MarzGurl's Unboxing of The Last Story: Preorder Edition

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  • JumpingGigawatt123
    i was gonna be the first comment but i dont want to. Also FF3 (actually 6 in Japan) is my favorite FF game with an awesome soundtrack.
  • ultramanmattia
    The problem i have with most JRPGS is that the actual ''role playing'' aspects of the games stops at choosing the main character's name(except in FFI where you can choose the classes).
  • Orpheus of the Darkness
    I am not also into unboxings, but I do understand what you talk about the long awaited thrills about a new game or anime title after years of repetitive patterns, failed experiments and the inconvenient part of growing out of some of your youth's hobbies.
    I'm more of a Nintendo 64 hipster who spends some of his savings on old cartridges, spare parts and related hardware, and it's so wonderful to realize that there's a part of me that despite all of the above it's still excited to play, riff the clunkyness of the camera and pay more attention to the game itself rather than it's outdated details.
    I'm really happy for you to experienc it once again, and hope you don't get dissapointed on the object of your longings.
  • masterwriter42
    I watched this vid not to see someone unbox a game, I watched it to hear more from you about the game. Your enthusiasm and the nostalgia that welled up when you discussed the older games has encouraged me to look into the game some more, learn more about it. If it's as good as everyone seems to hope it is then I'm definitely getting it.
  • Mizu Takishima
    I'm not into unboxings either, but I just had to see this!

    I've never heard of this game, but it looks really really neat :)

    Your enthusiasm for a creator reminds me so much of my love for the dot hack franchise, or my love for certain animators or composers, and my love for particular manga-ka. With Himaruya Hidekaz, I'd be ecstatic if I could get my hands on "Chibi-san Date" in English. Its not a very old or nostalgic manga title, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me.

    Anyway enough of my ramblings, good luck with getting your other computer parts and have fun playing the game! :) If I had a Wii I'd totally go out and buy it, but sadly I don't own any of the new gen consoles.
  • WolfCryer
    Like you, I have been a fan of Sakaguchi more than Final Fantasy in itself. I absolutely loved Lost Odyssey and I really like Blue Dragon as well (just finished it last week). So, like you again, I was really looking forward to this game and when it came out here in Europe I rushed out to get it.

    Unfortunately, this game was a complete letdown for me. I did finish it, but really more out of necessity then because I wanted to. The system is so different that I could not get used to it, even at the end I was still struggling.. And for a Sakaguchi game, I found the story really underwhelming, especially when compared to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.

    I really hope you will have a better gaming experience then I did with this one, but I would really love for the next Mistwalker game to be more like the first 2 again!
  • Farel  - Dear MarzGurl
    I'm rarely one for unboxing, but I've not been following you that much lately, so I decided I still should watch this, and I'm glad I did! Not that I REALLY care for these recent games, but it was nice to see you again.

    I remember when you first came to this site. Now I see you again and your delivery has so vastly improved! It's just great! You can be proud of yourself!!! I know some video creators who do this for even longer and still didn't get over that!

    Oh and emmm I hate to sound nitpicky, especially about such a "questionable" and debatable thing... but Hironobu Sakaguchi SAVING Square with Final Fantasy? Look, I do have respect for the man, I really really do, but ... currently I'm working on a video retrospective of the SaGa series (a series of jRPGs that I do in fact enjoy most from Square now) and since the roots of the series lie in the Final Fantasy series, I've come to do some research on the people who worked on it and ... Hironobu was there with Square for some time BEFORE Final Fantasy, and their game did not do all too well to begin with.

    Final Fantasy was the game for which some of the crew first joined. So respect and all for Hironobu, but I like to think that the "new kids" were whom brought a lot of the new and fresh ideas that made the game a sucsess. And do think of this: FF2 was later mostly directed by Akitoshi Kawazu. I like to think that could mean he was one of the more inspired worked on the first game. But hey, that might be just me nitpicking, I have respect for them all. I just often think Kawazu is being overshadowed by the rest and Final Fantasy fanboys do give him a lot of undeserved hate.
  • shadow  - Great Vid!
    I loved watched the American unboxing, you guys did without a doubt get the better box. But I have to ask, there wasn't a steelbook included in your Pre-order editions?

