The Secret World of Arrietty VLOG

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  • Mewies
    I think in my opinion I will wait for the DVD to come out for this movie o.o;;
  • uruseiranma  - I have a few things to say about this, (makes quot
    Btw, the film isn't 2 hours long, it runs slightly over 1 1/2 hours.

    Ok, I will admit that it doesn't get to that iffy friendship/romantic ground that was there between Ashitaka and San in 'Mononoke,' but I think keeping much of the distance between Shawn and Arrietty was there to leave the audience open to speculation.

    This didn't turn into 'Pocahontas,' where every other moment she's running off to be with John Smith. And even in cases like that, some felt the story for that romance was kind of hokey.

    Having had almost a week to think about the film, I think much of what some could consider showboating of the atmosphere is a given from the Japanese culture. Very rarely in American Cinema does a film give a person many anchor points as to where we are (Michael Bay films are often notorious for throwing off perception and direction).

    As for Spiller, he's kind of the equivalent of Edna Mode, or most of Brad Bird's 'brief-but-memorable' characters. He's mainly a device to show that there are other Borrowers out there, but not all adhere to the quaint country-like tones of Arrietty's family.

    I will say that Shawn's voice also made me think the same thing, that he sounded too mature for the age he looks like.

    This is one of the rare instances where Miyazaki is there almost as a guiding hand for another generation to make films. The same was done with Whisper of the Heart in 1995. In fact, if you haven't seen Whisper, I recommend watching it and then remember 'Arrietty.' The director of 'Arrietty' was originally inspired to work at Ghibli based on seeing 'Whisper' back in 1995, and there are a couple story structural points that seem familiar (then again, Miyazaki did write that film as well).

    I think what could be seen as a problem to some who are big Ghibli fans, is that unless it is a movie completely focused on by Miyazaki, it never reaches fantastic heights. His films let go of Earthly boundaries in many instances, but those that others mainly have a hand in...they never quite seem ready to completely leap off the ground.

    Btw, how could you not feel anything for the music of Cecile Corbel? The music was like the missing ingredient that you seemed to ignore in your interview. It worked as a great transporting tool for me, and brought something new to the table, much like Yuji Nomi's score for Whisper of the Heart.

    P.S. Like you, I do feel that Howl is one of the best dubs they've done...though Billy Crystal is 'passable' for his work there.
  • TheLapsedGeek  - just quick point
    So yeah, if i remember correctly there was a show on Nickelodeon that Amy Pohler did called The Mighty B where she was the voice of the main character. All I wanted to say
  • JesuOtaku
    Oh, I remember seeing that! It was pretty funny, too bad it was short-lived. ^^;
  • Furrama

    I love The Fox and the Hound. Grrrrrrr.

    Nothing much after it until Aladdin, but... grrrrr.

    But I see your point. They are trying to figure out what they are. But the way you are describing it sounds like Bambi. Really pretty, but many find it boring and slow. Some think it's amazing and artsy, others see far less. I'm the sort that loves a movie that takes time to build a world and has you stop and smell the roses, (within reason). Most reviewers and people I talk to like things to go too fast sometimes.

    And I do like Ponyo's dub, but I hate... HATE the Disneyfied channel song they had at the end.

    I think I'm weird in that Pom Poko is my favorite Ghibli film. And THAT one has the worst dub, hands down. But I can't help but love the awful charm. And the Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
  • alexalberto81
    Dude... Bambi had more action than Arrietty... I do agree with you starting slow, though.

    Now that you bring it up (kind of)... shouldn't this have been a Disney Channel movie??? Other than Amy Poehler and Carol Burnett, the majority of the voice cast are Disney Channel actors and actresses... wouldn't find it surprising if this aired on Disney Channel in the future...
  • Wolfgirl44
    Usually I agree with pretty much everything you say about the stuff you review.

    In this case though, I pretty much disagree with everything you said, especially in regards to the pacing. I thought it was really interesting to see the way life was conducted behind the scenes of the house. It was nice to see a movie that was just full of ordinary people doing ordinary things, instead of having to focus on something new every two minutes.

    The kid's voice was weird, though. I'm with you on that one. It wasn't distracting, just weird.

    I don't think that the movie would have been improved by showing more of Spiller, I think the movie would have been improved by the complete removal of Spiller.

    And I cried at the ending.

    Overall, I loved the movie. I'd put it as my third or fourth favorite Gibli film. You guys did have good points, but the things that bothered you were the things that I actually really liked.
  • AlucardsQuest
    Didn't they just make this movie 15 years or so, (under it's true title The Borrowers) and did a decent job of it too? Come on Ghibli, what happened to originality?! Admittedly I haven't seen much of Miyazaki's work, but in your description of this movie it sounds like a lot of cliche's about bad Anime are being followed here. I wonder if Miyazaki's filmic reputation is as sparkling as people make it out to be?

