Digimon Adventure - 3 Parts

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  • WhiteWindow
    Epic and worth the wait ^^
  • JesuOtaku
    Disclaimer! There was more to the part two video, explorations of the other characters, but I didn't really know it was going up tonight (the schedule was borked a bit thanks to the down day on the site,) so I didn't update the render. :scared:

    ...It will be added in tonight if I can get it all rendered out, and I'll put a notice in the next video about it for the people who don't read this. Sorry! ;u;
  • mmj
    Hi, I'm sorry but is there a second part to video two and where might I see it?

    Other than that, great review :D
  • Jackass Mask
    Wow, your really going in depth with these. Thumbs up!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the better seasons.
  • Tanman
    Thank you JesuOtaku for uploading this! It was a long time, but well worth the wait! =D
  • Shatora Dragondore
    You missed Kari when you where talking about the kids or are you saving her for season 2?

    still well worth the wait I hope the next ones don't talk the other half of the month to be posted
  • thenikkumanchan
    I'm so glad you finally got to this. Though I have to admit, I'm slightly disappointed in that you skimmed over the non-Tai-and-Matt characterizations. True fans kinda sorta naturally know more about them since, well, they're the leads.

    I highly praise this series for the dubbing in that it's not so ear-bleeding horrific. I still enjoy watching the dub, sometimes even more than the original (okay, so [i]that's[/i] a bit of a stretch). Though I have to say Gatomon's dub is very much the pain. I get it - she's a cat. But damn, with the exception of episode 34, it went a tad too far. Her original voicing is just [i]soo[/i] good, albeit unconventional seeing as she is, I dunno, a cat. But then again, the original does play with the fact that she's an [i]adult[/i] digimon first.

    ...Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhh hh. I could go on forever about her voice. And that's really the only knitpicking I have for this series. It won't be until the second series in which I really get cookin'.

    Yeah, so seeing as I am a fellow otaku and have no life that I'm aware of, I've been looking forward to these vids (do the kids even say that anymore?) since your Izzy-inspired top 15 (so you're not restricted to 11 by TGWTG). And I look forward for future knitpicks.
  • Deimos1984rd
    [color=green]Awesome, thank you so much. Seeing this brings back so many memories, and I still remain a die hard Digimon fan, cant wait for the other seasons.[/color]
  • EpiclyCurious  - Epic
    JO's dedication is insane, this is just freaking awesome
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet  - SAIX?!
    Gabumon is SAIX?! I wouldn't have guessed that in a miilion tries.
  • Wazaraku
    I think only to the end of the Mechakara arc i have been so fanboyish waiting for a review to appear AND BOY DOES THIS NOT DISSAPOINT!

    I had the advantage of having the latinamerican spanish dub to hear instead so the music was totally saved and the acting... its regular at least. BUT i did hear something of the dub in the anime night of adventure and that... "Hey Digimon" song... MUST. RESIST. NUKE. THE INTERWEBZ. WITH OLDHAGS. PRONZ!!!!!! :grr: , oddly enough the real first time i hear it was in the american movie version, and more oddly enough is that in that part it made total sense (the scene lacked sense alone but thats not the point)

    The effort, content and pure madness of doing a review like this its kinda mindblowing so... *put a little shrine and workships JO... or most likely workships to the next review dont take another 2 weeks XB *

    [b]as a note to thenikkumanchan:[/b] the character part of the review actually is not finished, according to JO's twitter is only halfway done, she said she was going to talk less about the other kids but it means something besides of what she have talk already and theres obviously more to talk about (specially with Izzy and Sora in my opinion)
  • Nyar  - Spanish dubs
    Are spanish dubs better than english ones in general? I know we have some terrible dubs like everyone but in general (I'm thinking in Hunter X Hunter for example) I think most series in the latinamerican dub succed highly over the american versions...
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    No matter what you do, JesuOtaku, to me you will always be "That girl who squirted ketchup up her nose." Blame your Karin review.

    Something like that is hard to get out of one's head.
  • Quantum Wolf
    And it begins! Too bad my internet is so turtlishly slow I can't even watch the vids, but it's not as if they'll be going anywhere. They ain't The Room.

    The dub may sound a bit odd in some areas, but I consider it vastly superior to most anime dubs today.
  • Tenebrus
    I have to admit...it's about time too...I LOVE DIGIMON!
    I always loved the concept.I was about...erm...twelve-ish when I saw the show for the first time, dubbed in italian (lol), and i loved it then, and 13 years later i still love it!
    But enough about me, let's talk about Jess.
    You did an amazing job analyzing the show to a depth not required by kids show standards, and i have to admit i never thought of the show that way.
    Keep up the good work, i can't wait for the 3rd season review!
  • rubens
    damn, i mean good in depth review and all, but i think you were a little bit too harsh on this show on a few comments you made, i dunno maybe (probably) it's just my nostalgia going ape shit but i really hold digimon in a special place in my heart, i think i was about 9 when i started watching it, and it was the best fucking time of my life :drunk:
  • hooloovoo
    It was a very enjoyable and in-depth review. If it weren’t for the need of sleep I would watch the entire season right now.

    I’m still very curious of how you will review the forth season and to hear how much you liked it. It aggravates me how many people hate it simply because it changes things up and the humans can become digimon, not even giving it a far shot. As a kid I enjoyed it just like the other seasons, in fact I thought the whole becoming a digmon was very cool. I did miss the lack of parterres but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

    Whoops, I just realized that you have two other series to get through first and that I’m ranting way to early. Sorry about that.

    P.S. I think you should give a shot at singing one of the theme songs. You have a beautiful voice.
  • Solust
    This is quite simply (and at the same time, so complex and detailedly) amazing.

