You Know Who - The Angels Take Manhattan

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  • Rhisify
    Nice Duvet ;p

    ps - agree about the statue of liberty.
  • Caboos15
    For me the episode was just ok, I’ve had mixed feelings about the writing of this series as a whole but it’s not that bad that I’ll stop watching.
    Also I really think they should have included this scene watch?v=XWU6XL9xI4k to show what happened to Rory’s dad. This is because I find it a bit harsh that we didn’t see how he now has to cope without ever being able seeing Rory and Amy ever again. Not sure if the link will work for people in the USA as it’s on the UK’s BBC YouTube channel, but if you do a search for Doctor Who P.S. you should find it.
  • Rhisify
    Watched P.S It's brilliant they should have filmed it. I was a little confused if they had to live there lives in the hotel and i found this cleared it up.
  • Armando Payne
    I just watched it and for some reason, the song I Love You Goodbye by Thomas Dolby popped up in my head after hearing it.
  • katwalk
    I saw the promo images for this episode with the angel statue and spent the whole week dreading this episode for it and went in with a full understanding of how bad that was.
    That was a TERRIBLE idea and I am glad that the paradox seemed to imply all the related angels in the area "died" (which means the statue would just be a statue again?) because wow.
    Um hey Moffat
    did you forget the LAST angel episode you made?
    You know, when you established "an image of an angel becomes an angel"?
    How many things are in the image of that statue?
  • fangirl21  - Oh the weeping
    Needless to say the Angels weren't the only ones. I broke out in inconsolable tears as I watched Amy and Rory fall, and watched them be taken by the angels. Then when I and my mother, who is now a Whovian thanks to my fangirliness of the show, heard about how Rory and Amy were still together and had a good life together in the past, we were happy... Though I was the only one still crying.

    I think the end there was a good wrap-up and made sense. And I can see that Amy in the past never mentions it to Past-Doctor, because of two possibilities: One, either Future-Doctor told her not to, and she promised, and he again promised her he'd be back in 5 minutes (rule one, The Doctor lies), or he told her these stories, she fell asleep, and then he tucked her in and they became dreams.

    Though that might not work either due to the fact that the night Amy waited didn't actually happen in this version of reality because of the universe jump...

    Anyway, good review, I loved this episode, and the new Companion is going to have to really show us her chops to follow the Ponds, but I think she can do it. All episodes to follow will really have to strive to be as emotional as this one and to be as good.

    Later Geek! And nice nod to Lord Stark there. ^.^
  • petah11  - Traveling alone?
    Perhaps setting up a valeyard story arc?
  • MixCritic
    When I first watched Angels Take Manhattan I was sadden to see Amy and Rory leave, but the more I thought about it, the more disappointed I was with the episode.

    To me, I don't think this was a good way to end Amy & Rory, given the fact that they have been through so much such as losing their child, infertility, waiting for 2,000 years, death, and almost getting a divorce...and this is how it ends?

    In my opinion, I believe The Power of Three would have been an ok way to end Amy & Rory and I personally find Rose's sendoff better than Amy & Rory's sendoff, and I am not particularly a huge Rose fan.

    Despite the disappointment I have with the episode, I really did enjoy most parts of the episode such as the baby angels being creepier than the normal angels, the actors's delivery on each scene they get without outshining more than the other, especially the emotional scenes. I just wish Amy & Rory's sendoff could have been better.
  • Mides
    I strongly disagree with this review. The lack of logic in the ending hit me almost right away, which ended up undermining the emotional torque of the episode. At best, I'd give it a 3/5. I think a 2/5 would be more appropriate, however, since this was a rather weak episode to use as the sendoff for Amy and Rory.
  • Timekeeper
    What is the point of this strange opening scene?
  • DekaPrime  - The last page
    Amy never meeting The Doctor ever again is practically spelled out in the last page written by Amy. They don't have to spend their time in the hotel, I'm fairly certain that the hotel is destroyed in the paradox. They established that if you read your own history it's set. Amy very deliberately writes that she never sees him again and thus he never can see her again. If he has a way back into her life she will leave with him again, the next time she loses Rory might be the last and she doesn't want to risk that any more. The timeline being messed up is something that The Doctor might chance but the solid, written evidence that they will not see each other again means he won't risk it.
    Why won't The Doctor risk it? Because he's messed with time that bad before. When he saved everyone on the mars mission he was eventually punished because of it. To me this made 10's departure much more sad when you see that he not only doesn't want to go, but he may be finally coming to terms that this time. . .for this first time, his regeneration is his own fault.
    Having been though this before as 10, 11 isn't going to go telling time it's self to go sit and spin like his predecessor did.
    Course this was just my theory about the whys and why nots. Most of this was Fridge Brilliance where after the emotion ran off a bit I actually thought about the episode and realized how well it was written and how good Amy and Rory's departure really is.
  • Fomorian
    Here's two more problems with this episode. One, how in all hells does this "farm" work? How the hell do those sent back in time survive until they die of old age? What do they eat and drink? How do Angels get those multiple portions of energy, if they still just send the person back in time once? The only advantage of the hotel is that they don't have to run around looking for prey, but with amount of people in New York I doubt that's much of a problem.