    Here in Europe (Netherlands in my case) we got the Artbook, CD and a beautifull steelbook to house the game in. Now personally I just use the original plastic package, I'm afraid as hell I'll scratch the Steelbook, but I'm really curious because you didn't mention it.
  • CronoT
    No, we didn't get the Collector's Tin for the game. It took almost a year straight of fanboy bitching to get it here, period.

    I'm counting my blessing.

    So far, my impression of the game is "Meh", but I'm only about an hour or so in. However, the "Walk up to the enemy to attack" mechanic is just bugging me.
  • wyrdwad
    You can switch the combat to active mode, and then you actually press a button to swing your sword. This is a HUUUUUUGE improvement over the default MMO-like combat system, and really makes the whole game a lot more fun IMHO. It's even better, too, if you use a classic controller.

    Also, hi MarzGurl! This is Tom from XSEED. I'm a big fan of yours, having watched all your Anime News Editorials and Don Bluth reviews, and am thrilled to see one of our games make an appearance in your vlog. I'm glad you were so excited to receive this game, and I hope you're enjoying it greatly right now! I know I was really blown away by it when I played it.
  • Karutomaru
    I got this game for an entirely different reason. Yesterday, my cat, who has been with me for all 21 years of my life, was put down. Since that was the same day this came out (it was SHIPPED the day before, but didn't come in until then), I thought I should get it so that when I play it, I remember her. I can't help but feel there were more signs in that there's a striped cat on the cover, I got the pre-order bonus without pre-ordering (why did they have more of them than the number of people who pre-ordered?), and the rain outside stopped when I got it. Even more, this video came out the day after the fact. I call them signs. With this, I'll always have a piece of her with me. That was the day we had our last story.
    My last cat's game is Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, which I play through every year starting on the day she died.
    That won't stop me from crying though.
    I put a receipt in the box to remember the day, and I want a picture of her in there as well.

    More on-topic, have you really never been this excited for an RPG? Have you played Xenoblade? Or were you afraid that it being the best game of this generation would spoil you for this one?
    Regarding name changes, I've never had a problem. Ever. Not even with 4Kids' dubs. At least the changes in this game kind of sound like the original names when you say them. Just look at the Ace Attorney series, which replaces the punny Japanese names with equally memorable punny English names. I think it works better in games that don't have a very distinctly Japanese setting, which FF6 and Last Story definitely don't have. I don't look at either of their worlds and say "yep. This is Japan."
    I wouldn't mind playing this with someone, so if someone wants to add me to their friend list on Steam, we can set something up.

    It's funny. I always jump into something well-established, even now. I never played a Xeno game before Xenoblade, never played a Final Fantasty game before Theatrhythm, never palyed a Call of Duty game before Black Ops (which I loved, you haters), and now, I've never played a game directed by this Sakaguchi guy.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    This is better than Xenoblade.

    The battles aren't weighed down with convoluted options, and your AI-controlled companions are much less obviously so. The dialogue sounds more natural than stuff like "THIS is the MONADO'S POWER!" and the environments are just as pretty as Xenoblade's, if less expansive. The plot is really heartfelt too; in Xenoblade robots were eating people and I just....didn' about it.

    Okay, I didn't like Xenoblade that much. But I'm really digging this.
  • Karutomaru
    No! NOOOO!!! There was so much more to Xenoblade than that! There was motivation! There was character! There was a gigantic, enormous scale of conflict! And I liked the hammy dialogue!
  • Poipoi
    It was when Square and Enix merged, that FF went down hill. It pains me when people claim Square sucked before the merge.

    Great to hear the guy is still making games. Its just I don't like playing the Wii at all. Might be hard for me to reconnect it just to play one game.
  • Animeking1108
    Then how do you explain "Mystic Quest," "The Spirits Within," and FFII (the REAL one. Educated people call the one we got FFIV) and VIII? Square Soft wasn't perfect either.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Don't forget FFX-2! Squaresoft made that, not Square Enix. It was produced and made during the years of Squaresoft. When it came out in Japan, the Squaresoft Logo was on it. However, it came out as "Square Enix" because the merger happened during that time.
  • flabslapper
    I know it is a completely moot point to defend GameStop at this point with people who do not understand how the company works, BUT, as an employee I can tell you that NOT ALL employees at GS are the complete morons you would like to paint us as. I know what the Last Story is. And it was Nintendo that did not give GS a date on when the Last Story was suppose to ship to us, and when we DID get it on Friday is came with a note saying NO STREET DATE