    I am an Anime fan from way back, I can get into stories without much character introduction, shallow stereotypes, repressed sexuality, contrivances abound, and seemingly unnecessary scenes of nature... I can flow with that. I liked Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbor Totoro and I thought Kiki's Delivery Service was decent. However this movie doesn't sound like something that would interest me. Especially when it was done better not that long ago!
  • slashmaster28
    Dude, watch at least one of his other works. They're not exactly like this one.
  • Whitly  - Different Movie, Same Source
    But in terms of originality, The Secret World of Arrietty wins out by a long shot. The live-action movie was fun, but it was mostly slapstick and scattered heart here and there. This one has a heart and soul throughout, and is worth watching...
  • Vinny1138
    What is Nash's Deal with Shawn's Voice in the movie? Does he know anybody around the age 13-14. It's not uncommon at all for boys to have low voices at that age. Why compare his voice to that of a 20 year old?

    I get the Impression Nash hardly ever watches a lot of Anime. Like at all.

    I'd Like to also point and Say that They were Both Wrong saying this movie was 2 hours. It's exactly 94 minutes, which is less than an hour and 15; and thats way too Short for even a Ghibli film. I think that's really my only problem with the film was that it was over so unexpectingly soon.
  • alexalberto81  - My take on the movie
    Hoo boy... saw this movie Friday night with my brothers... it was all right, not as great as I had originally thought, but not a total loss at the same time. Just meh.

    The one thing going against it, in my opinion, is the pacing... it was kind of slow for a little over the first half of the movie and picked up slightly towards the end. Reminded me of NC's take on Mr. Robinson in his review of "Lost in Space"... astonishingly dull at the beginning and increased to a threatening dull roar as the movie goes on. I blame the previews on this movie partly - I went in thinking I'd see some action based on the trailer, and I think that's my own fault for expecting action in this movie.

    The one character that caught my attention was Pod (the dad)... his voice... I almost expected him to say "I'm Batman" (the way NC does it sometimes, in that quiet, almost whispering, voice). Sounded a bit like Chopin from the game "Eternal Sonata" too...

    Overall, I think I'm glad I saw this movie in theatres, though I would go as far as to say I did it because the movie seemed interesting and NOT because I would support mainstream acceptance of anime (this movie, I think, caters more to a niche crowd of anime fans and I don't think it's for everyone).
  • ManWithGoodTaste
    Thank you for this video log; now I will DEFINITELY not go see it :)
  • Whitly  - They Recommended Watching It Anyway
    You should re-watch the video. JO actually states that at the end...
  • thelaughingfool
    Can't say this is the best Ghibli film, but it completely makes up for Ponyo.
  • Whitly  - I Liked Ponyo More Than Howl's Moving Castle
    There, I said it! Ponyo lacked the, "Why the h*ll should I give a sh*t about what's going on?" issue that Howl's Moving Castle's story suffered from, not to mention that it didn't drag like that one did. I still enjoy both, but...Ponyo wins out...
  • Maitopurkki
    watched this with japanese audio and i didn't see any of the problems that were mentioned in this video.

    could it be that the dub changed stuff which made those problems?
  • Ryo Asuka
    I watched it in Japanese with Finnish subtitles and I have to disagree with pretty much every complaint Jesu and Nash made. I liked the slowish pacing and simplicity and it made perfectly sense, that Arrietty and Sho didn't have that much interaction with each others. It was really at the end of the movie, when they really became friends, which I like.
  • flickchatdan
    I really enjoyed this film, it's weird seeing you guys talk about going to see it in the cinema whereas here in the UK it was in cinemas about 8 months ago. I also own the Blu Ray now.

    I watched this first in Japanese in an indie cinema about an hours drive from me. It was also the first time I watched a Ghibli film on the big screen. I loved the film, I think the pacing was perfect for the story, it's set in a little house in the middle of nowhere. So usually your days would be very slow. I loved the fact that when something big happens (the crow in the window) the volume increases.

    When I bought the Blu Ray I got round to watching the UK dub. If you weren't aware in the UK the film is distributed by Studio Canal so we have a different cast to the USA Disney dub. I was very pleased with the dub as I loved the Japanese cast and I thought they would be hard to beat. In all honesty anything would be better than the Ponyo dub! But I do like Ponyo as well, just the Japanese version.