    Second, and that's a lesser problem, there are several occasions when nobody's watching the Angels - even the audience - and they don't move an inch.

    I'll give the episode - while I was watching it I only noticed the second logic problem I mentioned because of how emotional it was. I'd give the episode 1.5/5 because of the logic issues, and I'd add 2 for how emotional it was and how heartbreaking Amy's farewell was. All in all, 3.5/5.
  • hauntedufo
    This was a great episode. River Song and the Weeping Angels were the best they've been in ages, and I liked the way they used that they were, sort of, in a book they were reading, and the chapter titles were a clever way of finding things out without reading ahead.

    The Statue Of Liberty as a Weeping Angel was probably something they thought would be an interesting idea... but it makes no sense.

    I was very sad about Amy and Rory leaving. I agree that Karen Gillan was brilliant in that scene before Amy leaves. The "Raggedy Man... goodbye" and the final "this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends" lines were the saddest ones for me, and I liked how the end it links back to the beginning with the Eleventh Hour. I did think that Rory was a little short changed though, so I am glad they've released that scene showing what happened to Brian and what happened to the Ponds afterwards.
  • Millstone
    The biggest logical issue with this episode is that all the characters seem to have forgotten rule n°1: the Doctor lies and so does River Song.

    In the last big story arc, they saw the Doctor getting shot and they burned his corpse. But no, that was all a forgery. The real Doctor was inside the TARDIS inside the Teselecta. And River knew that already and said nothing.

    Why would this book be a trustful account of the events? Why couldn't the grave itself be a fake? You are not facing a dead end, Doctor!
  • KuroNeko  - Disapointed...
    I have to say I really hated this episode. There are some huge glaring flaws in it, and over all it seemed really rushed, more like 2 episodes pressed into one.
    And it really didn't feel like a good send off.

    Yes it made me sad, it made me cry, but I cannot get over everything....

    When the giant liberty angel is stood behind them, and they gaze into each others eyes before jumping off. Uhm, no one was looking at it? The angels are brutally fast, surely they could have stopped and/or killed them in all that time?

    Same as when they were in the Graveyard, the Dr was looking at Pond and no one was looking at the Angel, THEN, once she is sent back, the Doctor cries and isn't looking (okay maybe River is?) but again, they are FAST, it has no feelings, it should have killed them all!
    Not to mention it really bugs me that the Angel that just "killed" both Rory and Amy, is stood right infront of the Doctor, helpless, yet for once in his life he doesn't try to claim vengeance? Usually he gets all mad and pissy over stuff like that, I'm amazed he just let the angel go.

    (Also VERY good point on them just moving place/waiting until a different time zone for him to visit them, I didn't catch that one but very good point).

    I -do- look forwards to how they explain Oswin at the end, being as her becoming a Dalek is a set time thingy so cannot be changed.
    Sure you could say that DOES happen to her, but she does not recognize the Doctor when they "meet", meaning, she cannot of met him in the past.

