MarzGurl: Vlog - You Can't Compare Toonami to Capcom

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  • DMaster
    I don't know what to tell ya, some people just make odd comparisons. I'm guilty myself of equally weird ones, but certainly I haven't done that one.

    You make a good point about supporting a niche market like that, but I'd like to know: when it comes to the only game in town continuing to flub something crucial or deliver generally poor work, what's the cut-off point for support, regardless of the niche? E.g. there's a comic book character you're fond of, but the only company with the rights to it continues to deliver low-grade or even insulting work; when do you give it up in the hopes they'll clean up their act?
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Speaking of odd comparisons, I thought the Capcom one was stretching it, but then I heard Toonami being compared to gourmet ketchup or....something.
  • Hamel
    You really sound desperate, mad or both in this video.

    I really don't understand the need for Toonami at this point, really. Anime is a small business and all but it's available almost everywhere right now to the point where watching a newish show (or, in this case, a couple) on TV a few years later and only dubbed without any other options, shouldn't really be an option.
    and let's not even talk about the repeats, Toonami/Adult Swim have infinite repeats of every show.
    DVDs come out fast now (mostly thanks to Funimation) there are a lot of legal streaming websites that get shows as they air and the demand is different now, we aren't stuck in the early 2000s when a lot of people had slow internet and barely knew about what's going on outside of the small pool of knowledge we got on TV and magazines.

    Cartoon Network tried to do something nice, and I am not taking that away from time but it's time for both them and people like you to grow up as far as anime is concerned and know that it is too big of a beast to contain in a small selection anymore, people have demands and a small-ish TV channel can't provide them and never will be able to.
  • ZigTheHunter  - The industry needs all the help it can get
    Even if Toonami is small and unsatisfactory now it can get better over time. I'm sure there is still a surprising amount of people who still watch T.V. fairly regularly and if toonami catches their eye and they get into anime, that can really help. I'm not a super huge fan of anime, but I would like it to do better and to be a bit more popular then it is now. so its good that toonami is at least there.
  • Professor_Jack
    The fuck's wrong with Toonami? It's too short, sure, but at least its a decent lineup, which is more than adult swim was able to claim for a long-ass time.
    I'd rather have AS get fixed than get an expanded toonami.
  • katwalk
    Honestly I think the bigger problem is cable tv itself is kind of dying. Why should I watch TV on the tv when I can go to hulu and watch what I want when I want to? :/
  • chrismccart
    I think my biggest problem with TV is; why should I bother getting into a good show when it's only going to get cancelled.

    Everyone likes their own thing and that's fine, but I'm sick of committing to shows that get cancelled because there's a writer's strike and the corporations wanna hit back or because those corporations believe that 7.5 million viewers is too damn few! I wouldn't even mind the cancellations so much if they would wrap up half of the shows they cancel! But I digress...

    I spent too much time getting frustrated by CN cutting up and re-working anime (taking away the punch of certain shows) or getting into them just to have them vanish halfway through. Personally, I'd rather buy the few anime I really enjoy on DVD and be assured of getting to see it all, but then even that's a mess with a lot of shows being so hard to get hold of (Lodoss War, for example), and others being marked "The Complete Series" just so that you can find out after you've bought it that the show was never fully completed!! (Blade of the Immortal/Berserk for example.) That's just my feeling.
  • KouTheMad
    Grimm has been doing well, its 2nd season coming in August or September (i forget which)
  • polygonalchemist
    Woah, MarzGurl, it's okay. Take a deep breath.

    I have to agree with Katwalk, in that it seems to me that a lot of people in the new Toonami's demographic have been rejecting cable TV as of late. I myself cut the cord about a year ago and haven't looked back. $16/mo for Hulu+ and Netflix vs $60+ for a bunch of rotting husks of once great channels. Many people I know around the same age have been doing the same to cut costs in the crappy economy and are discovering they didn't really need cable. For anime there's a CrunchyRoll app for smart phones and several set top boxes as well.