    So, for the love of Christ can we knock it off with the lumping all of us together thing? Most of the times the employees are at the mercy of the POS and the street dates in the system

    Oh, and I sincerely apologize that the employee that you dealt with had no idea about a game coming out with no media coverage, no news, and no NINTENDO backing.
  • familyfunny
    I for one have had great experiances with GameStop and am greatly appreciative of all the BS you guys have to put up with.

    Everytime I see those annoying-as-fuck GameFly commercials I can't help but think the people who made those commercials have been to a really bad GameStop. I frequent several in my area and there are always employees who are both extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field of games no matter what the console. Trust me when I say I feel offended when you guys get offended because GS has provided me with nothing but joy and memories. I remember my first purchase at a Gamestop. Viewtiful Joe... Man, I sucked at that game, good thing I could just trade it in! That's how I discovered Sly Cooper... Sorry, I forgot the point I was trying to make.

    Anyway, it sucks Marz had such a confusing time with her GameStop. JRPG's just don't get the respect and attention they deserve nowadays.

    You know, I just may go and check The Last Story out. Thank the heavens for my PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership card!
  • Arcwhiteflame
    I got the european version and as shadow already commented our vesion comes with a steel book case and the artbook and soundtrack (they come together in a little box which has elements of The Last Stoy written on it in silver) aswell but what he didn't mention were the even bigger box ours comes in (it's not shaped like a book)and the giant instruction booklet it comes with with all the european languages it was the first thing I took out of the box,it's about 300 pages long.
  • Lena Andreia
    Heh, Marz--watching you unbox this was like watching my husband unbox it last night.

    I too have been a fan of Final Fantasy since the old days, and I departed the fandom after FFX. I started waaaaaaay back in 1990 watching my mother play through FF1. I started playing FF2 (4) when it came out, and even though I sucked due to under leveling (I ran from pretty much every random battle I could), I loved the story based format of the game. The last ten years of watching Square from the distance have included a LOT of face palming from me. I was glad to hear that Sakaguchi was directing another game--the first since FFV, if I'm not mistaken.

    On that token, I find The Last Story...... meh. My husband loves it, but I abhor that gameplay style. The story is... Alright, though we pretty much called the appearance of Lisa two scenes before she appeared. We're rather early in the game, but by this point in Lost Odyssey we were pretty well settled in. Heck, by this point in Blue Dragon I was HOOKED.

    I do have to say that as usual his characters are pretty excellent. They were the most engaging part of what I saw last night. Hate the gameplay style though--I'll never understand why game makers keep pushing this auto battle junk on us.

    I TOTALLY agree with you about Lost Odyssey btw--we were just playing through it the last few weeks to prepare for The Last Story's coming out and we caught ourselves--CONSTANTLY-- exclaiming "THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FINAL FANTASY XIII." Towns? It's got it. Airship? Got it! World map? Well, when you're piloting a vehicle, but it IS there. Pretty much everything XIII was missing is in Lost Odyssey.

    God, I hate Motomu Toriyama. I'm not even going to double check the spelling of his first name. Every excuse he made to cover why XIII was the way it was--technical limitations, story limitations, ect--is debunked by a game that came out 4 years before his "opus". The truth is that he pissed away his team's time to such an extreme that they didn't even have the battle system finalized until Nomura asked for one to include with Advent Children Complete. The dude is incompetent. He's like the Michael Bay of video games.

    Wanna know why FF is terrible now? 'cause the genius who brought us X-2 is at the helm.
  • Rat King
    I feel bad for the people who looked forward to this game.

    It's kinda... ass.
  • Karutomaru
    *misaligned eyes*
    I'm loving it so far. I could do a comparison piece on it and Xenoblade. For a game to truly be "ass", then there must be a significant lack of time, money, or effort. I don't know about time, but there was money and effort put into Last Story.
    And there are cats on the street... I love cats.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Pay no attention to that rat. This game is great so far!
  • Furious George
    I'm going to be frank (though you can still be Marzgurl). I refuse to award you guys ad revenue for opening a bloody product on-camera. The idea is ludicrous and I'll be glad when everyone else realizes this.