    Great review guys, I'm a brand new viewer and I look forward to watching the rest of your videos.
  • sho_sho_maru
    There's more than one dub? That would explain why everyone sounds incredibly posh and English in my copy. And it also explains why I got confused when everyone was referring to the kid as Shawn... I thought he was called Sho :)
  • flickchatdan
    Yea as the UK has a different distributor we got a different cast. In the original script the boy is called Sho as he is called in the UK version too. However in the Disney script they changed his name.

    I have no idea why they decided to do this. I'll probably check out the USA dub when I get the chance. So I can compare.
  • Nekoshema
    i loved the movie, it was visually beautiful, but i like movies with that pacing. granted not all the time, but i do. yes, it wasn't one of his best, but i really enjoyed it. i couldn't stand the music, whoever they got to sing was killing me. plus i was sitting next to two idiots complaining through the whole thing, i could tell from looking at them, they weren't anime fans, and i bumped into them in the bathroom after the show making fun of anime, so those two things bugged me, but i loved it. it's kinda like Whisper of the Heart, slow but charming.
  • Temzu
    I haven't seen this movie and have just watched the review but... so it's like a My Neighbor Totoro experience with the character interaction? Let me explain...I watched that later, after some of his other films but for me at least I really never saw the emotional connection of the characters in that movie. At the end its like yay! Totoro saves the day but I never really BELIEVED that ANY of the characters really had any faith in ANYTHING... again, for me, that was a Miyazaki failure. Makes me wish the zombie version had been implemented.
    Apologies to the Totoro fans out there.
  • greeneyes
    I'm a little bit behind, I didn't know about you until I saw Nostalgia Chick's review for 10 hottest anime guys!
    I checked out the Anime News Network but I gotta request anyway. Escaflowne, Tenchi Meyo, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon (original 150) and Sailor Moon. I would love to see a review for X the Movie and Princess Mononoke.
    I guess I'm a joke for an anime lover but I would love to see these. :)
  • JTown465
    It sounds like Ghibli's in a similar place as Nintendo in that they're both realizing that they need to give newer people more experience. Yes, it's leading to some disappointing works on both sides (though Ghibli's movies lately haven't been as well received as some of Nintendo's games) but I do think it's for the better.

    Having movies where new talent is attempted to be grown is much better than seeing a studio's golden figure pass away, with no one to fill their shoes.
  • vamast
    otaku? more like jesuweaboo
  • slashmaster28
    The fact that she's willing to give English dubs a chance and doesn't devote her whole life to JUST anime and knows that Japan isn't the greatest country on Earth shows that she is NOT a weeaboo!

    As for this film, yeah, it's beautiful and I for one thought the story and characters were great. Where this film suffers in my eyes is two particular characters:

    First is Spiller. He didn't get enough screen time to truly develop as a character. All we learn about him is that he's primitive, he kicks ass and he has a thing for Arietty. This is especially disappointing as I wanted to see how they'd fit him into the main story line after finding out about him and his role.

    Next is Sho/Shawn, though he's not too bad, but he's like Danny from Cats Don't Dance. He's just a role model and nothing more. He undergoes no major character changes or anything, but still, at least he's likable enough that it's tolerable, and I guess the fact he has a heart condition is interesting.
  • silja
    I loved this movie.

    I found this movie to be a stunning piece of work because it tells you so many things about the life of a borrower without saying a word.
    It is an experience.

    I love that there are still movies out there which aren't focused on fast paced action and complex storytelling all of the time. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and have a wonderful experience.
    If you can't do that, then of course you won't like movies like this one.
  • Mizi
    I agree with you completely, this movie is an experience that needs to be seen as a whole. It can't really be broken down into seperate elements of story, art, character development. Every piece is tied too closely to the whole.
  • kaykeyser
    I liked it better then you did and mostly I am used to anime that spend more time on pretty scenery and details then on acting and action. Yes there are things that they set up and never follow threw with and there are lines said that you don't feel but not enough weaknesses to make the movie fail. They could have done more with it but at the risk of making the movie for an older audience, witch isn't a bad thing, but as you say, they are playing it safe.
  • wolfdreamer1978  - DID IT FOLLOW THE BOOK?
    After watching this V-log I only have one question. DID IT FOLLOW THE BOOK? To me a person should read the book then see the movie, then critique it. If it follows the book then the movie did its job, whether or not you think it did or not is irrelevant unless you know the source material. If it followed the book and the pacing was slow, then it did everything right. If it didn't follow the book and the pacing was slow then yes I can see your point.

    Now for my disclamer. As a boy I loved any story, show, book or anything about little people. I loved the Littles both books and TV shows. I loved the Borrowers books, I loved David the Gnome. I loved the little bits,the Indian in the cupboard, and the Sylvanian families. Most of my games that I played with my toys involved them being little people (even my GIJOES) To this day, I still haven't lost my fondness for them.

