JO Anime Reviews: Anime Derby Winter Season 2013 - Round 3, Part 1

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Comments (54)
  • myers102095  - hey
    Are you doing Digmon frontier?
  • Furrama
    She hasn't even finished Tamers yet.

    But I'm sure it would boil down to:
    Not as good as 1 in some ways, not as good as 3 in most ways, but way better than 02.

    Also: EVIL ANGEL BUNNY! How much has Neemon been smoking? Steve Blum chewing ALL OF THE SCENERY! Why is the girl character so lame? KOOOOOOOOICHIIIIIIIIIII!! !!!!1!

    Aaaand that's all I remember from back in the day.
  • Tesla  - Digimon Retrospective
    I hope she finishes Tamers soon.

    I rather liked Frontier even if the villains were a little annoying to listen to sometimes.
  • Sweet Captain 77
    Yay! New Derby, and I sincerely hope I am the first commentor! You r fun to watch, JO!
  • Charred Knight
    While I only watched Roman this winter (since I was still suffering from anime burnout I got back in 2007) this is really great at allowing me to see what other anime did come out that season.

    I will have a more substantial thing to say when you do the Spring shows as I am currently watching 4 of them (Devil is a Part Time, Majestic Prince, Gargantia, and Sparrow's Hotel).
  • SilverWolfDawn
    Yes! It's finally here! And after a bad day like today, this was just what I needed.
  • Kire59
    This is great to learn what i'm going to be watching after the series end for the season( I need a full season of a show at least, because I'm very impatient). Also, just finished Spice and Wolf, and it was great, I wish I had seen it sooner. Love these videos, keep up the great work.
  • JohnRevanTitor
    Another great video, JO. Made an account just to tell you that ^_^
  • themiddlegeek  - themiddlegeek
    Good to see that you made it across the US in one (or two) pieces :P.

    Even though Love Live isn't on my watch list, the style of it seems like a concept I would explore, although the way that the CG figures dance is TOO PERFECT AND SCARY AS HELL.

    I'll have to look into THE UNLIMITED just for it's action and store premise now that I see that it's not all action, and has a bit of story to it. Also, animes that just get stuff done are a good one in my book, ex. Murder Princess.

    Amnesia, care level is so low that all I think when I see that is I AM BELT, MASTER OF BUCKLES from the guy with the long-jacket with all the buckles ^.^.

    Spice and bies...what were we talking about again? Yea, haven't seen the anime in particular, although it's been on my queue for a good amount of time. How they mentioned to get wolf boobies on screen without getting more red flags than a communist pride parade is anyone's guess, mine being nipple-less is ok. Still, looks like good story, I like small finite details of the story, so it's gone a bit higher on he queue.

    Anyways, keep up the good work JO, and I look forward to seeing more of your derby, and a preview of the spring! (PS, Attack on Titan is pure awesome so far :D)
  • knightsintodreams  - Q for Furuba fans
    Whom did you prefer?

    Kyo or Yuki?

    i was always rooting for Yuki....
  • Karutomaru
    I'm pretty sure she doesn't know much about The King of Fighters.

    Oh. That's not what you meant..... I knew that.
  • sidetrack  - Opinion on industry and why I'm suggesting AMGodde
    No offense JO but 4 a bunch of reasons this increasing trend towards teenage characters and a high school setting is making think that the anime industry is badly running out of steam or at least in a significant creative slump.Also could I suggest you reviewing the "Ah my goddess" anime's 1st season please?.As a reader of the manga I can tell you that most of the series was an adaptation of the early yrs of the manga.Although it's sort of blandish it's significant imo 4 starting the "magical gf" genre and being a quasi-precursor to the harem genre.Also I'd like your view on if having someone as matronly and Mary Poppins-esque as Belldandy is anti-feminist (does her status as a *deitess* give her leeway from this `_` ?) and if that still stands even if she is so endearingly nice ^_^ !.Seriously to me I feel that what Goku's naiveness was in the DB series (that trait of his being one of the series very few saving graces -_-) is what Belldandy's kindliness is to the AMGoddess series but I sorta feel guilty liking it b/c of Bell's portrayal.Obviously IRL women aren't like that,so can AMGoddess be treated as a sort of "observation" of what happens when you gotta super ideal in a matronly way gf `~`?.I'm feel sorta conflicted about it being a "guilty pleasure" (if it can be called that) here b/c of that >~
  • Lukewarm With Destiny  - Finally!
    I was beginning to worry you were dropping this project.
    Maybe I just have a short attention span, but this is my favorite show you've been on since Pocky Spot lol
  • Karutomaru
    I need to start watching Unlimited. I just recently finished watching Psycho Pass, so I need another series to watch in between Fist of the North Star.

