Top 20 Deliciously Evil Anime Villains

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The Countdown

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  • Jackass Mask
    Wow, yeah. This is insanely long. Insane is...good.


    Sorry that happens...often. *chuckle*

    Added note: My own personal opinion to one of your choices(it would take too much time to respond to them all, and boy could I) Light was a character that I think the author made to good at what he did. While I think that he would have eventually succumbed the his ever growing ego, I just don't think it would have happened till much later. His defeat was one, sadly, from plot convenience. His foe at the end, Near, really had no logic to his almost automatic assumption of Light's guilt. We as the audience knew it was correct, but he had no true reason to know that. And then plot convenient turn after the next led to his defeat. For me, the series ends with L's death and light's victory. Not saying I root for the guy, but sometimes evil just wins.
  • JesuOtaku
    In advance: yes, I know the cicadas are awful and drown me out. It's an old video. And I can't fix it now. ;U; Sorry. Just skip the intro if you wish~

    Yes, there are also Youtube references. The whole "October" thing is from 2009. I did all four of those reviews already. XD

    Also: yes, the audio levels are kinda icky in places, like at #17 on the list. Again: it's just old. XD

    Also...Bleach *over two years ago* on adult swim was the extent of my knowledge. Keep that in mind for #4...
  • Jackass Mask
    Not much you can do about them anyway. Those buggers are loud. Would have probably muted your basic sound anyway to have tried. Besides cicadas are beings that only live long enough to fulfill there basic desires and leave empty shells wherever they go. It's almost a fitting metaphor for some villains.
  • ladydiskette
    I loved your countdown JO.

    I was so happy some of my favorite villians were on the list including Vicious. He is my anime bad boy crush ^___^

    Not to mention when you brought up Hellsing Ultimate, I just died and went to heaven, it was a welcome relief after seeing the disappointment of what was its anime series, since I used to read the manga before watching the (sighs sadly) anime and (squeals joyfully)OVA!

    lol and yeah The Major's line about war sure takes a really long time to finish doesn't it?
  • awsome34
    Where is waldo ? enraged
  • awsome34
    oh there he is.
  • Zax  - Just so's you know.
    I've been listening to the drama..just a few days after posting as the internet connection here is crap, and I've got a ton of stuff to do online at all times.
  • Kenshi_Immortal_wolf  - STUPID LINKS
    seriously i have tried 5 times to watch this all the way through and i keep getting FUCKED by the damn advertisements, i get why they are there but i wish my firefox would open them in separate tabs NOT take over the tab i am fucking ON!
  • trlkly
    If you've already seen the ads, I don't see anything ethically wrong with getting adblock and blocking them out so you can at least watch the video. You've paid your share to JO, now go watch it.

    If blip hadn't taken the ability away, I'd just tell you to download the video.
  • ladydiskette
    I never heard of "Monster" until now, your countdown really makes me interested in watching the anime now :)

    It seems to allure me with my love of deep psychological complex characters and story development and the idea that a serial killer is committing crimes for someone else that isn't even asking for this favor-*goes the "hibbly jibblies" dance*
  • saber
    what a project! i am only eating up the length. seriously, love love love love LOVE. MM.

    and quite the inspiration, too. i have a couple new visuals for one of my villain-characters now >:]

    this was just so awesome... and the clips were so chilling and fantastic to watch!

  • nearlover7  - My fav villian
    I loved this countdown. My personal favorite villain is Shion from Higurashi. I was happy to see her in the opening!
  • trlkly
    I still think you should basically redo your Death Note review and put it up here so people will stop asking you about it. I see a lot of reviewers redoing their old reviews.

    It would be cool to compare and show how much you've improved.
  • Vismutti
    I support the comment above. o/
  • cybershocker455  - I know this has nothing to do with the video but..
    Why is it that I can only see the first page of the comments section and nothing else, I really wonder why it happends to me?

    But anyway, do I find it a bit coincidental that I saw an ad for the anime (Last Exile) that stars the very first villain you put on the list?
  • gur40goku  - the digimon retrospective
    what ever happened to your digimon retrospective is it out is in in prodution is it cancelled???
  • Robert the Kid
    Yeah what ever happened to that digimon run down. It was like a year ago when you first announced it.
  • JesuOtaku
    I have Tamers DVDs coming to me in the mail, so that I can finally do that review. Thank oogeej for that. ^^
  • bubblemax
    Who's car alarm was it? Was it RolloT's? XDDD
  • NintendoFanboy
    Is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure on Netflix? I need to see the awesomeness of Dio in context, not just Antfish's version.