    That being said, can't wait for your next vid!^_^
  • Karutomaru
    Ad revenue? The ad is just a side-effect of using the video host.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Hmm I'll give the game a try.
    & as for Guin Saga it was fun to watch.
  • Phantom Roxas
    I love Final Fantasy XIII, although I'll freely admit that it's due to me really getting into Square after the merger. I can't share the same appreciation for the classic games that Sakuguchi created like most people can, but I'm grateful to him for getting the series started. I got this game not just because of him, but also because I feel obligated to support Operation Rainfall, and Xenoblade has made me feel like that was a wise decision.

    Although I too got this game on Friday while encountering my own share of BS from GameStop beforehand, I have yet to start it. Now that I have finally watched your unboxing, I shall correct this.
  • Guru Larry
    Didn't the Last Story come out six months ago?
  • Heart-Lightning
    I liked Final Fantasy XIII and I'm more of the 3rd generation*. However, I did play through all of them and have found my niche of what I like and what I hate from the series. Something I hate is how they are making XIII-2 and XIII-3. NOT WHAT THE FANS WANT SQUARE. Go onto Versus XIII or FFXV! The thing that I hate is the milking of each game in this post FF10 era. MarzGurl, if you are reading this, then let me explain what I mean:

    The whole milking started in FFX. This was my first FF game and honestly, I thought it was a satisfying ending as it was (Tidus jumping off the side, Yuna getting everybody in Spira together, Auron leaving, and then Tidus swimming back up signifying his return). I was not asking for X-2, but a bunch of somebody's were. X-2 happened and while it was a financial success (unlike the flop of a movie), but enraged fans. I could tell from one look of the commercial that X-2 was going to be really silly. I did not borrow it until years later. Now I was not angry like other people (but I did not like it), but it felt like one big side mission and barely a story.

    The door was shut afterwords and was not opened again UNTIL the anniversary of Final Fantasy 7. Now I had already played FF7 at the time, but I was not buying into this. While FF7 fans creamed themselves with happiness, I said "Just because the word "Final Fantasy VII" is in the title, does not mean these expansions are going to be good." And I was right. Almost all of it (except for Crisis Core) was B-U-L-L-C-R-A-P. Fans bought into the Nostalgia anyway. The FF7 Compilations is when Square got the idea of "Hey, we don't need to sell to all the fans to make a profit, we just need to sell to some of them!"

    They later came up with the "Ivalice Alliance" for FFXII. Now this was not very well known, but it was still milking the game nonetheless. Fabula Nova Crystallis was the next milking of the game, but it was more accepted because it had only 3 titles: FF XIII, Versus XIII and Type-0. FF XIII was a mixed reception game, but that fan reaction could have died down if the company didn't do the stupidest thing in the world: They milked the game. Because it sold 6.2 million copies (4th highest selling) and was the fastest selling Final Fantasy game to date, SE decided it was more than worth it to waste their resources on a sequel nobody (INCLUDING MYSELF) asked for. And now that they have made it clear for the existence of XIII-3, I can only ask why now. "Why isn't Versus XIII out, why isn't Type-0 localized, why do we not have FFXV?"
  • Heart-Lightning
    So do you see Marzgirl? XIII-2 and XIII-3 never came out of nowhere. It had history backing it up. History that fans were going to buy their expanded universe crap and always will now. I would not be surprised if Fang and Vanille got their own PSP prequel like Zack Fair. The blind newer fans are not going to realize that every game has their own story to tell and it does not need or take the creation of a trilogies/sequels, or compilations, or Alliances to tell a story based game's world. I wish I could have experienced the joy of seeing a new (and completely different) Final Fantasy game come out every 2-3 years like on the NES, or the PS1 or even the PS2. I just have to wonder now....

    (On another note, take up Kingdom Hearts and TWETY! They are thinking of a sequel to it! Really good games both of them.)

    *Below is what I mean by "____ Generation"
    1st Gen: Those who were fans of it until after FF7. They don't even like the Golden age.