    Over all the episode has too many inconsistencies and everything just rolls over for the "plot".
  • PontyMython
    the statue of liberty being an angel was a, given that there no way its never being looked at and it never actually does anything but go "bleh, bleh, bleh!" but they do explain why its angel. river mentions the angels 'taking over statues' which is why they also appear as those cherubs

    personally I think the episode would have been better if the ponds hadn't been safe and sound after they jumped. if it turned out dying in the paradox was the reason they were trapped. it avoid the 'lone survivor' angel (something which happens a bit too often in NewWho) and means they could be trapped on a different plane of existence which is why the doctor can't see them
  • TragicGuineaPig
    It's the Ghostbusters! They are the ones that brought the Statue of Liberty to life, so all of this is their fault.
  • PontyMython
    my god you're right! we must stop them before they turn any more famous landmarks into ravenous fiends!
  • Thaluikhain
    Nah, didn't like this ep. OTOH, they finally got rid of the Ponds, which they'd been making a big fuss of leading up to for ages with very little subtlety, glad that's over.

    The first bit, with the PI was quite good, but I knew it'd come crashing down as soon as the regulars popped up.

    The story made no sense at all, more plot holes than actual plots. In addition to the ones already mentioned (I particularly like the Dr leaving the Angel to keep killing New Yorkers), that random 30s criminal has found a way to harm the Angels, which nobody else has ever managed apparently, and none of the people fighting the angels are the least bit curious as to how.
  • evey1985
    Just want to say i love Rope. It's my 2nd favourite Hitchcock movie. And i love you for using it at the start. Awesome

    Oh and the review was good too. :)
  • Gift of the Magi  - The end...oh gods I wish.
    Well...umm...I have never disagreed this strongly with a reviewer before.

    This episode is by and far the worst of the Moffet era. Having even larger plot holes and mass stupid than the "build a giant pyramid base to ask aliens to tell the Doctor not to give up" storyline, AIM doesn't even have a satisfing end to the Ponds and no explanations about ANYTHING.

    I make it no secret how much I HATE Amy Pond as a character and that I wanted her end to be her shot to pieces or torn to bloody shreds. This? This is mass stupid. TLAG points out ALL the problems with her 'sacrifice' and you just gotta love how the Doctor's plan was just dumped because...umm...why not. The Angels work as a villain in Blink...not as a long term threat. They have no reason, no logic and no history...and making the Statue of Liberty an Angel hurts the head.

    Finally...I actually liked River prior to the Moffet era, but now she just irritates me to no end. Everything about is becoming more and more a slap to the face of the canon and decent storytelling. After this...I may just have to stop watching til the next Doctor. I can't take this level of stupid, even from something I used to love dearly.
  • sunnyl
    The whole new series is a punch in the face to the canon.
    Best to think of it as some bizarre alternate universe.
  • Wombatkidd
    *laughing* Oh how I love when people complain about Dr. Who violating its own canon.

    Seriously, Dr. Who has never, ever, made the attempt to be consistent between stories. It seems to only be in the last decade that this has been a problem with the audience.

    The show is a product of the sixties, and continues to be written the way a show of that era would be. It shouldn't matter if episodes fit together, it only matters that each episode is good on its own.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Umm...have you watched any Old Who? At all? Even the basic struture of New Who is vastly different from Old Who. You are somewhat correct about the canon being a bit flexible at times. However, you might note that for a show with over 30 years of airtime, it hold most of it's major plot points together...better than many Star Trek shows.

    The reason you see a lot of complaints 'in the last decade', is because while Old Who did attempt to make sense of its own history and canon most of the time, New Who just doesn't care AT ALL. They even press the point that their canon 'is loose, so why care'. This is just a lazy excuse to not pay attention to any other storylines, plots or character development. Add in the insane pace of the show, trying to cram everything in under 60 minutes...where the Old Who would take their time over 4-6 parts lasting over AN HOUR EACH to develop their stories...and you get something that looks like Doctor Who, but doesn't feel like it.

    It's rushed, haphazard, poorly constructed and badly written. Yes, it should matter that it fit together, especially since Moffet SAID these seasons where going to fit together. NO, it is NOT written the same way it was in the late sixties...hells, it's not even written in the same way it was in the early 90s. Sorry, but Old Who WAS CONSTANTLY written to link with each episode, because it had a serial format.