    Yeah, my introduction to anime villains wasn't great. My first were...Team Rocket. Yeah. Not exactly Knives level of badass.
  • Fan01  - Surprised
    I was pleatly surprised to see that I knew most of the characters on this list. I'm not the biggest anime fan, so that was a pick-me-up.

    #1 was 100% deserving of that spot and you gave great examples to prove that. I read the whole series and that guy freaked me out.

    PS LOVE the song at the end. So damn catchy!:D
  • sabotage0612  - Wow
    That was an amazing list it brought back so many memories especially on the Revolutionary Girl Utena partI think most lists are B.S but this was good.
    i remember this list from a while ago

    i never realized how long it was due to being broken up into several youtube videos
    but now looking at the blip version it really is about as long as a feature length movie

    i still like the list
    it actually pointed me to a couple shows to try out which i think is always a plus for a video like this
  • TheEpicStickMan
    The coining of the phrase "Happy sack" gave me a light-hearted chuckle. Domo Arigato, JesuOtaku, domo.

    Alright, JJBA! Back in the day I only wanted to watch eng dubbed anime and the dub for it was awful! Thankfully the abridged version was around and was just as good :D

    Also, nice use of Revelation ;D
  • Le Canuck
    No way that those "tl;dr-ers" of us out there can get a brief text summary, is there?
  • shadowspider9
    The only problem I see with making a villain really powerful and intelligent and charismatic, and remorseless is that it usually means they have little to no weakness. Then when they do die it makes it seem like pure plot convince.
  • JRodHacker
    Great list....though I wish you could have at least mentioned Pantyhose Taro from Ranma 1/2. He may not have appeared more than two episodes in the anime, but he's one hell of an awesome villain!
  • 2comicstudios
    Good list! Though yeah, Crocodile would definitely have been in my top 5. Possibly No. 1 based solely on how much I love the bastard.

    Also, If you think that Johan is bad wait until you meet Friend from 20th Century Boys. Evil charisma is like a damn superpower for the guy to the point where he honestly makes Johan look like an amateur. Yes! He's just that good at what he does.
  • Fangheart
    WHY AREN'T YOU IN THE ANNIVERSARY THING!? I like you. Doug should be nicer to you and include you in his stuff.
  • IndyX
    .....Now you make me want to watch Monster o_o
  • ChiyoYaiden
    Hey I liked Albert from Gankutsuou! D
    He is the bane of my existence.
    Light is almost the bane-but his voice also
    belongs to Slappy, and Slappy is freakin epic.
    Plus seeing him getting gunned down made me feel better.
  • Taufiq91  - Seeing this list...
    .....makes me wish for Mahou Shujo Madoka Magica and School Days to be licensed in America as quickly as possible.

    Seriously JesuOtaku, if you think these characters are evil, then you obviously haven't seen the douchebag evils of Kyubey and Makoto.

    To me, Kyubey and Makoto are the most evil villains in anime, more evil than everyone else in this list. Seriously, Kyubey is a walking middle finger, the deliciously evil mixture of Johan Liebert, Nyan Cat and the cast of the Jersey Shore. He's like the douche who picks up chicks (aka Mahou Shoujos) and dumps them afterwards (turning them int witches in the process). What a fucking douche.

    And don't make me start on Makoto. They managed to make a villain out of a harem lead. That is pretty ballsy. He's like the Nickelback of harem leads. He gets what he deserves thankfully.
  • Dorcas_Aurelia
    Way to spoil plot points of a show that hasn't even been out a year yet, genius. Granted, a pretty obvious one, but still.

    Also, I disagree with you on your definition of evil. Kyubey doesn't act out of malice, but what he sees as the greater good, and it's primarily through the viewers' empathy towards the girls and Kyubey's indifference to their plight that his methods seem cruel.

    As for Makoto, he's not evil so much as selfish and lazy.

    Plus, the point of "deliciously" evil was likable (in some sense) villains, not just in being a colossal asshat.
  • MoonTiger  - Disrespectful mentions
    Out of curiosity, does the "dishonorable mentions" in this case means
    A.) Dishonorable, as in they can hardly be called evil, thus would never make it in the video
    B.) Dishonorable, because they are evil, and would have made it in the video had it been not Top 20, thus making a pun of "respectful mentions"? :)
  • JesuOtaku
    Choice B. XD Naturally~
  • Psychopath  - #1?
    Bleh. To be fully honest a manipulative sociopathic manchild asshole doesn't really impress me. What makes any fictional character terrifying isn't their appearance, their desires, their personalities, their intelligence, their manipulation or their collateral damage. No, what makes a villain truly terrifying is their logic, how they perceive and understand things. I would sooner put Freeza at the top of the list because he's an alien; a creature with a different design in brain function than humans, it has reason and emotions but can't be reasoned with or have it's emotions played to it by humans because the way it thinks is set so far apart from afore mentioned human. This, in my opinion, is terrifying because said aliens logic is beyond human understanding and even worse, comprehensibility.