    2nd Gen: Those who who were fans of it until after FF10. They are the Golden Generation fans

    3rd Gen: Those who got into it in FF10 and went onward. Most don't see the truth of the past and accept the HD console world of Final Fantasy.
  • Heart-Lightning
    Oh, before I forget, I have one other story to share:

    I once talked to a first generation fan about the series and it's history. He replied in the following:

    "Final Fantasy 13 is not the first time a Final Fantasy game has split the fans of old and new within the franchise's history. Final Fantasy 8 was the same exact way. When this game came out, old fans were very unhappy of what had resulted. Final Fantasy 8 became so infamous back in the day around my friends that they thought that they would never play another game from the franchise ever again. It took the the strength of FF9's throwback to patch things up with the fans of old, although it was already too late for some. However, due to the enormity of the "new fans", the pre FF7 fans complaints were lessened and that part of history was soon forgotten. Not to those original fans though. They had been broken due to the risky nature and wonkiness of Final Fantasy 8."

    He then proceeded to say to me:

    "Don't let reaction to FF13 sway you from liking the game. Final Fantasy 13 is just the 'Final Fantasy 8 of your generation'. Unfortunately, the company does not realize that the reason the game's fan reaction is still burning is due to the fact that it is being milked and that only feeds fuel to the fire of hate. If FFXV can be the throwback that the fans want, then this should breeze over. Although it's going to take longer now due to the existence of it's sequels."
  • Bastard
    Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are much more Final Fantasy than those failiors called as "Final Fantasy"
    and as long as that fucknut Yoshinori Kitase is in charge, we are not going to see a real final fantasy game in our life time.
  • Heart-Lightning
    You do realize that "fucknut" was the guy who worked and gave us Final Fantasy 6 and helped work on Final Fantasy 7, right? It's more so the president's fault (Wada) for putting money first over fan appreciation.
  • Phantom Roxas
    I thought Toriyama was the one to blame?
  • Goat Boy
    You realize you could pretty much read the phone book, and your male fans would be glued to their screens.
  • Gregariousclaw
    Final Fantasy.
    Last Story.

    I wonder if that similarity is on purpose?
  • Nayue
    I played this game at a video game store back in August of last year over here (jpn). It did interest me with it's design n stuff, but I mostly forgot about it.
    Thanks for reminding me, I'll check it out.

    Also, if there's some way to fix the awful echo in that room, that'd help your video I think. Your voice isn't bad, but when you say hard A's and E's it can be ear-piercing with that echo (and don't say "turn down the volume", people, cause it's pitch).
  • Nayue
    And goat boy is going beyond exaggeration. Though male and a big fan of yours, if you read the phone book I wouldn't watch.
    But I think "You realize" that.
  • Sijo
    Yeah, I don't care to watch unboxings on their own either. But, Marz is such a charming person, it was worth it. Her joy about the classic Final Fantasies is contagious (and I like those games too.) Besides she always finds some creative ways to make up for her current special FX limits, like her hand-drawn reviews of cartoons like Jem! :D

    Thanks for the information on the Last Story and the other games as well!

    Sorry to hear your computer isn't totally fixed yet. Hope to see you back to full production strength soon!
  • Nykk
    I went to purchase this at Gamestop on Saturday and ended up getting the only copy that was left. If this was a trend elsewhere, hopefully that's a positive sign for future Mistwalker US releases.

    The preorder bonus must have just been the CD, because I still got the nice box and the art book with it. I think the game's title was more of a "fuck you" to Square Enix than anything else. It's well documented that Sakaguchi was not happy about the direction that FF was going in.

    I'm up to about Chapter 14 or so, and while the game hasn't hooked me the same way that the old Final Fantasy titles used to, I'm invested enough that I will continue playing. It has what I was missing in FFXIII... you know, things like character development, decent acting, a story that you can actually follow, and I could go on. On the negative side there has been little to no free exploration, and I wish there was a simpler way to control other characters' battle actions without stopping the battle.

    But Mistwalker has a new fan in me, and I will check out Xenoblade in the future. I would check out Lost Odyssey too if I had a 360.
  • Maverick Zero
    Sadly I didn't know this game was coming out to the US or I would've pre-ordered it. Looks like i have another game to add to my list!
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