    Also, I've watched quite a lot of Spice and Wolf... I..... Didn't like it. I don't hate it and there's a lot about it that's impressive, but it just doesn't resonate with me.

    And I know this is probably too personal of a question, but why did you move? I'm just curious because that's not an easy decision to make.
  • Zodia195
    You're going to do another one tomorrow? Awesome! Amnesia looks like one of those shows that you're like, "What's up with this?" and you get hooked because you're curious of the Why of the situation. Honestly, I can't wait to see your definition of the Clubs and Diamond card types lol. And when you do think about it, is many Romance related anime, most of the males in a relationship are "Blue" type. Fruit Basket was one of the few where the Red type got the girl lol.

    Love the computer commentary lol. I never got into Spice Wolf because at that time anime as whole wasn't as exciting to me. I was reading more Manga at that time.
  • Ebb n Flow Man
    I'm still not sure how Lawrence goes bankrupt near the end of the first season. I haven't tried watching the Dub version yet, so I don't know if the merchant jargon is any more understandable than the subtitles.
  • Lossthief
    To put it in a simple a way as possible: Lawrence took out a loan, on credit, to purchase the armor from a trader. The idea was to sell the armor for more than he'd paid, thus paying off the loan and making a sizable profit. But when he got to the town he was going to sell the armor, they found that the arms market had recently collapsed in the town, meaning he didn't have any way of repaying the loan on his own.
  • Koneko_Rai
    Just wondering are you excited/interested in the new season of Rozen Maiden that got announced?
  • smartboyathome  - My views on Spice and Wolf
    Thank you JO for another great episode. I wanted to tell you that I agree with what you said about Spice and Wolf. The romance is entertaining, but its not heavy like many famous romance books. The anime captivated me immediately after watching it since it was both intelligent and thoughtful with its writing. The characters, though, are by far the strongest part of this anime, and if they gave it a chance to go on for a third season, I think you'd see even more entertainment as they try to keep their relationship from stagnating.

    I guess I'm one of the rarities in that I love the economics they present in it, it provides great twists in the story that keep me guessing and wondering what is going on. I've been reading the English translations of the books as they come out, and even the side characters are interesting in that they often provide lenses from outside the merchant/goddess worlds. Heck, the list so far (outside of the anime that is) includes the father of a church, a boatman, even a traveling student. I'm on book seven right now which detours into some side adventures that didn't manage to fit in to the main story, but even these are interesting and fitting. We had just come out of a series of major conflicts in books 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, so books 6 and 7 decide to take it easy, building it up to a huge, 2 book conflict in books 8 and 9.

    With that said, though, I often find myself relating to Lawrence in a different way to how I would expect most to relate to him. I'm not good at reading into other people's actions or their emotional states since I have Aspergers. Due to this, it often seems like I have a very low empathy for people, which is often a situation Lawrence finds himself in with Holo (especially in this last book). Since these situations often perplex him, they also often perplex me and it's hard for me to come up with why Holo acts the way she does toward him. In this way, I'm even more connected and invested in the stories, and will enjoy reading them until their end in book seventeen.

    Anyway, long comment is over. That pretty much repeats what you said, but I felt like I had to say it.
  • Kuro_Neko
    You really nailed Spice and Wolf. While they portray the economics adventures well, what really captivates most viewers is the two main characters and their chemistry. Neither the characters themselves nor their relationship are as tropey as many anime characters and relationships tend to be, especially in this era of anime. They come across as well rounded, complex characters, and the chemistry and development of their relationship feels very real. I would really like to see more anime adaptions of the rest of the story, but at this point that's probably unlikely.
  • Mothmouth
    As soon as that computer said "I'm a computer.", I said "Don't download me!"