    Sadly the buggy whip makers arn't going to go quietly into the night, and have begun to try and strangle online streaming. I know in my area the cable company is still the only choice you have for quality high speed internet, so I assume it won't be long before Netflix bandwidth mysteriously starts to 'have problems'.
  • Coldberg
    Breathe MarzGurl, breathe, calm down :D
    A TV ? what's that ? ooh right i remember having one looong time ago. Anyway the quality of TV programming has went down so much i didn't even bother keeping it. Cartoon Network used to be good
    15 years ago ...
  • ckyvick
  • Cinnamon Scudworth


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  • KiDoBeDo
    I think you failed to comprehend that toonami is a business, most businesses i know try to provide a service or a good to the customer demographic that are willing to buy it. If toonami isn't providing a product we want then we won't buy it.

    Sad to say but it's not our job as a customer to "help" a business provide us with stuff. It's 2012 the internet is huge with the access of media within and outside of the US so toonami can't possible seriously expect the consumer who doesn't need them to access what we want to invest time into their programs to "hopefully" and "possibly" get more variety.

    If people were willing to "help" a business grow and hope that they'd provide better products or services then all those mom and pop stores would still be around and walmart would be closed.

    And btw i'm sure they weren't comparing campcom to toonami because of the prices it was because of the service.
  • LevelUpLeo
    "...Off the cuff
    unscripted stuff"

  • bolleo
    I see Toonami as more of a way to get the coming generation into anime as a whole. cause I know when i was a kid staying up late on Saturday night to watch adult swim even though my parents didn't want me to was the cool thing to do. If it wasn't for stuff like inuyasha, cowboy bebop, Dragon Ball Z and yu yu hakusho being on when I was 8 i probably wouldn't be as into anime as i am now.

    The point is for us that have grown up and know where to find all this anime on the internet Toonami is pretty pointless. But I still think its beneficial for the anime industry in the US as a whole to keep toonami and introduce their non-target demographic to the better anime out there.
  • piccolo334
    Anime, as a whole, cannot survive under normal American Broadcast standards. Ignoring the fact that the shows have to be trimmed to meet the on air time, most American viewers sadly would be lost if they catch these shows out of order.
    The best bet to promote Anime broadcasting, would be to increase support of the Funimation channel.
    On a side note, isn't the Boomerang channel almost as readily available as Cartoon Network. Why not put Toonami there at a better time slot.
  • Zoidzilla
    I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but where I live Boomerang is a premium channel that's only available with the upper-echelon cable packages on one of two local service providers. Much as I would like to have Boomerang, our current provider doesn't carry it.

    As for Boomerang hosting Toonami, it's an interesting idea as long as the target demographics of the programming block mesh with those of the channel itself. I don't know what Boomerang's current demographic is, though - I think it was originally for people who grew up during the '60s and '70s, but that was what, 15 years ago? so by now it might be targeting the people who watched the original Toonami in the late '90s and early naughts.
  • LegodzillaFan
    You are right, comparing Toonami to Capcom is just ludicrous! The guy who made this comparison has absolutely no idea what he's talking about! You don't have to go all out for something so idiotic.
  • DanceOfTheMidnightCandles
    Adult Swim was blatantly deceitful. They offered a great lineup on April 1st which got fans really excited and then made this huge campaign to bring Toonami back and we get 2 new shows in the same tired old Adult Swim lineup. They might as well have just kept it Adult Swim because quite honestly there is little difference.
    If a mom and pop store promised to sell me some fancy ketchup then they better sell me some fancy ketchup and you better believe that if I don't get a product that THEY advertised or that THEY promised they could get me I am not going to give them my business. This idea that we have to give in to what they want before they give in to us is bull, WE are the consumers and we dictate what we want and if this isn't what we want we shouldn't have to settle for it.
  • cannedfury
    I, too, was horribly had by many devious companies on April 1st. Google Maps promised me an NES version. Phones offered aphrodisiac aps. Airlines claimed they could liberate us from noisy children. If only I'd seen through their lawless deceit! The ides of March are merely a distraction; it is the first of April that harbors true betrayal.