    If you truly find this funny...then maybe you should examine why you're watching this show.
  • Wombatkidd  - Necro
    Yes, I have indeed watched old who. And you know what? The writing style is exactly the same. Changing the format from serialized stories to 44 minute single episodes doesn't change that. The only reason *you* think the old ones are any better about this stuff is the good old Nostalgia Filter.

    (Superboy prime voice) "Everything was better with *my* doctor!

    Oh and about how old who "took it's time." Most of the "taking its time" it did was *wasting* time on huge amounts of padding. A bunch of stories had episodes you could skip and not miss anything. And this isn't a bash at the way they used to do things it's just perspective. Both ways of doing the show have their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Usbcheater  - The True Ending!
    Seeing how nobody posted the link imma leave this here... watch?v=XWU6XL9xI4k Be sure to have tissues at hand.
  • DekaPrime
    "(Also VERY good point on them just moving place/waiting until a different time zone for him to visit them, I didn't catch that one but very good point)"

    It's not a very good point. As I stated, that last page written by Amy was done so very deliberately so that they will not meet again. She writes that they don't so they don't. The Ponds can go where ever they want and be where ever they want but Amy told the Doctor in the last page that they never see him again. So they never do. If you look at his mad dash back to the park you get the impression that he feels the last page will give him some kind of out. Amy will give him some little hint as to where he needs to go to see her again, but it's a very careful trick by Amy. She knows if she has the opportunity to be with him she'll take it and she needs to cut it out and grow up.

    How is it everyone else thinks this is a major plot hole and I found it to be the one of the most brilliant pieces of writing in all of Doctor Who when I took half a second and actually thought about it.
  • sunnyl
    Because he could just show up after she told River to write that?
    Or she could have lied?
    I think its her finally making the decision to leave the Doctor behind.

    Honestly, it doesn't make me sad that she has decided to have a full life, just pisses me off that the character was lost in such a weak manner.
    Would have been better if he had just never come back, but that's real Who, not New Who, where he never leaves a companion behind.
  • Gift of the Magi
    Deka, the plot hole is that there is NO REASON WHY. Even the dullest Companion could reason out that all they had to do was move and leave a note. NO REASON was given they they COULDN'T. The Doctor got the note, so of course he could do it. Amy obviously knew he would find it, and nothing was going to stop them, and they WANTED to go why say no? Why insist they 'never saw him again'? It doesn't make a lick of fact it's rather lame to suffer in a timezone without money, jobs or support...just because.
  • HamsterMan  - Most illogical
    I just can't look past the logical flaws in this episode, no matter how emotionally good it is.

    The statue of liberty being a weeping angel doesn't add anything to the story and just introduces a huge gaping plot hole to the episode. This and the last season has been full of episodes where sci-fi and writing that makes sense has taken the backseat to the whole spectacle of the thing. Sci-fi is supposed to be about clever writing, not amazing imagery.

    And the whole graveyard scene. They just randomly appear back at the graveyard after the paradox without any explanation of why and why they can still remember what happened. Bah. Try harder! I want another Silence in the library!
  • armagod679
    When this episode aired, I screamed obscenities for an hour and scared the crap out of my neighbor. DAMN YOU, MOFFAT, YOU MADE ME CARE!
  • miguelohara563
    How come the Statue of Liberty managed to get off its little island-thing, walk across the water, and stand beside a random hotel without anyone noticing? Hey, Steven Moffat, a giant green statue that also happens to be an extremely famous cultural landmark marching down the road would attract some attention wouldn't it? And someone would notice it was gone, wouldn't they?

    One of the biggest problems I have with Moffat's Doctor Who is the pace. It never stops to explain anything, or give side characters an emotional connection to the audience. It's just go, go, go, get through the story as quickly as possible--which I detest. I live in fear of the potential 50th anniversary special, as Moffat's idea of epic is just "put as much crap on screen as possible and then take it all away again five seconds later."
  • sunnyl
    Geek really should have played a clip from Ghostbusters II I think.

    As to explanations. Meh, could be worse.
    Davies idea of an emotional connection was badly played cliche violins every time the one episode extra whom we don't care anything about was killed off.
    The producers of the original Doctor Who understood you can only have one deeply emotional episode every 2-3 years, and that it has to be about established characters, you can't devote 4 minutes to the death of an extra every single episode.