    What makes Johan Liebert so uninteresting is that he's a run of the mill psycho; he shares the same limitations as humans and therefore can be predicted by humans. He uses logic and traditional intelligence to plot and manipulate and therefore, if someone more intelligent than him comes along, all his plotting and logic will become transparent to that person and Johan can be manipulated and played like a fiddle.

    He can be comprehended, he can be predictable, he can be understood and controlled; the only thing that sets him apart from the rest of the world is his level of intelligence, not the dynamic it follows.
  • JesuOtaku
    You've *seen* Monster, right? Johan is portrayed as the furthest thing from human possible. I mean *technically* we can tell ourselves he has to be human...has to be...but NOTHING suggests it. He is sort of suggested to be an agent of the devil, the antichrist, all of that stuff. That quote from Revelation I mentioned actually begins the show to help bring this across. So yeah, I partially agree with you. Johan is scary because it is REALLY hard to perceive him as human at all. He seems to have literally surpassed human limitations physically, mentally, etc. to become sort of a symbol of pure evil. The show even got a little flack for it because his character was "too superpowered, too unbelievably awful." So yes, I think he's a valid #1. XD

    Unrelated, what's with all the crazy downvoting recently? D: It's gotten really bad. XD I got some serious haters, yo!
  • Yung Ago  - Downvoting
    Well you got me as a new fan and this is a five star vid. HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS!
  • kurokotetsu
    As JO says you really haven't seen Monster, or at least it doesn't seem you have. I will go into spoilers here, so anyone who wants to see Monster (and they should) skip my whole rant.


    Johan isn't a "run of the mill psycho". He eats those for breakfast. In several times in the series you see him manipulate really psychos with just a smile, just appearing in fornt of them in the right time and writing in the ground a name. He understands the psyche of those deranged individuals to such a level that only seeing him is enough to make them do his biddig. And it is a natural trait, as by age ten he was playing with kids and adults alike to make them kill each other, all while he was watching from above. He gets a peaceful little town to become bloodthirsty killers without any "magical" power.

    And it is not just psychos, he can manipulate every character in the whole series. Normal children end up playing life threating game sbecause he smiles. It is possible that even e detective that had every reason to stay alive, killed himself after a night with Johan. Every action anyone takes seems to fall into his plan and go according to his will, until the very end. He is terifying because he understands everything about humanity and saw darkness.

    And why? You can't know why. By the end of the series you know his entire life, and you can't know why. Was it the moment of hesitation of his mother? Was it his genes? Was it the experiment his parents where part of? Is he evil by nature or nuture? Was it going through the wild with his sister? Was it being abandoned? Was it the fear of losing his sister again? There are so many things, so many little detail that you can't know.

    And the worst part is that he is human. He, that by the age of thirteen had control of all the underground money of Germany. He, that by the age of ten could kill three adults without leaving the hospital bed because he was recently shot in the head. He is stil vulnerable to a simple gun. He cruised the darkest corners of humanity while being "weak" and still went through without a scar.

    Nobody controls Johan. Nobody understands him. NO body comprehends him. And just until he almost literaly tells you he can't be predecited. He is an inhuman human.


    And you compare him to a standrad psycho like Freezer? He may be "alien" but he is much more understandable and predictable thatn Johan. He is just another megalomaniac that is born into an stereotypical evil family. He is a walking cliché, and Johan really deserves the number one spot. hell, I0m sure that if he had three minutes he could have Freezer blowing up planets for him.

    I love the list JO, especially number one. I really hope you someday do a review on that show.
  • Bradman1978
    So the moral to Monster is do what you told cause if you don't you will release Horror on earth?
  • DJJOOJ  - Interesting......
    Pretty good list I must say.....
    One thing my friend and I notice about Aizen and Gin is, if by any possible mean they were to have a child, Professor Lloyd from Code Geass would be thought of as their love child.
    If you have seen Bakuman, have you noticed this? Light=Akito Takagi, L=Moritaka Mashiro, Ryuk=Akira Hattori.
    You called yourself insane........ Well........ I have seen more insane....... Some of the characters I am writing up are in a refining process of creepiness and maliciousness.......
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