    Et Too, Nami?
  • Bloodrealm
    Unfortunately, the biggest group of consumers is the one eating up all the easily and cheaply made reality shows that are practically all just people bitching about how they hate what they're doing on the show at that moment, and the unoriginal primetime shows so thick with melodrama it makes me want to sing Diamanda Hagan's "Dram-dra-dra- Draaaaaamaaa~!" song. So that's what will be on television (you may have also heard of this TV content as the much more popular term "crap"). Those people are who dictate what we get on TV, and what they want more of is what the networks can easily shovel out with only a half-baked idea and some pocket change. Hell, most of the promos I see for reality shows don't even have interesting premises! They're all "It's like , but it !"
  • SonallVegqu
    Note: UMVC3 costs $40, not $60 again.
  • QueenOfRandomness
    I completely agree with MarzGirl. CN is pretty much just testing the market out right now. I don't think necessarily planned to resurrect Toonami, but did so because of the high amount of Twitter responses they recieved about the return of the Toonami slots on April 1st. If you stop supporting Toonami, they'll stop supporting the anime. First we've got to show that people actually WATCH anime.

    I think a lot of 'our' generation watches anime because we had Toonami growing up. I think it would be nice to increase the number of anime watchers :).

    And honestly, I'm happy with the two new shows on Toonami. If I'm not mistaken, that's the biggest increase of anime shows on their channel for awhile now :)

    Sorry, I feel like I'm starting to ramble a bit.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is if you want better shows to watch support the Toonami of now. It's sort of like a baby now and you have to provide it with food (viewers) to make it grow :)
  • SolidGoldCEO
    Thats the most passionate Ketchup shop metaphor I think I've ever heard.
  • Dustomega
    I stay up and watch it till around the time FMAB is off. After that i can't stay up any longer and have to go to bed. I hope that is enough, because i want Toonami back!
  • Bradman1978
    I do believe MG you should have made a script and try to hold back on the emotion.

    Other than that, I think you did a very good comparison of Toonami and small food stores. Honestly as laughable as this sounds Funimation and other anime companies should be lining up to give the anime away.

    I have never bought an anime before watching it on TV, or at least seeing a few shows at a friend's house. Basically what I'm saying if anime doesn't get back on TV there will be no anime in America.

    Just like any drug you got to give a free sample to get the hook.

    Honestly does TV need to exist. For me no because I only watch youtube videos and TGITG shows and read. If everything was based on me there would be no movie theaters.
  • SolidGoldCEO
    The problem is a lot of the stuff that gets put on these days is for that teen-older teen market that don't have control of the TV during prime to late hours. Couple that with Anime being a niche market to begin with and your not going to hit the numbers you need.

    In 2007 the UK had the Anime Central Channel it showed the following shows between 9pm and 6am

    Cowboy Bebop
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (1st GIG)
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2nd GIG)
    G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
    Gundam SEED
    Transformers: The Headmasters
    Transformers: Super-God Masterforce?
    Transformers: Victory
    Vision of Escaflowne
    Witch Hunter Robin
    Wolf's Rain

    The channel ended less then 11 months later.

    How many of those shows would appeal to the people in charge of the Remote at that time? For that time slot G.I.T.S is fine, Bebop is fine but as an older Anime fan,that has full say over my TVs viewing and has been a fan of Anime since I was 12, Im not going to be watching Bleach (a show for teenage to older teens) at 9 in the evening and Christ knows who they expected to watch Escaflowne outside of the most hardened Otaku who will watch anything Anime even when its mostly written for teenage girls.