    So you stated that an anime fan should go see it, but what about a Borrowers fan? Well I'll post next week as the movie doesn't come out to my theater until this upcoming Friday. But I can't wait to see it.
  • Lossthief
    Ah, but there's a difference between judging it as a film, and judging it as an adaptation. From an adaptation perspective, yes, accuracy in regards to the source material is very important. But just being ACCURATE doesn't mean it's a well made film. If the acting is poor, the direction isn't up to snuff, the music doesn't fit what it's played over, or any other number of issues, then it's failed as a film. (Of course, this is purely talking about a hypothetical adaptation, as I've yet to see Arrietty.)
  • CotterpinDoozer  - I'm not sure how well it follows the book
    First, a little disclaimer, I saw this film when it came out in Japanese theaters, so it's been a while and I'm probably fuzzy on the details.

    Anyway, before seeing the movie, I was aware that the story was adapted from a book series. For a Miyazaki adaptation, it follows the story pretty well; I've never read the Borrowers books, but going by the Wiki entries, there don't seem to be any major plot derivations. But given what I know about the books, that's also probably the source of the film's major weakness.

    The first book, The Borrowers, introduces us to the Clock family. It establishes the world, these characters, and how things work. However, Arrietty and her family have many more encounters with humans after this first tale, and going by the descriptions, all of them seem much more exciting. The movie cuts out the human character Kate, to whom the story of the Borrowers was being told in the books, however with that element of the story gone, there really doesn't seem to be enough plot to carry a 90+ minute movie. Now don't get me wrong. I'm sure that The Borrowers is a great read. But reading a book and watching a movie are completely different experiences. It simply isn't possible to use the same pacing from book one in a five books series when pacing a standalone film. Nash was spot on: this movie is about 30 minutes too long.

    I didn't know any of the above going into the movie, however; I looked up all this info after I saw it. All I knew was that there were more books. I went into the theater with an open mind, excited to see what it had to offer. But at the end of the film, as I sat in the darkened theater and the credits began to roll, all I could think was, "Okay, that was a decent if overly long first act. Now where the hell is the rest of the movie!?"

    As a well-versed anime otaku but not a huge Studio Ghibli fan, I went in knowing what to expect and left unsurprised but still disappointed by what I got. I'm not big on visuals, but the film is quite frankly gorgeous and that will probably carry a lot of weight with some viewers. The music was unremarkable and the Japanese voice acting is weak, but that's typical of Ghibli's recent releases, unfortunately. Like the American dubs, Ghibli films cast big name actors, who often seem out of their element, rather going with any of the plethora a skilled voice actors they have in this country. The one standout performance for me was Homily, voiced by Shinobu Otake; she was the only character to whom I had any emotional connection.

    Despite its flaws, though, I have a hard time saying that any of this was badly done, per se. Rather it is a competent but uninspired work. I totally agree with Jesu that Ghibli seems to be meandering now, even under Miyazaki's direction. Certainly the new generation of artists are able successors for the studio, but it is still missing a strong creative voice to lead it inot the future.
  • Sire Requiem  - More Heian than Hayao
    I feel this movie's pacing and scale was meant to mirror that of a Heian-era Japanese style (an era and style often forgot). The slow, deliberate pacing reminds me of Tale of Genji (the animated movie not the anime series) in that it takes its time and tries to reflect the beauty of nature over substance of character. It also tries to show that life is a process of transient emotions and situations. Life has been going on for us all far longer than we can remember and in the end it continues for those who have the will to survive. Further, if you were to describe any one background from the film it would read like a poem from the same period, focusing on the beauty of the smallest details and how they add up to make something much larger and more beautiful than ourselves. Maybe I'm reading too much into the similarities, but I honestly enjoyed this movie for what it was and for what I saw in it personally. I do want to hear the subbed version though because I feel the original voice acting would be a shade better on Sean and the caretaker.
  • Magmabear
    So, not to be rude or anything, but what is that thing that Nash is smoking? Is it some kind of prescription thing, or a placebo of some kind? Sorry, I've never seen something like that before and it intrigues me.
  • JesuOtaku
    It's an e-cig! ^_^ d (Google such things.) He has a good one, though, not the crappy ones you see in mall kiosks.