    Awesome job!
  • The Brit
    Fantastic review here. I thought I had analysed every part of this shows but you have gone even further, its up there with my favourite stuff on the site now

    The only point I would make is maybe a Gateway Drug Award could have been considered. I know that the review part had to be from the position of an adult and this wouldn't be a Gateway Drug for an adult, but I always thought that award was there to say "If you want someone interested in Anime, you can show them this" with that "someone" being very vague, so I would have given it one for its ability to get Kids interested, as I'm sure there are people out there who want to share their experience with Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, younger siblings, younger cousins etc. and I think this could have that effect
  • mr. Eous
    i was wondering why it took so long. but hey its realy great. A+ totaly worth the wait =D
  • Gliblord
    Oh man, when I was like ten I was obsessed with Digimon. Real character development for the win!!

  • Sl0th
    Well done review. Well done.

    The dub of the first season of Digimon has it's odd contradictions. The music was... Ugh (At least it was slightly better than a great number of adaptations I'd grown up with to that point.) The writing yo-yo'ed from good to bad at the drop of a hat. The early episodes of the dub felt almost like a gag dub until they figured things out. But all in all, it came together into a memorable and addictive show.

    I was at the wide outside end of the demographic Digimon was ostensibly aimed at (And I'd wager completely out of it by the second season) and I was quite entertained. It was a show that was definitely for children, but had enough substance to it that a teenager could enjoy it. It tackled darker issues in a more mature way than one would expect.

    It was that depth that kept me coming back. And both Zero Two and Tamers managed to raise the bar enough each time that I didn't feel too weird about continuing to watch it.
  • slick.wick
    I always look forward to these. thankz
  • Sci
    I remember being a little kid in the 90's looking forward to the new episode of Digimon every saturday morning since it was so awesome...

    Fantastic analysis of the first season...so many memories with it as well. Looking forward to the review of 02
  • trlkly
    So does this mean I can make the others appear the next day by asking about them? -_-

    I have a feeling you're going to have to extend the month, or skip some series. Unless they're all almost done, and you're just editing.

    Oh, and yes, they were good. I love how each part looked at the series differently. 1. Plot, 2. Characters, 3. Technical Details.

    It was also nice seeing the series put into perspective like that. When you watched them as haphazardly as I did (syndication and mixed up schedules), it really makes the series make sense.

    I am surprised there was a section after the real world battle, but I guess you actually had to have Kari actually be a part of the team.

    I'm looking forward to 02, but especially Tamers, which is the only season I saw in order.
  • VoiceAgainstPropaganda
    Deep and informative to the letter. Very good! Just a few nitpicks to point out: you left out why Sora helped the group from the shadows up until Myotismon appears, Etemon's cameo during the Dark Master's(Puppetmon's part) saga and what the deal was with how or why there where humans in the digi world during that celestial flashback that possessed Kari and how or why they did all that (though to be fair they never answer that or bring it up again).
  • ChuckZ85
    This was a great 3-part show. I really liked the detail you put into it, because the first season is well deserving of it. I'll looking forward to the 2nd season video, just to see if we agree on some of the numerous issues that it had, logic being one my major complaints. Also, have you thought about putting together a review for any of the Sailor Moon series, particularly Sailor Moon S. I just remember the interesting re-writes that had to be done to cover up Sailor Uranus and Neptune's relationship.
  • Cazador  - Digimon the Movie?
    Nice review of the first series, however I couldn't help but notice that the movie wasn't included since it serves as a continuation of sorts where the kids have grown up. I would like to hear your thought about it.
  • DanMan
    Same here.

    I want to know how you would review it.

    By the way, nice reviews on this show and it's sequel.

    Can't wait for part three of Zero 2 and Digimon tamers.
  • pap64

    I expected something great from you, JesuOtaku, but this is very in-depth, clear and fair. You understood that despite this being a vehicle for a toy franchise you saw its strengths and weaknesses, showcased the concept and gave it a fair final judgment.

    There are some things I completely missed back when this show first aired, like the drama that at times went on within the characters. It certainly did create a far more elaborate and fascinating world than Pokemon (which is guilty of some of the things you mentioned in the review part of the segment).

    Seriously, I doubt that the official creators of the franchise could do such a deep analysis of the show as well as you, Jesu. I am that impressed.

    I salute your dedication! =)
  • sakurangel
    majoramon... i just cant stand the name... miotysmon was better... o cant wait for the horreindus follow up of 02... sooo much digievolution that make you head exploded... really... also forgot the cool and usles return of monkey rocker boy on the 4th part of the series... fighting leomon...
  • Wolfaxy
    Awesome review. I don't think I'd actually followed any Digimon series except Tamers and Frontier, though I did read up on them with teh internetz.

    However, where I'm from (Singapore), we got some local (I think) company to dub the series. Voice acting from them was passable to a kid I guess. But the key thing here is that they dubbed the Japanese series, and thus we got all the ORIGINAL Japanese soundtrack for Digimon. It was like my favourite aspect of the series (I think some tracks are still on my iPod...), and after hearing the music you Americans got in place of them, I'm so glad for where I live!

    Unfortunately, with Digimon Savers, we got the US version. I mean honestly, I don't like the American made Digimon songs (save for the Frontier one which I just Youtubed and found to be quite nicely made). American Digimon fans NEED to know the Jap music used for the OPs, EDs and the evolutions.
  • ThatNaziDog
    I recently started watching the first arc of Adventures, but it wasn't until I saw this that I remembered how good the Myotismon arc was. I never saw Dark Masters or anything after it as a kid, though, so my Digimon journey ends there. Great memories, though. I'll definitely watch your reviews of the other seasons, even though I've never seen them myself.
  • Unreal_BE
    You kiddies enjoy. =D I grew up on mutant ninja turtles and the first season of power rangers, so this review doesn't really stick with me.
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