    My point is airing stuff is one thing but they need to air stuff that appeals to people that can actually watch it at the time it comes on, rather then showing whatever for a medium that encompasses everything from Hello Kitty to Hardcore Demon rape pornography.
  • Marshmallowcreampie
    Agreed, so much! I think a big reason anime doesn't get much recognition now is because there isn't much variety of anime being shown in the US. Here, most of the anime is aimed at teen and young adult guys, with the "bro-dude" mentality. So the shows are mostly action shows with lots of fighting and robots and crap. There are a lot of great comedy anime shows that I think would be perfect for Adult Swim, but they seem reluctant to get anime shows outside of the kind I mentioned. I don't really watch the shows on the current Toonami block (I do like FMA but I already saw every episode so I don't stay up to watch it on AS) partially because they're all too similar in genre and demographic.
  • mazoonon  - Toonami we need you!
    It's strange why people would compare such broadly different industries, especially capcom with toonami.

    I know it might not seem like much to some people, but over here in the UK Toonami was the ONLY anime channel we had, in fact since it disappeared we've only had pokemon on "Disney Channel" and 3, yes 3 old 4kids reruns on a lesser old show. (Tell me if spider riders, ultimate muscle and "digimon: data squad" sound like the best selection ¬.¬)

    In fact we have NO adult swim. When we did have it, it was taken down in 2000 and never returned since. Toonami was the UK's lifeline for Anime shows and we hope it returns; in fact it was the first place I watched anime!

    The list of anime shown above by SolidGoldCEO aren't being aired and would only be known by the UK if we watched it online and even that is difficult when you find "Region Locked" videos. (No funimation One Piece for UK).

    I can't blame MarsGirl for getting so angry about this. People comparing one of the best channels ever made and insulting it with no thought or reason. Imagine if you had something precious to you, compared to something like a sewer or trash? Not nice at all!
  • SolidGoldCEO
    Aside from Toonami/CNX amd Anime Central Anime Network had a block on Propeller TV, Rapture TV had an Anime block for a while, also SciFi had its Saiko Exciting show for a while. The main problem is most of the stuff they showed was either out for a while or so well known any anime fan would have bought it already so they had pitiful viewership and ended up being cancelled.Anime Network had more current shows but as it was an ADV affiliate you can guess why that went away.

    Adult Swims currently on TCM2 in the UK but its just their US stuff like Robot Chicken, Venture Bros and the like.
  • mazoonon
    Really? Well i'm glad adult swim's still about for the UK, if only they added some anime to it, maybe bleach? I dunno.

    Also SciFi seems to run anime once every week or month as far as I know, making anime more of a chore (If I can spell it >.let me know if there are any more anime channels and I'll spread the news throughout the UK! (I have an anime facebook group :3 )
  • Crickett
    Seriously though, what was this video about? Something about Marvel vs. Capcom..... and ketchup.... and old people stores.....

    As much as I'm glad Toonami is back, I don't know what this has to do with Marvel vs. Capcom, but I've seen half of Casshern Sins and I don't like that show, so I'm not going to watch it.

    I'm watching Bleach and Deadman Wonderland.
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    You are a smart gal. Also, it is my dream that Toonami will acquire Wakfu one day.
  • Dartannian
    Showing that block of Toonami on April Fool's was a great trip of nostalgia.

    But traditional TV is going the way of the dinosaur; it's much more cost feasible to stream it over the internet, and it makes a wider selection available.

    Network syndicated TV is executive censored.

    Also, check for box sets of some of your favorite anime; you can get some of them for about $20 or even less!

    I bought a flat screen TV awhile ago. I use it as a larger monitor for my computer box, which I use for my video games and shows, besides my typical work-at-home tasks.

    I went into a Best Buy just recently. Some guy trying to sell me satellite TV approached me. When he asked me how much I pay for cable, I couldn't help laughing aloud, and saying, "Zero," still trying to stifle my laughter.