    Anyone get the reference?
  • sho_sho_maru
    Huh, I was weirdly fascinated by Amnesia right up until the resolution of the Toma arc (and many objects were thrown in the direction of the computer screen) at which point I was hoping that nothing would be explained and they would all die painful deaths... >:(

    And if Spring is coming soon, YAAAYYY!!
    Because I am following waaay to many of the shows and they are full of win :)
  • leviadragon99
    "fuckstart her memory"


    Well gee, thanks ever so much for that cringeworthy notion. Dang that character is creepy...
  • Kiereth  - Nice to see another of your videos!
    So we're getting more tomorrow and on the weekend? You really do spoil us!
  • jakerose20
    Looking forward to your spring review.
    I really hope you can avoid all spoilers of Attack on Titan.
  • metazoxan  - My thoughts
    I have a few comments on a few things you said

    Oreshura: Honestly the whole "Blackmail" stopped being valid after episode 2 where SHE READS THE DAMN THINGS EVERY EPISODE! Seriously I don't understand why he still takes that threat seriously. She is clearly going to read it regardless of what he does. BTW I personally hate this show. I just hate the female lead and although I hated her less by the end after hearing her backstory I still hated her.

    The Unlimited: Here is a fun fact the Flashback episodes were taken directly from the manga making them a part of the actual series rather than Spin off like the rest of the show. Also is you like the story of this show that much I insist you check out the original. It is more comedy and less action but the same kinda plot is still there but follow the girls instead of Kyosuke.
  • PGrunty
    I'm with ya. Her first two episodes were downright painful. She did get better after she finally started being honest.
  • JAKozak  - Thank you
    Dear JesuOtaku,

    I have been a fan of your series for a while now, and this is my first comment. I've waited til now because I wanted it to be special. I simply wanted to thank you. I've watched several anime on your recommendation and have found some of the best works of fiction I have ever seen. On top of that, your videos are always great to watch, very informative, well researched, and passionate. So I applaud you for that as well. Not that you even need any recommendations from me, because you're a genius, but I thought I would share with you my favorite anime, and highly recommend you watch all of it if you haven't. One Piece. If I start to go on about it, I won't stop. Personally, I just want to know your thoughts about it, and hope you like it. Again, thank you for your work and recommendations, you're awesome.

  • MadDemon64
    Um, wow. In your descriptions of the red vs. blue love interests, I saw a few parallels between them and the Kamen Rider Den-O characters Momotaros (red) and Urataros (blue), especially Urataros.
  • Skyscraper
    Yeah, the whole "characters symbolized by the color red are passionate and brash and characters symbolized by the color blue are cool and laidback" is REALLY common in Japanese storytelling, so it's usually repeated in all kinds of stories, both action and romance.
  • PGrunty
    She also used the red-blue dynamic in the Digimon reviews to compare Tai-Matt and Takuya-Koji. Heck, I'm watching Zettai Karen Children, where Kaoru and Aoi have the same thing going on.

    X-Men has a similar dynamic between Cyclops and Wolverine, as well.

    The red-blue thing isn't only limited to romantic shows.
  • Snugens
    Oh God, please just talk about Shinjeki no Kyojin already! :D
  • Sparda  - Wha?
    I fail to see how Fruits Basket somehow sucks less than Twilight (And BOY HOWDY does Twilight suck), but hey, your show. :(
  • PGrunty
    Then you've clearly never seen Fruits Basket, even the anime, let alone the manga, which is supposed to be better.
  • rukaio101
    Glad to see you're still continuing Anime Derby. After all, this show introduced me to the Unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke, which is the first anime in quite a while that I've actually watched all the way through. Unfortunately, I think the series somewhat jumped the shark with episode 11, which really should've been spread out more into several episodes. But it was still worth the ride. And I got introduced to the Zettai Karen Children manga through it, which I really enjoyed (even if the occasional fanservice really creeped me out).

    Interested in seeing your thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), which is the main show I'm following this spring, (mainly because of the fantastic opening).
  • jrrjoshu  - Spice & Wolf Rules!!!
    Though i Like a lot of Anime, I truly Love Spice & Wolf. I hope in the near future they produce a very good Live-action movie.
  • ShadOBabe  - UWAAAAAAAH!! DX
    *cries* Oh, Jesu, it's not fair!!

    I've checked back every day to see more of the Derby, and now that it's here, Blip won't let me watch past the first ad!!

    And I don't want to enable ad blocker... TT_TT
  • ShadOBabe  - Wait, can it be?? YES!!
    I can watch the rest now!! EEEEE!! XD
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