    ...It smells like waffles. owo
  • Magmabear
    Thank you! Very interesting device. =)
  • macoftheaxe
    Yes, throughout the entire review I was mostly fascinated by Nash's pipe. I've never seen anything like it. At first I wasn't sure it was a pipe cause I know I have to constantly puff on mine to keep it lit and he wasn't doing that. I was thrown off also by what looked like an LED light on it that was changing colors. My best guess is that it's a tobacco-less pipe that produces water vapor instead of smoke and I think that's just awesome! I've got to go look this up now.
  • Lossthief
    It's an e-cigarette.
  • Megiddo
    After the review, I wouldn't say that Nash hates anime. I'm pretty sure he would like Sword of the Stranger or Redline or anything that is action-oriented.

    I would, however, state that he doesn't seem to like slice of life and/or character-focused media, which Arrietty most certainly falls under.

    Anyway, Arrietty was miles ahead of Ponyo. Director Yonebayashi really impressed me considering this was his directorial debut. But yeah, this is much more 'Only Yesterday' or 'Whisper of the Heart' territory than 'Princess Mononoke' or 'Howl's Moving Castle'. I'm certain Nash would hate Only Yesterday and Whisper of the Heart just as much, and, even with the superb direction of Takahata and Kondo, he would probably make a claim that both were poorly directed.
  • Lossthief
    Nah, Nash seems to like at least SOME slice-of-life stuff. I've heard several times that he likes BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad a lot.
  • bojak90
    Well, I still think I'll only go if my anime club organizes a trip to the theater. I...I just haven't liked a Ghibli film since Spirited away (Howl's moving castle wasn't bad to me, I just really didn't like the plot).

    I mean, if it's just going to be Ghibli fluff, I'm not that interested. I'm sure it's better than Ponyo or Earthsea but recently I went back and watched The Cat Returns and I was amazed how great it was despite not having the budget or the critical fame of its other films. The plot was silly but it worked and it even had probably my favorite bit of dark comedy in any movie ever. Not to mention, the scene with the crows was amazing.

    I don't know, it feels like Ghibli lately just plays things too safe. It might be that they are in a transition period but they haven't done anything for years that made me feel like I was watching a great film (though maybe I should watch Howl's moving castle again).
  • squirrel

    1.) The movie is 94 minutes. Not counting the credits, it's 90 minutes.

    2.) Amy Pohleor did a voice in Shrek 3.

    Get your facts straight.
  • bojak90
    Dude, it's a V-log, it's just off the top of their heads.
  • CotterpinDoozer
    Wow, I didn't realize that so many overseas fans didn't like Ponyo. I would have to say, after Nausicaa, it's my favorite of the Miyazaki directed Studio Ghibli films.
  • bojak90
    Well, for me, the reason I didn't like it was because any time there could be conflict, it just gets brushed aside. Ponyo floods a town but no one is really upset about it and she never gets called out on it (I still can't believe no one died from that). Her father was planning to kill tons of people and then at the end it's just like

    "meh, I don't really care about that anymore."

    The finale though, where they try to build up some tension by saying if the boy doesn't still love Ponyo by the end of the movie, she won't become human, is what really killed it for me. The way the climax is staged makes it seem like this

    "You like Ponyo?"


    *five seconds later*

    "You still like Ponyo?"



    I mean I see why people do like it but I personally thought it was terrible because of how the plot kept setting up moments of tension and then making everything nice and safe. The movie (IMO) would have been better if they either played up the tension or got rid of all possible conflict and just had a fun story about a fish who became a girl.
  • CotterpinDoozer  - Ponyo
    Ponyo has a lot of story problems, no doubt. I would have preferred if they had played up the Little Mermaid story angle a bit more. Like you said, there is no real conflict driving the story. Miyazaki has this thing about there being no villains in his stories, so all of the antagonists are ultimately not really all that threatening. Because the audience already knows from very early on that Sousuke loves Ponyo and we're not given any reason to care about the Fujimoto character, we get no pay off when it's decided that Ponyo can become a human girl at the end. If their relationship was more ambiguous or if Fujimoto had made more of an effort to break them apart, we might've had an actual plot!

    But despite all that, I guess I liked Ponyo because it has some of the best-written and -acted characters in a Miyazaki film. Miyazaki is great for memorable characters, but at the same time, more often they're archetypes rather than full fleshed people. Sousuke, on the other hand, was charming and realistic little boy. I also really loved his mom, Lisa. It would've been great if she could have played a bigger part in the story.
  • batfan
    I fell a need to defend this movie, in part because it touched me, and also because I think it's a better movie than some of you are giving it credit for. Yes, the pacing was inconsistent and could have used a few cuts, but many are ignoring the "heart" of the movie, which was the relationship between Ariety and Shawn. Personally, I found it to me well written and rather touching, and the dub actors weren't that bad, Disney Chanel or not.
  • Dancingstagequeen
    Hm, I liked it.

    Then again I only saw the uk dub.
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