    *checks homepage* oh look there's a new NC on now :). *scrolls down* OMG THERE'S A NEW SUEDE VIDEO!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD
  • eujoyuen
    It's the MOST WORKED Top11 I've ever seen in the website! Congratulations and great comeback, Suede!! It's not only a list, if someone takes a better listen and look to this, Suede is not only giving it's own merit to american animation, he's establishing himself in appearance and concept as a reviewer with his own direction. The 2 year mission really made you grow up professionally and as a person, that's awesome.
  • felicia_angel
    Yes, new Suede! :D I'm glad you did the American anime, it was awesome and I agree with most (which means now I have to go rewatch some of them...Batman Beyond was awesome and so was Teen Titans, especially since it was a Japanese pop group who did the opening in English and Japanese)

    Great to see you back and in full fighting form! Also glad you got to see the world (I haven't been to New Zealand but I did go to Australia).
  • Filby
    Two and a half years later and well worth the wait.

    I was worried that you might have lost your touch being away for so long, but now I see you've actually gotten much, much better. Solid writing, good mix of entertaining and informative, and some of the best editing I've seen on the site.

    Welcome back, Suede. It's been too long.
  • Malisteen
    Great list, Suede, welcome back.

    But wherefore Powerpuff Girls? Ah, well, my favorites can't be everyone's favorites.

    In terms of overall quality, I'd have put gargoyles above Avatar (the latter faltered in the third season, losing it's grip on the second season's perfect pacing, structure, & character development), but in terms of a list specifically about anime influences I could see Avatar ranking before it, especially since Gargoyles took most of its cues from BtAS (and then made it better by weaving in ongoing narrative threads and classic literary references).
  • Highrollerstable
    Welcome back Suede. I've been waiting a long 2 years since your last video.

    But yeah I agree, where's the Powerpuff Girls on this list. Not a big deal that it didn't make it. But I do think it should have placed some place. I felt like one of the first American stabs at anime that stuck.
  • fanis01  - okay
    can people STOP using (forgets the word I'm looking for) as refrence for titles I mean it isn't as simple as MLP for my little pony. guess which these mean: sbsp, ppg, tlocj, tlozmmce, sc, c3dc, btbatb, kf, erboh6jbvb, iiagitmaa, jp. see not everybody can get all these correct.
  • trlkly
    Doing a top 11 to get yourself back in the swing of things? Good thinking. There just was a video on the site saying you should do that.
  • UrbanAmazon
    I was introduced to this website during your absence, but you, sir, have won me over in one video.

    Dude, the very mention of Calamity Jane... which I had forgotten even existed as part of the afternoons of my childhood, that definitely grabbed me. Sadly, I remember no details of the actual episodes, but the visuals were unforgettable.

    And BEAST WARS (or 'Beasties' as it was called in Canada, as our kiddie channel didn't approve of shows with words like 'War' or 'Battle' in the title)! Honestly, I barely watched the Transformers cartoon, but soaked up every Beast Wars ep I could... and currently have the three seasons sitting in my collection. And yes, I still re-watch them.

    Also, Dinobot introduced me to Shakespeare before Gargoyles. And Transmutate was sad, but... but Code of Hero! Code of Hero!

    The thing that struck me about Beast Wars when I was a kid was twofold - the sense of continuity in a steadily unfolding and escalating conflict, and from what little I did remember of the original cartoon... this was all about the robots. There was no distracting element of humanity or vulnerability because there were no human characters. Everyone, even the comedic characters or henchmen, could be dangerous... and like you said, the bad guys seemed to win a lot. Characters died permanently. It was completely alien, and it kept getting weirder, but it also kept getting more and more epic in equal pacing, all the while tying in with its original mythology (and becoming a kind of mythology by the end).

    I prefer not to speak of Beast Machines.
  • avidfan141
    uhhh.... beast machines...the pain the horrors
  • blankflash
    Great list. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of/see the show ExoSquad. It was on around the same time as Gargoyles and I fondly remember it as one of the best cartoons I have ever seen.
  • Vageryn
    Man I loved ExoSquad. Best summer series hands down. I really wish they'd have done the next chapter. I used to watch this show with my parents and we were stunned by the ending cliff hanger. Sadly the show never came back. The same thing happened with Invasion America.

    Now they are doing to one of my favorite modern shows; Wolverine and X-Men. (Very impressed with how they handled this show)
  • diddyknux
    Great list and great to have you back.
  • DanceNerd
    I couldn't be happier to have you back! If this was Facebook status, I would Like it.
  • buzzrock1
    Suede, you are freaking awesome! Even back when you only had like six videos up you were still one of my top 11 favorite people to watch on the site. Your funny, original, and you know your stuff.

    I was a little concerned at first because I didn't see any clips of Avatar when the video first began. Allow me to do a quick re-enactment of my mind set throughout:

    Beginning: Alright cool, I wonder which slot will have Avatar in it.

    Middle: Avatar is going to be in this countdown isn't it?

    Near the end: Damn it Suede, we're getting down to the wire here, you better mention Avatar!

    End: Number 1. Fucking awesome.
  • avidfan141
    Good sir you have not lost your beat. oh no you have not. welcome back
  • slashmaster28
    Very good list. I'm impressed someone else would even think to put Big Guy and Rusty on this. (Not to mention I'd completely forgotten about Calamity Jane) Though I'm a little surprised Cybersix didn't make the final cut. Oh well.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    I'd forgotten to mention this earlier, but your mentioning Big Guy and Rusty reminded me. I was shocked to hear that it was Frank Miller who'd created the original (who wasn't?). When I first saw the ads for the cartoon, I thought it was Steve Purcell. It looks a lot like his artwork. I never had the chance to see it, though.
  • Rishejo  - A splendid comeback!

    Now, with that said... Great comeback video. I agree with you for the most part, though I admit I haven't seen #11, #9 and #6. And of course, there's Ben 10..

    Ben 10... My 7-year-old nephew is ob-friggin-sessed with that show. Everything is Ben 10 in that kid's head. And I hate it. Probably because I had to watch it dubbed in Swedish, and Swedish dubbers always do so much more than just translate the dialogue these days (they remove everything that might actually be remotely funny). The endless clich├ęs make me cringe and dig my nails into the couch to keep me from bolting out of the room. And even if the show is good in English, I'd most likely hate it in any language I watched it in now.

    Other than that, you included all my favorite american anime-style cartoons (Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender) and made me interested in a few others. And for each one you didn't made me interested in, I laughed many a times more. Yay!

    Welcome back, you!
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