    And Davies was also always setting up potential story lines and then never following up on them.

    But you're right, Moffat doesn't build up the extras enough either. He is also obsessed with ambiguous twist endings.
    Just look at how Press Gang ended.
  • sunnyl  - An hour after for the logic problems? Seriously?
    I've always hated the Weeping Angels, they are a completely implausible monster.
    I can accept silicate lifeforms, but these: feeding off the massive amount of temporal energy they _expel_ to move someone through time, never being detected and being all over the Earth.
    All that is bad enough, but in this episode they even lost the internal consistency.

    The angels were originally established as an alien race from the dawn of the universe, but now it appears that every human(oid) statue ever made by humans is a dormant angel.
    The one in the garden where the woman leaves the boy creating an unbalanced plinth was bad enough, then the hunting by dozens of them of one target. In a city of millions.

    But then the jump the shark moment times a thousand.
    The Statue of Liberty is an angel.
    I turned off the TV at this point, couldn't watch another second of this crap.

    The watched idea you brought up is completely secondary to the fact that the statue is made of copper, not stone, copper, a metal.
    And a hollow one at that, with staircases inside, and rivets all over it.

    For the rest of it I rely on your review, and what do you show us?
    Paradoxes; story lines that go nowhere; fucking River Song who has always been annoying as hell; Rory dying again, and again.
    And an emotional farewell that from the footage you showed looked cliche and fake and is completely irrelevant because they both live, and because as you said, they could just sail around the temporal whirlpool.

    What a load of crap.
    The New Series has taken a nose dive back into the sewage farm that was the Davies years.
    What a way to end the only good companions (apart from one-offs) this new series has had.
  • Ashoten2021
    The Statue of liberty being an angel did bother me but it was so funny that I can overlook it. Since it doesn't have any real impact on the story at large.
  • Hanglyman
    I would have given it 4 out of 5 for the plot holes and inconsistencies. I agree that it somehow managed to be a very enjoyable episode despite all that, but I also hope it's the last episode with the Angels, because they utterly ruined any sort of logic or consistency to them, which, in my opinion, is what made them so awesome in the first place.

    When they first appeared in Blink, they were amazing because they were a combination of unique, well thought-out science fiction concepts (the whole "quantum locked" idea, combined with them feeding on the victims' potential future time energy) and creative and scary cinematography. Now it's degenerated to "all statues everywhere are evil aliens", they don't move when they ought to, and sometimes do move when it seems they shouldn't be able to, like when the one in broad daylight takes Amy, despite being half-visible behind her when both River and the Doctor are very intently focused in her direction. And for some reason the one that grabs River doesn't transport her back in time, despite being chained up and possibly starving.

    And then, of course, the Statue of Liberty. Which somehow nobody sees on its trip, and nobody notices it towering in the middle of the city when it's frozen from Rory looking at it. And also it's hollow and people go inside it every day, and it has a well documented history, and a thousand other things. It's like they literally didn't stop to think for even a single second when they wrote that in.

    It's odd to find an episode that was genuinely good, but that I could still bitch and nitpick about for hours. Looking forward to what's next, though I hear the Doctor is going to have a young attractive female companion AGAIN.
  • Somni McNitpick
    I couldn't agree more on the five out of five. However, I don't think this episode should be compared in any way to Rose, for two reasons. Rose Tyler, and this isn't Billie Piper's fault, is a horrible, horrible person. Second, and this is because of the first, the departure of Rose was a point for celebration. That the Doctor would let someone as rancidly vile as Rose Tyler travel with him after she showed time and time again the kind of selfish, horrible person she was astounds me. The implication that he fell in love with her as he did with companions past (like the FAR superior Sarah Jane) is something I vehemently refuse to even entertain as a possibility. I can only accept that he was sad to see her go, because he's just a good man like that.
  • Psxpert2011
    I know it, the last angry weeping geek! I haven't seen it and feel the emotion from it, looks like something sad.
  • hahadumbass  - Hope?
    Anybody else wonder why there weren't any dates on the gravestone? Don't gravestones usually have a birth date and a death date? The gravestone just had their age when they died but not a date of when they died. Could that mean something?
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