    I don't accuse the salesman of being stupid, though. It's his job to approach every person he sees and pester them, whether he wants to, or not, even if he can tell the person is disinterested. I used to have a job like that myself, so that's how I know.
  • malice936
    MarzGurl I can tell you now I pay $120 for TV Internet and Phone. I would have the TV removed because to be honest there's rarely anything good on anymore, but it would actually raise my bill to about $150 (yeah real smart business on their end). I still watch Toonami when I'm not about to pass out, but its about the only thing I watch because the rest of television now adays just kinda sucks.
  • Holland
    I watch Toonami when I can, which isn't very often, I will admit. But I do agree with the points you made :)
  • jz1337
    How would watching toonami even help when most people don't have a nielson box? It's not gonna count me watching it so why bother?
  • Poipoi
    I still watch traditional Tv. I also have to shave space on the dvr with others making it hard for me to pick and choose what I do watch.
  • runic knight
    That was a horrible comparison. honestly, Capcom to toonami? The hell were they thinking?
    Capcom makes games, this means they only need you to buy the product, and if you dislike it, well, they still made their money from most people. Add in dlc and the like, and they clean up and can drop the game to make a new edition any time they like. Plus, the company is kinda known for such practices and being a greedy asshats, so yeah, there is that.

    Toonami, and most all tv, requires an audience that is dedicated. They make money off of advertisements and know the best way is to give the audience what they respond to. Unlike capcom, who made their money and can screw over customer loyalty, they need to retain the fans. Trying to use the two as comparison merely shows whoever said that doesn't know jack about how business or economics work at all.

    Your comparison here is apt. They have little funds and this is more like an experiment back into the pool. The tide is against them and us supporters of toonami as tv and cable is dying out, and the owners of cartoon network in charge of things certainly know the direction tv has been going lately, and would be even less likely to take risks. The best bet is to give this toonami a chance to find it's feet and see what they do with the fan loyalty we display. I never expected anything monumental with toonami coming back, but neither was I disappointed. This was about what I expected of a risk taken, baby steps as they see reaction and where to go next. It is up to us fans though to let them know to keep walking down this road, to support the risk they took. If they abuse that support, well then we stop supporting. But this, here and now, understanding expenses and the risk they took at all, we can't act like we were entitled to the greatness of the toonami golden age when we aren't willing to help them get to their feet in the first place.
  • Lena Andreia
    LOL, Marz, you remind me of a friend I had in high school. That exasperated ketchup metaphor was PERFECT. She more or less had the same reaction to the very first (and horrible) versions of DDR that came over.

    Honestly, I think they need to put Toonami back on in the afternoon. 20 somethings like myself who grew up watching it (or at least spent our high school years with Tom) are cutting the cord more and more in favor of Netfix and or Hulu. Older couples--couples that have kids between 8 and 18--can afford to have cable and are more likely to have it anyway (since I'm sure Gen X hasn't embraced the net as much as we Millennials have). Those are the kids who would be the bulk of Toonami's audience, and I bet they'd get better ratings if they placed those shows within their reach.

    Heck, wasn't it that age group that made Toonami a success in the first place? Bring back Midnight Run for the gory epic "adult" shows, and use the afternoon block for the shows that're too mellow or kiddie to put on at night. CN still probably has rights to some of 'em, I'm sure. Even if those shows are like 10 or 15 years old, kids that weren't around back then won't know that they aren't new. Heck, my cousins (currently ages 12 and 14 respectively) thought that Full House was a new show back in 2005.
  • sharkjack  - not for us
    Toonami is not directly for hardened anime fans, it's for the newcomers. When you watch stuff on TV, zapping gets you to see stuff on other channels that you weren't previously interested in. I got into anime as a kid because of dragonball, medabots, beyblade digimon and pokemon. They weren't the best the world had to offer, but they did all have overarcing plots wherein stuff that happened in one episode could be touched upon in other episodes. Dutch Toonami died off long ago, taking much of the interesting anime and other series with it. I didn't really get back into anime if it hadn't been for the last airbender. That got me to watch again and look online to get english dubs of further seasons. Sites that had airbender had old favorites, and that got the ball rolling, leading to an ever growing anime and manga collection. If it hadn't been for anime being on TV when I was a kid, I would not have gotten back into it later. The exposure is important for the viability of the industry, which in turn is important to us. As I am not an American, I can't support toonami with my tv (not having one of these boxes doesn't help either). Still I see the importance of anime on tv, so whoever can should support them as much as possible.
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